Latest #NeverTrump Project Too Russophobic Even for Masha Gessen

As I keep saying, it’s really cool how Russians took over America just by shitposting online and set it off on a widening gyre of insanity.

This “Lincoln Project” seems to be the latest weird neocon/neolib NeverTrump symbiosis, with WaPo’s George Conway and cuckservative figurehead Rick Wilson playing prominent roles in it.

It seems a bit crazy even to Masha Gessen.

It’s got 1.2 million followers on Twitter, LOL.

PS. Good to know what the Russian “bounties” on American soldiers in Afghanistan (whom the Taliban otherwise love) were all about.

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  2. Daniel Chieh says

    That ad was remarkably funny in its sheer, unrelenting insanity.

  3. songbird says

    On a somewhat related note, I’ve wondered how successful Operation Infektion was. Did the KGB influence black opinion more than Trump’s outreach? Did it really do anything? Or would they have felt the same way naturally? I’d guess it probably didn’t swing one vote. Other opinions – I’m not sure.

    In a way, I think the campaign was correct: the US did create HIV. Not from scratch and not in Africa, but metaphorically – outside of Africa, by being a decadent society which tolerated gays in a way that the Soviets did not.

  4. songbird says

    Quite odd. Anyone with half a brain knows Americans hate reading subtitles. And these guys were given over $1 million, by December. I wonder how much the latest total is.

    The Lincoln reference reminds me somewhat of the (to my ear) sinister-sounding Log Cabin Republicans.

  5. Kent Nationalist says

    The Lincoln Project sounds pretty racist to be honest, do they really support deporting blacks back to Africa?

  6. Hyperborean says

    Cool aesthetics, but needs more swastikas and Hugo Boss uniforms added to the commie associations to really get that NazBol feel.

  7. jimmyriddle says

    Also another Project for the New American Century bunch here:

  8. When I was growing up–in a solidly “Blue Tribe” environment, after the dissolution of the USSR–it was a mark of sophistication for Americans to express vaguely pro-Russian views. This was clearly a remnant of Cold War politics: the American left was to varying degrees pro-Russian–or more accurately pro-Soviet, because they were sympathetic with Communist ideology and Communist goals. Conversely the right was of course anti-Soviet and to some extent anti-Russian in general, so adopting an exaggerated redneck accent and making some over-the-top ironic remark about “Dem Commie Russians” passed for humor amongst the NYT-subscribing, NPR-donating set.

    I wouldn’t call the present state of affairs an inversion of this, since most conservatives are still solidly anti-Putin and anti-Russian militarism, but it is funny to see the neoliberals engaging in a degree of paranoid speculation that would make even Joe McCarthy blush. Also funny that the American left of 2020 can muster much more disdain for Vladimir Putin than the American left of 1930 ever could for Joseph Stalin.

  9. Something Screwy in Russia & Abroad

    Concerning your title’s use of “Russophobic”:

    Why would Russian Athletics agree to pay a hefty fine, in return for clean Russian track & field athletes being allowed to compete without formally representing their nation?

    It’s bigoted for the Sebastian Coe led World Athletics to ban the clean Russian track & field athletes, in the event that the fine at issue isn’t paid.

    Establishment Western propaganda is keen on saying that their beef is against the Russian government (and some of the structures it backs) and not the Russian people.

    Without meaning to belittle abuses regarding another group or groups: RUSSIAN LIVES SHOULD MATTER TOO!

  10. Ivan Krastev is such a Western PC Bulgarian. Nothing like all of the pro-Russian and US savvy Bulgarians I’ve come across.

  11. Interesting read:

    Among the highlights –

    He did not hold highly of Nina Khrushcheva, a New York resident. When I mentioned her at one point, he asked: ‘well do you get along with everyone in your family?’

  12. Belarusian Dude says

    I have to say though the narrator they hired has an amazing voice. Frankly if anything it activates Russophilia

  13. Hyperborean says

    A cursory examination;

    Berman (?)
    Yoffe (?)
    Packer (half)

    Wasow (double)






    In terms of ethnicity ordinary for their type, as well as profession (except for Luce, who seems like he got in through gay “positive” discrimination)

  14. prime noticer says

    it’s not clear why Trump hasn’t fired Kellyanne Conway. she’s useless as a sack of shit – nobody can point to a single helpful, useful, constructive thing she does for the administration – but in any other world your family doesn’t get to bad mouth the boss relentlessly in public for years.

    it’s certainly a virtue of Western European Man to overlook that a few times, since this isn’t the third world, and you don’t automatically fire somebody because somebody in their family said you suck. but her husband has crossed the line here. you don’t get to do that, directly try to take out your wife’s employer. that’s ludicrous. her daughter too, apparently.

    who’s more stupid here is the only question. Conway or Trump. Conway has helped ‘advise’ Trump directly into a one term Presidency. but Trump is the ALL TIME worst hiring and firing guy. he’s legendarily terrible. it’s astounding how horrendous he is at deciding who to hire.

  15. another anon says

    This ad is targeted at the most decrepit boomers who grew up in the 1950’s who were taught to check for communists under their beds every morning and whose childhood hero was Tailgunner Joe.

    For younger generations, it is just a joke, and for the youngest, it is incomprehensible.
    How many people under thirty five know what was Soviet Union?

    Otherwise you are right – it is great work of art that will be remembered just like the infamous “Daisy”.

  16. Bragadocious says

    The real Abe Lincoln liked the Russians so much he brought in their naval fleet to NY and SF to block the Brits and French from attempting to carve up America during its bleakest hour. If they had done so, they would have formed a new slave nation in the South with Judah Benjamin running the show on behalf of London.

    Those derned Russkies probably saved a lot of lives.

  17. Neoconservatism II

    Electric —

    1. She’s a woman
    2. She’d leak untold amounts of dirt if fired.
  18. Milo Minderbinder says

    How exactly can Congress prevent Trump from pulling the troops out of Afghanistan?

    If Trump gives the order to load up the C-5s and leave, do the Dems just go find a judge in Hawaii to issue an injunction?

    If Trump actually brings them home, do they impeach again? Will the war-monger Republicans climb on board this time?

  19. inertial says

    What is this music?

  20. Well, according to the ad, Russians are very much into literacy promotion (one of the posters was about books in all the fields of knowledge), peasant and worker solidarity (one of the statues), and defeating Nazis (Mamaev Kurgan, Stalingrad Victory statue, lady with the sword).

    It will probably go over boomers’ head, but those are positions fairly close to the heart of the left wing of the Democratic Party. It makes sense in a way – people who see Russians everywhere are now discovering the Russians in themselves. Same with BLM and racism – those hunting for racists everywhere are now finding their own ranks filled with racists. Insanity projected outward is reflected back in. Its like Nietzshe come to life. If you stare into the abyss, abyss stares back at you.

  21. Blinky Bill says
  22. I thought the ad was funny. If anything, it makes Trump and Putin look cooler than they are.

    One thing that is bizarre about all this, is that the images and aesthetic used is that of the Soviet Union, the “Evil Empire”, but current nationalist (?) Russia is in many ways a rejection of Sovietism. It seems more a throwback to the 80s and Reaganites.

  23. The USSR was the second world economy in size from right after WWII to 1985.

    Today’s Russia, after initially plummeting to nominal GDP levels below Poland, which itself was a wreck back then, has now managed to agonizingly reach the size of the economies of the likes of Spain, Mexico, and Australia. (Which is another reminder that the whole was great than the sum of its parts, thus if the US starts to split do expect a very sharp plummeting of GDP)

    If Russia still had an economy the size of today’s Chinese economy, I doubt the GloboHomo coward would be this brave. They only pick on countries they think they have a shot at bullying. That’s also why they don’t dare to do the same theatrics with China. Because China today has the economic power of the USSR during the previous Cold War.

  24. Icy Blast says

    Every “Never-Trumper” is also a Log Cabin Republican. Good insight.

  25. Hibernian says

    The hope that Putin would bring back that Christian Russia proves that naivete and foolishness are not the exclusive property of Leftist “intellectuals.” Remember he started out as a Soviet KGB agent, which for Hilary and Barack was likely a feature, not a bug.

  26. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    He will, and he is.

  27. another anon says

    The hope that Putin would bring back that Christian Russia proves that naivete and foolishness are not the exclusive property of Leftist “intellectuals.” Remember he started out as a Soviet KGB agent, which for Hilary and Barack was likely a feature, not a bug.

    Of course Russia is Christian country.
    Look around you – churches of all kinds, from small to big and magnificent, are everywhere, golden and bejeweled crosses and icons galore.

    What more would you want?

    Country full of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness?
    Russia is no place for such gay shit, never had been and never will be.

  28. anonymous coward says

    Country full of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness?

    You’re confusing Christianity with some other religion, likely Protestant Cucktianity. I suggest you move to the USA, they’ve enshrined ‘compassion’ as their official state religion.

    Christianity teaches to ‘sell your cloak and buy a sword’, not soybeans and compassionate anal sex.

  29. another anon says

    soybeans and compassionate anal sex.

    LOL. Are you aware that Russia have no problems with soybeans – quite the opposite.

    Russia forecast to set soybean production record

    And Russian Orthodox Church sees not problem with it – I do not recall any Church authorities calling soybeans sinful and protesting against their cultivation and consumption.

    And neither does God.
    See Acts 10:10-15

    If you, for some reason, see consumption of soybeans as mortal sin equal to sodomy, maybe the problem is with you and your church. Find better one.

    Really, of all alt-right bullshit, declaring soy foods treyf is the most laughable. “I cannot help myself, soy made me gay” is as persuasive as “dog ate my homework”. 😉

  30. Lincoln did not object to the Russian fleet being in US harbours during the early days of the American Civil War In fact Lincoln used the Russian fleet’s arrival to intimidate Britain and France, who if they had come in on the side of the South would have ended up fighting Russia. It has been handy for fighting the enemies of the West, and it will be again in the future.

    Of course Russia has energy, and could always decide to fulfill its appointed place in the globalist scheme of things, and allow the Russian nation state to take care of cultural matters and migration, as it goes down the comparative advantage road. But they would cease to be an advanced economy and fall under the sway of China.

  31. At first I thought it was a parody. The ad was just so over the top as to defy credulity. Then I read the comments on the video…

  32. Hibernian says

    The world is full of countries with good people and bad leaders. Notice I said “that Christian Russia,” not just “Christian Russia.” I meant the Christian Russia of the Czarist era. Putin makes certain concessions to religious people, like Republicans in the US. Of course the people of Russia would not tolerate Western style LGBTQ ideology, no matter who their leader is.