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My favorite McCain story is when he demanded Pravda give him an op-ed like the NYT did for Putin. Clearly that was the only Russian newspaper fossil had heard about.

Pravda was a bottom-tier tabloid – of the sort that are big on alien abduction stories – that very few read, and McCain duly got his op-ed there (“Russians deserve better than Putin“).

Here is my translation of chief Vadim Gorshenin’s interview on this bizarre episode:

Some Russians are impressed by this. By “some”, I mean about 0%, rounded to the nearest percentage point.

Still, there’s always the professional oppositionists in London to show their appreciation.

Admittedly, McCain did have his fans in the Ukraine. Reaching levels cargo cultism that should not even be possible, the Maidanists made McCain a Presidential advisor – without telling him first.

As an incorrigible Russophobe, who saw no contradiction in meeting with Ukrainian Nazis while condemning Trump for “blood and soil” nationalism, the Maidanists had good reason to like him:

His regime may appear imposing, but it is rotting inside. His Russia is not a great power on par with America. It is a gas station run by a corrupt, autocratic regime. And eventually, Russians will come for Mr. Putin in the same way and for the same reasons that Ukrainians came for Viktor F. Yanukovych…

… If Ukraine can emerge from this crisis independent, prosperous and anchored firmly in Europe, how long before Russians begin to ask, “Why not us?” That would not just spell the end of Mr. Putin’s imperial dreams; it would strip away the lies that sustain his rule over Russia itself.

… even if realizing his vision is quite beyond their modest abilities.

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  1. “He never met a war he did not like.”

  2. He was kind of like a hooker, only without the heart of gold.

  3. Imagine being in the bowels of Hell about now and some twisted old faggot just pops up out of nowhere going all on about the “moral choice” for a preemptive strike against Heaven and Earth.

  4. anony-mouse says
  5. He was truly the ultimate ZOGbot. The only thing worse than that vile cockroach is the media that will lament this “conservative maverick”. I would like to say burn in hell, but even hell is too nice a place for him, I hope there are even worser places than hell for the likes of him.

  6. reiner Tor says

    The conservative maverick and a war hero, whose life was a continuous service to his country.

  7. Jaakko Raipala says

    Absolutely the best take on McCain

    The only eulogy that would truly honour what John McCain stood for would be an airstrike on his funeral.It's what he would've wanted.— T. A. Jackson (@TAJackson20) 26. elokuuta 2018

  8. reiner Tor says
  9. if i had to guess the dirt they had on him it would be sadistic treatment of hookers

  10. Spisarevski says
  11. “requiescat in h…” I don’t know Latin, so what H stands for? Hostilitas?

  12. Spisarevski says

    It’s probably just “Rest in Hell” in English.

  13. reiner Tor says

    Rot In Hell

  14. I’m just still amazed that there were so many ‘Ukro-Nazis’ that showed up in the middle of a cold winter for 8 months to protest against Yanukovych’s last minute flip towards Russia? And this within a country on Russia’s doorstep, a prosperous and loving neighbor?

  15. America’s less entertaining, version of Zhirinovsky.

    The difference- that 46% of American voters support this in serious votes, in a presidential election.

  16. You must be devastated for the loss, but to console you, Soros is still alive and you still have his arse to lick.

  17. I never really liked Soros. I bet that you’re in love with Kim Chong-un or Bashar al-Assad? You can rotate licks -um-um good!

  18. Swedish Family says
  19. Strange, to give justice to the 46% of American voters who voted for him – that McCain’s election video was not so bad for the 2008 presidential elections. It’s not about war, but economics.

    It’s the same election campaign as Trump, with the difference: no proposal about preventing Mexicans from entering America and no about introducing trade tariffs. The last two were the important additional elements for Trump’s victory for America (in addition to the more widespread unpopularity of Obama in 2016, who Hillary Clinton was inheriting a legacy of).

  20. What was really so funny about it was that a lot of people were unhappy about Sarah Palin.

    Granted, I would not say that she is an impressive lady, but still I can only think their disdain was manufactured by the press and successfuly implanted in them, as certain people had a fondness for “the maverick” McCain implanted in them. It was kind of weird because the vice president practically does nothing. I mean was she really worse than Biden – the guy caught plagiarizing a rather bad speech about his family from some English pol?

    I knew a guy in high school – he knew squat about politics. Leftist disposition. One day he was telling me how John McCain was a good candidate because he was a POW, and Bush was a bad candidate because Texas students scored low on exams (Mexicans but he didn’t understand). Another day – here is the key – he was telling me apropos of nothing about how what happened in the movie Gone with the Wind was rape – that was straight from the local newspaper – he passed it off as his own opinion but I recognized it. He was repeating the details exactly, without acknowledging where he got his opinion from.

  21. Legacy of JMcC…everywhere he landed…something caught on fire…people wound up dying.

  22. In 2008, Obama’s political technologists were some of the most advanced in the world of the era.

    For example, they made unofficial music videos and songs to worship him. This was first used by Putin in the early 2000s. It creates an atmosphere as if he was popular with people spontaneously, even though it is no more spontaneous popularity than an official political campaign video.

    One with a model, which is produced in a fake amateur way, so people think the model was a real YouTuber.

    When they choose the model, all requirement is to create a Pavlovian connection for the stupidest American voters, between Obama and large breasts.

  23. Jim Bob Lassiter says

    Rage in Hell

  24. Digital Samizdat says

    Actually, they probably thought they were voting for Sarah Palin. 😀

  25. The uncritical US mass media hero worship accolades being accorded to him are repugnant.

    Came across as a spitefully nasty individual. In contrast, Putin didn’t dis him in the way that many of us would. Noteworthy how Putin is psychoanalyzed from afar by some people who suggest that he’s spiteful. Just compare his manner to that of McCain, H Clinton and McFaul.

  26. I think it secretly infuriated a lot of Dems that she was a woman. They were angry that the GOP was trying to go after their female base.

  27. Or, she is marketing, to match – according to demographic and socioeconomic status – what PR workers think will receive votes from uneducated women voters in “swing states”.

    Compare to women like Margaret Thatcher, who is working in politics, because she has a detailed plan to reform the British economy, and was more intelligent than most of her contemporary politicians.

    British voted for her, not because she was a woman, but as a result of a need to reform their economy.

    And then, Sarah Palin – American women vote for her, not because she has any interesting reform plans, but because she is a woman, with an advertising image that reflects themselves (which shows ultimately a woman who is not intelligent or cultured enough, to make them feel inadequate).

  28. Some of the same people who praised Fidel praised McCain. Trudeau, for instance.

  29. Rattus Norwegius says

    “each year, approximately 14,000 women are killed by their husbands or other relatives”;

    The total number of murders ( all murders) in 2017 in Russia – 10.4 thousand
    For this article on “opendemocracy” links – propaganda garbage

  31. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    The adulation among the “mainstream” for McCain is less disgusting than it was for that sack of garbage Ted Kennedy * but still awful. I wish we could purge all of these sycophants without also killing many innocent folks in the heartland.

    • Who, in a Catholic American diocese before the 1960s, would never have been granted a Catholic burial
  32. Didn’t Trump also campaign on further restricting legal immigration while McCain didn’t?

    Also, you do have to give Obama credit for being more charismatic than Hillary was.

  33. It was all of a part of a Western conspiracy to provoke Russia and thus to get Russia to strip Ukraine of Crimea and the Donbass so that Ukraine will become solidly pro-Western. /s

    That’s how 666 dimensional chess works! /s

  34. BTW, I think that Yanukovych’s best move was to offer a referendum on EU versus EEU membership immediately after the Maidan protests began in late 2013. Had he done this immediately and offered to allow EU/international observers to make sure that this referendum will be completely free and fair, it is possible that the Maidan protests would have petered out.

    Of course, Yanukovych would have probably lost in 2015, but he would have at least had an additional year in office.

  35. As annoying as “maverick” is, it doesn’t touch “Lion of the Senate.” Though I will give him props for being against Iraq, Ted was certainly in most particulars a bastard.

    It’s really amazing that he was a senator at all after killing Mary Jo Kopechne – I think that really shows the power of the media. If I recall, The Boston Globe put the story under the fold. He was so shameless he once compared illegal aliens to the hostages in Iran.

  36. Well, it was a well orchestrated ‘conspiracy’ that worked out pretty well for the West. To get hundreds of thousands of protesters out on the street, in the cold, to risk their very lives, all for a few promises and some of Nuland’s milk and cookies, worked out pretty well. And all was so rosy during Yanukovych’s years in office, and it was all thrown away for some ‘milk and cookies’? Brilliant! The West now has a legitimate pretext to conspire against Russia, its perennial foe and enemy.

  37. The adulation among the “mainstream” for McCain is less disgusting than it was for that sack of garbage Ted Kennedy * but still awful. I wish we could purge all of these sycophants without also killing many innocent folks in the heartland.

    * Who, in a Catholic American diocese before the 1960s, would never have been granted a Catholic burial

    Dunno about that. A movie on the swimmer called Chappaquiddick has come out. Judging by its title and an advertised scene (showing dad smacking his youngest son) indicates criticism of TK.

    That’s far more critical than what we’ve so far seen from the US mASS media regarding McCain. Counterpunch should be running some appropriate beauts on him.

  38. Well, it was a well orchestrated ‘conspiracy’ that worked out pretty well for the West. To get hundreds of thousands of protesters out on the street, in the cold, to risk their very lives, all for a few promises and some of Nuland’s milk and cookies, worked out pretty well. And all was so rosy during Yanukovych’s years in office, and it was all thrown away for some ‘milk and cookies’? Brilliant! The West now has a legitimate pretext to conspire against Russia, its perennial foe and enemy.

    For accuracy sake, the hundreds of thousands of protesters out on the street, in the cold, to risk their very lives, should take into consideration several variables.

    • Hundreds of thousands don’t necessarily reflect a country in the tens of millions.
    • As Ivan Kachanovski has studiously noted, their lives were jeopardized by some extremists opposed to the then Ukrainian president.

    As was true with the aftermath of the so-called Orange Revolution (Yushchenko! Yushchenko!), the Euromaidan leaves something to be desired, thereby explaining the situations in Crimea and the rebel held Donbas area, coupled with the extremely unpopular Ukrainian president in Kiev regime controlled territory.

  39. You forgot the sandwiches. Victoria Nuland was also giving out sandwiches on the Maidan, and it made all the difference!

  40. In a recent poll on Ukrainian tv, 56% of viewers chose Yanukovich as Ukraine’s best president:
    What has gone wrong with the politics in your country when the most popular president since independence day is the one who got deposed in a populist coup? Why do all your presidents’ approval ratings go rapidly into the gutter a few months after they take office? Poroshenko is at 9% right now. Yanukovich’s approval ratings were actually “relatively high” for Ukraine as they were in the high 20s/low 30s when he was deposed. Yuschenko before him had been where Poroshenko is now, and his predecessor was little better. Philosophically speaking, is it really a democracy if the vast majority of the public hates the country’s leadership most of the time, until an election comes and the propaganda temporarily goes into overdrive to raise approval ratings in time for voting day?

  41. Felix Keverich says

    Putin regime official on John McCain:

    Dude is probably hoping that Americans will remove him from the sanctions list. That’s the charitable explanation at least.

  42. A TV poll conducted where and when and by whom? By ‘Colonel Cassad’ on ZEK TV? 🙂

    Yanukovych was so popular in Ukraine that after he was chased out of Kyiv, he couldn’t even find a safe haven in his home territory of Donbas. He had to continue running to Crimea where he finally was provided a helicopter by the Russian FSB to make his escape final to Putlerstan. Now he’s Putler’s eternal guest – good riddance!

  43. Disgusting.

    Wasn’t Slutsky the MP who was being attacked by SJWs for flirting with women at work? Hope they get him now.

  44. Felix Keverich says

    Apparently, this is normal behavior for United Russia deputies. This “Party of Power” is lowest form of life in Russia.

  45. RadicalCenter says

    Criticism and a degree of honesty about these statist scum are meaningless, because they come only when the person has retired from government or died.

  46. This is exactly the right tone in an official reaction.

  47. Felix Keverich says

    Actually, it’s tone-deaf. Let’s not forget that McCain urged airstrikes on Russian troops in Syria…

    The right way to handle this situation was with irony. Perhaps, a backhanded compliment. Or one could simply list all the recent episodes when McCain was actively participating in and/or encouraging American crimes against humanity.

    But eulogising McCain the way Slutsky did diminishes Russia as a nation. Now to be fair a lot of crap that Putin officials say diminishes the country – they all act like they graduated Sovok school of public relations.

  48. From Peak Stupidity:

    It’d be one thing if he were just a retired, possibly reclusive old man living out his life by this point. I wouldn’t go into mourning for his death IN ANY SENSE, but I couldn’t see any reason to write or say much about it besides “hey, John McCain (Ted Kennedy) died, did you hear?” That’s not the case. This guy was a US Senator, one out of 100, and one of the most influential ones, until the day he died. If his dying is the only way for Americans to be rid of his influence and power, then, yes, I’m glad he died!

  49. AnonFromTN says

    Too many words. Caitlin Johnstone said all that needed to be said about McCain: “please, just die already” ( She gave valid reasons in her piece (read it here: Finally, he did.

    He will be remembered as a historic person, though: so far, he is the only person in history who managed to completely incapacitate one of the US aircraft carriers. When you serve in the military, it helps to have an Admiral as your dad.

  50. WorkingClass says

    McStain is gone. But I expect the people of AZ to continue voting for him.

  51. Suppose some Russian official issues a tweet that you like. It will be gleefully retweeted by every neocon or neolib. Why? Because to the 99% of Americans or Europeans who don’t already hate McCain it will make Russia look bad. This is a problem, unless you only ever want to talk to your echo chamber.

    Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Your problem is Russia’s perceived lack of big stick. But speaking softly is always a good strategy. It’s called diplomacy.

  52. O ye of little faith! Here’s the full video of the Ukrainian news segment where that poll was conducted (it first shows up 50 seconds in):

    I notice you didn’t address the rest of my comment, though. Here’s a chart with the approval ratings of Ukrainian presidents over time, similar to the one I saw:

    Do you think that that is how a healthy democracy should work?

    To make things a bit less about Ukraine specifically, I live in Canada, and this is a problem here as well (though Ukraine seems to be worse):

    And if the argument is going to be “well, this is just what happens in advanced democracies; certainly Canada is a successful democracy”, then one is arguing that public approval is actually NOT A VALID METRIC for a government’s success, which undermines the whole idea behind democracy. Bit of a catch-22.

  53. Also, at least judging by Ukraine’s murder rates, there are indeed some reasons why Ukrainians, given a few years of hindsight, might be rethinking their opinion of Yanukovich:

    (blue=total murders, red=murders/100,000 people)

    (sorry, can’t figure out how to insert an image into my post)

  54. for-the-record says

    it helps to have an Admiral as your dad

    And grandfather (John S. McCain Sr.)

  55. Sam Haysom says

    Exactly you’ve got to love this tack. People that lionize a host of people who hate the west and want it destroyed projecting that support on to you.