Mapping The Dark Enlightenment

I’m a sucker for classification graphs, so I was delighted to see that “Another Reactionary Blog” had compiled a “map” of the neo-reactionary / “Dark Enlightenment” thinkers. It’s reproduced below:


I’m not disappointed not to see myself there, as I blog about a lot of different things making classification quite hard.

If I had to try to place myself there, I’d probably be somewhere east of the Derb, west of Steve Hsu, and north of Taki. If I had to pick just one school, I probably best fit into the HBD community, but I’m interested in Techno-Futurism (incidentally, I met up with Mike Anissimov last week) and “Masculine Reaction” – or at least its “game” component, I don’t much care for the MRM – as well.

EDIT: The original map has been replaced with an updated one, with me included! My position there is about right.

See also A History of Reactionary Taxonomy at the Radish Mag for the most comprehensive “meta” analysis of reaction.

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  1. Fascinating map. I notice that R. Lindsay is not represented, presumably because he self-identifies as left-wing. Also, the War Nerd should probably be on there, but I’m not sure where: maybe as a Neo-Reactionary, with an element of Secular Traditionalism and maybe even a touch of Masculine Reaction.

    • Yeah, Robert Lindsay should definitely be there. Though I don’t know where exactly. Maybe the HBDsphere could be broken up into different parts (e.g. “ethnic particularists,” – Steve Sailer, Amren, etc; “cognitive elitists,” – Charles Murray (WHERE IS CHARLES MURRAY BTW??); the wonks – Razib, Cochrane/Harpending; and liberals/leftists – JayMan, Lindsay).

  2. It would be cool if the sizes of the circles reflected the popularity of the blogs. I guess Sitemeter stats aren’t available for every blog, but there’s Alexa. Or one could count the number of comments per month on each blog.

  3. RIP Lawrence Auster. He is out of the picture now but I get the feeling he said everything he had to say.

  4. Great resource, thanks. Through “Masculine reaction” I found an interesting blogger Dalrock (missing from this map).