Last updated: Apr 15, 2023

This page contains a list of people very loosely ranked by subjective quality to output ratio whom I follow in some capacity, especially those marked by a star or snowflake.

The old ways are sometimes best. After experimenting with other, more “modern” approaches, I have recently resumed subscribing to RSS feeds (I use Feedly) as the basis of my news aggregation. The Twitter lists are incomplete, and more overtly colored by personalistic preference; in general, follow @powerfultakes to get an idea of the accounts I interact with.


  1. ⭐️ Overcoming Bias (Robin Hanson): GMU economist & inventor of the Great Filter, ems, and grabby aliens. @robinhanson
  2. ❄️ gwern: Autist extraordinary offering superlative coverage of AI, CRISPR, etc. @gwern
  3. ❄️ Open Theory (Mike Johnson). Inventor of the foundations of modern qualia research and Qualia Research Institute founder. @johnsonmxe.
  4. ❄️ Nick Bostrom: Not really a blog, but I regard him as probably the world’s top philosopher, and certainly the most relevant one.
  5. ❄️ Heretical Update (Roko Mijic). Inventor of Roko’s Basilisk and AI control advocate. @RokoMijic (AI) & @RokoMijicLegacy (hot takes)
  6. Eliezer Yudkowsky: Founder of AI safety (MIRI), rationality movement (CFAR), and HPMOR author (literary blog). @ESYudkowsky
  7. world spirit sock stack (Katja Grace): EA blog focused on AI control (see also AI Impacts). @KatjaGrace
  8. Planned Obsolescence (Ajeya Cotra & Kelsey Piper): AI control. @KelseyTuoc
  9. Anders Sandberg: FHI philosopher. @anderssandberg
  10. Sideways View (Paul Christiano): AI alignment theorist (personal blog).
  11. Qualia Computing (Emilsson): Qualia researcher and “psychonaut”. @algekalipso

VIP Twitter: @ElonMusk / @Sama Altman
Academics: Max @Tegmark (Mathematical Universe)
Top Twitter: Alexey @Turchin (X Risks) / Bogdan Kirillov @KotekLapke (biohacker) / Bryan Bishop @kanzure / @JgaltTweets / Joscha Bach @Plinz / Scott Jackisch @oaklandfuturist / @SilverVVulpes / @woke8yearold
Life Extension: @AlxDobrin (@vita_dao steward) / @AubreyDeGrey (SENS founder)
Meme Twitter: @BasedBeffJezor (e/acc founder) / @goth600 / roon @tszzl
Science YouTube: Boston Dynamics / Kurzgesagt / melodysheep



  1. ⭐️ Astral Codex Ten (Scott Alexander): Top rationalist blog (legacy blog). @SlateStarCodex
  2. ⭐️ Nemets: Top history, anthropology, and book review blog. @Peter_Nimitz
  3. ❄️ Alexander Turok: Little noticed gem of a blog with unconventional ideas and biosingularity advocacy. (legacy blog). @AlexanderTurok
  4. ❄️ Adam Tooze: Superlative economic historian (Wages of Destruction), first rate economic, social analysis. @Adam_Tooze
  5. Peter Turchin: Cliodynamics popularizer engaged in quest to mathematize history. @Peter_Turchin
  6. Devlin’s Newsletter: Economic history & Ukraine war commentary from cynical post-nationalist perspective. @devarbol
  7. Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum founder, interesting takes on crypto, prediction markets, etc. @vitalikbuterin
  8. Alice Evans: Quantitative feminism. @_alice_evans
  9. Nintil (José Luis Ricón): Polymath, historian of Soviet economics stats. @ArtirKel
  10. Mark Harrison: War economy historian. @Mark Harrison
  11. Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen & Alex Tabarrok): GMU economists running popular blog. @tylercowen & @atabarrok
  12. Bet on It (Bryan Caplan): GMU economist, education skeptic. @bryan_caplan
  13. pseudoerasmus: Economic history, Deep Roots, etc. @pseudoerasmus
  14. Razib Khan: Prolific popgen & anthropology blogger, but best content is behind a paywall. (Legacy blog at GNXP). @razibkhan
  15. Noah Smith: Neoliberalism’s bulldog. @noahpinion
  16. Matt Yglesias: One Billion Americans will be an incredible reservoir of human capital. @mattyglesias
  17. Nick Szabo: Cryptocurrencies. @NickSzabo4

Academics: Diana Fleishman @sentientist / Geoffrey Miller @primalpoly / @JimDMiller / @sapinker (psychology)
Top Twitter: @mr_scientism
History Twitter: @BiruniKhorasan / @ByzantinEmporia / @Irkutyanin1 / @BosqueAli / @StilichoReads / @Varangian_Tagma / @yiihya
Demographics Twitter: @Annatar_I / @BirthGauge / @LymanStoneKy
Mapping YouTube: Cottereau / EmperorTigerstar / Ollie Bye
Crypto Twitter: @Balajis Srinivasan (Network States) / @basileSportif
Crypto YouTube: Bankless / Because Bitcoin / The Daily Gwei



  1. ⭐️ Emil Kirkegaard: Danish polymath, inventor of the S factor. @KirkegaardEmil / YouTube
  2. ❄️ James Thompson: Probably most prolific current IQ blogger. @JamesPsychol
  3. Steve Hsu: Genetic editing for IQ. @hsu_steve
  4. Cremieux Recueil: (legacy blog). p-value maestro. @cremieuxrecueil
  5. Peter Frost: (legacy blog): Effecting pacification. @frost61h
  6. Human Varieties (John Fuerst, Jason Malloy, Meng Hu, Dalliard): Top quantitative psychometrics blog.
  7. JayMan: Very comprehensive HBD blog, now sadly long abandoned. @JayMan471
  8. hbd*chick: Hajnal Line popularizer. @hbdchick
  9. Y-Jolly Heretic (Edward Dutton): Hello, hello, hello! @jollyheretic
  10. Pumpkin Person: IQ blogger. @PumpkinPerson2
  11. Audacious Epigone: America quantifier.
  12. Inductivist: HBD blog. @Inductivist
  13. Anglo Reaction (George Francis): HBD blog. @MrGeorgeFrancis
  14. Inquisitive Bird: HBD blog. @Scientific_Bird
  15. Russell T. Warne: Psychometrics blog. @RussWarne
  16. Rozado’s Visual Analytics (David Rozado): Wokeness scholar. @DavidRozado
  17. Zach Goldberg: Original Wokeness scholar. @ZachG932
  18. Sean Last: HBD blog. @Sean__Last
  19. Greg Cochran: Gay germ theory and 10,000 year explosion thesis. @gcochran99
  20. Jonatan Pallesen: HBD blogger. @jonatanpallesen
  21. Davide Piffer: GWAS things. @DavidePiffer
  22. La Griffe du Lion: The OG.

HBD Resources: David Becker’s IQ databases / Human Biological Diversity / Jayman’s HBD Fundamentals
HBD Twitter: @EAWilloughby / @NathanCofnas / @nrken19 / Uriah @crimkadid / @whyvert
IQ Twitter: @GarettJones (GMU economist) /  @Rosalind_Arden_ (dog IQ) / @ThomasRCoyle


Right Dissidents

  1. ⭐️ Richard Hanania: US intellectual who hates both SJWs and rightoids. @RichardHanania
  2. ⭐️ Noah Carl: Crimethink former Oxford academic (legacy blog). @NoahCarl90
  3. ⭐️ Philippe Lemoine: French philosopher, programmer (legacy blog). @phl43
  4. ❄️ Guillaume Durocher: Top AR writer, with a focus on biopolitics in Antiquity (also blogged at Counter-Currents, Occidental Observer). @GuiDurocher
  5. Steve Sailer: Founder of HBD, blogs more about right dissident topics (column at Taki’s). @Steve_Sailer
  6. P-Caribbean Rhythms (Bronze Age Pervert): @bronzeagemantis
  7. spandrell: Historian, Sinologist, founder of Bioleninism. @spandrell3
  8. P-Alex Kaschuta: Romanian neo-trad/HBDist. @kaschuta
  9. Moldbug: Curtis Yarvin, founder of neo-reaction and urbit.
  10. P-The Stark Truth: Alt Center podcast host (also blogs at Substack). @2020Blackstone
  11. Fred Reed: Vietnam War vet.
  12. John Derbyshire: Anglo reaction. @DissidentRight
  13. Greg Hood: Top classical Alt Right author.
  14. Nick Land: Co-founder of NRx (The Dark Enlightenment). (Legacy blog at Xenosystems). @Outsideness
  15. Sceptre Mag (Arpad Virag): Croatian neoreactionary who coined “Swine Right”. @ViragArpad
  16. Wrath of Gnon: Neo-trad urbanism. @wrathofgnon
  17. Golden Heart Motel (Anatoly Voronin): @qorachius

The Unz Review [@UnzReview], edited by Ron Unz, is a fairly central entrepot for this sphere, and where I blogged from 2015 to 2021.

Frogs: @CityBureaucrat / @FistedFoucault / @lndian_Bronson / @LRH_Superfan


Geopolitics & Ukraine War

  1. P-Russians with Attitude: Best English language podcast/blog on Russian culture and the pro-Donbass cause in the Ukraine War (they also have Substack).
  2. Anti-Empire (Marko Marjanović): @marmar_ae

Regarding the Ukraine War, there’s vastly more noise than signal on both sides. You’ll find the main camps – Z vs. NAFO – easily enough. Here I just highlight IMO the most value added accounts:
“Z Realists”
: @snekotron / @TNG512
Pro-Ukrainian Realists: @KofmanMichael / @RALee85 / @sambendett (drones) / Y-Perun
🇷🇺 Z Realists: Igor Strelkov / Murz / Roman Donetsky



  1. Matt Taibbi: Muckraker extraordinary. @mtaibbi
  2. Mike Tracey: US foreign policy skeptic. @mtracey
  3. P-Red Scare (Anna Khachiyan & Dasha Nekrasova): Classic dirt bag left podcast. @AnnaKhachiyan, @nobody_stop_me
  4. Glenn Greenwald: Speaking truth to power. @ggreenwald
  5. Irrussianality (Paul Robinson): Best “Western Russophile” blog atm.
  6. Y-The Duran (Alexander Mercouris): Geopolitics expert. @AMercouris
  7. Mark Sleboda: Anti-imperialist. @MarkSleboda1
  8. Y-Mazarin Geopolitics (Stefano Ambrosini): Geopolitical roundtables & debates. @stefanoambrosin

Top Twitter: @AaronJMate / @MarkAmesExiledMaxBlumental / @Snowden

Russia Watch

Academics: @ArtyomLukin / @DeanFantazzini / @I_Katchanovski
Russia Journalists: Ben Aris @bneeditor / @LeonidRagozin


Sinotriumph Twitter: @qin_duke / @CarlZha / @GodfreeTrh / @Tianxiashunv / @yuanyi_z / @Zhao_Dashuai
India Twitter: @D_Jaishankar


Russian Bloggers

  1. shanggyangg: Russian data/mapping blogger. @shanggyangg / Telegram
  2. polit_ec: Data historian focusing on Imperial Russia.
  3. oldAdmiral: Economic historian.
  4. acer120: Nationalist data scientist. @Ivanjv_I
  5. Alexander Kireev: Liberal elections blogger.

Some more notable data bloggers: denalt, stranger233, zemfort1983, statistic-rus, Seva Bashirov, OurCountryInData,, genby, oleg_lisowski, pollotenchegg, harding1989, n_avdeev.

Top Twitter: @Alexey_Raksha (dissident demographer) / @_vecs (historian)
Economists: @ElinaRibakova / @IvanTkachev1|

Russian Nationalists: @chernaya100book (Black Hundreds publishing house) / Egor Kholmogorov / @OrdinaryCzarism (successor’s of Prosvirnin’s @Empire1721 Sputnik & Pogrom) / Robert Right @DemocratRussian /@Roman_Yuneman / @SrbskyRus / @vylvrngynn