Is Rocket Man Getting Dominated by Corona?

N. Korean tests positive for COVID-19 in China

A North Korean who attempted to defect to China tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently under quarantine at a Chinese hospital, Daily NK has learned.

According to a Daily NK source in China, the North Korean was shot by a Chinese border guard during the afternoon of Apr. 20 as he attempted to cross the Tumen River in North Hamgyong Province.

There were reports of Corona-chan slithering its way through the northern part of the country and the Korean People’s Army back in early March. No way to be sure, since reports from Best Korea are usually speculative and north worth the bytes they occupy on a hard drive. Still, worth noting that North Korean TV has been imparting information on the necessity of wearing masks for more than a month (making it a more reliable source of information than the WHO or the CDC), and recent videos from Pyongyang supermarkets suggest mass wearing of masks.

Now Kim Jong Un is only 36 years. Morbidly obese, to be sure, and reportedly diabetic – still, people don’t usually get very serious health complications at that young ab age (especially world leaders with access to elite level medical care).

But consider this. KJU does tons of photoshoots with soldiers. And he endlessly meets up with generals, who meet up with officers, who mingle with soldiers. He’s way more likely to get infected than the average Nork. And Corona plus his physical state may well translate into big trouble. So this news that strongly implies Corona really is running rife through the KPA should make us weigh more seriously the rumors from a couple of days ago that KJU has serious medical issues.

This also suggests there’s a distinct (if not overwhelming) probability of the world getting its first ever proper female dictator (as opposed to wife of dictator or absolute monarch).


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  2. Kent Nationalist says

    Is it me or do Koreans and Northern Chinese have more prominent noses than normal for NEAs?

  3. the North Korean was shot by a Chinese border guard during the afternoon of Apr. 20 as he attempted to cross the Tumen River

    I’m surprised he survived, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Corona-chan is in NK. Lots of black market traffic, across the border.

    Is Kim Jong Un really in any danger? I’d guess serum would be an effective treatment and that he could easily get it. (But maybe it’s not?) I bet BoJo had serum. Anyway, it would be kind of sad if he got it and not Merkel.

  4. Europe Europa says

    They’re geographically closer to areas that were historically Caucasoid, so they likely have significantly more Caucasoid admixture than say Southern Chinese. Flat noses seem to be a South East Asian feature.

  5. JohnPlywood says

    ??? No, prominent noses are way more common on Japanese.

  6. AltSerrice says

    I only approve women for leadership so long as they’re vehemently authoritarian and highly attractive.

    Therefore, I will contribute my psi-energy to Coronachan in her quest to install Kim’s sister.

  7. Europe Europa says

    East Asians don’t seem to think racially, but rather culturally and linguistically. There is basically no Asian equivalent of white nationalism. Chinese and Thais for instance wouldn’t think of each other as ethnic kin.

    It seems that to the Chinese (and probably all East Asians), culture and language is the basis of identity, and they would feel more kinship with a culturally assimilated Uyghur/Central Asian than they would with a Korean or Thai.

  8. Felix Keverich says

    Is there a reason we should care? This is Donald Trump’s problem.

  9. Kent Nationalist says

    They do think racially just on a national level rather than a pan-Asian one. This is obvious in their attitudes to foreigners who live in their countries, even after multiple generations. There are many Koreans in Japan who are still foreigners after multiple generations despite speaking Japanese and living with Japanese culture. I believe this is because they only faced a racially alien rival once, in the 19th century, when they actually did begin to develop a pan-Asian identity.

  10. Kent Nationalist says

    That makes sense. But another fact which seems odd to me is that Southern Chinese women are considered (by Chinese) more attractive than Northern Chinese women when in general South-East Asian women are less attractive than Northern Asian women and universally more European facial features are considered more attractive.

  11. Europe Europa says

    I don’t really know a lot about the cultural differences between Northern and Southern China, but perhaps it’s also a personality thing? Maybe Southern Chinese women are seen as more stereotypically feminine and submissive? I suspect they’re also physically smaller on average.

    Also I wonder if Chinese see the more Caucasoid influenced features of Northern Asian women as more “masculine”?

  12. Lars Porsena says

    Maybe it has something to do with cultural stereotypes of what the women are like.

  13. yakushimaru says

    I believe this is because they only faced a racially alien rival once

    Manchus in 1500s were racially distinct. Mongolians in 1200s were racially dinstinct. Those who “played” in Northern China around 400s were visibly distinct. Huns around 0 AD were racially distinct.

    They looked different. Their languages and customs were different. In every sense of being “racially alien”, they were, indeed.

    But none of them were like westerners around, say, 1870 to China. Modernity was more alien than anything before it.

  14. yakushimaru says

    Kind of difficult to design a three heads flag pin.

  15. But another fact which seems odd to me is that Southern Chinese women are considered (by Chinese) more attractive than Northern Chinese women

    Are you sure about this? It’s the first I’ve heard it. I do hear people say Sichuan has a lot of attractive women, but my impression is that northern Chinese are viewed as more attractive overall than southern Chinese.

  16. She’s not attractive at all.

  17. Kent Nationalist says

    Sichuan being prettiest is the meme (although I disagree personally) although the women from there are also notoriously harridans. But I’ve also been informed that men from the north and women from the south are more attractive generally.

  18. The Alarmist says

    She’s kind of hot for a dictator-in-waiting (dictatrix?).

    Certainly hotter than the one we were threatened with in 2016. Odd how the Nork Commie wears a proper suit, while Madame Clinton chose a Chairman Mao suit.

  19. She’s quite attractive for the sister of a world leader. What other world leader even has a sister that is still fertile? Have you seen Trump’s sister? If I were in high school, and she was my teacher, I would rank her (Kim Yo-jong) #2 or #3. Probably #2 – at least by that pic.

  20. Lars Porsena says

    And you would be torn apart by wild dogs for your insolence. She is clearly #1.

  21. Most politicians are old and ugly, so yes, by that standard she would qualify.

    I did try some brief research, but didn’t find anything too compelling. I looked up the sisters of the king of Bhutan, judge for yourself.

  22. I find her very attractive.

  23. Anonymous (n) says

    She’s cute in that photo but I’ve looked at others online and it’s rather shall we say generous. Check out her facial expressions, she looks rather saucy. Still, being the sister of a “God leader” of an alien nation is enough of an inducement to make we want to bang her with a vengeance even if she’s only nominally attractive.

  24. Any enemy of ZOG has my support, so prayers he stays alive.

  25. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kim’s sister decided to re-orient NK in a Western direction, involving resumed peace talks with SK and the US, and eventually leading to full Korean reunification.

  26. I looked up the sisters of the king of Bhutan, judge for yourself.

    Hard to judge as they seem pretty done-up. Difficult to find good pictures of them all, but the full sister seems prettier than the half-sisters (which I don’t think should be counted, anyway), but she is getting long in the tooth. I’d easily pick Kim Yo-jong for being younger.

  27. Although probably it will change in some decades, currently the only advanced or European kind of nationality that exists in Asia is Japan.

    In such a position, obviously Japanese do not want to identify with the other Asians. National pride is a final opportunity of people to boost to their ego, or feel better about themselves (which is why the people most attracted to it, are often those who have no other reason to feel better about themselves). If you ask such Japanese to identify with other Asians, it would be like expecting Swedish patriots to identify with Turkey and Albania.

    While the rest of East Asian countries were historically oppressed by Japanese. For them, to view Japan with admiration is politically controversial, like for Poles to admire Germany, or Indians to admire England. Apparently, the country in the region where Japan is socially acceptable – and not hated -, is Taiwan. In Taiwan, there is some consensus view there that Japan had successfully developed Formosa on a political and economic level, and that they had not been too brutally oppressed.

    That said, some Chinese bourgeoisie are surely less hostile to Japan than the authorities would like. Most of the tourists in Japan are Chinese, and all the women walking around in Kyoto with kimonos – Chinese tourists.

  28. There are some small and mysterious nationalities of North East Asia, who may have some European origin. For example, the Ainu people of Hokkaido and Sakhalin, sometimes have an almost European racial appearance.

    Although they have brown skin, similar to American Indians.

  29. Ainu resemblances to Europeans are coincidental. They are approximately a 50/50 mix of a group distantly related to Aborigines and a group related to Nivkhs.

  30. Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang says

    This is funny to me because it’s the inverse in Korea. Historically northern women were the best and southern men the best

  31. If you look at pictures of her father, Kim Jong-il, and mother, Ko Yong-hui, both have less prominent noses.

    When I worked in Northeast China, I often interacted with North Korean women in local state-run DPRK restaurants and cafes. Many had had obvious facework done, especially double-eyelid surgery. I cannot say for sure whether Kim Yo-jong has had a “nose job” herself, but I do get a sort of “uncanny valley” impression looking at it.

    We should not forget that North Korea and Manchuria both border Russia, and there has obviously been some admixture over the centuries. One North Korean defector I knew had a perfect “Greek” nose, and I’m pretty sure it was the real deal as she was rather poor and from a provincial area herself.

  32. If you want proper news about the DPRK, 푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily is a far more reliable source than Daily NK (a mouthpiece of Negro-occupied Korea).

  33. Kim Yo-jong’s maternal grandmother was in fact Japanese, although this information is suppressed in the North.

    Here is a picture of her mother, Ko Young Hee, who was born in Japan herself. What do you think?

  34. DILF

  35. Blinky Bill says

    The Japanese are not entirely surprising. Using a two-way model with Han or Korean vs. Jomon, the Japanese are about 85% the former and 15% the latter. The proportion is a bit higher for Korean. The reason is straightforward: the Yayoi rice farmers probably derived from the Korean peninsula. Even into the edge of history Japan and the Baekje kingdom of Korea had close relations.

    The interesting thing about Japan is this is an area where agriculturalists nearly overwhelmed the indigenous population, albeit absorbing them. The Jomon culture is unique because it was a sedentary hunter-gatherer society that also used pottery extensively. Previously analysis of Jomon remains produced “strange” results. In this preprint the authors give a good explanation of why: the Jomon are an even mixture of a population descended from the Onge-related clade and another one that is closer to the Amur river valley Northeast Eurasian populations, who descend from Tianyun.

    Basically the Ainu are a fusion of a Siberian group, and, a population that has affinities with those indigenous to Southeast Asia before the arrival of agriculturalists. Before genetics archaeologists and anthropologists argued about the Ainu affinities. Despite sometimes looking “European” early blood group analysis quickly established an eastern affinity, but morphology and culture suggested connections to Siberia or Australia. The Australian Aboriginals descend from one of the Onge-related groups to a great extent, so the affinities are now intelligible.

                                                                  -Razib Khan

  36. Bies Podkrakowski says

    Waifu material.

  37. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    kims sister male pattern baldness signals prosperity for all of our rice fields and blooming of potato plant with no famine
    5/10 would have a child and name him “son of the revolution” before being executed by firing squad

  38. Siberid influx. Remember how Amerindians have big noses. They’re direct descendants of these people, who have slightly more prominent noses than the pig-nosed other asians

  39. TelfoedJohn says

    Mainland Chinese look upon Japan (and Taiwan) with envy since they are Asian countries which have retained their pre-modern characteristics, unlike China which has been hollowed out by communism and consumerism. It’s a bit like the Sweden-worshipping in Germany.

  40. “There is basically no Asian equivalent of white nationalism.” – There was no white nationalism in Europe. Even Nazis were not white nationalists. Only implicitly. Nationalism was cultural, religious and linguistic. I doubt there is any white nationalism in Europe now beyond some niche internet websites that have the same level of (un)reality as video games. They also had larping in 19th century Europe. German boys liked to larp and identify with American Indians because of the popularity of Karl May novels. For German boys every Indian was a good Indian and the only good White was the one who was on good terms with Indians otherwise the only good White was a dead White. I am sure Hitler loved Karl May (*).

    Germany’s Obsession With American Indians Is Touching—And Occasionally Surreal
    Michaelis is not the only German who likes to pretend he is an Indian. Hobbyism or Indianism, the desire to copy Native Americans is a puzzling and persistent passion for many Germans. Every year, there are dozens of pow wows arranged, managed and run by non-Natives at which, Der Spiegel reported, “thousands of Germans with an American Indian fetish drink firewater, wear turquoise jewelry and run around places like Baden-Württemberg or Schleswig-Holstein dressed as Comanches and Apaches.”


    (*) I checked in Wiki: Adolf Hitler was an admirer, who noted in Mein Kampf that the novels “overwhelmed” him as a boy, going as far as to ensure “a noticeable decline” in his school grades. According to an anonymous friend, Hitler attended the lecture given by May in Vienna in March 1912 and was enthusiastic about the event. Hitler later recommended the books to his generals and had special editions distributed to soldiers at the front, praising Winnetou as an example of “tactical finesse and circumspection”

  41. Many queens have behaved in ways that would make modern hardcore dictators blush. The Byzantine empress Irene blinded her own son!

  42. Kim Yo-jong’s maternal grandmother was in fact Japanese

    She was an ethnic Korean (zainichi) living in Japan, not Japanese.

  43. Hapalong Cassidy says

    In Michael Hart’s book “Understanding Human History”, he claimed that the Northeast Asians (Mongoloids) split off from the Caucasoids about 30 thousand years ago. The South Chinese and SE Asians are a mixture of Mongoloids that migrated there and the Australoids that lived there originally. The Australoids were one of the earliest groups that migrated out of Africa and originally went through India, SE Asia, Australia, and the East Indies. They made it as far north as South China and Taiwan (and maybe even Japan). The flatter noses of the SE Asians probably come from the remaining Australoid admixture.

  44. National pride is a final opportunity of people to boost to their ego, or feel better about themselves (which is why the people most attracted to it, are often those who have no other reason to feel better about themselves).

    That’s certainly true.

  45. Sad thing of modern life, is that historically national pride has been often a useful stimulus, and perhaps almost necessary condition, for many types of cultural achievement – in the days when it was not a choice, but a necessary requirement.*

    However, nationalism as a free choice, is filtering for those people who precisely lack any other reason of pride in their life, and who therefore had to choose the most impersonal, uninteresting and common categories they belong to (i.e. choosing the one common category of all the millions of people who are located near you) as their source of pride.

    As a result, nationalists in the modern state, can sometimes look like the best anti-example for nationalism. Most people will lose nationalism quite quickly, by looking at the people in your society who need to self-identify the most strongly as nationalists. A “need to identify” with a category that everyone belongs to by default (the nation), usually indicates lack of more interesting dimensions in the person, as well as inability to access more panoramic perspectives, noble objectivity, etc (Plato already writes about this in texts like Theaetetus).

    • Agon between Greek warring states, as explanation of the Greek miracle. In this view, when Alexander destroys Thebes, is the end of the Greek miracle (tension in the bow – which had propelled some of the furthest arrows ever seen – is lost).

    Greek city state represented divergent approaches to life, and also was the necessary condition for freedom of citizens from enslavement to brutal neighbours. In this situation, your nation determines whether you are e.g. a helot – (the latter unfortunate people whose nations had lost and slaved to the Spartans) – , and it’s always quite unstable, and might depend on your personal efforts fighting in a phalanx next year.

  46. The problem people like you is that the same people like you carping about white racialism and how it is low brow and morally dubious are the same people who will defend the preservation of exotic species like finless porpoises, giant pandas, and komodo dragons.

  47. An update by Phuong DPRK Daily.