MAGA Cope, And In Defense Of It

This post probably isn’t going to make me many friends. Then again, if catering to various echo chambers was my main concern in life, I wouldn’t be running this blog.

So, did Biden win thanks to electoral fraud?

My general impression is that many, if not all, electoral fraud arguments have been rather simplistic and were refuted soon after they were made.

The most infamous one to date is the Biden bump in Wisconsin, which has generated a large number of amusing memes. But according to Kireev’s explanation, this is merely an artifact of the counting process – in Milwaukee, early votes are counted all at once in a central office, not at separate stations as in most of the rest of the state. Milwaukee is a Biden stronghold, hence the net effect is a sharp jump in Biden’s numbers.

The screenshot of the reduction in Trump’s vote share in Michigan was just an editorial mistake at, which was corrected soon afterwards. In this sense, it is identical to the “146% meme” about the Russian 2011 elections, in reference to the total turnout in Rostov oblast in Rostov oblast. Which was a brief technical mistake on the part of a single TV channel. But ironically, it became the single most popular electoral fraud meme on Runet, despite the multiplicity of concrete statistical evidence of fraud elsewhere.

The fact that mail-in votes, which are counted last in states such as Pennsylvania, lean heavily towards Biden is only natural given that Bidenists “wear a big mask all the time” and Trumpists believe that Corona is “just the flu” (yes, these are exaggerations, but they are accurate partisan stereotypes). The notion that Pennsylvania would start off with a huge Trump lead that would subsequently experience a sharp “blueshift” in the following days was widely expected and predicted before the elections.

Trump’s absurd demand to “STOP THE COUNTING” (capitalized) ignores its selective focus on the Midwestern states, when he needed counting to continue in Arizona to scrape back a win there. This is hilariously illustrated in the following comparison video of Trumpists demanding a stop to the counting in Michigan and a continuation of the counting in Arizona.

I am not going to continue with this because other people have addressed this issue much more comprehensively, e.g. see the Twitter thread by Isaac Saul, or the one by rationalist Roko Mijic (who is a Trump supporter):

What I do want to instead is to make three general points about the likelihood of significant fraud in these elections:

(1) All we have to date is circumstantial evidence, generally quite weak and quickly refuted (see above). Now obviously, in an elections of millions of people, there will be significant fraud, as well as underhanded tactics that fall short of legal fraud but cannot be said to fall within the “spirit” of free and fair elections. It’s also not the case that this is an exclusive Democratic phenomenon, it’s not like Republicans are above such stunts either. Though yes, I do suspect than in net terms, more fraudulent voting is done by the Dems (e.g. see Richman et al., 2014 or Audacious Epigone’s post on illegal immigrant voting). But this is a “background” to American elections in general, not something specific to this one.

Nor am I saying that large-scale voting has never happened or materially impacted American elections. Yes, I’m aware of the 1960 elections and Daley’s hijinks in Chicago. I even blogged about them years ago in my posts on electoral fraud in Russia, when the question of electoral fraud in America was more of a marginal interest than a pressing political issue. But that was 60 years ago. Also, it didn’t materially even alter the overall election result; JFK would have won even without Illinois.

Instead, I want to make a seemingly obvious game theoretical point. In a country with a balance of power between two or more parties, nobody but the most cavalier ideologues are going to stick their necks out for “The Resistance” when they know that there is a high probability that a Trumpist DoJ could subsequently prosecute them. (For that matter, several Chicago poll workers were convicted and went to jail in 1962). To enact large-scale fraud, you need to convince underlings to collude, but this only happens if they can be sure that they will not be put out to grass later. The GOP can’t credibly offer such guarantees, so there won’t be many people rushing to stick out their neck out for Trump. This also works in reverse, which is why back in August, I similarly dismissed Resistance fantasies that the Bad Orange Man will orchestra mass electoral fraud to keep himself in power:

Again, this is not to say that small scale fraud will not happen (on both sides). It obviously does. But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible and there is a division of power across all branches of government, including the judiciary. The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent. This is outright impossible. Even a reasonably effective and high IQ semi-authoritarian regime such as Russia hasn’t learned how to hide electoral fraud from statistical analysts over 20 years and counting for the banal reason that you can’t expect much in the way of conscientiousness or even intelligence from people who accede to participating in electoral fraud. You people seriously expect that level of competence from… inner city Dems?

Conversely, note also that the 70 million people voted for Trump, and this community contains its significant share of data analysts who are more than capable of running the statistical tests that their Russian counterparts have done to detect large-scale fraud, and broadcasting any incriminating findings not just on Internet blogs and marginal anti-Putin newspapers, but on giant media resources such as Breitbart and FOX News.

Moreover, for this conspiracy to actualize, you also need the participants to have a reasonable expectation of immunity. This is not something that either party in the US can credibly guarantee, unlike a de facto single party state such as Russia; during the Putin era, you can count the prosecutions for electoral fraud on the fingers of one hand. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have a carrot in addition to the stick. Amusingly, there is a correlation between the degree of electoral fraud/the size of the “pro-Putin vote” in Russian regions, and the monetary premium “earned” by the directors of regional electoral commissions.

The final point I would like to make is that the results as they come in are in line with what we could reasonably expect from the polls, predictions markets, expert surveys (and actually become more so as votes trickle in for Biden).

The polls may have been off, but they were not off catastrophically. In fact, as Richard Hanania points out, once the final count is in, the total error may be +4 points for Biden (538 had then at +8), which is close to the historical average.

The gamblers, either due to luck or “skin in the game” or innate “wisdom of crowds” or some combination thereof, was closer to the mark. Even so, no market gave Trump more than a 40% chance.

Expert consensus was that this election was Biden’s to lose. This included Russian elections enthusiasts who don’t particularly have a dog in this American fight; their prediction of 290-248 was indeed extremely closely to the market, failing only to capture Georgia.

You don’t need electoral fraud to explain results that were expected by pollsters, modelers, and gamblers outside the MAGA bubble.

Nor, in the big picture, is there anything much amiss in the big picture. While the polls were worse than usual on the crucial Midwestern states – though the undershoot partially rights itself as mail-in ballots are counted – there aren’t really any smoking guns in comparison with the 2016 elections.

In 2016, Trump won Iowa by 9.4% and Ohio by 8.1%, respectively; this compares with a margin of 8.2% and 8.1% today, respectively; that is, more or less the same, especially after adjusting that both states still need to count ~10% of the remaining votes. On the other hand, Minnesota, which HRC only won by 1.7%, went 7.1% or more (4% remaining) to Biden. Trump won Wisconsin by a narrow 0.8% in 2016, and lost it by a similarly narrow 0.6% (2% remaining) now. Michigan: 0.2% to Trump in 2016, a rather decisive 2.6% to Biden now. Pennsylvania: 0.7% to Trump in 2016, now marginally in favor of Biden with 5% left to be counted. One way of looking at it is that Trump was simply “lucky” in 2016, winning the crucial states of PA/WI/MI by <1%, and unlucky in 2020, losing those same states by higher though still modest margins. It is however completely consistent with polling that showed Biden enjoying a much stronger lead in the polls relative to HRC, which was not canceled out by a commensurate increase in the numbers of “shy” Trump voters**.

Now in fairness, one significant point that fraud claimers can make is that even if the phenomenon is modest in scale in the US, it can still be sufficient to overturn the results of elections given the peculiarities of its election system, in which outcomes are sometimes decided by a few hundred votes in a key state. But while valid for some elections – most notably, 2000 – it is most certainly not the case during this election, where even a reversal of the Georgia and Pennsylvania results will not be sufficient to give Trump victory.

In a way, this hysteria over electoral fraud can be considered to be the capstone to a pattern of accelerating MAGA cope in the past year. So far as the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic goes, the signature achievement of the Trump administration has nothing to do with suppressing or containing it, but shifting the blame over to China, with a number of weird and mutually contradictory conspiracy theories being advanced that China “hid” the scope of its epidemic, imposed “totalitarian” measures to contain it, and/or failed to contain it altogether. Mocking Biden for “wearing a big mask” and then getting blessed by Corona-chan literally the day after was certainly a powerful move. But my all time favorite is dismissing Biden as a dementia patient, which I was already describing as a cope months ago (when so far as reality was concerned, e.g. performance in the debates, he was anything but). But the funniest thing about it is the incredible self-own that this implies if they were actually correct on Biden’s ailments. So, you mean to say that Blompf lost an incumbency Presidency to a vegetable? Do you then mean to imply that had he faced a normally functioning opponent, the margins would have exceeded Nate Silver’s wildest fantasies?

I am not saying all this to be cruel – after all, I endorsed Trump myself. What I am hinting at, though, is that Trump’s chances of a successful legal challenge are close to zero, while /pol/-liberal horseshoe style fantasies of him declaring martial law and proclaiming himself the Living Constitution are just that – fantasies (let’s start with the fact that ~70% of the officer corps are Dem). He is already being deserted by GOP… heavyweights such as Christie, as well as media outlets like the NY Post, which was shilling Bannon’s kompromat on Hunter Biden just two weeks beforehand. I doubt this will last more than two weeks before Trump throws in the towel. At that point, MAGA supporters will have to reckon with reality and try to figure out what went wrong. The Biden administration will face formidable challenges and is likely to be highly unpopular, spurned not just by the populist Right but by the Chapo Left. This creates space for a MAGA agenda to reenter power come 2024, hopefully under a more adequate champion.

In the meantime, all things considered, the fact that Biden’s narrow victory is dogged by suspicions of electoral fraud that probably 20-30% of Americans earnestly believe is in many ways actually a good thing.

(1) Obviously, in the short-term, it offers a longshot path for Trump to scrape back victory through legal challenges. I think the chances of this happening are minimal (<1%), but whatever.

(2) From an American perspective, Republican control of the Senate means that the Dems have limited scope to carry out grandiose economic and social experiments. Which I doubt Biden is much interested in anyway. (Incidentally, the idea that Biden or Copmala is in any way a “socialist” is yet another far-fetched MAGA fantasy… just ask the folks at Chapo Trap House). The idea that he came to power via fraud will not be quite enough to delegitimize the Biden Presidency – it’s not like George W. Bush’s narrow and contested victory over Al Gore in Florida remained much of an issue after a couple of months – but it certainly wouldn’t hurt Republicans to have that as an additional rhetorical tool.

(3) Most consequentially, this substantially discredits American soft power and its “democracy promotion” efforts.

For instance, a Biden Presidency will not have much of a rhetorical leg to stand on a Nuland in its State Department try to wheedle a color revolution out of the 2024 Russian Presidential election, because for every example of this that they cart out:

… the Russians – no matter how flawed the comparison – will still be able to rejoinder with this:

… and so far as most impartial observers are concerned this will be a pithy and not illegitimate, if admittedly “whataboutist”, rebuttal.

Naturally, this doesn’t apply only to Russia, but to other potential targets of America’s color revolution machine, which is likely to be reinvigorated under a Biden administration. I suspect social media discussions in places such as China and Iran mirror those in Russia, where the Trumpist narrative of Democratic electoral fraud has a firm foothold in public discussions. Conversely, Russian Westernists such as Maxim Kats are being mocked for their continued insistence that there is no electoral fraud in America. This makes it harder for such people to make political or cultural inroads.

Translation: You don’t understand – this is different.
(AK: Context – refers to the tendency of Russian libs to criticize certain aspects of Russian society, culture, and foreign policy that they perceive as negative, while denying, excusing, or rationalizing analogous phenomena in the West).

Best of all, this is a wound that the American journalistic-Big Tech complex has largely inflicted on itself through its own elitist hubris. The major news networks have cut off Trump’s speeches as soon as he started to imply that states like Michigan and Georgia were being stolen from him. Even though I had the impression that Trump was bumbling nonsense, I was far more annoyed with their arrogance and presumption at not allowing me to hear out POTUS. This would apply tenfold to actual MAGA people relative to a moderately sympathetic Russian observer such as myself.

Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media giants have engaged in heavy-handed censorship, wiping out posts, undermining coordination amongst Trump supporters (e.g. Facebook banning the 360,000 member “Stop the Steal” group), and adding intrusive disclaimers to Facebook and Twitter posts that are alleged to be spreading “disinformation”. Even if they’re factually correct right a lot of the time on this particular issue, it comes off as something more typical of a ham-fisted dictatorship and serves to further radicalize the MAGA people who believe they had their voices stolen (not to even mention more radical subgroups such as the Qanonists, who must be interpreting this as a nationwide takeover by Satanic pedophiles).

It also flagrantly exposes the double standards imposed by Big Tech, which has so very conveniently decided to take a bold, uncompromising stance on Republican electoral fraud conspiracies while having not just okayed but actively promoted at least equally absurd “Russiagate” conspiracies on how Putler put the Bad Orange Man in power with $100,000 of Facebook ads spending and an alcoholic called Olga from Perm.

So yes, MAGA cope is cringe. But it’s also a spanner in the neocon agenda. So trust the plan and love live MAGA cope!

* Incidentally, though, this method is a poisoned chalice, because it provides false signals and compliance with electoral fraud may collapse during a regime crisis in which the opposition is seen to gain an upper hand. But this is another discussion.

** These observations do suggest that some things can be improved upon. In particular, at least amongst the less outspoken “Hajnal”-descended denizens of the Midwest, polls have proven just as ineffective for identifying out “shy” Trump voters as in 2016, suggesting a systemic problem. Though solutions for resolving this issue of wheedling out “controversial” opinions do exist, such as list experiments (they have confirmed the genuinely high popularity of Putin in Russia). Perhaps polling companies could look at using more of these sophisticated polls in the future in regions where there are many “polite” people who are hesitant about expressing socially “unacceptable” opinions. It should also be noted that the contest genuinely was closer than expected; this is something that was not captured by the polls, but was strongly identified by the gamblers, who gave Trump 30-40%. “Experts” should stop being so cavalier in dismissing people who have “skin in the game”, despite their own admitted failures (e.g. France in 2017, when they gave MLP a real chance of victory).

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


Apart from writing booksreviewstravel writing, and sundry blogging, I Tweet at @powerfultakes and run a Substack newsletter.


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  2. In a country with a balance of power between two or more parties, nobody but the most cavalier ideologues are going to stick their necks out for “The Resistance” when they know that there is a high probability that a Trumpist DoJ could subsequently prosecute them.

    I would like to believe that there is a high probability of prosecution for this sort of thing, but what is the Trump DOJ’s record with prosecutions of Trump opponents? I know about the DOJ’s voter fraud conviction over the summer, but this was unrelated to Trump. Has Peter Strzok even been charged with anything?

    But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible and there is a division of power across all branches of government, including the judiciary. The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent. This is outright impossible.

    Good points about the need for a conspiracy and the possibility of leakage. Let’s see if there are any leaks within a week or so. As for competence, one could argue that elements of the vote dumps, if they were part of a conspiracy, don’t evince a lot of competence. For example, the gap between Biden’s votes in swing states and votes down ballot. It’s odd for a POTUS candidate to get the most votes in history and have negative coattails. Some establishment Republicans explain this by arguing that Trumpism is more popular than Trump, but Trump got about 10% more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016.

    Conversely, note also that the 70 million people voted for Trump, and this community contains its significant share of data analysts who are more than capable of running the statistical tests that their Russian counterparts have done to detect large-scale fraud, and broadcasting any incriminating findings not just on Internet blogs and marginal anti-Putin newspapers, but on giant media resources such as Breitbart and FOX News.

    This guy is working on that:

    Let’s see what he finds.

    At this point, I wouldn’t bet on Fox News airing it though. With the exception of their prime time opinion anchors, Fox News has turned against Trump. They were the first network to call Arizona for Biden, for example, about a minute after the polls closed, and that’s still a tight race now, with less than 40k votes separating the candidates and another 270k to count. My guess is Rupert Murdoch is aiming for a more centrist audience so he can charge higher advertising rates.

  3. What about the seeming violations of Benford’s law in some results from midwestern cities?

  4. I haven’t looked into the details, but Benford’s Law is not generally an ironclad indicator of electoral fraud:

    Conversely, the 2011 Russian Duma elections – which were certainly marred by large-scale fraud ( – did not produce any interesting results when analyzed through it:

  5. Update: looks like GoFundMe took down that analyst’s fundraiser to raise money for the data costs:

  6. You people seriously expect that level of competence from… inner city Dems?

    Not so naive. More like cabals in NSA/SiGINT. Nothing crude like driving a probable-cause van with mail-in votes….its 2020…. They don’t print money these days, they punch a value into a computer. Same with votes. Shiiieeeeettttt for enough money I’d do it. Find like-minded individuals in the organization to help me for a cut. You underestimate greed son. And crime obviously has an element of risk. Whats your point? If it goes belly up I know I’ll be Oswalded like the patsy I am but hey…. No one said it was easy.

    Not like CIA is going to let anyone know they rooted out members of signal intelligence abusing their positions. Imagine the embarrassment. Hell RT reported an election bug in Michigan already.

    Besides Biden just needs to be off his meds for 3 days and he’ll forget everything. Manchurian candidate style. Now that I think about it………

  7. Korenchkin says

    There’s no reason to give legitimacy to US elections, keep the cope coming
    Hopefully it’ll spark more shitshows

  8. Who even cares? Just start the civil war already!

  9. E. Harding says

    Indeed, Anatoly.

    Two basic facts:

    1. Trump lost three urban counties in Florida he won in 2016 (Seminole, Pinellas, Duval)
    2. The only states with reasonably completed vote counts that show betterTrump margins in 2020 than in 2016 are Hawaii (always a pro-incumbent state), Florida (LATINOS), Arkansas (Clinton home state reversion effect -its rural areas were notably more Democratic than those just across the border in Missouri in 2016; this has been rectified), and Utah (McMullin reversion effect). Other than these four demographically unusual states, there is no sign Trump has gained net support in any state since 2016. NV, NY, MS, IL, OH, and AK are nowhere close to done counting. Given that he won by three quarters of a percentage point in 2016, it’s no surprise that a two point swing against him resulted in a loss, especially when the losses were concentrated in major metros. It’s not fraud, folks, the candidate was just unpopular due to his COVID response. Luis Lacalle Pou would have won in a massive landslide.

    Interestingly, I’m sort of surprised the allegations of election stealing were all from the Democratic side last time in Florida and especially Georgia (even though Florida’s result was more shaky, Abrams had more bioleninist pokemon points than poor old Nelson). No Republicans tried to challenge Scott Walker’s narrow loss as fraudulent.

  10. Ahem, I don’t mean to contradict Anatoly just for the sake of proving him wrong, but:

    Looks like Max Payne in the comment # 6 was right…

    (Disclaimer: I personally am inclined to believe that refusing to see what looks like obvious fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan is the real cope.…)

  11. Finnishguy78 says

    Well most white males voted Trump and that is what matters, who really cares what women or minorities voted for. White males can take over the country if they want.

  12. Fraud deniers are fucking retarded. You think you’re subtle and sophisticated when really you’re just a Ptolemyist adding more epicycles. Benford’s law provesfraud happened and it stole the Great Lake states from Trump. This is comming from someone with a track record of criticizing Trump for being anti-white. Why? Because fraud happened, period.

  13. Most college educated young American Whites have probably voted for Biden.

    White males can take over the country if they want.

    What’s stopping them from doing that?

    (Nevermind, this is a rhetorical question…)

  14. E. Harding says

    Why should we expect pro-Democratic fraud in Wisconsin? If anything, judging from the vote numbers in neighboring (and uncompetitive) Minnesota and Indiana, Wisconsin’s vote numbers look too Republican. Indiana currently shows up as swinging against Trump by 3.42 points, Minnesota by 5.6 points, Wisconsin by only 1.39 points. Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by only .76 points. The Antrim County error is obvious and currently shows up like a major splotch on the swing map; it is nowhere near large enough to affect the outcome of any statewide election. Antrim County contains 17K voters; Biden is leading in MI by a margin of 146K votes. The real trouble for Trump is in Michigan’s South, in the metropolitan belt between Oakland County and Ottawa County. This region is filled with those college-educated White men who voted for Trump in 2016, but, seeing the disaster his presidency imposed on the economy, decided to vote for Biden in 2020. There is no pro-Dem fraud here, just MAGA cope that America hasn’t been made great again, and never will be made great again.×360

    Note the red splotch in Antrim County up top; it will be fixed soon. All numbers are from the U.S. Election Atlas.

  15. E. Harding says

    Show me an Excel sheet, county by county, of what the actual numbers would look like in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were there no fraud in 2020 that is consistent with general patterns in the rest of the country. Until you can do that, there is no point in you crying fraud.

  16. Update: looks like GoFundMe took down that analyst’s fundraiser to raise money for the data costs:

    Damn that’s suspicious. Why do they do things like that?

  17. It’s obvious that Redstan needs Self-Determination.

    But I’m not sure that we can get it ourselves.

    I’m not sure I want to stay active in politics, what with the coming authoritarianism.

  18. Julius Branson says

    You sound like a sniveling little nerd demanding that I work my ass off to prove the obvious. Cringe.

  19. E. Harding says

    It’s obvious that when only four (five?) states in the entire country show a pro-Trump swing, the rust belt states+GA+AZ didn’t swing against Trump because of fraud, but because of a broad nationwide swing against Trump, mostly due to Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus. There’s zero evidence that fraud has changed the result in any state in the country.

  20. Trump lost 5% of his share among white male voters. That’s why he lost. All else were details.

    Why he lost the %5? Trump run a campaign heavily promoting bulls..t optimism about the economy, boasting about the ‘lowest black unemployment‘, and failing to deliver Phase II of the stimulus. Plus he has done close to nothing about the continuing massive importation of migrant cheap workers, from service workers to H1B’s from India. Why the hell should white males vote for him after 4 years of promises? On a remote chance that he would actually make their concerns a priority in his 2nd term?

    Trump did what he really wanted to do: tax cuts (mainly corporate taxes), deregulation, anything Netanyahu wanted, and not starting a new war. People always manage to do what they put first. Clearly helping the white male workers has not been a priority. So he lost.

  21. One thing I gotta hand Karlin is that he can spin some mathy bullsh*t right up there with the best.

  22. E. Harding says

    Also, funny thing, but Trump actually did better in the actual untrustworthy urban areas (inner city Philly, Chicago, Essex and Hudson Counties) than he did last time. His losses were among college-educated White men, not among inner-city minorities.


    The annoying thing is that Trump actually won Mahoning County, Ohio, this time. So he actually did pretty well in 2020 among the more vatnik portions of the WWC. Among the more Puritan portions (e.g., in New England, the UP, and parts of Wisconsin), he obviously did worse.


    Trump doing better in only four-five states is not “mathy bullshit”.

  23. sudden death says

    Looks like you guys have no much chance of winning any serious civil war, cause that “mathy bullshit” is essentially the core of artillery too, lol 🙂

  24. bruce county says

    Why do they do things like that?

    When you’re the collective hammer everything looks like a nail.
    Strike enough nails and sparks will fly.

  25. Seems obvious that moderates turned against Trump. With the extreme polarization, that explains most of these cases that people believe to be anomalies. Trump’s republican turnout was huge, but he lost the moderates, so he lost the election. Republicans simply cannot win the presidency on Reagan era talking points anymore.

  26. prime noticer says

    nah. democrats clearly cheated. and this time, they went all out, and why not? it’s a coup. all they have to do is win this one last time, and they’ll never have to worry about republicans ever again. they won’t be investigated once democrats are in control of the government, and now they’ll be in control of the government forever. amnesty coming up next, to lock in the permanent democrat monopoly.

    so yeah. they cheated by historical, ludicrous margins. they were committed to the steal, and succeeded, with their allies in the media.

    that being said, all Trump had to do was deliver for his voters, but instead he decided to spend 4 years going after the votes of people who will never vote for him. so this situation is partly of his own making. instead of going -5 with european men, he should have been +3 at least. maybe +5. that would have produced a big electoral college win.

  27. You know what would really be cool?

    If Trump called for civil war, and there was a total war.

    This way, we could get even with our enemies and wipe them out.

  28. Braynard set up another one at a different site:

  29. What a completely off observation, he lost because he didn’t fulfill a single one of the radical promises he made during the 2016 election, and spent this campaign running a boilerplate Republican campaign of tax cuts, Israel first, socialism-for-the-rich, and utterly shameless pandering to blacks, whilst entirely ignoring his blue-collar base (which, if he actually pursued, probably would have picked a significant Hispanic vote, alongside the Midwest).

    His Presidency will go down as a failure. But most of all, a massive wasted opportunity, he totally squandered his mandate in the most stupid and self-destructive manner possible (appointed dozens of his sworn-enemies, for starters) almost immediately after getting elected.

  30. HyperDupont says

    By construction for each polling station the number of registered voters will be within a certain range and therefore the votes for each candidate will also be in a range where Benford doesn’t apply. There was an example on Twitter iirc for Milwaukee where the frequency of first digit by descending order was 1, 2, 9, 8…. instead of 1,2,3,4,5….as per Benford . It’s very likely that the large majority of the results were in the 80-299 range for legitimate reasons and a distribution of first digits differing from Benford.
    The most probable fraud would be ballot harvesting facilitated by the fact that millions of ballots were sent unsolicited based on lists including a significant proportion of people who have moved or are dead. This would be labor-intensive way to fraud (though the Dems have an infrastructure of GOTV) but difficult to detect just by looking at vote totals (comparison with vote total for polling station with number of registered voters might give some hints of which area to investigate).

  31. There’s MUCH more evidence of fraud in this election than there is of any “Russian collusion”….so remind me again, how much time, effort and money was spent on it??

  32. Robert Dolan says

    There was massive fraud. No way the numbers work.

  33. Blackjack2826 says

    The prospect of a Kamala Harris presidency gives your father a tremendous erection. Not that it matters who sits in the White House, not a bit. But still your father’s erection is an undeniable sign that hope has returned to America. Go Kamala!

  34. He he they’re already drawing up lists it seems…

    New blacklist of ‘Trump sycophants’ inspired by AOC being compiled

  35. That tweet got nuked?

    New one

    (What ARE the “data costs” for such an undertaking?)

  36. This article is pretty good and also gave me meme overload.

    Meanwhile, turnout numbers:

    Around 60% overall I would say.

  37. Anti-Rationalist says

    Only cope I see is coming from the Russian shill whose entire modus operandi of regurgitating fake polls has been proven to be unreliable, manipulated shit as it rightfully is.

    Congratulations, welcome to the New World.

  38. sudden death says

    If Trump called for civil war, and there was a total war.

    This way, we could get even with our enemies and wipe them out.

    You better should have populational majority for that, though – Germanic whites were craving and trying to do so while thinking they are more white than remaining whites (mostly Slavic) without having actual majority and bled out themselves completely in the run at that total war.

  39. But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard

    C’mon man, Russiagate never happened. Lol.

  40. I agree, and that’s basically the same thing I said. He lost the moderates that he pulled in 2016 because he campaigned and governed as a basic republican, instead of as a populist. I don’t consider his 2016 stuff radical. Most of it was pretty much center of the electorate and popular.

  41. Kamala is the only female that can appear on BLACKED as a top.

    Meanwhile, perceptive Nebojsa is perceptive:

    The US political system is the last thing holding the country together; the 2020 election is about to destroy it

    Research has shown that revolutions tend to happen not when things are bad, but when there are “rising expectations” and people believe things aren’t improving quickly enough. Whether these revolutionaries will really “settle” for President Biden or President Harris, or will they push for their utopia even harder, is a question no one seems to be asking, much less trying to answer.

  42. Instead of ‘coping’, when will anyone name the Jew?

    Jews did this.

  43. RichardTaylor says

    What are the prospects of more friendly relations between the White people of America who aren’t self-hating and the Russian people? Could there be a way to build bonds?

    And would Russia consider creating a platform that White Americans and Europeans could use, since it looks like authentic voices are all shut down in the West?

  44. There was fraud for sure. No need to dig into the county numbers. Just the fact that Crazy Uncle Biden became the most popular candidate in the history of presidential elections is suspicious. Trump actually got 10% more of votes, in absolute numbers, than in 2016. So Biden surpassing him is an extreme anomaly. In some places supposedly there was a turnout of 90%. Very unusual with optional voting and in an extreme period. Also, there was always fraud (in limited numbers). It’s so easy to fraud votes in the U.S., it’s not even funny. It’s harder to fraud votes in one of those “3rd world countries” that followers of the “HBD cult” tend to disparage.

    My reading:
    1. The Chinese in collusion with Dems create “Covid” Lockdown operation
    (more info at
    2. The “Lockdown” benefits Dems in at least two ways: an artificial crisis is created, and people are forced to vote by mail, which is easier to fraud. (not to mention of course the possibilities of control, so that it is likely it will continue for a while, even after fulfilling its initial function).
    3. Fraud, fraud, fraud.
    4. Biden “wins”, and becomes the “most voted candidate ever.” Everybody laughs and has a good time.

  45. Gleimhart Mantooso says

    Well as long as there are excuses for all the horse shit, then I’m satisfied. Especially since those excuses are coming from the same power structure that gave us weapons of mass destruction and Trump is a Russian asset.

    Quick! Gaslight me some more!

  46. heavyweights such as Christie, as well as media outlets like the NY Post, which was shilling Bannon’s kompromat on Hunter Biden just two weeks beforehand.

    That statement is not the whole story. It was Twitter and the majority of the MSM that saved Biden from the truth being known about his family influence peddling. Half of America falsely believed that the Hunter Biden China story was Russian propaganda. All that is institutionally wrong about America – and the whole federal establishment feared that story.

    If that swamp story had gotten its due – the world would have shook and Trump would have won this election by a landslide.

  47. another anon says

    For another important (sort of) take: what is going on with Qanon?

    Q is silent since the election, and Qanonists are desperate.

    What is it all about?

    There are three competing theories about Q.

    1/ Q is the real deal. There is secret war waged in deep shadows between world controlling satanist pedophile cannibal conspiracy and the good guys. Q is telling the truth, because American trailer park rednecks need to be informed about the whole thing.
    Probability 0%, according to my anonymous shitposter expert judgement.

    2/ Q is 666D professional psyop created by CIA/FBI/NSA/MI5/FSB/Mossad (pick your choice of originator) to manipulate trailer park rednecks for (pick your choice of secret plan).
    Probability 1% (James Bond is fiction, professional intelligence agencies are big bureaucratic machines ran by boomers who are not so creative for such tricks)

    3/ Q began as anonymous 4chan shitposter joke, grew out of control, and was later used by small group of people around 8chan and its spinoffs to make easy money out of trailer park rednecks.
    Probability 99% (because the internet belongs to trolls and shitposters, and the real world belongs to scammers and grifters)

    If 2/ was true, now is the critical time when Qanon would be activated for its purpose, whatever it was.
    If 2/ was true, Q would be bellowing to the true believers either passive message (everything goes as it is supposed to go, stay home, watch the latest Q videos, trust the plan) or active one (Go out to the streets! Bring guns and ammo! Now is the time to FIGHT THE PEDOS!)

    But there is complete silence.

    So, according to the newest events, I am updating my probability of C upwards to 99,99%.
    Qanon, as it stands now, is work of small group of grifters to make money, who are now completely confused and scared shitless to do anything at all.

  48. Gleimhart Mantooso says

    Sad but true.

    For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
    The saddest are these: “It might have been!”

    —John Greenleaf Whittier

  49. Daniel Chieh says

    Not while the Swine Right fundamentally misunderstands Russia. And, nobody wants to be friends with losers.

    Trump knew.

    Actively slamming the intellectual people was a nice cherry on top. Embrace the stupidity and get the outcomes of stupidity.

  50. Hitler was White – is what the Russians will say to you. Just an educated guess from – Russia. lol

  51. Again, this is not to say that small scale fraud will not happen (on both sides). It obviously does. But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible and there is a division of power across all branches of government, including the judiciary. The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent.

    Is this a serious argument? So just the same, regarding the Kennedy assasinations, Iran-Contra, 9/11/ the fake Arab spring etc the official line is true, because the conspiracy theorists were never allowed to read their versions in the accepted News outlets? It is not the case that whistleblowers were threatened and witnesses killed?

    And competence is no argument any longer: 9/11 was a competently executed conspiracy, yes, but Ukrainegate was deranged idiocy from day one. And – hold your breath – Covid19 is a deranged idiocy on an astronomical scale.

    The theory of the useless, toasted conspirationalist that I am is, that we are witnessing a large scale operation of psychological warfare: The point is to dump down the people and to have them believe in ever more stupid BS. The more intelligent ones – above all those in relevant positions in society – are being willfully demoralized.

    The endgame will be the abolishment of functional modern society as we know it.

    Greta forever!

  52. Gleimhart Mantooso says

    Your logic is unassailable!

  53. RichardTaylor says

    Are you sure about that? Putin expressed concern about Europe becoming non-White.

    Yeah White people fought all kinds of wars, and Stalin killed a lot of Russians, etc, etc. What’s that got to do with a more evolved White solidarity today?

  54. Frank frank says

    This is really low grade stuff. Is it intentional propaganda or just plain low quality stuff, when someone who can, among other contradictions, say things like how this could mit have been a fraud and talk about the “color revolution machine” at the same time.

    Oh, really, it couldn’t be a conspiracy in spite of (to start naming only a few) the conspiracy to invade Iraq? The conspiracy to pose controlled electoral candidates in our elections too give a false impression of choice and democracy as Trump exposed by throwing a huge wrench in the conspiracy machine that has gotten lazy? The conspiracy to run the treasonous Russian interference and dossier nonsense on an international scale, literally conspiring with many different players and internationally, across the world and within our own government and with virtualdue to the conspiracy not to prosecute clear treason? Or maybe the conspiracy to orchestrate the economic crash through the inflated virus that we were asked to “flatten a curve” for over two weeks … 8+ months ago … that never even came?. And on and on and on .… not even to mention the conspiracy to censor and control information as is clearly not only self-evident, but there is even a clear and intentionally a globalist power play signal when the tech companies all blatantly and openly conspired to ban InfoWars (regardless of what you think of it) all at the same time, everywhere within mere hours of each other. That was clearly a signal of “Yes, you are right and yes, we can openly conspire against you and America and yes, we can even openly lie and manipulate the Congress with impunity and yes, you cannot do anything about it.”

    So again, is this really just grade thinking or is there some intent here that keeps you from seeing the conspiracy for all the conspiracy blocking your view?

  55. Grahamsno(G64) says

    Bullshit you make the claim you provide the data, what astonishing hubris to suggest that others work to prove your conspiracy theories especially when this whole article is rubbishing your claims.

  56. RichardTaylor says

    I don’t know if you’re sincere or not, but calling regular White people “swine right” isn’t likely to help.

    It’s not the Right attacking Russia. It’s the left, along with the neocons, who are basically leftists.

    Most Trump supporter have no problem with Russia. In fact, they were called Putin-bots! Why would you attack them?

  57. Daniel Chieh says

    No, I’m calling you Swine Right.

    It is for a reason. Constantly trying to denigrate intellectuals and technologists as Really Smart People is a Very Bad Idea in a time when intelligence(and technology) matter more than ever. This is something that our kind host(who is a transhumanist) has written about.

    To quote from his quote of Comrade Virag:

    After a couple of beers the other night, a thought about this occurred: the classical no enemies quote is referring to the political spectrum, however it’s much more applicable to the IQ distribution: no loyalty to the left, no enemies to the right sounds like a viable Machiavellian solution. You cannot make friends with IQ80 people, regardless of them being Stormfront or BLM, because their time preference is way too high. And you should not make enemies out of IQ140 people because they will see to it that IQ80 crowd can crush you, see you driven before them and hear the lamentation of your women. Loyalty requires both sides to cooperate.

  58. Frank frank says

    Although your general conclusion is correct that he basically abandoned the very voters that put him in power for some false and illusory hunt for the mythical black vote that consists of a fraction of a fraction, you are actually incorrect about the fight against the importation of low wage workers, including the various h1b type visas. There may be an argument that he just didn’t do enough or take it serious enough or make it a talking point for some utterly stupid reason and thereby simply abandoned capturing the vote of both white skilled tech workers as well as East asians that are starting to feel the pressure of various Indian tech mills churning out low grade garbage code workers (although they are getting better, largely also due to stealing American whites male jobs and IP). Trump just put new regulations in place that require h1b to pay day more, among other things, which means it makes low quality indian workers far less interesting to the profiteers that then get the same low quality code and have to pay white/east Asian male wages. It’s funny how the tech companies are all about diversity until it means higher costs. It will also be funny when the token blacks people hiring programs by the tech companies mean that peak-diversity signaling, token hire Jamal realizes he’ll be working with nothing but Indians that hate anyone would who is not brainwashed y Jewish propaganda and speak nothing but Hindi to each other and whom you can’t understand when they actually do they spelling English,

  59. Great post.

    One thing I didn’t get though is the reference to the Hajnal in the US context relative to voting patterns, or something like that. Care to explain? Thanks.


  61. Daniel Chieh says

    I feel the original Q was probably an actual civil servant with a bit of a speculation, and gradually was replaced by increasingly more parodical versions of himself.

  62. Plato's Dream says

    “seeing the disaster his (Trump’s) presidency imposed on the economy…”

    Before the China virus, the economy was doing better than ever. Let’s see what the economy is like once Camellah hikes up taxes to finance her multi-trillion “new green deal”, removes the trade protections to give China free rein, closes down the oil & gas industry etc. You sound a bit like the Lybians who were unhappy about Gaddafi and hankered for the brave new world of democracy and prosperity after his overthrow. How has that turned out?

  63. ThreeCranes says

    Anatoly, the fraud in this election was of a kind you did not address. To understand American election fraud you must go back in time to see context.

    Historically, American blacks showed the least interest in voting of any ethnic group. This gave them zero impact in politics. Jewish activists decided to reverse this trend and tap into this vein of unexploited Democratic power. “Community Organizers” were charged with encouraging black vote in the inner city ghettos. One such became president.

    When this failed to produce the desired results they upped their game by actually providing vans to drive people to polling places. But this proved to be too much trouble and still wasn’t efficient enough so they refined the technique by pushing for absentee balloting which allowed blacks to vote from the comforts of home. Also, Jewish legal activists pushed for proxy voting, which allowed third parties to cast the vote for registered voters.

    It is relatively easy to organize this type of thing in large public housing blocks. Everyone is in one place, mailing lists are available etc.

    This is how the “cheating” took place. The percentage of blacks who voted in this election is unprecedented. Now some may argue that this is a good thing, representative democracy and all. But the counter argument is that if a person is too lazy to get to the polls under his own power then they don’t deserve representation.

    But more importantly, ballot harvesting allows votes to be purchased and this doesn’t seem to embody the proverbial spirit of democracy.

    It would be easy to refute my theory. Just show that blacks districts in America did not turn out in greater numbers in 2020 than they had, proportionately, eight, twenty or forty years ago.

    “Ballot harvesting is the process where organized workers or volunteers–people you don’t know–collect absentee ballots from voters and drop them off at a polling place or election office.”

  64. Plato's Dream says

    You have two questions here.

    (1) No chance under the DemocRats – the people who fostered the poisonous “Russian collusion” and “Russian interference” conspiracy, thereby not just ruining Trump’s early hopes of a rapproachment between the two nations but also crowding out his domestic agenda.

    (2) There are already Russian-built platforms that you can use, Telegram and

  65. ThreeCranes says

    From the NYPost

    “A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district — where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants — appears to have been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas.

    One alleged ballot harvester, Liban Mohamed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, is shown in a bombshell Snapchat video rifling through piles of ballots strewn across his dashboard.

    “Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” says Mohamed, aka KingLiban1, in the video. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now . . .

    “Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. . . . Look, all these are for Jamal Osman,” he says, displaying the white envelopes.

    “Money is the king in this world . . . and a campaign is driven by money.”

    The video, posted on July 1, was obtained by Project Veritas and included in a 17-minute video expose released Sunday night.

    Under Minnesota law, no individual can be the “designated agent” for more than three absentee voters.

    The allegations come just five weeks before a presidential election plagued with predictions of voter fraud. Both President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr have warned that the increased use of mail-in ballots, due to COVID-19 concerns about in-person voting, is vulnerable to fraud, especially when unsolicited ballots are mailed to all voters in certain states.

    Project Veritas’ investigation in Minneapolis will pour gasoline on the fire, only 48 hours before Trump debates Joe Biden in the first presidential debate Tuesday, addressing topics including election security.”

  66. Plato's Dream says

    A somewhat nuianced answer will be “Yes, in general we support those who work towards the survival and prosperity of the white race, as long as the Russian people are viewed as an integral part of that. We don’t see any value in the survival of whites WITHOUT the Russian people”. So western white supremacists have to be careful to purge the “enemy within” who are still masturbating on Hitler and consider Slavs to be Untermenschen. There is a huge amount of support in the Russian population, and a warm attitude from the Kremlin, towards the “correct” type of western white nationalist – from the defenders of the Confederacy in the US, to AfD in Germany, FN in France and Lega Nord in Italy. Witness also the warm reception that Nick Griffin (former leader of the British National Party) got in Russia not so long ago.

    Polish and Swedish “white nationalists” (I am using the quote marks advisedly as I’m not sure what their ultimate motivation really is) who come as volunteers to Donbass to fight on the Ukronazi side, will not get any sympathy just because they are “pro white”.

  67. another anon says

    In the case of Iraq war, the decision movers and shakers really believed in WMD. They “sexied up” the evidence to get case for war, but they were certain that the WMD are there.
    If they did not, it would be easy to bring their own and discover them. There was massive clusterfuck, but not conspiracy.

    Imagine we are some time after the fall of Baghdad, and Dubya gives big press conference.

    See. Here is weapons grade nuclear material, sufficient for dozens of weapons.
    Here is nerve gas. And here – do not touch it! – here are live smallpox cultures.

    You have questions? All the things you are asking about are classified. The world will never learn how we were able to locate and identify the WMD’s, prevent the Axis of Evil from using them, and secure them intact.
    But we did it. We stopped the smoking gun before it became a mushroom cloud.

    GWB would be now seen as the greatest president ever, even if everything in Iraq afterward happened exactly as in OTL.

  68. ThreeCranes says

    From the NYPost,

    “A prominent Democratic lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is threatening to sue the state of Nevada unless it immediately suspends prosecutions for ballot harvesting before the June 9 primary, among a slew of other demands, according to a letter obtained by Fox News on Tuesday.

    Marc Elias, now representing the Nevada Democratic Party, also called for a substantial expansion to in-person voting access in the upcoming primary — though just days ago, he said it was a “national disgrace” that Wisconsin was moving ahead with in-person voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. In both cases, he cited health concerns.

    Democrats had feared that low turnout in Wisconsin would hurt their chances, while they have a more optimistic outlook in Nevada.


    Writing on April 10 to Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Republican, Elias first took aim at Nevada Revised Statutes section 293.330(4), which prohibits ballot harvesting and permits only certain individuals, like family members, to return ballots. Ballot harvesting, or the practice of allowing political operatives and others to collect voters’ ballots and turn them in en masse to polling stations, has drawn bipartisan concerns of fraud from election watchers.

    In his letter, Elias argued that “many Nevada voters will not be able to return their mail-in ballots themselves and do not have family members – or are separated from these family members because of social distancing – who can do so for them.”

    “We ask that your office and the office of the Nevada Attorney General immediately announce a suspension of prosecutions under this statute for all elections for which mail-in balloting will be the primary means of voting in the state,” Elias said.

    At the same time, Elias called for Nevada to stop throwing out ballots when signatures on voters’ ballots appear different from those on voters’ registrations, saying “lay election officials have never had the necessary expertise” to make an accurate determination.

    “In an environment where the vast majority of Nevada voters will be casting a mail-in ballot for the first time, there is the real possibility that hundreds of thousands of Nevada voters could be disenfranchised due to the arbitrary determinations of these untrained officials,” Elias wrote. In the alternative, Elias said that those found to have mismatched or missing signatures should be given an additional two weeks, instead of the normal one-week deadline, to clarify the matter.

    Elias also demanded that Nevada “require mail-in ballots be sent to all registered voters in Nevada, not just those in an active status.” Elias asserted that state election law doesn’t distinguish between the two categories of voters.

    Republicans have argued that many states fail to adequately clean up their voter rolls. Last year, California was forced to remove 1.5 million ineligible voters after a court settlement last year when California’s rolls showed a registration of 112 percent.

    Further, Elias urged that Nevada “require more than just one in-person vote center per county in the State’s most populous counties as well as those with geographically distant population centers.”

    “Nevada voters have a proud tradition of voting in person either during the early voting period or on election day,” Elias wrote. “Having only a single in-person location in each county poses certain risks and hardships to voters in various circumstances—voters in dense urban communities, for example, will be forced into dangerously overcrowded polling places, while rural voters will have to travel unreasonable distances just to cast their ballots.”

    On April 6, though, Elias called it a “national disgrace” that “may well cost lives” when the Wisconsin Supreme Court blocked an order to shut down in-person voting there. “No one should have to chose between voting and their health,” Elias wrote on Twitter.

    Elias, among other things, is known for his role hiring private research firm Fusion GPS to probe Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign – efforts which resulted in the discredited anti-Trump dossier. (my bold)

    Elias did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News…..


    Elias did appear to be citing health concerns in both cases, however — first by criticizing Wisconsin for having in-person voting at all, and later by arguing that limited polling locations In Nevada would force voters into overcrowded spaces.

    But Walters pointed to the ballot-harvesting request as part of a bigger scheme.

    Walters added: “Democrats’ entire strategy is to legalize ballot harvesting nationwide, and this letter proves it. Sending far-left activists door-to-door to collect ballots not only jeopardizes people’s health, it threatens the security of their ballot. The last thing our country needs during a time of crisis is to weaken confidence in our elections, but that is exactly what would happen if Democrats get their way.”

    In 2018, despite holding substantial leads on Election Day, many Republican candidates in California saw their advantage shrink, and then disappear, as late-arriving Democratic votes were counted in the weeks following the election. Many observers pointed to the Democrats’ use of ballot harvesting as a key to their success in the elections. (my bold)

    “Anecdotally there was a lot of evidence that ballot harvesting was going on,” Neal Kelley, the registrar for voters in Southern California’s Orange County, told Fox News.

    In Orange County – once seen as a Republican stronghold in the state – every House seat went to a Democrat after an unprecedented “250,000” vote-by-mail drop-offs were counted, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    “People were carrying in stacks of 100 and 200 of them. We had had multiple people calling to ask if these people were allowed to do this,” Kelley said.

    California had recently legalized ballot harvesting ahead of the election. In 2019, a GOP operative in North Carolina was arrested related to alleged ballot harvesting, which is prohibited in that state.


  69. Didn’t mean to come across poorly – but every now and then { more so recently} i get some pretty bad looks when speakin English , in the market place. A friend in the market place is learning Spanish and I can speak it fairly well , so when we speak it – there doesn’t seem to be any of those ” looks’ – lol . My X section is not a great/fair example but, I haven’t met but one or two other Americans in the past 5+ years. I live Crimea, before and after Maidan, but travel around southern Ru. and have been to a few of the larger cities. I’m thinking that Putin likes to separate the people of Europe from the bastard leadership they have – as you state. I don’t see Russia opening mass immigration to that many people outside the old Soviet base, like the rest of the West has done. Russians seem to be OK with outside tourists but I still see them as weary of foreign speakers. Mr. Karlin would have a better viewpoint – I’m sure.

  70. another anon says

    I don’t know if you’re sincere or not, but calling regular White people “swine right” isn’t likely to help.

    Read this to understand what this blog means by “swine right”

    The Right’s Human Capital Problem

    Eastern Europe and the Swine Right

    TL;DR: The right lacks human capital – this means smart, educated and accomplished people.
    Typical Right follower is dumb goon, typical Right leader is smart, but utterly corrupt and self serving mobster.
    In Eastern Europe the effect is most prevalent, but you see it in US too. Skilled and educated people are now on the left, while the right now belongs to Trump and his supporters.

    Unless the right finds a way to attract smart, educated and succesful people, it is doomed.

    As said our esteemed host:

    But the Right’s human capital problem makes it very hard to attract the high IQ, which results in Swine leaders, which lowers the prestige associated with being on the Right, exacerbating the human capital problem even further, etc.
    Which is why I’m pretty skeptical about nationalism’s prospects in the long-term.

  71. What happened to Trump’s (imaginary) billions
    He should be writing checks like crazy for investigations into malfeasance.
    Gofundme? wtf

  72. I’d rather be a dumb ignorant red neck than whatever it is you call yourself.

    Look around you, your high value smart people are telling us gender is fluid and that there is over 60 different genders to choose from, all while wearing a dress, sporting a hipster beard and holding a sign that says men can give birth.

    They say Russians hacked every single voting machine in America back in 2016 and that Hitler reborn is sitting in the White House and that there is over 60 million white supremacist neo nazis roaming the US, yet magically none of the nazis now neo Hitler have shut down the MSM and sent the journalists to a KZ camp, instead they’ve given them four years to spew their hate every single day.

    We’re told that it is Far Right who are destroying cities despite every single broadcast of the protests showing fires, bricks, looting and black clad maniacs rioting in the streets while holding antifa flags and shields with the drawings of the hammer and sickle on them. Added to this is the high IQ people insisting that even if the rioters are burning down democratic cities while the democratic leadership refuses to charge them and sets them free time and again, the protests are still peaceful.

    Whatever the hell makes up the left, it is not smart high IQ people. It i a loose coalitions of insane maniacs who have gone off their medication.

  73. I actually did look at the Benford “results” here:

    Mind you, I only looked at them. They appear to be worthless kvetching over randomness without error bars, p-values or Bonferroni corrections.

    Cope is pretty funny; I guess I’m not surprised.

  74. another anon says

    What happened to Trump’s (imaginary) billions
    He should be writing checks like crazy for investigations into malfeasance.
    Gofundme? wtf

    Here is the campaign page before it was axed.

    Should have leave it alone, it would anyway end as the other famous right wing fundraising effort (or the moneys collected by Jill Stein for recount back in 2016 – any one remembers this?)

    Steve Bannon charged with fraud over crowdfunding campaign for border wall
    He and three others were charged with diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fundraising effort.

    This is what “swine right” means in practice 🙂

  75. Whatever the hell makes up the left, it is not smart high IQ people. It i a loose coalitions of insane maniacs who have gone off their medication.

    Absolutely correct.

  76. Daniel Chieh says

    And who’s winning?

    Its easy to say what you want to be, but that doesn’t mean you get to choose your results. There are consequences to being fractious, disorganized, and ultimately unable to execute for your ambitions. Insane as these maniacs might be, they’re clearly functional enough to get what they want and inflict ever greater absurdities upon you. Perhaps there’s a reason why.

    Right-wing anti-intellectualism is idiotic. Its akin to being in a world of gunpowder, and declaring that its too unmanly and wrong to use guns. Well, you can declare what you want, but it won’t make the bullets stop from ripping up your insides.

    That’s the same thing now, except with information and technology.

  77. Daniel Chieh says

    In case, the replies here are an excellent example. Reflexively swiping at Karlin for purely emotional reasons since he doesn’t cater to partisan fantasies any more than he caters to blank slate fantasies is unlikely to make him more sympathetic to your cause – at a time when you specifically do need people like him to be willing to be sympathetic.

    Its the usual case, once again, of many individuals on the Right badly misunderstanding their position(that it is, in fact, extremely weak and in need of allies) and their politics primarily being a form of escapist masturbation(much like the usual cope, or dreams of triumph in a civil war).

  78. Agree, swine right accurate enough – and it’s a useful term to describe a (the?) serious problem the right has: they lack a way to appeal to elites currently.

    The problem isn’t really the swine (both sides have plenty), it’s the vacuum at the top. The left has cultural capture over 80%+ of Western human capital. They don’t need to resort to the ‘best of the rest’ the the right apparently does.

    Hard to see where it goes, the right wing political package will be poison to prospective elites for a good while yet I expect. On the other hand, these things have a way of working themselves out;

    In economics there’s this great concept called the “invisible hand”. In a free environment, if there is money to be made, someone will find a way to make it. Works the same in politics: in a free political environment, if there is power to be grabbed, someone will find a way to grab it.

    If swine can grab power, there is an inefficiency in play.

  79. Shortsword says

    One interesting fact is that Trump is actually getting a higher percentage of the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2020. But he’s still losing because significantly fewer people are voting third party this year. Same thing in Minnesota, the only reason it was “close” in 2016 was because almost 9% voted third party.

  80. ThreeCranes says

    From Wiki,

    “Marc Erik Elias (born February 1, 1969) is an American attorney specializing in election law, voting rights and redistricting. He is a partner at Perkins Coie and head of the firm’s Political Law practice. He served as general counsel for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign.

    Early life and education
    Born to a Jewish family in New York City…”

  81. Europe Europa says

    I think the biggest political causality of the pandemic/lock down has surprisingly been the right/conservatives. They’ve been seen as weak and ineffective, if not outright negligent, in actually combating the virus, but overly aggressive and authoritarian in their lock down measures.

    This is definitely how the Conservatives in the UK are viewed, the prevailing view here is increasingly that lock down is a fascist Tory capitalist plot to take away civil liberties and enrich the likes of globalist multinationals such as Amazon.

    This is re-enforced by the fact that leftists such as Jacinda Ardern and leftist countries like Sweden are regarded as having handled the pandemic the most effectively of all and with the most regard for preserving civil liberties.

  82. Yes, voters who have been dead for years applying for ballots and voting did not affect this election, especially when they applied for absentee ballots with ease. You are really stupid if you think this can all be shoved under the rug. The Detroit ballots alone are proof of a fraud operation.

  83. another anon says

    Whatever the hell makes up the left, it is not smart high IQ people. It i a loose coalitions of insane maniacs who have gone off their medication.

    So there are no organizations, no plans, no tactics, no strategy, no knowledge, no skills, no intelligence, no experience, just bunch of crazy people doing random stupid things and they are still beating you at every front?

    This makes it even worse, time to give up.
    Because, with this attitude, you will lose anyway.

    Radical book club examines how to organize for power successfully.

    The first time I raised the idea of Righties learning from Lefties, a lot of people greeted it with derision. Plenty still do. That’s a terrible attitude, one that Righties need to overcome if we want to win.

    And organizing isn’t an easy thing to do. Especially if you’ve never done it. Like ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit that the Lefties are very good at organizing, at getting what they want from campaigns — and at building Institutions to support their people.

    So how do they do that?

    I decided to read a bunch of Lefty organizing manuals and find out.

    For some reason, many Righties are allergic to learning from the Left. THAT’S NOT HOW THE RIGHT DOES THINGS, they bellow, by which I assume they mean unpleasant stuff like “winning.” But you don’t have to do everything the way Lefties do it to learn some of the lessons they’ve learned. The Left has been working hard for decades, and they’ve been good enough to put some of their knowledge and experience into books that anyone can read. If you’re going to oppose the Left, it’s useful to know how the Left actually works. A lot of Righties have an inaccurate view of how the Left works, in part because our press is astonishingly incurious about one of the major power centers of our time.

  84. Biden started this concept of “peaceful protesters” in Kiev in 2013.

    Biden went to Kiev in 2013. He told the Ukrainian government that it can’t use police force against “demonstrators”. The police were the “bad guys” if they stopped the violent protesters. This game has boomeranged back to the USA in 2020. Ironically we got the same guy who pushed this theme in Kiev in 2013.

    In 2013 Joe Biden went to Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and warned the government not to harm the demonstrators. That act made clear to the world that the US was allied with them, if not orchestrating the demonstrations and then the subsequent coup against the elected government.

  85. Sick of Orcs says

    My sincere fantastical wish–beyond a new Red States Only nation which forcibly keeps out fleeing shitlib locusts–is that only biden voters suffer the hells to come. Unfortunately, anyone dumb enough to vote for a bidunce or obozo is ignorant of cause and effect and will still be blaming Trump years from now.

    Demographic replacement terrorism ending the Republic has been a certainty for decades; “Reverse Christmas” came 4 years too early, a not-totally-unexpected outcome. Trump is the last recucklican president.

    So sorry, Mr. Karlin, but if you really believe a corruption-riddled and rotting edifice like our federal mafia, with its complicit one-sided media, is still capable of holding “free and fair” elections, then please accept this Bed Bath & Beyond coupon for 15% off the Brooklyn Bridge.

  86. would Russia consider creating a platform that White Americans and Europeans could use

    It’s called Telegram and VK. The entire European far-right is already on there. Including Germany’s most notorious Neo-Nazi and anti-Semite ™ Nikolai “Der Volkslehrer” Nerling. My personal favorite and friend to Horst Maler, Ursula Haverbeck and Sylvia Stolz. Quite ironic since his meeting with one actual communist Russian journalist ended with her regretting that Nikolai’s dad hadn’t died in the Gulag and wished she had a Kalash to shoot him right now, after he defended Barbarossa.

    But don’t most Russian marriages start this way?

    Anyway, hopefully all this gay libertarian Zionism just goes the fuck away from the European right, now that Dolan Blormpf got rekt. Right this moment everyone I found even remotely interesting in Muricas white nationalism circle, like Spencer and Hunter Wallace, is celebrating like it’s 2016 again and so am I. MIGA tears are even better than libtard tears.

    When Nazbol twitter joins wignats in dunking on Kang Blormpf:

  87. So let me get this straight-

    You acknowledge that there is a systematic and organized effort, a conspiracy, dare I say, on the part of the Media, Tech giants, and Democratic Party to systematically censor, basically, the entire Country, BUT…….

    The very same actors couldn’t organize a massive vote fraud because they would get caught.

    You have managed a twofer, logically inconsistent, and wrong. They have been “caught ” it just doesnt matter.

  88. E. Harding says

    The Detroit margin was 221K votes; the statewide margin so far is 146K votes. I think it’s fair to say most Detroit ballots were not fraudulent. The number of votes in Detroit was up only 3K from last time, the number of Trump votes in the city went up by more than that.

    Elementary school math, folks. It’s not hard.

  89. Does Q anon actually exist, never come across anyone who actually who follows it?

  90. Trump did well with the Black vote everywhere except Milwaukee, Detroit and the surrounding counties, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Oddly all the places voting was halted and votes were dumped.

  91. Third party vote tend to go to the incumbent next election, like with Reagan. Polling showed Trump picked up the Mormon and pearl clutchers this time.

    Amusing to read the Isaac Saul gibberish purporting to debunk the dead people voting in Michigan, he claims the blacks there check and discount any votes from dead people, no doubt quickly and efficiently. They presumably then do exhaustive investigations of why dead people are requesting absentee ballots and returning them.

    Nothing to worry about, dead people often vote accidently after requesting absentee ballots, they definitely aren’t counted and this practise is clearly investigated.

  92. Is there anything more retarded than being “IQ-ist”? At least racism one can understand, a race is like a big family. But this…

    And then HBD’rs can’t understand why their theories are not popular among normal people…

    our kind host(who is a transhumanist)

    You say it as if it was a good thing… But in the end, it explains his Covidmania and his wanting people to use masks. Of course the fake Covid “pandemic” and the anti-human use of masks is all part and parcel with transhumanism.

  93. I was funposting as FBIanon for a very brief time until I quickly started feeling bad about it when I realized that people were actually buying into an obvious, dumb troll. Some anons REALLY took it too far. Essentially turning millions of gullible boomers into a new religion/hypnotized cult, grifters making money off of it and so on. On the other hand: that’s kind of impressive too and just LMAO! Many Americans are fucking retards. No wonder the believed the Jewish media about the Third Reich and that Saddam was behind 9/11.

  94. Johnny Walker Read says

    If you know not of which you speak, you probably shouldn’t speak at all..

    A gaming exercise of the perfect, indigenous color revolution, code-named Blue, was leaked from a major think tank established in the imperial lands that first designed the color revolution concept.

    Blue concerns a presidential election in the Hegemon. In the gaming exercise, the incumbent president, codenamed Buffoon, was painted Red. The challenger, codenamed Corpse, was painted Blue.

    Blue – the exercise – went up a notch because, compared to its predecessors, the starting point was not a mere insurgency, but a pandemic. Not any pandemic, but a really serious, bad to the bone global pandemic with an explosive infection fatality rate of less than 1%.

  95. E. Harding says

    Before the China virus, the economy was doing better than ever.

    Other than that, Ms. Lincoln, how was the play? Thailand had 59 COVID deaths, Uruguay had 61 deaths, Vietnam 35, Cuba 129, Finland 362, South Korea 477, USA over 300,000, plus a series of needless and ruinous lockdowns Trump did nothing to prevent (compare Uruguay and South Korea, which had no lockdowns). Taxes don’t affect the economy, the Fed does.


    Trump did well in the minority parts of Detroit/Milwaukee/Philadelphia relative to last time, too. He lost in the suburbs. Like Bernie.

  96. John Achterhof says

    Excellent analysis, entirely plausible. Lacking any survey of broad opinion, I’m apt to project my own view as Trump’s Waterloo: that while the political damage of poorly managing the pandemic was mostly washed out by the emerging view that the economic damage (including the rioting) of the severe course favored by the left has been more harmful than the virus, a decisive fraction of his core demographic nevertheless arrived at the view – despite the ceaseless scolding insistence of this by much of mainstream media – that their president is indeed glaringly ill-suited for public office.

  97. Of course the fake Covid “pandemic” and the anti-human use of masks is all part and parcel with transhumanism.

    Thanks Dumbo. Very cool! Are you Americano?

  98. Clearly helping the white male workers has not been a priority. So he lost.

    So, the choice was between someone who did nothing, and someone who promised to take even more away from them.

    Such voters stay home as a protest, not go out and actively make things worse for themselves.

    Suspect that their non-votes were harvested by the Machine.

  99. Its a reference to this HBD idea:

    Due to the extent to which people descended from that area seem to have adopted “handshakeworthy” opinions in both Europe and the US (e.g. on immigration, gay marriage, holiness of blacks, etc.) they may be systemically more averse to expressing their true opinions on things that the media/authority figures tell them are bad, such as supporting Trump. This is one possible explanation for why “shy Trump voter” effect is strongest/polls tend to be least reliable in the Midwest which is descended from groups such as the Puritans, Quakers (Pennsylvania), Germans, and Scandinavians. I don’t know if it’s the correct explanation, but it’s an interesting one.

  100. Old and Grumpy says

    Perhaps it is due to living near Philly, but there is always fraud. Democrats are good at it, and Republican Inc. loves it. Can’t have any honest, straight shooter interrupt the long standing political graft. Of course the Donald isn’t really an honest man. Had he kept that 5% of the 2016 white male vote, any cheating would have been impossible. But hey … we have still have Israel first with President Kamala. Whew on that. However I don’t look forward to being uncomfortable in my house due to the Paris Accords mandates.

    In defense of Maga, there are so many professional agitators in their ranks besides Qanon. Call them dumb, but they really desperate for something called hope. Maybe that is the reason I tend to think Trump was the bait to reel them in for the sporting catch and kill.

  101. I’m not convinced there wasn’t fraud. However, fraud only works where the election is very close, which in a way means it’s a statistical toss up whether a state goes for one candidate over the other. Whoever wins will not have a clear democratic mandate to govern.

  102. Agreed. As you correctly say, if it is “cheating” it is only so in apostrophes. Republicans in 2016 offered rides to the Amish to get them to the polling stations. I and I am sure almost everybody here has zero problems with that. But functionally it’s very similar.

    In Russia, this is often done by the state or state-owned enterprises – busing public workers for free to voting stations, providing refreshments at polling sites, other such gimmicks to increase turnout. These are called “administrative resources”, and are distinct from electoral fraud.

  103. Coming out of medieval times, math class in France was purely to find artillery officers; who were then given rank and privilege, and thus better mating prospects.

    From that flowed an out-sized portion of great mathematicians.

  104. E. Harding says

    If there was fraud in the inner cities in 2020, it was in favor of the Republicans. Trump went from 3.1% in 2016 to 5.1% in 2020 in Detroit and from 15.3% in 2016 to 18% in 2020 in Philadelphia. Somebody can point me to the numbers for Milwaukee City, Chicago, the Bronx, etc. but I’m confident they’ll show the same pattern. Trump’s problem was suburban, not ghetto.

  105. Johnny Walker Read says

    As Paul Harvey used to say: “And Now For The Rest Of The Story”

    Countdown to magic voting

    Election Day comes. Vote counting is running smoothly – mail-in count, election day count, up to the minute tallies – but mostly favoring Red, especially in three states always essential for capturing the presidency. Red is also leading in what is characterized as “swing states”.

    But then, just as a TV network prematurely calls a supposedly assured Red state for Blue, all vote counting stops before midnight in major urban areas in key swing states under Blue governors, with Red in the lead.

    Blue operators stop counting to check whether their scenario towards a Blue victory can roll out without bringing in mail-in ballots. Their preferred mechanism is to manufacture the “will of the people” by keeping up an illusion of fairness.

    Yet they can always rely, as Plan B, on urban mail-in ballots on tap, hot and cold, until Blue squeaks by in two particularly key swing states that Red had bagged in a previous election.

    That’s what happens. Starting at 2 am, and later into the night, enter a batch of “magic” votes in these two key states. The sudden, vertical upward “adjustment” includes the case of a batch of 130k+ pro-Blue votes cast in a county alongside not a single pro-Red vote – a statistical miracle of Holy Ghost proportions.

    Stuffing the ballot box is a typical scam applied in Banana Republic declinations of color revolution. Blue operators use the tried and tested method applied to the gold futures market, when a sudden drop of naked shorts drives down gold price, thus protecting the US dollar.

    Blue operators bet the compliant mainstream media/Big Tech alliance will not question that, well, out of the blue, the vote would swing towards Blue in a 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 margin.

    They bet no questions will be asked on how a 2% to 5% positive ballot trend in Red’s favor in a few states turned into a 0.5% to 1.4% trend in favor of Blue by around 4am.

    And that this discrepancy happens in two swing states almost simultaneously.

    And that some precincts turn more presidential votes than they have registered voters.

    And that in swing states, the number of extra mysterious votes for Blue far exceeds votes cast for the Senate candidates in these states, when the record shows that down ticket totals are traditionally close.

    And that turnout in one of these states would be 89.25%.

    The day after Election Day there are vague explanations that one of the possible vote-dumps was just a “clerical error”, while in another disputed state there is no justification for accepting ballots with no postmark.

    Blue operators relax because the mainstream media/Big Tech alliance squashes each and every complaint as “conspiracy theories”.

    Thanks to PEPE ESCOBAR for what I feel is the most honest look at the latest attempted election theft you will find.

  106. Supply and Demand says

    100 Comments in, and we have pure Biden Derangement Syndrome.

  107. Best possible scenario. Whitexit… from Jewish Supremacism.

    Jews did this. Hate them back.

    “We are all Palestinians.”

  108. Excellent post, thanks. In my opinion, the difference in WI, Mi, and maybe PA was very effective ballot harvesting by Dem-aligned nonprofit groups which, while maybe unsavory, is not illegal.

  109. dreams of triumph in a civil war

    If they ever have a Civil War they will certainly lose the fight. That’s why I believe the Civil War is unfortunately possible. If the collective Left (actually the globalist handlers that agitate the Cultural Marxist degenerates) decide to finish it once and for all, then the collective Right (including the innocuous conservatives) are done with. Sooner or later this is going to happen.

  110. Trump rallies 500 to 1,000 times the size of Biden’s.

    11-02-20 : 23:28 Zulu (GMT)
    Fox Business Election screen :

    Twitter count Pro Trump 87,455,000 Pro Biden 12,600,000
    Trump at 7X Biden!

    Yesterday the Twitter support for Trump was as above.

    In the ‘Vote’ counts it is 67m Biden v’s 65m Trump
    Since 2000, the voting machines and computers are so compromised and corrupt that only an idiot would allow ‘electronic’ voting.
    Put your mark on a piece of paper it can be counted by hand and verified, re-counted when needed.

    But Americans have to have ‘Instant” gratification, they can’t wait a few days or even hours, so they trust a computer.
    At one time three midwest states dropped Trump from a comfortable lead and 3 of them simultaneously reported Biden 49.9% Trump 48.7%.
    The statistical chance of this happening without a program in control is equal to the survival rate of snowballs in hades.
    Humans are not ‘rational’ creatures but ‘rationalising’ creatures.
    They look for explanations which match their ‘world view’.
    Appealing to Statistics (There are lies, damned lies and statistics. Twain) and dropping names of supposed experts merely deflects the ignorant and unthinking.
    The ‘deep state’ was not buried when the USA had the chance.
    Elections have consequences, you lost, get over it.

  111. I don’t know about Arizona, but I live in Georgia and travel all over the state from time to time, and I can assure you that despite the large African In America population population here, ( last time I checked Georgia was in the 30% range, whew, that probably puts us only behind Mississippi) and loads of Beaners in the chicken processing plants that permeate northern Georgia, Trump took Georgia easily. For every Biden sign, I would see 15-20 Trump signs, flags, etc. And this observation occurred if I was in Rome, the northwestern part of the state, Gainesville, ( town about 60-70 miles north of Atlanta, full of Mexicans), Suburban Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, and even in very dark Southern places with Whites living on the outskirts like Albany, Valdosta/Tifton off of Interstate 75. I know this state like the back of my hand, and despite the influx of Yankees to metro Atlanta and the Georgia mountains, hell, many of them were Trump supporters, and despite Brown Mexican and El Salvadoran factory workers, and the abundance of Africans In America, Georgia is still red as in redneck. The only thing blue in Georgia is a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Rednecks, white socks and Blue Ribbon beer, yawl. hehe.

    Biden had about as much chance of winning Georgia legitimately as he has of running the 40 in 4.3 or hitting a ball out of Yankee stadium.

  112. because they’re dumb liberaloid roaches who got to power

    At this point taking the Ted pill and deleting the entire Internet is the only way to send these people to hell

  113. Trump just used White men as prostitutes for their votes. All Trump has given White men is empty talk and false hope. Trump’s a business man, not a career politician like Biden or Hillary. The system wants the latter. Soros funds BLM, antifa, ect. It’s safe to say the system was against Trump. Much of his own party of sellout politicians weren’t with him. Trump got through the cracks once, the deep state wasn’t going to let that happen again. To get 8 years in office you have to be a total puppet. The Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama were all hand-picked puppets. Trump wasn’t in the club. Trump as President was an accident they had clean up, even if he was more than willing to betray the White men that voted him in and submit to the beast.

  114. one actual communist Russian journalist

    Darya Mitina ?

    По собственным словам Д. Митиной, её “покойный прадед, которому я обязана своей фамилией, близко работал с Лениным, был большевиком ленинской плеяды, закончил свою жизнь в трагическом 1937-м”[29]. “Он был старым бoльшевикoм, большим профсоюзным руководителем, oдним из рукoвoдителей Рабoчей oппoзиции, рабoтал с Калининым, Шляпникoвым и Кoллoнтай и был oсуждён в 1937 гoду, как и бoльшинствo лидерoв oппoзиции Сталину. В квартире, в которую он въехал в 1929 году, сразу когда построили дом, я и живу до сих пор”, – рассказывала она в другом интервью[12].

    Отец — Касем Искандер Ибрагим Мoхаммед Юсуфзай (24.04.1938). Гражданин Афганистана, пуштун по национальности, был сыном афганского премьер-министра (1963—1965) и крупного дипломата Мухаммеда Юсуфа[18], coздателем и рукoвoдителем афганскoгo нациoнальнoгo телевидения. В 1970-х годах жил в Москве и учился во ВГИКе. Повешен талибами во время взятия ими Кабула 27 сентября 1996 года[40][41].

    Мать — Наталья Митина (ум. 2001[42]), кинодраматург, в начале 1990-х работала в аппарате фракции «Отчизна» Верховного Совета РСФСР, заместителем главного редактора газеты «Дума» фракции КПРФ в Государственной Думе РФ[18].

    Муж — Саид Закирович Гафуров (Said Gafurov[en]) (род. 1967), российский экономист, востоковед и публицист, заместитель главного редактора журнала “ВВП”.

    Use Google Translate and you will have a good laugh (especially that she doesn’t say who her grandfather was married with, probably to avoid making it all even more laughable).

    Now, about all this Nazi vs Commie stuff, I think sane people should leave it to the boomers. There are more important things to do. How do we ensure that we do have a future?

    None of us can swim it alone against this tide.

  115. God's Fool says

    “Now obviously, in an elections of millions of people, there will be significant fraud…”

    Are you a Jew, Anatoly, that you should lead us to believe everything, everywhere has to be crooked?

  116. Trump was the bait to reel them in for the sporting catch and kill.

    I have a similar impression.

  117. IF (((they))) pull this off, Dementia Joe will only be around for a cup of coffee. This shell of a “man” was willing to pad his fragile ego by accepting being SELECTED as (((their))) 46th President of the United States, and he will then feign an illness, incompetence, and resign and PRESTO, the plan all along, President Caramel aka Camel Toe Harris. The old, decrepit, creepy, good for nothing, never did anything, Biden, will creep off and enjoy retirement with all the benefits that come with being an ex-American President, ( boy, this guy will have some answering to do IF there is a God above) and slumber around the clock.

    All those white traitor trash dimwits, leftist racist anti-White Jews, racist Blacks and Browns, DID NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN, THEY VOTED FOR HARRIS. This was the only way to get Harris in the White House. She dropped out at what, 1% approval rating, when she was seeking the Demshevik nomination. This creature wasn’t even liked by her own party, and presto, she becomes Creepy Joe’s pick and suddenly all the anti-White racist leftist goons out there love her. I even talked to a guy and he said she was attractive. Attractive? Are you kidding me? Tulsi Gabbard is attractive. Sarah Palin is attractive. Melania Trump is very attractive. Pamela Anderson in her prime (not now) was HAWT. This wig wearing, dumpy, little woman is anything but attractive. She passes for some middle age mommy who has stretch marks, a fup, ( fat upper ——), and saggy breastesses.

    The anti-White racists who seem to have a stranglehold on traditional America, view having a RACIST BLACK WOMAN AS AMERICA’S PRESIDENT, THE ULTIMATE SLAP IN THE FACE TO TRADITIONAL AMERICA. DON’T BELIEVE IT? Well you better believe it because (((these people))) are sick and (((they))) are the REAL RACISTS.

  118. Daniel Chieh says

    You say it as if it was a good thing…

    You can stop using technology at any time and live up to your handle. I am a transhumanist as well. Btfo virgin.

  119. E. Harding says

    While you do correctly estimate the non-college White Georgian hatred of the Democratic party, you underestimate two things:

    1. The rising tide of color
    2. The metropolitan Atlanta college White swing against Trump (as manifested in their shift from Romney to Trump and from Trump to Abrams)

    Do you not remember the Kemp-Abrams race? Well, it turns out Biden is hated by White people less than Abrams is. Combined with 1. that is just enough to flip Georgia to the Democratic column. Georgia’s non-college White vote was maxxed out for the GOP (it was close to 100% in many rural counties in 2018); its college White vote was not maxxed out for Dems. Thus my inability to draw a winning Georgia map for Trump.

  120. To the extent I was able to make heads or tails of its prose, Karlin’s article seems to me like a foolish rush to judgment on complex and momentous issues. The biggest unaddressed reality is that, because of Corona, the voting, the vote counting and who knows what else is yet to come, is completely unprecedented. We are all in terra incognito. Its a royal mess and it was designed by the Dems to be an incomprehensible morass, too vast and complicated for mere mortals to comprehend let alone deal with. The Dems certainly succeeded in getting their way on that score.

    The whole complex of Corona-related problems and responses might itself be seen an engineered element of election fraud. From that overriding issue we move into another unprecedented abuse of due process, namely the illicit mass censorship by Big Tech in the course of the electioneering. That illicit censorship is still continuing. Then we move into the many issues that start with how the ballots were distributed and then passed along from a to b to c to d etc etc. What happened in each contested jurisdiction at every stage of this procession. How was the ballot harvesting implemented? Who signed off at every stage?

    What is to be made of the obvious bias of the US postal service and its union whose improper partisan connections with the Democratic Party is no secret. Already there are videos of whistle blowers from within the Post Office establishment, a federal agency that most of us are only now learning is obviously pretty corrupt. What is expected of the federal government when one of its agencies seems to have collaborated with state governments in harming the credibility of a nation-wide election? What does the law say about federal-state interactions when evidence starts to emerge, as is happening now, that the US Postal Service is involved in election fraud.

    For the third-world-style election of 2020 to gain any sense of legitimacy at all in the eyes of US citizens and in the eyes of a skeptical world sick and tired of US sanctimony about its GREAT DEMOCRACY, there will have to be genuine evidence of significant investigation on a large and detailed scale. Karlin-style flippancy will not suffice.

    To come up with a verdict about the whole mess is absurd at this stage. The issues have yet to be properly defined let alone answered. Again this article is an insult not only to readers but also to the magnitude of the principles at stake. What Karlin has done here trivializes core issues bearing centrally on the future of a once-great polity sinking yet deeper into a quagmire that is far more toxic than your average swamp.

  121. The left has cultural capture over 80%+ of Western human capital.


    Let’s not overestimate.

    Tech and media have leveraged an out-sized influence today, but those at the top are rather personally conservative.

    And the left contains plenty of negative human capital.

  122. Cope is a verb, not a noun.

  123. It is obvious why (((they))) wanted Trumpstein out, Trumpstein, despite being a cuckold to the Zionist was threatening to bring our brave young men and women home, protect our borders, and his base was about 98% White at the lowest. And many of those were common everyday working class Whites, you know, the people who really made America great, the people who actually grow food, build buildings, work and produce automobiles in factories, drive trucks, you know jobs that are REAL JOBS, JOBS THAT ACTUALLY PRODUCE SOMETHING.

    (((They))) didn’t really hate Trump, they hated the typical Trump voter. Actually it has already been pointed out, Trump did very little for the average White other than give them hope, he really didn’t deliver that much. Trump became uber popular by just giving the people crumbs, now can you imagine how popular a man or woman will be when they come out of nowhere and give the people the hundred per cent truth. It will take a fearless man or woman, someone with nothing left to lose, because that is the way it has always been. I NEVER expected Trump to do much, after all, this guy is the typical NYC businessman, think of who this guy has had dealings with in his lifetime, hell, look at his in-laws. For all his, “I am not a politician” rantings, Trump spent his life around politicians and pictures are all over the place with Trump & Bill Clinton golfing together, Trump and Ghislane, Trump & Epstein, Trump with his friend Baby Nut&Yahoo, etc. Sounds like the typical politician to me. Trump was NEVER a man of the people and it will take a real man of the people to set things right in America.

  124. LOL. You’re beyond parody.

    Transhumanists’ dream:

    “IQ increased by a factor of millions AI-enhanced brain”
    “Lives for millions of years”
    “Can upload mind to the cloud”

    Transhumanists’ reality:

    “Chip inside brain which needs costly and painful monthly updates used only to locate you at all times, deliver dumb video game commercials, and allow posting of memes to social media.”
    “With all information including genetics and health on someone else’s hand, lives only until people in power decides that they should live”
    “Descendants get stuck with a yearly bill for server storage for 100+ years for a useless amount of data which has no conscience, no feelings and no usefulness”

  125. RichardTaylor says

    Okay, I have no idea if you’re serious or just like insulting people. First off, the nature of “intellectuals” was well explained by Eric Hoffer. They’re generally a bunch of power lusting head cases. A person who hasn’t outgrown being in awe of some Mommy Professor is a case of arrested development.

    As far as the Really Smart crowd, well, there is a certain type of cowardly person who does well on tests and may have intellectual ability, but nonetheless has no loyalty to his own people.

    He thinks he can work a separate deal for himself at the expense of his people. Obviously, some of them are in Silicon Valley.

    But you should understand: IQ is a decent measure, but not the whole measure of intelligence, much less other personality factors. A town full of Blacks who had an average IQ of 85 would be totally different from a town of Whites with IQ of 85. And different still from an Asian one with the same IQ average.

    I’m against people whose primary loyalty in life is to others in their IQ band. It’s silly.

  126. but because of a broad nationwide swing against Trump, mostly due to Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus.

    If you had written

    but because of a broad nationwide swing against Trump, most likely due to Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus.

    you’d have been on stronger ground. Because, obviously, in any situation, let alone one as important and complex as this, it’s impossible for any of us to know all of the reasons why any voter votes the way they do. Saying most likely puts your idea in the category of speculation, or reasonable guess, where it belongs.

    But, even if we took you on your word, to say that a Trump loss was due mostly to Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus ignores a lot of things. For example, it ignores the unapologetically threatening, aggressively reckless, behavior of The DNC for the last 4 years in general and in 2020 in particular, ie; their whole by any means necessary approach that they didn’t even try to conceal.

    It also ignores the virus itself as a phenomenon that just happened to hit us in an election year. Thereby offering a sort of paranthesis to the last nearly 20 years. From September 11th, 2001 to Covid 2020 a period of time when The US Government, Academia, Big Tech, Wall St, and the MSM, all converged to a single point and bombarded the American people with one suspicious event after the next. Thereby justifying the many raised eyebrows surrounding Covid. And the corresponding censorship only confirmed those suspicions.

    I could go on, but I’d never finish. The point is, your comment, which, like many such comments, might very well contain a grain of truth, is easily overwhelmed by a flood of data it doesn’t take into account, and a kind of data it can’t account for at all. In short, it’s highly reductive and extraordinarily selective.

    This is why so many of these comments have such a dismissive tone of voice, like some shaming parent talking to a naught, recalcitrant child, and why many people respond by justifiably identifying such comments as yet more gaslighting.

  127. If the exit polling was correct Trump lost 5% of the white male vote compared to 2016. Many more likely sat this one out. He was a big disappointment by the end of the shutdown in 2019. He united anti-white forces while allowing his own supporters to be demonized, censored, attacked, and even murdered. I am glad to have sat this one out, between who knows how many men like me and those 5% we brought this supposed contest to a standstill and caused a nation of cope.

    Wignats gave him 2016 and we turned 2020 into a shitshow in answer to his betrayal. Trump only has himself to blame for doing almost nothing to stop censorship, clean up the FBI/DOJ, prosecute Antifa, end birthright citizenship, end H1B, so many other opportunities squandered. Trump supporters should start working toward something productive for their interests.

  128. RichardTaylor says

    And who’s winning?

    They’re winning because treason isn’t punished. It’s not even understood. Especially race-treason.

    These clowns may escape Brown Misery, they may live out their lives just fine. I’m talking about the future. No society that Browns Out through race-mixing does anything but sink and stagnate forever. See India after the Aryans finally mixed with the locals.

    It’s certainly possible that humans could be augmented in the future. Or maybe we really will go virtual. But that probably isn’t going to happen fast enough to outpace Brown Stagnation. I hope it does. But it could easily be centuries away.

    At that point, everyone would be super intelligent and it wouldn’t have the snob appeal it does to you now. But the kind of semi-autistic head case who has no heart for his own people gives normal people the creeps.

  129. Zarathustra says

    I do have to agree with Karlin

  130. Well, I’m shocked. I had enjoyed Anatoly’s columns quite a bit. I’m quite surprised to discover he’s my enemy. Never reading another word he pens.

    Well that’s the thing. People will always disappoint you.

  131. Bullshit you make the claim you provide the data, what astonishing hubris to suggest that others work to prove your conspiracy theories especially when this whole article is rubbishing your claims.

    I’m not Right or Left, didn’t vote for Trump, and have no interesting in white knighting for a billionaire chubster who tweets too much. Having said that, it’s clear the Right wants to be left alone, while the Left won’t leave anyone alone.

    By it’s very nature and the expectations that go with it the Left demands blind obedience to its authority. That’s why even Steve Pinker, no man of the Right, said the Left has created The Left Pole. Just as anyone not on the North Pole is technically “South” anyone not on the Left Pole is “a far-Right wing Nazi, etc. etc. Rinse and Repeat.

    That’s why your response is simply a variation of a theme that goes “We are right. Always. We have all the questions and all of the answers. And it’s because we are always right and always good anyone who disagrees with us is a racist, sexist, antisemitic, transphobic, homophobic, islamophic, xenophobic, nativist who peddles conspiracy theories and therefore deserves to die. So, we are justified in killing them.”

    What good would it do any commenter to provide you with data when you’ve already dismissed their claims as the kind of conspiracy theory Mr. Kaplan has rubbished? Which, as interesting and as thought-provoking as Mr. Kaplan’s article is, he has not in fact rubbished. No. You’re not interested in data. You’re interested in confirmation bias. Since that is what you start with that’s what you’ll get – every single time.

    And now we’re back to why the country’s falling apart. Because that’s the real heart of the matter.

  132. Karlin the Koper:

    “Again, this is not to say that small scale fraud will not happen (on both sides). It obviously does. But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible and there is a division of power across all branches of government, including the judiciary. The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent.

    This is a dumb argument to make after we have just witnessed four years of a massive, large scale fraud by the Dems, media, intel agencies, and department heads to frame Trump with Russia collusion and Ukraine entanglement, with ZERO LEAKAGE from any of the participants, of which there must have been on the order of hundreds within the inner circles and thousands downstream.

  133. Zarathustra says

    Quo vadis USA.
    (Prophecy for the small brains)
    And so Trump lost the election.
    What does it signifies?
    It signifies the end of democracy in USA. Democratic win puts the fate of USA solidly on the path of dictatorship ergo permanent rule by Democratic party. Democrats never accepted Republican presidency. Constant and continues rabid attack on Trump presidency did without doubt proven that. Rule by democrats also means continuous decline of influence of white people in USA, until that influence will vanish altogether. Eventually all government jobs will be filled by colored people. (Talking about color revolution)
    The beast itself; Hillary was correct in one fact, she did claim that she did win the popular vote by 3 million. In this election Democrats did get win by popular vote of four million.
    Democrats will jealously guard that this trend will continue.
    One of the first thing president Biden will do to give citizenship to dreamers. That will push the Democratic overstock above 7 million.
    Republican party will never win an election ever
    Republican party will vanish into oblivion.
    There is one good thing about this happening.
    No dictatorship led by dictator will tolerate subservience to foreign power.
    So with vanishing Republicans the Jewish power will vanish also.
    This will absolutely positively happen, It could be derailed only if Biden presidency is hit by large economic or financial calamity.
    Than all bets are off.

  134. David Rodriguez says

    Mr. Karlin’s article seems, on the surface, logical. In fact, he has zero understanding of the the American political system and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party – and, despite what he says, only the Democratic Party – has been routinely involved in major electoral fraud in modern times. The Kennedy-Nixon race in 1960 is the most infamous example. The fraud was concentrated in the swing states because the Democrats knew they had to be ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat in those areas. Fraud in California? Maybe, but why? Thanks to massive immigration and Democrat handouts, no need. Ditto New York and Massachusetts. Of course there was fraud and, unfortunately, Biden will probably occupy the White House. He will correctly be seen as illegitimate by half of the country. The only result of this “election” is ensuring that the coming civil war will be even more bitter.

  135. Damn that’s suspicious. Why do they do things like that?

    Because the DemMedia Metro Machine is hiding evidence of their crimes.

  136. What are the odds that Biden will step down to make Harris president?

    I don’t mean, the odds that he won’t run for a second term. (About 100% on that, I’d guess.) I mean, that he’ll actually step down before his term ends. Just to guarantee a lady-president, who has the additional virtue of being a miscegenated Indian. To make her the incumbent.

    I don’t think the betting markets are correct on Harris. I think the odds of her being president are much higher.

  137. You have some real and good arguments there!
    He even got moore than he deserved.
    But then again Bidén was looming for the next period.
    Maybe there is another mathematical formula waiting to be constructed in these times, when no candidate or party seem to represent the people?

  138. Because the DemMedia Metro Machine is hiding evidence of their crimes.

    It sure looks that way, doesn’t it. That’s what I don’t understand. Don’t they know that many people are going to view that as tantamount to an admission of guilt?

  139. freedom is important says

    Small systemic fraud can aggregate to hundreds of thousands of votes. Your global metaprogram view is missing the power of compounding the specifics. Most likely, we have seen systematic compounding of small scale fraud defeat the buffoon. Sad, yet very real. He should have been a little smarter.

  140. Bardon Kaldian says

    Yeah, but only for the time being. American far left is incapable of sustaining a modern society & it will collapse unto itself. Marxists were capable; Anarchists- not, if you get my drift.

    The problem with American normal right is that there is not one. It all seems to me as something determined by history & society, and not a single individual can reverse these trends. Sometimes, an individual (Lenin, Hitler) is crucial. But, most of the time, not.

    In other words, Trump has, probably, lost the Mandate of Heaven.

  141. Supply and Demand says

    This is news to me, because I voted for Joe Biden. Joe Biden will be president for as long as the Chinese need him to be.

  142. ThisIsAnon153Replying says

    Obvious fraud, joe didnt have more enthusiasm than 2008 Obama.

    it seems simple.

    However fuck the USA I hope they and by extension their nato allies lose as much prestige and power and possible.

  143. Question Mark says

    The Orange Man is not always easy to judge because he gives (a few lollipops) to the massively attacked whites and (bigger lollipops) to his jewish financial supporters. Now it seems to be an ancient jewish tradition that in case of conflict there will always be jewish controllers on both sides which has the obvious benefit that – whatever the outcome – jewish interests will remain paramount. After his 4 years of office it seems that Trump was mostly an Israel Firster and that his white supporters felt somewhat abandoned despite his populist tweets – which confirms the usefulness of this tradition.

    It looks a bit like the USA is being set up for a violent showdown which will exhaust both sides (the patriotic whites versus the BLM+Antifa supporters) and maybe could give complete control to the globalists.

    Now the Christian cultures resisted destruction ~1000 years ago in Spain. Could we do it again?

  144. Nah, you voted for a dumpy, middle aged, Black racist. Hell, I don’t know what would be more embarrassing, admitting voting for an underachiever like Biden or an affirmative Blacktion loser like Harris. Thank you, for your disservice to America, clown.

  145. Election fraud is part of Oligarch privately owned government scenario.. Ho hum.. ‘
    Defending the Republicans when they had a reputaturd congress and a reputaturd president and still did not
    fix the major frauds.. perpetrated by the private interest that own the USA that governs innocent Americans.

    Its like media fraud, both parties condone it because they are both guilty. Last night I my os provider uploaded to every file in my browser and on my computer crhoms disease spyware.. what’s the different if its search engine fraud or select the information you are allowed/not allowed to see fraud or denial of service fraud, or break and enter fraud. And even when some whistleblower points it out the USA prosecutes him or her.

    Its private parties doing their USA assisted frauds designed to bilk the America public. Time for a change we need a different government, one that responds only to the governed.

    No more voting districts, vote by state, or electoral college, no more laws passed without approval from the governed.. no more government agencies to license a few to bilk the many.. its time for a change..

  146. free your mind says

    By compounding fraud do you mean the perhaps millions of votes through voter suppression by false polls, fake news, search engine manipulation, and social media algorithms? Like always overstating Trump negatives and understating any positives. For example, opinion polls falsely skewed by 10 percent always against him, one after the other for 5 years. Yeah i guess this could have huge compounding effect day after day. Trumps team could not defeat the machines compounding effects.

  147. “The most probable fraud would be ballot harvesting facilitated by the fact that millions of ballots were sent unsolicited based on lists including a significant proportion of people who have moved or are dead. “

    When you fill up the mail in ballot for your demented grandmother this is a fraud though on a micro scale. But multiply it by thousand. Do it in nursing homes. Then do it in community centers in minority areas and ghettos for people who would never vote. You incentivize them and twist their arms. This is no different than ballot stuffing but impossible to be proven as a fraud, yet everybody knows about it:

    Democrats return nearly three times as many mail-in ballots as Republicans in Pennsylvania

    Did it require conspiracy which both A. Karlin and New York Times

    Republicans Claim Voter Fraud. How Would That Work

    claim is impossible because it would require too much of planning, coordination, secrecy? Absolutely not. A well oiled (with money) political party machine with motivated workers do it naturally; they can do it in their sleep.

    How do you get the motivated workers and why it was for Republicans harder to emulate Democrats’ shenanigans? Very simple. The full spectrum dominance in media; creation of Trump derangement syndrome that removes any inhibition to win; most importantly the sense of doom for Trump supporters by fake polls predicting two digit Biden’s win. The meme of ‘shy Trump supporters’ is a fake invented in 2016 to explain away the fake poll results. Fake polls were very important to demoralize and demotivate Republican voters, donors and most importantly the on the ground election workers.

    This article is another example of author’s psychopathology. A cowardly bully who position himself on the side of the winner and takes a pleasure in rubbing it in to the losers.

  148. A Competent Physicist says

    It’s FAR too early to call Trump and his supporters toxic sore losers. First of all, are they? Are they toxic sore losers when the bulk of the MSM and big tech are engaging in an aggressive campaign of censorship and blacking them out?

    I very much doubt Trump supporters can exceed the all time champions of toxic sore losing than the Russia-gaters. Don’t forget the Democrat party has STOLEN two primaries from Bernie Sanders. Ironic how most former Sanders supporters can now join the fray claiming Trump is stealing the election. How is Trump stealing it? Is he stuffing ballots? Is he cancelling legal ballots? Are his friends in media censoring his opponents? (Don’t laugh)

    Things are going to be very different in our “Brave New World” in which the Deep State and Big Tech control 100%. When all is said and done, Democrats might wish they had simply waited four more years for Trump’s term limit to expire than using fraud and force to remove him. It’s only a matter of time before they thoroughly regret what they’ve done but it will be to late and irreversible.

    What goes around comes around. We’ve overturned many elections and governments abroad (our specialty), it was only a matter of time before we’ve done it to ourselves.

    September 17, 1787 – November 4, 2020

  149. John Q Duped says

    I know in my state there is always massive voting fraud and of course it all takes place in one county which has millions of voters – some legal voters and others are dead and/or not legal voters. But most of this fraud occurs in the big city (Chicago) and yes it’s all democratically controlled and a sanctuary city and state. I guess the writer is unaware or too young to know the realities of life. Considering how the propaganda machine keeps us as blind as they can this is not so surprising.

  150. Can someone please explain to me how a state like Texas with 29 million people and a state like Florida with 21 million people, both with plenty of purple, blue and red voters can be decided the night of the election and yet Georgia, a state with a population of about half of Florida and a third of Texas is still counting votes? Hell, Michigan has even less people than Georgia and Nevada is a small state at least as far as population is concerned.

    IF we lived in a healthy, honest, and credible nation, the election results would be determined on the day of the election, or early the next morning at the latest. Anyone who believes the narrative being spewed by the Jewish media is beyond dumb.

    I am certainly not in love with Trump, and I voted for him because of the alternative of having a useless, decrepit, freeloader like Biden and his anti-White little Black tyrant, didn’t appeal to me at all. Yes, Trump is a Zionist bootlicker, but so is Creepy Joe and his dumpy little Black racist partner. At least, Trump wasn’t anti-White to the core, so why on earth any White would vote for Harris/Biden is beyond me. Yes, that ticket should have read, Harris/Biden.

    To keep things fair, Dubya and his brother, the governor of Florida at the time, more than likely pulled some shenanigans to get Georgie Boy elected in 2000. Trump was screwed here, and it is OBVIOUS.

  151. Johnny Walker Read says

    ‘The Hammer’ And ‘Scorecard’: Weapons Of Mass (Vote) Manipulation?

    In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

  152. I don’t have an opinion about AK’s personality, but otherwise I think you’re right that fraud was done at the micro-level. Easy to do and probably impossible to counter legally.

  153. Jean-Marie L. says

    A “rationalist” explaining that “a variable is being plotted against itself”. What are rationalists? Math atheists?

    The rest of the discussion is pretty impressionistic, with an air of “I know it all; you don’t know zilch” that doesn’t compensate for the glib skipping over relevant details.

  154. Can someone please explain to me how a state like Texas with 29 million people and a state like Florida with 21 million people, both with plenty of purple, blue and red voters can be decided the night of the election and yet Georgia, a state with a population of about half of Florida and a third of Texas is still counting votes?

    Well according to the counters both Texas and Florida are still counting votes, the gap was just sufficiently big to call both for Trump early on.

    The US has an inefficient elections system that takes far too long to count up the votes in many states. One is tempted to call it Third World, but that would be insulting to countries like India, which apparently finishes its counts within half a day.

  155. Not that I’m much concerned about diagnoses from a Butthurt Belt alcoholic – but blogging about all sorts of politically incorrect topics would be an exceedingly strange hobby for someone who was obsessed with associating with “winners”.

  156. Europe Europa says

    I predict that Trump will find a way to win after all, and the left will be so incensed after having been lead to believe they’d won that the ensuing rioting and looting will look like something out of The Purge.

    Some “conspiracy” types would argue that the establishment are deliberately prolonging this and building the pressure and anger to create this scenario, so they can justify bringing in martial law.

  157. In the US it is the left that believes in harsh lockdown measures. Unless rioters are required to damage the image of the right.

  158. Well every time (((the media))) shows a picture of the people counting votes in Atlanta it is pretty obvious why the going is slow and treacherous. The Atlanta vote counters are the type of people who take 2 hour lunch breaks, 1 hour long “breaks” on the clock, etc. Here I was worried about Trump losing Florida and Texas, and he loses or is losing in Georgia of all places.

  159. Beautiful Evidence says

    “By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

    Our democracy is not a democracy-it’s a fraud.
    Our media including alternative media is a fraud.
    Our government is FUBAR so to pretend this election matters is providing cover for a fraudulent system.

  160. ConqueringFools says

    So all those lily white educated corporate dopes who saw their 401ks shoot up to record highs during Trump’s 4 years are gonna vote for a Biden??? LOL just proves any moron can get a college degree in the USA!!! Trump was wrong to take credit for the markets as they will implode soon. But your reason is as moronic as you as to why white libtard college males should vote for Biden.

  161. Oldtradesman says

    Been there done that many times on the ground, ever since passing out cans of Goldwater as a child in ’64.

    The mighty BLIGHTY is an indolent, cowardly hobbyist who doesn’t do political work, especially if risk is involved.

    Work, you say? Hobbies should be fun! Risk, you say? “My neighbors will see me holding the sign,” says 30ish male! Old woman on social security pipes up, “I’ll hold it!”

    This was true back when the social, financial, and health repercussions of being outted as a BLIGHTY within a politically- or racially-mixed community were minimal in comparison to now: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, early 1990s.

    Within a local activist group, each BLIGHTY fancies himself to be the most intelligent and experienced. Thus, in his “considered” opinion, he should lead the group’s efforts. With so many BLIGHTIST “leaders” present the group’s objective is lost. It devolves into a weekly/monthly discussion group or social club – where members greet, eat, and retreat – before disintegration.

    The BLIGHTY is a superficial, thin-skinned child. He is insulted when his “well-considered” opinions are tactfully placed on the agenda for another time so that well-advertised meeting objectives can be addressed or work performed. Within one to three meets the highly individualist BLIGHTY’s face becomes “pinched” with anger for having been redirected to the task at hand and he takes his toys elsewhere.

    On the ground, mighty BLIGHTY lacks a sense of personal commitment and urgency. On the Internet he encourages others working the ground to ACT NOW (in his place, of course). No examples need be provided, it is evident everywhere. Justifying his Internet vice ground “activism”: “We’re going to TWEET our way to VICTORY!”

    Much more could be said, but you get the point. That is why the BLIGHTWING has:

    no organizations, no plans, no tactics, no strategy, no knowledge, no skills, no intelligence, no experience, just bunch of crazy people doing random stupid things

    Everybody, including BLIGHTWINGers in cyber space, knows or senses that the BLIGHTWING is for losers who are guaranteed to lose even when they win. The individual BLIGHTY, however, is certain that he is one of the exceptions.


  162. ConqueringFools says

    Great!!! As a white, straight, conservative working class male I could give 2 fks anymore about any of it!!! I and my progeny are being slated for extinction and if “they”, rich elite Republicans, think we are going down without taking a few of their heads they are in for a big surprise. The Jeff Bezos and Koch brothers of tje country aren’t bulletproof and they have to come out of their mansions once in a while. America as it stands now is pointless to defend. White conservatives need to move and populate small towns and communities. As we control the trucking, manufacturing, mining, farming, etc. we could bring the entire country to its knees.

  163. Anonymous Jew says

    Because they’re in power and power corrupts. Plus the general arrogance of Leftist ideology. Look at Hunter Biden. They just don’t even care to pretend anymore.

  164. This article just restates establishment propaganda and warps it in snark. A waste of time.

  165. Harris/Biden like Trump/Pence are Israel Firsters, so really all this hoopla over a transition is not really called for when you think about it. Matter of fact, the 1st and 2nd Amendment will continue to be under attacked just like it was with Trumpstein, now more than ever. Anti-White racism will continue until Whites start standing up for their rights the same way as everyone else. Trumpstein was never the savior for America, face it. Maybe things will become so bad IF Harris/Biden take over that this country and Whites will gain a spine again. Until then, new boss, same as the old boss, more or less. Still as bad as the Orange Man was, IF you are “White” and voted for Harris/Biden, you have to be legally retarded. Thanks to all the WINOs and white traitor trash out there. Brilliant you bunch of retards.

  166. AK reminds me of election night numbers crunchers who eventually numb your brain into a state of Biden – yet, he cites enough cases to raise serious red flags everywhere. Read – – about red flags.
    In the final analysis – he’s simply stating that DaFreakingDeepState operatives will go on doing what they always do – until they’re stopped.
    The fact is that we live in an oligarchy, not a republic – thus, as others before them, it will sail on – until it sinks!
    History 101 – that which is not founded in truth and reality, eventually destroys itself. The only question is when – or what specific event or individual triggers the final blow to its existence.
    We will find out whether we elected a Trump or Romney – this moment, and not the election itself – will determine Trump’s legacy and our immediate future.
    If you don’t get WTF I’m talking about – – for DaFull Text!

  167. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Anyone who supported Trump on these forums is going to have their details logged and them and their families put into camps now that Joseph Biden has become GEOTUS.

  168. For example, in one state, Democratic party poll workers kicked pro-Trump observers out of the ballot room and then covered the windows so no one could see what was going on.

    Isaac Saul’s evidence there is nothing suspicious about this incident is that a local Democratic party says no one did anything wrong.

    This author cites Isaac Saul as credible.

  169. It’s simple, really. Big Tech + Dems + Globalists + CCP? vs. American Whites.

    And they are winning.

    At this point, if Trump is not just Kabuki theatre of the Zion – Uniparty, he would do something. But likely he won’t. And America as we know it is finished. If you thought 2020 was bad, I have a surprise for you for the next years.

    This is the end, beautiful friend.

  170. A nice splash of cold water on the sadly losing side in the 2020 election. What you say is mostly true. There are some significant points you don’t acknowledge, such as the idea that massive numbers of mailed ballots will certainly result in unauthorized votes being counted. It’s hard to say how many that is, but I suspect, like you, that it can’t have made a difference of hundreds of thousands across all the states necessary for a Trump victory.

    Blame the phony virus for most of these results and I insist that shutdown policies have been a gross overreaction designed to make Trump powerless to campaign.

    Finally, one simply has to admit that Trump was unprepared to be an effective President and never learned how. Saying things that sound populist over and over isn’t governing.

    We have a nice wall that’s 400 miles long down on the Mexican border and that’s about it. At some point in the fast approaching future, it will have a plaque on it saying, “I am Ozymandias Trump. Look on all that I survey.”

  171. Zarathustra says

    What kind of pathetic miserable 17 intelligence agencies, with support of democratic party and Judenpresse would be , if they would not be able to fix the election such way that their mischief cannot be found. And on top of it Covid with mail in voting was a surefire help.
    But than you sleep in the bed you make.

  172. George brent says

    A civil war needs a strong leader who do you have in mind?

  173. Robert Dolan says
  174. Very misleading and dis-informative post. It ignores the Democrats’ history of fraudulent elections and manipulation of Americans. From the beginning and before the elections, the Democrats said that they will do everything to remove Trump from the White House, by violence if necessary.
    In reality, the only times the Democrats won fair elections were by JFK and Obama recently. The reasons were because of the efficient and highly successful advertising campaigns (propaganda) to manipulate Americans. In fact, Obama won a prize for his efficient advertising campaign to con Americans and “win” the elections. He was far more criminal than his predecessors.

  175. So, how exactly do the Indians get the job done within half of a day? Do you think that the process there is less mired in muck and corruption?

  176. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Yeah, organizing is something the right should get better at, but it’s fallacious to act like it’s never tried and that nobody knows how to do it. It’s that left wing organizations are attached to state organs and succeed because they support state ideology and state policy.

    It’s foolish to pretend they “get things” from the government through their astute organizational efforts, the reality is that these organizations are used to justify the state’s planned actions. A simple proof is that these organizations always make zero progress on goals which don’t align with state policy. “We are for punishing the white racist middle class, unlimited immigration of cheap labor, expanded pervert’s rights, and also ending all war and collectivizing the means of production!” How many leftist orgs have a mission statement more or less like that? Only about a million. Now which half of that mission statement always happens, and which one never makes any headway at all? I hope I don’t have to point that out.

    Lefty organizations – enjoy financing through the state (directly and laundered through intermediaries), huge media, institutional and legal support.

    Rightist organizations – face the problem of limited financial backing (which is always directly attacked using state institutional power), constant libel by media, and huge legal and institutional barriers.

    Don’t you find it funny that “democratic” activists in China face all the same problems that right wing activists do in the western world? Their organizations (at least those not primarily headquartered in America) barely exist and never make any real headway. Maybe they both just need to learn about organizing, or maybe those that take on the state without another state backing them almost always lose, and those that align with the state almost always win.

  177. Anyone here who is more interested in investigating whether there was real fraud in these elections, as opposed to:

    • Portraying brief technical errors on the part of news organizations or ballots having being mailed out to dead people as evidence of fraud;
    • Whining about the unfairness of it all on here and Twitter;
    • Application of Benford’s Law to a situation, detecting electoral fraud, in which it is almost never appropriate;
    • Blaming the “China Flu”/”Corona Hoax” and other bubble-specific conspiracies for Trump’s incompetence;
    • Psychoanalyzing me and lambasting me as a NYT-shilling kike. (And whining more when I delete such comments).

    Could do worse than fund this project of Roko’s, which may potentially even be applicable in court:

    Or I suppose you could continue with the above for free, whatever.

  178. That guy has hair and Balden is nearly completely bald, not that is a bad thing, I am a little thin on top myself, but just sayin. I mean except for a few strands of white hair transplanted up front, Biden is bald as a cucumber. And that guy actually has muscles whereas Balden is built like a 12 year old stamp collector.

    Funny thing, a lot of Balden voters are built like 12 year old stamp collectors and blimp sized fat lards of whale shit.

  179. Karlin – isn’t that the guy who still believes that 18 arabs armed with paper cutters perpetrated 9/11? Why would anyone assume that these elections are anything else than the extension of the permanent coup against the POTUS that has been going on for the last 4 years?

  180. Sure: First set up the expectation that Trump will lose with biased polls and massively biased MSM and social media; then use the China virus to push for mail votes, which opens the door to massive fraud; then slant news coverage so Biden is always leading–keep that narrative going–to such an extent that the Pacific states were called for Biden within a few minutes of the polls closing while Florida still wasn’t called when Trump had had an insurmountable lead for hours; then when Trump was about to surge ahead anyway, stop the count; that gave the Democrats the time they needed to determine how many phony ballots they needed, which were duly delivered at 4 in the morning; huge jumps from Biden-only votes occur out of the blue in two states (two typos at once!); then expel observers–in some cases only Republican–who were supposed to be afforded access, even defying court orders, so that any cheating could not be observed; then ignore red flags such as Biden winning the state but Republicans taking the Senate and House seats; ignore evidence of postal workers backdating vote receipt; ignore discrepancies between Biden’s performance in swing state cities–with huge percentages in his favour–as opposed to other states where Biden only marginally outperforms Trump in cities; ignore the precincts–all Democrats strongholds–where votes exceed registered voters; ignore clear evidence of dead people voting; ignore evidence of people voting in states where they no longer live; ignore the vast increase in voter participation where Democrats take the vast majority of votes; ignore bunches of votes going to Biden when they were actually meant for Trump, then labeling them glitches–notice all the typos, errors, and glitches go against Trump. Finally, have MSM ignore all the above or issue laughable excuses, and delete any references to any of it on social media, going as far as deleting Tweets from the President of the United States!

    Sure, Anatoly, it’s all above board.

  181. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Nice guys finish last, I wonder if the trannies in the US military will support Trump if he tries to remain in power, I doubt it.

  182. Well, the trump WN supporters should walk away quietly with tail in between their legs and decide who they think would be best for Israel in 2024. Hopefully, it would be more entertaining next time watching Ivanka-Pompeo debating Biden-Harris – but I am not holding any bet.

  183. Brilliant ! Now we all expect your eye-opening article on “Hunter Binder’s hard drive” Republican attempted fraud. Then another one, on the pristine integrity and benevolence on DNC operatives and Party leaders.

  184. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Well, the trump supporters should walk away quietly with tail in between their legs and decide who they think would be best for Israel in 2024. Hopefully, it would be more entertaining next time watching Ivanka-Pompeo debating Biden-Harris – but I am not holding any bet.

    You really think they have enough adrenochrome to keep the big man alive till 2024?

  185. Anyhow, I think this comments thread perfectly confirms my thesis.

    No hard evidence of fraud. But, the more committed MAGA people earnestly believe otherwise. That’s probably some 20-30% of the US population. This will not be good for the Biden administration domestically, and it will also undercut American soft power so far as its “democracy promotion” hijinks go.

    So, all in all, not the worst outcome.

  186. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    It seems like broad inefficiencies that prolong counting is a point in favor of there being widespread fraud.

    Besides the well documented history of corrupt local dem political machines, your post is basically a list of why election fraud favors the more deeply entrenched political elite no matter how or why it’s done. The worry of “leaks” is also risible because there are constantly leaks regarding political malfeasance, and yet they rarely ever matter, especially regarding things which are a priority to the ruling class. I mean, it’s just as persuasive an argument about why corruption in principle doesn’t ever exist, “think of the leaks!” Once the leaks about the source of the steele dossier make their rounds, russiagate is dead in the water for sure! Still waiting for the leaks about the racial IQ gap to make their impact.

    Also your arguments against fraud rely on elections being fundamentally adversarial between both wings of the ruling class, but this isn’t the case at all. Sure, reps would rather have more influence in governing than less, but they aren’t particularly troubled by dem victory (principled defeat forms a big part of their rhetoric and the basis of many rep careers). Both the senior and junior members of the ruling class would truly like to see Trump gone, the faction that Trump represents is a very small minority in American government, without much institutional influence. And in this election in particular they made out like bandits, flipped a lot of seats to their side, and got rid of the primary opponent of principled cuckservatism, win-win! Seems to me when the defense and the prosecution both want the same thing, arguments in favor of a “fair” process should be viewed with extreme suspicion.

  187. Bill Jones says

    But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible

    Grow up.
    If they can do the three year long Russia-gate conspiracy, they can certainly do a three day long vote conspiracy.

  188. Bombercommand says

    You don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about. I have a family member in Georgia who worked the polls for many years. In the State of Georgia EVERY ELECTION it is the same, all districts have reported results in two hours after the polls close, except for ONE district: Fulton County. Fulton County is run by blacks, with standard issue black incompetance and corruption. This election it was the same but worse, by late evening all the results were in except Fulton County, Wednesday morning Fulton County had still failed to report. This election was fraudulent and in Georgia, the center of fraud was Fulton County. Sneer all you want and insist there was no fraud, AK, but I have watched Presidential elections all my life and this one was TOTALLY different. By late evening I was texting my family(regarding Michigan)”Something stinky is going on”. If you have watched enough Presidential elections they follow a certain pattern, 8PM it is obvious who will win, but this one was different: at 9PM it was looking like Trump would win with 292 Electoral votes, then suddenly things started going sideways. I have always had a knack for spotting Mafia run businesses, I can SMELL them, and this election “stinks to High Heaven”. BTW, while we are here, I have read all your articles here at TUR, and you do not have the faintest understanding of The United States or the American People.

  189. Robert Dolan says
  190. Supply and Demand says

    You’re welcome! Don’t forget to take your copium Rx.

  191. I voted for Trump. But if he’d worn a mask and listened to his infectious disease experts instead of trying to BS his way out of it, he’d have controlled the virus and won a second term.

    Shut down the country and pay everyone to stay home while you ramp up the test-and-trace and manufacturing masks. Use the power of Big Government–epidemics are one of the few times it really is the best option.

    He’s a master BSer. But a disease is one of the few things you can’t BS your way out of.

  192. Majority of One says

    Chieh. Your argument is that of a technophilic urbanite–literally and utterly ungrounded. Oh, you do well in the technocratic contemporary and purely abstract reality—a reality which I consider to be ecocidal and ultimately destructive to cohesive human enculturation.

    Our contemporary cultural matrix has been fostered under

    elitist, hierarchical rule by plutocratic oligarchs. However, you are overlooking the fact that the “deplorables” of” fly-over country” are, in many instances, quite grounded and gifted with elementary common-sense, even if their potential leadership has drifted off to “higher” edjumacasion in politically correct academia and thenceforth into rat-race existence is sub–urbia and exurbia.

    As an artist, intellectual whose trends prescience was such as to remove myself into a simple, humble homesteader life in a one-stoplight county in rural America some 49 years ago; my choice of deliberate poverty was in reaction to my young adult experiences in St. Louis, Minneapolis, Greenwich Village, San Francisco and Los Angeles. So I saw the future and left the rat-race.

    The rat race is over. The rats won.

  193. CelestiaQuesta says

    I never believed in life after death until recently. So when I die, and when I’m dead and gone, there’ll be one more vote to carry on. 

  194. Karlin was wrong about coronavirus, he is wrong about the election.
    Trump will be the next president.

  195. What one accomplishment or positive trait can you articulate that would merit a vote for Biden/Harris?

  196. Clay Alexander says

    Trump was finished after the first debate. Ranting and yelling at a mental cripple is a bad visual.

  197. The Soft Parade says

    Want to make GOD laugh? Tell Him all about your IQ. He’s got a real sense of humor and never interrupts geniuses like Chieh when they’re about to break out the knives and settle matters among themselves. It’s said that you can’t polish a turd but never insult a transhumanist turd upon the battlefield,

    Swiner to right of them, Swiner to left of them, Swiner behind them
    To whom the trannies volleyed and thundered and stormed at with IQ ,only to find
    that God chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise; 1 Cor. 1:27

  198. shylockcracy says

    Zionism, a defining Trump/Biden feature, is 100% incompatible with nationalism, unless you’re a neocolonial squatter in occupied Palestine. The whole system is fraud and your elections can’t be anything other than circus show they are. Now MAGA hatters and Qtards need to go back to pondering the greatest mystery of the universe: why whites are being persecuted and victimised so savagely.

  199. I don’t know if you are a Judge, but I wish you were. So few people have the ability to see nuance, and then break it down into easily digested words.

    Excellent analysis- Trump needs you but its too late. You nailed it.

    We are all in terra incognito. Its a royal mess and it was designed by the Dems to be an incomprehensible morass, too vast and complicated for mere mortals to comprehend let alone deal with.

    The issues have yet to be properly defined let alone answered.

    To come up with a verdict about the whole mess is absurd at this stage.

    And (they) just officially called it for Biden. Biden called Kamala to congratulate her on being the first black female VP. This was the first candidate to drop out of the Democratic Primary because of her inherent repulsive nature and disgusting character. She was polling at 2%.

    She’s going to be the most powerful woman in the world.

    It might be time for an extended news fast. I just can’t stomach her sinister smirk and Biden’s dementia and drugged ramblings.

  200. Rick Derris says

    The War Turtle kept that creep Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court. Trump put three people on who don’t adhere to “the law is what I say it is at any given moment.” So he has my thanks.

    Biden isn’t a Chad. He’s a bully. He’s been a narcissistic creep his whole career. Clarence Thomas could’ve – and should’ve – kicked his ass thirty years ago for what he did to him during the confirmation hearings. And he does have enough signs of dementia despite what the author may think.

    Biden will be a one termer and most likely will die in office due of asphyxiation from an ineffective face diaper with 30 layers of fabric.

  201. Grahamsno(G64) says

    The media have officially crowned him, Trump has been deserted by the Republican elite, for all the claims of lawyering up and having 8,500 lawyers on retainer he barely has a legal team, no strategy and importantly no money, he’s done a sad and forlorn figure a heroic fighter, I can’t see him getting out of this there’s no way he’s going to remain President and the courts are not going to touch him they can see the brewing Civil war and they are going to stay out of it.

  202. Simpleguest says

    Посмотрим, как ОБСЕ на это отреагирует и как немецкий парламент потребует повторных выборов в Америке. Потому что там нарушено было всё! Я могу сейчас сказать, как отреагируют – никак! Побоятся!

    Lukashenko was just proven right.
    DW, France24, EURONEWS, all in unison congratulating Joe Biden on his election “victory”.
    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

  203. John Gruskos says

    But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy

    No you don’t.

    You just need thousands of isolated individuals, each of whom thinks Trump is Hitler and therefore any means necessary are moral to prevent his re-election.

  204. You read the nascent rightists wrong- entirely wrong. Their problem is not with the authentic right, but with the atavistic leftism that still impedes, as ballast, their complete personal liberation from the chains of globo-homo. Leftism which includes such illusory concepts as democracy as panacea, leveling equality, environmental determinism and creedal nationhood. As such, it is not fitting to denigrate them with condescending terms such as “anti-intellectual.” They tend to repudiate the pseudo-intellectualism of the left, and rightly so. Whatever support they have for Trump is not a naive hope for a restoration of a lost idyllic past, but a symptom not of the anti-intellectualism of the right but of the arrogance and insufferable intolerance of the hegemonic left for dissidence and its imposition of rigid control over the life and thought s

    The first stage of the new right rebellion follows a natural course of repudiating the credentialism and naive faith in the myth of progress, which are indispensable props of the left, which tends to glorify learning at the expense of true knowledge; one ought to recall Alexander Pope’s observation: “A little learning is a dangerous thing…” Notice he wrote “learning” and not “knowledge.” Nascent rightists instinctively and rightly repudiate the sophistry of mere credentialism and the entirely unmerited claims of anointed experts. Unfortunately, the majority of them do not, as of yet, have an intellectual edifice in place to supersede the dystopic strait jacket of the pseudo-intellectual hegemony of the left. But they do have eyes to see that the current status quo is neither desirable nor sustainable.

    Nascent rightists, at the very least, have an instinctive suspicion of official narratives and the intellectual inquisitiveness which is the foundation of all true intellectual endeavor and creative thought. By contrast, the neo-leftist tends to be an unquestioning, rootless, protean infotainment consumer virtually vegetative in his or her ability to engage in creative thought and is notoriously averse to critical thinking. He or she is- at best- trained to perform a task, rarely truly educated.

    The new rightists are the rebellious children of outmoded enlightenment and naturalistic worldviews who are in the first stages of waking up from the leftist induced nightmares of modernity, scientism and a totally deracinated and despiritualized technocracy. They should not be disparaged, but credited as prescient; prescient enough to repudiate what the globo-homo masters wish to turn into atomized, non-binary interchangeable consumer cogs with no sense of identity and much less a sense of purpose.

  205. AOC is an US/Zion empire supporter and nothing more than that.
    She supported the regime change in Bolivia. When an Anti-war group wanted to talk to her about that, she had no time for them.

    Rep. Ocasio-Cortez symbolically embraced the coup by posing for a photo with this group as they brandished the tricolor Bolivian flag, which during that period had become a signal of support for the golpistas (as opposed to the Wiphala flag, which symbolized popular resistance to the takeover). She told them that she supports their “democratic grassroots movement” and offered them “direct lines of communication.”

    AOC, by contrast, has no time for people who cannot help her to burnish her brand as she prepares to run for higher office. As a local staffer (who declined to introduce himself) proudly informed us: “She refuses 99 percent of meeting requests from constituents.”

    She and Biden are on the same page. She only supports US/Zion empire uber alles. She only makes time for people who support the US/Zion empire.

    Meanwhile, she happily clears her schedule for interviews about her makeup routine, canned videos in which she postures as a fearless progressive, and closed-door meetings with regime-change sympathizers.

  206. Just for clarity, it wasn’t Biden who was just appointed President. It was Comrade Kamala and the far, far Left. You are an idiot if you think a Republican Senate is going to be able to do anything to deter these people.

    As for Biden, he will be sacrificed at some point in the not so distant future, and will then be deified as someone who saved us from the evils of (whatever they can think of to demonize Whites). The only question will be if he is allowed to die in his sleep or if he is assasinated somehow by some MK-ultra ‘White Supremacist’ MAGA hat wearing zombie in a scenario more ridiculous than 9/11 but that will be covered and used by the media to demonize Whites like never before. Don’t count out the second scenario, it is entirely possible.

  207. If the graphs are real they show clear anomolies of the type that forensic accountants would consider signs of fraud.

    The next few weeks should be interesting. A fitting way to see out the end of 2020.

  208. With the Covid tyranny and now the Biden “election”, the Globalists are really laying the cards on the table. No more pretence.

    And yet, there’s people who still can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes…

    What will it take for them to see it?

    Having their kid turned into a transgender?

    Or being forced to “stay home”, not being able to meet people or to earn a living, and always cover the face with a mask when going outside?

    Oops that’s already happening, isn’t it?


  209. Plato's Dream says

    So now you’ve shifted the argument from the economy to the pandemic. The US death rate per capita is in line with other western countries such as the UK. You mention the “needless and ruinous lockdowns” – well this is controlled by the states, isn’t it? The lockdowns were much more widespread and severe in the DemocRat controlled states, and Trump was actually making the case that “the cure cannot be worse than the desease”. So whatever cost Trump the election, it was not his handling of the economy.

  210. prime noticer says

    my opinion of AK has gone down.

    he actually believes there’s no evidence of fraud. that’s idiotic nonsense. that actually, literally sounds like a Democrat party talking point. he is a foreigner though, and doesn’t know the US as well as people who have lived here 50 or 60 years and watched democrats cheat, lie, and steal at every turn.

    strangely, though, as a Russian, he should understand what happens when jews take control of your country. in fact, AK posts about the Color Revolutions – but who does he think coordinates those? the same jewish intellectuals running the Color Revolutions are the ones who just coordinated the biggest coup in the history of the world, right here in America.

    after the 2018 election, where over 20 races that Republicans were winning, somehow ALL went to the Democrat over the next month, we were screaming for the Trump people to do something. they convened an election fraud group for a couple months, then disbanded it, accomplishing nothing. shrug. we tried to warn them.

    1) Trump ran a bad campaign
    2) Democrats, lead by jewish intellectuals, still cheated him out of a close Electoral College victory

    that’s how it went. we’ve literally been posting about this shit on here for 20 years. or at least i have. since ISteve existed. i’m FROM Pennsylvania. i’ve watched the democrats lie, cheat, and steal my entire life. i almost didn’t even VOTE this time once i saw what Wolf and Shapiro and the PA Supreme Court were going to do. AK thinks that the Supreme Court forcing votes for 3 extra days to count is not cheating. what a fucking idiot.

  211. Just to make sure, I would like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to jointly make a statement that ‘Assad must go’.

  212. Congratulations America…you just elected a President with less cognitive ability than your pet(s).

  213. The most idiotic article I have ever read on Unz, and I have read thousands.

  214. Just for clarity, it wasn’t Biden who was just appointed President. It was Comrade Kamala

    Not yet but people are betting at around 450/1 on her being the next president on betfair. They are also betting about 28/1 on Trump.

    I’m not sure what the election technicalities are but I assume the people betting on Kamala think Biden might die before inauguration and Kamala becomes president if results stand.

  215. Trump was finished after the first debate. Ranting and yelling at a mental cripple is a bad visual.

    “Let’s elect the cripple!”

  216. Screw Anatoly, Ano; you’re right!

    Mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots and placing unsupervised ballot collection boxes is like delivering bricks and combustible materials to a demonstration (check) – it is meant to guarantee a massive fraud.

    If you add to this the mass media’s hysterical, unremitting campaign against Trump, the lack of accountability and downside of cheating you have the means and opportunity.

    And in this entire article, the Anatoly only alluded indirectly to the motive of the organizers, which is sizable. The further exposure of the treasonous collusion of the Democrats with the deep state as well as the criminal prosecution of the exposed actors, sounds to me like an crucial incentive for action.

    To all this, Anatoly will have us believe that these exposed criminal elements, their partners in the colluding agencies an the Democratic Party were going to watch the election and hope for the best? Bunk!

    In the absence of any sizable risk and everything to gain, while disposing of the greatest tools of control over a population, the chance that they would not have made use of any of this in order to save their skin and to maintain (or considerably increase) their power, is, frankly, exactly zero! To say nothing of the individual characters, which had already acted in a treasonous pact before and after the 2016 campaign.

    Put it this way, what are the chances that these rank criminal despots would not make an escape plan, using the media and spying agency power at their disposal, when the downside is negligible?

  217. I wouldn’t say idiotic but willfully deceptive, like it was written by a plant, trying to gaslight and erase the tracks.

  218. Daniel Chieh says

    It seems that I’ve managed to bring out the butthurt. Honestly, it is an effort to work up the energy to make a reply, since it is essentially pointless, but nonetheless, in the spirit of kindness and generosity, I’m here to help you understand why you are each wrong(when merited).

    Be grateful.


    But you should understand: IQ is a decent measure, but not the whole measure of intelligence, much less other personality factors.

    IQ is a not a complete, but it is a sufficient measure. A low IQ population of any personality will fail at O-ring tasks because it is the weakest link in the chain that matters. But more importantly, your overall ramble is a kind of cope.

    Defection is completely rational move in a society that cannot punish it; therefore it is practiced and as per Comrade Virage, it is very rational to defect on the low IQ because they can neither help you(due to their incapacity) nor hurt you(due to their incapacity).

    Being afraid of people who can hurt you, and being willing to cooperate with people who can help you is rational. So yes, Virage’s ultimate conclusion of “no friends in low IQ, no enemies with high IQ” is much more reasonable than you might think.

    Openness to thought is a high IQ trait, incidentally. You might want to try it.


    “With all information including genetics and health on someone else’s hand, lives only until people in power decides that they should live”

    Well, if this is the life lived by the people who cooperate, perhaps you should make every effort not to experience the fate of the people who resist.

    The void laughs again, unfriendly: “There is life eternal within the eater of souls. Nobody is ever forgotten or allowed to rest in peace. They populate the simulation spaces of its mind, exploring all the possible alternative endings to their life. There is a fate worse than death, you know.”

    But more seriously, the moment that you are using a computer or even driving a car, you have extended your capability through the utilization of a tool not natural to yourself, and in doing so, become cooperative and obedient to processes to use them such as learning to type or having to work far distances. This is inevitable and natural, and a process that cannot be avoided; a society that refuses to mechanize and industrialize has less social and military power than one that does.

    So yes, that “cyborgization” of humanity has been happening for a long time, and will continue. Transhumanism is just a realization of everyday processes. You can yell at the rain, but you’ll get wet all the same.

    Majority of One

    ..elitist, hierarchical rule by plutocratic oligarchs. However, you are overlooking the fact that the “deplorables” of” fly-over country” are, in many instances, quite grounded and gifted with elementary common-sense, even if their potential leadership has drifted off to “higher” edjumacasion in politically correct academia and thenceforth into rat-race existence is sub–urbia and exurbia…

    This “common sense” must be really useful if they keep losing. I bet it is almost as useful as swordmanship skills when charging a machine gun nest.

    Running is completely viable as an option, so as long as you’re not very dangerous or useful. But its helpful to be cogent what you are doing: you are fleeing and trying to make yourself small, because you are essentially powerless(as confirmed by your deliberate poverty).

    Knowing that isn’t a bad thing, and it can be helpful for survival. If you are indeed so enlightened, then I congratulate you. At least you’re not tilting at windmills.

    The Soft Parade

    ~incoherent buzzing~

    Who do you think that God favors in the web?

    The spider or the fly?

  219. alt right moderate says

    Agree Covid probably won this election for the Democrats, simply because it allowed Biden to come across as the nice, caring candidate and Trump came across as the cavalier candidate who was only concerned about the economy. In New Zealand there was a recent election battle between a “tough” centre right politician and a “nice” centre left prime minister who has kept covid cases very low. The results was the left beat the right by a massive margin (about 70 to 30 in favour of the left).

    The fact that Trump only lost the popular vote by a few points, shows that his America First agenda still has a lot going for.

  220. Forget about Trump. Look at what this fraud does to the credibility of the electoral system in the Banana States. Also if the republican party just lets this slide who is going to bother voting for them next time?

  221. Robert Dolan says

    Nah… believe the numbers the jews fed to you……it’s bullshit.

    No way Biden won. No way he had a 90 to 100% turnout when the norm is 65%.
    He got more votes than registered voters. He got more votes than Obama!

    No fucking way. Not possible.

    Biden’s rallies were a pathetic joke. He didn’t campaign because he knew the fix was in.

    Trump had massive rallies and enthusiastic supporters.

    Biden is a full on criminal, takes kickbacks from China, Ukraine, etc., making him a
    national security risk.

    The election was totally illegitimate and this is yet another sad day for our country.

  222. Morton's toes says

    Mr Karlin

    1. First foremost and 10X anything to follow–congratulations on a fine presentation of the case. You single-handedly bumped my P(no unusual egregious fraud) from .25 – to – .33. I have a couple of friends (sort of) who are smart experienced leftie people who argue in good faith and neither one of them came close to this.

    The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent. This is outright impossible.

    We’re talking CIA-Mossad opposition here. They keep up-to-date plans on taking out the Chinese commies. They killed Kennedy in broad daylight with the whole world watching and got away with it. Same 9/11. Putting something past them is just ridiculous.

    (This is again in the domain of most probable explanation. Obviously I don’t know and the people who do know aren’t going to show us.)

    1. This election should not have been a contest. Any unhappy people should direct their ire at Donald Trump who is at least 60% to blame. The leader of the free world is now a drooling old guy who probably is incontinent also.
  223. Daniel Chieh says

    As noted in the link before, the low human capital of the Right is not just a meme. Their actual inability to organize and cooperate, to bring about results or to intervene in the processes of their rivals, is a very real thing.

    There’s no doubt that there are many who question the narrative and have a dedication to the truth. That’s what drew me to our kind host in the first place: because he is primarily interested in the truth and what works with much less distinction for emotional and partisan considerations. I have a similar background myself, one that eventually led me to reject blank slatism. I’m also mostly interested in what works.

    However, the Swine Right – which is pretty well represented in this thread – is by and large not interested in what works, or even in winning. Its just a lot of emotional masturbation in demonstrative anger that ultimately serves nothing in accomplishing their goals – at any, any goals that go further than the moment’s catharsis. And the fact that there are those here who openly advocate against actual intellectual capability which ultimately does include capacity-expansion through say, transhumanism, really does show how doomed they are.

    There’s nothing “nascent” about this, sadly. You see this kind of commentary in Ragnar’s Urban Survival twenty years ago. Twenty years later, its still navel gazing as it loses ground, and at the rate of things, will continue to be nascent and speculative as it is legislated out of existence by people who, however dysfunctional and broken(and God, I know that of leftist groups), clearly have managed to figure out organization and power – even in spite of their own purported beliefs in equality, etc.

    After four years of outright corruption, norm busting, and democratic decay, the United States cannot simply move on or act as though Donald Trump’s presidency was a fluke. Without a process to ensure a truthful record of history and accountability for wrongdoers, the risk of repetition is too high.

  224. Robert Dolan says
  225. Jus' Sayin'... says

    That might explain the deviation of votes for Biden in each ward from that expected applying Benford’s Law but only if the numbers of total voters in each ward and the number of votes for Trump in each ward show similar deviation. They don’t. Total voters and votes for Trump yield results that provide a near perfect match with the distributions one would expect from Benford’s Law. (Details may be found here Your explanation doesn’t pass muster.

    We are now also learning that an electronic voting system that switched 6,000 votes in Antrim County, Michigan from Trump to Biden ( are used in all but two Michigan counties. ( This same software is used in twenty eight other states, including all the so-called swing states (

    That this software is a CIA product and distributed by a company with close ties to Nancy Pelosi ( only adds to the reek of corruption.

  226. By combining some very simple considerations you can easily predict that massive scams were bound to happen as massive evidence indicates they in fact did:
    (1) Some level of fraud always occurs at elections
    (2) Since the initiation of the Russiagate hoax the Dem party has been relentlessly engaged in demonizing Trump as someone who needs to be ousted with whatever irregular mean it takes.
    (3) As the Hunter laptop media blackout, the Durham investigation failure, the unwillingness of FBI, DOJ et al to investigate anything etc have shown, the (deep) state is controlled by the Democrats and cooperation in scams is not punished.
    (4) Dem-controlled local administrations installed a large-scale mail-in voting system under the pretext of CoViD-19, which is known to be much more prone to fraud.
    These factors worked in synergy to produce what not only Trump but even more so Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been predicting all along.

  227. Jus' Sayin'... says

    The application of Benford’s Law to detecting and proving fraud is universally accepted in US courts under the Frye Standard. The materials presented at github seemed pretty compelling to me. Speaking as an applied statistician, one doesn’t always need a t-test or an ANOVA to detect a statistically significant result. Sometimes eyeballing the data is sufficient.

    Based on the github analysis alone, it would seem to me that Trump’s lawyers can make a compelling case that there is probable cause to suspect that fraud has occurred. The election of the President of the USA is of sufficient import that any credible suspicion of electoral fraud needs to be thoroughly investigated.

    This election has been close enough that even a moderate amount of fraud in favor of one candidadte could swing the election.

    Furthermore, analyses based on Benford’s Law are not the only evidence of fraud in this election (

  228. He is not a plant. He is a simple minded IQ elitist. This is typical for post Soviet intelligentsia. He is driven by contempt for seemingly not so smart people on the Right who easily succumb to conspiratorial thinking. The whole article is based on a strawman of idiotic conspiracies. While the article is deceptive it is not willfully so, because the Karlin-automaton is not driven by his will but by his lack of will. He can’t resist a temptation of making a joke or a pun or a snark that just popped in his mind particularly when he can demolish people he feels contempt for.

  229. Jus' Sayin'... says

    Whether or not you accept, as I do, that analyses based on Benford’s Law suggest fraud in the current Presidential election, there is plenty of other supporting evidence.

    We are now also learning that an electronic voting system that switched 6,000 votes in Antrim County, Michigan from Trump to Biden ( is used in all but two Michigan counties. ( This same software is also used in twenty eight other states, including all the so-called swing states (

    This latest election recapitulates a standard pattern in past US elections at the state and national level. An apparent Republican electoral victory is overturned at the last minute by late returns from a big city Democratic machine which overwhelm the Republican vote. In 1958, ludicrously swollen late returns from Chicago won JFK Illinois and the Presidency. Republicans have complained about the obvious fraud as long as I’ve been alive. It’s how Al Franken won the Senate seat he so quickly disgraced.

    The Democrat response to Republican complaints has always been, “Prove it,”. The Democrats have always relied on two things that keep Republicans from accepting the challenge. First, the natural inclination of conservatives not to rock the boat. Nixon declined to challenge the 1958 Illinois vote because he did not want to create a constitutional crisis. Second, the Democrats usually conducted their frauds with a certain amount of expertise and subtlety that made detection difficult.

    In Trump, we finally have a candidate who seems willing to adopt the motto, “Fiat justitia ruat caelum!” In this election, the evidence of fraud is powerful enough that a a case can be made in the courts that a thorough investigation and closely monitored election recounts are necessary. These are required only in critical states with a very closely divided vote. Surely this can be accomplished in the next month or so.

  230. GazaPlanet says

    There was massive cheating in 2016, and 2012, etc. You cannot rule out cheating by making comparisons with recent elections, but you can certainly show that cheating is probable by finding discrepancies in the data.

    The notion that it requires a “competent conspiracy” or that all these people are afraid of prosecution is ridiculous. What is a smoking gun if it’s not reported, not accepted? These people have been coordinating riots with impunity for many months now. They have no fear of prosecution, no fear of exposure. Anatoly has the pretensions to worldly-wisdom so as to “see the Emperor’s clothes.”

    We all know a room full of urban black election workers are willing to do what they’re asked for their candidate.

    What could be more ridiculous, after the way the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Weiner laptop and the Podesta emails have been ignored, while the “Russia collusion” conspiracy has been officially supported without any consequences for those knowingly engaged in malicious prosecution, than to talk about how a conspiracy can’t exist because it would be exposed, or that these people could never do such things because they would be prosecuted.

    The Democratic Party is indeed a criminal mafia and behaves accordingly. To argue that they can’t get away with cheating on a large scale is frankly ridiculous. They mass media and the federal bureaucrats supporting them.

  231. I just gave a courtesy flush in honor of Joe Balden & Caramel Harris “stolection” victory.

    Anyone out there get a load at some of those freaks, misfits, and losers celebrating.

    This is indeed, The Revenge Of The Nerds Revolution. My gawd, those are some losers.

  232. Daniel Chieh says

    For what it is worth, I think that Trump should fight this. I don’t think there’s a huge level of fraud beyond the usual level of procedural chicanery(though there is perhaps above-average levels of it), or it would be in the software used, where massive fraud can be executed and even if caught, blamed as “coding error.”

    If he has built a coalition, Trump should fight the results as hard as he can. He should attempt to discredit the election. Even the “usual amounts” of fraud or technically legal processes like ballot harvesting should be challenged.

    Its not a good thing that Trump seems so unprepared. But he should fight this tooth and nail.

  233. Perhaps, although I don’t think there will be a civil war. Apparently the military has the capability of vaporizing all the Trump people, so that is simply not an option.

  234. Wether he’s a plant or only as dumb as one is, of course, debatable. And I do see your point about him not being able to resist smacking down the rubes.

    But he’s not quite as stupid as he lets on, he’s carefully avoided bringing up the proven deep state conspiracy from 2016, which would undermine his argument completely.

  235. Sin City Milla says

    This is sheer fantasy. AK doesn’t have a clue how things work in the US. He thinks people who know they can’t be prosecuted for murder in broad daylight will refrain from voter fraud because some temporary Republican DOJ appointee might indict them. The DOJ is helpless, the courts corrupt, n local DAs bought off. Voter fraud isn’t even on the radar screen of prosecutable violations. As a former election judge, I can assure you that election fraud is routine among Dem “civil servants” n their freedom to do this is taken for granted.

  236. Europe Europa says

    If you acknowledge there’s probably no electoral fraud, at least not abnormally so, yet still think he should fight the result as hard as possible and find any legal argument he can to have the result declared invalid, that’s not really in the spirit of democracy is it?

    That sounds like the beginning of “strong man” type rule where it’s the guy with the biggest, loudest and most aggressive mob that wins, not who gets the most votes at the ballot box.

  237. Daniel Chieh says

    Its cute that you think we live in a democracy.

  238. Toxic sore losers… the left by far holds that title. 24/7 the left leaning machine (MSM, Hollywood, SJW Sports Leagues, liberal supporters, Corporations, Intel Agencies, etc) has for the last 4.5 years thrown a tantrum. What the heck are Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert even going to focus on now?

    In Madison, WI when they were trying to recall Scott Walker, the liberals would convene at the State Capital daily and chant, sing, protest, cry, fight with police, interrupt political meetings, call in their media allies… it was the craziest thing you’ve ever seen.

    … no I believe the left will hold the title of sore losers for many years to come!

  239. I have no idea why AK is writing this nonsense. He is a very clever man and he understands perfectly well that this election was fraudulent.

    If proof is needed, then here it is;

    The ballot harvesting, vote dumping, dead people and people who moved to another location voting, all these fraudulent activities are as a Russian saying goes “just flowers ” the stuff above, with the vote tallying software being compromised is “the berries ” as we say in Russia (i.e. the real thing, the thing that matters).

    Until this week, I as a Russian, was somewhat critical of the US democracy, I knew it was corrupt and imperfect. Nevertheless, I thought that USA is still a democratic country. Today I know that USA is as much an oligarchic pseudo-democratic soft-totalitarian society as Russia is. The only difference is that people know that in Russia, while people still have to learn this in the US of A.

    We are living in degenerate and dangerous times and it ain’t gonna get better any time soon.

  240. ThomasJefferson says

    Welcome the the Banana Republic, America. You get what you allow. 50 years of leftist indoctrination will finally bear fruit and the so-called “elite” oligarchs will now be able to take away your vote/voice forever as it is full steam ahead to open borders and socialism. Your ancestors who once bled against the greatest military might of the time would all call you a bunch of frightened pussies for allowing your freedoms to be handed over so easily by simply refusing to stand up for liberty out of fear labeled disparaging names.

  241. They’re black. The same sort of losers who were out looting and rioting over the death of the George Floyd criminal.

  242. Anthony Stitson says

    So many self-declared experts in these comments who are so absolutely positive that White men abandoned Trump because he didn’t “help them” and they decided Biden was a better candidate.

    You are completely missing the fact that Biden has campaigned on making life worse for White men, not better. A few examples: re-instituting Obama’s vision of a new HUD redistribution plan where all homogeneous white neighborhoods must provide low-cost housing to minorities, or how about the racial equity plans to reduce the salary of White workers and redistribute it to minorities.

    Any white man with half a brain could see that Biden would be WORSE for him than Trump, because Biden wants to actively screw us whereas Trump was just inactive in helping us. I did not like Trump, but I sure as hell voted for him to keep racial equity plans out of the executive branch.

    If there were honestly White man who abandoned Trump solely because he did not play into the obviously-bullshit pandemic that was engineered to occur during an election year, then they are morons who perhaps deserve to get screwed by racial equity plans…unfortunately the rest of us will take the same shafting with them!

  243. Anthony Stitson says

    Ain’t that the truth.

  244. Deleted cuss who knows.

  245. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    This extremely transparent Zionist charade known as democracy is not even worth getting emotionally invested in as many people do, to me it is a form of highbrow celebrity gossip. As many have observed, the average person’s vote has no real effect on policy decisions, so why fret over who wins and who loses, it’s not even in your control?

    Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

    Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics—which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic-Elite Domination, and two types of interest-group pluralism, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism—offers different predictions about which sets of actors have how much influence over public policy: average citizens; economic elites; and organized interest groups, mass-based or business-oriented.

    A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.

    Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.

  246. Robert Dolan says

    Massive fraud on an insane scale never seen before.

    Apparently the military has a software system that is capable of changing votes and has been used around the world. This ties in to the deep state color revolutions as well.

    You can see how they set it up with the covid hoax and mail in ballots which they could easily manipulate….kept asking Trump if he would concede (trying to gauge the amount of fight he had left in him)

    And the polling made it look like their guy had it in the bag….and they have thugs waiting in the wings to riot just in case.

    The whole thing is filthy dirty.

    Now our entire system is illegitimate and people will never again trust that their votes actually matter.

  247. I previously wrote “what is scarier – that the majority of Americans voted for a known criminal”, OR that the Democrats stole the election?

    But I did find something scarier. Two things, as a matter of fact

    One of the scariest things I found about this matter was brought to my attention when I heard that this Biden, this known criminal, a man who acts almost as if he is retarded, and who never spent more than 2 hours campaigning for the Office of President, received the most votes of any President in the history of the country. That is what I was told over the radio by the media today.

    But that is not what brought on my fear. Trump was probably one of the bravest men I have ever witnessed in my life. The whole power structure was against him, including his own party members, yet, he persevered and continue to fight with a fortitude that if his will was in wholly in line with the will of God, Trump would have been made one of the greatest saints in the history of the Church. His will is certainly not moved toward the will of God, not entirely anyway, but you still cannot help but admire his fortitude, his bravery, his willingness to fight for what he believes is right. Woodrow Wilson said that the greatest patriot is the man who does what he thinks is right, even when half the world is against him. In Trump’s case, it was the whole world, or at least that part of the whole world that had any power.

    But that is not the scariest part. If Trump, this man of great fortitude and bravery, could not clean out the corruption in Washington, who can do it? If Washington was able to defeat him, who is going to try next? I look around and all you see is a pusillanimity that almost makes me want to vomit. I search out those men of bravery. For example, Ron Unz is brave, and I don’t care how much I disagree with him about a few things, I will always admire him………just for that………..just because he is a brave man.

    But who? Who is going to clean up the mammoth corruption we have been witnessing so rawly for the last four years?

    There’s another thing that scares me, and that is what the media and the powers seem to be trying to drum out of me, out of all of us. Most of us probably did not even notice what they are trying to drum out of us. I think they are trying to rid us of our senses – our empirical knowledge – those things that we see, that we hear, that we smell, that we taste. In other words, they are telling us that a man, Trump, who gets 57,000 people who travel long distances to attend one of his rallies, put against a man who doesn’t even bother to campaign, and when he does stretch himself to attend a rally, no one is there. What you hear from Biden rally audience is “beep”, (long pause),” beep” (long pause),” beep”, the sum total of the horns of the cars of those attending the rally. This is what we see. This is what we hear. But we are supposed to believe that Biden is the winner, and Trump is the loser? That even though our eyes and ears have seen and heard evidence that rises to the level of proof beyond any doubt that Biden is a criminal, that we are to believe that he will nonetheless win the Presidency.

    I am supposed to give up all my senses and trust who? What if I did? What can I expect would become of me?

    Of all the things that scares me, I think that scares me the most.

  248. Definitely agree with your entire comment, Ano.

    The indisputable fraud came out in the open during with the whole Russia-gate fraud over the last 4 years. This stolen election, is only the final act in that play. Wether machines are rigged or not, is a secondary point for me. Think about this: under the guise of the dangers of Corona, they mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots and set up unmanned collection boxes. Right there they provided the basic tools for the fraud, this alone should invalidate the Mail-in votes, which are making the whole difference in the election.

  249. Steve Naidamast says

    Over the years voter fraud has been investigated numerous times by a variety of organizations and to a study, nothing of any calculable statistic has been able to demonstrate any serious amount of voter fraud anywhere that could have turned the numbers around in any particular election fraud.

    In terms of institutional fraud, a lot can be said about both parties but in particular, the Republicans who have been doing everything possible in the past several years to enact voter suppress laws and processes wherever possible. This has been increasingly well documented. Republicans have also been notorious for gerrymandering districts in their favor, which have seen grave consequences over the years.

    As to the Democrats, they are more a danger to themselves than to Republican voters. And this we can see with their selection of Joe Biden as their new standard-bearer with his selection of Kamala Harris as his vice-president.

    Democrats have shown consistently that they lack realistic priorities, which makes them easier targets than they should be in general elections.

    And Democrats have shown themselves to very duplicitous within their own ranks as both their treatment of Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020 have demonstrated along with Sanders own duplicity in so easily giving up to his Democratic masters.

    Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, was probably the best of all the candidates either side fielded. Intelligent, attractive, and a penchant for knowing how to handle herself in a cat-fight, she single handedly destroyed Kamala Harris early on in the election cycle. Ms. Gabbard, unfortunately, did not know how to expand on her early momentum, which allowed the Democratic old guard to easily push her out of the primary races.

    Finally, Democrats are too fractious a lot to be able to pull off institutional fraud that Republicans appear to shine at while maintaining a cohesive focus that is more like the National Socialists in 1930s Germany than that of an actual political party. Republicans appear to have no intelligent people in their ranks who can think for themselves given that they follow whatever Mitch McConnell wants no matter how unethical or screwy it may be. But then again, stupid people make better followers.

    This internal fractiousness of the Democrats is what makes it unlikely that they have been involved in any major institutional fraud in this recent election. And as the author has noted, the larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy, making it easier to unearth over time.

    I for one am quite happy to see Joe Biden win the current election. I couldn’t take any longer the daily doses of insanity that both Trump and his cronies shoveled out each day on to the American people.

    And there is literally no defense for this degenerate moron. He cared for no one but himself. He held everyone in contempt around him and formulated not a single policy of merit except to forge ahead and destroy whatever was in existence.

    But avid Trump supporters can’t seem to see any of this, even when its rubbed full bore in their faces. This is what stupid is and the 70,000,000 people that voted for this malignant narcissist has just demonstrated how many stupid people live in the United States, something that many Europeans cannot seem to understand considering the availability of education in our country even if some of it is highly expensive. But then again, who made it that way but the Republicans (ie: cutting of educational funding, promotion of charter schools, universities being turned into profit centers instead of centers of excellent education) and stupid people.

    Joe Biden will most likely not be the knight in shining armor that many relieved Democrats are hoping for today but he is of a party where Progressives and more intelligent people are starting to make inroads into the national debate.

    Many may not like the American Left right now and to an extent they can be understood for this. However, the American Right has to get its head out of its asses and stop thinking about our great American traditions and White Nationalism. Had any of them ever really studied American history they would have quickly realized that the entire existence of our nation has been predicated on a huge con-job promoted by the Founders from day one.

    It was never our nation, it was always theirs. And as George Carlin has always said, “The American Dream is something you have to be asleep for to believe it…”

    This country needs to change for all of us and if the two sides can’t stop bickering to such vehement lengths than the future of out natiion is very much in peril….

  250. Trump actually got 10% more of votes, in absolute numbers, than in 2016. So Biden surpassing him is an extreme anomaly.

    No it isn’t. People here were half-right. They were correct that there was massive enthusiasm on the Trump side but they failed to realise that there was also massive enthusiasm on the anti-Trump side. These two enthusiasms were manifested in different ways. Enthusiastic Trump supporters turned up at Trump rallies because for them it was all about Trump. The Trump-haters did not turn up at Biden rallies because for them it was not all about Biden. They didn’t care about Biden. They just wanted Trump gone.

    Given that there was massive enthusiasm on both sides it’s not at all surprising that overall turnout was very high. Trump received a huge vote but overall the anti-Trump vote was even higher.

    There’s nothing surprising or anomalous or sinister about this. It was simply an election that people felt very strongly about on both sides so the turnout was very high on both sides.

  251. Simpleguest says

    The indisputable fraud came out in the open during with the whole Russia-gate fraud over the last 4 years. This stolen election, is only the final act in that play.

    Exactly. People who lied for 4 years about Russia collusion, then tried to impeach Trump on a phony pretext and relentlessly threw at him even the most absurd and hilarious allegations, are now claiming victory for Joe Biden.
    I mean, what more proof of election fraud do you need.

    True, Trump is erratic, unpredictable, indeed a buffoon, if you will, but this is besides the point.
    The real point is that this voting fraud, now that it is exposed for everyone to see it, must not be accepted. Its perpetrators must be punished, either politically or by the law, so that a reasonable faith in electoral process is restored. For, with that faith gone, gone is also the faith in the rule of law, as one of the pillars of Western civilization.

  252. Plato's Dream says

    Yep, and it looks like they’ve gotten away with it again…

  253. Philip Owen says

    One of your best pieces in recent times!

    Meanwhile, in Russia, the Russian government is planning how to make Russia’s voting system completely electronic. Russia is rapidly becoming the most e-enabled large country in the world. The Russian President is already the candidate who gets the most votes. Meanwhile, the US constitution has yet to enter the railway age.

    The first part of the link is about the social profile of election candidates at teh lower levels of the Russian state, cleaning ladies and all.

  254. The Soft Parade says

    Daniel Chieh
    Sep 18, 2017
    “Unfortunately, a principle of the conservatism is “purity.” From what I can tell, a lot of people would rather lose but stay pure than win and compromise on anything.
    Well, such is life, I suppose.”

    . . . . . . In for a penny, in for a pound.

  255. But to have large scale fraud, you need a conspiracy, which is hard because leakage is possible and there is a division of power across all branches of government, including the judiciary. The larger the fraud, the larger the conspiracy. And you also need the conspiracy to be competent. This is outright impossible

    Riiight… 9/11?? Building 7?? C’mon man!

  256. Kratoklastes says

    How stupid to have an AK instead of an M4 to represent “Imperialist Wars”. AK variants are the tool of anti-imperialism, and have been since Viet Nam.

    There will be no revenge, sadly: anybody who participates in an electoral process is aiming for power, not justice.

  257. Blacks run Atlanta. Atlanta Blacks are some of the most racist Blacks on the planet and that is saying a lot. Only a matter of time before this AIDS ridden shithole goes the way of Baltimore, Detroit, Philly and Chicago. I am surprised it hasn’t started already, but give it time. I am highly disappointed in the governor of Georgia, he has proven to be the stereotypical republiCANT, he just stood by and did absolutely nothing. I think the guy must be in hiding. TYPICAL WORTHLESS REPUBLICANT. I think I am through with these clowns.

  258. Chris,

    I am under the impression (probably just my paranoia) that the whole thing we experience this year worldwide has been in preparation for a very long time. Probably even before Trump was elected. It is not limited to US. It is global. The US presidential election is just a piece of the puzzle. There’s more to that than Trump vs Biden or GOP vs Dems.

    We live in difficult times, we must take care and exert caution.

  259. Yep. That 5% is based on exit polls from the msm. And we know the high degree of accuracy of msm polls.

  260. This expert tells you all about ongoing Election Fraud and how it’s done with real evidence ot is common — watch it and tell me this is not happening:

  261. This actual auditing expert disputes your conclusions:

  262. Kratoklastes says

    Me – from March 7th 2020…

    Anyway… with that by way of background, and with people all over the world doing fucking retarded shit (buying 2700 rolls of dunny-paper; washing their hands with vodka because there’s no sanitiser), I just proposed elsewhere that the following trope be spread as far as possible…

    Researchers just discovered that coronavirus can be transmitted over the internet – particularly on 4G or 5G devices, and even via email.

    Whether hilarity ensues or not, will be largely a function of how many toilet-paper-buying fucktards can be reached.


    5G causes the Chan‘ was already a ‘thing’ by then, albeit very very fringe (I hadn’t seen anything to that effect, but I wasn’t really looking: I was just trying to imagine the most retarded trope that might ‘catch’).

    It is not possible to parody the stupidity of social media users (which, best as I can tell, is roughly the smart half of the bottom 6 cognitive deciles).

  263. I read Soros is deeply involved in Dominion…surprise, surprise, surprise

  264. Philip Owen says

    Meanwhile, in Wales, the Welsh Labour Party (a centrist political organization never infected by serious Corbynism) has had stronger and clearer lockdown policies than England. Support for Welsh independence amongst Labour supporters has rocketed.

    I don’t think it is committment to any particular anti-virus policy that matters, short of outright Trumpian denial. It is clarity of communication.

  265. sudden death says

    likely he is CCPied Chinese, then for him the goal is to destroy and discredit free elections in general, so naturally he does not care about saving democracy as a principle of governing.

  266. GazaPlanet says

    It’s ridiculous to say that we are only to rely on academically approved publications to tell us what happens. As if there would be approval for the truth coming out from the left-dominated academia! And then to whine about suppression. If they can’t follow the rules and become livid at the prospect at having safeguards enforced, there is a REASON, and it’s not just large percentage of blacks are functionally morons.

    No one believe these fraudsters anymore than they believe the pollsters or the media.

    Saying that a room full of black election workers in a big city don’t cheat (despite 59 zones without a single vote for Romney in 2012 Philadelphia) and that it is by necessity insignificant is like someone in academia denying racial differences in intelligence. It is BALD-FACED LYING. We’ve had it with these pretentious, parasitic pieces of shit who pretend to see the Emperor’s New Clothes when it means the votes of people they despise are nullified by cheating. The academic class is going to have to pay the piper, sooner or later, there is a huge moral indemnity incurred when the people who are supposed to be interested in truth attack it.

  267. Kratoklastes says

    You-re underselling Transhumanist Chad by only representing V0.1 alpha.

    TransChad V1.0 stable: nanoscopic, strong AI, radiation-powered and indifferent to dumb meat-based shit, and will dance through space on laughter-silver’d wings.

    V1.0 ought to happen less than a decade after computation gets past the ‘knee’: that’ll be within the lifetime of most Unz readers.

    It will be poignant to leave behind a world where much hilarity can be obtained by dunking on meat-centric retards, but it’ll be for the best.

  268. Philip Owen says

    Providing transport for your core voters is/was common in the UK. I had to face the Labour machine at full throttle. They would line up cars in the middle of street (terraced streets in mining villages – Hi Scranton), send teams of 3 canvassers knocking doors on each side of the street and pile the grannies into the cars. They also definitely took the late granpa’s polling card too. He would have voted Labour if he was alive so why not? That said, the dead were not material to the result or even the running order of the losers. The crime is called “personation”. The police were evasive about prosecution. (Labour controlled area for 60 years at the time).

  269. Relax, my agitated friends. Things have a way of working out in the end.

  270. “For what it is worth, I think that Trump should fight this. ” – Position of enemies of America in Beijing and Mocsow? At some point America must unify behind the president whoever he is. American always did. The last four years was the exception.

  271. Daniel Chieh says

    Quite accurate. An increasing psychological need to convince others socially increases and develop increasing fanaticism follows de-confirmation and failure for true believers. I imagine the same for the Q cult anytime.

    December 20. The group expects a visitor from outer space to call upon them at midnight and to escort them to a waiting spacecraft. As instructed, the group goes to great lengths to remove all metallic items from their persons. As midnight approaches, zippers, bra straps, and other objects are discarded. The group waits.

    12:05 am. December 21. No visitor. Someone in the group notices that another clock in the room shows 11:55. The group agrees that it is not yet midnight.

    12:10 am. The second clock strikes midnight. Still no visitor. The group sits in stunned silence. The cataclysm itself is no more than seven hours away.

    4:00 am. The group has been sitting in stunned silence. A few attempts at finding explanations have failed. Keech begins to cry.

    4:45 am. Another message by automatic writing is sent to Keech. It states, in effect, that the God of Earth has decided to spare the planet from destruction. The cataclysm has been called off: “The little group, sitting all night long, had spread so much light that God had saved the world from destruction.”

    Afternoon, December 21. Newspapers are called; interviews are sought. In a reversal of its previous distaste for publicity, the group begins an urgent campaign to spread its message to as broad an audience as possible.

    Unfortunately, effective as those coping mechanisms may have been, it didn’t bring them any closer to successfully bringing an alien to them.

  272. Of course, anyone who doesn’t rally around the Biden and Harris duo is an enemy of the people !

  273. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    I humbly request you dump all your Biden memes in one go.

  274. You write about the low quality of the “human capital” of the right. I would respond by calling your attention to the absolutely stygian depth of the lumpen left, which cannot even reach the level of human capital, as its members tend to be arguably human and lack the requisite physical productiveness to even be considered “capital.” Rightists may be provincial, insular or even ignorant, but they entirely lack the batshit insanity of your typical crop of urban neo-leftists. I would gladly prefer the ignorant yet based MAGA hatter with a rifle rack and Confederate flag adorning his pickup truck to the non-binary soy boy urban denizen and his corpulent blue haired Manatee like coal burning counterpart. Worst of all are the sterile yentas-malogradas
    of middle and upper management fame who glean a highly exaggerated sense of self-importance in navigating the halls and boardrooms filled with the (((usual suspects))) and their affirmative action and H1B pets.

    You talk about the “swine right” but it is the left that is truly porcine. Burke’s “swinish multitude” which trod underfoot all that was sacred, decent, beautiful and decorous in France was not composed of rubes, rednecks and hayseeds, but of the urbanized and deracinated spiritual ancestors of today’s Antifa and BLM.

    The longings of traditional rightists for a return to a natural, hierarchical society circumscribed by Tradition are certainly not fantasy, but the anticipation of a cyclical correction to the current curse of progress mania and globalism.

    With respect to “emotional masturbation”, a virtual paroxysm of it may be observed among the left right now.

  275. sudden death says

    Except full electronic voting is even more easily cheatable and less verifiable than simple paper ballots which can be counted and recounted almost by anybody without any special knowledge, not to mention that anonimity of the vote in fact is essentialy gone as special agencies can easily identify who and how is voting in case of need.

  276. Robert Dolan says
  277. The real point is that this voting fraud, now that it is exposed for everyone to see it, must not be accepted.

    The narrative that Biden won is now firmly established. Pushing the electoral fraud line is not going to get you anywhere. It’s a waste of time.

    Populists and nationalists would do better to take a long hard look at why Trump failed. And why right-wing populism failed.

  278. I am under the impression (probably just my paranoia) that the whole thing we experience this year worldwide has been in preparation for a very long time.

    I’m prepared to make one confident prediction. In the wake of Trump’s defeat the dissident right will disappear further and further down the rabbit hole of crazy conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theories will get ever more convoluted and unconvincing. The paranoia levels will go on increasing.

  279. Robert Dolan says
  280. One way to detect fraud is to search for highly anomalous shifts relative to previous elections.

    The NYT has a convenient map:

    The single biggest shift by far is by an amazing 55% in the margin in Starr County, Texas. Minor “problem”: It favored Trump.

    Are there any other anomalously big shifts? If not at county level, then at the level of the polling stations themselves? Other telltale signs: Spikes at multiples of 5% or 10% (as is typical when poll station heads are given “targets”); violations of the Gaussian curves typically produced by voters that cannot be explained by well known group-based voting patterns (e.g. Blacks being sharply more pro-Biden means that mixed districts in the US “naturally” produce two bell curves); positive correlations between turnout and results for a particular candidate, which do not have a sociological explanation – especially if accompanied by two or more distinct clusters at improbable points such as ~99% turnout/~99% pro-Biden. Anyhow, if interested, you can read about all of this (with examples) here in the context of the 2011 Russian Duma elections:

    This is the sort of serious work that you will need to do if you want to prove electoral fraud to impartial observers (e.g. courts of law), as opposed to fellow partisans.

    In fact, in this very thread, I suggested one person who has said he would be willing to work on such a project:

    David Pinsen has suggested another near the beginning of the comments:

    If I was “committed” to “concealing” fraud, would I be posting that, or for that matter even letting Pinsen post his suggestion?

    Anyhow, I realize I am talking to myself here, since many of the commenters here are MAGA ideologues or people who have overdosed on their own “redpills” (Ano4 comes to mind, as someone who also apparently believes Galkovsky’s powerful theories about how Britain rules Russia, which he revealed in another thread).

    Nonetheless, I would counsel that there are more productive mechanisms of making a difference than screeching here.

    The drama is ultimately all rather ironic, considering my stated opinion that skepticism about the electoral process is good, given that it weakens and delegitimizes the Biden Presidency and hampers its ability to do damage both internally and abroad. (Even if on a purely objective basis my tendency is to believe otherwise, given the arguments here ). So if that is one’s primary consideration, it would be more effective to propagandize against Biden on neolib platforms – Twitter, Reddit, media outlets with open comments, etc. – as opposed to here.

  281. ThisIsAnon153Replying says

    I knew it was corrupt, but even I didn’t expect them to steal it so brazenly. Likely stole 5 or 6% off Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

    Either that or it’s just a flex on us. They’re showing their strength because it no longer matters.

  282. I don’t think it is committment to any particular anti-virus policy that matters, short of outright Trumpian denial. It is clarity of communication.

    Look at New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern chose a policy. She made it quite clear what her policy was and she stuck to it. New Zealand voters rewarded her with a crushing electoral victory.

  283. “where it’s the guy with the biggest, loudest and most aggressive mob that wins”

    That’s what democracy is, genius.

  284. Robert Dolan says
  285. Trump had the gall to bomb and insult the Lion of Damascus. That was when his doom was sealed.

  286. We’ll see in a couple of years. I would clearly prefer being wrong.

  287. I am not going to ban you, but nor am I going to waste my time on your reams of weird and disjointed conspiracy literature (which includes a link to an explainer on cryptocurrency of all things).

    The idea that the Russian elites answer to or are controlled by some shadowy groups in the West is Galkovskyan (his idea being that it is the British monarchy), maybe you have your own version.

  288. Neither, they’re insects…the battle here is between humans and Demons…winners go to Heaven losers go to Hell with the Demons who consider each human spending Eternity witb them a “win” because they hate you and are jealous of what they lost and what you could have…insects go nowhere, spider or fly?–ultimately meaningless not so every human

  289. shylockcracy says

    Well American’ts, thanks to your being so fucking stupid believers in some mythical Zionist/Masonic “freedom and democracy” since your slave-driving “founding fathers” decided you’d pay taxes to them rather than the king of England, we in the rest of the planet now get to deal with the heightened probability of some other war to be started with opportunities abounding from Venezuela to the Persian gulf, more fake war on drugs for the profit of CIA narcotraffickers, more fake war on terror for Pentagon contractors, more fake US aid for coups across the board. Instead of occupying the Fed, Pentagon, CIA and State Dept., you went to chant “Stop the count” at polling stations like a bunch of retards.

    Congrats on your first presidentess Cameltoe Harris. Wonder if Hunter will be doing crack with his girlfriend/niece before addressing you all on TV to celebrate.

  290. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Is there any situation where you don’t think surrender is the appropriate response? Conceding could never possibly be of any benefit to Trump particularly or populism generally.

    Why don’t you give us a quick rundown of the easily alleviated reasons why “right wing populism failed” and why all those reasons won’t be inevitably worse after 4 more years of uncontested enemy action? I can think of plenty of reasons why the establishment should win (regardless of any fraud), and all of those are certain to be worse after 4 years of being able to tweak the system further with no resistance.

    But somehow I think you’re just full of shit and have no idea.

  291. The Jewish power, that is controlling the west, is afraid to death of 57,000 mostly white people getting together and feeling the love. They know that we are the ones who can BRING THEM DOWN. This is one of the reasons they hate Trump. I attended an event about two weeks ago. I know what I saw and what I felt. It was organized, polite, and forward looking. White people are a definite threat to their plans.

  292. Thanks TKK. Biden and the liars that control the media outlets and the BIG Tech Internet monopolies can declare whatever they want. And all these fraudsters who have no respect for due process and the rule of law can agree with them, but they aren’t the arbiters of who won or lost. Please don’t go along with referring to Biden as the “winner;” please refrain from mimicking the Big Lie of the organized crime operatives who are so self-confident they can pull off this scam. I suggest you ask others too to reconsider when they refer to Biden as the winner.

    I felt a certain relief, a weight off my shoulder, when this morning I wrote out the assessment about which you make such a generous evaluation. Thanks TKK. You gave me a boost and helped me maintain some morale in these dark and treacherous times. I return your kind glance with an umasked smile. Let’s do everything we can to avoid being muzzled. Biden probably belongs in jail, not the Oval Office. Let make sure Biden’s cronies and enablers are confronted with that at every turn.

  293. Philip Owen says

    Britain has ruled Russia since 1612 except when the French did.

  294. No Friend Of The Devil says

    It is over for America. It has been for twenty years. But the election of Biden, a corrupt, Ukrainian bribing, senile, sex-offender to lead the nation is definitely a new all time low for America, and many Republicans voted for Biden in the primary, so many are equally responsible for a Biden presidency. Hopefully, he won’t sell the country off to China for an ice cream cone. Both candidates were involved in the lock down involving high crimes and treason. I am truly awe struck at what has happened to this country. America may never recover, and it is doubtful that it will in my life time, in fact, it would take nothing short of a miracle! This nation is led by evil, sadistic, abusive, criminal psychopaths, and that is not an exageration. Corruption is now so ingrained into American culture that many were unphased by the candidates running, and even promoted one of them knowing full well that the lock down was based on financial and scientific fraud, which equates to a nation of hostages held by evil, sadistic, criminal psychopaths that have zero regard for human life, once it leaves the womb, and they probably only care about it while it is in the womb, because they don’t have access to it, and cannot spy on it. The truth is, that they do not care about a single one of us, whether we happen to be a day old, or a century old, and the lock down, forced masking, and banning freedom of assembly is 100% proof of it, knowing full well that it is all extremely unhealthy and also impoverishes people and destroys lives. Even Adolph Hitler didn’t go that far, and I hate Adolph Hitler, but these scumbags in charge are even worse than he was! 

    Wake Up America!

    Andrea Iravani

  295. dfordoom is a defeatist. Defeatists are lonely because fear is not socially acceptable in our culture. But misery likes company. So he wants to convince others to join his doomsday cult. He feels contempt for people who are still hopeful and who want to fight. He will try to gaslight them and explain them away as being stupid (Karlin does the same thing.) Do not expect sensible and constructive answer from Mr. Doom-Doom.

  296. The conspiracy theories will get ever more convoluted and unconvincing. The paranoia levels will go on increasing.

    Electoral and voter fraud is a chronically recurring phenomenon in every democracy. In the US, it is one of the mainstays of the Democratic political machine.

    Unconvincing and paranoid conspiracy theories are the mother’s milk of the contemporary left- white privilege, Russian collusion, the imminent dangers of “white nationalism” and “white supremacism” as opposed to the “peaceful protests” of BLM and Antifa, Global warming/anthropogenic climate change, etc. It’s just that the aforementioned narratives cloak themselves in the mantle of official establishment orthodoxy and enjoy a pseudo-academic imprimatur.

    Contradicting an official mainstream media narrative is not now nor ever has been a “paranoid conspiracy theory”, particularly in light of the fact that the so called truth is now arbitrated by a handful of media corporations headed up by an infinitesimal coterie of alien, usual suspect congenital liars.

    Truth is adecuatio mentis et rei; it is not the fiat creature of a mendacious and meretricious cabal.

  297. ThisIsAnon153Replying says

    Also, if they steal this one, realistically there will never be another “right wing populist” movement elected because all levels of “democracy” will be completely controlled and full of fraud.

    The time to go all out is right now. Mexico, brazil, Poland, Hungary and slovakia do not recognize joe as president. Ours and trumps actions will determine if we become an anti white dictatorship state or if we live to see another day.

    The tea has been thrown in the harbour with this steal.

  298. Zarathustra says

    Biden definitely has better speechwriters than Trump.
    But than Trump did not pay attention to speechwriters. Trump spoke mostly from his heart.
    There is one thing we should pay attention. Biden ends every speech with this sentence:
    God save our troops. That is very strange. I interpret it as mortal omen.
    Biden promised wars to certain people.

  299. Just ask and I’ll quit commenting right away.

    Please quit.

    Nothing will change… These stupid elections are meaningless!! Washington will remain as is!!

  300. Interesting that you mention this. I have happened to wondered whether the Time of Troubles might be described as a form of competition between the protestant and catholic Western European powers for the Russian natural resources (at that time it was mainly fur trade that was of interest in Muscovy).

    Whatever one might think of the above, it is factually true that the Russian Empire was since its very inception highly dependent on exporting towards the Western European markets, just like the later Soviet Union was, and as is Russian Federation to this very day.

    Anyway, this is clearly an off topic in the current thread. Perhaps we might discuss it in the Open Thread. This is a very interesting topic and you appear very knowledgeable about economic aspects of Russian-Western relationship.

  301. Perhaps you shouldn’t talk for Anatoly? Just saying…

  302. … What I do want to instead …

    Are you trying to confuse me?

    You succeeded. Right at the beginning of the article. So, thanks – I don’t have to pick my way through the rest of it. I don’t have the time nor the patience. I guess I’ll go back to the New York Times.

    At least they can type (grammatical) sense.

  303. Mentioning the fact that BIS is working on cryptocurrency is hardly a proof of me being a conspiracy theorist. Especially that the link I provided was a BIS presentation.

    There is a guy called Vladimir Frolov (more popularly known as yarowrath) who made the Emercoin for his 2D game. At one point, it was one of the world’s top 100 most valuable cryptocurrencies.

    Is he also part of the transnational shadow government?

    Can you address these points?

    No, I don’t, because:

    1. Reports of malfunctioning vote tallying software occurs during well nigh every US election. Usually most of the claims come from the losing side.
    2. It is not proof of fraud. I addressed what can constitute proof of fraud multiple times in both the post and comments.
    3. My opinion on this particular matter is in any case irrelevant. The opinion of a judge might be relevant. But you’ll probably need more than a ZeroHedge article (again, see above).
    4. Contrary to your bizarre and misplaced beliefs, I have no particular interest or desire to “defend” the US electoral system from every single claim of malfeasance.
      My main argument, which I think is reasonable, is that large-scale fraud is highly unlikely to escape detection in the US (Russia doesn’t manage to hide it).
      That said, as I also pointed out, I don’t particularly care if many people do think that US elections are fraudulent. So actually spending time “refuting” such cases would be an absurdly ineffective and self-defeating usage of my time.

    Or do you prefer me simply to leave your blog?

    Quit the persecution complex. Nobody is either keeping you here or ejecting you.

  304. You are taking Karlin too seriously. The reason Karlin is disparaging towards you apart from the fact that you disagree with him is that you are too earnest while he is post-post-modern where everything is a textual interpretation that puts inordinate value on what is hip and cool. There is no higher value than being cool. Being uncool for him is worse than losing face for a Chinaman. In general Karlin is a good sport when his opinions are challenged but he gets angry when caught not being savvy enough when he could be portrayed as a freier which is the most uncool thing there is in his world. Think of the world of computer games where what matters is tactic and strategy which are means that justify the end. Being earnest, trusting, naive and hopeful are not good things in his world. Even a cunning peasant had boundaries that he respected because they outline a greater good. The only boundary Karlin respects is that between being cool and being a freier.

  305. Jaakko Raipala says

    It’s important to push the line that this election is dubious and for that we don’t even need evidence of anything in this election, the liberals have spent the last 4 years establishing the case that American elections can be fraudulent, that voting machines can be hacked and so on. Since we already know that the 2016 elections were rife with fraud and nothing has been done to reform the electoral system, we really can’t trust the 2020 election results.

    It’s a win-win:

    a) Making Trump a martyr in defeat is the last useful function that he can perform

    b) It would be an enormous hit to American soft power to delegitimize the election process and if it’s done from a non-MAGA perspective that insists that both 2016 and 2020 were fraudulent they will have no answer since both of their sides are so convinced that one of those elections was stolen

    c) When MAGA sees their hero betrayed by the Republican party it will collapse and leave the US as a de facto one-party state with Democrats as dominant as United Russia. It will be impossible to deny that the Democrats are the actual ruling class of America and it will ruin their game of deflecting anti-Americanism by offering occasional Republican figurehead scapegoats (evil Bush man who turns out to be just fine friends with Democrats now that he is out of power etc). It will also ruin the game of European “leftists” to oppose American imperialism by showing their support for BLM and other Democrat projects.

    d) A Biden presidency is the BEST time for Russia + euro dissidents to push for an “election meddling” narrative to turn the MAGA crowd against the coalition of butthurt belt east euros + Finland + Sweden that have fully signed up for the neocon + neolib corruption circuit to produce propaganda and bribes to lure the United States into supporting their grievances against Russia. UKRAINE hacked the election!

  306. I attended an event about two weeks ago. I know what I saw and what I felt. It was organized, polite, and forward looking. White people are a definite threat to their plans.

    Keep in mind that the Talmudic injunction to “kill the best of the goyim” necessarily implies elevating the worst of them to positions of power, wealth and influence.

    Trump is hardly the ideal American candidate, but he is nowhere near as bad as the demented old crooked creep and his mongrelized racial revanchist chip-on-the-shoulder and soon -to be- replacement, Horizontal Harris.

  307. Will anyone of consequence state that this was a Jew D’Etat? Some election stuff in swing states are awful fishy, BUT even if this election had been totally clean and Biden did win more electoral votes, what undid Trump? Jewish sabotage of his presidency from day 0. Trump lost support because Jews messed up the US and used media to blame Trump.

    The Russia Hoax, the endless hostile news(by media owned by Jews), the baseless accusations of Trump as Hitler(and Proud Boys as ‘white supremacists’), mass censorship of Trump supporters, mass deplatforming across internet that made the difference for Trump in 2016, the bogus Ukraine scandal, ludicrous impeachment, and etc.

    But even when those didn’t work to undermine him, Jews went all in and spread Covid Hysteria and BLM riots. Jews urged Antifa to wreak havoc, and Democrats let the thugs go free to do more damage. And Democrats and media said it was ‘Trump’s America’. Jews pulled all stops because they fear Trump stirring up even slightest whiff of white interests that might seek autonomy from Jewish supremacist control. As far as Jews are concerned, there is only ‘white guilt’ and ‘white fragility’ for whites. Obey.

    Just watch Covid hysteria fade into the air. Media will stop reporting it, and it will be as if it never happened. But then, it was all part of mass coup. All those mask-wearing idiots weren’t really afraid of some virus. They were using the mask as a symbol against Trump. Now, in days to come, they will be walking around mask-free. The virus for them was Trump.

    This is the result of Jew-run USA.

    And yet, so many whites still voted for Biden and Harris because they are so controlled by Jews.

    Jews did this. Someone needs to say it, and whites need to say NO MORE to Jews who are truly vermin. By Jews, of course, we mean Jewish Power and Jews who matter. Not all Jews are so derangedly supremacist and anti-white.

    But Trump deserves blame too. Had he been more like Michael Corleone than stupid Sonny, he would have outmaneuvered the Jews. But to do that, one must anticipate moves and preempt them before it’s in play. Trump wasn’t paying attention and his Sonny-like antics against China for Covid made him look stupid. But then, the people around him were either in the sabotage or incompetent as advisers.

  308. We need Goyexit from the evil Jews.

  309. JohnPlywood says

    Just shaddap ya delusional Mexican. The Democrats’ COVID shutdown has done more to hurt minorities and “help” white males (assumes they even needed any “help” in the first place) than any Republican ever would. Democrats are the white man’s party, buckle up for 4 years of reality slapping you in the face.

  310. even before this, when he let them take away Flynn he sealed his doom.

  311. Anti intellectualism will never fly in Russia. There are no rednecks or trailer parks on Russian soil since 1920s. USSR was built under mantra/idea that workers are most important, more than intellectuals. Doctor’s or engineer/s salary was 200 RU, factory workers were earning 300-400 easily. The catch was there was not much to do with that money, so it did not matter.

    Workers and intellectuals alike were sent from time to time to virtually free vacation. Cost of living was virtually zero – electricity, water, gas, heating, public transportation – equally available and shared by all. Free daycare, free meals at work an school, education, health care – it was all free and available to anybody who wanted to study or practice. Daily propaganda was not that much about communism per se. Practical meaning was work, work, work, or better study, study, study. Intellectuals were drilled into respecting manual workers, and vice versa. There was never mutual hatred or animosity between classes. There was only one class – working people.

    Of course, there were drunks, hooligans even junkies. Yet, they were not living on the streets like San Francisco. Besides, in their formative years, they went through schooling where beside math and science and literature, they were exposed to positive propaganda – say please, say thank yo, do not spit on the floor. Habit of reading was strongly encouraged. Later they could become drunks, hooligans or junkies, not too many of them though.

    Any idea of being non-educated, poorly behaved is basically incomprehensive to them. Those things, education, sense of equality, well behaving have been engraved in their collective brain, and those thing are hard to erase. In 1991 – 2000 much effort and m0ney was spent to undo all of those.

    If anybody wants to live among Russians, must behave, be decently educate (as in 0pposite of ignorant), to forget competition and adopt cooperation. The culture is different. Money is not important, friendship and human connections are what counts. Dmitry Orlov (easy to Google) wrote on cultural and material differences much better than I do.

    Anybody can apply for Russian citizenship. Conditions: good spoken and written Russian, and test on Russian history, I guess from 600 AD till 2000. In history studies you will have to read about communist revolution as a progressive thing, plus Great Patriotic War – WWII.

    It is easy for Eastern Europeans, since the schooling and social system were similar. However, no Romanian, Hungarian, Czech or Pole would ever think of living in Russia. Reasons for that are part of some other story, some other time.

    Nothing wrong with rednecks or any working people from USA or anywhere else, that is part of national culture, which is always optimal (there is no better one) for each particular nation/country.

  312. George F. Held says

    Yup! There was enormous fraud. Still, many too many people voted for Biden. That’s an indication that roughly half of the population are garbage. A civil war that rid the country of most of this trash would be a god-send.

  313. Mark Miller says

    A similar artifact was found in 2016 primaries, advantaging Trump.

    As usual Anatoly’s work was clarifying. If this election occurred in any other country, there would be much more skepticism of the result.

    Per Anatoly, the net benefit will accrue to the Right and I am happy to give the Left as much rope as they need.

  314. I agree. There was no way that the CIA was going to let Trump win this election. They were trying to regime change him for 4 years and even went kinetic with the pallets of bricks and blm riots.

    If they had the audacity to try and regime change trump for 4 years, they were NEVER going to let this election get the wrong result. Never.

  315. “Even a reasonably effective and high IQ semi-authoritarian regime such as Russia hasn’t learned how to hide electoral fraud from statistical analysts over 20 years”
    1.Russia takes 33 rank by IQ is between poland and Croatia
    2. Israel takes 39 and is between Vietnam and Belarus

    1. Your claim is illegitimate

    it is not reasonable. And stupid.

  316. taylorseries says

    HAHA MAGACOPE That so funny cuz cope word people say lot on internet

    We all know this election is being stolen Anatoly. Siding with Democrat scum to own the “MAGAtards” is very revealing as to your true nature.

  317. It was the yellow-bellied covidiots, who dragged Biden across the finish line. Well they have voted their own punishment. A conceited bunch, secure in the own self-proclaimed knowledge of the rudiments of science. You see them here too – the so-called high IQ fellows – who can’t think of a solution with all the supposed know-how and equipment at their disposal. My favourite example is the extraordinary claims made for supercomputers, how their minions will find a vaccine, get us high temperature superconductors all by programming some computers. But for now though, they are are content with processing Facebook Likes, and tracking faces for the police.

  318. The Wild Geese Howard says

    You are an idiot if you think a Republican Senate is going to be able to do anything to deter these people.

    I think the Senate Repubs are kind of dumb for apparently believing that throwing Trump under the bus will buy them more than a year of peace.

    Heck, the Georgia Senate races have flipped from R wins to runoffs. If the D’s win those, that’s it.

  319. shylockcracy says

    Since when have Democrats and EUropawns opposed terrorist Ziocorporate imperialism around the globe? US/EU/Canada have been selling huge amounts of weapons to Ziodi Wahhabia for their massmurder campaign in Yemen, which started under Obomber and Trumpet doubled down on. And that’s only one example among many instances of US/EU joint imperial operations, you yourself named antother one: Ukraine.

    Such a premise has nothing to do with reality.

  320. I agree. And remember all the medium sized conspiracies to go along with that.
    -white helmets

  321. “It’s harder to fraud votes in one of those “3rd world countries” that followers of the “HBD cult” tend to disparage”

    lolooooool this is perhaps the dumbest shit I’ve read today. 3rd world fraud and corruption is legendary, especially in Africa. Hard to tell what point you’re trying to make but it’s stupid regardless

  322. Rod Blagojevich about stealing election

  323. Whoever cheats the best wins. It’s the American way.

    To say there is no wholesale fraud is a total joke. When election observers/monitors who are legally allowed to monitor the vote count are removed and windows covered there is only one reason. Cheating is about to commence.

  324. sudden death says

    A Biden presidency is the BEST time for Russia + euro dissidents to push for an “election meddling” narrative to turn the MAGA crowd against the coalition of butthurt belt east euros + Finland + Sweden that have fully signed up for the neocon + neolib corruption circuit to produce propaganda and bribes to lure the United States into supporting their grievances against Russia. UKRAINE hacked the election!

    Quite complicated way to say that you consider all MAGA crowd being brainless worms, lol 🙂 Maybe they really are, but about 0,5-1% (or even more, considering they think “it’s just the flu”) of them will be just as prematurely dead in next two years as elected North Dakota republican senator now is. Considering razor thin margins in many important places, that might cement next elections even further away into blue zone.

  325. The Wild Geese Howard says

    The US presidential election is just a piece of the puzzle. There’s more to that than Trump vs Biden or GOP vs Dems.

    I know many do not agree, but for various reasons I believe China is the man behind the curtain.

  326. I agree that allowing them to “take away Flynn” was the sign of Trump weakness both in terms of objective balance of power and of his poor understanding how the game is played by the big boys.

  327. Irrelevant and incoherent.

  328. Majority of One says

    When machines count the votes, voters’ votes don’t count.

  329. Matthew Kelly says

    the candidate was just unpopular due to his COVID response.

    You spelled “four years of relentless 24/7 MSM hate-mongering” wrong.

  330. …he just didn’t do enough or take it serious enough

    All that mattes are results: the migrant numbers, incl. H1b, are almost exactly the same as in 2016. The rules are the same. All Trump did after 4 years was to ‘pause‘ 2020 numbers in May after the quota for 2020 was used up in April – the impact is almost zero. His proposal to require higher wages is also only a ‘proposal‘. It wasn’t implemented and now it won’t be.

    Two possibilities:
    – Trump is extremely incompetent and doesn’t understand how these things work so he makes ‘changes’ that result in no change. After 4 years.

    • Or Trump carefully avoided confronting businesses that like cheap labor and played-up some rhetoric to throw to the ignorant.

    Which one looks more likely? Well, the result was that he lost enough white male voters to lose an election.

  331. Noticer of things says

    @Anatoly Karlin

    If you were saying you doubted there was any way to prove the fraud, I could totally understand that (good fraud is hard to prove). If you were saying you weren’t 100% convinced, I could even understand that.

    There are two separate potential fraud allegations–one is nationwide massive fraud in the millions of votes to inflate Biden’s total, which is a little harder to believe (though with software it could definitely be pulled off). The other is just that the Dem machines in several big cities (Philadelphia, Detroit, Wisconsin, Phoenix and Atlanta) collectively came up with a few hundred thousand votes where needed to tip the election. Saying you don’t believe even that happened, after seeing all the evidence, is ridiculous.

    Do you not believe that Dem controlled cities like Atlanta and Pittsburg typically have some corruption during elections? Do you not believe it would be pumped up in a situation like this with super high stakes?

    The same thing happening with voting being heavily in Trump’s favor and then voting stopped for several hours in several key cities (in Atlanta, there was a fortuitous water pipe ruptured–what are the odds of that happening on its own?) before massively lopsided Biden votes poured in.

    Why did all these cities (unlike others) prohibit poll watchers from coming close enough to observe what was going on? In Detroit they put up cardboard to shield view of the ballot counters. That doesn’t happen when everything is above board. These cities aren’t acting like they have nothing to hide and much to gain from full transparency.

    The 90%+ turnout in Wisconsin, where mid 60%–maybe into the 70s% would be expected, is not credible. Those are North Korean levels. On a county by county basis there are a lot of numbers that don’t add up for key areas.

    Benford’s law violations primarily by Biden in these contentious cities, together with everything else, cast serious doubt on the results.

    Computer “glitches” giving thousands of votes to the Dems in critical locations are not normal.

    The numerous accounts of dead people voting and out of state residents voting–for the Dems–is a sign of fraud.

    Taken together, the odds that all these things are coincidence and not fraud are very very small.

    If we can’t catch voter fraud now, no matter how unpopular Biden/Harris is there’s no great likelihood that the swamp would allow another anti-swamp candidate to succeed.

    You are another dude with a high IQ, but not very perceptive.

    I guess I will stick with reading Steve Sailer, AE and Ron (when he avoids getting stuck on trying to convince us that getting Mexican demographics won’t eventually turn the US into Mexico).

  332. …Such voters stay home as a protest, not go out and actively make things worse for themselves.

    Not necessarily. Trump represented a promise of a fair deal with a job free of unfair migrant competition. Democrats generally represented a promise to provide a better social support when the jobs are unavailable. Since Trump didn’t deliver on his promise, some voters turned to the other – admittedly inferior – promise. Let’s see if they are equally disappointed.

  333. I’m not Right or Left and didn’t vote for Trump. But her comments represent the best example of moral insanity that I’ve seen in a long time.

    Who talks like that except crazy people?

  334. “There’s more to that than Trump vs Biden or GOP vs Dems.”

    Think “Owners vs Owners” like the old “Spy vs Spy” in Mad Magazine.

    Trump’s Owners were the Zionists and MIC.
    Clinton/Biden’s Owners were big tech, pharma, CIA/FBI, 5/6ths of the media (now even Fox so 6/6).

    The central banking cartel doesn’t care as long as their people are put in the Fed Chairs & Sec Treasury. Both sides let them so they would be the closest to neutral.

    Biden’s Owners cheated better than Trump’s Owners.

  335. For what its worth (my two cents) I find you to be a very articulate and “high IQ” individual and your current ideas regarding election fraud to be quite within any parameters of reasonable responses. Karlin trying to paint you as some sort of a lunatic “conspiracy theorist” is off the mark and does not help move the discussion forward. To his credit, he’s been posting a lot of good and interesting threads lately and must be operating at a very high clip. There’s nothing at all that you’ve written that would prompt him to ban you. Good and honest differences is what makes your dialogue with him interesting. Please, don’t stop commenting here. You and I don’t always agree 100%, but we still respect each other. This blogsite would be much poorer without your input.

  336. In other words, they are telling us that a man, Trump, who gets 57,000 people who travel long distances to attend one of his rallies, put against a man who doesn’t even bother to campaign, and when he does stretch himself to attend a rally, no one is there. What you hear from Biden rally audience is “beep”, (long pause),” beep” (long pause),” beep”, the sum total of the horns of the cars of those attending the rally. This is what we see. This is what we hear. But we are supposed to believe that Biden is the winner, and Trump is the loser? That even though our eyes and ears have seen and heard evidence that rises to the level of proof beyond any doubt that Biden is a criminal, that we are to believe that he will nonetheless win the Presidency.

    I am supposed to give up all my senses and trust who? What if I did? What can I expect would become of me?

    Of all the things that scares me, I think that scares me the most.

    Yeah the gap between reality and the ministry of truth narrative is massive. Especially since they are claiming that Biden got more votes than anyone else in history. If you look back at the democrat primaries they did the same to get Biden nominated in the first place. Just as they did for Hillary in 2016 against Bernie. I was surprised and disappointed at how easily they got away with that. At least in 2016 there was some protest by Bernie supporters.

    Now they’ve doubled down and declared him the president elect despite the fact that Trump has not only not conceded but vowed to contest the result in the courts.

    I don’t see how things can proceed here without major dramas. If the (media declared fake) result stands Trump supporters will be livid. If the official result goes to Trump then the left is livid plus the oligarch’s brownshirts antifa and blm will probably do some more peaceful protesting.

  337. Why don’t you give us a quick rundown of the easily alleviated reasons why “right wing populism failed”

    1. Too much reliance on a cult of personality built around one man. In this case Trump. To a lesser extent one could also point to UKIP which collapsed into irrelevance without Nigel Farage.
    2. The warning signs were there early on with those tax cuts. To many people it was proof that Trumpism was going to be, in practice, the same old Greed Is Good Republican approach.

    3. Excessive reliance on social media without understanding the extreme dangers of continuing to allow social media to make its own rules. Confronting that problem should have been a priority. Trump did nothing.

    4. A failure to do anything effective to undermine the legitimacy of a system in which donors openly buy and sell both candidates and entire parties. Pushing for public funding of election campaigns should have been an extreme priority.

    5. Too much rhetoric about “drain the Swamp” without a coherent plan to actually do it.

    6. Failure to come up with a decent healthcare policy.

    7. Failure to come up with a decent housing policy. Steve Sailer has been talking for years about Affordable Family Formation and he’s correct but the right-wing populists haven’t addressed the issue.

    8. On immigration, too much focus on race (which makes the populists look like knuckle-dragging racists) rather than the economic and social costs of immigration.

    9. Failure to address the inherent problems of a system built on he basis of finance capitalism rather than building stuff.

    10. Failure to identify the banks as the enemies of civilisation.

    11. Too many silly conspiracy theories (which makes the populists look like loons).

    I could go on.

  338. sudden death says

    Yeah the gap between reality and the ministry of truth narrative is massive. Especially since they are claiming that Biden got more votes than anyone else in history.

    Have you all already forgotten ongoing epidemic? Even if you still think about it being “fakeDemhoax,” is that strange to you that Dems themselves imagine or, if you want, pretend to imagine that virus is real/dangerous – so accordingly no campaining with large gatherings allowed and social distancing is needed? If they did not act this way, you would have been the first to cry about blue duplicity 😉

  339. Unconvincing and paranoid conspiracy theories are the mother’s milk of the contemporary left- white privilege, Russian collusion, the imminent dangers of “white nationalism” and “white supremacism” as opposed to the “peaceful protests” of BLM and Antifa, Global warming/anthropogenic climate change, etc.

    I’m not convinced that opposing one set of crazy paranoid conspiracy theories (and yes I agree that the contemporary left believes lots of crazy paranoid conspiracy theories) with another set of crazy paranoid conspiracy theories is a winning strategy.

  340. I am under the impression … that the whole thing we experience this year worldwide has been in preparation for a very long time. Probably even before Trump was elected.

    Yeah, me too! I’m trying to piece it all together from immutable axioms; at least to tak these into consideration.

  341. I think the leftie Democrats are definately itching to settle scores with the Trump supporters, especially if we see some sort of visible “resistance” to the new regime

  342. Well, looks like the pandemic is only dangerous when you have to go to vote in person….but gathering in large crowds and sharing a bottle is just fine

  343. another anon says

    Nah, it is finished. It is decided. It is done deal.

    Congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden!

  344. When you fill up the mail in ballot for your demented grandmother this is a fraud though on a micro scale. But multiply it by thousand. Do it in nursing homes. Then do it in community centers in minority areas and ghettos for people who would never vote. You incentivize them and twist their arms. This is no different than ballot stuffing but impossible to be proven as a fraud, yet everybody knows about it.

    Ballot harvesting is not the same thing as fraud. It’s an extension of canvassing, phone calls, and “ground game”. It’s well known that canvassing – going around door to door urging and reminding people to vote for certain candidates – increases turnout and influences votes in the direction of the canvassers’ candidates.

  345. This article is another example of author’s psychopathology. A cowardly bully who position himself on the side of the winner and takes a pleasure in rubbing it in to the losers.

    Are you Polish or Czech? I ask because you seem to be from a Eastern European background and very Russophobic.

  346. sudden death says

    So, now you are arguing that gathering in large crowds in support of blue agenda is…the sign of non-existing support? 😉

    Or you have something different in mind than the red argument I was replying to? Cause the argument was – there were no official large Biden campaign ralies, so that is sign of no real support, therefore votes are fake. Besides the fact people at the video are outside, masked and there is some distances between them and I even have no idea if this was any official blue campaign event.

  347. The reason Karlin is disparaging towards you apart from the fact that you disagree with him is that you are too earnest while he is post-post-modern where everything is a textual interpretation that puts inordinate value on what is hip and cool. There is no higher value than being cool. Being uncool for him is worse than losing face for a Chinaman.

    By mainstream standards, Karlin’s focus and interest in politically incorrect things is not considered “cool”.

    Furthermore, even in the online politically incorrect/alt-right space he inhabits, he holds views that are generally not popular or considered “cool” there such as his views on technology, transhumanism, China, etc.

  348. RichardTaylor says

    Defection is completely rational move in a society that cannot punish it

    If a person has no loyalty, sympathy or fellow-feeling for his own people, then what else can be said?

    Yes, many a sociopath prospers.

  349. I think you should consider the possibility of the CIA tools being used. The HAMMER and SCORECARD. It is claimed that Snowden leaked docs verify the existence in addition to whistle blower and creator Dennis Montgomery.

    Also, People’s Pundit Rich Baris seems to be a lot better at polling than those promoted in the MSM. He seems to be undertaking a nationwide study looking for fraud.

    I believe the known to be incorrect polls were part of a psychological warfare strategy of the MSM. They have been against Trump since day one and published unfounded conspiracy claims against him, so they clearly have a bias against Trump.
    My county has something like a 91% turnout – I consider this artificially high.

    COVID was used to change the rules and make it easier to harvest and stuff ballots. COVID also gave health officials the power to run counting which should not be the case.

    I did consider Trump the lesser evil to Biden since he was at least to some degree standing up to the post modernist critical race theory that is an assault on not only human freedom but also logic. I am extremely attached to logic. I literally feel like failing to challenge this post modernist trend will be the destruction of our civilization. But I am more interested in having the most popular candidate become president through a mostly fair process than having my preferred candidate win at any cost. That is my bias to save you some time from attacking my positions due to my presumed bias.

  350. looks like I misunderstood your post

  351. ” 1… 11… Too much …, Excessive…, Failure to…, …
    I could go on.”

    Good list. If I may add:

    1. Failure to extract US from foreign wars or withdraw troops out of even a single country.
    2. Reckless and dangerous foreign policies that endangering US interests (e.g. assassination of Iranian general, bombing Syria, withdrawing from arm control treaties,…)

    3. Kissed too much Israel’s arse (e.g. recognized Israel claim on Golan Height, moved US Embassy to Jerusalem)

    4. Ineffective trade wars that resulted in record trade deficits with China and others.

    5. Failure to “Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs”, resulting in lower number of manufacturing jobs than when Trump took office in 2017.

    6. Failure to control the increase of debt (from 20 trillions to 27 trillions) as he promised.

    7. Failure to control spending of military.

    I could go on too.

    Trump’s presidency is a series of unmitigated failures after failures – it is too easy for any objective persons to see. Only dumb partisans still wonder why he loses.

  352. I believe the last four years may be the beginning of a new rule, and not an anomaly or exception. This will now be the second US president in a row dogged by legitimacy issues, basically unrecognized by a large portion of the electorate. Attempts to paper over this issue, and the divide it creates, will only exacerbate the situation, leading to the initiation of an uncontrollable process somewhere later down the line.

    As an enemy of America in Moscow, I encourage the fraud narrative, including a protracted legal fight on behalf of Trump, and care not a whit whether it’s legitimate. Democracy itself is a gigantic fraud, so any attempt to discredit it should be welcomed. Here in Russia, we just have to hold it together for long enough (granted, neither an easy task, nor a given) as the US faces further relative decline, and our enemies’ bodies will eventually be carried by us on the river.

  353. Trump was better than the fraud Obama on Syria. But he had no business threatening to kill Assad. He’s in many ways a damned fool. He genuinely thinks that the Syrians owe him something for fighting the ISIS and so keeps their oil. It seems that with Trump all wars have to turn in a profit otherwise he won’t fight them. By that requirement he becomes an antiwar president since no modern war turns a profit.

  354. sudden death says

    As an enemy of America in Moscow, I encourage the fraud narrative, including a protracted legal fight on behalf of Trump, and care not a whit whether it’s legitimate.

    Great&absolutely sincere statement of a true position, which is absolutely not dangerous to say openly, cause red native MAGA crowd still will not get it, lol 🙂

  355. Parsnipitous says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Numberwang Karlin appeared here since he combatively asserted a 1% fatality rate for Covid back in May or so. I was looking to hear more on that.

  356. I wouldn’t particularly fret of that, he is quite tolerant. He’s never perma-banned hostile commenters such as Glossy, Gerard, Martyanov, utu or myself (incidentally all Russophones except utu, hm), save a momentary crossing the line of mine after he mildly praised that ‘Cuties‘ pedo-normalising netflix crap.

    AK: “Mildly praised” = gave 3 stars /5. For context.

  357. Trump’s presidency is a series of unmitigated failures after failures – it is too easy for any objective persons to see. Only dumb partisans still wonder why he loses.

    You talk as if presidents are in charge, and they can get things done what they want done?
    Aren’t they just stooges for the masses?

  358. Supply and Demand says

    He’s not Donald Trump.

  359. sudden death says

    You talk as if presidents are in charge, and they can get things done what they want done?
    Aren’t they just stooges for the masses?

    So why all the empty fuss after the elections, if nothing will change with removal of current one? 😉

  360. You must be Karlin’s boyfriend. Nice to see to you.

  361. So there was not conceivably enough fraud to shave votes by tens of thousands in a city with a population of a million? And the Nordic population is concentrated in the countryside, the population make up big cities like Milwaukee and Detroit is very different.

  362. «The left has cultural capture over 80%+ of Western human capital.»

    As usual, it is not the “left”, it is the “whig”/neoliberal financialist/globalist right. The “left” in the anglo-american countries has been comprehensively pushed to the margin of politics, even if it still has some role in non anglo-american “western” countries.

  363. Stonewall Jackson says

    Boyfriend and ball rubber and sword polisher all in one. Yes we are happy to have her oops I meant him on the program

  364. Stonewall Jackson says

    Our author in question is a typical and not so typical Russian. Let me explain. Russians, growing up in a totalitarian state expect their opinions to never be questioned. They are very offended. Hence they are a rigid type prone to doing the same thing again and again even if it results in constant failure. That’s the typical part.

    AK: Person with 8 comments on this website, first time commenter on my own, has a very strange belief that I am somehow obligated to provide him a platform to offer me online psychoanalysis.

    The untypical part is that they consider themselves tough guys. A tough guy should be able to take it on the chin but this fellow while representing macho is really marshmallow.

    All too often these 2 attitudes conflict wherein they cannot decide what role to play even when circumstances call for one or the other. It also afflicts all their other character traits resulting in confusion and a wayward identity and character that drifts from one extreme to the other.

    Hence he wants to blog but cannot bear disagreement, criticism and trolling. Therefore comments as such are banned, you are banned, critics are banned. If there are no disagreements then HE must be right. Yes we are to be impressed with his hairy flabby arms and swords and of course super intellect LMAO

    Here is the Joker;s Law: The men that are truly dangerous and intelligent hide it and all insinuations of their temperament, intelligence and power. They listen much and speak little. and are rarely offended by a conflicting opinion. Rather they ponder it to see if it makes sense. The fruitcakes go out of their way to show they are gangsters but are soon exposed as weak. Cry babies who take their bat and ball and go home when the game goes against them and they get ragged.

    We see this in every aspect of life. The kid with the Porsche, spike haircut and $2000 designer outfit is broke. The man with the beat up boots, worn out clothes and shaky pickup is worth millions.

    Into which category does you know who fit ? UR with its philosophy of free speech should never have this confused and misguided individual as a contributor. No other writer on this site bans comments and critics. It just goes to show the mentality of the man.

  365. As Yevardian said, I rarely ban regulars, but if you really want me to, I can make an exception.

  366. I think the leftie Democrats are definately itching to settle scores with the Trump supporters, especially if we see some sort of visible “resistance” to the new regime

    Yeah. Settle scores as in, How dare you stand in the way of our narcissistic, psychopathic lust for full spectrum dominance.

    Like I said, they’re insane.

  367. Our author in question is a typical and not so typical Russian. Let me explain. Russians, growing up in a totalitarian state expect their opinions to never be questioned. They are very offended. Hence they are a rigid type prone to doing the same thing again and again even if it results in constant failure. That’s the typical part

    I am Russian as well. And I can tell you that you start on a wrong premise here. In general, oversimplification about national character and psyché are always grossly inadequate. I for one never allow myself to judge someone’s character simply on the basis of the person’s ethnic background.

    Moreover, both Karlin and I have both lived in the West for a very long period, something the majority of Russians didn’t. Therefore both Anatoly and I are not typical Russians. Karlin has decided to go back to Russia, while I cannot for family reasons mainly.

    Anatoly looks quite satisfied with his choice of going back home. And seeing the craziness unfolding in the West, I think that he might have been right in his choice. Others, such as Dmitry Orlov have done the same and look satisfied as well.

    This being said, Russia has a long and quite complex history, therefore a lot of people get Russians wrong, so you are not an exception.

  368. another anon says

    What you all think about this analysis?

    And this?
    If DT suspected fraud from the beginning, why is he so unprepared to actually fight it? Is it because he is so trusting? Or is it because he never really wanted to win, is bored of the presidency and wants to end it all as soon as possible?

  369. Daniel Chieh says

    I think its relatively safe to say that DT does not prepare, as a personality point. He has a lot of confidence in things working out for him, and it is a contagious confidence – but sometimes this can fail him.

  370. Robert Dolan says
  371. Jefferson Temple says

    Yes, except for all of social media/MSM being completely biased for the Democrats and tolerating years of the Russia gate BS while not tolerating a single day of election fraud conjecture, and the blow up of a viral infection with a greater than 99% survival rate into a deadly pandemic to put millions into a panic mode and create a huge opportunity for mail fraud and a great reset, and a video of Joe my-mind-is-sliden Biden stating that they have built the greatest voter fraud organization in history,

    Well, there’s no hint of a conspiracy to steal the election.

    I’ll wait for the courts to weigh in.

  372. Believing in fraud, even on a massive scale, is neither crazy, nor paranoid. Election fraud is a persistent reality in most nations who style themselves as fundamentally “democratic”, and in the US, has been a standard operating procedure of the Democratic political machine, although not exclusively confined to it (as in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections). The fraud perpetrated in 2020 was on an unprecedented scale, because the prevailing conditions were ideal for it:

    Biden/Harris had the backing of nearly the entire television, print and social media establishments, which never ceased to engage in an undisguised hatred and contempt for Trump. If that were not enough, the media religiously ignored or denigrated any information which was in any way unfavorable to the left or to the Democratic establishment. The media also fanned the flames of unprecedented racial hatred and division, to the point of encouraging civil unrest and violence. If Trump failed to act to quell the violence, he was perceived as weak. If he acted to stop it, he was guilty of racism and white supremacy.

    The permanent government, i.e., the so called “Deep State” had engaged in a relentless effort to sabotage and weaken support for Trump and to destroy his presidency via any means possible, whether legal, illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional, including the use of state sanctioned espionage and the wildest accusations against the President, up to and including accusations of treasonous collaboration with a foreign power. Any attempts to exculpate the President or proffer evidence to prove his innocence were met with further spurious accusations against him.

    In one of the most cynical and mendacious psychological warfare operations in history, the media and the “Deep State” attempted, in most cases successfully, to blame the pandemic- along with all of its effects- on Trump’s inactivity or dilatory response to the danger. If Trump had acted in the draconian fashion of the governors of New York and Michigan, inter alia, he would have been condemned as a despot and blamed for the subsequent economic implosion.

    To paraphrase an almost supernaturally prescient 20th century political figure, in these big lies there was an enormous and cumulative force of credibility. And they not only facilitated the unprecedented electoral mega-fraud which was to come, they were an indispensable part of it.

    Trump’s presidency was not ideal, and the man himself did have very deep flaws. However, he was insufficiently useful to the globalist oligarchs in the furthering of their most ambitious projects. He did pander too much to racial minorities. He was a dedicated and unapologetic Zionist, but he was not enough of a warmonger to satisfy the real centers of power in the Zionist world. He made a few terrible mistakes, such as the assassination of Soleimani, the attacks on Syria, and the attempted coup against Maduro in Venezuela. But these were of no concern to the globalists.

    Trump’s real crime, in globalist eyes, was serving as a rallying point for what was left of legacy America and therefore represented a serious obstacle in their plans to kill what remained of European Christendom.

  373. The Good Friday prayer of the Roman Liturgy did not refer to “the perfidious Jews” for nothing.

  374. Jon Baptist says

    Thanks TKK. You gave me a boost and helped me maintain some morale in these dark and treacherous times.

    These are “dark” times.
    Dr. Hall, where will you be posting your articles after the seizure of the website? Can you post at
    I’ve visited the AHTribune website for many years and I didn’t appreciate it’s popularity until Unz posted the Alexa figures.

    You are one of the very few analyzing the WeForum-COVID Techno-Tyranny agenda in a very coherent way that makes sense. A big ” umasked smile” to you as well. So many big brains around yet they can’t comprehend that “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available.” (pg. 31, This pdf is no longer available at the FDA Website

  375. you also need the participants to have a reasonable expectation of immunity. This is not something that either party in the US can credibly guarantee

    The fallout from the Russiagate investigations shows exactly that anti-Trump action comes with a virtual guarantee of immunity. Trump’s own AG won’t prosecute.

    That the US is not a de facto one-party state is quite debatable.

  376. He has a lack of attention to detail, a quality he would need to pursue something as complex and finicky as electoral fraud. Other than complaining in advance about mail-in ballots, he did nothing. But the way elections are set up in the USA seems to be determined at the county level, and it would be difficult for a president to influence that. Probably the most he could do was alert the Republican grassroots to be vigilant.

  377. AnonFromTN says

    There is so much evidence of fraud, all in one direction, that it is clear that Trump won practically all swing states. However, his margin was not large enough to prevent fraudsters from flipping the result. Electoral fraud has limited capability, so while flipping 51:49 win is relatively easy, flipping a 55:45 win would be hard to impossible. Trump’s margins were small enough for fraud to be efficient.

    Considering that he ran against corrupt senile walking dead with universally despised scum in the wings, Trump’s modest victory in real votes shows that he is hardly an inspiring president.

    The good thing is that this round of “elections” discredited American electoral system beyond redemption. Good because it was always prone to fraud, so its fairness was a myth, and now this myth is dead. Successful fraud clearly showed that the US is not a democracy, not a republic, and not anything else on those lines. Only thieves feeding off the system, paid hacks and trolls, or hopeless morons inside and outside of the US can pretend to believe (the first two categories) or sincerely believe (the last category) that Biden won the vote. The king showed that he has no clothes to anyone capable of seeing the reality. The fact that fraud will stand and truth will be quashed shows that the system is rotten through and through and cannot be fixed.

    The bad thing internally is that the society has no means of controlling the power, and was told to shut up or else in no uncertain terms. This is an unmistakable sign of an Empire dying because of internal rot, like Western Roman Empire. The bad thing internationally is that this Empire today has nukes. WWIII is now a lot more likely. Senile half-corpse will do whatever crazy neocons tell him. God save the mankind.

    To end on a lighter note, here is a joke. Two planets are talking. One says: “I have a problem – human infestation”. The other answers: “Don’t you worry. I had that problem, but it went away without me doing anything”.

  378. Plato's Dream says

    They are rubbing white America’s face in it. The brazen nature in which this election was stolen (it could have been done much more subtly) is a message to the defeated: “Resistance is futile”.

  379. message to the defeated

    But are American people truly defeated?

  380. Excellent comment

  381. AnonFromTN says

    But are American people truly defeated?

    Not yet. But if the American people let this fraud stand, they are truly defeated, with no hope of ever coming back. The stakes are high, and the people have an uphill battle.

  382. So why all the empty fuss after the elections,

    That’s the power of the media; they know how to distract and bullshit the masses. The number one distraction coming up that you’re not supposed to notice is the fact that the Biden administration with be stacked with neocon heavy shills just like the Trump administration!

    Nothing will change you stupid voters!

  383. What about the dispossession of White American middle class, wasn’t it slowed down during Trump’s presidency and wouldn’t it be accelerated under Biden/Harris?

  384. You don’t know how Indians work. All they do is talk, talk, talk.

    They’d be literally counting in their minds. After 2 hours, they spit out Modi counts.

  385. freedom-cat says

    Sadly, I have to agree. The more I think about it the more I think he should just Concede. Even if he won, there would be no let up from the Deep State, which has just pulled off their final attempted Coup d’etat. This one is working.

    Trump spent way too much time bickering with the dumb MSM in his many “briefings” that he seemed to enjoy.

    The one main plus that he did was minimizing US bombings all over the Middle East. He has that under his belt, as a major plus, after the mass murder the Clintons, Bush, and Obama administration instituted around the M.E.

  386. Robert Dolan says

    Great call!

    Trump should concede so Sloppy Joe can start a war with Iran and send thousands of Christian boys to die in yet another proxy war for Israel.

    You sure are smart!

  387. What about the dispossession of White American middle class, wasn’t it slowed down during Trump’s presidency and wouldn’t it be accelerated under Biden/Harris?

    No and no.. Didn’t you notice that, recently(during the Trump administration), even eluding to“All lives matter” could get you canceled or your head kicked in depending on the company you were keeping. Eluding to “white lives matter” is the sign of a total heretic, and this is not Trump’s fault – he, like other presidents have very limited power. As I’ve mentioned before – the contest/war/battle for America isn’t between the establishment and Trump; it’s between the establishment and Trump supporters.

    The dispossession of White middle class has been happening for the last fifty years, and it will continue apace into the foreseeable future. There was a slight uptick during the Trump years, but it’s going to be faux-liberalism through out the Biden/Harris term. Resistance(anti-war, anti-establishment, populism) will be put to bed.

  388. Neil Templeton says

    Ok, but the current explanation appears to be that working and middle class white males turned against Trump. That would appear to reduce his turnout. Maybe increased black and Latino vote offset that to some degree. However, for Biden and total turnout to increase concurrently is strange. One would expect turnout from anti-Trumpers, suburban women, etc., but those are blocs that vote in almost every election, and likely in 2016 for Clinton. So where did the massive change in Biden turnout come from? Did blacks prior to the election show remarkable support for Biden? I doubt it. So who were these voters that turned out for Biden that didn’t turn out in prior elections? Working class white males? The hatred of Trump is concentrated in few voting blocs, who generally have high turnout anyway. The love of Biden as a candidate is completely manufactured.

  389. Biden won because he won in the swing sates where he won by less than 1% margin:

    GA 49.5/49.3
    AZ 49.5/49.0
    PA 49.7/49.1
    WI 49.6/48.9

    Ballot harvesting made possible by Covid-19 is responsible for this result. Democrats were much more effective in the scheme of ballot harvesting. The ‘massive enthusiasm’ your interlocutor brought up has nothing to do with voters but everything to do with the election workers enthusisams who were able to pull off this result. Any talk based on the dubious exit polls of how many white men or black queers voted for Trump is just a distraction for the distractible minds to take them away from thinking about the nitty gritty work that was put by the Democratic party machine into this election. If we had a magnifying glass and were able to see how this nitty gritty work was done we would see many frauds. We would see that Democrats were better than Republicans in it. And most likely we could conclude that w/o mail-in voting campaign due to Covid-19 Trump would have won.

    Despite of their efforts and advantages the Democrats actually should be ashamed that by having the full spectrum dominance in media and 24/7 incessant anti-Trump propaganda they won this election by less than 1% in the four key swing states.

  390. Hiram of Tyre says

    For the sake of entertainment….

    We have a Nostradamus in Lebanon by the name of Michel Hayek who has made rather accurate “predictions” in the past years. He could just be in touch with Magees or just a shill; I don’t know.

    So far, his 2020 “prophecies” have been accurate. One of them, to be determined, claims that Trump will lose and win at the same time. Let’s see how that turns out.

  391. You must be a faggot. It’s not nice to see queers like you around. Go away, cocksucker.

  392. another anon says

    Trump should concede so Sloppy Joe can start a war with Iran and send thousands of Christian boys to die in yet another proxy war for Israel.

    LOL. Keep crying for poor innocent christian soldier boys, who would drone your house in a minute if they were told so.

    Are you still living in the sixties? News flash: Vietnam war is over, draft is over, the military are professionals who know what they enlisted for.
    What they enlisted for?

    For lower class, it is $$$. Pay, bonuses, pension, education, health care, all kinds of benefits for job less dangerous than logging, fishing or construction work.

    For upper class, it is future political career. Spend few years in some desert or mountainous shithole, and you can then strut in uniform with chest full of medals for the rest of your life and the plebs will admire you as “war hero” and vote for you.

    For middle class, who have much better job opportunities in civilian life, but no chance of climbing to the very top?
    It is adventure and fun. Shooting big guns, dropping big bombs, driving big tanks, flying big airplanes just like in movies, but for real. Killing wogs and ragheads like in movies, but for real.

    This is all what it is about, “homeland” “freedom” “democracy” “apple pie” have nothing to do with it.

  393. another anon says

    Many internet volunteers keep crying that there is no “fight” going on, that despite the loud rhetoric, GOP is not interested in contesting the alleged fraud.

    Yes, why? Why should you “fight” for someone who is not interested in fighting and does not want your help?

    Maybe GOP and Trump are completely useless mugs.

    Maybe the whole game is not about “winnning elections”, but about winning something else, and you are the mugs.

  394. Grahamsno(G64) says

    the low human capital of the Right is not just a meme

    What a wonderfully euphemistic way of calling them a bunch of dumb hicks.

  395. You obviously didn’t understand the words I already said. This is a completely worthless analysis. Drawing a line over a histogram isn’t a statistical analysis; it’s some dipshit drawing a line over a histogram. I have been paid actual US currency to do Benford’s law looking for accounting fraud, among other things. I’d critique his analysis further if there was any. Looking at what he plotted: there is no obvious fraud in that data.

  396. Scott Locklin says

    “If the graphs are real they show clear anomolies of the type that forensic accountants would consider signs of fraud.”

    If the graphs are real, they show pretty typical sampling randomness at the N-values they sampled at. Again, I’m eyeballing it here, but I have been the statistician looking for anomalies in the data. Google my name: I do shit like this for a living.

    This is cope. Whether or not there was widespread electoral fraud; the Benford stuff don’t show it, and the touting of this because MUH SCIENCE is a giant self own.

  397. Zarathustra says

    Thank you for finally explaining why so many veterans are homeless and they are croaking on the streets

  398. This video supports your views 100%. Approximately 425,000 false votes for Biden in Ohio and Pennsylvania alone:

  399. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    Karlin, you are completely full of crap.

    Biden severely under-performed Clinton’s results in every major urban area except Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, and Atlanta. In those 4 areas he over-performed Clinton and Obama.

    This is demographically improbable: all four areas are heavily black. Why did black voters elsewhere fail to respond like we’re supposed to believe they did in those 4? In reality, black voters are always representative of each other – and in the rest of the country, Trump increased his black male voter share to 18% and black turnout did not exceed the past.

    This is statistically implausible, to put it mildly. Cleveland, which is basically the same city as Milwaukee but in a state run by a competent Secretary of State (Ohio’s Frank LaRose), saw a flat turnout.

    As for Pennsylvania, if nothing sordid was happening, then the state’s Democrats would not have fought like Hell to prevent the Trump campaign from observing the vote count. Nor would the Democrat-run state courts have come with the absurd rulings allowing ballots to be counted days after election day, without any proof of authenticity!

    You are the cope artist. You may be right about the difficulty of proving it in court, but this election is a clear fraud.

  400. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    I really don’t care who you are, Expert Scott. All anyone needs to know about this election is that we’re supposed to believe Biden did great in 4 urban areas while doing not so great in every other one. It’s absurd beyond belief.

  401. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    An instructive 2016 article from the BBC about fraudulent elections in Gabon.

    Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs

    But don’t worry, Anatoly, none of these signs were present in America …. oh wait, actually, ALL of them were present.

  402. Is the narrative still that there was no statistical evidence of fraud?

  403. Conditions are good for really fucking up the democrat day the way Trump is going. Even if all these litigation end up falling through in the end he can ruin a lot of schemes and tie them up. Who knows maybe he does even more damage than we expect.

  404. E. Harding says

    You apparently haven’t even looked at a map of the election results. Biden did better than Hillary in practically every area with a high concentration of college-educated Whites (Oklahoma City, Fargo, Omaha, Columbus, the Atlanta suburbs, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Louisville, Huntsville, Nashville, the Dallas suburbs, the Houston suburbs, Benton County, etc.) He did consistently poorly in ghettos. His margins to win Wisconsin came from Madison and from the Milwaukee suburbs, not Milwaukee City. His margins to win Michigan came from Oakland, Kent, Washtenaw, and Ingham counties; he did worse than Hillary in Detroit City. His margins to win Pennsylvania came from a variety of counties in Eastern Pennsylvania; he did worse than Hillary in Philadelphia. Biden consistently did better in metropolitan areas where they were dominated by college Whites; he did worse where they were dominated by LATINOS and Asians.

    Here’s a preliminary map of the election swings from the U.S. Election Atlas, more pink==more pro-Biden. New York, IL, etc. hasn’t finished counting. I see a nationwide swing against Trump. I don’t see fraud.:

  405. Biden severely under-performed Clinton’s results in every major urban area except Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, and Atlanta.

    %vote for Trump:


    Wayne county 2016: 29.3%
    Wayne county 2020: 30.6%


    Philadelphia county 2016: 15.3%
    Philadelphia county 2016: 18.1%


    Milwaukee county 2016: 28.6%
    Milwaukee county 2016: 29.3%

    Might be worthwhile getting basic facts correct before making sweeping claims.

  406. What about turn out?

  407. E. Harding says

    To be fair, Milwaukee County and Wayne County both show up as pink on the map I posted above because Biden increased his share of the two-party vote relative to HRC (in Milwaukee County from 65.48% to 69.13% and in Wayne County from 66.36% to 67.99%, according to the U.S. Election Atlas) due to the disappearance of third parties. What Burns was insanely wrong on was

    Biden severely under-performed Clinton’s results in every major urban area

    In fact, closer to the opposite is the truth.

  408. My main argument, which I think is reasonable, is that large-scale fraud is highly unlikely to escape detection in the US.

    It’s been detected.

  409. It’s been detected.

    Sure, it’s been detected. But the fraudsters and the gang standing behind them, which includes the owners of most MSM, will keep pretending that no fraud happened (in the same vein as calling violent riots with widespread burning, looting, and murder “largely peaceful protests”).

    The American voting system was discredited beyond redemption. Yet the fraud will likely stand, thereby discrediting the rest of the American political system.

  410. Zarathustra says

    Voting here voting there it is all just a crap.
    ( Note to you small brains,)
    Every prospective US president gets a proposition from Rabbinical council. After accepting the proposition he has a guaranteed presidency.
    Clinton got a proposition to destroy Yugoslavia and to put a pressure on Iraq.
    Bushes got the proposition to destroy Iraq.
    (Afghanistan was an oddity)
    Obama got the proposition to destroy Syria.
    (Libya was only test run)
    (Russians did move in so it was only partial success.
    Trump got the proposition to move the embassy and legalize Golan heghts. (Solidification)
    (After fulfilling the obligation to Rabbinical council he become useless.)
    Biden got the proposition to destroy Iran.
    (We are going to see how that is going to work out. We should all cross our fingers and hold them.)

  411. Zarathustra says


  412. “if all these litigation end up falling through in the end he can ruin a lot of schemes and tie them up.” – I doubt it. Once the Supreme Court renders its decision it will be over and Trump supporters will accept it because the Right is more law and order than the Left. Only if the decision was in favor of Trump we could expect instability and riots. At this point however I am not sure how Trump and RNC are committed to fight it and what resources they have at their disposal. I haven’t seen big name layers talking about it.

  413. Thanks. We still have to see how Trump and DNC are committed to fight it. I haven’t seen big name lawyers involved in it yet.

  414. It is not credible for Biden to get 80 percent of the vote in Philly when it is only 40 percent black. Or the response to Minneapolis getting burned to the ground is for Biden to get 70 percent of the vote.

  415. Well, you don’t get too many name lawyers that have the prestige and experience of Sidney Powell, who is intrinsically involved with handling Trump’s challenges. She’s an excellent attorney who has a great deal of experience, especially at the appellate level. Watch the video that I posted, she’s “the real deal”, not to be slighted.

  416. Don’t give up the ship until the captain himself says it’s sunk. He’s just started to fight back, let’s see how it all plays out.

  417. Maybe GOP and Trump are completely useless mugs.

    Israel got what they wanted from them as did other major players. The latest tweets from Trump included one with Kevin Mccarthy claiming basically that the gop is the party of diversity(which is our strength) now.

    The mugs are the Whites still voting for them thinking they will in some way represent their interests. They deserved to lose the election in a fair vote. It’s unfortunate that that the voter fraud didn’t take out the gop reps along with Trump.

  418. C’mon man. Look how well Biden campaigned talking passionately to a bunch of parked cars.

    Biden like Hillary in 2016 wasn’t even the most popular amongst the democrats. The democratic primaries were the test run for the main thing. I can’t believe how easily they pulled off that one even considering they are the “woke” crowd.

  419. This “fruad” that everyone here is wailing about is otherwise known “USA democracy”.

    Where have you all been for your entire lives? And for those of you who dream about returning to the better olde dayz, when were those for you?

    It truly is morning in America. Have yerself a cup o Joe.

  420. Zarathustra says

    Russia and China did not extent customary diplomatic congratulation to Biden.
    It never did happen before.

  421. sudden death says

    Because having to deal with political veteran at the helm is way worse for them than just toying with amateur celebrity.


    Also according to some information, for the first time this election the ballots have been marked with a smart contract blockchain tracking code. This would ease the determination of the ballot itinerary to the vote counting and allow separation of legitimate ballots from the fake ones.

    The GSA has refused to recognize Biden as the president elect until all the formalities required under American law and constitution are met.

    If Trump gets a ballot recount then it might well be that Biden will never be a president and a lot of people gonna get thrown in jail.

    Perhaps that was “the plan” we were supposed “to trust”?

    That would be fun as hell to watch…

  423. Not really sure what you think this map is showing.

    Your map shows that my County (Lee County, Florida) shaded pink, presumably meaning that support increased for Biden vs. Trump as compared to Hillary vs. Trump.

    From Politico, in 2016, Trump received 191, 141 votes compared to 124, 725 for Hillary.

    From Lee County Elections website, in 2020, Trump received 232, 075 votes compared to 156, 957 for Biden.

    Looks like Trump received increased support by 40, 934 votes, while Biden had an increase in support over Hillary by 32, 232.

    Based on those reported numbers, by what metric is my County shown to have increased support for Biden?

  424. This here is important. I did not think but should have that the election system is a cluster fuck.

    There is no centralized database of counted votes or set of rules even. No enforcement body to play referee between both sides. Everything is so broken that you can easily hide thousands of fake votes.

    So when people are throwing out graphs they had to make them selves makes you wander how easy is to check them let alone to check for fraud.

  425. AnonFromTN says

    Yea, hope springs eternal (доки жию, сподiваюсь). But the sharks are already salivating at the prospect of eating the captain. And I don’t mean senile half-corpse, I mean the sharks who are pushing that stuffed shirt forward.

  426. E. Harding says


    Second number is higher, ergo, increased support for Biden.

  427. Morton's toes says


    The end was in 1250 AD when Frederick II died with an unaccomplished crusade and the Guelphs destroyed the Holy Roman Roman Empire. We have been thrashing around in the swamp of the kali yuga ever since.

    It is all in this book:

  428. Christophe GJ says

    PCRobert’s arguments are convincing.
    Karlin’s arguments are not.
    simultaneous “data errors” ? In the swing states ?
    Don’t try to relativize, minimize, whatever – ise Anatoly..A terrible fraud happened. IT CHANGED THE ISSUE OF THE ELECTION
    1963 : the magic bullet
    2020 : the magic ballots
    The complex theories presented by Karlin remind me of the scientifics of modern physic “who could prove that it’s possible to suspend an elephant at the edge of a cliff with his tail attached to a flower” that Kevin Costner talked of in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”

  429. The fact that mail-in votes, which are counted last in states such as Pennsylvania, lean heavily towards Biden is only natural given that Bidenists “wear a big mask all the time” and Trumpists believe that Corona is “just the flu” (yes, these are exaggerations, but they are accurate partisan stereotypes).

    Who is more likely to vote absentee — old people cautious about their health; young people trying to be cool? Judging by who chooses to pick up groceries outside at Safeway, rather than risk infection by going inside the store, it is the old, who are much more likely to be Republican.

    It would be great to do a study showing exactly where the mail-in vote came from. The dementia-afflicted in nursing homes? The homeless population? People who haven’t voted in 20 years? People residing in vacant lots? The dead?

  430. The fact that mail-in votes, which are counted last in states such as Pennsylvania, lean heavily towards Biden is only natural given that Bidenists “wear a big mask all the time” and Trumpists believe that Corona is “just the flu” (yes, these are exaggerations, but they are accurate partisan stereotypes).

    Who is more likely to vote absentee — old people cautious about their health, or young people trying to be cool? Judging by who chooses to pick up groceries outside at Safeway, rather than risk infection by going inside the store, it is the old, who are much more likely to be Republican.

    It would be great to do a study showing exactly where the mail-in vote came from. The dementia-afflicted in nursing homes? The homeless population? People who haven’t voted in 20 years? People residing in vacant lots? The dead?

  431. I onow it is not related to the topic but I have to prise your prediction of what is going on in Armenia .

  432. TheTotallyAnonymous says

    A Serb author’s comments on the election and its consequences are somewhat similar to yours.

    The claims of fraud (I believe it de facto happened with mail-in ballot manipulations, even if its formally legal) already seem to be having interesting consequences.

    Take note of the parts of the video when the angry and dissatisfied crowds are publicly gathering …

  433. Zarathustra says

    Russia does not need any relationship with USA. Russia does not keep Dollar as reserve currency.
    Russians are relatively slow but they finally did figure out that Dollar now rapidly loosing its purchasing power. Russia now keep in reserve only gold and Euro. Russia has practically no trade relationship with USA
    China is a little bit different. China needs to sell their junk to US. But China now is selling their junk all over the world, so they are not totally dependent on US markets.
    If China will choose also Euro as reserve currency than US is a dead duck.
    Influence of US over the world will be zero.

  434. So I saw numbers quoted somewhere that something like 83% of reps believe there was fraud. That is pretty good number to have if you are Trump right now.

    I still can’t get over all the people who predicted biden will win based on polls now talking about how this or that won’t happen with respect to Trump’s actions. Just like before election my position is that we don’t know. I am leaning towards normality bias and that things will happen as some of you predict. But it’s just funny and explains a lot of those times when everyone is surprised when things happen.

  435. 83% of reps believe there was fraud.

    I am not a Rep and never was, but I believe that there was massive fraud in these elections, as the evidence is overwhelming. I am not a Dem, either, but I know that there was fraud in FL in 2000. You don’t need to be Rep or Dem to know that 2×2=4. But you do need to be a deranged Dem today to believe that 2×2=5.75.

  436. Thanks! That was relatively straightforward. All you needed to know was the players and a bit of history of the region.

    Players. Putin is remarkably sane and reasonably smart. Azeri Aliyev is also sane and smart. Both are reluctant to bite off more than they can chew. Armenian Pashinian is a sorosoid scum. Every time sorosoids get to power in any country, the result is a national catastrophe. Erdogan is not particularly smart, he has delusions of grandeur. Thus, he is an easy one to lead by the nose.

    History. Azerbaijan was never a part of any Turkish empire. It was In the Iranian sphere (they are Shia, while Turks are Sunni). There are more Azeris in Iran than in Azerbaijan, which was the part taken by the Russian empire away from the Persian one.

    Current play. Aliyev understands that Azeri resources are limited. He successfully used Erdogan to give Azeris the upper hand in Karabakh conflict. Yet, despite Erdogan’s delusions, Aliyev wants to remain his own boss, not a puppet of either Turkey or Iran. The only power that can counterbalance both is Russia. What’s more, Aliyev did not want the headache of controlling Karabakh proper: the only way you can control an area with hostile population is by exterminating them all. In the twenty first century it is hardly acceptable. So, Putin used Azeris with Turkish support to kick out sorosoid scum in Armenia, while Aliyev was happy to get back Azeri territories, retain nominal sovereignty over Karabakh, but unload the task of keeping law and order in Karabakh on Russia. Karabakh Armenians trust Russians about 100 times more than Azeris or Turks. Apparently, Putin was willing to undertake the task to gain another sizable foothold in the Caucasus (~ 2,000 Russian peacekeepers will be stationed in the area). That makes Russia less dependent on the base in Armenia, as the fact that Armenians brought Pashinian and his sorosoid goons to power suggests that they might be stupid enough to demand the closure of the Russian base near Gyumri. Putin also threw wonnabe sultan a bone: Turkey will participate in monitoring the peace (but not send soldiers for actual peacekeeping). So, both Putin and Aliyev achieved their goals. Aspiring sultan is mildly disappointed, but not enough to feel cheated. Sorosoid scum is on its way out in Armenia. It will be kicked out w/o direct Russian interference. As an added bonus, things were settled w/o the Empire and its sidekicks.

  437. Excellent . I have really good sources on the ground . My friend from Balkan wars Dejan Beric (hero of Donbass) is friend with Russian journalist Semyon Pegov and also I did not know Armenian army was not involved only volunteers and ammo . NK army fought invaders alone . Situation changed within couple hours . Key factor was AZ downed Russian Mi24 and offered money and compensation . Within couple hours Russian army moved in and Putin forced both parties to sign agreement . Alyev couple days ago was very strict no peacekeepers and Putin change his mind. Sore looser is sorosoid moron and I hope this is good lesson for Armenian people . Hope they learn from mistake

  438. For readers interested in the merits of the various Trump campaign’s law suits in all the states to date, I find the following video gives good explanations:

  439. I will consider that an invitation. Living in my second state in my lifetime that has shifted red to blue. Not that all things of one color are all bad or all good. An opportunity may arise that I no longer have to live within 30 miles of a 40- story building, and I can raise a family free of much of the crazed modern society. But if that does not happen, I too have a little fight in me, as does my wife. And you’re right, the crazy, criminal and stupid behavior of our ruling elite is without a doubt because they fear us.

  440. I agree … for the theory 2) and “Q’s” silence couple of comment …

    for 2) cui bono considerations would suggest a possibility of it having been an anti-Trump psyop, I expected it to be used more against Trump than actually happened; and if one thinks the materials in the “drops” they were generally of three kinds ….

    the riddle questions, or crypic coded suggestions that were formulated so that the “researchers” who put the obvious search terms in Googel, ended up in conspiracy theory sites and “discovering” dumb and superstitious nonsense …. like “who was Adolph Hitler? Why is that relevant? Who is Angela Merkel? Who is her father? Who REALLY was her father?” so the QAnonists found to their amazement that Merkel was Hitler’s daughter/grand daughter

    jingoist pro-Military propaganda, hyper-partisan agitprop for the Stupid Party, plus traditional anti-Papism and Islamophobia

    and then comparatively sane materials propably ripped off from Sundance/CTH outlining the Russiagate ….

    so it then could be seen as a “poisoning the well” operation, tainting the Russiagate allegations by associating them with Hillary raping and eating babies and sacrificing them to Moloch on Epstein Island and stuff … letting the scheming spooks off the hook ….

    But, that the imageboard LARP exploded in to a social media Boomer fad was a Black Swan event, how could one have planned that?

    “Q” always went silent when he got caught pants down, when something totally unexpected or totally opposite that he had just predicted happened, he needed to let things cool down and find an angle ….

    Probably not true, but there was a claim the that Q’s 8kun account (“trip code”) is now on sale on the Dark Net, $ 1 million… that would make the grift/scam absurdly shameless ….

  441. The software fraud:

    This should be placed in the newslinks.

  442. This should be placed in the newslinks.

    It is ….. in New Zealand…

    In US it is a wall to wall denial by the MSM:

    The US is a mediacracy now.

    They are past Soviet regime level of propaganda.

    We have come to a samizdat situation to understand what is really going on:

    Snowden has also written about it before the election:

    Commentor Max Payne in comment # 6 was right when he wrote about SIGINT vote manipulation. US had this on top of ballot harvesting/stuffing, counts rigging and dead people voting via mail.

    It should be investigated, one voting machine at a time. But US voting system is “too big to fail ” and the current level of “moral hazard ” in US politics is simply too high and just too toxic for any remains of democracy to survive there. US is headed towards totalitarianism. It is nearly inevitable.

  443. Having actually WATCHED small-time vote fraud in action with my own eyes, I agree that there’s absolutely NOTHING preventing anyone who thinks that he or she has “a moral duty” to throw the vote from actually doing it. There are no consequences nor arrests, ever. There are probably a dozen different methods. All work just fine.

    I am astonished that anyone with any intelligence (granted, a tiny minority) can doubt vote fraud. I assume it’s an emotional position rather that an intellectual one. Over twenty years ago, I estimated it at a conservative 5%-7% favoring the Democrats. I believe it’s substantially worse now, with the advent of lawful vote harvesting in California and numerous other aids to previously-illegal voting here, which proceed apace with the advent of a Democratic “Supermajority” in this state.

    Doubters, go here:

    But definitely big-time, too:

  444. mostly older white males 100% dependent on cups of coffee and credit cards, alienated from their family or with no family, celibate sterile and obsolete.

  445. Your thesis:

    “Fraud” is a standard condition of elections.

    From here it’s the easiest step to lament how one’s preferred candidate lost due to fraud.

    Take more challenging steps:

    1) What’s special about this election if fraud is standard?

    2) In what ways is fraud favoring your preferred candidate?

    We know going in from your thesis that 1 must be demonstrated according to some baseline, and that claiming 2 only works for the ‘other guy’ is silly.

    Looking forward to insights!

  446. Sin City Milla says

    A month has passed. I hate always being right.