US Elections 2016: Let’s MAGA, Not War


Final EC Prediction – Will be very happy to be wrong. I do think there is a Shy Trumpist factor, which will really make itself felt in rustbelt Michigan, but I fear that it might be canceled out by higher Hispanic turnout, especially in Florida and Nevada.

The person who likes to bomb a couple of brown people countries every decade paints Trump as a racist for his gall at wanting to cut down on immigration to levels that are still orders of magnitude higher than in Japan and for wanting to build a wall like the Israelis have.

She has portrayed him as a national security risk even though any other person who handled top secret information like she did would be serving a long prison sentence.

Her sycophants portray her as an economic progressive even as she runs a giant money-funneling operation powered by donations from Arab oil sheikhs, Goldman Sachs, and the esteemed guests at Lynn de Rothschild’s wineyard.

And assuming the McCarthyism mantle, they have run a truly unprecedented campaign of vilifying Russia – all but comparing its actions in Syria to the Holocaust (see second debate) – and Donald Trump’s outrageous proposal to restore normal relations with the Dark Lord of the Kremlin. Instead, he has been implied, without any evidence whatsoever, to be an agent of the Kremlin – a far more serious attack on the legitimacy of the US political process than Trump’s refusal, quite understandable in these circumstances, to commit to accept the results of the elections.

The media has been so completely and utterly in HRC’s pockets – there are too many cases to count by now of media companies directly coordinating with the DNC, as revealed by Wikileaks – that it makes the Russian state media look free and partial in comparison in relation to Putin and Untied Russia.

And yet what do Americans overwhelmingly care about? Many of the same middle-aged women who made Fifty Shades of Gray into a bestseller reproach Trump for chasing skirt a decade ago. Instead of asking questions about what it says about the system of power in their country that the Bushes were in possession of this kompromat for more than a decade and released it to help their “enemy” dynasty.

Let’s be forthright: Donald Trump is a very socially savvy who might not be the most intelligent of people but who has sane, everyman views on both social policy and international relations. He does not appear to have any substantial investments in Russia (unlike Romney!), but even if he did, would you rather have Russia or the Islamic State-with-better-PR? Yes, it is likely that he used all sorts of loopholes to grow his business (welcome to real estate!) and to avoid taxes (again, like Romney!), but most people who’ve known him tend to speak very well of him – something that cannot be said for his rival.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, cheating, lying warmonger whose mental issues and overinflated sense of moral superiority might result in World War 3. I suppose there would be a certain comedy to living in Fallout/Metro 2033 on account of HRC’s determination to protect the bearded apemen who carried out 9/11 against her own putative country, but we will only be able to appreciate it on the most cosmic of scales.

Let’s MAGA, not war.


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  1. German_reader says

    “I suppose there would be a certain comedy to living in Fallout/Metro 2033 on account of HRC’s determination to protect the bearded apemen who carried out 9/11 against her own putative country”.

    I’ve only played Fallout 1/2…they’re pretty overrated in my opinion, never got a convincing feeling of a post-apocalyptic world. But then a believable presentation would be too depressing. If it ever comes to nuclear war one probably would be better off dead anyway.
    Really depressed about this election if Clinton wins as seems likely…the future does look pretty bleak.

  2. Amen brother! I was holding up Trump signs at a Nashua polling place all day today. I am scared beyond words if that psychotic demon Hillary wins.

  3. Wakey wakey!

  4. American politics have mostly been based upon deception and the gullibility of the masses. Every president that planned on taking the US into a war has posed as the peace candidate and claimed that the other was a warhawk. President Hope&Change ‘you can believe in’ is now known to have staffed his cabinet with people from a list provided by Citibank, making him the banker’s choice rather than the people’s champion that he posed as. Polls are taken so that candidates can make speeches that seem to address voter’s concerns rather than candidates stating what they themselves may believe in leading up to the question of whether they actually believe in anything whatsoever besides riding in a limousine. It’s all fake, as fake as a Hollywood movie. Speeches are written by professionals hired for the purpose and are read off of a teleprompter. Meetings with the press and public are orchestrated, lighting is selected, supposed members of the public turn out to be plants, scripts and talking points are rehearsed, apparent spontaneity has been planned in advance, etc etc. Of course, all this requires a general code of silence and collaboration on the part of much of those involved in running or profiting from this state of affairs. Higher up they know it’s a show but consider it necessary; lower on down the food chain people actually believe it’s all real and volunteer themselves as cannon fodder. It’s a great system; people don’t wise up until many years later, if ever, and by then there’s a new generation of glassy-eyed true believers ready to be taken in.

  5. michael dr says

    Just a guess, but I suspect a lot of Black Americans identify themselves more closely with the Trump white trash vote than with the hispanics. Another shy vote. As it turns out I’m told were the hardline Republicans that actually voted Republican, not neo-democrat.

    Brexit X 10 as Trump said.

  6. The one Russian I expat I know in person seems pretty happy. Some more (lol Kasparov)

    Vladimir Putin sent Trump a telegram to congratulate him. Speaking at a ceremony in the Kremlin, the Russian president said:

    We heard the campaign slogans when he was still a candidate which were aimed at restoring relations between Russia and the United States.

    We understand that it will not be an easy path given the current state of degradation in the relations. And as I have repeatedly said, it’s not our fault that Russian-American relations are in such a poor state. But Russia wants and is ready to restore full-fledged relations with the United States.

    I repeat we understand that this will be difficult, but we are ready to play our part, and do everything to return Russian-American relations to stable and sustainable development track. This would serve the interests of both the Russian and American peoples, and would have a positive effect on the general climate of global affairs given the special responsibility of Russia and the US to sustain global security.”

    Garry Kasparov, former world champion turned vocal opponent of Putin, tweeted simply: “Winter is here.”

    Sergei Markov, a pro-Kremlin political analyst, was jubilant at the result. He said a Trump presidency would mean more chance that the US would agree with Russia in Syria, and less American backing for “the terroristic junta in Ukraine”. He denied allegations of Russian interference in the election, but said “maybe we helped a bit with Wikileaks”.

    Alexei Venediktov, the editor in chief of Russia’s liberal Echo of Moscow radio, said some in the Kremlin are probably celebrating now, but other “more serious” people will realise there are unpredictable times ahead.

    “Putin doesn’t like unpredictability and Trump is the definition of unpredictability,” he said. “They celebrated Brexit, and then Boris Johnson became foreign secretary, and they thought, ‘Oh God, what is this?’”

    Venediktov said in Syria and Ukraine, two key areas where Russia and the US are at loggerheads, there might be little difference between Trump and Clinton in the White House. “What will be really interesting is the Baltics. Will Trump remove troops from there?”

    At a morning reception his residence in Moscow held as Trump edged ever closer to the White House, US ambassador to Russia John Tefft reminded visitors that diplomats are unable to give personal opinions on elections. He added: “Whether you’re happy or not, one of the key things here is to understand that our institutions in America will continue.”

    Privately, however, many US diplomats in the country will be wondering whether a President Trump means a total reversal on Russia policy. Tefft’s predecessor in the role, Michael McFaul, wrote on Twitter: “Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded.”

  7. E. A. Costa says

    One strongly suspects that the specifically Mexican American contingent did not rush to vote for Democrats, but one will wait to see the analysis.

    After all they are hard-working, independent, tend not to borrow and pay interest, develop vibrant and rejuvenated communities wherever they settle and have no intention of going anywhere.

    What have the Democrats or Republicans done for them that they did not earn on their own?

    Nada por nada.

  8. Fran Macadam says

    “Michael McFaul, wrote on Twitter: ‘Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded.’”

    Yeah, the millions and millions of disaffected Middle America voters up until now ignored by the elitist McFauls and their bubble oligarchy had nothing to do with it.

  9. Anatoly Karlin says

    Putin won, but he is not to blame!

  10. Did you read about the Ioffe-Richard Spencer incident?

  11. Anatoly Karlin says

    You mean this?

    Doesn’t seem to have ended well for him (at least in print!).

    … and when he slid his finger down the back of my dress and said, “You have a slit here.” Surprised at my request not to touch me, he asked me to “calm down.”

  12. In the sack of a city, there are soldiers who will rape even the rabbi.