Multiracial White Supremacy at Mankind Quarterly

Twitter HBD buff Ion Râmaru (Romanian, so not white) draws attention to the very diverse makeup of the Mankind Quarterly’s editorial board.

That’s at least 12/20 who are not white, though it should really be 16/20 on account of the two Russians and two Serbs not being white either.

Mankind Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal that has been described as a “cornerstone of the scientific racism establishment”, a “white supremacist journal”,[1] an “infamous racist journal”, and “scientific racism’s keepers of the flame”.

Indeed, would this not constitute even more evidence in support of the position that white supremacy is the last implicit stand of POC identity.

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  2. Ion Râmaru is a serial killer and a rapist, so he is a privileged white male even if he is an undead romanian. Furthermore, I know he is evil because he doesn’t have a blue checkmark.

  3. German_reader says

    Lee Ellis is apparently a white American, born on a farm in Kansas. Figueredo might be a white Cuban, or at least whiteish.

  4. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Diversity these days actually means sub-Saharan Africans. East Asians and Arabs are not enough, in fact the US Census (the nation where this diversity mania originates from) classifies those from the MENA region as “White”. East Asians are basically White privileged in the eyes of the diversity commissars.

    In regard to the Italian in the cartoon you posted, you may find this amusing:

  5. East Asians are basically White privileged in the eyes of the diversity commissars.

    Though it is a bit fringey for now (but given the prevailing trends it likely won’t be in a few years), some East Asians (and to a lesser extent other non-white but functional and not “overly radical” people) have started to be labelled with the term “White-adjacent”.

    Given the supreme importance of manipulating and creating neologisms in woke ideology “white-adjacency” will probably become even more influential now that it has a name.

  6. I would think the editorial board looks like that because few Western academics, even if they are hereditarians, want to be associated with the MQ because of the reputational effects. Outside of the West, being on the board of an established Western journal is a merit by itself and there are few woke scolds around to condemn them for it.

  7. one Serb

    Two Serbs:

    Associate Professor Goran Štrkalj
    BA, MA (Belgrade)

  8. White-adjacent

    White- tangential…

  9. No Indians? I wonder if HBD is a more sensitive topic in India than China.

    These days, “white supremacist” seems to mean anyone against a future where everyone looks like a Haitian and the darker on the spectrum of Haitians you are, the more admired you will be for your beauty and lack of admixture.

  10. Is Pope Francis considerad white? He is Argentinean of Italian heritage.

  11. Ion Râmaru is a serial killer and a rapist,

    Source required?

    BTW, why exactly are Romanians non-white?

  12. BTW, isn’t the Australian guy for Mankind Quarterly also a Serb?

  13. Because Trajan’s Wall failed and the Huns and Gypsies got inside.

  14. He’s considered White by everyone but North American WASPkenazis.

  15. The redhead is one of the first non-ugly Antifa/rioter mugshots I have seen.

    I wonder what ethnicity is the individual on the bottom right.

  16. Yeah, #BLMSoWhite. Lol, numbers 2,5,6 and perhaps 7 could very well be trannies.

  17. The ‘white adjacent’ idea seems quite mainstream in Critical Race Theory material already. ‘Internalized Whiteness’ is a similar concept, then there is the ‘model minority’ concept and the ‘acting white’ one.

    You could see something like this deployed in the UK against Chancellor Sunak and Priti Patel, when they were labelled ‘brown executioners’ by the SJWs.

  18. Kratoklastes says


    White- tangential…

    Don’t be fooled: they will be White-orthogonal once it’s in their interests.

  19. Source required?

    Did you try wikipedia?

    BTW, why exactly are Romanians non-white?

    I dunno. Must be russian humor, which is not a laughing matter.

  20. Jug ears, definition. See pic 3.

  21. AlexanderVeliky says

    You can’t assume someone with a Spanish name is non white. The first whites in the Americas were Spanish speaking (except the vikings but they didn’t survive). In the 16th century Spain was one of the world’s leading white powers.

  22. Daniel Chieh says

    More specifically, orthogonal to civilization wreckers like yourself.

  23. After this article, I became even more determined to have sex with as many women from the “Rusky Mir” as possible. I want to dirty them with my filthy “non-whiteness”. After I do the deed, I might even tell them I am gipsy (I am not, I dont look like one); the look on their faces will be memorable.

  24. Oliver Elkington says

    Indeed, my mothers family comes from Spain and over there there are very diverse phenotypes ranging from almost Iranian looking people like Pep Guardiola to people who look completely British or German like Rafael Benitez, just an example of the types of people one could encounter out of a handful of people in most parts of Spain. The majority of Spaniards are white and so would not look at all out of place in other European countries except for the distinctive facial features that characterize the Spanish.

  25. Twitter HBD buff Ion Râmaru (Romanian, so not white)

    Did Anatoly Karlin just say that Romanians are not white?


    Ron Unz would have a cow (two cows, in fact) if he saw this. Ron Unz is extremely emotional about Ukrainian Jews, and even Italians, not being considered white, and insists that they always were. I have written about why this is such an emotional issue for him. Try it out on The RUnz, and see what happens. You will see a display of comical and cartoonish denial.

    If Anatoly Karlin says Romanians are not white, the proximity of Romania to Ukraine is bad news for RUnzie Baby.

    Technically, AK is much closer to correct than RUnzie Baby is. But still….

    Oh, but it gets better :

    That’s at least 12/20 who are not white, though it should really be 16/20 on account of the two Russians and two Serbs not being white either.

    My sides, my sides.

  26. Daniel Chieh says

    Your powers of discernment are peerless.

    Mr. Karlin has also noted that Russians are People of Color for some time now.

  27. I remember:

    Women in Bucharest were afraid.

    (No private crime under Comunism; all crime was by Securitate)

    and now something so …..

    Eventually Ion Ramaru was aprehended.

    He was a Veterinary Medicine student.

    Used a scalpel.

    … I have not been thinking about those times, for so, so many years.


  28. “scalpel” -> False memory.
    read: Axe

  29. Mr. Karlin has also noted that Russians are People of Color for some time now.

    Yeah, I usually don’t read Karlin (see how few of my comments are on his threads). I just ended up here from reading another commenters writings.

    And the fact is, Anatoly is in fact mostly in the right on this point. Russians are a mixture of whites and Mongols. The former transitions to the latter as one goes eastwards.

    MY point is that Ron Unz gets extremely emotional about asserting the opposite, especially after someone corrects him. He is strongly in denial that America had ‘Irish need not apply’ signs in the 19th century, and that Italian-Americans were not full considered ‘white’ in a social sense well into the 20th century. He has comical and cartoonish meltdowns whenever anyone says that Jews from Eastern Europe (i.e. him) are not ‘white’. If you ever want to see something funny, try this out on Ron Unz and observe.

    This goes back to emotional baggage from high school that still resides in his psyche over 40 years later.

  30. Daniel Chieh says

    Thanks, Russia should demand reparations.