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Michael McFaul, Russia “expert” (and former US ambassador to Russia) who doesn’t believe he needs to be able to speak/write Russian:

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  1. random rand says

    This Mackinder fan account thinks McFaul is smarter than he looks.

  2. (((Michael McFaul.))) Every.Single.Time, am I right?

    Oh wait, he’s not Jewish? In that case it doesn’t count, he’s just a random individual outlier, the way that president GWB, vice-president Dick Cheney, secretary of state Colin Powell, CIA director George Tenet and secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld were all just random individual outliers among the predominantly Jewish architects of the Iraq War. If you want to pull back the curtain and see who was really pulling the strings there, you have to look at journalists with no actual authority like Bill Kristol or moderate/low-ranking officials like speechwriter David Frum and under secretary of defense of policy Douglas Feith.

    On a more serious note, I love the conceptual/actual perpetual motion machine of: War in the Middle East to “fight terrorism”—>suffering in the Middle East—>”we need to take in refugees from the Middle East!”—>terrorist attacks committed by refugees from the Middle East angered by step 1—>war in the Middle East to fight terrorism…

  3. Felix Keverich says

    The Jews control Western culture, the goyim must adjust and internalise it in order to have a career – this is how Jewish power operates in the West. You can tell McFaul is just a minor cog in the system that the Jews created and which serves (((their))) needs.

  4. wtf, I love Jews now

  5. I want to know how in this current age they are still sending white males to Russia, they need to send some of those affirmative action deep state kremlinologists instead. Since McFaul hates Russians (and probably whites in general) I am sure he would prefer to posted in Mali or Congo anyway.

  6. Hyperborean says

    Hillary said the same thing during the Syria airstrikes last year.

    I wonder if there is some subconscious sado-masochistic element in this.
    “We get to kill Muslims over there and in return the Muslims get to kill us over here.”

    McFaul is better off appealing to Trump’s vanity.

  7. Bardon Kaldian says

    If I remember correctly, Bismarck learned Russian when he was ambassador to Russia. It was time when everybody spoke French, by the way.

    Just, Bismarck was….. Bismarck.

  8. Hyperborean says

    I often have the impression that despite all our technological advances, we are all-round less impressive as a society than our ancestors were a couple of generations ago.

  9. Technical marvels are all good, but being under the yoke of another people (in this case the jews) is much worse than being free but having no technical marvels to improves ones life.

  10. The Jews control Western culture, t

    Which parts of it? Where?

  11. Hollywood, Disney, Google, Facebook, all of these are controlled by jews.

  12. Just go to /pol/ and ask that question (you don’t need to make an account, just start a new topic; it’s easy). Convince them that you’re sincere, and they’ll flood you with way, way too much information and infographics on the subject. Unfortunately, it will afterwards be difficult to fact-check those infographics with anyone else without outing yourself as a /pol/ visitor. And if you stay there long enough, their vocabulary will seep into yours (like happened with Anatoly Karlin), the other political tribes will notice that, and you will find yourself with an entry on RationalWiki and the SPLC.

    (vocabulary is akin to dress code/fashion)

  13. Daniel Chieh says

    It’s true. Once you go /pol/, it’s all over for you except the dank memes and senpai lulz.

  14. Cagey Beast says

    I agree with the beginning and ending of your comment but not the middle. The non-Jewish neocons, warmongers and “humanitarian interventionists” aren’t the whole story, any more than their Jewish colleagues are. Both the Yankees’ “grapes of wrath” and the Trotskyites’ weaponized “tikkun olam” are needed to make the black magic happen. Ezra Pound gave it the right name long ago:

    In the year 1942 Anno Domini, there is only one start you can make. And that is a start toward being England. A refusal to be a province of Israel, or an outpost of Yankee-Judaea.

    “Yankee-Judea” hits the bullseye while the Saker’s “Anglo-Zionist” falls short.

  15. Cagey Beast says

    No, the Jews are nowhere nearly as important as some people online say they are. They matter far more powerful — and are more malicious and destructive — than the mainstream consensus allows but they’re not omnipotent the way most genuine anti-Semites say.

  16. Michael McFaul, Russia “expert” (and former US ambassador to Russia) who doesn’t believe he needs to be able to speak/write Russian:

    There are other pseudo Russia ‘experts’ and ‘independent analysts’ of all stripes that feel that having a good, solid command of the Russian language is a superfluous talent. This isn’t as ridiculous, as say, a statistician that flunked basic arithmetic, now is it?

  17. Cagey Beast says

    I’ve seen McFaul not get what the Russians are saying for years now. I’ve read interviews with him. I’ve wondered how someone could maintain that goofy grin and absolute certainty about obvious untruths. A while ago, I saw a video clip of him chatting with the Russian ambassador to Washington. They knew each other well and must have spent dozens of hours conversing. Despite that, McFaul still pumps out the same stuff about Russia, Syria, Crimea and Ukraine that any MSNBC journalist could parrot. Seeing McFaul and the ambassador chat “I realized, like I was shot — like I was shot with a diamond…a diamond bullet right through my forehead” that Michael McFaul is living proof that there’s really no talking to some people.

  18. Cagey Beast says

    When I say, “Yankee ‘grapes of wrath’ ” I’m alluding to the blood-thirsty and invincibly self-righteous thinking behind the lyrics to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Oliver Cromwell’s ideological children thrived in America long before Leon Trosky’s kids got off any steamship or passenger jet.

  19. Making war, including bombing them, is the surest way to increase Syrian refugees, McFaul.

  20. Twodees Partain says

    ” McFaul is smarter than he looks.”

    He would have to be, or he couldn’t be allowed to cross the street on his own.

  21. Given that people like you and followers of the Moldbug cult have managed to blame Yankee Protestants for Massachusetts being the most leftist state, despite being fairly conservative until Irish Catholics and their Jewish allies took it over, I’m sure you’ll find a way to blame the same Yankees for the very Irish Catholic Michael McFaul.

  22. fairly conservative

    Those words … (cue Montoya quote).