Latest Podcast with Robert Stark


Robert Stark recorded this podcast a couple of weeks ago, in which the German nationalist Constantin von Hoffmeister also participated.

You can listen to it here:

Topics discussed:

The State of The Altsphere
Moscow’s Demographics
Hate speech in Russia
The great chain of privilege in Russia
Putin’s stance on immigration from Central Asia
Putin’s economic policies
Inequality in human capital between Moscow and the rest of Russia
Russia welcomes South African refugees
German migration into Eastern Europe in response to the immigration crisis
The brain drain from countries that are rivals but culturally similar
Limits to Cognitive Elitism
The global baby bust and the future of fertility

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  1. Recorded a bit before the said-to-be 200,000-strong nationalist rally in Warsaw on Sunday 11 November, apparently gathering the ‘ultra-nationalists’ from all over Europe×347.jpg

  2. Hyperborean says
  3. Anyone care to tldr the future of fertility?

  4. Very simple, you willingly become a US arse licker, ahem I meant strategic partner, you sign your nations death sentence. Poland is going to rapidly become hard leftist and then rapidly become non white, all because of their lack of foresight and downright Polish stupidity.

  5. Poland has been caught by surprise by the number of Uber Eats Indians. Eats is Uber’s food delivery service, and as soon as you set foot in Warsaw city center, you will almost certainly see at least one Indian with a square backpack delivering food. For some reason, this work is done almost exclusively by sub-continentals. And our prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, recently bragged to Angela Merkel that Poland has brought in many immigrants from Uzbekistan.

    Based Polen embraces Eurasia.

  6. Being a member of the EU is a greater threat to Poland’s existence than their alliance with Washington.

    The latter does not intend to absorb the Polish state into a superstate, the former does.

  7. What (specifically) does NATO do to threaten Poland’s national existence?

  8. Entirely dependent on the political future of the developed world.

    At current course with no change, Africa swamps the Earth while whites die off, the end of human civilisation, we never reach space and pass the great filter – and this entire venture in biological life will have been pointless.

  9. NATO is a leftist organization, the people that run NATO are the same people that adhere to the Davos consensus. The hard left rank and file SJWs in America are without a single exception pro NATO, you should ask why this is so. Handing over your nations military security to an external power is already big problem to national existence, handing it over to the hard left makes it infinitely worse. It will not take too long before a president Kamala Harris will threaten to expel Poland from NATO unless it opens itself to mass immigration, given this ultimatum Poland will choose mass immigration.

  10. North America and Europe will likely be swamped, probably also US puppets such as Japan and South Korean, however do you think even places like China, India, Turkey will also succumb to the sheer number of Africans as well?

  11. They’re not terribly important once the west falls. India itself has an IQ of around 85 as far as I’m aware.

    China and its NE Asian neighbours could easily end up the only proper science producing nations. The rest of the world will have become a light-brown 90IQ sludge bent on rabid consumerism for half a century until its inevitable dysgenic collapse.

  12. EU is just an aspect of the American Empire. But maybe Trump will overthrow the Deep State/permanent govt and change all that! 🙂

  13. Up until recently, Poland had a wonderful nationalist music scene with many bands, and concerts almost every month. The style of music varied from acoustic/folk, to hard rock and black metal, and even to hip-hop

    Poland had a wonderful nationalist music

    wonderful nationalist music

    style of music varied from acoustic/folk, to hard rock and black metal, and even to hip-hop

    Poland wonderful music

    Polish acoustic/folk, hard rock, black metal, hip-hop

    Yeah, about that….. These genres sound bad in English, and are bad. I can only imagine how atrocious do Polish versions sound.

  14. If you don’t like this, you’re a faggot.

  15. The EU is an autonomous part that would keep going even if the American Empire would go down.

  16. Well, it hasn’t quite worked out that way for Turkey, which is the only developed(ish) country where conservatives have actually been able to reverse “progress” in a sustained manner and without any serious, meaningful objections from nato. You’ll have to search the archives, but, I think it was AK who came up with the notion of two competing US deep states; the military-industrial one and the soft-power one. The two are kind of symbiotic and there is some overlap between them, but the distinction is still quite clear. The former is not too fussed about your domestic policies, the latter is-BIG TIME. You can kind of see how they differ in their attitude they have to Russia; most US soldiers I’ve spoken to don’t really like Russia very much, but don’t absolutely hate it either; it’s the land of car crash and cat videos and the reason they’re in eastern Europe (beautiful cities, cheap beer, pretty girls) and not *stan/MENA (dust, heat, pit-toilets and tinned food). As to what the other faction thinks about Russia; read the Washington Post or the Economist. Even after he’s gone full-on militarist, Trump is quite good for the non-US dominated world as he exasperates the differences and conflicts between the two deep states, Obama/Clinton was/would’ve been very bad, because they (would’ve) united them.

  17. The best decision for Poland is to stick with the European bloc and use its influence together with the other Eastern European countries to affect EU policies.

  18. my understanding of it is…

    AK is saying the end result of the demographic transition will be the women who still wanted kids despite the maximally anti-natal environment spreading their genes via their daughters so the countries which entered the transition first (like France) will also be the first to see their natural fertility rise – which makes sense imo.

    As a result of this – all else being equal – a white minority in Europe could eventually become a majority again through natural increase (which won’t happen cos white minority + integrated schools + sexual bullying of 13 year old white girls means there won’t be any white people).

  19. Sweden has some interesting statistics on migrant fertility.

    Foreign born women (utrikes födda) indeed have more children than Swedish born women. The boost of immigrants to fertility in Sweden has grown a lot in the past years due to the massive increase in the number of foreign born women, not so much due to shifts in fertility rate.

    If we split up the Swedish born women by where their parents were born, the picture looks different. Women born in Sweden, whose both parents were born in Sweden, have a higher fertility than women where one (light green) or both parents (dark green) were born abroad.

  20. they won’t target all the high IQ populations at the same time for tactical reasons but if/when they eradicate white people (plus Korea and Japan) then the next target will be China.

    if you look at the UN policy on replacement migration, of the industrial nations it specifically excludes China, Taiwan and Israel.

    (for now)

  21. EU is just an aspect of the American Empire

    It started that way but I think it has a life of its own now.

  22. i think it would be better if the ex warsaw pact countries (plus austria maybe) formed their own military-cultural bloc as a buffer between Russia and the poz.

  23. yes – the base idea makes sense imo.

    i don’t think it will end that way cos i think it will end like this:

  24. Such a bloc would depend on the good graces of the USA/UK for its economic development instead of its neighbors. That worked for border states like West Germany, South Korea and Taiwan during the Cold War, but the Soviet Union is a distant memory and America isn’t going to shift its consumer demand away from the products of those countries to Eastern Europe in the foreseeable future.

    Poland is hoping for something like this to happen, but may be overestimating how much affection it really has among the Western elite. They would be better off working with their neighbor Germany.

  25. Such a bloc would depend on the good graces of the USA/UK for its economic development instead of its neighbors.

    true – although the importance of that factor depends on the medium term health of pozworld’s economy.

  26. eastern Europe (beautiful cities, cheap beer, pretty girls) and not *stan/MENA (dust, heat, pit-toilets and tinned food).

    Well, some things will be missing.

    When the Army rolls into Poland next month to take positions near the Russian border, however, the creature comforts will stay behind. No Whoppers. No foot-long Subway sandwiches. No Pizza Hut pies or caramel lattes at the Army’s version of Starbucks, Green Beans.


    In Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers stationed at big U.S. bases got used to gorging on American fast food and shopping at military strip malls. “We went a little too far on some of the luxuries,”

    But not to worry, the American Janissary corps is still the grand army of Israel, homosexuality, diversity and fast food:

  27. Nationalism is allowed to a degree in Poland only because its nationalism is more anti-Russian than it is anti-EU, so it is useful for eurocrats in that way.

  28. False.

  29. This is ‘Hoverboard’ tier.

  30. What generic crap. This sounds as if boy band were given instructions to play death metal. “Yes, whore, yes” is the song’s title, correct?

  31. We are seeing the beginning of that with the Three Seas movement taking shape, A modern take on the Intermarium idea’s. I read that China are invested in this too with the 16+1. Perhaps this will emerge as the EU falters

  32. Andrey Kuznetsov says

    I heard your podcast and I don’t agree with you about the US EU economical comparison, The US is way richer than europe.

    If you adjust for race and for taxes the US is even richer…
    The median income of an American household is bigger than most European countries so its not only the high middle class that is richer the gap begins way earlier than that.