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  1. From one glance at his Twitter feed, it is clear that Democrats are the real bombers.

  2. Thorfinnsson says

    Several Roosh tweets make a good case that this is a false flag.

    So two simple questions:

    1 – Who coordinated this false flag?

    2 – What’s in it for the patsy?

  3. Seth Largo says

    Nah. Bodybuilding, club promotions, non-trivial Filipino and/or Amerind ancestry . . . too much doesn’t fit the boomer stereotype.

  4. Felix Keverich says

    Occam’s Razor suggests this is just one crazy American boomer. You don’t have to answer these questions, if you just take a look at this guy’s twitter account: it’s self-explanatory.

  5. Universal suffrage is the stupidest idea ever.

    At the very least one should be able to vote directly on how one’s own taxes are disbursed, and votes should be weighted according to level of responsibility. Unmarried vs. Married. Children vs. no children. Etc.

    Boomers have such a vanity. I know one who shares no values with modern Dems, and basically knows it, but still votes for certain Dem candidates, as long as one makes the motions that he is antiabortion. It seems to all have to do with him wanting to feel like he is involved on the winning team or something. Or because JFK was one or something. It is bizarre.

  6. Thorfinnsson says

    Letting people vote on how their taxes are disbursed doesn’t strike me as a good idea. Teachers would almost certainly get raises for instance.

    On the other hand letting people without skin in the game (married people with children who are net taxpayers) vote is indeed a very, very bad idea. Recipe for gibsmedats and hysteria.

  7. What reason is there to think that it’s a false flag?

  8. This guy probably just O.D.’d on Dianabol, CNN and Ben Shapiro.

  9. Boomers ain’t off the stage yet!

    Quit your pushing and shoving.

  10. Using Roosh as a news source lol.

    If it was a false flag, why would they use a Native American? They would surely use a white Male instead right?

  11. Thorfinnsson says

    The Democrats have been sliding in midterm polls and the “Caravan” was dominating headlines prior to these very convenient mailbombs. The original plan was for a “Blue Wave” to sweep the Republicans out of Congress (or at least the House) and cripple President Trump (ideally removing him from office).

    Consider all of the efforts to destroy Trump since he exploded onto the scene like an atomic bomb:

    • They’re rapists
    • I like people who weren’t captured
    • Do you disavow David Duke?
    • Lavishing praise on John Kasich
    • Burying Ted Cruz’s sexual affairs
    • Ted Cruz declining to endorse DJT at the Republican National Convention
    • R-Money blasting DJT as a “conman” and a “snake”
    • Corey Lewandowski’s so-called physical assault
    • Grab ’em by the pussy
    • Antifas shutting down Chicago rally
    • Three assassination attempts
    • Egg McMuffin
    • William Weld (libertarian VP candidate) openly campaigning for Hillary
    • Concealing Hillary’s poor health (until she passed out on 9-11 and was thrown into a van like a side of beef)
    • Lobbying state electors to cast their ballots for Hillary
    • Nationwide protests after the Travel Ban
    • Russiagate
    • State Department rebellion against Trump’s effort to improve relations with Russia
    • Congressional legislation enacted to prevent improvement of relations with Russia
    • FBI, CIA, and apparently the GCHQ spying on the Trump campaign
    • Mueller
    • Flynn
    • Social media censorship (including mass bannings of NPC shitlords)
    • Jailing Manafort
    • Charlottesville
    • Family separation
    • Kritarchs issuing repeated nationwide injunctions against Trump Executive Orders
    • Easy Blasey
    • Caravans (planned as anti-Trump ops, clearly not working)

    This is just the stuff I remember off of the top of my head. There’s been an ongoing national meltdown for three years now about this. Thanks to the Kavanaugh confirmation, the Republican Party is increasingly unified around President Trump and starting to make his agenda that of the party. Immigration restriction legislation including The Wall is likely to be on the agenda of the next Congress provided the Republicans keep control of Congress. The Enemy is desperate to stop this by any means necessary.

    Then there’s the fact that not a single one of the bombs functioned.

  12. Thorfinnsson says

    Two possibilities.

    1 – Not able to get a white man to take the bait
    2 – Precisely to get people like you saying that


  14. “Recipe for gibsmedats and hysteria.”

    Less gibbs but more poz. And in the long run more gibs too, come the revolution by the imported cheap labor.

  15. John Gruskos says

    The Breitbart bomber.

    Lies have consequences.

    “Dems are the real racists / Soros is the real Nazi”

    These stupid, clumsy lies have consequences.

    There is an entire class of people miseducated by the Alt-Lite, full of anger but completely lacking understanding.

  16. I think a better strategy is simply to provide a very simple overview of basic expenditure.
    Most people have no idea what different parts of the government costs and how much is administration. Just showing the administrative costs compared to all the others for colleges would be worth it.

  17. Just simple mental illness, which can be seen even in the unusual writing style of the Twitter commentary.

    It is a waste of time to talk about logic in actions of crazy people. Could we explain why e.g. Mark Chapman has killed John Lennon?

    On websites like this, there is probably a much higher proportion of mental illness than in a general population, so my advice for public bloggers like Karlin who work in this political field – never tell your address publicly.

  18. Teachers would almost certainly get raises for instance.

    They’re already getting their pensions decimated. Wages are pretty low too – who you gonna get to fill these positions, unless you don’t see any value at all in the public school system? And don’t give me some libertarian crap about every family paying its own way or homeschooling – it’s no longer the 19th century & the little house on the prairie era, and I for one don’t want to see kids running around unsupervised. Too young to remember truant officers? They would round up wandering youths and place them back into schools. I doubt if this class of civil servant still exists. Not everybody is fortunate enough to live in a gated community, Thor.

  19. Voting or not voting is already an intelligence test – anyone who votes = a person that does not understand simple numbers.

    With qualification, that some people are voting for “self-entertainment”, in which case it could be justifiable.

  20. Whats the profile for non exploding bombs?

    Not the Unabomber.

  21. It would probably require some complicated formula. Obviously, in a weighted system public employees would need to be sidelined somehow. The ones in charge always vote themselves raises. And you’re right, “the think of the children” rhetoric can really be pernicious sometimes, even at the local level – however I assume that is led by cat ladies and such.

    Another crazy idea I had is that public officials should somehow be forced to make a lot of regular small predictions that are future-testable, like stocks or something. The ones that were right should get promoted somehow. Maybe, you’d need x amount to make it on the ballot, including incumbents.

    Of course, both of those ideas are kind of Utopian. Probably more appropriate for a Martian colony or something.

  22. Thorfinnsson says

    Wages for teachers are not low when you consider their skills and the difficulty of the occupation. Education majors have the second lowest average SAT scores of all majors (last place: Education Administration–you can’t make this stuff up).

    Many positions should simply be eliminated. There are 22 students per teacher in America. In Japan there are 38. And we keep too many students in school far too long (most kids should start working by age 13), not to mention the many children who should simply be deported. Then there are completely unnecessary teachers like retard babysitters (Special Ed).

    Thus we could eliminate 50% of teaching positions.

    There is no “diversity” where I live so gated communities do not exist here. But the local teachers and firefighters are robbing us blind.

    Try to dispense this sort of truthful tough medicine and what do you get back?




  23. Thorfinnsson says

    If a public official can reliably beat the stock market he has no business wasting his talents in the civil service.

  24. Perhaps you’re right on some of these points. Any idea why some countries (like Japan) seem to not suffer any deterioration of meeting educational standards even though they’re taking on a higher student/teacher ratio? First thing that comes to my mind is that the family unit in the US is much weaker than in other parts of the world, but then again, I think that divorce rates are pretty much the same everywhere?…

  25. Thorfinnsson says

    US education isn’t that bad by international standards as measured by PISA tests. Karlin (and Sailer) is the expert here, but from memory each American racial group beats all other countries of said race other than Finland.

    One in three marriages in Japan end in divorce (compared to half in America), but a crucial difference is that out of wedlock births in Japan remain extremely rare.

    As for the higher ratio in Japan, one would first need to account for the fact that Asians are more docile than whites (let alone blacks). I don’t know what sort of discipline they have in Japanese schools, but their schools do have some other interesting features. The students themselves are made to clean the schools for instance, and they have a concept known as “learning to learn” where students are made to focus on various concentration tasks such as simply staring at a dot on the chalkboard for a period of time.

    High student:teacher ratios in America would be achievable with aptitude tracking and strict discipline. Since so many American teachers are women, I like Steve Sailer’s idea of schools all having a chief disciplinarian to scare the hell out of no good kids. Retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeants would be ideal for this job.

  26. Ali Choudhury says

    Because the two key inputs needed for a high-functioning education system are smart students and capable teachers. Large class sizes are distinctly less important.

  27. The bramble king? Stock market only in the sense of an example – I’m sure they’d get advisors, or fix things somehow, while continuing to vote irrationally. A lot of them already clean up because of inside info.

  28. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    You’re so full of it when you suggest that somehow children were unsupervised in “the old days.”

    So utterly full of it. I live not 5 miles from a place where, in the 1760s, a young child was kidnapped from her Scottish farm family by Lenape warriors. And the idea of a creep chasing down young children even made up the plot of 1950s American movies. See ‘Night of the Hunter’ with Robert Mitchum.

    But I’m guessing you don’t understand that if government steps out of the way, CIVIL SOCIETY will step in as it used to, to protect children.

  29. Ali Choudhury says

    Try to read this all the way through without vomiting.

  30. Yeah, long past are the days when a trip to the Principal’s office entailed getting a good number of whacks on the behind with a ruler. I only remember two such visits to the principal’s office during K-12. I can’t even remember my first ‘infraction’ but I talked my way out of it (probably in 6th grade).

    The second time (in junior high), was little bit more intense and exciting. It seems like an unattended truck full of the ‘World’s Greatest chocolate’ was ransacked by some boisterous young punk students, parked near the school playground, and many cases of this delicious treat went missing. Most of the bandits put their ill gotten gains in their lockers, and went on to class. During shop class, several of the students were called down to the principal’s office. I was not, but suspecting that these weren’t calls to congratulate these students for scoring high on their PISA exams, therefore I decided to make a quick trip to my own locker and dispose of any incriminating evidence. Needless to say, my name was also called out and I made a trip to the Principal’s office too. Fortunately, there was no ‘corpus delecti’ in my locker so the ‘charges’ were dropped. My ‘criminal mind’ was perhaps more advanced than most, for I had a voracious appetite for reading comic books (and other more serious literature too). Thus ended my criminal career, in the infamous caper of ‘the Missing Chocolate bars’. 🙂

  31. Ali Choudhury says

    I thought America was in the midst of a civil war where both sides were too lazy to shoot each other. Looks like that is changing. Still doesn’t look like there is a cause like slavery that would generate major bloodshed.

  32. Thorfinnsson says
  33. In Japanese schools, the classroom or equipment does not look so modern.

    Just behaviour of the children, seems impossible from the evidence of videos (quiet children who are not fighting in the corridor – what kind of school is this).

    fact that Asians are more docile than whites (let alone blacks)

    I’m not sure Chinese are docile or have good behaviour, at all. The stereotype is the opposite – supposedly they are noisy and impolite. You can see how some Chinese tourists are – I see some very noisy ones sometimes. The good behaviour of Japanese will be, much more a result of the higher level of Japanese civilization compared to other nationalities (Japanese will be, on average, according to stereotypes, far more polite or docile than Chinese).

  34. America was in the midst of a civil war where both sides were too lazy to shoot each other

    Well, country having a “mental/emotional breakdown” is not the same as civil war. Mental problems can happen when a country doesn’t have enough real problems. A lot of the crazy behaviour in American politics, particularly in the liberal side, is probably simple symptoms of “affluenza”.

  35. Thorfinnsson says

    Chinese-Americans are much more docile than white Americans. The same is true in Canada (where the press is now talking up the threat of “Chinese white supremacy”).

    Chinese in China are still rough people given that most were quite recently peasants (and many still are).

  36. Probably accurate about China – and if adjusted for their low economic level, their behaviour could still be higher than a Western population’s.

    Still, in Japan, it is obviously a unique civilizing process, that has penetrated all aspects of society (not only their schools). I’m not sure it’s comparable to other East Asian countries.

    Watching videos – Japanese schools themselves look even cheaper and more low budget as ours, even with no computers in the buildings and very large class sizes.

  37. There are 22 students per teacher in America. In Japan there are 38.

    Yes, but the Japanese students likely stay in their seats, raise their hand to speak and follow instructions.

  38. Then there are completely unnecessary teachers like retard babysitters (Special Ed).

    You’re a tired f****** record, Thor, retards need jobs too.

  39. Japan is right now the last repository of the old East Asian culture.

    China is basically a Western country. Or rather, a unique branch of Western civilization that develops to an extreme certain aspects of Western civilization, like America does.

    Both America and China are branches of Western civilization that have detached from the mother civilization and developed certain of its traits in an unbalanced and isolated way.

    It is possible that China will one day return to the East Asian fold, and Japan also flirted briefly with becoming a mere tributary branch of Western civilization.

    Korea is somewhere in the middle, but much blander than Japan. And Taiwan has elements of the old East Asian culture as well.

  40. Thorfinnsson says


  41. The funny thing, non-retards can be the worst teachers.

    From Wikipedia biography of Aldous Huxley, the leading English intellectual of 20th century:

    He taught French for a year at Eton, where Eric Blair (who was to take the pen name George Orwell) and Steven Runciman were among his pupils. He was mainly remembered as being an incompetent schoolmaster unable to keep order in class. Nevertheless, Blair and others spoke highly of his excellent command of language.[24]

  42. Walgreens.

    Pharmacy techs?

  43. Thorfinnsson says

    Nah, just retail drones.

    Walgreens is well known for hiring retards. They train them quite well, and it seems to give the retards purpose. Nice thing to see.

  44. it seems to give the retards purpose

    No more than whatever it is that you do gives you a purpose.

  45. The funny thing, non-retards can be the worst teachers.

    Retards, proles, and plebes are not the problem.

  46. Hyperborean says

    I’m not sure Chinese are docile or have good behaviour, at all. The stereotype is the opposite – supposedly they are noisy and impolite. You can see how some Chinese tourists are – I see some very noisy ones sometimes.

    Mainland Chinese are obedient in front of authority figures – but once the authority turns its back for a moment, order collapses.

    At least for schools, that’s my impression.

  47. Hyperborean says

    Since so many American teachers are women, I like Steve Sailer’s idea of schools all having a chief disciplinarian to scare the hell out of no good kids. Retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeants would be ideal for this job.

    I’ve been wondering – in some aspects American schools seem very strict, like having police officers (?) around, yet in other aspects it seems like there is much lack of discipline?

  48. 3 – This guy was crazy and there is no conspiracy.

  49. Daniel Chieh says

    Its extremely inconsistent and strange from what I’ve seen. But yes, you have schools with metal detectors and in many ways indistinguishable from prisons. The kids are still rowdy. I’ve taught a fairly well behaved high school once and its still a bit much.

  50. Hyperborean says

    Japanese secondary education experience for the younger generation has probably become somewhat more relaxed, after the long economic stagnancy.

    But they still have to work hard for high school. I believe the popularity of anime and manga series with an over-the-top school environment is a reflection of this.

    However, universities are reportedly a rather relaxing experience.