Navalny’s Fasting Protocol

I sympathize with Navalny’s radical weight loss plan, I truly do. Following on from his looksmaxxing Novichok Protocol, like him or not, we have to recognize him as a man truly dedicated to self-improvement.

That said, I would strongly recommend supplementation if you plan to fast for more than three days.

I wrote a helpful guide here:

For extended fasts (>3 days), I would also recommend the following supplements to avoid feeling weak and light-headed after a couple of days:

  • Daily RDA of magnesium, potassium, zinc.
  • 2 tsp of Himalayan salt.
  • Cream of tartar.
  • Apple cider vinegar (with water) to enhance absorption of the above.
  • Multivitamins.
  • Plenty of water (tea, etc., also OK to flavor it with lemon juice).

Without supplementation, you start feeling quite bad after three days. With it, you can do it for at least a week or more often for several weeks on end.

If I’m ever imprisoned for my political beliefs, I will be sure to do a hunger strike. Maximizes public sympathy while looksmaxxing and cleansing toxins (for real, not like juicing fads). Hurts productivity but you’re not going to be very productive in jail anyway.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  2. BASED

  3. Caspar Von Everec says

    Well, a man has to work on his strengths. A handsome face is the only asset Navalny has. Not much goes in his cranium from the looks of his entertainment habits.

    His strong jawline is his best asset. It gets some of the cat ladies to come out on election day. Fasting helps bring out the bone structure more.

  4. Shortsword says

    But to get public sympathy people need to know you’re hunger striking. So why does Russia allow Navalny to basically make public statements while imprisoned? The West doesn’t give Assange any such rights.

  5. Chrisnonymous says

    If they let him speak, it precludes western interlopers from making claims about what’s happening to him.

  6. Hyperdupont says

    I am impatiently waiting for the publication of “Dr Navalny’s Diet Revolution” co-written with Anatoly Karlin and prefaced by Vladimir Putin.

  7. I wish Russia would use the US CIA’s “rendition” precedent, to abduct Ted Lieu and throw him in the same prison.

  8. Himalayan salt.

    Et tu, Mr. Karlin?

    Impure Pakistani field salt not to your taste?

  9. “Due mainly to marketing costs, pink Himalayan salt is up to 20 times more expensive than table salt or sea salt.”

    This one is such an egregious “supplement” scam that even Wikipedia cannot defend it.

  10. reiner Tor says

    I once hoped that freedom of speech would be maintained by adversarial powers holding the megaphone for each other’s dissidents. Like Russia would help Assange and the West would help Navalny. This idea now seems pathetically naive and childish.

    What is instead happening is that they are occasionally mentioning the other side’s dissidents in their propaganda to hold them up in a bizarre downward spiral of whataboutism. I guess the western noises about how they would “hold Russia accountable” for the death of Navalny can only strengthen the resolve of the Russian leadership to just get rid of him as fast as possible.

  11. The Big Red Scary says

    I guess the western noises about how they would “hold Russia accountable” for the death of Navalny can only strengthen the resolve of the Russian leadership to just get rid of him as fast as possible.

    If he does get killed, you know for sure who will get blamed, with or without evidence, and that in itself complicates the incentives.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    The hospitals in Omsk and Berlin showed that Navalny was an alcoholic, with diabetes, almost certain liver damage and pancreatitis. He was on numerous medications including lithium for depression, and had consumed numerous benzodiazepines. As a traitor on the payroll of the greatest force for Evil in history, he deserves a dog’s death.

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    The traitor scum Navalny could have stayed safe in the West, and served his Masters there. But they want him dead, in Russia, as fodder for more Russophobic hatred. I suppose threats to his family were utilised to get him to return to Russia. In any case, if he made a miraculous recovery after drying out from the booze and drugs, then the US would ensure some dreadful ‘accident’ befalls him. Like Nemtsov he serves the Empire more dead than alive.

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    I doubt it is him speaking. More likely is it that his words are invented by his foreign Masters, or his Russian handlers.

  15. reiner Tor says

    They are signaling that they don’t care.

    Putin could easily just let him out by pardoning him.

  16. The Big Red Scary says

    They are signaling that they aren’t going to give into toddlers throwing tantrums. So far no evidence that they want to kill toddlers.

    However, you missed my point, which is that once Navalny gets out, anyone can kill him and be confident where the blame will be put.

    Anyhow, what good would a pardon do? It would be very unpopular with the plebs and isn’t going to improve relations with the Homintern.

  17. Verymuchalive says

    If he gets out, his lifestyle ( abuse of powerful prescription drugs, diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption: anything else I’ve missed? ) will kill him soon enough. If he had not been jailed, his lifestyle would have killed him soon enough. So after this “hunger strike” fizzles out, prison may actually keep him alive in the interim, provided he doesn’t die of a massive heart attack or stroke from his previous abuse.

    He’s a complete failure as a political leader. Western governments know this, and he has been sent home to perform them one last service – die and die quickly. When this happens, they will blame the Russian Government for dispatching him, whether by poison or other methods. Sadly, lots of gullible, moronic or just plain ignorant people will believe this nonsense.

  18. How Pink Salt Took Over Millennial Kitchens
    It’s not healthier for you. It doesn’t technically come from the Himalayas. But pink salt’s appeal has exploded nonetheless.

    Pink salt health claims salted by Australian study

    There’s also no consistency to the product nutrients’ levels: Of the 31 samples tested, there was a wide variation in the levels of nutrients found, with iron levels ranging between 0 and 17mg/100g and calcium levels ranging between 53 and 574mg/100g.

    So while pink salt does contain more nutrients than white table salt, you’d need to eat more than 500 per cent the daily recommended sodium limit for it to have any (positive) effect on your health.

    And much less iodine than iodized salt.

  19. That’s why I jokingly asked Mr Karlin earlier: “Impure Pakistani field salt not to your taste?”

    Because that’s exactly what it is. Save your money and just get good quality sea salt.

  20. Gerard1234 says

    Pardoning him for about 80 different criminal violations, all done precisely because he thought he was unpunishable you dummy?

    He does also have ( very credible) corruption case against him for embezzling funds from his “anti-corruption” work, that his and his family’s lifestyle doesn’t even try to hide.

    The “fasting” should help with his type-2 diabetes though.

    But it’s amazing your ridiculous mentality – Navalny, frequently trying to incite mass disorder, has already received the most consecutive suspended prison sentences in Russian history, the authorities eventually jail him…….but after 2 seconds a clown like you is saying they should “just pardon him”

    Navalny serving this ( plus hopefully 10 years more for the bitcoin corruption case and slander in court ) prison term is only good for Putin domestically, letting him go is only bad for him – internationally it does f**k all different either way.

    There have also been several high profile Russian, actual politicians, serving time in jail with relatively small fuss in recent years

    They even released an “investigation” of another Putin “palace” at Valdai – quite literally nobody was interested or took it as credible.

  21. Gerard1234 says

    What about Kurkuma/Turmeric? My mother uses it abit when cooking some asian-style foods, or just to make the rice yellow…. she also hates visiting the dentist, so for toothache she had recently ( now gone) she mixed in the usual warm-saltwater solution, with Kurkuma/turmeric as apparently antiseptic.

    Any useful properties or another scam?

  22. AltanBakshi says

    There’s no worse salt than Indian black salt or Kala Namak, it’s horribly pungent and full of sulphur, it can’t be good for health. Still some Hindustanis put it everywhere.

  23. AltanBakshi says

    Kurkuma/Turmeric is really an excellent spice, especially if you ground the root yourself, it has various anti-inflammatory qualities, because it contains curcumin that has proven health benefits. Turmeric and ginger are both medicine in the form of spices.

    I just checked Wikipedia, and there it’s said that health benefits of Turmeric are not proven, oh well…. Still a very tasty spice.

  24. Haruto Rat says

    Belorussian raw salt can be pretty much similar in looks and chemical composition.

    Perhaps they should stop refining and start marketing it as ‘Heart of Europe Salt’ or smth. like that.

  25. Haruto Rat says
  26. Regardless of what Wikipedia states, there’s plenty of scientific research that’s been done indicating that it does indeed have some healthy benefits. I like adding small amounts of it in my cooking, especially in egg and avacado salads. I don’t like adding any fresh turmeric to my homemade vegetable juices, for I find the taste of it fresh (unpeeled) to be somewhat bitter and it seems to diminish the taste of the good fruits and vegetables that I use. I’ve gotten around this by substituting ginger, that I find completely good tasting and zesty. My research indicates that ginger and turmeric are almost identical in their composition and health affording properties. If somebody knows anything contradicting my research, I’d like to hear about it?…

  27. I think he has gone off tea.

  28. Well said

  29. During the early 1980s he became one of the most notable critics of the Marcos regime, and enjoyed popularity across the US due to the numerous rallies he attended at the time. As the situation in the Philippines worsened, Aquino decided to return to face Marcos and restore democracy in the country,

    Verdict: lead poisoning.

  30. I’m ambivalent concerning turmeric. Even though turmeric is “rich” in curcumin, I believe only about 10% of turmeric is curcumin. Then there’s the supposed low bioavailability of curcumin. In supplements, you find the addition of black pepper extract for increased bioavailability. Or something like “liposomal binding” of the curcuminoids, supposedly increasing bioavailability by a factor of 65 to 95. All of this seems to suggest that mere turmeric spice would have to be taken in impossibly big quantities to get the benefits.

    My recommendation would be: there is no point in using turmeric spice for health benefits. Just use the spice in your food as much or as little as you like, to taste. If you want the supposed health benefits of turmeric/curcumin, get a good supplement that promises that massively increased bioavailability.

  31. I never knew Navalny was such a pious Muslim

  32. AnonFromTN says

    Relatively recent hyped-up inmate who “refused food” in Russian jail was Ukrainian Nadya Savchenko. Net result was that her boobs and behind grew a lot bigger than they were before. So, I wonder whether Navalny’s “hunger strike” also results in marked enlargement of his boobs and behind. That would not be good for his health or image.

  33. Daniel Chieh says

    Russian World Wonder project: looks maxing the world.

  34. I am happy to announce that Navalny reads my blog, just like Putin.

    Russia’s state penitentiary service FSIN did not report the decision to transfer Navalny until Monday morning and a statement it released said he had agreed to take vitamin therapy.

    Given his unappealing personality and ties to hostile foreign powers, only a truly uncompromising looksmaxxing program can endear Navalny to the Russian masses.

  35. Putin must really like Navalny, if he gave it to him before he gave it to his friend Steven Seagal who obviously needs it much more.

  36. I dunno Karlin. From my own conversations with Russians, Nalvany is being seen as a poor, oppressed underdog. If he dies in prison on Putins watch, oh boy, its going to turn him into one big of a martyr.

    Look, I dont like Nalvany and his politics. We all know if he ever reached any form of political power in Russia, it would be a return to the 1990s or something much worse. He is a terrible alternative and we all get it.

    Problem is, to the rank and file in Russia, Nalvany is starting to slowly look like the working mans hero. The more of this martyr image that develops, the more sympathy he is getting.

    Honestly, I have no idea how you can even nip this one in the bud. Navalny was just a loud unpopular mouth piece before but now he is getting credibility. That is scary.

    Maybe the rest of Russia has no sympathy for Nalvany but that growing youth unrest in Moscow and St. Petersburg is. And as we all know, whatever happens in the big two affects the rest of the countrt eventually.

  37. Shortsword says

    Did you miss how underwhelming the pro-Navalny protests were after he got imprisoned?

  38. Congratulations on being so popular! And I did read above about adding vitamins to help you weather the blow of hardcore fasting. I’ve read about loading up on vitamins and supplements before a fast, but never during one. I’m thinking that one of the supplements that you would recommend would be a multiple vitamin loaded with Vitamin B? I find that these sorts of vitamins are difficult to digest on their own, and whenever I take them I do so when I’m eating food. But on their own, with no food in your stomach? Wow?…

  39. Another German Reader says

    After spendings years in the prison for his opinion & belief,

    AK publishes his opus “Akarly’s Kampf”.

  40. Im talking about the long term effects of Nalvany. It keeps on slowly creeping up. The more the persecuted image stays, the more popular he keeps getting. I am sure he attracted more protestors in Janaury then before. Maybe not by a huge amount but still.

  41. This is more like Tymoshenko in the early 2010s

    hunger strike -> death bed -> miracle

  42. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    To get the full benefits of turmeric one needs to add black pepper, which makes the good stuff in turmeric more biologically available.

  43. Philip Owen says

    We spread it on the road.

  44. Daniel Chieh says

    Golden milk?

  45. “If I’m ever imprisoned for my political beliefs, I will be sure to do a hunger strike.”

    I’d start doing steroids and get super jacked.

  46. Daniel Chieh says

    He might finish his opus Grand Bifurcation there.

  47. Navalny is instinctively anti migrant though. If it ever looked like he was about to come to power in Russia, the West would be against him. On the other hand, Putin rose out of the 1998 Russian debt default that almost caused a far greater disaster than the 2008 global economic crash.

    Between 1994 and 1998, the fund showed a return on investment of more than 40% per annum. However, its enormously leveraged gamble with various forms of arbitrage involving more than $1 trillion went bad, and in one month, LTCM lost $1.9 billion. On the precipice of not only an American financial disaster, the fund’s imminent collapse had significant international monetary implications, jeopardizing the financial system itself. Prompted by deep concerns about LTCM’s thousands of derivative contracts, in order to avoid a panic by banks and investors worldwide, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York stepped in to organize a bailout with the various major banks at risk.

    Putin’s rise 1998–99 was meteoric, and basically Yeltsin’s revenge. The Russians abroad are pawns in an anti Nato game for Putin. Be he a counter intel (professional paranoiac by training) and nationalist in relation to policy other countries, and strictly orthodox with sound money, in domestic economic policy where it really counts, Putin is a liberal. young man shook his head. “No, I can’t say I’m pro-Putin. There’s too much corruption in Russia, with too much money going to the wrong people. We should become more Western. Instead, we’re moving in the other direction.” Finally, I thought, a liberal critic of Putin. The young man continued. “Here it’s not too bad, but in Moscow you can see the change. They’re all over. Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate anyone, but I feel uncomfortable when there are so many of them. Sometimes, I wonder whether I’m still in Russia.”

    Much had changed since my last visit ten years ago. Driving into the city of Voronezh from the airport, I could see entirely new neighborhoods, supermarkets, office buildings, and the like. In 2003, there was only one shopping mall in the whole city, and it was nothing special. Now, there were malls as huge as any in Toronto. Things had likewise improved for some of our old friends and acquaintances. A few had moved up into the growing middle class, including one couple who showed us their new palatial home on the outskirts. Yet the bulk of the population seemed no better off, and in some ways worse off. Ten years ago, jobs were there for the taking. The pay may have been lousy, but it was money. Now, the competition is intense even for those jobs. An unemployed man told me: “It’s hard to find work now. Employers will hire immigrants because they work for much less and won’t complain. And there are a lot of them now, mainly from Central Asia, but also from places all over.

    Navalny is a national liberal who wants to protect the domestic population’s living standards, he understands the real threat is not from an invasion of Nato tanks or New York capitalists. Putin is humiliating the West, but they will cut him off from technology. By the time he leaves power Russia will be hollowed out from immigration and concentration on resource extraction, leaving it nowhere to go but into an uneasy alliance with China that will increasingly morph into overlordship. Bad news for both Russia and the West

  48. Observator says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this character. Navalny seems to have a remarkably robust constitution, having survived a “poisoning” by a neurotoxin strong enough to instantly kill anyone who touches it, except himself and the Mighty Skripals. No doubt the arch-fiend Putin is furiously tugging at his mustachios as he mutters, “curses, foiled again!” while pacing his super villain lair for new ways and means to make slaves of us all.

  49. Do you believe according to UK government officials that Skripal daddy and daughter now live happy life in New Zealand ?

  50. AnonFromTN says

    Do you believe according to UK government officials that Skripal daddy and daughter now live happy life in New Zealand ?

    I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was about 4 years old. Granted, British intelligence services were not professional enough to concoct even a semi-plausible fake, so that they had to change their stories many times within the first week, going from stupid versions to even less believable ones. But I think they are professional enough to eliminate inconvenient witnesses: dead people tell no tales. Maybe I overestimate Brits.

  51. Shortsword says

    Navalny is a national liberal who wants to protect the domestic population’s living standards, he understands the real threat is not from an invasion of Nato tanks or New York capitalists. Putin is humiliating the West, but they will cut him off from technology. By the time he leaves power Russia will be hollowed out from immigration and concentration on resource extraction, leaving it nowhere to go but into an uneasy alliance with China that will increasingly morph into overlordship. Bad news for both Russia and the West

    How have you come to these conclusions? Reading Masha Gessen and Anne Applebaum?

  52. Applebaum’s arrogant Polish husband had a lot to do with why Britain left the EU. I have Michael Stuermer’s book on Putin, which was based on very extensive interviews with him (he speaks excellent German). Russia has nothing to fear from any country but Germany, which has tremendous latent strength, but chose to abandon the military capability to intervene outside its own borders; what is Putin doing with this apparent desire for a buffer state expanding to the Dnieper or even lower Dniester? The world’s largest county has a total population compatible to the island of Java, many Russian villages still lack indoor plumbing, and civil society is underdeveloped. The oligarchs mainly owned banks and never recovered from 1998 (when Putin suddenly was appointed head of the FSB). Putin now ought to feel secure enough to establish some kind of understanding with the West (and Japan), there would be great advantages.

  53. Shortsword says

    Okay, that’s basically a yes.

  54. Max Payne says

    If I’m ever imprisoned for my political beliefs, I will be sure to do a hunger strike

    Thats a good way to get a tube down your mouth and a mashed up cheeseburger shoved in your throat.

  55. AnonFromTN says

    Navalny announced that he stops his “hunger strike”. My guess is (based on previous Savchenko experience) that his boobs and behind grew too fast, so he got worried. Little he knows that these changes in anatomy would be considered politically correct in his beloved West.

  56. Little he knows that these changes in anatomy would be considered politically correct in his beloved West.

    It’s your beloved West too – remember, the cash cow that you love to milk and that you cant live apart from? 🙂