Navalny Complains about Novichok Looksmaxxing Protocol

Navalny has released a video in which he has the gall to complain some more about the “Novichok” accelerated weight loss program and multiple rounds of beauty treatments that PUTLER! provided him with for absolutely free.

But I just realized something rather more interesting and politically relevant.

He has 4.3M subscribers on his YouTube.

Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov, a Stalinist videoblogger most famous for his slogan “the anti-Soviet is a Russophobe”, has 2.1M subscribers. Remove his Ukrainian followers, and Navalny has as many actually Russian followers as some boomer sovok.

Multiple Russian fitness and cookery videoblogger have just as many, or more.

He has been “widely known” in Russia since 2013, which is when he reached 50% name recognition. But this hasn’t translated into demonstrable electoral appeal, which has indeed been waning ever since.

This fall off in Navalny’s “brand” is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that when Navalny was arrested back around 2018, it resulted in protests with ~10,000 participants.

But when he reported in his first treatment this September, Putin’s approval rating didn’t even budge.

Now that he is reporting in his second and third treatments, it is instead a Polish video game harkening back to 1980s American pop culture that dominates discussions on Runet social media.

Whether or not it was specifically the gay FSB tourists observing the historical sights of Tomsk who administered this beauty treatment is besides the point, at least so far as internal Russian politics are concerned.

The more germane observation, which I already made soon after the first treatment, is that Navalny is no longer politically relevant outside YouTube and the West. He’d have better prospects as a fitness and cosmetics videoblogger.

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  2. I think this was an extraction because he is a burned asset or he requested out.

  3. What would have happened if he became mayor of Moscow back in 2013? Would it have killed his reputation?

  4. Concerned citizen says

    Hahaha, it’s so funny! A man was poisoned with a military nerve agent and was in a coma aaahahaha, it’s a weight loss programme! For free! LOL PUTLER! His wife nearly got the poison too aaaahahaha, ROFL.

    Come on, Karlin. We know it hurts that your idol Vlad fucked up so hard, but keep it together. Retain a shred of dignity. Although after you gaffs at a man who died of coronavirus on twitter, i’m not surprised.

    Navalny is so irrelevant that Putin dispatched a purpose built team of assassins after him and took part in the cover up himself. So irrelevant that multiple european leaders met him and grilled Vlad on the issue, forcing him to squirm like the kgb shill he is.

    You are in a world of delusions, Mr. Karlin. Wake the fuck up, samurai.

  5. michael droy says

    I think his pro-Ukraine of 2014 outed him as clearly someone who had no intention of gathering support in Russia as all Putin opponents took a strongly anti-Ukraine line and blamed Putin for not having a real invasion.
    From that moment he was always openly a US shill with a target audience of Western media and US/Nato handouts.

  6. Kent Nationalist says

    It seems that Russian assassins are the most incompetent in the world

  7. A man was poisoned with a military nerve agent and was in a coma aaahahaha, it’s a weight loss programme!

    Well, weight loss is all that “military grade nerve agent” apparently does. Yulia Skripal looked a lot better after Novichok treatment than in ‘before’ photos. And Navalny looks improved too.

    To the best of my knowledge, nobody actually died from Novichok? Because whatever killed that poor Dawn Sturgess lady in UK, it certainly wasn’t Russian stuff. Her boyfriend found the bottle of poison in a park trash bin 3 months after Skripals theater. Unless Russians time traveled or teleported the bottle in, there is absolutely no way for them to drop the bottle in that bin so that it stays there for 3 months undisturbed. Even ignoring massive police and hazmat searches in the area, a simple routine pick up during the bin cleaning would have disposed of it.

  8. The US sanctions will be broken like a tiny dry twig if Hollywood gets wind of the magic Russian slimming molecule.

  9. He’d have better prospects as a fitness and cosmetics videoblogger.

    In other words, he’s a flop. The photo you’ve of him on the beach isn’t indicative of an especially fit individual.

  10. He has 4.3M subscribers on his YouTube.

    Just to put things into perspective here Anatoly, how many followers do you have at this blog? Perhaps, you need to go back on the diet you were on recently and your fortune will change too? For the record, I I like your new more macho look better and I hope that you’re frequenting McDonalds more often these days. 🙂 :

  11. 4Dchessmaster says

    LOL, in the “before” picture, although being somewhat slim, he has a beer belly, tits, and a double chin. This clearly is a sign of someone with low testosterone.

  12. You don’t need a team of them to poison someone.

    If FSB agents are following him, then he likely isn’t a Kremlin project as some theorized, and he is working for enemy spies. He really is a traitor.

  13. Daniel Chieh says

    Putler reads his blog, so that counts ~ 145 million.

  14. Daniel Chieh says

    Concerned citizen typed out some seethe on August 23, 2020: Some hardcore delusion right there. I cant even imagine how hard Mr. Karlin will cope and seethe after the same happens in russia in the coming few years. Until the very final day he will squirm and wiggle: “noooo the protesters are done, putin will destroy them”. LOL

    As for Luka, he is finished.

  15. Putin should give some to his friend Steven Seagal.

  16. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    What is better for losing weight, novichokmaxxing or Auschwitzmaxxing?

  17. Are you serious? Any proof that Putler and all 145 million of his adoring Russian fans read Karlin’s blog? 🙂

  18. Is India now selecting the agent they will use on Joe?

  19. “Assassination … multiple European leaders … squirm”

    Multiple European leaders concerned about assassination of a political figure? Like Cameron, Sarkozy, etc. in 2011? Or maybe Obama and Clinton?

    I imagine Qaddafi may have squirmed in 2011 when he was assassinated by having a bayonet repeatedly shoved up his anus.

    “Hahaha, it’s so funny!” That sounds like Clinton reminiscing about 2011 during a TV interview.

    Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died

  20. Sid Seizure says

    It seems that Russian assassins are the most incompetent in the world

    They get so easily distracted by the height of gothic cathedral spires.

  21. has 4.3M subscribers on his YouTube.

    This is a lot of subscribers for Russian YouTube, especially politics.

    Only a small proportion of people who watch YouTube are interested in politics. Most of the audience are watching makeup videos, music videos, “Ellen show”, or sneaker hauls.

    Russian YouTube is also far smaller than English YouTube. You can multiply by at least 3, to see the equivalent English figure. i.e. Navalny is equivalent of English YouTuber with at least 12 million subscribers, which would be successful for a political YouTuber.

    Multiple Russian fitness and cookery videoblogger have just

    Obviously politics YouTubers are vastly less popular than lifestyle YouTubers.

    Even in English YouTube (which is a lot larger than Russian YouTube), Young Turks only have 5 million subscribers, and they seem to be one of the most popular political shows.

    In terms of Russian YouTubers, Navalny is somewhere in the top 30. But the number 4,3 million is not that far from the top 15 YouTubers, who rely on core YouTube demographics (teenage girls, rap music fans, etc).

    Also note how infrequently Navalny uploads, and his videos can go trending.

    “widely known” in Russia since 2013,

    He was talked about on television. But until recently, very few read his blog or consume his media. He has became popular in the last few years simply because of YouTube, and this is because he is a good presenter for video platforms. As a YouTuber, he is charismatic and speaks well, and this is more suitable for video than written formats. He is an example of blogger from the old internet, that transitioned to become a YouTuber. YouTube audience is mostly dependent on the personal charm of the presenter.

  22. Navalny new video is still trending as number 5 on YouTube now (a couple of days after upload).

  23. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  24. STOP!!

    Now, I know I have to respect Karlin and the rules of his blog. Posting pro-Russia comments, beheadings, personal banking information, animal torture, anti-Bandera views , bullying stuff are all equated as the same and are banned here under the rules of the forum that he is fully entitled to set.

    But I have no other option but to break these rules, because the following is HUGE news. It’s connected to foreign Intelligence anyway, so it fully appropriate for this blogpost on Navalny.

    One of my anglo friends and I exchange joke e-mails between ourselves – him taking the p*ss out of Russia, me ridiculing Britain.

    He sends me this link :

    This is an article about the wife “Sonia” of the UK’s apparently biggest ever serial killer, some freak called Sutcliffe referred to as the “Yorkshire ripper”-

    1.She STILL lives in the home that they lived in together when he was doing the murders 40+ years before
    2.This evil swine did not even divorce him until over a decade later
    3.Supposed to still be good friends with him
    4. He was supposedly a schizophrenic nutjob, “Sonia” is supposed to have had no idea (lol, BS) about what he was doing

    Now this is the text in the article that made my pal link it to me:

    The daughter of Ukrainian and Polish refugees

    This is sensational…..let me repeat

    The daughter of Ukrainian and Polish refugees

    Are you reading Karlin??

    The daughter of Ukrainian and Polish refugees

    Is it registering in your brain??


    This is MI6 codetalk for “Nazi Galician Banderetard” – Nazi Galician useless, subroma, subhuman, evil , vile scum smuggled out of eastern Europe by British/American intelligence ….and so physical and intellectual property of british intelligence.

    There are no “refugees” in those circumstances, as they could easily have just referred to this bitch’s scumbag family as European Volunteer Worker, but they say refugee – which is code and omission for sadist, war criminal.

    This only means one thing……..that the biggest serial killer in British history is “made in Galicia” ( well, something had to be LOL) and that the implausible failure to stop him, despite being questioned and arrested by Police several times is because from his wife, he was under protection of UK secret services or ( remember we are dealing with sicklow lowlife people here) he was directly following some UK intelligence game.

    You can’t link his crimes to his wife or the fact she’s Galician

    OF COURSE you can you fools. I can feel it’s the truth- which is more than sufficient scientific and moral reason

    My friend assures me that only now has it ever been revealed this Ukrainian “refugee” BS. Before then she was referred to as being a Czechoslovakian is what he promises me has been reprinted since the time of his imprisonment. This omission doesn’t happen deliberately and only get revealed so long after the murders unless Anglo-press were deliberately under instructions. Of course her Banderetard parents could have been committing their crimes in Slovakia, which is how they could continue printing this misdirection on ethnicity.

    I knew it in my soul that for the most serious crimes commited in the west then a Galician retard would be involved.

    BTW further searching shows that “Sonia”‘s real name is actually………Oksana, Oksana Szurma ( probable anglo translation of Shurma)

    Fk relative non-issues like Missile-Defence or new START Treaty – this is what should be the main subject of Putin’s next phone call with the American President.
    His big press conference tomorrow – he should get off his a
    and answer about this Ukrop nutjob and British intelligence

  25. This is proof?? Do you believe it? It’s more like Karlin projecting and having some fun at his own expense. That’s why you gotta love the guy! 🙂

  26. I can see that you’re all worked up about this “Galician Bandertard Ms. Szurma. How about her ex husband, the “Yorkshire ripper” Peter Sutcliffe? Are you sure that he isn’t hiding his own Galician roots too? Sounds like “Sutcliffe” is just a cover for the Ukrainian sounding “Sutchik” (сучин син – S.O.B.). I mean before you bother Putler with your amateur musings and detective work here, why not really research the issue before bothering your ageless leader? Don’t know who would bend more of an ear to such a request, Trump or Biden? In either case, it would be wise to see if there’s more to it before pressing any unsubstantiated claims?

  27. Looking to see what is most popular on Youtube seems to be going down a rabbit hole.

    You might come out very depressed. Or at least thinking that a lot of people are away from their computer with autoplay turned on, and the algorithm is choosing prolefeed.

  28. This is a serious issue, basically exposing an “ethnicity”of Satanists………..but you Mr Hack/Elephant are making childish and highly insensitive jokes. Have a sense of decorum.

    Ukrainian sounding “Sutchik” (сучин син – S.O.B.).

    Idiotic, probably the worst possible tactic is to start with swear words , if your false argument is to claim Ukrainians and Russians and their languages are different. LOL.

  29. Look Comrade, I’m just trying to help you out! Of course this is a serious issue that need not be swept under anybody’s carpet. I applaud you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I wasn’t trying to attract any attention by using any profanity, only pointing out that the surname “Sutcliffe” does indeed sound a bit like “Sutchik”. You need to submerge your puritanical instincts for a moment, for the greater good, to help to stymie the worldwide epidemic of Banderism that’s spreading its tenacious tentacles to all four corners of the world. This Satanism must be stopped, once and for all! A suka is a suka no matter if its a Russian or a Ukrainian one! I envision you as the prefect “Grand Vizier” of such a noble cause, Sir – I salute you.
    My Best to you as always and Merry Christmas, Geraldina!

  30. 4Dchessmaster says

    Speaking of Seagal, do you remember the absolutely cringeworthy way he would pronounce Putin’s name in 2016-2017? I still remember the second hand embarrassment I had listening to it.

  31. Video pls, I’m not so well-versed on the activities of such talented actors.

  32. 4.3 mil. Wow. Someone dished out for the platinum package at those Indonesian click-farms.

  33. Daniel Chieh says

    I am always 110% serious in my powerful takes.

  34. Why is nobody considering the possibility that the identities of these Russian agents were known by Russia’s enemies and that their mere presence around the area of the incident serves as a (strong) pretext to frame them?

    Western intelligence agencies, esp. American and British, may know the identities of Russian spies because Russia relies on imported comms technology, and they can obtain names from traitors as well.

    It’s obvious that Navalny is being watched by the FSB – that’s what its job is: to track & pursue agents of foreign influence, which Navalny plainly is, and disrupt their networking.

    Regardless of who poisoned Navalny, the US/UK intel agencies can (a) blame the RU government, (b) let the talking points take root among the public, and then (c) reveal the names of the “culprits” via front organizations (e.g. Bellingcat) and the press. Bellingcat talks about pings from cell phones used by Russian intel operatives and no one questions how in hell they have access to such information?

    The Skripal hit is likewise suspect. If the UK govt knew from the very beginning that those two men were GRU agents, then all that was needed is for them to be caught on camera close to the area where the Skripals were living. Just like with Navalny, you accuse the Russian government, let the media and front organizations spread the accusations far and wide, let it stink, and later make the “revelations”, and the public will have that “aha, gotcha!” moment in regards to Russia’s alleged culpability. It’s effective, yet it does not prove that the agents, whose identities may have been known prior to the poisonings, are responsible for it.

    The formula: have the identities of Russian intel officers -> watch them to know who they are watching -> have something happen to the person(s) they are watching -> accuse the Russian government -> let the accusations take hold in the public consciousness for weeks or even months -> convincingly reveal the names of the agents who were watching local traitors and their track, and hence, are “responsible for it”.

    I very much expect this to be the template going forward, and sad to say, it’s very effect from a PR perspective.

  35. This is a lot of subscribers for Russian YouTube, especially politics.

    I think you misspoke. For a Russian, or for a Russian speaker? Navalny’s name graces the Ukrainian media space due to his constant opposition to Putin and his government, which, according to the narrative promoted in Ukraine, is responsible for the war in Donbass. And if you add all the Russian-speaking countries and their diaspora, you easily have over 200 million people. Then the figure of 4.3 million for the main “non-systemic” (and a darling of the West) oppositionist becomes less impressive and well within the low single % digit. Russian liberasts have nobody to worship, Navalny is their hero, so they flock to his channel. These are a minority, but very energetic and agitated part of the population. I have no doubt that YouTube is manipulating its algo to promote SJW ideology in Russia and creatures like Navalny. The Russian government appears to understand this problem and is moving to bend the social media giants or punish them. Domestic alternatives must also come to the fore, and be made attractive to foreigners as well, especially if they are lax re: freedom of speech, because US social media is becoming unusuable.

  36. As they say in the West as irrefutable proof: “it is highly likely”.

  37. Perhaps, it is also a nootropic and would allow Seagal to learn fluent Russian, with native pronunciation.

  38. It is “highly likely” all because “an ex-Soviet Jewess whose main journalistic preoccupation is hating on Russia’s “useless bachelors” once supposedly overheard Putler saying “I agree we need migrants, but preferably well-educated Slavs of a fertile age.’”

    C’mon guys, even fellow Russian blogger Mike Averko doesn’t seem convinced of this proof (see comment of Daniel Chiehs #13). 🙂

  39. Look, I almost hate to be the one to bring this to everybody’s attention, but after rereading Karlin’s “monumental” piece about Putler reading his blog, the only sane conclusion is that he’s managed to pull off a comedic hoax! And what’s really funny, is that so many of his adoring fans here have bought into it, as they say in the West: “hook, line and sinker”! 🙂

  40. You are in a world of delusions, Mr. Karlin.

    I think a better assessment would be a confirmed shill. I never trusted what he says TBH, but since the election fraud and his grotesque Hunter Biden laptop dump downplay I consider him a straight up shill.

  41. Number of total citizens in a country is not the relevant figure, but rather the number of users who subscribe to YouTubers in a specific language. This population is mainly children.

    In Russian language this year, imaginable limit for YouTubers to get would be around 15-16 million subscribers, considering the most popular two Russian language YouTubers HiMan/Brianmaps.

    But their content is mainly for children. So the most subscribers anyone has for adult content in Russian language, seems to be 11 million, when you get to NTV (But this is not a YouTuber, but a news channel -in terms of YouTubers with adult audiences, it is less)

    Russian language YouTube is far smaller than the English or Spanish YouTube, in terms of the number of audience and the number of potential “subscribers”.

    peaking countries and their diaspora, you easily have over 200 million people. Then the figure of 4.3 million

    Number of people in the country is not the relevant figure, but the number of YouTube subscribing people in the language.

    Moreover, political content seems also very unusual in top 100 YouTubers, as the majority of YouTube subscribers avoid political YouTubers. Political YouTubers are unpopular relatively.

    For example, in Italy 60 million people – and most popular Italian language YouTube channels has 5,63 million subscribers, of course producing children’s content. (The channels above in Italy are English language channels)

    Top YouTube channel in specific language usually something like 10% of the speakers of that language, and will likely be aimed at children.

    So here seems to be the top Italian language channel (with red circle):

  42. The quote (where Putin said correctly he wanted more high educated young Russian immigrants that are still fertile) is from human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina. US Democrat journalists were writing it in their articles, to try to make Putin sound like Trump. (Remember when Trump said he wants more Norwegians, and less Haitans, to immigrate to America).

    But the reality that Putin is a centrist on a one-party system, that moves between Republican and Democrat style policies, is less interesting for the purposes of bipartisan journalism in the USA.

    Objective journalists, would balance any comparison of Putin to Trump on immigration, with the fact that Putin is architect over the last twenty years of the world’s largest open borders (informal in place, formal in others) system. Putin’s nonselective immigration policy has had the predictable benefits (e.g. low construction costs contributing to affordable housing for ordinary people) and costs (e.g. ISIS cells in cities; drug dealing networks among immigrants with contribution to HIV epidemic).

    In two-party America, change every 4-8 years between Republican and Democrat. In one-party democracy in Russia, Putin has to internally oscillate to cover the tactical centre of a chessboard.

    For example, in 2004 (if I recall dates correctly), the government of which Putin heads, is criminalizing extremism based on a constitutional article. From 2016, strengthens this to the highest point, and people were being prosecuted for clicking “like” on memes. But from 2019 there is a liberalizing trend, and these laws are partially decriminalized. Party of power politicians realize they are too far on one side, and moves back to the political centre (where the most political support converges).

    In America, the same oscillations between strengthening and liberalizing such a law, could be achieved by moving between Republican and Democrats every 4-8 years – whereas in Russia, Putin is providing the oscillations himself, or sometimes just contradicting himself to appeal to sufficiently various interests of his political support.

  43. You might come out very depressed.

    The most popular YouTube videos (e.g. about what it looks like in the factory where food cans are made, or how to make marshmallows, or unboxings of AirPods) are usually more intelligent, than online political discussions.

    At least videos about sardine factories, or videos showing beautiful women in swimsuits, have a connection to part real life, while political discussion is more often pure procrastination and fantasy.

    The attraction of Navalny’s videos, are that they are mostly not about politics, but function more as jealously-porn and celebrity gossip: some uninvited MTV Cribs discussing the politicians’ houses in Florida or Marbella.

    • For example, his story about how a poor Russian banker dates a beautiful Azeri television presenter. Less about politics; more like the script for a late cinema of Luis Buñuel.

  44. Rhetorically put, does Putin read me on account of him making a point I made (about Armenia diplomatically compromising itself)?

    About a month later, InoSMI ran this piece:

    Regardless, some people are reading as evidenced by a certain unannounced door knock and a wonkette reference at a CFR webinar:

  45. Well, according to how Karlin reacts to his own abilities to make a point and something similar appears later on Putin’s political landscape, then yes. If I had more time, I’d scour all of my comments and see whether he reads them too? 🙂

  46. You aren’t some sort of a mad scientist laughing at your own comments?

    I very much sense that the JRL editor David Johnson reads mine. In my last SCF article picked up by InoSMI via Eurasia Review, I noted that Paul Robinson’s blog has received some very cogent posted follow-up comments. Shortly thereafter, the JRL editor propped a comment from that thread. Someone posting under the name of the JRL editor (most likely him) has been posting comments at that blog. I’ve appropriately and substantively zinged him a few times.

    JRL court appointed Russia friendlys typically suck up to Johnson unlike yours truly. In one of my follow ups to him, I noted his over emphasis of frequently posting Michael McFaul’s head shot at the JRL homepage. Shortly after noting such, McFaul’s frequently posted head shots stopped at that locale.

    Aaron Mate said the really good journalists call out those who deserve scorn, that others don’t provide.

  47. In the US, an equivalent doing that regularly with the likes of the Bidens (among others) would be shunned by the political/media elites in that country.

  48. You aren’t some sort of a mad scientist laughing at your own comments?

    Mine and most everybody else. If I can’t have a few laughs commenting, what’s the sense of of doing it? Serious argument should be left for the politicians and lawyers.
    Here’s you in your role Mickey, helping Dr. Hackenstein in the laboratory of a “few laughs”. 🙂

  49. Well Navalny supports Biden and congratulated him days after the election, so it would be pretty strange of me to “shill” for Putin against Navalny, while also “shilling” for Biden.

    Not that I expect much in the way of logic or comprehension from rightoids…

  50. Navalny supports Biden and congratulated him

    Irrelevant. The argument that one doesn’t subscribe to the full political bucket of opinions and allows himself to disagree with some particular issues doesn’t suddenly make one not a shill, it just decreases the certainty of that status.

    In your case, you clearly downplayed the Hunter Biden laptop issue (and that’s just one case out of several) for whatever reasons. Some naive people may attribute such a behavior to a pundit being eccentric or whatever.

    Huwhyte people though say that there’s close to zero chance that such positions are taken deliberately.

    You see, it’s typical for smart white people to tell the truth as it’s an evolutionary adaptation common among smart whites. If one steps aside from this pattern it means that there’s always a reason for that, even if once. In your case, not once. Dismissed.

  51. I gather it’s better than than being Igor in Frankenstein or the character Renfield in Love at First Bite.

  52. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Assad uses chemical weapons every news cycle. Qaddafi did….something. Putin poisons water bottles with rat poison. Iran is going to nuke tel aviv unless they’re bombed. Xi Jinping is personally running concentration camps. Afghanistan did 9/11.

    It’s funny. It’s absurd propaganda that only 90 IQ boomers fall for. No offense.

  53. Wizard of Oz says

    Bad logic. They wouldn’t just kill a spaying traitor. They would expose him and put him on trial.

  54. Wizard of Oz says
  55. Who cares if he “downplayed” the Hunter Biden laptop thing.

    You sound like those 9/11 whodunit fanatics who think they are being clever or smart by righteously sneering, and refusing to “support”, everyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them on that particular event.

    If you only read stuff by people who never make a wrong call and agree with you on every single issue, you are likely an idiot who never learns anything new.