Navalny Opposes Trump Deplatforming, But His Comrades Beg to Differ

Credit where credit is due – Navalny has come out against Trump’s deplatforming. (He posted the same thing in Russian).

The brighter Blue Checks RT’ed this, saying, OK, good points, though I respectfully disagree.

Some of the duller Blue Checks and Russiagaters in the replies attacked Navalny, calling him a Russian nationalist, expressing “disappointment” in him, or even insinuating he works for Putler.

Another suggestion was that it was some principled commitment to freedom of speech? Doubt. Navalny’s position on this, as on most things, is highly situational. From his “nationalist” days in the 2000s:

An alliance of lower-tier Kremlin propaganda, leftist “Western Russophiles”, and “based” Western racialist nationalists portray Alexey Navalny as a nationalist based on a few racially charged comments he made a decade ago. It is therefore highly ironic that he was the architect of Tesak’s first prison sentence. In 2007, Tesak barged into a club hosting a debate between the a couple of journalists, the pro-Putin Maxim Kononenko and the pro-Western Yulia Latynina. The moderator, who happened to be Navalny, agreed to give him a word. Tesak used the opportunity to ask them if they agreed that Russia would be better off if it killed all democrats, and then started to throw up his hands and “Sieg Heil” with his followers. Navalny, along with fellow liberal Ilya Yashin and Masha Gaidar (the daughter of the late Egor Gaidar, the principal ideologist of Russia’s 1990s economic reforms; incidentally, she has since given up her Russian citizenship and emigrated to Ukraine), wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor-General asking to raise a case against Tesak. As a result, he was imprisoned under Article 282 for three years. Once you’re convicted once under Article 282, it becomes increasingly likely you will be imprisoned under it time and time again, even if you subsequently “moderate” your message (see my Rule 5). So it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that none other than Navalny was a key architect in Russia’s most prominent Neo-Nazi spending most of the rest of his life in prison.

Has he since seen the light? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares.

The actual answer is that this is the only correct position for someone who clearly remains intent to appealing to at least some segment of the Russian electorate.

First, while one may quibble with many of those points, #10 is undoubtedly correct. This “unpersoning” of Trump in response to trespassing cosplayers is a huge hit on the credibility of American rhetoric on democracy, freedom of speech, etc. It is going to give sovereignist states scope to impose greater restrictions on the operation of American social media in their own Internet, as well as to promote their own native social media apps. After all, consider this from Russia’s position. The US social media giants are going all out to suppress supporters of a fake coup against USG. Are they going to ban Navalny should he hypothetically give the command to storm the Kremlin? To ask the question is to answer it.

This is going to happen regardless, nor is it even going to be confined to “authoritarian” states like Russia, where Putin recently signed on a bill to block or slow down Western social media that restricted the free speech rights of Russian citizens and media:

However, when it does, Navalny can in all honesty deflect charges of hypocrisy. No, I did not support deplatforming Trump.

Second, while Navalny’s potential electorate may be pretty marginal, it does exist. The corruption theme may be all played out, but freedom of speech could become another one. Libertarianism is trendy amongst Moscow zoomers. Not dominant, but the subculture is bigger and more memetic than the nationalist one. (I am personally a nationalist, not a libertarian, so this is not a biased assessment). This new outgrowth of libertarianism incongruously combines social and market liberalism with some elements of Men’s Rights Activism, freedom of speech, Dawkins atheism, Polonophilia/limitrophilia, and some elements of Trumpism. Pepes are a thing in that crowd. (Funny how memes drift and mutate over time and borders).

This position, at least, appeals to that potential (future) electorate.

Because let’s take it, cringe takes don’t even have an audience amongst Moscow’s libertarian zoomers:

They are only interesting to the most self-hating Russian liberals (who would support Navalny by default) and “English-speaking colleagues” in American NGOs and the State Department.

(Vladimir Milov is a “democratic activist” who is a Navalny ally and regularly makes his disdain for Russia felt even by the standards of the democratic opposition).

So at least so far as Navalny’s position is concerned, it is higher IQ than the “significant part” of the Russian opposition that supports Twitter’s defenestration of Trump.

Some more Russian language examples, including Maksim Kats and Lyubov Sobol.

Which of these “wings” of the Russian opposition will win out – the strategically pro-free speech for everyone Navalny or the Katses and Kasparovs who don’t bother to conceal that this is a privilege only for the “liberal”, pro-Western handshakeworthy?

Historical experience suggests it’s the former:

It was these same, multi-national liberal elites that signed the “Letter of 42” demanding the suppression of nationalists and Communists in the wake of Yeltsin’s 1993 assault on the democratically elected Russian Duma.

Incidentally, Americans might want to know that this is how an actual coup against the people’s representatives looks like:

It was these same people who demanded Russia implement Article 282 hate speech laws in the 2000s, which they supported until the prosecutions under it went so haywire and out of control by the mid to late 2010s that ironically the more Russophobe liberals also started suffering under it – they had been fine with it when it was only used to prosecute Russian nationalists for saying things such as “it’s time to do away with this strange economic system” [of subsidies to the Caucasus]. (Putin decriminalized 282 it a couple of years ago).

It was these same people who, by and large, attacked people like Assange, Snowden, and Butina just for daring in some real or imagined way to upset their spiritual masters.

So, given just this historical precedent, we can expect a liberal pro-Western Maidan in Russia to result in the repression of Russian nationalists to a much greater extent than is the case today. Given their open and incessant cargo culting of the West, in which SJWism is assuming an increasingly totalitarian nature, it will indeed likely become impossible to even talk honestly about things like national IQ differences in the context of immigration policy. Likewise, leftism will only be permitted in the context that they restrict their activism to shutting down Russia’s nuclear complex and campaigning for #BLM and gay marriage.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  2. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    What are the goals of Russian Nationalists? Do they want to abolish the Russian Federation and create a homogeneous ethnic Russian nation?

    The Russian National Unity wants to expel Jews, Caucasians and Central Asians and keep the indigenous people of the Far East, albeit as second class citizens, but what of the more ‘moderate’ nationalists?

  3. blahbahblah says

    A path not taken up by any challengers to facebook and twitter..

    1. Provide a free RSS reader on the level of inoreader.
    2. Allow public posts to be syndicated by rss just like in early twitter.

    Social media platforms are dependent on the quality of posters they attract and doing the former would bring in a lot the higher IQ types. The later would allow the site to be used as a kind of tumblr like blogging platform that can engage people who are not actually on it yet.

    Competitors to facebook and twitter(Gab, VK, Weibo, whatever) should play into digital nationalism by hosting the users data as close to them as possible.

  4. No one else notice the bait and switch? He asks at the end for a committee that votes on banning people. Isn’t that the same thing?

  5. If I am the Russian opposition, I will try to make political hay out of the fact that: Russia should not get too close to China, after Peter the Great, and even during the days of the Kievan Rus, Russia has always been aligned more towards the European/Byzantine cultural sphere than the Orient, and the tightfisted Putin lied, people died meme with respect to coronavirus data fudging. I mean it was Scandinavian immigrants that kick-started Russian civilization after all.

  6. I would try to attack Putin over pensions and fiscal austerity even after the oil crisis passed after 2016 or so, Russia really could afford to loosen the fiscal spigot somewhat without ruining its finances. I would try to push the China want to turn Russia into a natural resource appendage meme, and that for all the friendship, it is not as if China has bought loads of Russian manufactured goods. But really I would attack Putin over coronavirus handling, and misguided fiscal austerity and pension reforms over the past 5 years or so, or that Russian real disposable income has basically stayed stagnant over the past 10 years.

  7. Felix Keverich says

    Byzantine Empire was an enemy of Europe, and in fact it was Europeans who had it destroyed in a crusade of 1204. There was actually a documentary about these events on on Russian television, arguing that the West is enemy to Russia because of what they did to Byzantine Empire.

  8. Basically I would loosen fiscal policy and go on a massive infrastructure and social services investment spending spree equivalent to 3 percent of GDP per year, as well as try to get Russia into the WTO and the modified TPP if possible.

  9. Felix Keverich says

    Russia has been a member of WTO since 2012. Which didn’t stop the US from blocking Russian aluminum imports. WTO has been a huge disappointment in this regard.

  10. TPP, Russia has a Pacific coast, plus I would not cut off Europe entirely as far as trade and economic exchanges are concerned.

  11. Schengen and customs union with Serbia and Belarus is also a good idea.

  12. Felix Keverich says

    WTF is TPP?

  13. Seeing this kolovrat symbol made me feel nostalgic.; those were the days. We used to have RNU (РНЕ) patrols in the commuter trains and in my neighborhood streets. I used to read their paper. RNU were not Neonazi, but more of Russian fascists with a tendency towards neopaganism.

    I actually found these guys quite respectable and so did many of my friends. The members of the RNU militia were always polite, disciplined and quite courageous when it came to stand to the ethnic criminals and bring some law and order while the police was too busy filling its pockets with bribes and protection fees.

    But РНЕ was only strong in the early 90ies. After many of its members got killed in the Parliament in 1993, and its leader got to run for his life, its strength decreased a lot. It is now just a shadow of itself. BTW, the presence of RNU smong the parliament defenders was one of the reasons that the Betar joined the attack against the parliament. Killing Russian ultranationalists was a natural thing for Jewish supremacists.

    As long as I know, there is currently no strong nationalist movement in the RusFed. Perhaps AK knows more about this.

  14. Russia is not Europe and has not been recognized by Europe ever since its emergence in the Great Northern War of the 18th century. Since then, Russia has been rejected by Europe at every turn. It should forsake Europe and European ambitions and turn its gaze towards the East

  15. Trans-Pacific Partnership

  16. Getting tied too closely to China would be a disaster for Russia. They’d end up being China’s Mexico.

    Russia should try to improve relations with France, Germany, and Italy. This might be feasible now that the UK is out of the EU, and the Pentagon is starting to focus more on the Pacific.

  17. Felix Keverich says

    I thought that Trump shot it down? Did it come back from the dead somehow?

  18. Felix Keverich says

    Biden admin will be full of Jewish neocons, who hate Russia because of “attacks on democracy” and Tsarist-era pogroms. So Russia will be US enemy no.1 and all US allies and clients will be pressured to distance themselves from Russia as much as possible. So that avenue is closed, for better or worse.

  19. There are plenty of nice RSS readers out there already. However, I’m not sure RSS as such is a technically suitable format for frequently updated high-volume content.

  20. Europe Europa says

    Probably because Navalny is on record as making some pretty “racist” statements, worse than anything Trump has ever said.

    I don’t get why Western liberals support Navalny considering it seems to me that Putin is more of a multiculturalist.

  21. Shortsword says

    Navalny is just an opportunist. Besides, most of that happened before Navalny started having contacts with Western “pro-democracy” organisations.

  22. Russia should try to improve relations with France, Germany, and Italy. This might be feasible now that the UK is out of the EU, and the Pentagon is starting to focus more on the Pacific.

    Firstly, Germany is going the way of the US – expect that anti-Russian hysteria will increase with the Biden administration whose first foreign policy goal would be rebuild ties with Europe (already cooing noises are being heard from the Germans). France and Italy are toothless – one might as well try to have good relations with Burundi and Botswana.

    The US and Europe are essentially going through civil wars with neoliberal authoritarianism ostracizing huge segments of their own populations for wrongthink. The “Threat from Russia” (and perhaps China) is going to be used a scare tactic to try and unite these countries, so expect no mercies for Russia and propaganda against Russia to increase not decrease.

    While probably not a popular option among the HBD/racialist segment of this forum, my belief is that apart from China, Russia should make a big push to South East Asia – India, Indonesia, Vietnam – along with long term investment in Africa. India – by sheer dint of its huge population with a growing middle class already twice the size of the US is a huge market. India increasingly needs technology from defense to nuclear to space that Russia is in pole position to provide.

  23. Concerned citizen says

    Karlin, why are you spouting nonsense again? The 1993 happening was the dissolution of a “soviet of deputies” not a Duma. It was a vestige of soviet power structure, had muddled up executive and judicial functions and was hardly constitutional.

    Not to mention the actions of this supreme soviet fucked up the market transition. It should have been dissolved years earlier.

  24. Bashibuzuk says

    You are correct that Russian parliament was named the supreme Soviet if the Russian Federation and not Duma at the time. You are wrong about everything else.

    The parliament was democratically elected. The parliament was also the true locus of power according to the first constitution of the independent Russian Federation. The actions undertaken by the parliament in 1993 were entirely constitutional. The constitution of the Russian Federation at the time made it a democratic parliamentary republic. The parliament had the right to impeach the president if enough representatives voted for that.

    According to the constitution of the time the president had no rights whatsoever to disband the parliament. The parliament rejected the shock reforms of Chubais and Gaidar after witnessing their nefarious consequences. The parliament voted to have the reforms corrected and reoriented towards a more gradual and less destructive process.

    But Gaidar, Chubais, Yeltsin and their base allies among the corrupt former apparatchiks, siloviki, organized crime and their servile “democratic schizoid” (((intellectual))) class that dominated the MSM decided to go all in against the Russian people. While Russian people weren’t paid wages, were often starving (including in Moscow region) and were dying in droves, these parasites feasted as maggots on Russian wounds. They enriched themselves at the expense of the impoverished population by privatizing chunks of the Soviet economy for artificially lower prices. In fact they paid nothing at all, because the state subsidized and credited the acquisition of factories and utilities by the nascent oligarchic mafia which had a clear cut ethnic bias about it.

    These reforms were not market capitalism, not even a transition towards market capitalism. They were purely and simply a process of accelerated weakening of Russia and a violent power grab by a hostile minority oriented towards and allied with foreign interests. And the patriots who opposed this violent takeover were killed in the hundreds in Yeltsin’s coup in 1993. We don’t have the numbers, but I would put the number of victims somewhere between 500 and 1500, probably close to a thousand people were murdered, mainly by death squads mass killing arrested protesters in the Krasnaya Presnya stadium.

    These people were the real Russian patriots and they were Russia’s martyrs killed because they stood against the murderous thieves and parasites who killed the Russian Empire first and then USSR second. The grandsons of the Red Commissars were the Young Reformers of the Yeltsin’s regime. Caine’s seed, serpent’s blood…

  25. Bashibuzuk says

    On the wall near the Krasnaya Presnya stadium where the mass executions took place after the attack against the parliament:

    (The Betar is the national guard of the bandit Yeltsin).

    Sergei Shoigu who had access to the weapons of his Emergency Administration – the equivalent of the American FEMA (later transformed into a Ministry) distributed the guns to the death squads formed mainly of the organized crime mobsters and the Betar militia youths placed under the control of the FSB for the task at hand. Sergei Shoigu’s mother is Jewish.

    Arkady Gaidamak who later for a time became the patron and leader of the Betar was a mobster then. He specialized in arms trafficking among other things.

  26. Russia, is well, Russia.

    The best explanation for it would be that it’s “old Europe” along with the rest of the Orthodox world and a little bit of the Meds (albeit they’re being corrupted into the Germanic world order)

    Current Europe is ran by barbarians.

  27. Well isn’t Byzantine civilization, at a time when Asia Minor was still Turk-free culturally European, before the late 11th century? I sure would not call it Oriental like China, Japan, or Korea.

  28. For someone who is interested in HBD and IQ, why have IQists not done a study on WW2 German generals or the Wehrmacht officer corps in general, soldiers and police officers have a stereotype of not being too intelligent generally speaking, but the Wehrmacht seems to break that mold. Certainly their system of mission-type tactics demanded a lot of quick on-your-feet type of thinking. Do WW2 German generals and officers have a significant IQ advantage over their allied or Axis counterparts?

  29. I wonder why Navalny’s opinion is more newsworthy than the opinion of a plumber who fixed my taps a few weeks ago? The clown is hardly much more influential.

  30. We really do live in a shit timeline where Kasparov lived and Bobby Fischer died. One of the great jews of history and he gets outlived by just another shitlib jew.

    Rest in peace, Bobby. You were too good for this garbage world.

  31. Why would Russian elites settle in Dalian when they have Saint Petersburg for classical architecture, and in terms of luxury shopping options and overall aesthetics and cleanliness Tokyo or Seoul is a couple of steps ahead of Beijing or Shanghai.

  32. @ Xi-jinping, you wrote:

    Since then, Russia has been rejected by Europe at every turn.

    It is not completely correct as it depends on the point of view – not all Europe and not every turn. From my (central European) point of view there has been waves russophilia and russophobia, triggered by WW2 and 1968 (Soviet) ocupation in the last instances. Previously during WW1 russophils joined russian forces to fight Austro-Germanic alliance, later had to fight russian bolsheviks, etc.
    You can also remarque that you recognise only Germany/France/Britain as Europe, of course which can end the discussion.

  33. reiner Tor says

    The German military had a very high prestige, much higher than the American or British militaries (and without the issues of the Soviet military), and it was a very high trust high IQ society. Also it had a culture of competence built up over a century after the reforms during the Napoleonic wars. The mission type tactics were only part of the story, it wouldn’t even be possible in a different military tradition or a lower trust society with a lower IQ.

  34. reiner Tor says

    Pepes are a thing in that crowd. (Funny how memes drift and mutate over time and borders).

    Hungarian leftists rarely use Pepes, but NPC memes with Fidesz members as NPCs etc. are a common occurrence.

  35. While probably not a popular option among the HBD/racialist segment of this forum, my belief is that apart from China, Russia should make a big push to South East Asia

    It is popular among few smarter people who understand that the West is gone and it will get worse, and is not coming back again. In recent comments, i said that anything is better than the West. The modus operandi of Asia is closer to “live and let live” and multipolarity, which is far better than Global Communism 2 coming from the West. Yes, Russia should support anything that isn’t the West to break the Unipolar World order.

    Recent encouraging news are that the US is evacuating its consulates and that there are now more asian than european consulates in Russia. The EU is rotten too, fully correct. Russia must stay away from it as it is infectious. Russia must move away from the West and become part of multipolar Asia.

  36. True.

  37. Europe Europa says

    Military officers have always had high prestige in British society, associated with the upper classes and aristocracy and as being high IQ, educated people.

  38. Europe Europa says

    Whites are 10% of the global population at most, and Western whites even less. Based on current white fertility rates relative to other races it’s clear that the West isn’t going to be very relevant in the not so distant future based on that alone, before any political/cultural considerations that are also destroying the West as well.

  39. Percentages matter, but are not so important as you think. This is why a small elite took over the US.

    The West amounts for half the global economy, the global reserve currency and two thrids of global science. Thus it is the only entity that can potentially rule the world.

    Intelligence matters a lot and currently the smartest people in the world a creating a new type of communism (the Liberal World Order) that is infectious for the rest of the world too. Who cares if the West declines if it manages to infect other countries too.

    Still, the long term trajectory implies that they will fail. But they have a good shot because ideologically the West beats everyone else, plus demographic changes around the world (urbanisation, low birth rate) are providing a tailwind for their global ideological efforts.

    This is why you see here people whining that russian youth is being subverted, dislikes Putin, etc.

    Imagine what would communism be if the West was spreading it, instead of the USSR. Much, much more dangerous.

    Well, this is what the situation is today.

  40. The problem for HBDists is that the bulk of the Wehrmacht higher officer corp actually came from the duller part of Germany, Prussia, which is located in Germany and Poland now.

  41. duller part of Germany, Prussia, which is located in Germany and Poland now.

    Many Prussian (and Eastern Germans in general) are germanised Wends (of Balto-Slavic ancestry). The Wends were quite warlike. It took Germanic and Scandinavian princes and bishops a few centuries to conquer Wendish tribes. It then took them a couple more centuries to completely germanize them (with the notable exception of the Lusatian Sorbs).

    The Germans prevailed in this long struggle not through combative might alone, but mainly through organisational superiority. German culture, being more advanced and efficient due to a deep integration of the Latin Catholic influences, provided for a more numerous population used in the Drang nach Osten. After the conquest, some Wendish chieftains have joined German aristocracy.

    Prior to Prussians becoming dominant among the German polities, the Germans were not seen as of superior military skill when compared to their Latin or Slavic neighbors. Prussians are the ones who made the Germans into an efficient war machine.

    One might say that acculturated and germanised Wends are the ones who were instrumental in uniting the Reich and making it into a great continental power. Pure ethnic Germans are too bourgeois, comfort-seeking and rational to be a world-conquering ethnic group. It took some Wendish craziness to turn them into the formidable soldiers that they have become by the end of the nineteenth century.

  42. ²On the contrary, a “Chinese Russia” would be unassailable by the West (which is biggest threat to Russia currently) – politically, economically and militarily. Closer ties with China, would help move Russia away from the travesty that is the Democratic System, economically it would be difficult to sanction as it would have access to asian markets and investment and militairly because of a rejuvinated economy it can build up its Army (fighting is something Russia has been historically good at). If anything, it could act as the guarantor of peace and soverignty in asia, but its imperial ambitions could be held back by the greater might of China.

    There is literally no downside for a Russian integration with the East.

    And Italy, France and Germany are essentially American Vassals and thus by extension spread their globohomo policies.

  43. Russia is not European – never was. It has elements of Byzantine culture (which was if we recall the remenants of the ERE based around the Greek world), Mongolian/’Chinese culture (through intermixing – which accounts for the increasing “white asian” look many Russians have if you go East), Persian, and ironically Islamic influences. In many ways its governmental and administrative philosophies were established by the Mongols, and have never changed to this day.

    Russia has been ashamed of its Eastern heritage, but it should finally embrace it and stop LARPing as a degenerate European State.

  44. There is literally no downside for a Russian integration with the East.

    You listed the advantages correctly, but there is a downside. Russia is hated by globohomo libtards for its determination to remain sovereign. So, it must remain sovereign independent player after its turn to the East. It does not resist becoming the vassal of the dying Empire only to become a vassal of surging China. If after the inevitable crash of the Empire the world becomes multi-polar, that would be an improvement. If it becomes unipolar, only ruled by a different empire (does not matter which), it would be just as bad as it is now.

  45. Bashibuzuk says

    The libertarian Cato Institute is investigating a blog post published by one of its senior fellows, a former economic policy adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that contains conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and seeks to defend pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol last week.

    Andrei Illarionov, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, made baseless accusations in a post on his personal Live Journal blog on Friday that the storming of the capitol was a “trap” set by police following deliberate “provocation” by Black Lives Matter activists and Democrats.

    Looks like Illarionov will soon lose his job.

  46. Being insane does make it difficult to retain employment, no matter how much you were on the “right” side in the past.