Map of Russian Patriotism


The previous post featured a map of Russian IQ based on an online survey (n=238,619) for Russian men interested in serving as contract soldiers run by the Ministry of Defense.

The data has recently been released by Konstantin Sugonyaev (see PDF).

However, as was suggested by Sugonyaev at the start, it is also possible to calculate a proxy of “patriotism” based on the percentage of each region’s population that took the test during the 2012-2017 period that his paper covers.


crimea-pollsAlong with the Altai Republic, the city of Sevastopol (5.4/1,000 took the test) is Russia’s most patriotic region; Crimea as a whole (2.2/1,000) is also well above the Russian average of 1.6/1,000.

This is bearing in mind that they only joined the “experiment” midway through. Adjust for that, and Crimea as a whole becomes one of Russia’s top 5 most patriotic regions at the very least.

So much for muh Russian occupation. (Isn’t it cool how entirely unrelated research demolishes Western propaganda?).

The more patriotic regions tend to be frontier areas with a heavy military presence (e.g. Kaliningrad, Primorye, Murmansk) and the Far Eastern region (e.g. Zabaikalye, Amur). The latter regions also vote relatively more for the LDPR.

Amongst Russia’s ethnic minorities, the Tuvans and Buryats stand out in particular for their patriotism.

Saint-Petersburg (1.8/1,000) is more patriotic than the Russian average, while Moscow (1.2/1,000) is considerably less patriotic.

The least patriotic Russian regions tend to be regions with large oil and extraction industries, such as Khanty-Mansiysk, the Yamalo-Nenets AO, the Sakha Republic, and Tyumen oblast. I assume this is because the men have much better financial prospects working in the local economy.

soviet-military-deaths-ww2-by-percentage-of-ethnicityThe least patriotic regions are Ingushetia (0.3/1,000) and Chechnya (0.2/1,000).

As I pointed out, when you adjust for near endemic electoral fraud, Chechnya becomes Russia’s most oppositionist province. At one point, a disturbingly large percentage of Chechnya’s population were subscribed to an extremist Islamist social media group. This would be one more data point than Kadyrov is merely keeping a lid on things.

Anyhow, broader observation. Buryats – Russia’s most patriotic ethnic minority; Chechens and Ingush – the least.

Just like with Yaroslavl’s high IQ, there is what we might call deep history here. More Buryats died as soldiers in World War II as a percentage of their population than any other ethnicity bar Russians – around 5.8% in both cases. In contrast, only 0.5% of Chechens and Ingush died as Red Army soldiers – an order of magnitude lower than for the USSR as a whole.

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  1. However, as was suggested by Sugonyaev at the start, it is also possible to calculate a proxy of “patriotism” based on the percentage of each region’s population that took the test during the 2012-2017 period that his paper covers.

    That’s obviously not true. The percentage of people who go to military service out of pure patriotism is negligible. Military service provides a high salary, various benefits, retirement and a large pension upon reaching 45 years. On this for many people (including completely devoid of patriotism) military career looks very attractive.

    On the other hand, people who avoid military service are often quite Patriotic. They just do not want to waste time learning to dig trenches and shoot a machine gun.

  2. Buryats also joined the Whites in fair numbers, bolstering Semyonov and Ungern-Sternberg in their Eastern campaigns during the Civil War. Why so loyal to Russia? Shared anti-Chinese animus?

  3. Does patriotism here imply nationalism? In places like UK and USA patriotism basically implies supporting the globalist ideology, while nationalism is a thought crime. Specifically for the “patriots” in Russia, do these people have opinions that don’t favour race mixing and more immigration from Central Asia and the Caucases, or are these the types that believe that Russia is just about the flag and other such ideals of cuckservatism?

  4. Does patriotism here imply nationalism?

    In General,” patriotism ” in Russia correlates with moderate nationalism.

  5. Didnt Ossetians have even higher rates of death per population in WW2? I dont find them in the graphic.

  6. Felix Keverich says

    Ukrainians have reasons to fear: Buryatia is the most patriotic Russian region.

    In General,” patriotism ” in Russia correlates with moderate nationalism.

    “Patriotism” in contemporary Russia means deferring to authority and trusting president Putin, believing in limitless Kremlin wisdom and superior judgement, attacking those who don’t believe in Putin. Martyanov is a quintessetial Russian “patriot”.

  7. The economic factor is certainly very important, as demonstrated by the high numbers for more economically impoverished ethnic Russian regions, and the much lower numbers for resource rich Russian regions.

    However, it’s obvious that this is not the full story.

    • Tuvans are more than three times as enthusiastic about military service as Dagestanis, even though both are impoverished regions with martial cultures.
    • Chechnya (which fought a couple of wars with Russia) is at the very bottom, with their Ingush brothers as immediate neighbors.
    • The higher numbers in the Russian Far East, which also happens to vote more for nationalists. (Least patriotic non-oil ethnic Russian region in Siberia: Coal mining region of Kemerovo, which is both less “patriotic” and votes more for Communists).
    • The very high patriotism in the Crimea is particularly obvious and self-explanatory, unless one buys into the “Russian occupation” thesis.
  8. I certainly agree with you, but melanf is correct as well.

    As I have written during various elections, the military votes overwhelmingly Putinist, but LDPR is a solid second:

    Syria – Had 4,571 voters total, which incidentally gives one a pretty good idea of the magnitude of the Russian military presence there (i.e., probably around 5,000, since turnout is close to 100% at military bases). United Russia got 63%, LDPR got 20%, KPRF got 6%, Fair Russia got 1.6%, and Yabloko and PARNAS got 0.5% between them. This is a good proxy for the political views of the Russian military.

    Baikonur – The LDPR with 30% got its highest results abroad with the 6,438 voters at this Russian space base in Kazakhstan.

    Like it or not, but Putinist-patriotism is more intertwined with nationalism than either communism or liberalism – even if nationalists tend to have considerable peeves with Putinism.

  9. It’s given in the graph – 3.02%.

  10. One thing’s clear from this map. You need to move from Moscow to the Ulan-Ude area, Anatoly, and find yourself an attractive, high-IQed, loyal epicanthic woman there to marry. Who loves her country, solving math problems, and respects guns and warfare. She’ll give you high-IQed offspring and a lifetime of faithful, loving companionship. You might have to deal with some cultural crap, and have Buddha statues in your home, but it will be well worth it for the kind of woman you’ll have.

  11. You might have to deal with some cultural crap, and have Buddha statues in your home

    It is time to move, ak.

  12. Specifically for the “patriots” in Russia, do these people have opinions that don’t favour race mixing and more immigration from Central Asia and the Caucases, or are these the types that believe that Russia is just about the flag

    There are all points of view, but the bulk of the “patriots” (like the bulk of the rest of the population of Russia) are categorically against migration from Islamic countries. As for “race mixing” – in Russia pure racism is atypical, but there is a strong xenophobia based on the cultural factor.

    in addition, the adherents of traditional Islam themselves categorically against “race mixing”.

    Here is from social networks:
    comment to photo

    This chick from Irkutsk, originally from Ingushetia! Mammеdova Hadi Muhamedovna, fled with the Russian bastard 6 June this year. Married him. Now lives in St. Petersburg. She pure-blood Ingush girl! This piggy’s name is Oleg Pedan. if anyone, somewhere will meet them, for the Sake of Allah punish them in full, as required by the Sharia and our traditions. He’s not a Muslim!

  13. Why are there so many “patriots” in Adygea?

  14. Ukrainians have reasons to fear: Buryatia is the most patriotic Russian region.

    Why, is Putler going to create a separate division of Buryats whose sole purpose will be to regather the fictitious Russian lands under his scepter? I don’t think so…

    It’s interesting to note that it’s the Asian areas that are showing the most response to Russian nationalism. Ukrainian Europeans are the most turned off to it, yet when zealous Ukrainians call their Muscovite neighbors ‘Asians’, they take great offense to such characterizations.

  15. In religious Islam.

    Muslim men are allowed and encouraged to marry non-Muslim women.

    However, Muslim women cannot and are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men.

  16. That cutie is worth fighting mountain savages for.

    The screenshot is from 2013. I hope the “vanka” was able to protect himself and his wife.

  17. It’s a professional job, with a high salary relative to some of these areas.

    If it was people volunteering for free, then we could say it was responding more to patriotic motives.

    • In another sense though, it is interesting data. It shows areas where military job is considered more relatively prestigious to other options.

    This would be one more data point than Kadyrov is merely keeping a lid on things.

    He Islamizes the population, while receiving protection money.

    Considering money paid to him, it could at least be expected to compromise, and have a long term policy of secularizing and integrating the population.

    Kadyrov is able to continue his father’s original, before changing sides, mission as a longterm goal (Islamization), while receiving all extremely high financial benefits of tactical loyalty to the Kremlin.

    It is serving a shortterm benefit for both sides, but in the longterm what direction does it go when you increase the underlying separateness of the republic every year, as well as the ideology for extremist separatism, in the future – which is the political and hardcore version of Islam which he encourages?

    Kadyrov seems like a nice fellow, in the way of a prince, and this allows people to imagine there is no longterm problem in his behaviour, and that turning Grozny into a centre of world Islam and sharia law, is all compatible with national integrity and interreligious harmony.

  18. Realistically what is the long term solution to the Chechen problem? Simply letting it go is obviously out of the question, perhaps a forced redistribution of chechens in very small numbers across the country and colonisation of the region with ethnic Russians?

  19. There’s an Ethnic Russian majority but a large number of natives too. The government keeps the latter happy by pretty much letting them run the state which pisses off the former. They’re more like Turks though, not CHDI so they merely grumble but don’t leave. It’s quite pretty though:,40.1950419,3a,75y,2.93h,86.43t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1shfN04hjVT4t79QZyqsZF_w!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

  20. I spent some time in Mongolia and can confirm they absolutely hate Chinese, but like Russians quite a lot, Russian being a useful language there. I certainly hope Mongolia can stay in the Russian sphere and keep the rice eaters out!

    Ungern-Sternberg was quite a character. There seems to be some deep horse-people spiritual link between the Yamnaya descended and the Mongolic peoples. Natural allies even if the Tuvans are bandits.

  21. This is how to deal with the Caucasian Question. Steal their women!

  22. The time to have dealt with them would’ve been in Uncle Joe’s day. It will be impossible to move them around or mass murder them now, with modern sensibilities. The only thing that can be done is to monitor them closely and take out trouble makers early. Team Putin also seems to be trying to keep them fat and soft by pouring money into the place. If this will work or not remains to be seen. Modern states are quite effective and keeping target populations docile, so it should be manageable.

  23. Zhironovsky getting angry for being called a jew

  24. RadicalCenter says

    Speaking to Mr. Karlin and not you, Anonymous:

    Not to get too personal, dude, but it IS high time to find a wife and create some beautiful little people to perpetuate your nation. Not enough russians or Americans or Europeans do it, and it’s contributing to our eventual permanent demise.

    Intelligent, thoughtful, patriotic people proud of their history, identity, and culture, like you, are exactly who needs to have children, and multiple children at that.

    By the way, please pray for us, AK, we have child number four on the way! God bless Russia and America.

  25. And then your children end up race mixing with some brown third worlders. Having white children is simply not sufficient. The permanent demise of whites is ultimately because of the rule of the international jew, unless ones tackles that problem everything else is a pointless pursuit.

  26. Something similar to current policies, but with a massive dereligionization, assimilation and secularization. (Why the Islamization is tolerated, is a sign of state weakness over the republic – yet despite the financial existence of the latter being dependent on the former).

    Before being hijacked by conflict, Grozny had a lot more secularism in the appearance of the residents:

  27. Daniel Chieh says

    So quaint. Mecha-Karlin shall maximize his progeny with Daemonculaba that shall have optimized traits for the greater glory of the Dark Gods.

  28. RadicalCenter says

    Of course having kids is not enough if we simply let hostile or unassimilable alien peoples come in and settle here in large numbers. True.

  29. RadicalCenter says

    I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, but I doubt I’m missing much.

    As for calling someone’s opinion or aspirations “quaint”, that’s a rather bitchy prissy tactic.
    How many children do you have, manly man?

    Also, what satisfaction do you derive by mocking other people’s joy at having children, and by deriding my encouragement to someone I am inclined to respect (AK)?

  30. So it looks like the Israeli’s have shot down a Russian plane killing the fourteen crew.

  31. anonymous coward says

    Nice to know you prioritize the pressing problems first, lol.

    Next on the list of problems to solve:

    • The heat death of the universe.
    • Climate change.
    • The second law of thermodynamics.
  32. Daniel Chieh says

    It’s a silly commentary at my friend Karlin’s transhumanism more than anything else.

    “Mecha-Karlin” the cyborg, “Daemonculaba” are iron wombs, and thus mass production of customized progeny.

  33. I recall reading that, unlike the European powers prior to World War I, the Russian colonizers never held the same notion of racial supremacy and saw Eastern peoples to be just as capable as Western peoples.

    As David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye has shown, Pre-revolutionary Russian ‘Orientalism’ differed from its Western counterpart in that for the most part Russians never fully endorsed European ideas of racial superiority. Academics such as Aleksandr Kazem-Bek, Jozef Kowalewski, and Vladimir Vasilev argued that Russian rule would benefit the relatively backward territories which Russia conquered in the nineteenth century in the Caucasus and Central Asia, but at the same time noted that the backwardness was a product of historical circumstances and not of any racial inferiority. Eastern peoples in their eyes were just as capable as Western ones.

  34. Two other things:

    1. The Orthodox Church even has a history of interracial interactions. What is nowadays called “phyletism” or “ethno-phyletism” (nationalism or tribalism) has been condemned as a heresy by a pan-Orthodox council in Constantinople as late as in 1872.
    2. According to Mr. Karlin’s own site:

    Ethnic based nationalism is an extremely fringe movement in the US, despite sites like Stormfront and books like The Turner Diaries. It has a far more visible presence in Russia, where skinhead gangs make parts of some cities unsafe for people with the wrong skin color, especially after events like football matches*. Though the gangs themselves number no more than a few tens of thousands, the slogan of “Russia for [ethnic] Russians” is approved by nearly half the population.

    I’m not sure of how point 2 can be reconciled with point 1, but either way, make of these what you will.