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Via Stuart Ritchie:


This looks about right.

Opinions on the validity of g seem to mostly correlate with your position on the economic part of left-right spectrum. This explains why academia is so allergic towards it, while the otherwise SJW-wy but libertarian-heavy, autistic, and high-IQ rationalist/futurist crowd takes such an unexpectedly close interest in it.

Charles Murray happens to be a libertarian himself.

Fun fact: Eurasianists are left-libertarians according to this chart. This makes sense, since Eurasianism was basically invented by Tsarist Orientalist multiculturalists.

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  1. AnonymousCoward says

    “Eurasianism (Russian: Евразийство, Yevraziystvo) is a political movement in Russia, formerly within the primarily Russian émigré community, [citation needed] that is focused on the geopolitical concept of Eurasia.”

  2. Going by Ron Unz’s views, IQ is inversely correlated to the right hand.
    Highly intelligent people more relaxed about the subject. Hereditarianism as an intellectual variety of small man syndrome?

    Fun fact: -Good to know the Tsar’s realm invented the modern world.

  3. Where would Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky be – libertarian left?

    Tolstoy was an anarchist and an animal lover, but he was spiritual and not an atheist.

    Dostoyevsky would in my opinion be on the libertarian right. Dude loved his savior, but was definitely not a fan of authoritarians.

    Nabokov – definitely libertarian right.

    I don’t see how any form of libertarianism can stop multiculturalism. Unless it doesn’t really understand libertarianism.

  4. Consider the fact that War And Peace is a an ultimate nationalist prose. Tolstoy does talk about God but not in a way Dostoevsky does. In classic liberal (no relation to current definition of liberalism) terms Tolstoy will be a Hedgehog while Dostoevsky will be a Fox, if you know what I mean;-) Or, I would say, Tolstoy is Pink Floyd, Dostoevsky is Led Zeppelin.

  5. Daniel Chieh says

    Well, heredity is both real and has predictive value. Far from being logical, though, liberals have increasingly come to rely on a basically religious Enlightenment era concept of “all men are created equal.”

  6. I’m not so sure that it isn’t cognitive dissonance, because the what has greatest value for predicting what people believe is the pay off or penalty for a belief.

  7. 145!

    The bottom right corner is the best. You really do have a gift for this, Anatoly.

  8. Ben Frank says

    IQ denial is for making low-IQ people feel better.