Путин, Тайвин

“Писателю Джорджу Мартину не позволили ответить на вопрос про Путина.”

Но что, очередной триумф… #KremlinMindset.

С другой стороны, и так все ясно. Путин очевидно Тайвин Ланнистер.

  1. Все его убожают как великогово стратега, многоходовочника.
  2. Реальная компетентность сильно приувеличена.
  3. Сам свои руки не пачкает.
  4. Уникальный талант к потери друзей, приобретение новых врагов.
  5. Абсолютно лоялен к “семьи.”
  6. Благополучие родных вестерландов ему безраличны, главное лишь чтобы продолжали добывать золото.
  7. Но все равно, каким-то образом, остается в игре и даже продолжает выигрывать время от времени.

Кстати, среди западных поп-кремлинологов, Путина чаще всего сравнивают с Русе Болтоном, что лишь очередной раз доказывает, что они Лунатики.

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  1. Bruno Barcella says

    Although you obviously scored a couple of goals here i think you are a little bit to hard on poor Putin:
    1. You are right that Putin isn’t a great strategist, but he certainly is the the second best: A great tactician: I draw this conclusion based upon that nearly all crises he have got involved in (Georgia 2008, Ukraine, Syria) were none of his making but he either managed to solve them in Russias advantage: Georgia, Syria and Crimea either turn a nearly loosing cause into a scenario i judge to be full of potential (Novorussia).
    2. The greatest underestimation of Putin is as an economist, he have shown himself very skill-full at finding people who proven to be themselves to be very competent managers of the Russian economy, yet when they left they were replaced by equally competent folks, eg Kudrin and Siluanov.
    3. Once again, the greatest fault of all Russian analysts is that they underestimate the impact of the Russian economy upon the course of events (including you Anatoly), Putin doesnt, hence he choose to limit the involvement in Novorussia but leaving the situation in such a way that the level of involvement could rapidly be magnified when the economical and strategical conditions are the right one.
    4. It is obvious that Putin have done everything in his power to improve the lives of the common folks in Russia: Yet he understands that the like of Rotenbergs are a necessary and irreplaceable part of the Russian economy at this stage.

    1. Conclusion: It is not a coincidence that Putin have stayed so long in the game: He is somewhat overestimated as a strategist, but his strength have always been as an economical mannager and there he is certainly totaly underestimated.
  2. PG19871230 . says

    RIP Russia