I know this is kind of Paul Kersey’s beat, but as he doesn’t seem to write much about things outside the US…

Ireland was 1.3% Black as of the last Census. Yet this demographic is already agitating for special political privileges with #BlackLivesMatter while knifing the pale, racist locals.


Not an isolated incident, either.

The victim currently has just $3,700 on his GoFundMe. Meanwhile, Fentanyl Floyd has $13 million – more than enough to set up the hordes of baby mommas and bastards he left behind for life (assuming, admittedly, that they can maintain their wealth).

Anyhow, this would also seem to be quite relevant to the “lagging” areas of GloboHomo because Ireland, as a highly religious, “based”, and racially homogenous society up until c.2000 can serve as a cautionary tale on how quickly things can go haywire:

Normiecons are no barrier against these trends, they are boorish losers who can only slow the process down at best. To suppress the diversity epidemic – not merely flatten the curve – you need nationalists.

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  2. Europe Europa says

    The Irish are heavily compromised by their culturally ingrained hated of “the Brits”. They think in terms of seeing “the Brits” as the enemy and everyone else as “allies” so they find it difficult to regard third world invaders as enemies because it weakens their belief that only “the Brits” are the problem.

    They also tend to have this arrogant belief that everyone likes them (and that everyone hates the English), so it’s also a psychological knock to their national pride to acknowledge that most of their newcomers don’t actually like them very much and that race relations are no better in Ireland than hated Britain.

  3. Yes, many White people are very stupid.

  4. To suppress the diversity epidemic – not merely flatten the curve – you need nationalists.

    Hear hear. I was repeating that in western blogs that our government are just cuckservatives. And here I was talking to my supposedly conservative right-wing friends and they are all about “we are not racists, we hate nationalism, we just are against importing islamists, but we are tolerant bunch of people”.

    I think I will lose my job within next ten years or so. And I will have to go through at least several shitstorms with activists denouncing me as intolerant homophobe xenophobic racist. I’m quite sure that most of my friends will obviously denounce me or will stand silent.

    We are doomed.

    You Russians are doomed too, BTW.

  5. Belarusian Dude says

    I’d say Russians and other Eastern Europeans have a 50/50 chance, personally.

  6. Kent Nationalist says

    Normiecons are no barrier against these trends, they are boorish losers

    Goldman Sachs banker and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid had an interview in the Sunday Times today where he said that rich English people were racist, didn’t care about blacks and should give up their privileges.

  7. Btw I thought Eire lies outside the Hajnal line?

  8. I doubt nationalists are enough either.

    You need Pol Pot, Atilla, Genghis Khan and Vlad Tepes style mofos to take care of the cuckoids

  9. reiner Tor says

    I hope you are wrong, but it’s possible you are correct…

  10. Pretty funny how accurate this is except for your negative spin.

    The Irish have every reason to fear the Anglo and everything that it represents. Thats why there are even black people in Ireland because that is what Anglos always do. The Anglo pursuit of divide and conquer calls for flooding western countries with different ethnicities so the Anglo has levers of discord.

    Also, everyone does like the Irish.

  11. Felix Keverich says

    Poland is doomed by virtue of it being enthusiastic ZOG colony. You stepped on a path back in 1989, which you can no longer escape from. Russia retains its agency, and can still choose not to get pozzed – conflict with the West helps.

  12. InCatilinam says

    Explanation of the current situation in Ireland, by Edward Dutton:


    In particular, the abortion-neuroticism connection is an interesting hypothesis. Legal abortion tends to reduce the number of neurotics in the population. Ireland’s catholic past with illegal abortion means that there are now many more neurotics for its SJWs movements.

  13. Europe Europa says

    So you think the reason there are black people in France is because of “Anglos” too? What nonsense. Deracination/racelessness is a foundational belief of French nationhood, absolutely nothing to do with “Anglo” beliefs.

    Also, everyone does like the Irish.

    Yet clearly not everyone does or surely Ireland would be a multicultural paradise yet appears to have as much ethnic strife as nasty England?

  14. Jesus Christ.

  15. Daniel Chieh says

    I think Russia will be okay.

  16. I can remember visiting Dublin in the 1980s when the anti-Apartheid movement was all the rage. Unlike in England, where it was a celebrity & social striving middle class thing, in Ireland even the working class – like bus drivers – were displaying their anti-Apartheid credentials. In 1990 during my first ever trip to the Falls Road – IRA bastion in West Belfast – there was a huge Nelson Mandela wall mural. (They just put up one dedicated to George Floyd this past weekend). The Irish loved to contrast their own anti-Apartheid stance with Reagan & Thatcher, who were against sanctions, and a lot of Unionists/Loyalists in the north – who displayed their usual political acumen by being openly pro-Afrikaner.

    Conspicuously condemning the ‘racism’ of their American cousins has also long been a big thing for the Irish. Bernadette Devlin regularly caused divisions when she visited the US; she said the the Irish Catholic fraternal organisation the Ancient Order of Hibernians were as bigoted as Orangemen. And no visit from an American president is complete until some prominent Irish politician condemns the ‘racist death penalty’. Of course, this cheap virtue signalling was easy when there were hardly any blacks in the country. I’m already sensing that native attitudes are starting to change.

    Here’s a typical 1980s Irish attitude from Sinead O’Connor

    BTW anyone who has been to Dublin in recent years knows that 1.3% is way outdated.

  17. Astuteobservor II says

    I think brain washing did the trick.

  18. Peripatetic Commenter says

    Well, they do have a lot of privilege and property that could be up for grabs if the right things happen.

  19. The Irish did expel their English overlords even as most of them eventually emigrated into the British Empire. Why they are allowing themselves to be recolonized by the dregs of the Third World is something they need to have their leaders answer for.

    I realize it is not permitted to formally declare a ‘whites only’ policy but there are ways to discourage undesirable immigration. Ireland would certainly be as attractive to a 5 foot tall Guatemalan as a Florida tomato farm but they’d need a visa to fly there and those are hard to get so Ireland and the EU don’t have much of a problem ( aside from Spain) with mestizo immigrants pouring in.

    Were Ireland to follow the UK out of the EU ( they may have to if Boris can’t get a workable deal with the EU) they would then be able to sort out just who can move to their country

  20. anonymous coward says

    If killing babies is the only solution you can muster up to the cuckoid problem, then you need to go back to the drawing board.

    Have another think.

  21. Ten years ago I thought Poland would be OK.

  22. Curmudgeon says

    Just what is the privilege? As for property being up for grabs, that would be looting, which would mean your property is up for grabs as well.
    I have never understood how taking something away from someone else makes your life better. Getting the same of something better is the goal.

  23. I think brain washing did the trick.

    The smaller the brain…the easier to wash.

  24. AltSerrice says

    Ah Ireland, time for an effortpost.

    So, as for Africans in Ireland, 1.3% as of 2016 sounds about right but I’d say this could be well on the path towards 2% in the next five years. This community has its roots in a massive scam in the 90s and early 00s back when Ireland’s constitution gave birthright citizenship. Thousands of pregnant African women, mostly Nigerians, flew here to have their babies and and thereby gain citizenship themselves. The Africans in the clip above are the children of such women.

    This obscene attempt by third-worlders to take advantage of our constitution was judged so outrageous that we had a referendum in 2004 to remove birthright citizenship from the constitution. It passed by 80% with a 60% turnout – so clearly an issue people were serious about. Recently certain NGOs have started speaking up about wanting to reinstitute birthright citizenship, possibly even attempting to bypass a referendum with parliamentary trickery since they don’t think they’d win it. Luckily, this has yet to go anywhere.

    The African population in Ireland has its roots here and not in immigration which is largely Eastern European, Asian and Indian. However, in recent years the African share of immigrants has been going up. This community, despite only being perhaps 75,000 strong in the whole country, has become a major part of life in certain lumpenprole suburbs and council housing estates. As one would expect, they are also vastly overrepresented in thuggery and general misbehaviour, and are not well liked.

    In regards to the event AK discussed above, I find it quite whitepilling that it has been trending on Twitter for the entire day and the boy already has a GoFundMe. Such events would go unnoticed in the rest of the West. I’ve also heard that the African attacker in question has been arrested. Indeed, he was quickly doxxed by angry locals. While it’s good to see that normie reactions were largely ones of horror, a considerable portion of the response has been ‘don’t share this!’ from political leftists and from the middle-class ignorers who don’t like to believe such things can happen in Ireland (they didn’t, until recently).

    So how can an apparently based country that rejected-by-proxy African immigration by 80% 16 years ago have changed so rapidly?

    Well, I’d argue that the opinion of ordinary people hasn’t changed much on that particular issue, but the general trend towards liberalisation is unfortunately rooted in our own mistakes, and I think it is important that other nationalists be aware of them so as not to repeat them.

    For decades, Ireland suffered horrendous ideologically-engineered poverty, backwardness, and isolation largely due to the influence of the poisonous retard Eamonn De Valera, who believed he could build a wheatfielding tradcath ethnostate Ireland immersed in ‘the nobility of poverty.’ Naturally, this attempt at stopping time was a disastrous failure and simply led to the discreditation of nationalism and tradition in the eyes of multiple generations – especially when the liberal opening of the country brought such wealth. Finally, with the end of the ethnic conflict in the North, the last holdout of a nationalistic consciousness was lost. Of course there were other subversive forces at play to taken advantage of our mistakes, but it was the total failure of the Irish 20th century that allowed for what we see now to happen.

    However, I will end on a positive note and say that social attitudes here are still some of the least ‘cucked’ in Western Europe and the country remains a largely non-diverse 95% white prosperous island. The cultural lag between us and the rest of the West still exists, after all we legalised abortion almost 50 years after the US, and as far as I can tell our BLM demonstrations have been smaller than almost everywhere in NW Europe and possibly even smaller than those in Poland (!).

  25. marginalrealist says

    Another interesting back is that young black men in Ireland often talk with a black London accent mimicking the grime music scene.

  26. Anuxicus says

    Russia is definately more diverse than Poland. Russia has hundreds of indigenous ethncities and more than 10%-15% Muslim population. Poland has very little non slavic population. Even their immigrants are mostly Ukrainians and Belarusians.

  27. Anuxicus says

    Russia is alot more diverse than Poland. Russia has a 10%-15% Muslim population. Poland has very little non slavic population. Their immigrants are mostly Ukrainians and Belarusians.

  28. Mitleser says
  29. Oh trust me I wish to be wrong. I pray every day for the liberals to actually be right, and that there is some magic cure-all for all this bullshit, but my intuition and knowledge tells me otherwise, and that the only solution is good ol fashioned blood for the blood god

  30. Astuteobservor II says

    There is a cure. But doing so would mean lost votes in the USA at least. You might as well ask a politician to murder his own mother if you ask him to do something that would result in a loss in the next election.

  31. EldnahYm says

    Bullshit. Irish Catholic swine brought in blacks themselves. The English have ruined their own societies, but they have not flooded Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales with third world scum.

    Also, everyone does like the Irish.

    The Irish were despised by almost everyone when they arrived in northeastern U.S. cities in large numbers. Besides, the Irish don’t even like the Irish. Most of the place’s history consists of endless clan wars. Why do you think majority of Irish left the country to live in societies created by English and Scottish people?

  32. Well, Russia is about ten years behind Poland on general socio-economic development – while Poland is ~20 years behind Ireland.

    So Russia following in their footsteps is not an unreasonable assumption.

    However, it’s been demonstrated that Orban figures can stop such trends in their tracks, so main goal should be to make sure post-Putin course is nationalism as opposed to loser conservatism.

  33. Thanks! Very interesting.

    From your description, de Valera sounds similar to the impression I have of Salazar – whom even “based” Portuguese acquaintances seem to dislike (reactionary opposition to modernity).

  34. LondonBob says

    Rich English people don’t give a shit, boarding schools and private education has its benefits. Our country has many problems but the elite is not so compromised like the US, the Conservative Party is uselesss but you still get the odd MP uttering the truth.

  35. LondonBob says

    Sure, the (((Anglo))).

  36. LondonBob says

    (((Alan Shatter))), another example of the dire impact a rogue politician or bureaucrat can have. Irish savant always covered him and his antics.

  37. Kennedy recorded in his diary that Valera was sincere, incorruptible but also a paranoiac and a lunatic.

    Well maybe he wasnt soo wrong after all

  38. Is it possible to avoid getting pozzed while getting rich, seems to be almost impossible if you look at Poland, Taiwan, Spain, or Korea, and Ireland in the 60s was where Russia or Rumania is now, so it was not dirt poor even in 1965, unlike Burkina Faso, staying off degeneracy is a lot easier when you are poor than when your country is rich.

  39. anonymous coward says

    Poland, Taiwan, Spain, or Korea, and Ireland

    All these countries are not independent and are ruled by dictat from Washington. They can’t be not pozzed, given that they are directly mainlining the source of the infection.