Natalia Antonova, China-Russia Relations Expert


Some headlines since that powerful take:

One wonders what would constitute the Putin – Xi relationship getting better.

PS. Having been in Sheremetyevo Airport recently, I noticed that Chinese translations were as ubiquitous as English ones.

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  1. Greasy William says

    Natalia Antonova: 5/10. Would not bang.

  2. songbird says

    Russia’s most fearsome weapons?!

    That would be nukes.

    That was really the editorial page of the NYT? Holy Moly! That’s worse than their one saying airplanes are impossible. Maybe the worst one ever…

  3. Antonova is one of several PC Russian and non-Russian former Soviets, who get space:

    For the most part, she’s empty calories, that get easily demolished, if an intelligently diverse point-counterpoint scenario were to occur. A matter relating to this bit on Maddow:

    Some well deserved shots at Hannity as well.

    Wouldn’t go so gah gah over Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore:

  4. Duke of Qin says

    What is it about Communism that creates so many stupid degenerate traitors? I used to think the pathetic Chinese eunuchs cum racial quislings that groveled towards the West were a sign of our unique failure as a people, but seeing all these stupid Russians gleefully reveling in the misfortunes of their kin is just stupifying because I thought Whites would have a little more pride. At least the turncoat knows his treason and shame and seeks to disappear with purse of silver, but these people are utterly shameless.

    The suicidal lemmings in the West don’t really count because even their prostrations towards the pathetic wretches that they seek to make holy are still cloaked in their overwhelming arrogance and iron clad superiority of thinking they and only they possess historical agency.

  5. Daniel Chieh says

    I made the mistake of checking out her blog.

    When it comes to Russian domestic policy, Putin and his people are concerned about demographics. Some of those concerns are legitimate, others downright sinister. On a very basic, cynical level – they need women to produce cannon fodder.

    Evil ugly bioleninist.

  6. Felix Keverich says

    Whites are more individualistic by nature, which encourages opportunistic, self-serving behavior. The idea of a “people” means nothing to Antonova. The important thing to her is that she gets paid better, than most of her “compatriots” do. This woman is a happy, little intestinal parasite.

  7. Probably because without as robust private sector people need high status government jobs.

    Dearth of those leads to these imbeciles working for other governments।।

    O well, suicidal western lemmings will be gone soon।।

  8. Hyperborean says

    To paraphrase Trump, experience is not worth anything if it is bad experience.

  9. Thorfinnsson says

    It’s just social status. The West is wealthier and has more soft power, so there will always be Quislings in non-Western countries prepared to cargo cult worship us.

    This isn’t specific to communism either. India and Iran for instance also have domestic Quislings who want to institute Western liberalism in their own countries.

  10. I thought that she was half Ukrainian and grew up partially in Kiev. When the “Putin is Satan, Russia is Hell” nonsense first started appearing in the respectable press, she used to counter it to some extent with a few caveats.

  11. She’s half Ukrainian, half Russian, and grew up in Ukraine. She’s a Trotskyite in all but name, and all her Jewish friends—she has quite a few looking at her social media—despise Russia as much as she does (chances are they back the Israeli hard-right, or keep quiet about Bibi’s ugly actions). She, like a large portion of the American public, subscribe to a post-WW2 liberalism influenced by Jewish intellectual movements in the West that have nothing to do with the original British liberalism originally found in the US.

    She ticks all the boxes: hates Russia, is a Slav by descent, a Trotskyite by belief, quiet on Israeli matters. There will always be job opportunities for her in the West. I have yet to see someone with a Slavic surname that writes for Reuters to have written anything positive at all about Russia.