Journalism Skills Shortage

Can be closed with the help of Taiwanese immigrants.

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  1. I guess in mainland China there are also some ten millions if not hundred millions poor people who would like to immigrate to Germany. But they have no chance to do so. Due to their phenotype they can´t lie being Syrians. When a chinese person wants to immigrate to Germany he or she first has to invest some hundred thousands Euro

  2. Little Taiwanese children, as shown in this video, would be far more preferable as immigrants than adult male Muslims. Not the best of CGI, but this is hilarious. They even managed to put in that Hungarian photographer kicking little kids.

  3. I believe Taiwanese clip, and more surprisingly this post, fails to understand the genuine groundswell of support for more immigration in Germany. As usual Merkel waited to see what public opinion was before moving . Germans buy a lot of newspapers and often two a day, a regional and a national. THe biggest tabloid in the western world, Bild, not a liberal or leftie paper by any stretch of the imagination, was until recently running anti immigration stories, but now it has completely altered tack and is daily expressing sympathy for the Syrian refugees, complete with photos of little kids. Bild is widely seen as the xenophobic popular paper in Germany.

  4. Bild has been a bit ambivalent on the issues of immigration, ethnic tensions etc. all the time. But overall I would say they have been very antiracist, pro-immigrant for years or decades, like every other newspaper except for those which are explicit rightwing (I think the Derb once talked about some “social law” which says everything which is not explicit right-wing becomes left-wing over time). Of course the lefties of the St Pauli club are a bit annoyed that their precious attitudes are now exactly the same as those of the whole power elite of Germany, so they try still to be edgy somehow

  5. German_reader says

    lol, first time I had to laugh about something connected to the current asylum crisis…thanks for sharing this.