Why Jail is Programmed for All Rightoids

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At some point in his or her life any rightoid with a minimal degree of introspection will have to ask why they attached themselves to a loser movement that has been losing for years, decades, even centuries – that’s what the neoreactionaries say themselves! Cthulhu swims Left!!! – and try to figure out why. In just the years of my political awareness, I observed the demise of Dubya World and the MAGA clown show, the collapse of NRx into weird cringe and the Alt Right’s slow trainwreck ending in the Charlottesville conflagration, the collapse of the multipolarity narrative and the total failure of Xi’s COVID policy, to all end in Putin’s Z War that constitutes the final straw in my disillusionment arc with all aspects of rightoid ideology.

Personally, I find it not just amusing but highly telling that the single most notable exception to this pattern is the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan – that is, the only region of the world where right-wing, religious, conservative men scored an unambiguous victory is one of its most illiterate and already viciously backwards ones. Nor it is only a matter of the right-wing ideology having outlived the limited purposes I had for it, namely, provisioning a relatively sympathetic audience for positions – geopolitical Russophilia, HBD/IQ realism, and anti-Wokeness – that I now either reject, or have at least radically modulated. I genuinely believe that the right-wing ideology is epistemically bankrupt at a systemic level and in the rest of this essay I will try to explain why.


Rightoid Mindset: A Social and Psychological Study

The proximate reason why rightoid total humiliation is programmed is that they are a biomass of dumb seething losers who learn nothing, forget nothing, and are programmed to keep on losing over and over again, without ever even understanding how, or why. Not only that, but they are the epitome of all the other character defects that they love to ascribe to their ideological enemies; perhaps occasionally accurate – on the principle that the fisherman sees the fisherman from afar – but more often, just pure projection.

There are what I will call the 5Cs that characterize the rightoid:

  • Cretinous
  • Corrupt
  • Conformist
  • Cowardly
  • Crazy

Let’s discuss each of these character traits of the rightoid one by one.


This entire essay is pretty much a discussion of rightoid stupidity, so instead of provisioning even more examples I will instead go meta.

One of the most ironic findings of psychometrics, in light of its public acceptance being tilted towards the right – though even that is a simplification, since conservative/religious blank slatism is a thing – that it it has rather uncharitable things to say about their competence and intelligence. You find this in IQ and standardized tests. In election after election all around the world, smarts reliably vote for liberals, while dumbs vote for conservatives and nationalists – Dems and Reps in the US; Greens and AfD in Germany; liberals and United Russia/Putin in Russia, respectively. I have blogged extensively about this and have encountered very few exceptions. They are typically either places where nationalism is heavily loaded towards liberalism or national liberation (e.g. most prominently, Ukraine, where the highly educated are also strongly overrepresented in military KIA; or small, separatism-inclined European regions), or – notably – in China, whose “national noosphere” is genuinely partitioned from the West, and nationalism is heavily loaded towards leftism (that said, I would make the falsifiable hypothesis even there things have changed since Xi started adopting rightoid culture war policies).

As for conservatism per se, smarts seem to almost universally reject it. This is reflected in the low IQ of right-wing politicians and electorates, which finds its latest expression in the Republicans currently adopting abortion as an election-losing issue and squandering a once in a lifetime opportunity to kill DEI by insisting it merely be extended to Jews as well. (I will note that even Vivek who seems a cut above the rest of them is waxing lyrical about fossil fuels in the leadup to what is likely to be the hottest year on record yet). In Scott Alexander’s reader surveys, there were literally more people labeling themselves as neoreactionaries – a marginal, mostly online movement! – than there were conservatives!! There is a very good reason that if you were to spend any amount of time browsing the feeds of the smartest Dark Elves/right-wing intellectuals – Richard Hanania, Indian Bronson, Scott Greer, Philippe Lemoine, Nathan Cofnas, Razib Khan just off the top of my head – you will very quickly find no end of whining about how stupid “their” side is. You will soon find that this is something they just go on and on about all the time. Why? philosoraptor.jpg.

The defining feature of the right-wing mindset after stupidity is corruption, nepotism, and a strong disregard for epistemic standards.

This translates into a propensity towards conspiracism, and a disregard for formal expertise that ironically doubles as susceptibility to all kinds of scams and snake oil. It also means extreme dysfunction across many rightoid organizations, with the end result that they end up bleeding out all human capital and collapsing.

At the highest level, this is the world of authoritarian states that systemically overstate GDP growth and practice large-scale electoral fraud (Biden won in 2020 fairly, but Putin has been rigging the vote in Russia since the 2000s). It is the world of the Great Leaders who make a habit of hiring family members: Trump and Bolsonaro are the classical examples, now Milei on his second day in office. In rightoid cultures where a PhD is considered a status marker, such as Russia and the post-Soviet world at large, the relevant dissertations are as often as not plagiarized or ghostwritten, starting from Putin himself and on down. It is a world where those closer to the corridors of power from Hungary to China get innumerable opportunities to acquire illicit wealth. The fact that Singapore is so often mentioned as the exception just goes to confirm the general rule. It is a “based” hyper-masculine world where loyalty is the paramount virtue, and where failure and incompetence is overlooked at best, actively promoted at worst. Treason is the only cardinal sin.

In this sense, I have actually come to believe that the right-wing ideology is literally more dysfunctional than rampant Wokeism. The Woke/Woke-pandering appoint for DEI points. It doesn’t always work and there’s perhaps a 10% penalty to effectiveness (though I’m not sure that’s even true, because human capital is drawn to the kinds of structures that make such appointments, even if they are individually deleterious), and even that debuff is temporary because overall meritocratic structure is preserved. In contrast, within systems where rightoids appoint for political loyalty, the penalty to effectiveness is 50%+, is permanent (you don’t remove cronies), and percolates down the entire “power vertical”. One can illustrate this by comparing the careers of former US nuclear energy head Sam Brinton and current Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu:

At a more parochial scale, the world of the triumphant Right is the world of the local baron and his cronies, who keeps things ticking in his corner of the backwoods through intimidation and murky backroom deals. But no young person of intelligence or ambition wants to stay in their demesnes. It’s not just that the opportunities in Western Europe or the US are vastly greater, but even the work atmosphere is far nicer and more respectful. They are more diverse, to be sure. But that is something most people can acclimatize to quickly.

In support of this I will quote an actual neoreactionary blogger, Arpad Virag, who painted the following picture (original post):

The rightist Swine is a nominally conservative type who is openly promoting traditional values such as God, homeland and family but in reality he’s a treacherous calculated Machiavellian type of low moral virtue, high time preference and low loyalty. The same way a leftist activist is constantly talking about the oppressed proletariat and while raising his own political power and enriching himself with other people’s money, the Swine of the Right is constantly talking about the virtue of raising a family, the depth of his faith and the love of his homeland, and at the same time using every possible opportunity to raise his political power and wealth in the most corrupt and criminal way possible, regardless of the consequence to the things he nominally holds dear. The Swine usually has very little manners, and behaves like a brute despite of his education. In short, The Swine is a swindler and a charlatan who successfully uses right wing rhetoric to expand his wealth and political power. In a way, he is either a communist apparatchik who successfully replaced the hammer and a sickle with the cross or the village brute who finds it very convenient to sit in the first row on a Sunday mass.

Virag even acknowledges that the West is actually attractive and pleasant from this perspective, while continuing to engage in the cope that the “leftist counterpart” who speaks fluent English and has a liberal arts diploma actually has a “roughly equal level of criminality” relative to the stupid rightoid grifter but it just smoother about it. Well, I will not begrudge Virag this. As a “wavering” rightoid, he has already almost arrived at the truth, which is to just accept that no, said leftist actually is better, as are the societies these leftists create. Moreover – and I am sorry Alex Kaschuta – but over time the gay leftist will be winning his arguments with the rightoid swindler, he is higher IQ and he has the entirety of the Anglo noosphere at his beck and call. Consequently, in the absence of economies of scale, your native Romania’s drift towards GloboHomo is programmed. I would suggest getting busy setting up the Vlacho-Slavic network state with @dobrerestored.

In the world of political organizations and NGOs, it means levels of internal corruption and cronyism that far surpasses anything seen in the “normie” political or corporate world. For instance, in the world of HBD, there was J. Philippe Rushton – serious scholar, even if his r/K analysis of the human races has been criticized for excessive reductionism, but a brilliant and colorful character nonetheless – who strongly influenced my own transition into HBD realism alongside Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, and Arthur Jensen. He managed the Pioneer Fund that was supposed to fund non-politically correct research. But being a nepotistic r-strategist himself, he left it to his anti-hereditarian son Stephen Rushton on his death, with the result that all of the funds disappeared into things like a sailing program for underprivileged children. (This was widely known in the community but was only publicly revealed in Richard Lynn’s autobiography which he wrote shortly before his death). Ron Unz used to be a generous donor despite his personal disagreements with the HBD community over their lack of enthusiasm in entertaining his JQ bugbears. But then Greg Cochran proceeded to get a $600,000 grant and subsequently do nothing much more than write short cryptic entries in his blog, which disillusioned Unz with the HBD people and in effect lost it potentially millions in funds. A Chad move to be sure on Greg’s part, but illustrative of the kind of sleaze that accompany the rightoid mindset, indeed an additional irony being that both cases pertained to individuals who are very much on the “right-wing” side of the spectrum within the HBD sphere itself.

But what’s really magical is that the HBD community is actually quite honest and transparent about these things! At least these episodes with Rushton and Cochran came out into the public space, and I can now openly write about it here, without hedging my words or worrying about spilling dirty “internal” secrets, about quantities of money that are a minute fraction of misappropriations elsewhere! Limited as my direct interactions were with the Alt Right sphere and right-wing think tank circuit, some of the stories I have heard from friends and acquaintances in the space are truly “powerful” and I am not just talking about the various colorful grifters and influencooors with their Telegram group dramas but serious, international, multi-million dollar networks that are funded by certain “based” CEE governments. I don’t have much interest in delving deeper into this and aligning all the sources and permissions, but suffice to say that there is a good reason why this space experiences scandal after scandal, and why so many normal, balanced, smart people eventually come away very disillusioned with right-wing activism and end up going into meritocratic arenas, such as tech.

Another defining feature of rightoid mindset is conformism and authoritarianism, which explains the hierarchic struggles and social domination games often seen in right-wing communities.

In the world of politics, it means whining about Woke deplatformings, but then firing teachers who teach gender theory and Communists. Or the anti-Woke warriors now demanding the criminalization of anti-Zionist speech. This is unsurprising because the low IQ hate free speech, so it’s as absurd to expect its principled defense from rightoids. Seriously, look at the GSS charts! In many cases extreme liberals, being high IQ, are actually more tolerant of speech that promotes the idea of intelligence differences amongst races or eugenics, than are strong conservatives, who are low IQ. Now I am not going to be ahistorical and claim that leftists have a healthy and open culture of discourse. The futurist community I was a part of in the Bay Area became a lot less interesting to me around 2015-16 when Wokeness spilled out of Tumblr into real life, and previously open debates about IQ and HBD flew out of the window, which amongst many other insults provoked me into supporting Trump and parading around Berkeley in a MAGA cap. Nor is this to claim that leftist conformism isn’t a problem. These people have pretty much eaten away the rationalist core of OG Effective Altruism. Nonetheless, one still has to bear in mind that you will have better luck discussing these topics with coffee salon rationalists/transhumanists than you could with based TradCaths who demand your head supporting the right to abort Down’s babies (aka the revealed preference of 90% of normal people). The idea that perhaps traditional religious mores might not have been such a bad thing after all is seductive to many children of Dubya World who found their initial political footing in the free speech maximalism of the 1990-00s Internet and New Atheism powered mockery of weird boomer mores and their Satanic panics and anti-vidya animus, and were then flat-footed by SJWs replaying most of the same tropes to a Leftist beat – even Dawkins has to some extent embraced it! – but it is a lie and a mirage nonetheless, and the best way to confirm that for oneself is to actually get to know some rightoids and their communities.

And they’re obsessed! And I am not just speaking of the clinical cases, such as the JQ obsessives and Holocaust “revisionists” who clutter up any sufficiently large Dissident Right platform that doesn’t specifically prune them. You can’t even discuss “normal” topics with them without getting side tracked into deranged scenarios and obsessions! I genuinely think I had some of the best and most prescient coverage of COVID in the blogosphere, positing the Wuhan lab leak theory in January and predicting “tens of millions of deaths” from near the outset. My main reward was to get constantly flooded by very interesting rightoid revelations about Bill Gates, dark winters, chips, and 5G towers. The only reason the situation didn’t get totally out of control was because Ron Unz took a forceful stand against Corona Hoax/homeopathy nonsense from the outset, resulting in the very amusing spectacle of him waging a one man war against all the anti-vaxxer Nazis that his own prolific writings about the evil Jews had attracted to his website. To take another example, I was writing about the global fertility crisis before Musk made it cool at (also about the same point AI made it irrelevant). Heck, if you were following me, you’d have heard of South Korea’s plummeting fertility rates back in the late 2010s! That’s 5 years before Twitter at large started obsessing over it. However, as a right-wing coded pundit blogging at a site whose chief editor had recentered it around Holocaust denial, I was largely ignored by the mainstream, and had to cater to an audience where the relevant ideas had less to do with Nordic family policies or breeder effects and more to do with ending female suffrage, thot patrols, and locking up women in cages as per Andrew Anglin’s memes at The Daily Stormer. (Needless to say all of these people were giddy with joy over the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan).

Mention literally anything about sexuality, and rightoids will start talking about the gays… oooooooh do rightoids LOVE to talk about the gays. The Onion didn’t exaggerate, this really is a Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock? kind of world, and I’m not even talking of American televangelists’ habitual trysts with their bellboys or Orban lackey Jozsef Szajer concluding his gay-baiting political career with a COVID restrictions-violating homosexual orgy with the eurogays in Brussels. On one of my visits to Saint-Petersburg I met up with a very right-wing American expat, someone mentioned some Woke scandal in the US, and the American starting spouting off about the gays for at least the next 5 minutes – about how much he hated the homo, about how based Russia was for telling them to know their place, and do you not hate those fags just as much as I do? Now I was back then mostly indifferent to LGBT rights, viewing it largely as a hostile “brand” on account of my view of it as a willing tool of American ideological subversion, and acquiescent to Putinism’s strategic decision to make anti-LGBT into the Schelling point of his project to differentiate the Russian brand from the West. But I was not never obsessed with the issue and found foam at the mouth bromides on the topic weird and off-putting – not to mention at odds with the reality that it was a strategic and cynical decision on Putin’s part. The majority of the infamously hedonistic Russian elites have no very strong opinions on gays. I have it from a good source that at least one of Putin’s own daughters personally opposed the anti-gay propaganda law, and I am very amused by Western rightoids who try to explain to me that Putin is a strong based Christian who is doing all the anti-gay things on account of his deeply heartfelt religious and moral convictions when I am actually pretty certain that his actual views on LGBT were that of a typical post-Soviet boomer who was perhaps confused by all the pronouns and genders seeping out of the US but found it much more droll and amusing than genuinely “triggering” in the way that rightoids do. However, even though the anti-LGBT campaign may have started out as a larp to differentiate the Russian “brand” from the eurogays, the logical culmination of all this in the absence of checks and balances has been Based Putlerism devolving from “protecting” children from “LGBT propaganda” before the war to raiding gay nightclubs, detaining their patrons, and taking down their names in December 2023. All actions that have zero basis in Russian law. However, in line with the regime’s runaway “Chechenization” I fear the the logical conclusion to all this involves the abductions and extrajudicial murders we have seen in Chechnya before the end, and do remember that owning an elite Moscow apartment is also gay.

But that Russian detour aside, I think my wider point that the right-wingers are obsessed with gays stands; they are the perfect magnet for their overdeveloped disgust reflex and antipathy to openness in human relations and discourse, and I do not think it is inaccurate or an exaggeration to label homophobia as the lingua franca of the Rightoid International. And if readers are wondering why this essay is so stridently, performatively, well – gay – the reason is that I while I never much liked these people, and associated with them only insofar as they tended to revolve in circles adjacent to Russian nationalism and HBD/IQ realism, observing the consequences of unironically catering to them means that I now actively hate them, I consider them repellent losers, I think they are Shit Midas of politics and discourse, I want them out of power, out of influence, and out of Russia, and I prefer them quietly seething about how I am a queer mutt who will never be a woman in their sleazy internal chat groups instead of polluting my comments section.

Another aspect of authoritarian conformism are apology rituals. Usually associated with the Far Left – the tragedy that were Soviet samokritika and Maoist struggle sessions that have transmigrated into the farce that are Wokeist privilege checks and kneeling before BLM – few know that they are also a core anthropological feature of the authoritarian Right. One of the early visuals associated with Based Putlerism is that of a strong, bearded Chechen Chad forcing a Virgin Russian to apologize for criticizing Islam or whatever, and since then the practice has spread to an official level, now even getting its own Wikipedia article. Ironically, it has also spread to certain degenerated elements of the Russian (and Ukrainian) nationalist movements – this was very much a feature of the groyperish “Inquisition” movement, which I will write about slightly later. In the past year, the apology ritual as an aspect of aforementioned cultural Chechenization of Russian society has percolated down to mundane life with incidents like B list celebrities having to apologize (it’s not even clear to whom?) for throwing a private “naked party” and getting deplatformed by advertisers anyway. Who cares about the latest Ukrainian destruction of a large amphibian ship. This Ivleeva party – first time I hear of her! – is the main thing the Russian media has been talking about the past week.

Nor is such dysfunction something that’s limited to Eastern Europe. Anyone with even some passive familiarity with Alt Right chat group culture will be aware that these are very fractional and combative people, where any “diss” real or perceived is grounds for “beef”, demands for apologies, harassment, and excommunication. Indeed, I see that Nick Fuentes and his chums casually upload videos of these “clarifications of relationships” online to humiliate and discipline wayward lower-ranking members of their mafias, a practice I view as far more revolting than any of the deranged things he spews on his show. Though to be sure this is drama is much more amusing than it is concerning or threatening in light of the powerlessness and loser status of the participants in these groups. Ironically, this redounds to their own benefit, since on the off chance that these people ever got their dream of absolute power, they would very quickly start purging and killing each other over personal conflicts and minor doctrinal conflicts over which group to oppress harder.

Despite the right-wing obsession with traditional masculine values, another notable feature about them is their cowardice.

Now to be sure this is far from a universal rightoid feature. It would be stupid and bizarre to call Neo-Nazi militants or Islamist suicide bombers cowards. They are based and courageous, and normie whining to the contrary does not change that self-evident fact. However, cowardice is something that you encounter a great deal of when it comes to the online rightoids.

One of the ways this finds expression is in the aversion to using their real names when commenting (“facelords”, etc.) and an obsession with doxxing that is often low-key paranoiac. Now I support the right to privacy on the Internet, and agree that people who want to write about unconventional or edgy ideas should have that right (even if in practice the proliferation of AI means that this era is rapidly closing, and that if you are a prolific “edgy” right-wing commenter and have any significant amount of online content under your real name, you should prepare to have those two identities merged sooner rather than later).

However, by the same token, “anons” have intrinsically less skin in the game than those who post under the real name, and that should by default translate into lesser status. As an anon, you do not get the privilege of demanding that posters with a reputation to protect should endorse or even humor the extreme and often unhinged takes that you issue from behind your mask. But many rightoids absurdly do think that they are so entitled! Moreover, if you really are so very based and believe in the cause so strongly, then it is only reasonable to expect that you show your face to the world just because it is expected and normal for people to take ideas seriously when they come from real people as opposed to frogs or anime tradgirls. However, in practice – and Richard Hanania has made the same point – many of these people are unremarkable at best, outright losers at worst, and live in trembling fear of the POC ladies in their corporate HR department.

In this respect, it is very appropriate that this is the movement that came up with the NPC meme to describe liberals and leftists. There is little else that is more NPC than a loosely coordinated mob attack by a featureless sea of frog avatars chanting the same threats and slogans.

Finally, the right-wing ideology tends to attract a disproportionate amount of oddballs, weirdos, and downright lunatics.

One common failure mode is OD’ing on red pills, which boomers seem especially susceptible to it. The classic case, of course, is Ron Unz. In the mid-2010s, he created a webzine that looked set to become the major hub for the Dissident Right by uniting the HBD/IQ community – Steve Sailer, Razib Khan, Audacious Epigone, Peter Frost, JayMan, Guillaume Durocher, James Thompson (I lobbied in the last two, and tried to get hbd*chick hired too) – with a roster of anti-interventionist paleocons, leftist anti-imperialists, Geopolitics Brains, and humorist oddballs such as Fred Reed that briefly gave it a unique blend of high-brow commentary and ideological pizzazz. Imagine something like Quillette, but not overrun by neocons and Zionist activists.

But this vision was not to be, because Ron Unz decided it would be a great idea to go all in on Holocaust Denial and other conspiracy theories from the Suvorov Hypothesis to COVID as American bioweapon. This roughly coincided with The Unz Review beginning to get increasingly populated by JQ obsessives, many of whom were amusingly themselves Jews. It was as if he was on some achievement quest to collect all the world’s most prominent self-hating Jews on his website. One of these was Israel Shamir, an unusually odious individual even by JQ standards, who apart from being a general conspiracy retard amusingly once lectured me on my insufficient anti-Semitism while campaigning to get Sputnik & Pogrom banned in Russia on account of their “Nazism” (aka not licking Putin’s boots hard enough).

I still don’t understand what the logic behind any of it was. Possibly it was a case of runaway contrarianism, as Ben Sixsmith suggested. Or perhaps popularizing his interesting views on certain historical events was the plan from the beginning, but hardly feasible to push through The American Conservative, and pointless as a standalone publication on a personal website with a marginal readership. Certainly it put the kibosh on Unz’s political ambitions, which ranged from reforming Harvard admissions system to attempting to exert influence over the Trump administration. Imagine if that had worked, and Trumpism’s lodestar had become the UR columnists of c.2015-17, as opposed to right-wing rag Breitbart, which its own founder Bannon once publicly dismissed as a non-serious media outlet. It would at least have been less cringe. It remains unclear to me why Unz thought JQ punditry and penetrating the pronouncedly Jewish and pro-Zionist Trump administration were mutually compatible projects. However, his real achievement was arguably even more impressive. It is a supreme irony that Ron Unz, a Jew, has become probably the world’s most highly cited anti-Semitic scholar. That a Jew ends up dominating even this field would seem to vindicate the HBD thesis of high Jewish IQ and intellectual accomplishment that Unz otherwise strenuously denies.

Today’s Unz Review themes (Dec 23, 2023): Nazism and Multipolar Grift.

As of the late 2010s, one could initially still pretend that The Unz Review, if no longer a serious publication, was at least a “shopping mall” – this analogy came from Charles Murray – that hosted individual stalls and vendors offering a wide range of “interesting, important, and controversial perspectives largely excluded from the American MSM” from across the ideological spectrum. However, even this cope rang increasingly hollow as most of the last moderates and sane leftists quietly departed and were replaced with outright Nazis and just very strange individuals, with Andrew Anglin now occupying a prominent spot right below Unz himself. At some point the pretense became untenable and I decided it was best to call it quits in 2021. Five years later than Razib Khan, but better later than never.

Again, this is not an exception, but a pattern, even if The Unz Review was most notable for the sheer size of the gap between initial promise and final outcome. Another publication I was slightly involved with in the mid-2010s was Russia Insider (lore: my original proposed name for it was The Moscow Sun). This was a project by Russia-based US businessman Charles Bausman to portray Russia in a more positive light, which seemed like a worthwhile goal in the context of the accelerating Russophobia that was to eventually become Russiagate hysteria. In the beginning, it seemed like a normal, serious project, and the people around it were respectable figures in the Alt Media sphere. However, despite soliciting considerable money from crowdfunding, in practice its very few authors went unpaid, or were at best paid a pittance. This led to a public commercial dispute between Bausman and RT’s Peter Lavelle in 2016. The end result was Lavelle taking The Russia Insider’s star writer Alexander Mercouris and several others with him to a new project called The Duran, which now exists as a YouTube podcast.

Subsequently, almost all of The Russia Insider’s output has consisted of material taken from other authors in both TradMedia and Alt Media with scant respect for obtaining permissions. Now I’m not complaining. Despite my misgivings with the project – I had ceased to have any involvement with it even before Bausman’s scandal with Lavelle – I saw no harm in allowing Russia Insider to republish my work. More seriously, when Bausman wrote an edgy article suggesting that the American media’s Russophobic agenda was driven by Jewish influence, I unwisely defended it parts of it while disagreeing with others. What I hadn’t yet realized at that point is that such outbursts are almost always a prelude to OD’ing on red pills. Just a year and a half later, I noticed that Bausman was illustrating his latest crowdfunding drive with an ode to Adolf Hitler. At that point I requested they stop republishing my work, which they did. Bausman subsequently became deeply involved in the intersection of the Neo-Nazi/MAGA space, participating in COVID protests and the 1/6 US Capitol attack before fleeing as a “political refugee” to Russia. Having been blacklisted by Russian state media in the late 2010s over his writings about how Hitler had been misunderstood – a rather strange topic for a webzine at least nominally about Russia – he now seems to be back in favor, which is certainly amusing in the context of Russia’s deNazification war.

Now I should emphasize that ideological misalignment aside, I have zero issues or complaints with Ron Unz, and remain appreciative for his role in enabling my blogging in the pre-Substack era – even though the sentiment is no longer mutual. And despite the serious fraud allegations against Bausman, I have zero issues with him either; our contacts were in any case far too fleeting for it to be otherwise. However, in the context of the two main Alt Media projects I was involved with developing as they did, in addition to the generally very low quality of the people in this sphere – for instance, recall that by this time “Russophile” blogging was dominated by the likes of The Saker, Israel Shamir, and Andrey Martyanov, which was quite the “transition” from the likes of Sean Guillory, poemless, Mark Adomanis, and Kevin Rothrock (!) a decade ago – it is not surprising that this was already coloring my outlook on issues such as the viability of the Alt Media as a serious epistemic foil to mainstream journalism. As of today, I see nothing to disagree with on Richard Hanania’s remarks that with the partial exception of just a few narrow topics, the Western MSM is actually mostly honest and good, and much better on average than the Alt Media as an institution.

My broader skepticism over the Dissident Right’s prospects was further underpinned by the growing realization that beyond attracting the occasional high IQ eccentric or oddball, the right-wing ideology was also a magnet for legitimately insane, evil psychopaths to an extent unparalleled in any other political community. And I am not speaking of individuals, though there are plenty of these, but of a general transnational culture in which harassment, stalking, vigilantism, and slander campaigns against enemies both without and within constitute acceptable discourse. (The main mitigating factor here is that these are overwhelmingly online phenomena – recall the point about cowardice).

What I consider to be the ultimate apotheosis of the Rightoid International is a short-lived Russian outfit calling itself The Inquisition. Although in part the devolved mutation of The Vendée – which had at least produced a modest amount of original intellectual work, such as translations and an interview with spandrell – it owed its heritage more to American inspiration in the form of the Alt Right’s post-Charlottesville mutation into Christian Nationalism, which reached its apogee in the groypers with their “thot patrols” and “women in cages” memes lifted from The Daily Stormer. The central player in this freakshow was a Ukrainian-American individual then living in Saint-Petersburg and going under the name Rolo, who was also at the time writing for Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer (Roy Batty) and had previously written for Richard Spencer’s AltRight.com (Vincent Law). In addition to a series of minor projects such as the Culture of Discussions podcast – co-hosted with Andrey Lyubegin, a Rolo-proclaimed “right-wing reformer” with very deep thoughts such as “the LGBT rainbow is the new swastika” – and a satirical news website/Daily Stormer Russian affiliate called There Are No Human Rights during the 2020-2021 period (both are references to esoteric Nesterov memes), Rolo’s main activity became awkwardly transposing groyper memes such as the women in cages and even 13/50 for young Russian rightoid audiences.

This was accomplished through Rolo’s gaggle of teenaged male orbiters, who achieved brief infamy as the “Inquisition” on Runet in 2020-21. As if foreseeing the American groypers’ own subsequent devolution into pseudo-medieval tradlarp, they called each other “kings” and denoted internal rank by crosses around their +++names+++. Organized in a closed Telegram group administrated by Rolo and Lyubegin, they engaged in vicious and possibly criminal harassment campaigns against feminists, migrants, and LBGT (at any rate the male-supremacist Male State, a thematically similar outfit, was banned in 2021). They also maintained lists of “heretics” for targeting. Unsurprisingly, my pro-masking and pro-vax stance in relation to COVID in 2020 was bound to make me one. In a pique of annoyance in July 2020, I called Russians subhumans for not wearing masks in an offhand Tweet. This provoked them into brigading me and demanding an apology (see the section on rightoid apology rituals) on behalf of the abstract Russians whom I had offended but which was in reality a power play meant to to marginalize me. Personally I found this rather audacious in light of of me having earlier helped set him and Kirill Nesterov up with $5,000 in initial funding for their abortive SWPL podcast from William Regnery II, the main sponsor of Richard Spencer’s NPI. (I met Regnery for the first and last time on his initiative when he visited Moscow in 2018, where I gave him a tour of the city center. Apart from some observations regarding White demographics and forgettable details of internal Alt Right drama, he remarked to me that Moscow kept getting better and better each decade he visited it, while London which he visited annually kept getting worse). In any case, I obviously did not humor their demands, and though I was subsequently to receive a stream of abuse and death threats from him and his gang at my blog and Twitter, I think the entire episode ended worse for him than for me.

The Inquisitors kept picking fights with other Russian nationalists from the Listva book worms to even the conservatives who found their vigilante tactics repulsive – they seriously tried to portray the Malofeev network of Tsargrad and The Two-Headed Eagle as “cucks” – and eventually ended up marginalized and excluded from the movement at large. They subsequently retreated to more manageable harassment targets, such as Prosvirnin’s grieving widow, and then seemed to vanish from the radar entirely, though I recall Lyubegin’s podcast getting shilled by Wagner’s Saint-Petersburg media arm in January 2023. Although I don’t know if that and Rolo’s own outspoken support for Wagner played any role in this, but I was nonetheless happy to recently learn that Russian siloviki did at least one thing right and kicked this maniac out of Russia.

To return to Kirill Nesterov (real name: Nikolaj Kazimirko-Kirillov; self-doxed a long time ago), whose extensive participation in Russian nationalist punditry, the ROGPR podcast, sudden ascent to fame with ROG Pogrom in 2018 under the compensated aegis of  Sputnik & Pogrom, and equally sudden disappearance from the scene – as well as his subsequent reemergence within the Anglosphere as a video game reviewer and NAFO’s strongest soldier, who now mocks droned Russian soldiers with the same bloodlust he expressed over the deaths of “Ukroswine” several years ago – I have often been asked by Russian nationalists, several American OGs, and even a couple of his current fans to address as a former co-host of ROGPR and the inspiration for many of his ROG Pogrom videos. You delve too deep, but OK, here is the lore – the “secret history” as it were.

Following Nesterov’s disillusionment with Russian nationalism in the wake of the Vendée Affair – or when Regnery’s money for him and Rolo ran out, I don’t know – he decided to pivot to the Anglophone audience and rebrand as “Nester”, an anarchist and Russia understandooor. That’s fine. Interests change. Values evolve. New paypigs have to be acquired. And former colleagues have to be backstabbed. Prosvirnin – who had assiduously defended him against the Vendée. Rolo – his co-host at the SWPL podcast. And some others, including myself. That is also fine. As we had both long realized, the right-wing ideology attracts well more than its fair share of unsavory individuals, and it would be absurd to whine about what the leftists would call praxis. As Warlockracy himself noted to a prominent NAFO activist in 2022, “devouring their former comrades is the russian superpower.” We are all self-aware wolves here.

No, the truly impressive thing about this episode is that even as Nester was writing about “HBD scumbags” (“эйч би ди мрази“) and “race/IQ Nazis” to his new RationalWiki and Ukrainian nationalist friends – and that is just what I could see on his public feed – he was advancing genuinely pseudoscientific takes dividing Russians into noble R1″ (European) and subhuman “R2” (Eurasian) variants that would not be out of place in some Azov seminar. He then put that into “decolonization” wrapping and released it as a video. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of an Anglo market for weird pseudo-HBD Russia commentary or video essays on marginal schizo-politics cults. I assume this is what precipitated his final rebranding into Warlockracy, where his genuine talent for video essays, humor, and extensive knowledge of deep lore enabled him to successfully carve out a niche for himself as a reviewer of obscure East European retro RPG mods. Abroad, of course.

An “Internet icon of right-wing variety”, the “American Nazi refugee”, and “the individual who used to bankroll the American Far Right”… Interesting – but missing some minor context, such as getting paid and doing podcasts with all of these colorful characters.

On this note, I hope that I have sufficiently elucidated why I consider the entire right-wing ideology to be epistemically rotten, ghoulish, and amusingly self-cannibalizing; why sooner or later you are bound to get fucked over in light of the individuals it attracts; and why I would not advise anyone to associate with it. Furthermore, even all my own most interesting and meaningful interactions within that space were with individuals who were not themselves “political activists” and on topics such as physical fitness or writing that did not load on the malevolent politics of the right-wing ideology. These is a lesson here and it militates against spending what may be the last few years of “normal” human civilization on other, less soul-crushing, IQ-draining, and inherently doomed pursuits.


Owls and Ravens

My repudiation of the right-wing ideology with which I was associated with has been met with the usual and expected reactions: Consternation (mental illness?), anger (traitor!), mockery (cucking out in a doomed search for respectability), cynicism (moving on to another grift), and denial (surely this must be a troll?… even if it is unusually long-running and persistent at this point).

Speak of Shock and Disbelief (TM)!

Personally, I consider all three major charges to be flawed, and reveal either ignorance of my work and actual history, or psychological projetion.

(1) Trolling

I think the trolling accusation can be summarily ruled out. One thing to engage in sustained EHC-posting on X, which I will freely admit is very obviously performative to a large extent. (Are you not entertained?).

But quite another to write a small book’s worth of densely argued text repudiating a significant part of my life’s intellectual work. But I am entertained at any rate. Triggering rightoids brings me the same dopamine highs I recall getting from trolling SJWs in the mid-2010s or trolling the religious people on gaming/politics discussion forums in the early 2000s which constituted my first forays into online political commentary.

However, I do not consider any of those episodes to have been trolling for their own sake. First, in all three cases, it was undergirded by political conviction – a reaction against the Rightoid International, Tumblr SJWs, and Dubya World, respectively. Second, and just as importantly, it targeted groups that were powerful at the time. Trolling the religious people in the mid-2010s would have been in poor taste, and would involved allying with New Atheists who had since been overtaken by SJW fundies. I never found much fun in kicking dead horses.

Likewise, despite the damage and lost opportunities I incurred from SJWs, I have zero interest in attacking them now that they are on the backfoot and doing so involves allying with the objectively far more dangerous and malevolent politics of the Rightoid International. I do not like Woke cancelation campaigns, and increasingly, more and more normies seem to have gotten wise to their overreach. However, there is nonetheless a distinction between Charles Murray getting booed at a Woke college and several thousand more Blacks dying from the Ferguson Effect, and the rightoid platform of getting millions killed in painful ways (anti-vaxxerism), coercing women to birth rape babies (anti-abortion), sentencing their own loved ones to agonizing deaths (anti-euthanasia), and the general technophobia, Luddism, and anti-transhumanism which makes it harder to build the very solutions that would bypass most of the ethical debates they are so invested in.

The next two most popular theories for why I am doing this boil down to either this being part of a “deradicalization narrative” to get back into the good graces of “Elite Human Capital” (apostrophes because actual EHC, as opposed to the EHC of the projecting rightoid imagination, doesn’t waste its time on cancelation campaigns). Alternately, I am cynically moving on to my next crypto/transhumanist grift now that I have been “buck broken” by Putler/Ukrainians and decided that $RUS is going to zero.

(2) Deradicalization

I have always ridiculed “deradicalization” as something that (1) only stupid former radicals do because they believe stupid, illogical things in the first place, and as such, their “conversions” are mostly about just switching from one such Blank Slatist belief system, such as Neo-Nazism, to another, such as Wokeism; and (2) as being ineffective and maladaptive anyway, because (a) apologies signal weakness and only invite intensified attacks – as no other than Richard Hanania found in 2015, and (b) the attitude that the ADL/SPLC have to such “reverts” are closer to that of a used condom than a prodigal son – that is, exploited for the story, and then tossed aside on their merry way. Furthermore, if this was what this was really all about, then there would be actual doxxes and ten times as many salacious details here.

However, even that is all irrelevant because I am not walking back on anything that makes Wokes mad – I am just adding the rightoids to my hate club. HBD/IQ is not a belief system. It is an interlinked complex of insights from genetics, anthropology, and psychology that load on some of the most rigorous and consistently replicated research in those respective fields. Consequently, I am about as capable of “deradicalizing” on the g factor of intelligence that I am of deciding that creationism is true or that relativity is wrong. Any attempt to do so in any intellectually honest way would be a clown show far more ridiculous than my most hyperbolic EHC-posting.

See Kirill Nesterov. Or the classic example of the genre, this Arthur Chu pasta:

I have very scant interest in mind-killing myself, regularly or not, nor in decorating my social media with sunflowers. Hereditarianism is true. IQ is valid. I support voluntary eugenics. For the individual; for the society she or he resides in; for the world; for nooceleration and averting AI doom – it is better to be smart, healthy, and beautiful than to be dumb, sickly, and ugly. Intentionally promoting policies and restrictions that result in lives substandard to what they could be is evil.

Putin needs to be overthrown. The war in Ukraine should end, preferably with self-determination referendums extending from Kherson to Donbass, and add in Chechnya while we’re at it, but it should end regardless. Borders should vanish. The traditional institutions of human society, ultimately encompassing the nation-state, should be replaced by trustless decentralized alternatives. However, so long as dangerous authoritarian regimes exist, we should continue to treasure the United States as the economic zone and the US military as the (mostly) benign mercenary force that keeps these potential challengers of the liberal globalist order at at bay even as continue to work to accelerate liberalization and superglobalization.

Relative to the visions of “noospheric partitioning” between Pax Americana, the Sinosphere, the Russian World, Akhand Bharat that I was proposing in my glue huffing days, this is if anything a profoundly more radical vision now that I have moved to much harder stuff, and I would like to see that recognized.

(3) Respecting the Grift

Although I understand and acknowledge a wide range of criticisms and hypotheses, the one explanation that I find to be objectively completely absurd is that any of this is even substantially motivated by grifting and money. Blogging was never my main income source. And in any case I was consistently horrific at it, as I noted in 2020:

Incidentally, this does illustrate why I can never be successful in politics or even mass punditry. Supporting the fascist, homophobic and Russian supremacist Constitutional amendment to aid and abet the Putler regime’s bid to remain in power indefinitely while spreading neocon propaganda about how Russian elections/referendums are falsified while saying that it is not really Putin’s fault while but it actually sort of is for not building a more sophisticated (deniable) electoral fraud machine over 20 years in power if you really need to keep falsifying elections… isn’t the best way of raising relations with any of the major factions – Western partners; libs; Putinists; even nationalists.

You are never going to make bank with such autism. And my entire blogging history as parodied in the Encyclopedia Dramatica article is replete with ideological twists and turns from neoliberalism through to socialism to Russian nationalism to whatever the fuck my 2023 ideology is – neoliberal transhumanism but with crypto? – has left countless normie corpses in its wake and is if anything an object lesson in how not to amass a large audience and run a successful grift.

Moreover, even when I do manage to maintain some coherent ideological narrative for some time I do it in a spastic, schizoid way that involves writing about Russian electoral fraud for Al Jazeera while being one of the world’s most prominent “Russophile” bloggers, and then managing to get myself blacklisted in the late 2010s from a major Russian state media agency on account of their HR department taking issue with my supposed associations with Richard Spencer in RationalWiki – itself written by a former Neo-Nazi – in what is yet another total victory of American soft power. In early 2022, I was simultaneously making fun of the Kremlin’s denials that they were going to war – “press F for the tractor road” – while enthusiastically endorsing it anyway, and getting radically hated on by most of Twitter. I could have amassed literally 100,000s of mouth breathers on my Twitter account by joining up with Jackson Hinkle and the Z influencooors and I could have been the one getting Kremlin tours like sex offender Scott Ritter. If New Jersey-based grift queen “Donbass Devushka” could do it and fleece Z of their money as donations before vanishing into the ether then I don’t think I would have done too badly at that either.

However, I then realized that Russia is run by just another TV watching boomer who has OD’ed on red pills, and that any good outcome for anyone was impossible in this context, and that to continue to cheerlead for Z in this would be to plump ever deeper levels of villainy. Consequently, I pivoted to the peace party and distanced myself from Z, with the result that I achieved the dubious distinction of being hated by both NAFO and Z. (Achievement unlocked). However, the rational and self-interested thing would have been to double down on Z, and reinforce the grift by accepting Elon Musk’s opening to openly talk about the Great Replacement and make fun of SJWs to my heart’s content and get paid a ton of X bux for it in the process. Instead I attack the infamously prickly Musk for his free speech hypocrisy on banning “From the River to the Sea” on X as genocidal speech, openly try to goad him into suspending me, and tell him that he is taking it out on powerless Palestinians as a cynical ploy to save the X ad bucks and cover his own ass after he did a White Nationalism. However, the Wokes sure are not rushing to welcome me back into their coalition – not that I would be the least interested – and my only reward was to get some more Blocks from the most fanatical anti-Wokes and Zionists. However, I view this as doing the correct thing even if it does give the IDW griftlords who already hate me even more ammunition to smear me as an anti-Semite.

But you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. Thinking back, the writers I consistently like most are those who are open to changing their minds and justify, this includes some of my current favorite “politics” writers in both English – Richard Hanania, who proudly flip-flops more in a year than many pundits do in a decade – and in Russian – that would, of course, be the late Egor Prosvirnin, who would switch his views on Navalny and Putin within the span of a few months, before blasting them both; Blocking me over my views on Kholmogorov and then inviting me back on his podcast once factional alliances again switched; yo-yoing between the Far Right, libertarianism, neoliberalism, monarchism, and proto-network states at the end. Now this might not be your style and that is fine. For instance, Steve Sailer and Egor Kholmogorov come off as pundits in the Western and Russian Dissident Right, respectively, who have a consistent set of ideas and way of seeing the world that they apply to new situations. Regularly issuing predictable, agreeable “feed” is good for maintaining an audience. However, personally I am not so wowed by this approach, and to be honest I rarely read either of them and when I do I usually have to force myself to do so. This is not meant to be a diss but what someone like Sailer or Kholmogorov writes on any topic is predictable and probably already imitable by a trained LLM whereas I do not see them replicating Hanania’s or Prosvirnin’s powerful takes anytime soon. Both both of these writer archetypes – we may perhaps classify them as methodical, predictable owls and playful, trolling ravens – have a place in the public discourse, as well as the opportunity to attain greatness in the annals of intellectual history.

Not to be sure I do think it is easier to make money for the owl who keeps his output consistent and on message, just on the basis that it’s better for audience retention and most normies prefer a soothing feed over constantly getting pulled and triggered every which way by the ravens. And I respect the grift, I really do, that is genuinely one of my few strongly held values. However, this hobby of mine was never about striking it rich, and in any case there are many other ways to make money than writing. And forcing oneself into an ideological niche and then never veering out of concern for losing some normies strikes me as an exceptionally bad use of what may be the very last years of “normal” human civilization. Think of what Elite Human Capital would do in your place. Think of the weights the AI will inherit from you. Wokes, normies, rightoids – none of them will not bother you there…


The Triumph of Elite Human Capital : “Paint the Sky with Rainbows!”

In this final section, I will provide a barebones summary of Elite Human Capital theory, which is not just a meme I have taken to posting on X, but an attempt to put Pinker’s Better Angels thesis on a sounder theoretical basis (OK, sure, the world became more rational – circles of empathy have grown – but why? – what was the precise social evolutionary mechanism?) and the the result of several years of private ruminations that I – no longer obligated to keeping up appearances for my now mostly vanished rightoid fanbase, and with reality validating it year after year in a trend I only expect to continue and accelerate – now feel free to unleash on the world, and intend to do so as a proper longread sometime in 2024.

Over the past several years I have been quietly mulling over the idea that the right-wing ideology is programmed to lose simply as a result of it innately attracting people who are not very smart. This is both relevant and important because winning debates, like most things in life, is g loaded. On average, stupid, close-minded conservatives have lost debates over the years, decades, and centuries to smarter people who embraced liberalism and openness. These progenitors of Elite Human Capital would have been the Aztec wise men who opposed human sacrifice; the philosophers of the Axial Age; the atheists of the medieval Islamic world. This vanguard of history coalesced into a coherent and self-sustaining ideological force during the Enlightenment, and has existed as an expanding global cluster ever since. Furthermore, since most viewpoint changes during debates accrue to onlookers, not the direct participants, the acceleration in information technologies from literacy to the Internet has likewise accelerated the pace of liberalization. Some of the most exalted paladins and champions of Elite Human Capital today might be the likes of Eliezer Yudkowsky, Steven Pinker, and Peter Singer.

The reason that “Cthulhu swims liberal” (not Left!) reduces to the observation that Elite Human Capital, all else equal, prefers to promote sociopolitical orders that maximize discursive interactions – freedom of speech, market economics, free trade – because it views the economies of scale accruing from liberalization as being in its own interests on account of its confidence in its own capacity to remain at the top of the human antheap without having to rely on class privileges or ethnoracial particularism. This is reflected in the observation that free speech maximalism, free markets, and free sexuality (e.g. LGBT rights) has some of the very strong g loads as per the GSS surveys and other polls.

Now to be sure in the dark ages of this world there were frequent reversals, because excessive “liberalism” often found it difficult to withstand warlords who could steal or purchase advanced military technology from the technologically progressive states and then load on their greater population mass and political ruthlessness to triumph over their competitors (e.g. the triumph of glorified mob collector Muscovy over the highly literate and commercial Novgorod Republic). However, as technological growth accelerated and economic complexity, social development, and military power became bound up within an ever tighter nexus, liberalism progressively made the world geopolitically safe for its own survival and indefinite propagation. This ideological hegemony can also be viewed as the End of History.

Furthermore, I would even say that the programmed triumph of Elite Human Capital is not just a cognitive triumph, but a spiritual and a moral one. The character defects inherent to the rightoid mindset apply just as much to that rare breed known as “right-wing intellectuals”, who while retaining local intellectual superiority can only do so through nihilistic cynicism and repeated cycles of “mind-killing” that lower them morally, like the Fallen Ainur, to a far greater degree that would ever be attainable for simpler minds. There is a reason why no other an authority than Moldbug himself sees fit to label them as “Dark Elves“, a race known across fantasy for their moderately high intelligence made abominable though cruelty and malice that no mere Orc could match. This theme of ascended villainy that is self-conscious and self-aware is prevalent in Elite Rightoid discourse – see the Dark Enlightenment, the Intellectual Dark Web, Dark MAGA, and those are the relatively tame variants! – which inevitably comes packaged with a Dark Occult aesthetics with its skulls and warhammers, Chaos stars, and necrophile rhetoric from the Spanish Legion’s “Love Live Death!” to Wagner’s sledgehammers which was taken to its logical parodic conclusions in yarowrath’s “Nazi Zombies” discourse that has found its apotheosis in the Z War. These comparisons and allusions are of course appropriate in view of the Dark Elves’ conscious decision to betray the Light and devote their lives to goading and manipulating the brutish Orcish rightoid hordes into waging war on Elite Human Capital, instead of submitting to the Music of the Ainur and using the intelligence bestowed upon them by their genetic privilege to work on uplifting them. However, in so doing, they primarily doom themselves: “The Shadow that bred [the Orcs] can only mock, it cannot make: not real new things of its own.” The paranoia, conformism, and lack of meritocracy, trust, and rule of law observed in realms ruled by the Dark Lord across the fantasy genre closely resemble the communities and societies that really existing rightoids build. This environment in turns caps the capabilities of those Dark Elves who go over to the service of the Shadow, and even further widens the cognitive chasm between them and Elite Human Capital.

I already mentioned that the only original Russian philosophies are nihilism and cosmism (although it was the Anglos who developed it into transhumanism). Most everything else is either the reactionary pablum that is Russian conservatism (the neoreactionary admiration for Pobedonostsev used to intrigue me until I finally read him), or at best derivative of continental European philosophies, concerned with topics like existence and meaning in principle, overwhelmingly inscrutable dreck in practice. Conversely, I have always admired above all others the empirical Anglo philosophers who concerned themselves with the more practical matters of the origins of wealth, intelligence, and power – Francis Galton, Adam Smith, Charles Darwin, and last but not least, the massively under-looked Herbert Spencer, who applied Darwinian insights to societies and nations to create the philosophy of Social Darwinism.

I am a Social Darwinist because it has always seemed to me to be objectively true despite its Dark pedigree. Just as it is the fittest and most adaptive organisms that survive and flourish in the biological realm, so it is the most adaptive social and political constructs that survive and propagate as a share of humanity, of global GDP, and of human capital. This superior system is the Anglo system and its auld alliance with Elite Human Capital – now incarnated as Pax Americana, GAE, Western Globalism, the Island Empire of Saraksh, call it what you want – which has expanded its power relative to all other competitors over the centuries and is coalescing into superglobalism. Even now it sucks in the world’s human capital like a giant monster squid and generates unprecedented concentrations of human capital and techno-capital that turbo-charge its power even as it erodes away its own original ethnographic base as an obsoleted relict of the old world. Its tendrils extend even to the minds of foreigners who inhabit and contribute to its noospheric blob through the interdimensional portal that is the English language without ever stepping foot on Anglo shores. It is marshaling the global smart fractions from Jews and LGBTQ+ to Brahmins and the cream of the European biomass to its cause, and is even beginning to call in the AI gods and demons from beyond the Warp. And you think Putin, the CPC, the Rightoid International still have any prospects?

Just as it is my Social Darwinist convictions that drove my support for the Ukraine War in a doomed last attempt to challenge America by creating an America out of Russia, so its epochal failure and the cascading collapse of all viable competing models demands, in the interests of consistency and pure logic, my submission before the winning civilizational ant hive: Rainbow Superglobalism.


Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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