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The K/D ratio was pretty lame. Four dead, including the attacker, who was put down by one of the three armed policemen in all London. He could have at least used a heavy truck like his brother in arms in Nice.

Success in terrorism, as in all other walks of life, is g loaded.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that the cognitive profile of the Muslim immigrants to Europe is so… unprepossessing.

More competent terrorists could do more damage. See the Far Left terrorists of the 1970s-80s, or more recently, Breivik.

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  1. German_reader says

    “See the Far Left terrorists of the 1970s-80s, or more recently, Breivik.”

    True…Breivik may not have been very educated, but in his way he must be pretty intelligent, the amount of destruction he caused and the complexity of his attacks was pretty impressive for a single perpetrator (I don’t mean this as an endorsement of what he did).
    About the statements of that mayor of London, just another piece of evidence imo that Socialist parties in Europe are more and more becoming vehicles for Muslim lobbyism. We had a stark illustration of this in Germany recently: there was a commemorative service for the people killed in last December’s terror attack in Berlin…or rather a travesty of a commemorative service, since it was organized by some Muslim centre (together with some Christian do-gooders) that is under surveillance by German security services. An imam from that centre who apparently has links to the Muslim brotherhood held a speech whose prominent theme was that Islam has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. Berlin’s Social Democrat mayor had no problem at all with this, but instead warned once again of right-wing “populists” allegedly wanting to exploit concerns about Islamist terrorism.

  2. jimmyriddle says

    The killer looked like one of the West Indian or West African Muslim converts that gathered around Omar Bakri’s group, Al Mujaharoun.

    There are some reports that it was Trevor Brooks, AKA Abu Izzadine. Although, that has been denied by his lawyer.

    Converting to Islam seems to be a thing for middling IQ Blacks. Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, was another such, as were the two killers of the Royal Fusilier, Lee Rigby.

  3. michael dr says

    Ah but suicide bomb attempting is inverse g loaded.

    Darwin award winning.

  4. anonymous1 says

    After the 9-11 attacks Islamic scholar Jorge W Bush told us all that Islam was a ‘religion of peace’, a phrase that became well known and probably earned him a bonus from the Saudis. Seeing as how he was the most formidable intellect to ever grace the White House there’s few people who could challenge his magisterial pronouncement. In comparison Khan’s double-talk is weak and bland. We’re still number one in this, whatever it is.

  5. Let me try and get above my pay grade and say that the full benefits of terrorism are not linear.
    It is difficult to look forward and know what the exact ramifications will be of any single incident regardless of the death toll.

  6. Diversity Heretic says

    Muslim terror attacks do not seem to be part and parcel of living in a major city that is essentially Muslim free: Tokyo, for example.

  7. reiner Tor says

    Islam has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with terrorism

    My proposal is to make a legislation to bury the bodies of dead terrorists in lard. Since terrorism has nothing to do with Islam (and, in fact, Islam is The Religion of Peace, so terrorists must actually be un-Islamic), such legislation can hardly be considered Islamophobic: it’s a mere coincidence that terrorists seem to dislike lard, just as Islam prohibits it, too.

  8. “Islam has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with terrorism” – Muslimspeak for dindu nuffin’.

  9. reiner Tor says

    probably earned him a bonus from the Saudis

    Maybe it earned some contributions through whatever channels to his brother. I’m also guessing that ¡Jeb! didn’t even know it was coming from the Saudis, or why these monies were coming his way. This generation of Bushes looked like unwitting bumbling idiots to whom corruption happens (i.e. they are promoted and given money by people who want idiots in charge so that they can be told what to do), but not corrupt in the sense that for example Dubya never joined the speechgiving circus like Bubba (or like probably Obama is doing – are there any news on that front?)

  10. German_reader says

    I’ve had similar ideas, iirc the British did something like this after the Indian mutiny in 1857 (as well as having high-caste Hindu insurgents executed by untouchables). Would be interesting to see how effective it could be to use their own religious ideas against Islamists. Won’t happen though of course given the state of Western countries today.

  11. There’s also a popular Internet meme about the US Army doing these sorts of things to Muslim insurrectionists in the Philippines. They are an urban legend.

    Anyhow, I see no reason to so barbarously desecrate the bodies of our porcine friends.

  12. Erik Sieven says

    it also doesn´t happen in Dubai. They seem to do it when they have the impression that domination is possible but not yet achieved.
    Of course they also do it to fight other varieties of Islam, which often happens in muslim cities.

  13. Muslim terror attacks do not seem to be part and parcel of living in a major city that is essentially Muslim free

    That’s true, because then there are no Muslim patsies to frame for the false flags.

  14. Yevardian says

    Yes, this all looks nominal. I suspected something like this would happen… but the administrator just would not listen.

  15. The K/D ratio was pretty lame. Four dead, including the attacker

    Overall though the method is working well for them – isn’t the average 50:1 or so?

  16. BenKenobi says

    “So welcome to City 17 — it’s safer here.”

  17. Anonymous says

    As is well documented the best trained, funded and equipped radical Muslim terrorists also has a Mossad, MI6 or CIA handler. Heck they’re (US Israel) even flying right over Isil terrorists now just to bomb the bad great guys SAA. It is a backward world we live in now, here’s hoping King Putin lays waste to every single corrupt government in the West. A man can dream can’t he? I’m pretty sure if Syria gets its country back the west will implode:)