MAP: Blacks in Europe

This is via /r/MapPorn (in turn, I think, via /pol).

Overall, the map strikes me as quite accurate.

Portugal didn’t strike me anywhere near as Black as the UK, I would have put it at not much more than 1%.

I think France is a bit too high, probably because it includes the overseas departments. Accounting for that may lower its figures to something like 5.5%. But it’s been more than a decade since I was last properly in France, so can’t say for sure.

I don’t think Poland has fewer Blacks than Russia. Warsaw had more of them than Moscow. My guess is that Warsaw is ~1% subcon and ~0.1% Black, hence ~0.3% subcon and ~0.03% Black nationally. Moscow is 10-15% non-Slavic, overwhelmingly composed of Caucasians and Central Asians, but with Blacks specifically at 0.05% at the very most (so more like 0.01% nationally).

But Eastern Europe within the EU is experiencing a fast rate of change. This is easily evident in Warsaw. The number of Nigerians in Estonia (1.3M) has tripled from 272 to 836 between 2016 and 2020.

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  2. Tropical Hyperborean says

    Promotion of blacks, gays/trannies and obesity is part of a conspiracy to make the world ugly

  3. Portugal didn’t strike me anywhere near as Black as the UK, I would have put it at not much more than 1%.

    Portugal has some former colonies with a lot of blacks, some of whom might presumably subsequently move to Portugal.

    I don’t think Poland has fewer Blacks than Russia. Warsaw had more of them than Moscow. My guess is that Warsaw is ~1% subcon and ~0.1% Black, hence ~0.3% subcon and ~0.03% Black nationally. Moscow is 10-15% non-Slavic, overwhelmingly composed of Caucasians and Central Asians, but with Blacks specifically at 0.5% at the very most (so more like 0.1% nationally).

    But 0.1% > 0.03%, no? So, Russia’s black % would still beat out Poland’s black % by your very own calculations!

    But Eastern Europe within the EU is experiencing a fast rate of change. This is easily evident in Warsaw. The number of Nigerians in Estonia (1.3M) has tripled from 272 to 836 between 2016 and 2020.

    Are they elite Nigerians or ordinary Nigerians, though?

    BTW, where do you think that Russia’s black % would currently be without a previous 75-years-long history of Communist rule in Russia? Ditto for Eastern Europe’s current black % without a previous almost half-a-century of Communist rule in their own countries?

  4. TelfoedJohn says

    Can someone explain the high rate of blacks in Sweden? Where did they come from?

  5. prime noticer says

    how do they get these numbers since for instance France forbids even collecting any data on this stuff.

    anyway, 8% negroes sounds realistic for France, maybe even conservative. certainly it will be well over 10% in the coming decade. at around 15%, negroes begin to assert themselves forcefully.

    seems hard to believe UK is only 4% negroes, going by what you see out of Cuck Island, but that might also be largely correct.

    are illegals counted in these numbers? Italy is easily more than 1% negroes just from boat after boat showing up. maybe accounting for illegals puts France and UK more inline with what you see on the ground.

  6. MichaelIIRex says

    That is true. I would rather black Jamaicans than Iranian Muslims.

  7. MichaelIIRex says

    That is true there are probably more black people in Russia percentage wise due to the big cities having African students, though most don’t live in Russia perminantely.

  8. The number of Nigerians in Estonia (1.3M) has tripled from 272 to 836 between 2016 and 2020.

    Nigerians should request Estonian citizenship, and when denied on language grounds, demand Hausa to be made official Estonian language. When denied again, complain to New York Times and watch SJWs go medieval on Estonian ass.

  9. Blinky Bill says
  10. songbird says

    Would like to know what the percentage is for the under 10 cohort. That’s really the most important one – and in theory, it should be the easiest to track.

  11. Blinky Bill says

    Moscow is 10-15% non-Slavic, overwhelmingly composed of Caucasians and Central Asians, but with Blacks specifically at 0.5% at the very most (so more like 0.1% nationally).

  12. Inselaffen says

    I’m not sure the number for France is too high, it’s really remarkable how any time I see ‘France’ in something international it’s representative is a black or mulatto/mulatta. The makeup of the football team is well known but it goes for most other sports (rugby being an interesting exception), and a lot of other pop entertainment / cultural export as well.
    Even as a Brit, it feels our own sports teams are only recently starting to reach French levels of Negritude.

  13. Oliver Elkington says

    I would say the figure for Britain is half as low as in reality London is about 30% black with the young population under 40 being at least 40% black by my observations if one includes mixed race people as well. Many of the counties around London also have significant black populations and there is as big a black population in Birmingham as there is in London. The figure for Belgium also strikes me as being very low, with Congo being an ex colony and all that, when i visited Antwerp i would have said it was nearly as black as London, Brussels must be at least as black as London by my guess.

  14. Europe Europa says

    The percentages seem off based on my experience. I find it hard to believe that France is nearly three times as black as the UK as Paris seems significantly less black than London to me, it seems more Arab if anything.

    The idea that the UK is only slightly more black than Portugal seems absurd to me.

  15. Blinky Bill says
  16. JohnPlywood says

    So basically miniscule, but the bitches in the comment sections will never stop bitching about blacks. Usually these people are living in 25% black areas in the USA and are 30% black themselves.

    Imagine being white and seeing more than 4 black people in your entire life. Even in the USA. Now ask yourself why that minority which has is allowed to sabotage right-wing forums with their fringe black shit.

    Ban anyone who lives within a 100 mile radius of a black majority community, and watch the quality of discussion here rise like homo erectus.

  17. Europe Europa says

    Blacks of Jamaican origin are rarely an issue.

    The vast majority of knife crime and most of the gang crime generally in London is committed by blacks of Jamaican origin, or “yardies” as they’re often called.

    To make the claim that Jamaicans in Britain cause no problems means you must actually know nothing about Britain or are being willfully dishonest.

  18. JohnPlywood says

    Violent crime is England is negligible. We’re talking ~200% lower than the USA, including London. London had a way higher crime rate 20 years ago when it was whiter. Stop bringing up the fact that blacks commit the majority of offenses, as if it actually matters. The number of offenses is miniscule.

    The black cult and its obsession with the black crime ratio are a huge part of the reason why the altright failed.

  19. Italy seems awfully low. 0.8%? There were masses of blacks when I was there. Supposedly, one whole suburb south of Rome was black. When the train stopped there, they all got off — and a practically audible sigh of relief went through the car.

    Europeans really don’t like their new black friends. That jumped out at me in France, Germany, and Italy.

  20. ‘Would like to know what the percentage is for the under 10 cohort…’

    That’s gotta be astronomical. In France, it seemed like the standard black woman had one on the hip and another visibly on the way.

    What makes matters worse is that low as they are, the apparent white European birthrates are actually often inflated, since the births to black ‘Britons,’ ‘Frenchmen,’ etc are lumped in with the white births.

    If France’s birthrate is ‘1.76’ or whatever, for example, and blacks are 8% of the population, and their birthrate is 3.0, then the rate for white Frenchwomen falls to 1.65 (if my rather casual math is correct).

  21. Oliver Elkington says

    I don’t mind Jamaicans that much, they integrate better into British society and are generally friendly and have a good sense of humour, their food is also pretty good, better than the hipster crap that makes up a lot of food one can get in major British cities now. I would say Jamaicans make for better company and ambience in general than the posh white hipsters, there is also the fact that now where is at risk of being overrun as they will never supply as many migrants as Nigeria or Pakistan.

  22. French has always been the language of high learning, deep culture and poetry…

  23. James N. Kennett says

    Probably recent “refugees” from Somalia, Sudan etc.

  24. Two reasons as to why whites will fall.

    1. They revere and obey most the Power that is most hostile to whites: Jews.
    2. They revere and celebrate most the People who are most violent toward whites: Blacks.

    With Muslims and Asians, among others, whites can still be critical and push back. For example, if Russia were to turn anti-Chinese and anti-Iranian, it wouldn’t matter. But if Russia were to express anti-Jewish or anti-black sentiments, it will be roundly condemned by the Hegemonic Media or Hegemedia that control the global discourse.

    So, whites are compelled to unconditionally admire, praise, celebrate, and/or serve Jews and blacks, two people most hostile toward whites. Jews feel smarter than whites and therefore feel that whites must serve superior Jewish wits. Blacks feel tougher than whites and therefore feel that whites must cuck to superior black studs. And it seems whites are devoted to doing just that. Even so-called nationalist Russia is pretty cucked about Jews and playing the game of Tug-A-Negro or Tug-A-Gro to win Afro-celebration points.

    So, in the future when people wonder why the once mighty white race fell, the answer will be it kissed the Jewish ass and sucked the black dic*. So sad.

  25. songbird says

    Black Christians create few difficulties.

    Your model doesn’t seem to explain America, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the Haitian Revolution. Or Brazil.

  26. Drahthaar says

    lots of itinerant and street-peddling blacks in Bologna, Ferrara, Venice, Florence.

  27. ‘Ban anyone who lives within a 100 mile radius of a black majority community, and watch the quality of discussion here rise like homo erectus.’

    It sounds like you expect an effect something like that which I imagine is associated with Viagra.

    If so, you may be disappointed.

  28. MichaelIIRex says

    Only 7% of Brazil is black and Southern Brazil is an Aryan heartland.

  29. Will France reach American levels of dysfunction once the black% increases? Or are they strong willed enough to keep them down (unlikely).

  30. Blinky Bill says
  31. I’d guess that Ukraine’s black population is seriously undercounted. The universities recruit students abroad to shore up their shrinking enrollment numbers, and agribusiness concerns seem to bring them over as well. Zaporizhia & Poltava in particular are supposed have quite a few.

  32. Blinky Bill says
  33. songbird says

    Only 7% of Brazil is black

    Brazil uses its own accounting system. Perhaps, it is sensible for certain purposes, but in this case it might be more informative to count gene copies (add up fractions for mulattoes). I don’t think one could make perfect comparisons this way, but it would catch some of the lost information.

    Southern Brazil is an Aryan heartland.

    It has low fertility, and I imagine there is a fair amount of migration into it.

  34. Philip Owen says

    The UK black population is concentrated in a few areas. In my town of 40,000 people, there is one permanently resident black person. He runs a cafe with his wife who is local. The goat curry is very good. They have a son. Sometimes his goat supplier visits from Cardiff which has had a black population longer than most British cities. Since the 19th C blacks moved to Cardiff from Liverpool and Bristol because it was less directly racist. Lots of students in the cities now. At the University of South Wales every single MBA student was Nigerian (Igbo to be precise).

    Some asylum seekers turn up for a few months until they can move to Cardiff or London. The Zimbabweans stayed longer and made a real go of it.

    So, get out of metropolitan Remain voting areas and there are more Poles than Blacks.

  35. Johnny Smoggins says

    Jamaicans may not be terrorists but they more than make up for it by being extremely violent, even by black standards.

  36. You’re nuts, it’s not “Islamists” causing all the carnage in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis.

  37. mark green says

    To make the claim that [non-Muslim] Jamaicans in Britain cause no problems means you must actually know nothing about Britain or are being willfully dishonest.

    You hit the nail on the head. I suspect that A123 was making this claim not because he/she is ignorant, but because he/she is being dishonest. Why? A123 a shill for Israel.

    Crypto-Israelis like A123 often allege that Black criminals in Europe (and even here in the US) are ‘Muslim’ (and that it is their religious beliefs that makes them behave badly) since this claim 1) avoids the race question (which is central) while 2) it bolsters anti-Islamic sentiment. This dovetails with Israel’s propaganda war against the Muslim world.

    The international Zionist campaign to defame Islam helps sanitize and justify Zio-Washington’s ongoing wars against Muslim-majority nations such as Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Iran.

    At the same time, rising anti-Islam sentiment in the West is purposefully disconnected (via media narratives) from the needless and destructive Zio-American campaigns which have been perpetrated by Zio-Washington against these same Muslim-majority states. Yet it’s these wars which have generated the immense waves of refugees from said states into the West.

    This unwelcome transformation has harmed both the Muslim and Christian world. World Jewry however likes it just fine. Israel is safer now with fewer intact rivals.

    I concede that that Islamic fundamentalism is generally incompatible with prevailing ethos in Europe and No. America. These foreign refugees are also not European-derived peoples. They should remain in their native (though war-torn) states. But religious sentiment/belief is malleable. DNA far less so.

    It is a fact that most of Sub-Saharan Africa (which is where many of the world’s dumbest and most volatile people come) from is nominally Christian, not Islamic. Yet ‘Christian’ Africa remains a cultural and economic basket-case all the same. Ditto for America’s dysfunctional ‘inner cities’. Blacks in America remain overwhelmingly Christian, even though their levels of religiosity (as with White Americans) are tepid and growing cold.

    On the other hand, North Africa (which is mostly Caucasoid) is considerably more civilized than ‘Black Africa’ (from Sudan down to So. Africa).

    Unfortunately, in the real world, it is race–not Islam–that is the greatest problem facing America and Europe. (That, in addition to Israel’s toxic penetration of most Western media and political institutions).

    African and Third World penetration into Europe and No. America must be halted if we are to preserve our unique civilizations. But let’s not conflate the more-fundamental, DNA-based challenge to Western civilization with that posed by creed, religion, and ideology.

  38. Black Christians create few difficulties. For example, those that come from former UK island colonies. Blacks of Jamaican origin are rarely an issue

    Pro-tip: If you want your neocon trolling to be effective you really need to understand your audience. Brietbart-tier droolers do not hang out here. No one is going to fall for such nonsense. After such a corker you now need a new username and style of writing as no regular reader can ever again take anything you say seriously.

  39. Oliver Elkington says

    North Africa and the Arab world may be more “civilized” but i will take black Christian Africa over Arab nations any day of the week. Lets not forget the 9/11 hijackers who came from N Africa and the middle east or the Bataclan gunmen who were of N African descent. It seems a particularly volatile anti west form of Islam has found many adherents across northern and eastern Africa with a somewhat milder version found in Iran, central and south eastern Asia with the exception of Afghanistan.

  40. Based on the number of blacks one sees on the streets of urban France, Italy, and Ireland, those percentages look way too low. My guess is that all those blacks crowding metro stations in northern Italy or certain parts of Dublin are just not registered and so they don’t count in official statistics.

    In the Czech Republic or Czechia, if you prefer, there are noticeably fewer Africans today in Prague than there were in 2010. I chatted with a few of them – they were from Senegal, Cameroon, and Nigeria – and my impression was that they were aiming ‘higher’, as in Germany or England. Maybe they all made enough pimping in Prague to move on to Berlin & London.

  41. Passer by says

    The Spanish numbers are dubious.

    It claims 0,55 % of black population yet the country has sustained long term black immigration from Africa, and some even from Latin America.

    In 2018, 27,528 (7.4%) babies were born to mothers with an African nationality (including North Africa).

    Some of these are north african, but on the other hand not all africans in Spain had african nationality, some were second or third generation citizens, so these should compensate each other.

    If around 7 % of babies born in Spain were black then i would say that the percentage of blacks in Spain is at least 2- 3 %

  42. Even 5% blacks can almost singlehandedly ruin any place.

    There are two points to make with that assertion. First, I am using Bantu blacks. It is a given that Ethiopian Coptics are far less harmful to decency and order than any groups of Bantus. Second, if not for white Liberals romanticizing blacks and demanding that everyone bow to them as Numinous, even Bantus might behave better.

    In addition to the white Liberal problem, whites who wish to be ‘bad’ always act black.

  43. Your concluding sentence is correct, but you grossly under estimate the problems of ‘Black Christians,’ including Jamaicans.

  44. Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang says

    W/r/t France, a lot of it is imputing identity from sickle cell anemia test

  45. …in Czechia there are noticeably fewer Africans today in Prague than there were in 2010.

    After joining EU there was a lot of volatility for a few years, many Africans ended up in Prague almost accidentally. Then they had to deal with the local bureaucracy, language and residence policies, and most left or were forced to leave.

    But in the long run the big cities in Eastern Europe are at a high risk of being swamped by Third World migrants. The population in the capitols tends to be mindlessly liberal, and the re-migration of Africans and others from Western Europe is hard to control. The real issue are the African French or Pakistani Brits who think that now they are ‘French’ or ‘British’, but nobody in Eastern Europe sees them that way. It will get ugly.

  46. I obviously made a mistake in the decimals.

  47. Thulean Friend says

    Why would an African French person want to live in a poor shithole like Slovakia? The domestic full spectrum benefits available is on par, if not higher, than your average wage. Plus France has better food, better weather and there is a large diaspora support network.

    You’re overselling your attraction. Maybe from FOB types it would be different, as they compare their native countries to a poor also-ran like yours, but not for the diaspora already living in wealthy countries. And no, GDPpc in PPP for Bratislava doesn’t tell you anything. Nominal wages do.

  48. Thulean Friend says

    Given that only blacks have the energy and capacity to actually reproduce these days, peoples who are too lazy or sexually inept to do so have no standing to criticise their increase in the coming years. At any rate, the world has a depopulation problem, not an overpopulation problem.

  49. Agathoklis says

    There is no way Hellas is 1.21%.

  50. Well, it didn’t seem super-obvious when you wrote it, so I’m glad that you made this clarification. 🙂

    BTW, if you don’t mind, can you please respond to the rest of my post here? Thank you.

  51. You were hurt by “The real issue are the African French or Pakistani Brits who think that now they are ‘French’ or ‘British’, but nobody in Eastern Europe sees them that way.” – Nobody in Eastern Europe will consider you Swedish but you may have a luck opening kebab or curry place in Bratislava.

  52. “I will take some savage woman, she shall rear my dusky race.
    Iron-jointed, supple-sinew’d, they shall dive, and they shall run,
    Catch the wild goat by the hair, and hurl their lances in the sun”

    Locksley Hall

  53. Of course the first commenter to post ebony tits and ass on my blog had to be a Swede. The memes write themselves.

  54. MichaelIIRex says

    All of Brazil has low fertility, including for blacks

  55. MichaelIIRex says

    Why are Ukraines enrolment numbers shrinking? Are their 18 year olds being killed in the War? Emigration?

  56. ImmortalRationalist says

    How much of the fertility difference between France and Germany is attributable to France having a much larger Black population?

  57. MichaelIIRex says

    Probably not much. Native French certainly outboard Native Germans.

  58. LondonBob says

    Loads of East Africans in Sweden, Eritreans in particular.

  59. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    OT, but….

    Anyone know where to find American crime rates, by race, from before the 1960s?

    Someone is claiming that the Irish were “objectively worse” than the blacks before, he says, the black got “ruined” by the welfare state. He also claims that they were “no worse” than immigrants from southern Italy (Well, the Black Hand extortion rackets did get pretty bad) and Scandinavia (!). This is a thoroughly gay claim on the face of it, but I need stats.

    (I reckon it would be statistically hard to separate the Irish, Italians, and Scandinavians from each other.)

  60. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    That’s my guess as well.

    As an aside, notice how singularly unhelpful Wikipedia can be. I looked up one of the departments with a higher fertility rate, Haute-Saône, and found that Wikipedia gives absolutely no racial or ethnic info:

    Not that it would take much effort to find French government data elsewhere, of course.

  61. Amerimutt Golems says

    But Eastern Europe within the EU is experiencing a fast rate of change. This is easily evident in Warsaw. The number of Nigerians in Estonia (1.3M) has tripled from 272 to 836 between 2016 and 2020.

    Nigerians like to swarm a country like locust.

    In the Republic of Ireland they were using ‘anchor’ babies till that loophole was closed.

    Ireland voted against “anchor babies” in 2004 with 79 percent for ban

  62. Amerimutt Golems says

    Can someone explain the high rate of blacks in Sweden? Where did they come from?

    Pathological altruism.

    In the sixties and seventies Swedes were already indulging a prototype of BLM. See Black Power Mixtape by filmmaker Göran Olsson. They later hosted and funded Nelson Mandela’s group.

    BTW one of former PM John Fredrik Reinfeldt’s ancestors was an American mulatto of sorts called John Henry Hood.

  63. Amerimutt Golems says

    “A123” is just laundering Jihad Watch-tier Zionist propaganda.

    The murder of British police constable Keith Blakelock attests to the viciousness of Jamaicans and like. He was stabbed over 40 times by a mob in 1985.

    A particularly sadist Jamaican drug posse is even the focus of the 1990 Steven Seagal movie Marked for Death.

  64. O_o! Det här är fantastiskt!

  65. songbird says

    The TFR of Brazil is a bit lower than I remembered (1.7). But if you look at fertility state by state, while is nowhere high, it seems to suggest racial differences. Of course, even small differences will add up significantly.

  66. in 2015 Tribalat estimate that about 15% of the french population have at least one non-european grandparent (mostly from north Africa) , i think that the percentage of blacks in metropolitan France is 4-5% .

  67. If an Iranian or Arab marries an Irishman or a Pole, their children are indistinguishable from the rest of the White population and easily integrate into civilized society. If the same Irishman or Pole marries a black African, their children become “black” and are integrated into “gangsta” society, usually becoming indistinguishable from the criminal American blacks. African blacks in America are definitely a harder working people than American blacks and are usually very anti-American black in my experience, but their children are sucked into the lowest common denominator culture.

  68. The vast majority of africans in Spain are north africans, mostly morrocans

  69. Blinky Bill says
  70. The fire at Nantes Cathedral, set by a black Christian, was less than two weeks ago.

  71. The Spanish numbers are not dubious. The vast majority of African immigration is North African. We have only received significant Subsaharan immigration in the last 10 years, and the vast majority of people from these regions are men. So it’s quite easy to see how you cannot have that many African children because there are almost no black African women in Spain.

  72. Lack of competition for job positions from afroamerican men in Russia – means that gangster rapper jobs can played by Jews.

    “Tupac” in a post-Soviet space – more like “Jewpac”.

    In America, Jewish comedy hosts can interview afroamerican rappers, while in Russia – Jewish comedy hosts have to interview Jewish men who look like afroamerican rappers.

    On the other hand, the closest looking thing to “liberal angry white rapper”, i.e. Eminem, – can be nerdy lighter skinned Jewish men that does not like bodybuilding or Putin.

  73. Kent Nationalist says

    My favourite scene in post-Soviet Russian cinema is in Брат where the protagonist asks the Tramp with a German sounding name ‘Are you a Jew?’. The Tramp says no and the protagonist says ‘Good, I don’t like Jews’.

  74. songbird says

    Muslims are guilty of many horrendous crimes in Europe and elsewhere. I am sure they desecrated and vandalized many churches, and, personally, my gut instinct is that they burned down Notre Dame.

    But why make an apologia for blacks? The correct solution, which I advocate, is to ban and deport them both.

  75. Blinky Bill says

    When ever I see Timati (Timur Ildarovich Yunusov), I’m reminded of this.

    Tartars – Jewish

    Meet a Jewish Tartar just over one century ago and you would flee for your life! Over the centuries, Jewish Tartars had adopted the Crimean national garb. For men, a black or red Turkish cap, a wide blue overcoat called an arkbulak, loose pants, and a small sheathed dagger thrust into a wide, silver-studded belt; for women, colorful caps, huge earrings, and gold and silver chains draped around their necks.

    Like their neighbors, these Jews, too, lived in simple clay homes bereft of all furniture except a low table; they ate and slept on rug-covered floors.

    However, beneath their Tartar exterior beat a loyal Jewish heart.

    Generally numbering no more than a few thousand souls, their kehillah had clung tenaciously to the Torah since some time before the Churban Sheni. This is when their Greek-speaking ancestors arrived in the Crimean Peninsula, a giant tongue of land jutting into the Black Sea, known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. As one traveler reported, “The whole of the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula with its beautiful valleys and mountains well deserves to be called the Switzerland of Russia!”


    Over the centuries, new Jewish blood flowed in, especially after the Crimea became part of the Jewish Khazar Empire, during the Seventh Century. After Tartar-Moslems seized the Crimea in 4999/1239, the Jews completed the development of their unique Judeo- Crimean dialect, consisting of Turkish, Tartar and a sprinkling of Hebrew and Aramaic, written in Hebrew letters.

    Then, between 5074/1314 and 5235/1475, Genoese trade brought in so many Jews that the kehillah was in danger of fragmentation when Jews began davening in three nusachs: Romaniot (the nusach of Greek-speaking Jews), Sephardi, and Ashkenazi.

    They were saved from this hazard after Rav Moshe ben Yaakov Hagolah arrived from Kiev in about 5260/1500 to redeem his sons from Crimean Tartars. He stayed on and imposed order through eighteen regulations that reconciled the
    variant traditions and compiled a new nusach. The new nusach was instituted “to establish the custom of our holy forefathers., the custom of Kaffa in the Crimea and its districts, that is mostly according to the Romaniot custom. according to the direction of the perfect sage, the excellent dayan, Rav Moshe Hagolah, zt”l, who left the exile of Kiev. Of him, the rulers say: ‘From Kiev went out Torah and light.’” (Machzor Keminhag Kaffa, 5553/1793).

    The Tartar Jews called themselves Srel Balalary, Children of Yisroel, but became outnumbered by Karaites who established large communities in the region. To distinguish between the two groups, locals called the former zuluflu chufutlar (Jews with peyos) and the latter zulufsuz chufutlar (Jews without peyos).

    All in all, things weren’t too bad. The Jews got on well enough with their Sunni-Moslem compatriots as long as they adhered strictly to the Moslem Dhimmi Code that demanded the payment of various taxes and the adherence to demeaning regulations, such as carrying their Tartar neighbors over mud or slush.


    After Russia annexed the Crimea in 5543/1783, things turned for the worse when the Czars applied discriminatory laws, governing all the Jews of the Russian Empire.

    Thousands of Ashkenazi Jews then began pouring in from Russia and Lithuania to such an extent that, by the end of the 19th Century, 6,000 Tartar Jews were awash in a sea of 60,000 Ashkenazim.

    Nevertheless, they clung tenaciously to their unique minhagim. For example, in order to prevent idle conversation in shul, their minhag was that no one would enter until everyone arrived and then they would all enter together. They also left together en masse.

    As Count M.S. Vorontsov reported to the Russian Minister for Internal Affairs in 5601/1841:

    “The Crimean Jew-Talmudists are living in the town of Karasubazar; they should not be confused with the Jew-Karaites. When the Crimea was annexed, they became subjects of Russia; they keep the custom of their
    ancestors, speak a dialect of the Tartar language and wear the usual garments of the Crimean Tartars. The Crimean Jews are reluctant to establish close rapport with the other Jews, whom they call ‘the Polish Jews;’ dogmas of their faith are the same; the books of Holy Scripture and Talmud are also the same, etc.”

    To differentiate between the Tartarspeaking Jews and the Ashkenazi newcomers, the Russians began calling them Jew-Krymchaks in 5616/1856, later shortening it to Krymchaks.

    After years of suffering, they had an incredible spiritual boost after a Crimean merchant met Rav Chaim Chizkiyahu Medini, author of the S’dei Chemed, and persuaded him to become their spiritual leader, which lasted from 5626/1866 to 5659/1899. During those thirty-three years, Rav Chaim established cheders and yeshivos, enacted takkanos, eradicated erroneous minhagim, and arranged for a number of seforim to be translated into the Judeo- Crimean dialect.

    To escape Czarist anti-Semitism, the local Karaites redefined themselves as “Russian Karaites of the Old Testament Faith,” claiming they were descended from the Ten Tribes and had nothing to do with the crucifying of Russia’s god. Catherine the Great accepted this argument. Later, a scholarly Karaite, Avrohom Firkovich, went a step further, claiming that Karaites were descended from the Khazar nation and did not have a drop of indigenous Jewish blood.

    As part of his scholarly research, Firkovich rifled the ancient Krymchak genizos in Karasubazar and Feodosia. He transported their manuscripts to the St. Petersburg library.

    This crime is recorded in his book, “Stones of Memory:”

    “I arrived in Karasubazar and in the morning went to the synagogue. The Krymchaks greeted me on my arrival. I showed them the letter from the authorities, requesting permission to look through their ancient manuscripts. The community’s representatives answered that they could not give me permission since it would be sacrilegious even to touch whatever there was in the hideout.

    “Seeing that there was nothing to be done, I was compelled to call on the police to help. When the officer saw the letter from the Governor- General Count Vorontsov, he took two Tartar policemen and we left for the Krymchak synagogue. I myself took a shovel and began to dig at the wall of the hideout, and had soon dug a hole through the wall the size of a window. And what did I see. The hideout was packed with books and manuscripts which would require several wagons to cart them away. With the help of my co-religionists, I emptied the hideout, taking everything of value. packed it into sacks, sealed it, and sent it to Simferopol.”


    With the rise of Stalin, religious persecution reached full force during the 5690s/1930s. The Tartar Hebrew alphabet was forbidden while shuls and Jewish schools were put under lock and key. Almost total destruction came with the Nazi invasion during 5701/1941.

    The Nazi s had no doubts regarding the
    fate of the region’s 67,000 Ashkenazim. However, regarding the Mongolian- looking Karaites and Krymchaks, the commandant of Einsatzgruppe D sent for instructions from Berlin. Officials there determined (wrongly) that the Krymchaks had arrived from Italy only four hundred years earlier, and this resulted in the murder of six thousand Krymchaks, three-quarters of the entire community. The only survivors were those evacuated to the interior of Russia or young men who had joined the Red Army.

    A popular folk-song commemorating the slaughter mourns: “.. .In the Crimea, we stayed; in the fields of Crimea, we were sacrificed. We were all brought out of Simferopol, then we were made to turn around, and they bound our hands. Lead us on, cruel soldier.”

    After the Nazis were driven out, Stalin’s regime accused the Tartars of Nazi collaboration and deported 250,000 of them to Central Asia and Siberia. The Krymchaks went with them.

    As a Krymchak Army veteran reported:

    “I returned from the front in 1944, walking on crutches. My family and I were the first of the Krymchaks to return to the Crimea. We moved into the apartment in which we had lived before the war. However, [the authorities] decided to exile us with the [Crimean] Tartars. We were taken into custody as traitors. While under arrest, I met with an acquaintance of mine, a Russian who worked in the NKVD (The Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs, the precursor of the KGB). He asked me, ‘What are you doing here?’ I told him my story. He took me with him to see his superior.

    “I showed his superior awards with which I had been decorated at the front. However, he asked me, ‘Where did you buy them? You are a Tartar, aren’t you?’ My acquaintance told him, ‘Come on, he is not a Tartar, After all, he has a Jewish patronymic; and the Tartars do not have family names at all.’ They began to argue. At last, the superior told me, ‘All right. You may remain [in the Crimea].’ ‘And what about my family?’ ‘Your family, we will exile.’ I answered, ‘If so, then exile me with my family.’ However, later on, they released my family, too. We came home.”

    Although most of the exiled Krymchaks managed to straggle back, this was the beginning of the end. The official Soviet census for 5749/1989 records 1,448 Krymchaks living in the entire Soviet Union, and today many also live in Israel and the US.

    One of the few things holding the survivors together is their annual remembrance of the Nazi extermination of the Jews of Simferopol, on December 11, 5702/1941. For a brief moment, Krymchak Jews relive their glorious past, singing songs in their forgotten language and tasting the traditional foods of a lost world.

  76. In Catilinam says

    At least the minister of finance of Estonia is aware that the nigrification of his country is actually a problem:

    Minute 2:05, “Tripling our Nigerian…”

  77. Pumblechook says

    Well, the UK publishes very detailed birth/ethnicity statistics. Even amongst live births in England and Wales, combined Black African and Caribbean births are a small number of % though worth noting that an additional 2-3% of births will be black mixed in with other races (mostly European).

  78. songbird says

    DW needs to be totally destroyed. I once saw a show where it was anchored by an African woman. How cucked do you have to be to be a European-based news organization and have your anchor be an African?

  79. Timati’s (Instagram star) mother looks like a dark Mountain Jew. But this family play classical violin, and the mother’s name implies Odessa – so it’s actually some kind of Odessa Jewish violin fam.

    Timati was trained in his youth to be a violinist. When Timati was 13, his parents supposedly sent him to private school in Los Angeles and this is where he developed his “hip hop” persona.

    Timati was 13 in 1996, so Los-Angeles hip hop was in its “golden years” when he was in private school in there – the same year Tupac is shot.

    According to the marketing PR, they “sent him” to Los Angeles, because he was a rebel at home. But he is such a non-rebellious Kremlinbot as adult.

  80. Mary Marianne says

    Based on the number of blacks one sees on the streets of urban France, Italy, and Ireland, those percentages look way too low

    The rural areas might explain the lower percentage. Black minorities like to congregate in the cities more.

  81. Well, you are wrong. Both Prague and Bratislava regions are among the top 10 in GDP/capita production in EU and growing very fast. Life is substantially better, safer, more European in every way than in the actual sh..tholes popping up all over Western Europe (you couldn’t pay me to ride the London or Stockholm metros).

    Thousands of Western Europeans (the real ones) have already quietly moved here. Our fear is that the Third Worlders that you morons so stupidly allowed to move to your countries can’t be far behind. That will bring trouble, our hoi polloi populus can be quite tribal outside of the big cities. This is heading for an ugly confrontation that we all could have avoided if you in UK, France, Germany, Sweden, etc, had kept rational common sense. But you didn’t, and it is quite late in the day for you. I am not sure about us.

  82. Agathoklis says

    White British only comprise about 60% of live births.

  83. Hip hop is mostly sh*t. And funny how these rapper wannabes become famous, while other much more talented musicians don’t. I suspect this has less to do with their artistic ability and more to do with them being well connected.

    Anyway, one of the first Russian rappers in the 90ies gave up hip hop and started producing more interesting stuff:

  84. This comment was a reply to the comment by Dmitry about Russian (Jewish) Rappers. Have no idea why it is not connected to the comment by Dmitry.

  85. I was in Kiev and Lviv and two cities in between, and don’t recall seeing Africans there. There are certainly more in Moscow though they are rare there.

  86. Hip hop is mostly sh*t. .. rapper wannabes become famous, while other much more talented musicia

    Fame is not related to their “music” (I can’t believe anyone likes their “songs”), but rather it is related to luxury lifestyle they project visually on social media and videos.

    Perhaps, also from “clubbability” – Timati and Dzhigan are in particular are friends with children of politicians, perform at their birthday parties of officials’s children, and they acting like they are unofficial part of state capacity over youth culture. For example, Timati was “highlight” of those “Nashi” youth festivals at Seliger. E.g. at 4:00

    • In America it’s more “advanced” already, when the most famous celebrities now, do not need to be even pretending to be actors or singers e.g. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

    I wonder if the 21st century, will be moving to “pure celebrity” that has no skills or profession, except to be famous. Celebrities which are talented in some way, will be less prestigious than the pure celebrity, who is famous despite lack of talent.

    With mass media which we were not evolved to live with, it is clearly such a simple evolutionary flaw upon which all celebrity culture is based, where our brains are automatically categorizing celebrities as part of our family or tribe. Once you see the same person’s face many times, you unconsciously feel like they are your family or friends, and have a warm feeling when you see them.

  87. Once you see the same person’s face many times, you unconsciously feel like they are your family or friends, and have a warm feeling when you see them.

    Doesn’t work that way with me when I see Timati’s face. Still have the feeling that it would be good to punch him in the nose after all these years. Actually the more I see him, the worse the negative feelings become. Same about Sobchak and the other members of “tusovka” of Russian pseudo “celebrities “. Although I would never punch Sobchak, I am basically unable to hit a lady. OTOH spanking Sobchak would probably feel satisfying.

  88. I wonder if the 21st century, will be moving to “pure celebrity” that has no skills or profession, except to be famous

    That’s already happening.

    There are YouTubers who just post videos of their ordinary boring lives and make 6 figure salaries off subscribers.

    I was reading a NYT article about this guy who was broke and poor and just started making videos of his life for no particular reason, and soon found himself with a large following and pretty decent cash flow.

    Now that technology has solved the basic problems of survival, everything we do is basically just goofing around for one reason or another.

  89. Estonia just introduced amendments to the Alien Act to patch up some holes in the regulation of foreign residency — the Nigerians are mostly foreign “students” — so third country students will no longer be allowed to use their status to bring in relatives and the expectation will be for them to leave after their studies. They can however seek employment (if they can secure a visa from an employer and there are quotas) and 70% of international students want to stay. And there are huge stacks of denied visa applications in the Baltic consulates so many more would come if they were allowed.

    While this is not ideal, it is at least something and will put some breaks on this negative development (ideally, the numbers of foreign students should be limited).

    Another issue is startups. While startups are great, ideally they should be closely scrutinized for the kind of talent they bring in and how much of the profits they expatriate and how much they reinvest locally. A serious (and polite) conversation with both local and Western investors/startups is long overdue.

    Do we really need a bunch of mediocre third world talent to work for companies that, while they do pay taxes, still send the profits out of the country? Is it worth changing (irreversibly!) the visual landscape and culture of one’s cities? Of course not and one has to be explicit about it (as was concluded here earlier).

    On the other hand, top talent moves around the world freely anyway so such professionals if they can be attracted can stay for a couple of years, and then move on. Above all, that kind of talent should be cultivated locally.

  90. I think you mean Islam is an existential threat to Jews in the Middle East. Most Christian countries could easily be free from Muslims with strong borders, so it’s hardly existential. On the other hand, Jews need America to bomb the shit out of the Middle East for their own security so it makes sense that you’re trying to convince people to fight Muslims and let blacks in. Typical self serving behaviour.

  91. Economy follows demography. Increasing African populations will lead to Europeans being pushed around more, regardless of what we do.

  92. If the UK wants to be more civilized and less violent there are two easy steps:
    -1- Ban the Death Cult of Muhammad
    -2- Send all Muslims back to their ancestral Cultist lands

    The West is going to have to develop a Tatar/Hui style of “patriotic Islam”, combined with immigration restrictions.

    Pakistan has nukes. You aren’t ethnically cleansing people that can send hellfire back.

  93. Polar Bear says

    If there are high percentages of black, there is a high percentage of joo influence. Even Iceland isn’t spared from kike BS.

  94. Polar Bear says

    Thul, are you a Cuckold? Is there a buck sharing your house?

  95. Mostly emigration, though also partly an effect of several decades of low birth rates. Battle deaths were a tiny fraction of the overall decline.

  96. Just deport them lol

    Your Taqiyya effort to pit Christian blacks against Christian whites has failed

    You’re not a Christian, so your attempt to mix Blacks and Whites together just because they share a religious affiliation is quite telling.

    Here’s a thought: Blacks go back to Africa, Muslims move to Islamic countries (Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia) and Jews go to Israel. Then you can sort it out amongst yourselves.

  97. syonredux says

    Only 7% of Brazil is black and Southern Brazil is an Aryan heartland.

    7.6% Black and 47.7% mulatto. And that means that Brazil is 55.3 Black/mulatto.

    white 47.7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 43.1%, black 7.6%, Asian 1.1%, indigenous 0.4% (2010 est.)

  98. syonredux says

    *Accidentally swapped the White and Black percentages in the earlier post

    Only 7% of Brazil is black and Southern Brazil is an Aryan heartland.

    7.6% Black and 43.1% mulatto. And that means that Brazil is 50.7 % Black/mulatto.

    white 47.7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 43.1%, black 7.6%, Asian 1.1%, indigenous 0.4% (2010 est.)

  99. Reg Cæsar says

    Violent crime is England is negligible.

    That’s been true for centuries. Even when their gun laws were laxer than ours. Indeed, that’s the real reason few in England have guns. Atrophy.

    We’re talking ~200% lower

    Thanks for letting us know your level of numeracy right up front.



  100. Reg Cæsar says

    Not that it would take much effort to find French government data elsewhere, of course.


    French lawmakers are divided over a top minister’s call to legalize race statistics

  101. JohnnyWalker123 says

    The number of Nigerians in Estonia (1.3M) has tripled from 272 to 836 between 2016 and 2020.

    Apparently, it’s common for Non-Euro migrants to get visas for Estonia, then migrate to the more affluent Schengen Zone countries. So presumably, the Africans will use Eastern Europe as springboard to further invade Western Europe, which has more welfare and higher-paying jobs.

    See below.,states%20of%20Schengen%20visa%20area.

    Since Estonia has joined the Schengen zone, citizens from the illegal immigration source countries have started to show up the bigger interest in Estonia. The main aim is to receive the Schengen visa that shall provide those people with the right to enter the territory of all member states of Schengen visa area.

    People may use for the illegal migration the legal possibilities like tourism, transit transportation, studying, personal contacts and contacts related to work. It has occurred that on the ground of illegal migration, the people have tried to find the contacts among individual persons or from business circles to receive the visa.

    At first, the contacts shall be established through internet with the “potential inviter” and when friendly relationship has been built up or specific interest in cooperation or business contacts have been expressed, they want to know “the inviter`s “ personal data because this information is necessary for their visa application (name of the person who invites and the residence address for overnight ). When the visa has been issued, “the foreign partners” will disappear and start travelling towards other Western -European countries.

    The first alarming indicator of attempt of illegal migration could be that people are in a hurry to receive the visa and wish to come here very quickly. Don´t give out your contacts easily! Otherwise you are facilitating ( not knowingly) the illegal migration because the person who has submitted the request for Schengen visa can use your details in the application and write down the reason the aim of their trip. Citizens from Asia, Africa, Middle East and the former Soviet Union are the category of people who most often use the visa request in order to migrate the country illegally.

    According to the articles that I’m finding, there are similar trends in other Eastern Euro countries.

  102. Peter Lund says

    The Danish number matches my own rough number of 1%. When I was born, there were around 10 PPM…

    Our Arabs are a bigger problem so far than our blacks (mostly Somalis). The young Somalis who were born here are starting to become a problem, though…

  103. Finnishguy78 says

    7,6% mulatto and 43% pardo which include huge amount mestizos too, in any case average pardo is like 25% black genetically so they are not really blacks anymore or loyal to Africa.

  104. JohnPlywood says

    That’s been true for centuries.

    Wrong, as always. Homicide in England was comparable to the most violent countries in the world today, if we count infanticide:

    An infanticide rate of ~60 per 100,000 is an obscenity. Early modern British newborns experienced a Jamaica-tier homicide rate. Let me know how that jives with your Americuck “traditional” abortion stance.

    Even the regular homicide rate in medieval England was over 5 per 100,000 in the mid-2nd millennium, which is higher than the modern USA. which white nationalists seem to think is a chaotic and dangerous place due to its ~40% nonwhite populace:


    Miniscule is a common spelling in the English language that is more consistent with the modern definition of the Latin word (which literally meant “somewhat small” but is now defined as “extremely small”). Eventually, miniscule will replace minusucle in dictionaries, and in fact it is already more frequently used (52%) than minuscule. And that’s why you live in a state of perpetual outrage and confusion as the world around you changes in ways you don’t like, but are powerless to change.

  105. MichaelIIRex says

    America is around 75% white when Hispanic whites are included.

  106. Hartnell says

    But you forget that your countries are also aging at an extreme rate. As a result of this, I have noticed that the Polish and Hungarian governments have started to silently ‘import’ legal workers from outside the EU bloc, namely India and other non-white countries. They’ve just put up the wall to Islam instead.

    If I’m honest, I think that the Visegrad nations are about 30 years behind Europe. As your quality of life starts to improve, your population will start to become more liberal and infused with GloboHomo ideas. The elites will then foister continued ‘legal’ immigration due to low birth rates. If it’s legal and safe, the population will continue to tolerate it.

    I think that by the end of this century, Eastern Europe will be as diverse as Western Europe. Unless people develop an ethno-patriotic back bone and combine that with having a good quality of life, then Europe can survive. But since wealth and liberalism seem to correlate, I am not optimistic.

  107. 65% of births are white British 10% are white European so Whites are 75% of all births according to ons.

  108. JohnPlywood says

    Eastern Europe is at least as diverse as Western Europe. Eastern European censuses always undercount or even fail to account for their massive Roma and other populations — although admittedly these could be considered white (I’m sure nationalists don’t consider them white though).

    Romani people in Hungary (also known as Hungarian Roma or Romani Hungarians; Hungarian: magyarországi romák or magyar cigányok) are Hungarian citizens of Romani descent. According to the 2011 census, they compose 3.18% of the total population, which alone makes them the largest minority in the country,[22] although various estimations have put the number of Romani people as high as 5–10 percent of the total population.[6][8][23]

    As with nationalists everywhere, eastern/central European nationalists are largely bullshitters and reality deniers. Their countries are just as diverse as Western Europe and one could say their cultures are more screwed up. People acting like Western Europe is diverse and culturally fucked are mostly propagandizers and victims of mental illness.

  109. …silently ‘import’ legal workers from outside the EU bloc, namely India and other non-white countries.

    Almost all imported workers here are from Ukraine and Serbia. There are some Indians in Warsaw, and maybe Poles can explain it to us, but you are incorrect or you massively exaggerate.

    Our birth-rates are not ideal, but they would keep the same population (with the same demographic as today) for another 2-3 generations. E.g. Czech Republic has had around 10 million people for 100 years and the current birth rate would maintain it. The ‘low birth rate’ is a made up canard – most countries in Europe would simply be stable, but why would we need additional population growth? And please, don’t start with the ‘workers-retired‘ nonsense – there is no shortage of workers and there never will be – just look around, there is a dramatic shortage of available work, that’s the real issue. The oligarchs and their ‘academics’ are lying for profit to you.

    We are wealthy enough, and we are not ‘liberal’. Maybe there is a danger, but we are not as bone-headed as most Westerners who lack group self-preservation and basic critical thinking skills – your education has been absolutely dismal for years. We will see, but we don’t have to make the same mistakes as you have.

  110. Nonsense, both in your numbers and in your sweeping, unsupported views.

    There are 1-3% Roma in many Eastern European countries, not in all. The ‘estimates‘ that you see are made up by Soros NGOs out of desperation, in all actual counts the numbers are consistently between 1-3% – and have been for hundreds of years.

    There are no ‘other populations‘, I have no idea what you could be referring to – did you just make it up?

    …just as diverse as Western Europe and their cultures are more screwed up

    Really? Do you think walking around Prague or Budapest is just as diverse as London or Brussels? You must be mad or angry at yourself to make up stuff like that. Not even close, in Prague you maybe see 1-2% diversity, in London 30-50%. I agree that liberal ‘cultures’ in our capitols are screwed up – mostly by mimicking brain-dead West. But that’s a different and correctable issue – the demographic transition in the West is not.

  111. You know, I really hope what you are saying is correct. I really do. Do you know why I am pessimistic? Because I have seen the exact same arguments and false beliefs in my own native Britain for so long now.

    I’ll give you a history class. In 1947, the government told people that we needed to invite black Jamaicans and other West Indies people in order to fill a labour shortage after the war due to the loss of soldiers. It would be temporary and they would go back home. Hint: It never happened.

    In the 1960s, the government invited thousands of Asian (Indian and Pakistani) migrants, particularly from Africa in order to escape Idi Amin and his regime. People complained about it, they started to march, the government told them the numbers are just about enough to fill a football pitch and nothing more. There was no way that traditional white British people would become a minority in their own homeland.

    They lied. Only Thatcher in the 1980s was honest enough to prevent mass continued immigration but after her came Tony Blair who decided to hit the nuclear option and turn the UK into a diverse society to rub the rights nose in it. The flood gates opened and have been pretty much the same ever since.

    Now you say ‘it’ll never happen here, we are too proud and patriotic.’ Well, so were the British people. They marched, they protested, they tried to politically do something about this madness and were told it was all exaggeration. But they did try.

    I can see the same signs with Eastern Europe. You are proud, patriotic. Right now your people are matching and protesting but for how long? I see the rot of GloboHomo taking shape in the East and I am not optimistic.

    In 30 years time, you could see a new generation of politician get into power who want to truly transform EE as it is backwards and not at all glorious like the “enlightened West.” They will do it slowly until eventually, you get to the point where what is another half a million blacks going to matter?

    You want to know the only hope you have of preventing this? If the West collapses first and your people panic and realise that it is not the way forward. Already there are signs that EE is starting to lose faith in the West but it’s going to take more craziness from the West before the youth there fully abandon such copy cat ideas.

    But never think for one minute EE is immune from this and can weather out the storm. Just look at Japan. Already they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of new Philippine and Indonesian migrant workers. Something once considered impossible. And the people? They are accepting it.

  112. JohnPlywood says

    Lol, please just put down the crackpipe and stop coping. Romani people are often homeless travelers who are missed by census takers. The same is true for Latin American illegal immigrants in the USA, who are undercounted by the millions:

    This isn’t “nonsense” but a common-sense fact, and not some retarded conspiracy involving George Soros. People who live in a mobile alien society are frequently missed by census takers, and don’t make it to the tallies. That’s expected. Your claim about “hundreds of years” of documentation was pulled out of your ass. A lot of Eastern Euro countries don’t even have effective censuses to this day.

    There are also a shit ton of half-Roma people in Europe who don’t declare a Roma or mixed identity to census takers. We see these people in your capitols.

    Eastern Europe is a diverse multicultural bureacratic hellhole and has been for thousands of years.

  113. Hartnell says


    Actually I agree with Beckow on this one. Compared to Western Europe, the East is very much majority white. The gypsies only really live in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria IIRC. Even then, there has been a “whitening up” process whereby the minorities have, by and largely, interbred and become part of the majority. Russia itself is very much part of this phenomenon too as many Russians have Tartar and other non-white ancestries but look perfectly white.

    If Western Europe only accepted a certain amount of non-white minorities and closed the door for good, eventually they too would “whiten up” and become indistinguishable from the natives. Problem is, the West has gone for full blown mass colonisation that Iranification is more likely then whitening up.

  114. You are right, there is a risk. The glaring (and obviously dysfunctional) example next door in Western Europe is making the attempted repeat in the east more problematic for the globalist elite. But they will try and there are enough locals who will collaborate. So I am not sure, I just think that there is still time.

    The Merkel march in 2015 was a PR catastrophe. Visiting and working in the large Western cities has also had a huge impact. But EE is not a uniform place, there are weaker spots, esp. among the less self-confident and poorer regions who would sell their mother to be liked. But the main weak spot are the ‘culture intellectuals‘, who understand neither culture nor are do they have any intellect. The eternal cold-warriors in the West have spent years celebrating these fools, and tangling small rewards for liberal compliance. Great, but we have to live with them – they are among the dumbest and most self-hating creatures who have ever existed.

    UK screwed up royally when they tried for way too long to play the Commonwealth game and pretended that there was something special about Indo-Pakis or Nigerians. I agree that Blair was the final catalyst, but others, many, many others, played their role. Including so-called ‘conservatives’. They wanted cheap labor – they still want cheap labor. The fact that during those crucial Blair years very few stood up, that almost all educated class cheered him on – well, there is plenty of responsibility all around. Can we avoid it? I think so, for one, our languages are quite difficult. We also tend to have more developed critical thinking skills and understand tribal self-interest. At least for now. Maybe we are more cynical so the liberal platitudes don’t play well here.

  115. songbird says

    Interestingly, due to international pressure, there are now about 15,000 Indians in Uganda, so it seems as though Idi Amin’s expulsion was somewhat short-lived.

    Of course, that is a much smaller number than the original 75,000. And I imagine Indians are somewhat disillusioned with living in Africa.

  116. Erik Sieven says

    those people are no West Africans, thus not the people who primarily get associated with the term “black”

  117. Blinky Bill says
  118. JohnPlywood says

    The Tatars weren’t “non-white”. Many of the nomadic Turkic and Mongolic speaking people were in fact white. Both Russian and Chinese sources describe “blond” and “red haired” tribes of Turkic and Mongolic tongues, with aquiline noses, tall height, etc. That’s because the Turks and Mongols themselves were made up of multiple race groups, including Europeans who were present in central Siberia and Mongolia since the bronze age. A recent paper (2020) got DNA from early Gokturk and early Xiongnu graves, and they were majority Caucasoid in ancestry, with a lot of haplogroup R1b. Even the imperial era Mongols had way more Caucasoid ancestry than modern Mongolians, and a lot of R1b. So these people weren’t “nonwhites” and today’s Mongolians don’t look like them or share the genes of the earlier, more diverse Mongol tribes.

    There’s no genetic evidence for what you’re saying, but any “Tatar” ancestry in Russians could have come from an individual with less than 12.5% East Asian ancestry. And you haven’t provided statistical reasons for believing what you claim about the diversity of Eastern Europe. Right off the bat, the western Russia has more diversity than the most diverse country in Western Europe. And western Russia could be described as “Islamified”.

    P.s. I found it ironic that you said the West is “Iranifying”; since Slavic languages are generally regarded as having Iranian influence.

  119. Reg Cæsar says

    Wrong, as always. Homicide in England was comparable to the most violent countries in the world today, if we count infanticide:

    Not if we count abortion as infanticide. Which they are closer to doing in Britain and Europe, where their laws are stricter than ours.

    the modern USA. which white nationalists seem to think is a chaotic and dangerous place due to its ~40% nonwhite populace:

    “White nationalists”? Talk to a Briton or European or even Canadian sometime about their view of American cities. Look at the gun and crime discussions on sometime. Answers from Americans at least show some knowledge of equipment and criminological issues. Answers and comments from the UK, whether screedal or merely sniffy, assume we’re barbarians, and even Canada anarchic on gun laws.

    I invite you to post the question on Quora. “Is the USA ‘chaotic and dangerous'”?

  120. syonredux says

    7,6% mulatto and 43% pardo which include huge amount mestizos too, in any case average pardo is like 25% black genetically so they are not really blacks anymore or loyal to Africa.

    25% Black is pretty significant in terms of genetics…..

  121. songbird says

    Putting aside any sanguinary considerations, and just considering idiosyncratic comedy, I think Idi Amin was probably the top performer among African dictators, even outshining Mugabe. So many others seem cooker-cutter – I think there were several others that started rumors that they were cannibals, but Idi Amin really had style.

  122. Blinky Bill says
  123. songbird says

    Speaking personally, I’d say that mulattoes have always struck me as being significantly more civilized than blacks, unless one counts Puerto Ricans. (I lack much experience with other black-admixed Hispanics). Politically, though, I think it is very damaging how they are given the same privileges as blacks.

    This brings up an interesting question: what would be more civilized? A country where 25% of the population was 100% African, or one where everyone was effectively a quadroon?

    I guess the parentage of mulattoes might not be representative, so it is a difficult question to answer beyond how it might affect the smart fraction.

  124. JohnnyWalker123 says

    I don’t think Poland has fewer Blacks than Russia. Warsaw had more of them than Moscow. My guess is that Warsaw is ~1% subcon and ~0.1% Black, hence ~0.3% subcon and ~0.03% Black nationally.

    No need to guess.

  125. songbird says

    If blacks are ever put on US currency (which I think they will be), I wish there would be a place for Amin and Mugabe, with some of their quotes. Perhaps, different editions of a re-introduced two-dollar bill, just as there were state quarters. A line featuring different African and Haitian dictators, released each year for collectors, but legal tender. Of course, since they weren’t Americans, I am probably just dreaming… but maybe, some street artist could put up statues of them in the South?

  126. Toronto Russian says

    But never think for one minute EE is immune from this and can weather out the storm. Just look at Japan. Already they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of new Philippine and Indonesian migrant workers. Something once considered impossible. And the people? They are accepting it.

    Black countries are in the same boat: if they have higher living standards, they get an immigration problem and even similar appeasing reactions from politicians.

    Ministry of Disaster Preparedness Permanent Secretary Carl Smith said yesterday undocumented migrants should “go home” as The Bahamas prepares for a tropical storm this weekend.

    While speaking at a National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) press conference, he said, “We have to come to the place and realize that that situation has to be addressed. I said previously the International Organization for Migration’s focus is on providing housing for migrants.

    “So, when they make their report and speak to the lack of accommodations to house persons in The Bahamas to protect them from storms, they have built into their consideration the countless number of migrants that are in The Bahamas.

    “Part of our preparation needs to be that if you are in The Bahamas illegally, you should make every effort to go home. We are a very humane society. We provide water and food and shelter but there’s only so much that we can do.”

    Words that could be coming from a German or a Swede. So much for supposed black toughness and brutality. Since softening up to immigrants (and to unfortunate people in general, as well as animals) is such a universal thing happening to well-off societies, I doubt there is a workable solution except rising living standards in other countries than yours. So the migrants are happy to settle there, or not leave in the first place (as Sicilians and Irish eventually stopped emigrating to America). Peasants in Japan were once so poor they were happy to migrate to Brazil, where a large Japanese diaspora formed – then the fortunes reversed and they not only stopped, but came back in significant numbers.

    Bhutan is a country with relatively good life and masses of poor Indians right outside its border ready to flood it. It used brutal mass deportations in the 1990s and is currently making the life of foreigners and their children a bureaucratic hell. Works for now to fend off migration, but as they too are becoming wealthier, who knows how long it will last.

    If you are talking about permanently settling in Bhutan,its for you.Firstly, the laws of Bhutanese constitution never allow any foreign citizen to be a permanent citizen of Bhutan. However, a foreigner(you) can be a citizen condition, you must marry a Bhutanese spouse. You have to lead and live life based on MC systems on renewal basis. But to be honest , there will be some consequences at later part of life.Your offspring(s) will not be eligible to obtain and own a citizen ID card. which also means he/she won’t be a fully Bhutanese citizin. As a result, offspring cannot have free higher education ( Free Education facility by the Royal Govt. Of Bhutan) and free medical facilities.Above all offsprings won’t be eligible to apply for govt. Jobs. These are some major drawbacks.However you and your family will have peace, prosperity or happiness like any other people of Bhutan.I’m sure it helps you.Cheers!

  127. AltanBakshi says

    I have no interest in joining your debate, but you are using Taqiya in wrong way. Historically and even now many Shias lived under rule of the Sunni Orthodoxy and had to conceal their beliefs and still have to in some countries. Most Sunnis in history had no need to hide themselves, although there were exceptions like Kingdom of Granada after Spanish conquest, under threat of the inquisition. Saudi Arabia is good example, for a long time researchers believed that they have only 10% Shias of their population, but now estimates are at 25%. For many Shias hide their beliefs in public in Sunni majority countries. So Taqiya has mostly meaning in intra-muslim politics. For Sunnis using of Taqiya has been rare and was only used in situations where there are no other options left, like in Spain with their inquistion, or in Pol Pots Cambodia. Most fundamentalist Muslims can use Hijab in western countries and slaughter in Halal way, worship how they like and so on, so there is no need for Taqiya.

  128. have the feeling that it would be good to punch him

    Well something about court jesters inspires this emotion

    about Sobchak and the other members

    Sure, but Sobchak’s job is to be dislikeable pseudo opposition, – in a way it is a more privileged position than Timati. I mean, she can criticize things, and doesn’t need to fall to such…

  129. You conveniently didn’t explain your previous bizarre assertion about ‘other populations’. I guess that was such complete nonsense that you dropped it altogether.

    “Romani people are often homeless travelers who are missed by census takers.”

    You are projecting from dysfunctional Anglo societies that have no idea who is where and who lives in their countries. In most of eastern Europe that’s not the case, people have actual ID’s (required residence documents) and census works of those. It is not optional and at any given time any regional government can tell you how many residents and of what kind there are. There are always individual corner cases, but to claim that large numbers, and specifically of Romas, are missed is nonsense. It is true in US or UK, but don’t project your incompetence on others.

    Roma are also not ‘homeless travellers’, where did you get that? They are usually quite sedentary. The registration of population, regular censuses and counting of Roma goes back to late 18th century and Habsburg Empire – it was done then, and it continues to this day. It has a downside of an easy targeting during times of authoritarian rule, but as census it works.

    You are literally making up stuff, rather sad what has happened to the Anglo culture. You are losing, your world is falling apart, so you lash out in anger. It will make it worse.

  130. JohnPlywood says

    You conveniently didn’t explain your previous bizarre assertion about ‘other populations’. I guess that was such complete nonsense that you dropped it altogether.

    The “other” populations are Turkic, Caucasian and Finnic speaking populations with varying degrees of nonwhite ancestry in Eastern Europe.

    You are projecting from dysfunctional Anglo societies that have no idea who is where and who lives in their countries.

    Anglo societies are apparently functional in their having vastly lower rates of murder, economic deprivation, corruption and so forth. I also notice Eastern Europe has very low fertility even with the Muslim presence added.

    There are always individual corner cases, but to claim that large numbers, and specifically of Romas, are missed is nonsense. It is true in US or UK, but don’t project your incompetence on others.

    Well, again, multiple sources seem to cast doubt on your claims:

    The first Romani groups arrived in Hungary in the fifteenth century from Turkey.[97] Nowadays, the real number of Roma in Hungary is a disputed question.

    In the 2001 census only 190 046 (2%) called themselves Roma, but experts and Roma organisations estimate that there are between 450,000 and 1,000,000 Roma living in Hungary.[98][99][100][101][102] Since then, the size of the Roma population has increased rapidly. Today every fifth or sixth newborn child belongs to the Roma minority.[103] Based on current demographic trends, a 2006 estimate by Central European Management Intelligence claims that the proportion of the Roma population will double by 2050, putting the percentage of its Roma community at around 14-15% of the country’s population.[103]

    In any case, even if the census statiatics recognize that Roma babies are 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 births, so it’s pretty clear that Roma will be about 15% of Hungary’s population by 2050, or about 30% if the census is inaccurate, as many people seem to think it is.

    Roma are also not ‘homeless travellers’, where did you get that? They are usually quite sedentary.

    In the United States, anyone who is not a registered occupant of a dwelling is considered homeless. That includes people who live in houses with a registered occupant, which is a very common situation in Gypsy households. Such people live lifestyles that are considered “seminomadic”, moving from one house to another. To assume the census is counting these people accurately is ridiculous.

    You are literally making up stuff, rather sad what has happened to the Anglo culture. You are losing, your world is falling apart, so you lash out in anger. It will make it worse.

    The only angry person here is you, my son. Multiple sources think that Hungary is over 10% gypsy; your response to that was “it’s made up!” and “George Soros!”. Hungary and eastern European states remain the most economically unviable, corrupt, violent, weak, and unmotivated countries in Europe, while the Anglosphere is on top of the world.

    And, as the demographic trends point out, it’s only going to get worse for you. Your diversity is growing and your economy is slowing.,%20Q4_1.png

    In order to “win” you have to do something that actually merits success; not merely showing up after decades of hiding behind the Iron Curtain and (wrongfully) claiming to be “pure”. Your country is rooted in lies, confusion, diversity, and fakery.

  131. JSebastian says

    Remember that it was a trip to France, made not long after yet another Islamic terror rampage and the murder of innocents in the heart of Europe and Christendom by invaders from the MEA region, that finally moved Brenton Tarrant to action.

    The ignominy of being slaughtered in your own homeland, where one should feel safe, and secure, nestled in the bosom of your own people, by their sheer mass and presence around you.
    The sheer “wrongness” of it.
    The insult as well as the injury.
    The salt in the open wound of mass immigration engineered by yet another foreign pest.

    It was too much for him. And it should be too much for all thinking Westerners. If you only will open your eyes, you will see. France is over-run. I was last in Paris about 6 years ago and it was completely overrun with dark invaders – not just Africans, but Muslims, Asians, basically people from every continent but Europe. I understand the banlieues are far worse. That Marseille is even more beset by invaders than Paris. That the invaders have spread into every district of the nation – that no Department is truly safe from their menace.

    We went only to the parts of Paris that any tourist might – and the prevalence, the sheer overwhelming, ugly, ubiquitous presence of the foreign element assaulted one’s senses in virtually every place.

    The sense of invasion, of the rape and violation of a civilized place, by a vulgar, uncouth, rude, and greedy horde, was palpable and knowing. These foreigners weren’t on holiday. They weren’t there to take in the cultural wonders of The City of Light. They could care less about any tale of romance or intrigue or battle, or work of art or marvel of design, engineering, and construction, they were there for the benefits, to mooch. To “make a better life” for themselves. They don’t come to give ….they come to take. They don’t visit, spend money and leave, like a tourist. They invade, take take take, and never leave, ungrateful and demanding the entire time.

    It is the same visceral response as seeing graffiti on a beautiful public building or statuary. A feeling of “How DARE they!” It certainly does make the blood boil, and the fists clench in rage.

    It is much like the fury of Americans over the crimes committed by our own illegal alien invaders, who are just a portion of the 100M invaders we have in our midst, all of whom arrived since 1965’s disastrous Immigration and Naturalization Act.

    When contemplated, it is so galling, so revolting, as to send us into a simmering rage that can only be quenched by ejecting and defeating these invaders, and harshly punishing the ones who enabled their malevolent, greedy presence in our land and in our midst, taking up space, sucking up resources intended only for our own people, causing our overpopulation crisis singlehandedly, resulting in congestion, sprawl and the scarcity of formerly plentiful commodities and resources, using our schools and our welfare programs to enrich themselves and their offspring, like a magpie and its insidious practice of brood parasitism.

    That is the feeling I got in France, and I’m not even French! I have zero national affection for France. Aside from being an admirer of its Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, and Philosophy (and the Cheese, of course), I have no fealty, no ancestral pride, no sense of personal outrage.

    But of course, I have empathy for the French, many of whom surely must, because as an American, I have experienced this very condition of invasion and occupation, and I know that it is maddening beyond belief.

  132. baked georgia says

    southern brazil is full of immigrants today because it’s cheaper to live than southeast (sao paulo or rio de janeiro).

    businessmen asked for them even before the leftists had any idea of how they should use that as a weapon. they need cheap labour, but many of those immigrants realized how welfare can pay almost the same as a minimum wage anyway

    caxias do sul, one of the highest growing cities, was once a 99% italian ancestry colony, but now is full of haitians and somalians. they are a conservative city (75% bolsonaro) but last leftist governor literally bring entire buses of haitians direct to them.

  133. My apologies for late response, I have been travelling (not as a nomad, just travelling :).

    I am not from Hungary and Hungary is a small part of Central-Eastern Europe. Its Roma population is among the highest, but it is still 3-4%, the crazy ‘up to a million’ estimates are literally made up by Western NGO’s, it’s simply not true. In other CEE countries the % is substantially smaller, usually around 1% or less. Gypsies are not about to overrun us, drop that stupid idea.

    The ‘others’ that you list: Caucasian, Turkic and Finnic (Finnic are completely white by the way) are almost exclusively in Russia. The rest of CEE has either none or very small groups. So what you wrote was nonsense. They simply don’t live here.

    The growth in CEE has been substantially above EU average and the living standards are in many places very high. E.g. both Prague and Bratislava rank among top 10 EU regions in generated GNP/capita (look that up in Eurostat 2019). You are living in the past with your Cold War mindset and I cannot but conclude that you say it in order to assuage the deep loss that Western Europe is experiencing and its current demographic unravelling. For God’s sake just look around large Western cities and see what you have done.

    Good luck with that, but we have it substantially better and our prospects are much better that yours. We can screw it up by repeating your liberal errors, but at least we have a chance.