Map of Natural Population Growth in the Former USSR in 2012

H/t AP for this beauty. It is for 2012.


[Click to enlarge].

It speaks for itself so comprehensively that I’m not sure it’s worth commenting further on my part here. Let’s leave that to the comments section.

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  1. Tory Torrison says

    Allahu Akbar

  2. Indeed. There is a lot of ethnic Russian territory outside European Russia (as well as the Cossack lands in southern European Russia) with excellent population demographics.

    Ukraine’s demographic problem is that while its Western 1/5 is worse than but similar to ethnic Russia beyond the Urals, the other 4/5 is like European Russia (actually even a little worse, although in the same league).

  3. Lumpy Gravy says

    At first glance I found the colouring of the map confusing. On maps such as this one the colour red is usually used to indicate problem areas, and at a time when the planet’s human population is over 7 billion and rising fast, I would have thought that generally ‘less is better’. But of course ‘generally’ doesn’t apply to Russia which has not yet recovered from Yeltsin’s Pinochetismo and its all-out attack on the Russian people. Millions have withered away before their time, unreported and unmourned, because misery and abject poverty were the direct consequences of the greed, the sanctioned theft and the unregulated capitalism Yeltsin’s locusts have inflicted on the Russian people (with the help of the IMF, the World Bank and the CIA). No surprise then, that under such conditions a country’s birthrate plummets.

    I do hope that over time Russia will recover from this crisis. But I’m not optimistic. There’s still far too much good will towards and trust in the West’s way of ‘doing business’. Putin is wasting his time in office with populist antics instead of tackling the most serious domestic issues by abolishing Yeltsin’s gangster capitalism. And if his successor is someone like Medvedev (or worse) the whole vicious cycle of the 1990s might start all over again …

    • Completely agree. Immigrants and coolies from central Asia are not going to make Russia into a great and powerful nation let alone a rival of the United States. When you consider that after the last big Soviet cohort have passed fertile years, there’s going be another big drop, it just seems things aren’t turning around quick enough. I think a lot will hinge on who succeeds Putin. The best of all outcomes would be someone like Rogozin who would make boosting European births #1 priority. If its another Putin, Russia might still have a fighting chance but if its a pro-West liberal then Russia’s stagnation and decline are assured. It’s too late in the day for another Medvedev.

  4. Hi…i read your articles for several years and I’m glad that you were right about demographic situation in Russia and that your projections were correct. Although I do not agree with you on many issues (your skepticism about the EU, sometimes your anti-Western attitude, satisfaction with the demographic problems in other European countries), this site is great and I love to read your projections, and also hope that your optimism for Russia will prove correct.
    Did you read this ? Can you say something more about this? What you think? And perhaps you might consider that for your future projections? Whether it can change the view of the situation in Russia?

  5. Veronika Ivanova says
    • You’re right… I’ve noticed a few discrepancies. Maybe he did it for Jan-Oct or something?

      However, on the whole, it is accurate and reflects well overall georgraphic trends.

  6. I don’t see why this is such problem? Is it not the case that Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are genetically Northern Mongoloid? Even if they are Muslim, they are genetically similar to Northern Han, Koreans, and Uighurs. Alot of the Muslims in the former USSR are of Iranian or Mongol stock, hardly Somalis or Pakistanis. Given their admixture, I could see these countries doing quite well in the future, as Kazakhstan is now. Using HBD principles, these states– given more investment and development could rapidly develop in a way Africa never will.

  7. Karlinslittlehelper says

    Most of Central Asia’s populations are growing by the same rate that Russia’s ethnic Russian population is declining. Central Asia will soon be colonizing (as if it isn’t already with gastarbeitery) the former master! HAHAHAAHAHAH

  8. I thought I’d throw this in here, I just came across it:

    Map of abortion rates, by state/oblast. It looks like Luhansk (in the Donbas) is, along with some areas in Romania, the abortion capital of Europe. Can’t vouch for the sources for this map but it seems correct based on 1999 figures I’ve seen for Ukraine, by oblast.

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