Leftist Academia

Is a correct stereotype.

Emil suggests that the discrepancy is so absurd that perhaps some profs avoid registering as Republicans to avoid their colleagues finding out, causing them to be uncounted.



Engineers are the least leftist; economists are the least leftist in the social sciences. Anthropologists, no surprise, are the most leftist.

This tallies with my impressions.


Regional patterns are perhaps the most interesting:

Samuel J. Abrams has pointed out that colleges in New England tend to lean further to the left than other colleges.16 Figure 5 shows the D:R ratios for the non-military colleges in five sets of states: New England and New York (NE); Pennsylvania and Maryland; California and Colorado; Kentucky and North Carolina; and Ohio and Iowa. As Abrams predicts, the ratio is highest in New York and New England

Opinion polls, elections, etc. all suggest that California is about as liberal as the North-East.

However, from my personal observations over a decade in the US, California is far less PC-totalitarian than the old Puritan heartlands.

The reaction to saying something unhandshakeworthy in California is, like, whatever man. The reaction to that in New England is moralistic outrage and tittle-tattling.

So this makes sense to me.

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  1. Psychology being so low and religoin (which I assume is theology) so high surprises me, since psychology is full of women and theology departments (I thought) at least had some token conservatives.

  2. anonymous coward says

    Theology in a secular establishment means Protestantism, and Protestantism means anti-Christianity, and anti-Christianity is leftism.

  3. One thing which might correlate with this political chart, is level of empiricism. Psychology in universities, is a very trying to be empirical field, which discovers and tests all kinds of small correlations. It’s not an approach which should allow so easily, simplistic ideologies.

    The problem (at least when you look at psychology textbooks in bookshop), seems more a lack of philosophical depth.

    The results of the chart above, reminds of one I read about how much sex students have during university. If I remember, it was about American universities.

    If I recall accurately, art students had the most sex. The lowest sex – was maybe engineering or chemistry students

  4. A lot of these registered Republicans must be legacy. So many years of RINOs and neo-cons, along with changes in rules regarding primaries, discourage younger people from registering as Republicans.

  5. What exactly is “Communications” here? I naively thought it had to do with radios, only to discover it has way too many females for it to be true.

  6. John Gruskos says

    Protestantism = sola scriptura Christianity.

    Protestantism is completely absent from liberal academia, which is precisely why academia is so liberal.

    The most significant resistance to leftism in the modern West comes from Protestants – Viktor Orban and a disproportionate % of Fidsesz and Jobbik supporters are Protestants, as are the old-stock Americans of the Bible Belt who are the single largest demographic block resisting globalism and cultural marxism.

  7. anonymous coward says

    Ask yourself: what is it that ‘Protestants’ are actually protesting?

    (Hint: it’s Christ’s Church. They’d much rather prefer Calvin’s church, or Luther’s, or Henry VIII’s.)

    Also, you’re somehow confusing anti-immigration and anti-leftism. It’s perfectly possible to be an anti-immigration leftist. In fact, leftists will become strident anti-immigrationists in our lifetimes once they succeed in replacing Europeans with Muslims.

  8. I do not think that is true, at least from my experience of British theology departments.

  9. Journalism basically – news reporters.

  10. A majority are probably heading for careers in the anglican church which, before Rowan Williams, was quite a conservative, institution. At present, because of its links to the state, it’s now every bit as obnoxiously PC, though that might not extend to rank and file.

  11. 3 thoughts:

    1. Not surprising. They selected the data (51 specific liberal institutions) and they got the expected result. Essentially you found leftists in leftist institutions. Duh! If you try to find leftists in religious/conservative institutions then the finding will be different (try Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oral Roberts, Alabama, etc…).
    2. Confirming the big split even in liberal institutions: STEM vs humanities. STEM people have a more scientific/balanced view of the world (facts please instead of ideology).
    3. Why are conservative academia not more prestigious? Why complain about liberal academia if you could put up a competitive product? It’s like complaining about Google (why not create your own???) There are plenty of money to fund prestigious institutions yourself. The problem so far is that intelligence has a leftist bend. It’s very hard to convince people when your message is anti-science (creationism, young earth, etc..). The only area where conservatives have a competitive edge is in economic and IQ research. Those are the only 2 areas where I think they have the facts, in other areas, they’re ideological and not fact-based.
  12. The Spirit of Salem has never really died in New England. Otoh, highest average IQ in the country and human feces are not a prevalent sight on the streets of Boston, so i’ll take that trade

  13. human feces are not a prevalent sight on the streets of Boston

    Probably mostly climate.

    Secondary factor is that Boston is an older, more compact city. It was essentially developed for pedestrians and horses. It has a center. The center is cleaner than the boondocks. (not the rich boondocks) Many other cities were largely built after the advent of streetcars. They contain wider spaces, more conducive to public defecation.

  14. Notice that even the most “hard” sciences are about 5:1 left wing.
    Instead of cursing the “libruls” and decrying the vast left wing conspiracy, what about thinking how to attract intelligent and educated people to your side? What exactly the right wing can offer them (except war, guns, flag waving, bible thumping and tax cuts)?

  15. anonymous coward says

    There is no “your side”.

    The modern state and literally everything in it is leftist. There isn’t a single institution (including the family unit) that isn’t rabidly leftist in 2018.

    A “your side” can only come about after a complete destruction of society.

  16. https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2018/09/23/modify-the-standards-of-the-in-group-on-jews-and-mass-communications-part-one-of-two/

    Propaganda really. Academia in Europe is leftist but not to the extent of America. America was the promised land for Eastern European Jewry and they mostly emigrated to there, the NE being the arrival point and home of the most prestigious institutions.

  17. A “your side” can only come about after a complete destruction of society.

    Well said, comrade. We need the Year Zero.


  18. John Gruskos says

    The term “protestant” came into existence in 1529 when a group of German noblemen protested a decree of Emperor Charles V which sought to ban sola scriptura Christianity.

    The terms “protestant”, “Lutheran”, “Calvinist”were all invented by Catholics as terms of abuse. Luther himself preferred the term “evangelical”, and he would heartily agree that the church is Christ’s, not Luther’s. He’d probably be pleased to learn that today’s protestants immerse themselves in scripture, and only rarely read Luther’s works as a historical curiosity.

    Today’s protestants mostly refer to themselves as “believers” or “Christians”.

  19. John Gruskos says

    why not create your own???

    America’s most prestigious academic institutions were originally founded by conservatives. They were subsequently hijacked by the Culture of Critique.

    Harvard, for instance, was founded by a bunch of Anglo-Saxon fundamentalist Christians, and in the 1920s it was the intellectual heart of American nationalism.

    The prestige of the Ivy League schools derives from their venerable age, their intellectual output back in the good old days when conservatives were in charge, and the current intellectual output of the hard science departments. The leftists freaks who have hijacked the social science and humanities departments of the Ivy League are slowly eroding that prestige.

  20. ImmortalRationalist says

    The university intellectuals also play an important role in carrying out the System’s trick. Though they like to fancy themselves independent thinkers, the intellectuals are (allowing for individual exceptions) the most oversocialized, the most conformist, the tamest and most domesticated, the most pampered, dependent, and spineless group in America today. As a result, their impulse to rebel is particularly strong. But, because they are incapable of independent thought, real rebellion is impossible for them. Consequently they are suckers for the System’s trick, which allows them to irritate people and enjoy the illusion of rebelling without ever having to challenge the System’s basic values.

    Because they are the teachers of young people, the university intellectuals are in a position to help the System play its trick on the young, which they do by steering young people’s rebellious impulses toward the standard, stereotyped targets: racism, colonialism, women’s issues, etc. Young people who are not college students learn through the media, or through personal contact, of the “social justice” issues for which students rebel, and they imitate the students. Thus a youth culture develops in which there is a stereotyped mode of rebellion that spreads through imitation of peers—just as hairstyles, clothing styles, and other fads spread through imitation.

  21. This article talks about academia in the United States, if not the whole Western world (i.e. Western Europe, Canada, and Australia, but I dunno about Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or Singapore). Sorry if it’s inappropriate to comment on an article this old, but it would be interesting to see whether Russian academia suffers from leftism just as much as does Western academia. Mr. Karlin, is it discussed in your site under “national differences”? Thanks.