Jumping Ivans

This is so stupid, but I guess I need to address this sooner than later.

There are 549,000 doctors in Russia. The suicide rate is 11.6/100,000 (Rosstat). So that’s 64 expected suicides per year, or 16 in a three month period.

Doctors are more educated than average, and less likely to binge drink. So perhaps commit suicide at less than the population average. OTOH, now are pretty stressful times for medical workers – I’m sure it more than cancels out.

What I’m saying is, four doctors dying from jumping out of windows doesn’t mean that Putler or one of his minions did it. Especially since one of them was a patient. While another survived, having jumped from the second floor.

True, what linked them all together was that they had issues with their bosses/managers – complaints over PPE availability, or the advisability of admitting COVID-19 patients to their hospital.

It doesn’t seem extraordinarily unlikely that the trigger for 2 out of the 16 expected “successful” suicides might have something to do with the coronavirus response.

EDIT: Commenter Mr. Hack points out that doctors commit suicide at a rate more than twice that of the general population in the US. If that applies to Russia, these events become even less of a mystery.

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  2. songbird says

    what linked them all together was that they had issues with their bosses/managers – complaints over PPE availability, or the advisability of admitting COVID-19 patients to their hospital.

    I’d wonder about lifestyle choices. Were they married? Did they have children? Did they come from normal families? That sort of thing.

  3. Blinky Bill says

    This conspiracy theory is so stupid it deserves no serious attention.

    If people want to unravel a true enigma the following Ivan does require serious contemplation.


  4. What are these 4 doctors? Western media promoted the story of Shulepov, but it was more fake than true

  5. Suicide of medical staff is an issue here in Australia, even before The Thing. Insane working hours, the constant presence of death – a recipe for disaster.

  6. Just Passing Through says

    New anti-Putin pysop a la Xi Xinping Winnie the Pooh, being shilled hard on the chans. The Russian jannies cannot keep up with the CIA practice known as “monkeposting”


  7. Blinky Bill says
  8. Blinky Bill says
  9. Who even reads 4chins nowadays?
    Especially /pol/.

  10. Blinky Bill says

    Not me.

  11. Mr. Hack says

    In the US:


    28/40 out of 100,000 per year. It’s been so for as long as I can remember. Life is good in Russia, at 11.6.

  12. TIL, thanks.

  13. Mr. Hack says

    In the US, across the board,medical doctors average just under $300k per year. In Russia, the most optimistic reports indicate that they make less than $10,000 per year. Combine this with the suicide rate comparison, and doesn’t this prove that somehow money can’t buy you happiness?



  14. Daniel Chieh says

    Is Elena’s Models a reliable source?

  15. Mr. Hack says

    I think that “Elena” is a Russian nurse. Her figures kind of confirmed my instinctive guess, so I went with it. A cousin of mine that is a doctor works in a small city in Ukraine and makes somewhere between $500-$600 per month last I checked a few years back. If anything, Elena’s commenters seem to think that she might be a little bit on the high side (for 2016). Feel free to correct the information if it’s off.

  16. Daniel Chieh says

    I think that “Elena” is a Russian nurse

    Pretty sure that’s a mail order bride service, Mr. Hack.

  17. Mr. Hack says

    She positions herself as a “Dating Coach” and actually has a lot of interesting articles on dating and relationships and all sorts of other topics as well. Overall, it seems like a rather wholesome product. Like I say, if you have more accurate figures for doctors’ salaries in Russia, go for it. I now know where to look for available Russian brides! 🙂

  18. Bardon Kaldian says

    I am not against suicide, if one wants to go.

    Just, what I find strange is that these doctors jumped through the window, which is certainly one of more “unpleasant” ways to go. Being doctors, they could have used morphine overdose or something similar – less pain & more aesthetic.

  19. Blinky Bill says

    I think that “Elena” is a Russian nurse

    Found her !


  20. Mr. Hack says
  21. Kent Nationalist says

    Thank goodness British nurses don’t have such outfits.

  22. Blinky Bill says
  23. Mr. Hack says

    I’ve been corresponding with her now, and she’s sent me a list including bios and photos, all in the 25k range. This option looks more natural and fun than the surrogacy services I’ve been investigating, and less expensive too. She wants to know whether or not I’m an American doctor and that she has a “special list” just for such individuals. I don’t know what to say, as I’m not a doctor, however, I am interested in seeing the “premium” list?…