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  1. Did that many Sicilian really marry their cousin? This would be maternal right, & did the practice survive immigration.

    Would expect more jokes tbh.

    O Yea, you might like this:


  2. How much of that is self-reinforcing?

  3. Polish Perspective says

    The coloring is a bit off. The difference between 25% and 53% should not be deep red and blank white, that indicates a greater difference then exists in reality, and the difference is non-trivial at any rate.

    As it happens, I was actually reading some older stuff of yours:

    I’m a newcomer to this blog and I gotta say, the old stuff is pretty damn good material for reading when you’ve got 30-45 minutes to kill and want to go through couple of posts. That’s a good verdict, I think, because some people’s material are only relevant for a news cycle or two. Steve’s older material is also worthwhile.

    This is his old article on Russia which redpilled me on the JQ:

    Followed by this:

    Those will probably be good reads even a decade from now. That’s what separates good bloggers from bad.

  4. The older stuff seems better like up to 2014 early 15.

    Steve sailer Idk too much of a christ fag.

  5. Archimedes says

    This link is on Italian nepotism and cousin marriage for anyone who hasn’t read Steve’s old piece.

  6. Is this a “let’s shit on Southern Italians for being of mixed stock” thread?

    Fun fact:

    Like much of Sicily, the town of Corleone was colonized by Ghibellines fleeing the Guelphs. These Ghibellines came from Piedmont and Brescia and were Lombards (hence the popularity of surname Lombardo in large swathes of Southern Italy) and settled Corleone for a period of over 200 years. I have a map somewhere showing Lombard settlement in Sicily and it was pretty widespread.

    A little later on came the Albanians known as “Arbereshe”.

    So Corleone, the town most identified with the Mafia thanks not only to The Godfather but also due to the fact that most powerful mafia clan during the 60s and 70s came from there and gave the Sicilians their capo di tutti capi Luciano Leggio, is largely the result of a mixing of Lombard and Ionian Albanian.

    There’s a fuckton more interesting things like this about Sicily which saw a great deal more variety in colonization than neighbouring Calabria for example. This is also reflected in how organized crime is organized in these two provinces: Sicilian clans will accept other Sicilians. Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta will only accept blood relatives.

  7. German_reader says

    Like much of Sicily, the town of Corleone was colonized by Ghibellines fleeing the Guelphs.

    iirc the Guelf-Ghibelline split in Italian cities happened much later though, from the early 13th century onwards. But you’re right, there was extensive “Lombard” immigration during the period of Norman rule in the later 11th/12th centuries. They formed distinct settlements and were known for getting into fights with the Muslims (who were to be mostly expelled from the island during the rule of Frederick II). Sicily had also never been completely Islamicized, especially in the east there still were lots of Greek Christians when the Normans came.
    Anyway, yes, the kind of stuff White nationalists write about Southern Italians is pretty dumb (and mostly refuted anyway by modern genetics), but hey, you can’t really deny that the region is somewhat dysfunctional.
    EDIT: I’ve looked it up, indeed there was Northern immigration to Corleone in the 13th century. But Lombards had already come to Sicily much earlier.

  8. Southern Italy is genetically homogeneous with the rest of Europe indeed Europeans and people outside of Europe of European descent are the most genetically homogeneous continental ancestry group ( racial group ) on the planet.