“Kneel, Or You Will Be Knelt”

Kneeling before the #BlackLivesMatter cult seems to be acquiring something of a “voluntary-compulsory” character in the West (a Soviet era oxymoron signifying something that is voluntary in theory, but compulsory in practice, if you know what’s good for you).

Sure, you don’t have to kneel.

But if you don’t kneel, you might draw the righteous ire of the mob – “become the focus of the protesters’ attention”,  as the Herefordshire police in the UK recently advised its officers.

Refusing to take the knee may now also be a firing offense. The Russian manager of a Gucci store in Manhattan who refused to kneel at a corporate ceremony in honor of Saint Floyd was fired for her trouble the next day.

Still, Harry Potter-raised Westerners may do well to reflect that the guy who made the most famous “kneel or be knelt” demand in the fantasy genre, purportedly for a good cause, turned out to be the baddie.

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  2. brabantian says

    Ukraine is also staying based like the Russian manager above

    On June 11, several black students staged an action against racism in the center of Ternopil. In response, Volodymyr Bobko, a deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council (representing the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”), suggested deporting them from Ukraine. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

    “I demand that the police and the Security Service of Ukraine identify all persons involved in the action and deport them outside Ukraine. To hand over a package of crackers and a yellow vest to everyone for the road. To remember,” the politician said.

    “They either incite unrest to take goods out of local stores during the riots, as it is currently in the United States, or act on instructions from abroad and involve our country in an international scandal,” he said.




  3. Passer by says

    The Russian manager of a Gucci store in Manhattan who refused to kneel at a corporate ceremony in honor of Saint Floyd was fired for her trouble the next day.

    Not surprised to hear that.

    I have been looking at comments in videos of russians living in the US and they are generally negative to the protests in the US, think the whole thing is a scam.

    Russians in Russia do not see these protests it with positive eye too. They think it is about manipulation for political or other reasons. For example – why no such protests over the NATO turning Libya into black slavery zone? Or genocidal sanctions against brown people? Because elite does not want such protests.

    What i could say is that it is very easy to manipulate and exploit westerners via victim mongering, but it is far harder to do so with eastern europeans, who are suspicious of such things.

    I guess communism made eastern europeans suspicious people. Especially about manipulations how something is about “the common good”, or due to “noble reasons”, etc.

  4. There’s a general “jump” in this distrustfulness once you cross the iron curtain.

    The peak is probably in the Balkans – here conspiracy theories are completely normal. It’s basically /pol/ irl almost. Especially at celebrations where drinks are had. Shit can steer quickly into weirdness

  5. ImmortalRationalist says

    From an Effective Altruist perspective, what’s the best way to actually help/fix Black people? Giving them gibs doesn’t seem to work.

  6. Anonymous (n) says

    Who gives a fuck, out group altruism is an evolutionary death wish and your question is mind numbingly tedious. The entire clown universe except a few precious sites and discussion threads such as this one is consumed with Black Worship and its corollaries, and here you are trying to poison one of the few remaining oases with this toxic sludge. Go to NYT.com or something if this is what you want to talk about.

  7. My favourite kneeling related firing:

    Anytime Fitness under fire after trainer shares ‘I Can’t Breathe’ workout

    Anytime Fitness in the US has been forced to apologise after an employee of one of the gym’s franchises shared a workout that seemingly mocked the Black Lives Matter movement.
    A franchise in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shared the “I Can’t Breathe” workout, named after the words spoken by George Floyd who died after a Minneapolis police officer held their knee on his neck for almost nine minutes.
    Anytime Fitness’ corporate office has now revealed that the trainer who created and promoted the insensitively titled workout has been terminated.
    The statement read, “The trainer who promoted the ‘I Can’t Breathe’ workout has been terminated by the owner of the Wauwatosa location.

    The funny thing is the exercise consisted of 35 minutes of moderate exercise and had the caption “and don’t you dare lay down”, obviously meant to mirror something like the Ice Bucket Challenge, to make people feel sympathetic to George Floyd (pbuh) by demonstrating how hard it must have been for him to not be able to breathe. Doesn’t appear at all like he was mocking BLM especially considering he has someone kneeling holding their fist up.

    But evidently the guy who did it was probably worshipping at the altar of negrolatry so good riddance.

  8. Fidelios Automata says

    Good for them. This virtue signalling is indeed a sham.

  9. Some Guy says

    A low IQ race living with a high IQ race will inevitably lead to the low IQ race becoming a demoralized underclass. They need their own black state.

  10. Agathoklis says

    Personally, I think there is a evolutionary benefit to the limited peddling of conspiracy theories. It acts as a strategy of induced cohesion of the in-group against out-groups. To some extent, conspiracy theories are healthy. Perhaps, it falls under the umbrella that too much objectivity and rationality is sub-optimal for the in-group.

  11. Dacian Julien Soros says

    It’s ironic that the “kneeler” is depicted as a marvel fan, while IRL you wrote 10+ screens worth of feels about Lord of Thrones.

    In other news, some twenty fat young women and one transvestite gathered in center of Bucharest to show their support for BLM. The final minute of https://old.reddit.com/r/WeAreGoingToHellRO/comments/gyg5ja/mozi_wannabe_recitand_setul_de_reguli_de_pe/ is in English. Needless to say, their NGO is supported tactically by OSF.

  12. Daniel Chieh says

    Gibs are the worst thing you could do; essentially you want to domesticate by encouraging society-positive behaviors and maximizing descent from that group.

  13. Not Only Wrathful says

    Conspiracy theories are the products of weak minds trying to grasp life, and expanding into a shape which they cannot seem to handle.

    As such, I’m agnostic as to whether they might serve a positive purpose.

    On one hand, at least those minds are trying to grasp life.

    On the other, isn’t such nonsense keeping them weak?

    I haven’t seen many people go through a phase of deep conspiracy theorising and come out, impressive, on the other side. Rather it seems to be a cloying, ennervating gunge, from which no one escapes. Like habitually taking heroin.

  14. Bragadocious says

    Reminds me of the Brits and their poppies on Remembrance Day. You don’t have to wear one, but if you don’t, expect social media murder hornets to swarm you.

  15. Kneel, or You Will be Knelt, in 1972, almost fifty years before it became 2020 cool.


    What a missed opportunity to protest so called ‘progressivism’, and that ideology’s gross hypocricy, the release of that movie represented.

    Almost certainly it’s producer(s) were self declared ‘progressives’, of whom powerful elements and hangers on of their spiritual and political forebears more or less ran the British North American chattel slave trade from New England as dealers.

    In that light, should have had both Black and Whites out protesting at theatres the movie’s thinly veiled presentation of Blacks as apes and gorillas..ie ‘How dare they!!??’

    And to point out how the ‘progressives’ today (following their old slaving pattern) still cynically use, manipulate, and exploit Blacks for their own ends, in that sense still enslaving them, while simultaneously using such protests to educate the general public of progressivism’s deeply rooted historical ties with chattel slavery and it’s trade.

    Not to excuse consumers in any way, but when a product is bad, ie addictive drugs and chattel slaves, it’s the dealer of the same that’s generally considered to be the worst of the lot, by far.



  16. This also reminds me a little of the Stalinesque scene of all the members of Congress endlessly clapping for Netanyahu…because they realized that the first one to stop clapping would probably get purged…

    The USSR and the USSA. As Marx said, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce…

  17. ImmortalRationalist says

    Are you seriously trying to argue that making Black people commit less violent crime and be less dependent on welfare would be harmful to White people?

  18. ImmortalRationalist says
  19. Reg Cæsar says

    The only man to kneel before is a priest. Not for who he is, but for Whom he is standing in for.

    Okay, knighting ceremonies too, but in that case, the argument is pretty much the same.

  20. Everybody has their standards. 🙂

  21. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Weak argumentation as to why it can never happen, more like reasons why it won’t happen spontaneously under the current political paradigm. But nothing good could ever happen spontaneously under the current political paradigm, hence any good natured person’s interest in overthrowing it.

    But that list could also practically double as: top 10 reasons free movement of people is terrible and will wreck your community.

  22. You want to know how to help black Americans? Paternalism in the extreme. Limit immigration, institute economic protectionism, and restore freedom of association so that racial covenants can be formed once again. These measures will encourage blacks to live in their own small towns with their own businesses, like they used to, which is what they need badly.

    Encourage black police to work in those black neighborhoods and towns. Try to give the towns some measure of self governance. Change municipal boundaries so they can have their own councilmen, but not their own mayors, because they cannot run cities on their own. Ridiculous things like gerrymandering won’t be needed, because renewed segregation will mean the black towns and neighborhoods will be clearly demarcated.

    Legal segregation won’t be needed, because even black people want to live among their own. They want peace too though. White police will still need to patrol the black areas, because you will never be able to recruit enough black police to cover them entirely. All police will have to be specially empowered in these areas. Stop and frisk, etc. Increased scrutiny there too, but generally, constitutional protections would have to be bent in these areas, because it is necessary.

    Cut back on welfare in a large way, but not entirely. Somehow make it contingent on tests of morality, making it harder for single women to get it. Consider involving the churches in the process. Churches are are big deal among American blacks, and it is best that all these changes are mediated by them. If it is done this way then there will be self-policing that would not occur otherwise.

    On that note, push very hard for Christian revivalism among the blacks, even if it means putting the welfare money directly into the churches. Use federal police powers and racketeering laws to come down on any ministers found embezzling or misusing funds, but only only if it is very flagrant. They will all misuse the funds, because it is their way. The main things is to give them the dignity of a free people with their own things and their own way of life, while recognizing their flaws, accepting them, and dealing them with them effectively.

    Abolish affirmative action in all forms. It does not help most black Americans. AA is only helpful if you can actually show up to the race, so that you can get that head start on the other runners. If you are still in bed when the race starts though, it does not help. It is a symbolic and stupid measure that mostly just makes whites and Asians resent striver blacks. Special scholarships could be set aside for some of the striver blacks, but that is it. Ideally most of these strivers would go back to their black communities, or have some peripheral involvement with them long term, to help integrate them economically, and manage day-to-day.

  23. Max Payne says

    Shit I don’t even kneel to tie my shoes. I bring my foot and shoe to me.


  24. Conspiracy theories are the products of weak minds trying to grasp life, and expanding into a shape which they cannot seem to handle.

    “Conspiracy theories” is, first & foremost, a label, like “Holocaust Deniers” or “Climate Change Deniers”, designed to pre-emptively debunk skepticism of a controlled narrative.

    The use of these labels precludes intelligent consideration of divergent views, whether or not they have any sound basis, and instead prompts their summary dismissal while encouraging ridicule and hostility towards their originators.

    The (intended) result is to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, because the public must accept the golem, not the baby (no matter how muddied the bathwater may be).

  25. Agathoklis says

    I largely agree. Personally, I dislike conspiracy theories. However, at a group level, there is probably some evolutionary benefit in creating largely imaginary enemies as it helps to cohere the in-group around a common set of beliefs. Of course, this can go too far where it become destructive. Religion serves much the same purpose. All religions have daft beliefs but religion has been a great vessel for the continuation of certain ethnic identities.

  26. Almost Missouri says

    After kneeling, the next step is that you may never say “no” …


  27. I assume you mean Game of Thrones, which is extremely cringe, but at least GoT fans aren’t going around trying to declare their movies the new religion of the world and advocating Jesus gets replaced with Captain America…

  28. Anonymous (n) says

    No, and I never said anything to that effect, so you’re putting words into my mouth. I simply said I don’t give a shit and it’s a tedious topic not worthy of discussion here on Karlin’s blog. But to address your strawman, neither whites nor browns nor yellows should give a fuck about how well or poorly blacks do. That’s for the blacks to worry about. The other races need to focus on containing third party dysfunction to that third party. To put it in everyday terms, in order to prevent burglary and home invasion, I lock my doors and sleep with a pistol within easy reach rather than go out and tilt at the windmill of creating a utopia of universal prosperity without the motive for crime. Outgroup altruism for its own sake is perverse and suicidal, outgroup altruism designed to achieve what simple defensive measures would accomplish with ease is just stupid.

  29. Felix Keverich says

    Sterilize them. I’m serious.

  30. Kent Nationalist says

    Stop being a fag?

  31. Lockean Proviso says

    Also, in Game of Thrones it turns out that the strong and charismatic female leader of a revolutionary leftist movement is a genocidal zealot who is stopped by a man who exemplifies masculine virtues of courage, honor, modesty, respect for elders, and martial skill.

  32. anonymous coward says

    …akshually, the degenerate pap created by literal fags is okay if you squint really hard and cope a lot.

    No. It’s not okay.

  33. Erik Sieven says

    I have the impression Subsaharan Africans (SSA) don’t need any help, at least not more than everybody else. In countries with both significant SSA and non-SSA populations it seems that SSA seem to rather profit and SSA do statistically more harm to non-SSA than the other way round.

  34. silviosilver says

    Are you seriously trying to argue that making Black people commit less violent crime and be less dependent on welfare would be harmful to White people?

    In other words, what is good for whites.

    Your original cuck phrasing was:

    what’s the best way to actually help/fix Black people?

    The simple answer is the same thing that would actually help/fix any group: fewer births to its dumbest, least productive, most criminal segment; more births to its most intelligent, most productive, least criminal segment.

    Or an even simpler answer is: who gives a fuck? The emphasis should be on getting them out of our lives, not helping them.

  35. Pericles says

    I have considered writing ‘I can’t breathe’ on my very necessary Corona-chan mask.

  36. Pericles says

    Probably more productive if you go fap about that on (((Scott Alexander’s))) blog. But perhaps the very question is racist and sufficient for a ban? Only one way to find out!

  37. Pericles says

    Agreed, or export them back to the homelands they miss.

  38. Not Raul says

    Are you talking about Grindelwald?

  39. Send all of them (absolutely no exceptions) back to Africa.

  40. Europe Europa says

    I find upper middle to upper class, liberal British people place too high an opinion on the impact their actions and beliefs have on the world at large. They think the rest of the world cares what happens to statues of Churchill, Cromwell, Rhodes, etc. They think that tearing down these statues is what the world wants, when in reality much of the world has never heard of these people.

    There are literally people being interviewed on American TV saying they can’t comment on Churchill because they’ve “never met the guy”. This is how relevant Britain is to the rest of the world, they don’t care if our statues stay or go and it’s arrogant to believe they do.

  41. Kneeling before the #BlackLivesMatter cult seems to be acquiring something of a “voluntary-compulsory” character in the West (a Soviet era oxymoron signifying something that is voluntary in theory, but compulsory in practice, if you know what’s good for you).

    I think that US citizens are going to be surprised by the depth of the collapse of their society.

    Bad decisions are bad decisions, and each of them has its consequences. The US has been enabling bad policy for at least 50 years now and all of it is eating away at the foundations.

  42. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8424625/Topple-Racists-says-colonial-warmonger-Sir-Arthur-Bomber-Harris-removed.html

    Haha, this is so wonderful. Harris, who firebombed white women and children, is not immune from the black hordes he made possible.

  43. Not Only Wrathful says

    No, it is sometimes used that way because there are so many lunatics espousing conspiracy theories that such a label is very powerful.

  44. Oh I’m not talking about bullshit like flat earth and similar, but actual conspiracies – corruption, behind the scenes deals and other bullshit

  45. Not Only Wrathful says

    What’s the mechanism that is going to select for genes which encourage conspiracy theorists to perpetuate and multiply?

    A group has more genes for psychosis, so they are constantly misdirected against imagined enemies, but sometimes are also against real ones, and therefore thrive better?

    And how did the genes come to predominate in the group in the first place? What selected for them there?

    I don’t buy it. Like most “group evolution” theories, it sounds plausible only when you don’t actually pay any attention to it.

    • Counter-intuitively, re-segregation may help (you currently have a bifurcation of their population between those who make it in respectable society, and the ghetto)
    • Pro-eugenic fertility policies
    • IQ augmentation, when it becomes available
  46. TelfoedJohn says
  47. They need their own black state.

    They have plenty of them, on the dark continent.

  48. * IQ augmentation, when it becomes available

    I agree with your points…but IQ is not the only genetic trait they are lacking in.

  49. Eight years ago, the BBC put out a documentary series on the British Empire presented by (now ‘retired’) BBC big-shot t.v. presenter Jeremy Paxman, which involved him doing a Michael Palin/Kenneth Clarke style tour of Britain’s former possessions and speaking with the locals about its legacy. Outside Calcutta, India he went to the site of the old Raj Durbars which has a huge marble statue of Queen Victoria sat on a throne. During the day, all about its steps were shifty, skinny Indian men smoking cigarettes. Paxman pointed to the statue and asked these men who it was. None knew.

    There’s also an old joke (?) about the end of the Raj and news if its demise reaching the more remote Indian regions. Upon being informed that the British were gone and no longer ruled over them, the Indians asked ‘The British who?’

  50. reiner Tor says

    out group altruism is an evolutionary death wish

    I disagree, just as altruism itself, outgroup altruism is probably a useful strategy, when done correctly. Of course, caring about the welfare of the outgroup so much that you sacrifice your own group is an evolutionary dead end, but probably it would never happen, if it weren’t abused by certain outgroups who captured the media-entertainment complex in our societies.

  51. Bill Jones says

    The take away from Planet of the Apes was that on the set at lunchtime everybody spontaneously sat in their tribe.
    The Gorillas with the Gorillas, Chimps with Chimps, Humans with Humans.
    Funny dat.

  52. Chrisnonymous says

    Can anyone explain the Harry Potter reference in more detail? I’m too old to get it.

  53. Chrisnonymous says
  54. Amerimutt Golems says


    The article is just a rehash of “The White Man’s Burden” fallacy which is partly responsible for the mess.

    In Paved with Good Intentions J Taylor’s main proposal in chapter 8 of the book is shrinking the problematic black underclass through birth control. This is in tandem with curtailing welfare and ending preferential treatment.

    However, you will still have problems because of proximity e.g crime. I also don’t see such measures going through in the current atmosphere which is more woke than when the Taylor book was written plus ‘gibs’ mobilize votes for Democrats.

  55. Korenchkin says

    Kagame and the Tricksy Tutsis figured this out ages ago
    Create a police state, with soldiers armed with ARs patrolling the streets
    Liberal use of capital punishment helps too

  56. the_old_one says

    Some Guy:

    Yep, and preferably downwind from ours.

  57. bruce county says

    I live in Whitopia and have thought of doing the same thing. I also know that the people here support the Pride parade here as well. The guy at McDonalds has breasts and a mustache. It’s all so tiring.

    Crying wont help you, praying won’t do ya no good. When the levee breaks mama you got to lose.

  58. Dacian Julien Soros says

    Something of Something.

    People thing youth is wasted in the young but the middle aged seem to be far worse. They have less spare time, and they waste it on things no wealthy person would touch with a ten foot pole. Do you think Huma or Kellyanne watch soaps? Something of Something are soap operas for the middle aged.

    I doubt anyone younger than 20 gives an F about them. That is certainly the case in Romania, where the inferiority complexes usually drive up the sales of any kind of Western rubbish. That is telling me they are not even escapism or novelties.

    Mental chewing gum.

  59. Kent Nationalist says

    Are the women prostitutes?

  60. bruce county says

    Now entire busloads can kneel with out leaving their seats.


  61. The Alarmist says

    There’s a general “jump” in this distrustfulness once you cross the iron curtain.

    This Iron Curtain of which you speak… which side constitutes the side of darkness these days?


    (There was a funnier one that I cannot find anymore had Reagan slapping Yuri on the back and telling him to give his regards to Lord Vader and the rest of the gang back in the Empire)

  62. No, it is sometimes used that way because there are so many lunatics espousing conspiracy theories that such a label is very powerful.

    And yet, it’s not a “conspiracy theory” until you label it.

    This is starting to sound like circular reasoning to me.

  63. Sharing the Gospel and a vigorous judicial system with extensive Capital Punishment:

    Kill bandits, highway robbers, murderers and torturers of both sexes/genders.

    Death row then hanging or other forms of death until they are all dead.

  64. LOL! That’s a good alternative interpretation of the movie’s ending.

    And, with the change of just three words of the script…

    “My God. I’m back. I’m home. All the time… we finally, really did it. YOU MANIACS! YOU DEFUNDED THE POLICE! DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!”


  65. Not Only Wrathful says

    It would only be “circular reasoning” if there were no definition of “conspiracy theory”, but many definitions exist.

    Mine would be any theory which requires a substantial number of highly-competent sociopaths to have secretly manifested a plan.

  66. Yes, the word ‘no’ is that movie’s ‘n word’.

    And in 1972’s Conquest.., the one with the aforepictured Governor Breck bending the knee, it is stated man’s destiny is to be ‘dominated’ by and made ‘servants’ of the apes, but, with the caveat that it is all to be done with ‘compassion’ and ‘understanding’.

    In other words, slavery with a smile, liberal ‘progressive’ New England style.

    Just more evidence the Apes series of movies was simply thinly veiled allegory and likely psychological conditioning under the guise of sci-fi.

    It’s been documented in the past that intelligence agencies are perfectly capable of inserting themselves into the corporate mass media when there’s a message they want to get across at the behest of the powers that be, ie the CIA’s funding of the 1954 British animation of Orwell’s Animal Farm for instance.

    Had I mentioned that the translater of Planet of the Apes from French to English, Xan Fielding, had been a very active and important British wartime SOE* operative, that the screenwriter/story creater of the bulk of the initial run of the Apes movies, Paul Dehn, had been a wartime MI-6 major and political warfare officer, and that the French writer of the book himself, Pierre Boulle , had pre-war worked as an engineer on British Malayan rubber plantations, and wartime been a wide ranging secret agent for DeGaulle’s Free French forces in Indo-China?


    *Special Operations Executive


  67. Mine would be any theory which requires a substantial number of highly-competent sociopaths to have secretly manifested a plan.

    That’s a fair definition, although sociopathic involvement might be optional.

    The terms of that definition mean that (for example) a bunch of cunning Saudi Arabians with box-cutters hijacking half a dozen planes (with the devilishly clever intention of bringing the USA to its knees) would fit the bill.

    But the definition then begs the question – what label should apply to a “conspiracy theory” if it is subsequently substantiated? Even if accepted as true, the conspiracy component remains valid.

  68. Not Only Wrathful says

    Those Saudis were not sociopaths. They were doing the ‘good’ that they professed.

  69. Those Saudis were not sociopaths.

    Yes they were. That’s the theory, anyway.

    ((( Warning – alien logic alert )))

  70. Dacian Julien Soros says

    Prostitution is illegal in Romania, but some women are relatively open about going to work in German brothels. There are far more women working as www strippers or as illegal whores in Italy. Finally, there’s a handful of Sorosist women who claim to have been working in Germany, but who appear to never leave Romania.

    I am not entirely certain, but I think this movie is made by the activists. All the others are far more down to earth, and would not be able to point to America on a map, let alone chant about B L M.