Negrolatry, #BlackLivesMatter, and the West’s New Religion

What you have in #BlackLivesMatter is an emerging religion, complete with its own pantheon of saints and martyrs and the latest iteration of what some have called negrolatry, or the Cult of the Magical Negro..

The latest “saint” in this religion was a highly flawed human being, to put it charitably. Career criminal, drug dealer, someone who threatened a pregnant woman with a gun during a robbery and then testified against his “colleagues” in exchange for a lighter sentence. He was quite clearly negative value added so far as his moral (or economic) worth to society is concerned. Then again, same goes for many prophets and founders of the great religions. The early Christians were the OG Bioleninists. Mohammed was probably a pedophile and a genocidaire. And so forth.

American libs mocked evangelicals for keeping their churches open, then tossed aside all their social distancing dogmas as soon as they threatened their religion of #BlackLivesMatters.

Though I don’t mean to signal against atheists, by all accounts, most Christians are very happy to be polytheists on this question. The Magical Negro is not a jealous God.

Sacrificing the elderly for the rival religion of stonks and wagecuckery was unacceptable. But as soon as the topic touched the Magical Negro, the laws of epidemiology must give way:

And if they don’t, well, maybe you should have prayed harder.

In fairness, one can still find the occasional true atheist – perhaps surprisingly, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, who heads one of the few Western polities to have successfully suppressed the coronavirus epidemics, is one of them.

There are minor theological differences on the identity of Satan in this world. To the libs, it’s PUTLER and his high priest Dugin, fissuring America apart through Nazi bots on Twitter. To the chapos, racism is instead America’s original sin, questioning which is itself an implicit admission of white supremacy. The conservatives, in fairness, have a rather more radical take, doubting in Satan’s existence; perhaps it is something conjured up by the Blacks and the Dem plantation masters.

Yet regardless, the ultimate reality of this worldview cannot be questioned.

As with many new religions, it is the young who have taken to it most earnestly, condemning their boorish and “ignorant” elders.

One can cite polls, but this plebbit thread illustrates the point better than any poll can.

Daughter Stands Up Against Racist Parents.
byu/Kelegii inPublicFreakout

There are rituals of public abasement…

… vigils,

… repetition of catechisms,

… and atonement.

As with religions, it brooks no logical or facts derived from the mundane world. “Race realists” and “HBD bloggers” and the like have spent decades writing blog posts and papers picking apart the misleading rhetoric that Blacks are some uniquely discriminated against minority in America in terms of police arrests and shootings (after adjusting for their crime rates).

At the same time, public opinion has shifted further and further away from that viewpoint, and now Woke Capital companies such as Instagram are outright defining graphs based on FBI crime stats as “hate speech” and removing them from their platforms.

As with all true religions (Christianity has long ceased to be true in the modern West), it needs to be defended with blasphemy laws. While Americans still enjoy the small mercies of the First Amendment, Britons have no such protection..

Speaking of the UK, as with many religions, what originates in the metropole quickly diffuses into the colonies, depending on their peoples’ wiredness and proximity to Globo-Anglo culture.

There have been mass #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations in the major West European countries (see Guillaume Durocher, Pro-BLM Demonstrations Sweep Across Europe). Some 1% of Icelanders went out onto the streets to participate in a #BlackLivesMatters ritual.

In Eastern Europe, still thawing from the Soviet Freezer, #BlackLivesMatters demonstrations have been at least an order of magnitude smaller than in the West. However, while no country there has demographically substantial numbers of Blacks – though, in some of them, perhaps for not much longer, if globalists and Woke Capital have their way – even there, the most intensive #BlackLivesMatters activities seem to have taken place in Poland, the most pro-American geopolitically orientated polity as well as the country with some of the highest English language proficiency in the region.

I am reminded of the Warhammer 40K universe, in which Chaos cultists invoke demonic rituals to open “warp rifts” into the Immaterium and summon demons to take over their worlds.

In our own world, we may regard English language proficiency and Westernist geopolitical orientation as played much the same roles, as the “funnels” through which Chaos seeps into the mortal plane.

Fortunately, in Russia, dedicated Chaos cultists are as yet low in numbers – limited to quietly preaching their heresies to the elites, largely confined to the Internet, they cannot get out many bodies onto the streets – and those that do are quickly rolled up by the Inquisition.

So really, the one way that I’d say Russians (and much of the world outside the West) are indeed “privileged”, and entirely unironically, is that we get to observe America transform into a continent-sized cult compound with the dispassion and aloofness of, say, a mid-century American anthropologist observing the emergence of some cargo cult on a Pacific island.

Quaint, quirky. Perhaps slightly unsettling, but entirely mediated by physical and psychological distance.

And offering plenty of opportunities for concern trolling, which, while certainly cynical, is certainly understandable in the context of Americans having ceaselessly hectored Russians (Chinese, etc) over the past decades.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Dan Hayes says


    Can one attribute your enlightened race views due to your time spent in California that cauldron of race enmity and over-the-top race hucksterism?

  3. EldnahYm says

    The U.S. getting crazier could go either way, it might mean more chaos for the rest of the world.

  4. Tsar Nicholas says

    One of the features of classical Greek thinking was the refusal of men to prostrate themselves before other men in the manner of the Persians. Seeing so many of these “negrolaters” take the knee throws out not just centuries of Christianity, but millennia of western culture.

  5. Hyperborean says

    So really, the one way that I’d say Russians (and much of the world outside the West) are indeed “privileged”, and entirely unironically, is that we get to observe America transform into a continent-sized cult compound with the dispassion and aloofness of, say, a mid-century American anthropologist observing the emergence of some cargo cult on a Pacific island.

    You shouldn’t be so cavalier, even Southeast Asians have been cargo culting Americans during this affair.

    And offering plenty of opportunities for concern trolling, which, while certainly cynical, is certainly understandable in the context of Americans having ceaselessly hectored Russians (Chinese, etc) over the past decades.

    I remember the first wave of BLM riots where Iranian, Russian, Chinese and even ISIS media put out these stupid “racial harmony” and “anti-police brutality” articles and statements – in the end they achieved nothing. Unless the purpose is for the lulz, but even then I think it is a poor idea.

    Ideally, state media should use the American chaos to emphasise why agitation for democracy and rebellion is horrible, not implicitly affirm that the riots and protests have any kind of validity.

  6. sous-vide says

    I think the left just solved the problem of democracy, and made the spectacle of the left/right division obsolete, which is explain the uniform support of every elites accross the empire (judicial, media, finance, political, military, mega-corp, intellectual, religious etc…).

    Bioleninism is the only way to revitalise and unite Western civilisation.

  7. anonymous coward says

    Shitty analysis. What you’re witnessing here is a classic by-the-book Color Revolution. (In America’s case the color is black; the color of negroes and antifa.)

    The “justice for martyrs” and “stand on your knee” spiel is part of every color revolution. (Ukraine, etc.)

  8. reiner Tor says

    It’s a half-assed color revolution, but it’s fundamentally different from other color revolutions in that the demands are about “ending racial inequality” by creating further privileges for blacks. While the other color revolutions demanded higher living standards and sometimes more independence (from Russia) by joining the West. Here the demands cannot be understood as being even half rational.

  9. What you have in #BlackLivesMatter is an emerging religion, complete with its own pantheon of saints and martyrs and the latest iteration of what some have called negrolatry, or the Cult of the Magical Negro..

    Great post, and right on about the cult aspect (See link below about eight criteria for thought reform, aka brain washing, in regard to cults.)

    This cult goes far back. Below was published in the US in 1851 and was decrying the cult in its less evolved state even then. Negromania, the book’s actual title, is a reference to the sick fetish and obsession self declared ‘progressives’ and hangers on of that day (much like today’s) had with Blacks.

    This unhealthy fetish had evolved from the days when the political and spiritual forebears of today’s US progressives and their hangers on ran the British North American slave trade from New England as slave dealers/owners. They would virtue signal to each other, and to the more naive members of the general public, by ‘doting’ upon their slaves to show how ‘good’ of persons they were.

    They do the same thing today with their wage slaves, ie the so called cheap labor, aka ‘immigrants’, for the very same reasons.

    Of course, if these New England slave dealers had really cared about their African slaves they wouldn’t have been enslaving them in the first place. They cared only about their money, and then themselves as individuals, in that order. Concern about their own Anglo-Saxon people, or anyone else for that matter, didn’t even enter into the picture.

    Negromania (1851) – pg 494

    ‘Not withstanding the paucity of the numbers of the blacks, they have given the greatest trouble to the authorities of the Northern cities. Insignificant in power and resources, they are still insolent and arrogant to a degree which renders them dangerous to the community. The officers of justice scarce venture to arrest them; and it is a task of great and mortal peril…’

    (cont.) – pg 495

    ‘The free blacks are, in the mass, the most ignorant, voluptuous, idle, vicious, impoverished, and degraded population of this country. They are seldom seen pursuing regular trades, and avoid all continuous labor with characteristic solicitude.’

  10. I would support generally protests against police brutality in America (as America really is probably the world’s leading “checkistan”, or police-state, at least in relation to minor crime). However, the ideology you discuss:

    BlackLivesMatter is an emerging religion, complete with its own pantheon of saints

    It is not new religion, or anything exciting – it is just an uninteresting mix of bourgeois virtue signalling, and the secularized theater of Christian “slave revolt morality”/millennialism, which is a common thing in America (and a lot of Europe since the 19th century).

    It’s just as Nietzsche called “Chandala Apostolism”.

    American version – some simple New Testament teachings, mixed with the theory that America has a “sin of slavery”, and that might be redeemed from their past crimes by freeing slaves, and progressing to ideals of “all men are created equal under god” – some “Kingdom of Heaven” (where perhaps even lion will lie down with the lamb).

    This concept of progressive redemption, is beginning self-consciously with Lincoln’s speeches, and today e.g. Obama’s speeches in 2008 (and probably earlier politicians) are mainly something to do this.

    In relation to the general “slave revolt” morality. Nietzsche writes about this topic endlessly in books like “Genealogy”, but in his worst books, when he was going crazy at the end of his life, there are the more simple kind of relevant quotes – which you can find if you search for “Chandala” in the text:

    (page 58-60)
    Indignation is the privilege of the Chandala; pessimism too. ‘The world is perfect’ – this is how the instinct of the most spiritual people speaks, the yes-saying instinct.

    Who do I hate most among the rabble today? The socialist rabble, the Chandala-apostles who undermine workers’ instincts and pleasures, their feelings of modesty about their existences, – who make them jealous, who teach them revenge … Injustice is never a matter of unequal rights, it is a matter of claiming ‘equal’ rights … What is bad? But I have already said it: everything that comes from weakness, from jealousy, from revenge. – The anarchist and the Christian are descended from the same lineage.. (Page 208) Christian and anarchist. -Anarchists are mouth pieces of a declining stratum of society; when they work themselves into a state of righteous indignation demanding ‘rights’, ‘justice’, ‘equal rights’, they are just acting under the pressure of their own lack of culture, which has no way of grasping why they really suffer, – what they lack in life … A powerful causal impulse is at work in them: it has to be someone’s fault that they are not doing very well .. Complaining and grumbling can even give life a charm that makes it bearable: there is a subtle dose of revenge in every complaint; people blame the fact that they are doing badly (and sometimes even their badness) on those who are different, as if that constituted a wrong, an unauthorized privilege. ‘If I am just canaille then you should be too’: out of this logic come revolutions. –

  11. another anon says

    These protests and riots are absolutely nothing like Maidan.

    According to Wiki, there was 104–780 deaths.

    America is country with 600 million guns, and the nationwide protests have 18 victims so far.
    Do you see people that want to fight civil war? I do not.
    I see folks who need to let off some steam, trash and burn some shit, get some merchandise at big discount and have a good time.

    My prediction is that protestors will get bored after few days and the protests and riots will be forgotten as fast as the virus was forgotten when the next big thing comes.

    What will be the next big thing?

    The hurricane season.

    This year, oceans are going to be mad.
    We are at the start of June, and there were already three named storms in the Atlantic. This is unprecendented.

    If you are real American and live on the coast, quickly smash, burn and destroy everything you can, do not wait for hurricane to do your work for you.

  12. Ad70titusrevenge says

    America is finished. Jews/gays/Brahmins/feminists/africans are the future for America. The white man will be become extinct on the North American continent within 100 years.

  13. A. Hipster says

    technical term for the “Persian prostration” is proskynesis

    a fascinating study on proskynesis:

    “They Came and Held Him by the Feet and Worshipped Him”: Proskynesis before Jesus in Its Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Context

    Matthew L. Bowen

    We may gain insight into the earliest Christian understanding of Jesus by examining how the evangelists describe suppliants of Christ, both Jewish and Gentile, and how the book of Revelation depicts his heavenly worship. These accounts commonly mention a reverential gesture, actual or implied, called proskynesis, which stems from a Greek word meaning literally “kissing in the presence of.” The Greek historian Herodotus first used the word proskynesis to describe the ancient Persian rite of “prostrating oneself before persons and kissing their feet or the hem of their garment, the ground, etc.” But proskynesis can be broadly understood as “the hierarchical prostration of inferior to superior” or, in a narrower cultic sense, as “formal submission in the presence of a being from the divine realm.” In other words, through this act human beings “are to be recognized as belonging to the divine realm.” The New Testament writers have several different ways of expressing this concept, but most often they just directly employ the verb proskyneō (sixty times).Proskynesis before Jesus in the New Testament follows a practice attested throughout the ancient Near East. Prostration formulas are found throughout the Hebrew Bible,

  14. I think deep down the Anglosphere progressives realize they never dealt truthfully with chattel slavery and it’s trade, and rather than having abolished it, they instead monetized it, with the introduction of wage slavery via the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system during the 19th century.

    The political and spiritual descendants of the Puritan slave dealers/owners, and hangers on, hate themselves at a certain level, and are attempting to destroy themselves (and just about everyone else as well) with a type of murder suicide, ie genocide by ‘mixing’ all physical and cultural identity away.

    They should forgive themselves, change their ways, and choose life.

    Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, on her paternal side of the family was directly descended from most likely 17th century Puritan New Englanders.

  15. Europe Europa says

    What has this got to do with the “Anglosphere” as a whole? Britain let black immigrants in in the 1950s, after the fall of the empire the same as countries like France and the Netherlands did but the way you put it it sounds like you think Britain deserves what is happening and the rest of Europe does not, yet there’s no difference.

    Britain’s history really has nothing to do with America, so I don’t get why people lump Britain and America in as the “Anglosphere”. Britain’s history in regards to immigration and race is the same as the other European former colonial powers.

  16. anonymous coward says

    …it’s fundamentally different from other color revolutions in that the demands are about “ending racial inequality” by creating further privileges for blacks.

    Bullshit, every single color revolution was about “ending something-something inequality”.

    The “something-something” here is irrelevant; in each country they substitute their own thing, but the end result is always the same – bringing Jews into power.

    The end result in the American ‘black revolution’ will be the same.

  17. Belarusian Dude says

    I can’t wait for the day someone in the Russoan gov’t says the n word and an RT journalist replies to the pressocrat outcry with “seethe, cope, and dilate”.

  18. reiner Tor says

    The something something was always about becoming rich like the West, improving living standards. Now it’s unclear what the white protesters think they could get out of it – they are protesting on other people’s behalf. This is unusual. The Maidan protesters believed they’d improve their own living standards, at least over time. The white protesters in the USA cannot believe that. Apparently they think their own living standards are somewhat unfairly high, and part of their own money should be redistributed to blacks.

  19. It is a bit silly I’ll admit, though I do have some sympathy with Americans on this issue, the police there do seem quite thuggish. Nevertheless, the personal cost to myself, with my “white privilege” from all of this has been…. absolutely nothing, so for the time being, as far as I’m concerned, they can protest all they like. There were some scuffles in London, but no arson or looting. The rain here might’ve stopped it escalating. Meanwhile the Corona cult had cost me 1/4 life years and counting and is particularly keen to ensure my “young, healthy, non-obese privilege” is checked. If the former helps bring a swift end to the latter then good.

  20. Kent Nationalist says

    Now explain Iceland

  21. Europe Europa says

    The UK is being swept up by this nonsense. The majority opinion seems to be to sympathise with the idea of “black victimhood” and black riots even though this country has nothing to do with what happened in Minneapolis. Even people who would consider themselves “right wing” like Tory voters are jumping on the bandwagon with this.

    These are violent immigrant thugs who in any normal society would have been deported decades ago, in fact in any normal society they would have never been imported at all. Yet in Britain this is very much a minority view, I’d be surprised if more than 1% of native British people have that opinion of black immigrants. Also, the Negro worshipping cult has been ramping up here for a few years here now, it really got going with the idea that Windrushers, the Caribbean immigrants that were imported by the British government on the “Empire Windrush” ship in 1948 are persecuted and the public have really got behind that.

  22. Confused observer says

    There’s a mixture of whites involved

    1. Look at the ages of the participants
      Majority are young and tuned into social media.
      This seems to be the latest viral event that they want to participate in. It’s a “ righteous thing to do” they are on the side of good. they are part of something – no one has liked being isolated for months!!!!
    2. Then there are other whites who see this as Trumps fault – even though this happened in a democratic controlled city!!!

    3. The whites who protest about everything as long as it’s on the left. We have them over here in the UK: called the socialist workers party always ready with posters and people for any seemingly left wing cause.

    4. Democrats are supporting BLM which is a corporate brand – led by god knows who and funded by mysterious white people. Some say George Soros

    5. Whites with a political agenda “defund the police” was trending

    I find the whole thing unsettling and confusing watching from the UK. Race relations are not perfect – but borrowing outrage about something in the USA is ridiculous.

    During Covid19 we were asked to show our appreciation for the health workers, by coming out of our houses to clap every Thursdays at 8pm
    This was really succesful many participating

    It was stopped at the end of May – and now white people are kneeling and posting on social media.

    People like to be part of a movement it seems

  23. Kent Nationalist says

    I haven’t heard anyone sympathise. The average person in Britain hates the protests here and is indifferent about the US.

  24. EldnahYm says

    Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, on her paternal side of the family was directly descended from most likely 17th century Puritan New Englanders.

    Jonathan Singletary Dunham was persecuted by Puritans, who accused him of being a Ranter(he may have been a Quaker in reality), which is why he moved to New Jersey. His grandson Jonathan Dunham would later marry a Quaker woman Mary Smith, great grand-daughter of Quaker Nathaniel FitzRandolph. Given this background, it’s unsurprising that many of Obama’s ancestors/Dunham’s descendants were Methodists.

    Jonathan Singletary Dunham’s father Richard Singletary did take the Freeman’s Oath in the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1638, so we can assume he was a Puritan. It is likely true that Obama is a descendant of Puritans, though this was clearly not the dominant cultural background even of his quite distant ancestors. Jonathan Singletary Dunham and his descendants left New England and did not return.

    Ann Dunham is also descended from John Punch incidentally, though she wouldn’t have known that.

  25. Fluesterwitz says

    Here the demands cannot be understood as being even half rational.

    I have to disagree.
    As has been argued before, over the last 55 years or so, the US put quit a lot of effort into ameliorating the material conditions of disadvantaged ethno-racial groups, specifically blacks. By now it should have become clear that, while material conditions did improve, these improvements are not perceived as such. Basically, the corporate media/culture industry propagandize blacks about their continuing oppressed victim status while the dysfunction (whatever the reasons) of black communities foils whatever material improvements have been achieved. Accordingly, given what they are shown and told, it is not irrational for blacks to demand equality. Even if that means that all others must be as miserable as they are.

  26. reiner Tor says

    I’m talking about the whites who are the majority of the protesters, and who provide the tip of the spear anyway. The blacks are looting, but the whites burn down police stations, they do the political violence. Also I’m talking about the majority (!) of whites who support the protests in some form.

    They are not demanding anything positive for themselves. It’s quite different from the color revolutions, where the protesters believed that they would get higher living standards for themselves.

  27. reiner Tor says

    My point was that it’s way less selfish than the color revolutions, where the protesters, rightly or wrongly, believed that the changes would result in higher living standards for themselves.

  28. Europe Europa says

    I think many on the right have been taken by surprise by this leftist/anti-white uprising spearheaded by blacks. For years they always assumed it would be the Muslims who would rise up and smash the West and usher in an Islamic revolution, they never guessed it would be a black Marxist revolution like in South Africa.

    This is all so different to how most right wing “counter Jihad” types thought things would play out that I think they’re a bit taken aback, they don’t know how to respond to this.

  29. Anti-White says

    We can only hope.

  30. The thing is that this will clearly not be confined to just America and other fellow ZOG puppets. The Russian and Chinese governments might be concern trolling, but eventually this will become a real problem over there as well, both because of mass African immigration and the ZOG regimes will not stop pushing for everyone to convert to this religion. It will very soon come to the situation where Putin/Xi attend a G20 summit and are asked to bend the knee to ZOG (using the nigger worship religion as a front) what will happen then? I doubt they will do it, but then they will have to face a confrontation with violent and fanatical regimes, some of them with nuclear weapons.

  31. The “counter Jihad” types were simply trying to remain within the respectable bounds of what was allowed to be said in society. They thought themselves as risque when they talked about Islam, but never in a million years would they have dared to mention blacks, and obviously not jews because their movement was always there to benefit Israel.

  32. aleksander says

    The riots were completely planned, my friend, and have gone swimmingly. The entire motivation behind them is obviously to vilify whitey. If the media can manufacture 9-11 out of whole cloth, promoting a fake racial narrative is cake.

    But why now? Why smack dap in the middle of a “pandemic” ?

    Well, the ONLY race that might really resist the mandatory vaccine plan for COVID is the white race. Therefore, vilify the white race. Gin up the numbers of poor minorities “dying” from COVID disproportionately, and then make whitey look worse than ever for REFUSING to bow down to Bill Gates’ vaccine.

    They’re three steps ahead of us. THEY’RE TIMING EVERYTHING.

    Get it?


  33. And yet, Nietzsche certainly didn’t act as if he thought the world was perfect, and wanted to change politics and culture in massive ways. And his books are long extremely shrill complaints, so if a desire for revenge is concealed in every complaint…(and all of this applies to people here who are opponents of the current Leftist regime).

    If Nietzsche truly thought that the world was perfect, as the most spiritual men do according to him, he would have not wanted to change the fact that large numbers of men are chandalas motivated by weakness and revenge…he would not have cares or taken it seriously..

    If the world is perfect, what’s wrong with weakness? Why is everything weak bad?

    Nietzsche had great insights – my comments on the other thread about how SJWs are a form of self-overcoming in the line of ascetic monks is straight out of Nietzsche – but he seems never to have had the true courage of his insights.

    He is one of the first European philosophers to recognize the importance of laughter and not being serious, he writes much on this…yet he failed to grasp that if the world is perfect, and the most profound philosophical position is humor, then all his ferocious denunciations of weakness are a joke…he repeatedly recognizes the superficiality of seriousness, yet grows increasingly humorless and serious..

    In any event, Nietzsche certainly captures something true here. People who expect utopia from politics fundamentally misunderstood why they are unhappy.

    Nevertheless, as Nietzsche himself well understood, environments can be more or less conducive to human happiness and flourishing, and can be more or less unbalanced in different ways, so working for limited political or cultural change is not pointless.

    There is no need to go to extremes…

    Still, I think his point that in order to be happy you have to have the correct attitude toward the world – that that is as important if not more important than your environment – is something that we moderns , who overemphasize political and cultural change, need to hear.

  34. Observator says

    It does not matter whether Mr. Floyd was a model citizen or pimping your mom: he was extralegally executed by four policemen. Funny how people who endlessly yammer on about law and order actually have so little respect for the due process that is the heart of law.

    It is counterproductive to assert that white people are obligated to dismantle a system that allegedly endows them with special privilege. It is also absurd to think that someone who perceives he or she has a competitive edge over another because the accident of skin pigment will willingly give up that survival advantage. Humans are not programmed to be that altruistic – or that foolish.

    Even people of good will fumble defining and identifying structural racism, for acknowledging what a huge task it will be to abolish it is daunting and frightens most of us out of taking action. But being treated with respect is not a privilege. Being victimized by discrimination is a human rights violation – but it is also a constant throughout human history. Exploitation and degradation of one’s fellows is the rule of human behavior, not the exception.

    I think contempt for human rights still flourishes in America because of our unique cultural heritage, based in the ruthlessness of unregulated capitalism, with its denial of the value of community and its vicious take-no-prisoners competitiveness. In most other places the people seek to overthrow what Marx called “the parasite class”. In America, we dream of joining it. And shall we not forget that our country was colonized by the religious, political, economic, and criminal rejects of every country in the world. We have been carefully breeding half-mad fanatics here for over four hundred years – as witnessed by this article and most of its comments.

  35. Also, I can’t believe anyone thinks this is actually about blacks and racial justice, rather than general boredom and discontent, or unhappinness with life.

    Countries have revolutions all the time, and there are always “reasons”. Plus, I don’t think it’s smart to take things at face value, expect people to be able to articulate – or even have the self-insight to understand – why they are attracted to certain positions. Sure, they’ll say it’s about blacks, but all they know is they vaguely unhappy..

    Let’s not be over-literal.

  36. Amerimutt Golems says

    It is a Northern European mentality. Anglosphere is just a subset.

    The problem isn’t really ‘negro’ worship or Negromania but propping up so-called disadvantaged groups like blacks, browns, women, girls, LGBTQ types, the handicap and others out of a morbid sense of fairness. This has been disastrous for especially white heterosexual males e.g ‘hate laws’, affirmative action etc.

    K MacDonald covered this topic when he reviewed David Hackett Fischer’s book Fairness and Freedom in TOO;

    Interestingly, until the mid-20th century and then doubtless because of Western influence, there are no words for fairness in languages apart from English, Danish, Norwegian, and Frisian.

    This is what partly led to the American Civil War when fairness-obsessed descendants of Puritans (originally from East Anglia) opposed slavery which was mainly practised in the south by progeny of aristocratic and elist Cavaliers (who come from Southeast England).

  37. LondonBob says

    Puritans loathed Ranters and Quakers, something them and cavaliers could agree on was that they were dangerous disturbers of the peace.

  38. Interestingly, until the mid-20th century and then doubtless because of Western influence, there are no words for fairness in languages apart from English, Danish, Norwegian, and Frisian.

    Did McDonald really write this?

    Because this is obviously untrue.

  39. Ever clear says

    Staged psyop to herd the dumbed down drugged up populace
    The same people pushing this scheme made You believe jet fuel melts Steel ,J F K was shot with a magic bullet able to do a u turn ,weapons of mass destruction in Iraq etc
    Burn your t v

  40. Kent Nationalist says

    Meanwhile, in— Old Holborn ✘ (@Holbornlolz) June 7, 2020

  41. The Russian and Chinese governments might be concern trolling, but eventually this will become a real problem over there as well, both because of mass African immigration and the ZOG regimes will not stop pushing for everyone to convert to this religion.

    There will be no African immigration into Russia or China…they are not as stupid as European Whites.

  42. Europe Europa says

    In a way I find the transplantation of American ethnic strife to England a bit odd, considering native English people do not tend to actively think of themselves as “white” in the way white Americans do.

    Native English people just think of themselves as English and/or British, talking about “colour” has traditionally been seen as vulgar in Britain, the media here doesn’t talk about race like the American media does. “White” as an identifier doesn’t make much sense in England because many foreigners are white, yet they certainly aren’t seen as English.

    The mainstream media in America often addresses white Americans collectively as “white people”, always in a negative, critical sense, but I think most English people would find being addressed as “white people” quite alien and jarring.

  43. Gunga Din says

    When Whites are gone, who will take care of you? LOL

  44. Curmudgeon says

    Never fear Anatoly, The new Magical Negro religion will never be allowed to displace the State Religion – Hololcaustianity.

  45. The mainstream media in America often addresses white Americans collectively as “white people”, always in a negative, critical sense, but I think most English people would find being addressed as “white people” quite alien and jarring.

    The media may address whites collectively but most American whites find it equally jarring…

  46. Rev. Spooner says

    This is from your link to the blog “And so feudalism led to absolutism. And absolutism led to liberalism.”
    Are you nuts? This is true of every system, go on and refute me Mr Anatoly Karlin. It’s not nice to toast marshmallows in a neighbors house on fire.
    Americans are not fighting for any ‘ISM”, they are just fed-up of the bullshit.

  47. In Eastern Europe, still thawing from the Soviet Freezer, #BlackLivesMatters demonstrations have been at least an order of magnitude smaller than in the West.

    In Russia rednecks are already having fun

  48. The contemporary geographical West bears almost nothing of classical Western culture. Another good example is that classical Greco-Roman beauty standards opposes almost all kinds of body modification and mutilations, like tattoos, piercings, scarification, circumcision, etc. Many of these, especially the first two, became predominant in the last 3 decades.

  49. Jaakko Raipala says

    Turns out that the greatest hero of neocons and cuckservatives Winston Churchill was just another white supremacist whose statues need to go.

    The typical cuck response seems to be that the well-meaning mobs must just not be educated enough to understand how much Churchill hated the Nazis. The rioting PoC actually have a better grasp of history than the average Anglo right-wing cuck and his uncritical hero worship of dead crooked politicians and dead crooked empires. The PoC are right in all their complaints while the cucks are defending a fictional Churchill that has been revisioned into an anti-racist because he was a warmonger who picked Germany as a target.

    I hope these rioters attack as many cuckservative heroes as possible. There’s no downside at all to it. All they do is expose the uselessness of the mainstream right-wing which has no response besides “but what about the dream of Martin Luther King??? I don’t even see color!!! why cancel us, we hate Nazis as much as you do???”

  50. Kent Nationalist says

    I am essentially in agreement. However most British people’s liking of Churchill is because he was the leader in a war we won and the ideological ‘anti-fascist’ component has very little to do with it and is something which liberals and conservatives have tried to graft on.

  51. The fact that 14% of Whites strongly oppose these protests makes me optimistic. If we can grow that number to 20-25% who are aware and active rather than just angry, we’ll have the makings of a real pro-White opposition to Woke America. It’s a long and difficult project but it’s certainly possible – and certainly necessary.

    In that our “platform” would include the kind of non-interventionist, America-First foreign policy that Trump ran on and never delivered b/c Israel/Jews, the rest of the world should welcome and support our efforts.

  52. Read the piece. MacDonald goes into some detail. If you have a counter-argument, make it. You’re just making an assertion that it’s “obviously untrue” without addressing the substance of his statement.

  53. Britain had the disgusting habit of leaving huge chunks of the world as powder kegs that others (particular America) would end up having to deal with. Chinese fentanyl distribution is just British opium in China, the abandonment of South Africa to the blacks after stealing it 60 years prior, the British mandate in Palestine, British Petroleum interests in Iran that lead to the ousting of Mossadegh, the Crimean War which almost ended the Turkroach problem once and for all, failure to stop Hitler when they had the power and authority to do so (and thus preventing all the dumb shit that happened as a result of WW2), tens of millions dead in India from casual and frequent starvations, failure to eliminate the Irish once and for all, thus plaguing America with loutish white ignoramuses who have been reliable Democrat voters despite getting fucked over by them many times.

    The British have consistently outstripped everyone and I mean EVERYONE in their ability to dick over everyone else and cause centuries long problems. Frankly, fuck’em.

  54. Morton's toes says

    The 1:11 PM · Jun 2, 2020·Twitter for Android video would not display in thread but it is well worth opening up in another tab. Some blond chick walks up to some cop and is screaming at him at 6 feet and he pulls out pepper spray and blasts her in the face.

  55. Jatt Arya says

    A lot of RWrs support the protests because acceleration-ism though.

    I saw a statistic that said Quebec police kill 25 a year vs 3 a year in the UK.

    Quebec’s population is about 1/5th the UK’s.

    75,000 police killing 25 a year would give a “homicide” rate somewhere in the 30s/100k.

    What exactly are you working to preserve?
    White women have had the right to marry who they please since the beginnings of christianity.

    All your paths lead back to here,

    Christcuckery is why you back down to black chimp outs.
    Meek shall inherit Earth LOL.

    edit – LOL I got comment #56.

  56. EldnahYm says

    Native English people just think of themselves as English and/or British, talking about “colour” has traditionally been seen as vulgar in Britain, the media here doesn’t talk about race like the American media does.

    “Traditionally” here means the last 50 years.

  57. Loup-Bouc says

    Mr. Karlin:

    Of all the Black Lives Matter [“BLM”] articles Unz Review has published since the onset of the riot-and-kaleidoscopice-cause-and-care pandemic I have braved reading, yours is the only sane, intelligent, defensibly imaginative one I have read.

    Thank you.

  58. EldnahYm says

    As I have become older I agree more with the Puritans about Quakerism. The idea that humans are inately good is probably the worst idea anyone can have.

  59. Fairness = Справедливость (Russian)
    = Justice (French)
    = عدل (Arabic )
    = ፍትሃዊነት (Ethiopian)

    Fairness/Justice are basic human concepts, pretending that only the Germanic-related populations has produced words to describe it is completely ludicrous.

    I thought better of Kevin McDonald.

    He really thinks that his Scottish/Pict/Gael ancestors did not know what is fair and what is not?

    This is obviously wrong.

  60. Daniel Chieh says

    I recently said that I would not visit racialist sites anymore because they do not honour Uncle Adolf’s memory. But in times of important news I can break this rule.

  61. Fairly recently I read on the internet a comment from someone that said:

    Everything that’s good in a human being dies around the age of 11.

    It blew my mind. Humans are the most vicious animals that mother nature ever invented. Well, at least at some point most of us used to be good. Then the innocence died, and we revealed our true faces. I think that’s the reason humans like pets, because animals never lose their innocence, they remain goofy and lovable throughout their lives.

  62. Omegabooks says

    Negrolatry–now that’s a good way to put it! And when it happens in Israel, let me know!

  63. Jorge Videla says

    it’s much bigger than negrolatry.

    WMD, russia-gate, ukraine-gate, floyd,…it’s all part of the same thing…

    capital and (((capital))) maintains its power by dividing and distracting and mass media is a far more effective means of propaganda and control than anything stalin could’ve imagined.

    a little looting and burning is very cheap compared to higher taxes.

  64. The only reason white South Africa submitted to the black Marxist revolution was b/c de Klerk gave in to the demands of international zionism/liberalism, watch the photo-ops of him with Soros.
    Militarily the ANC had absolutely no chance. It was the same in Rhodesia

  65. nothing prevents mass deportations. if whites can be forced out of South Africa for historical reasons, then by the same logic blacks can be forced out of European countries, Russia and China. this thing cuts both ways

  66. Agree but Russians are European whites.

  67. Wood Stove says

    It’s funny how Churchill could have “won” that war much easier by accepting Hitler’s peace offers, not teaming up with the USSR, and possibly helping mainland Europe under German leadership utterly destroy Communism in the east.

    Britain would have far less problems today, such as zero Pakistani rape gangs genetically looting your posterity.

  68. That ‘Morning Consult’ poll is full of sh*t. Must be some left wing, globohomo, Joo owned piece of crap. ‘OR’ people just lie in these polls.

  69. ROTFL. This is better than Keystone Cops.

  70. In Bristol, a predominately white crowd kidnapped the statue of our beloved slaver Colston and threw it in the docks. On the FB groups I follow, the most revolting white Guardian readers are very busy chastising anyone who condemns the vandalism as being unreconstructed racists. It’s not Britain anymore. It’s some weird sty populated by a strange melange of deranged, desexed creatures.

  71. Agree that Karlin’s article stands out in a positive sense but it does not take that much to be imaginative when the background is set by racist relics like John Derbyshire, Eric Striker, Jared Taylor and Steve Sailer who keep repeating the same old worn out memes and mantras that have not moved them even one inch closer to the goals that would benefit Whites. Ron Unz project is a sinking ship.

  72. Marlene, you’re a self_overrated shite!

  73. An interesting point about New Zealand is that, in the wake of Corona-Chan, Jacinda has done what Brenton Tarrant wanted, which was to stop Muslim immigration. She pretty much stopped all immigration, didn’t she?

  74. NZ went for the eradication of virus. This option was not put on the table in most of the countries. The question is why?
    Why we were not allowed to consider the option of the virus eradication? Is it because it would be a threat to globalism, it would foster resurgence of nationalistic right, it would bring national unity and solidarity, it would reestablish borders and national sovereignty? Or is it because a high impact of the epidemic was needed to turn the world and world public opinion against China, to turn China into the pariah nation according to the grand geopolitical scheme concocted by the cabal that Steve Bannon was and is occasionally channeling?

  75. This world is the complete reverse of nazi germany worldview

    If in the nazi era the aryans race was putt as a symbol to emulate now the negroe is putt in the pedestals what until not so long ago was considered the lowest of the society
    If unity was our strenght now diversity is
    If in the nazi era discipline, martial and heroic virtues were held as sacred now pacifism ,humility and cuckoldy are
    If eugenesic and improvement of our race in a very aspect posible was considered primordial now misgeneration with the lowest kind , fat acceptance and anything that degrade is promoted.
    science and darwinism for a “magic “subjetivist disgenesic nighmare


    Thesis nazism

    Antithesis cultural marxism

    What would end up being the sintesis ?
    Maybe an exoteric version of race realism ?

  76. We are truly living in the kali yuga

  77. There’s a theory that the hands-clasped-together form of prayer is rooted in the gesture of begging to be made captive (offering one’s wrists to be tied) rather than killed.

  78. The Alarmist says

    In subtractive colour mixing, the combination of all colour revolutions that came before it results in black. In additive colour mixing, you get white. One negative, the other positive. Even the Rev. Farrakhan would only be able to remark, “19, you see?”

  79. The Alarmist says

    OMG, the faces of Police-free America … and the only masks in sight are worn by AntiFa.

  80. Carlos22 says

    These white sjw kids have simply been badly brought up despite their probable middle class background.

    Where were the parents when it came to educating them with a means of critical thinking and avoiding being used by those with an agenda.

  81. This world is the complete reverse of nazi germany worldview

    Not necessarily, it is kind of similar in a way. Remember that Leni Riefenstahl went from making “The Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” to photographing and idolizing African tribes after the War.

    It’s all a materialistic cult of mankind, or more specifically, a cult of a particular racial group, first Aryans, now Africans.

  82. gotmituns says

    I am a PHD in the field of Nergrology. I teach at an well known institution of Higher Learning. My team and I are fast closing in on the Final Solution t the Negro Problem and their handlers.

  83. Its a cult to degrade the humanity to the lowest common denominator -blacks- so jews can rule over the ashes unopossed while aryanism was all about improving yourself to the very limit.

    Nazism was soo correct about everything that jews only needed to turn over every principle to have the most destructive anti european and anti human ideology ever created.

  84. Jatt Arya says

    Brits used to parade Pakis as a source of pride.

    Even helped them genocide Hindus in 71.

  85. timothy hardacre says

    I suggest you look at the comments section in the Online Daily Mail of the UK. I read these most days to get a feel of what a large section of the middle and working class think. Over many years I have never seen such a massive disapproval of the BLM riots over the last few days-there are many thousands of disapprovals of the riots and the movement. In some cases 8000 disapprovals. Graffiti on the Churchill statue and the attempt to burn the Union flag on the Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall seems to have been the last straw.

  86. WTF, Jews have already been in power for a long time in US. Maybe mopping up the last of the opposition and imposing what amounts to tyranny while keeping the outward form of democracy. Plenty of precedent for that.

  87. Agree but Russians are European whites.

    Well kind of…they are white…but their country spans Europe and Asia. They have always set apart from Europe.

  88. Funny how people who endlessly yammer on about law and order…

    Hey, Boomer!

  89. And shall we not forget that our country was colonized by the religious, political, economic, and criminal rejects of every country in the world. We have been carefully breeding half-mad fanatics here for over four hundred years – as witnessed by this article and most of its comments.

    The author and most of the commenters are not from the US.

  90. “Mohammed was probably a pedophile…”

    Wow, dude, you are not only an ignorant bigot but also sick. Anyhow, it was good to hear from an Islam “expert” here.

  91. John Thurloe says

    This completely misses the point. This isn’t so much about Black Rights. It’s that folks are sick of official corruption and this issue will serve. Could be something else and maybe will be so. But this will do for the moment.

    Everything in the U.S. is rotten and corrupt. The crooks run the system and screw regular people. So if this is the wedge, so be it.

  92. But there is hope–China!

  93. The western world’s biggest problem is the lack and the fear of Athenian Debate.

    The west touts the word “Democracy” like crazy. It came from the ancient Greeks.

    Yet, the west forgets the biggest part of Athenian Democracy. It is Athenian Debate.

    Without Athenian Debate in the west, there are no Democracies in the west. We have mandatory Jerusalem Revelation run governments in the western world.

    The BLM is one example. Why can’t one debate it ? If one debates it, according to the west’s MSM Zion rulers, one is going towards to the break up of the big 6 tale. The Big 6 H Industry is the biggest shield used by the west’s MSM Zion control freaks. Any one who doubts anything our Jerusalem Revelation gov. rulers tout, according to them, it all leads one down the road to being a big 6 H denial or questioner.

    Athenian Debates would allow us to debate everything under the sun.

    The few places one can Athenian debate freely is on the internet on sites such as this.

  94. Agathoklis says

    Very true. Tattoos, piercings and scarification were deemed the sign of a criminal or a barbarian in the Greco-Roman world. They valued the athletic body as it was and saw no need to disfigure it. That is why they had such a hard time accepting circumcision.

  95. anonymous coward says

    The western world’s biggest problem is the lack and the fear of Athenian Debate.

    Pretty sure there’s quite a few ones bigger.

  96. Anyone who starts his commenting sections with “If you are new to my work, start here….” and expects us to plow through volumes of his “work” just so we can comprehend the sheer brilliance and magnanimity of his “work” and his latest rant, is clearly a BIGOT of Biblical proportions, to put it politely.

    “If you truly understand a topic, you can explain it to a barmaid” —- Niels Bohr

    Get that, Mr. Genius?

  97. I think that it is the biggest one. The pen is mightier than the sword.

    Look at the great fear of thoughts by western Jerusalem Revelation run governments.

    People go jail for thoughts in the west now.

    Shutdowns of websites and banning of books is to “protect” us from “bad” thoughts or thinking.

    Our western Jerusalem Revelation governments greatest fear is real freedom of speech with no barriers, which is Athenian debate.

    If BLM really mattered so much to our rulers, why are African Americans not allowed a voice of their own or any Americans/westerners not allowed to have a voice of their own. A puppet master must always be on guard watching what they said and think.
    Here is an example of the denial of African Americans of having a real voice in the world. The same game applies to all of us.

    If hip-hop is to escape the fate of every genre that has come before it, we must pool our resources and combine the genius among us to control our own production, manufacturing, distribution and destiny. Jewish control over artists and entertainers has been the order of the day for much too long. Through the power of right guidance and unity we can break this cycle. But, if we remain disunited, we will pass down to the next generation another cultural force that is under the control of another people.

  98. ben sampson says

    Oh mi god! Negrolatry! hahahahahaha

    the haters of Black people are out en force on the Unz R in the riotous wake of the police murder of a Black man. the issue is not a race issue per se but but the Unz’s bum writers are out in force and anger at the aspect of the social rumble we are now in that is positively reflective of centuries of royten treatment of a Blacks people in the USA.

    I mean just the contribution of the Black people to america over the centuries, a gargantuan contribution really to that nation, is worthy of some adulation. I dont know about genuflection however.. and I have not been looking at whats going on deliberately..more interested in the revolutionary I have seen any bowing to Black people. but if there is why the hell not!!! at least for a minute feel like god..even if the potential for rude awakening is really immediate, instantaneous. white people may wake up at any moment!!! hahahahahaha

    but it is a great pleasure to observe the discomfort and anger on the white racists on the Unz’s over the last lil’ while..since the Black lives matter began to develop its current steam. oh mi god they have gone crazy with anger…imminent explosion. which one is going for the machine gun to openly spray demonstrators ats ome point. I would bet on Paul Kersey! I have not seen his byline for somne time now..assuming that he is cleanign and polishing his weapon to enrure maximum effect when he lashes out..rather begins to spray the demonstrations

    Fred Reed, John Derbyshire, Karlin above here..even the Saker from next door has joined in and demonstrates his racism..a Russian at that eh.

    Party time on the Unz as the racist anger flows thick like mud. its all over Unz, in every nook and cranny, pouring out of pores and bile ducts.

    oh man what a time! prolly more to come a I dont expect the world to get easier for the racists. and certainly not better for capitalism. in which case the audience for racism and racist clap trap like this here is vanishing come democracy or dictatorship. imagine in a depopulating Zionist dictatorship such as their lsit of racist here being asked to fall on their own swrords lest they be held down and chopped up!!

    that would be the day…a day I would like to see before my own mandatory vaccine kicks in and robs me of myself. but it would be nice to lose myself in the ‘sooprise’ on the faces of the writing, racist bums here. that should be worth some fun for a while in eternity..even as I dont look forward to eternity with the potential of those guys being aroud. fish! cant get away from then no matter eh.

    still.. the universe is vast, endless.. and I would be able to fly. I am gone..long gone then! hahahahaha

  99. Chris Bridges says

    Negro On The Brain has been an epidemic in places like Boston since the 1800’s. This tragic condition was one of the main causes of the Civil war.

  100. Modi genocided Muslims.

  101. Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque says

    Trump will err badly by trying to “reach out” to those who hate him.

    The cops, including the one who iced Floyd, remain in their job because of the inaction of the Democrats who control the cities and municipalities; they refuse to police the cops.

    Republicans will step in to take the blame for the inaction of the democrats who control all the big cities.

    Why would republicans do this?

    They are known as The Stupid Party for a reason

  102. Loup-Bouc says

    Ron Unz project is a sinking ship.

    Not if we keep fighting psychopathy and suicidal stupidity with hard evidence. See my comment of June 8, 2020 at 1:06 am GMT (comment # 8) posted under Fred Reed, Her Name Is Breonna Taylor, Unz Review (7 June 2020), AND my other comments referenced in that comment.

    Striker, Taylor, Derbyshire, Sailor, and, alas, sometimes Unz, gift looney (but dangerous) White pseudo-progressives and the White greed-elite quite the ammo they need to destroy what’s left of the relatively few, but magnificent, virtues of Western civilization.

  103. I ain’t no genius, but know igorance and bigotry when I see it. Even a barmaid would see it.

  104. Looking at that photograph of whites kneeling before their ebony Gods demonstrates the untapped
    power of the dark art of nignogery. Although far to often in the past it has been used for evil- doing, it is now being used for the good of all men. Upon standing they will often hold hands and sing kumbaya. These lost whites clearly don’t know how lucky they are to be found- to be the chosen ones. All hail the black gods. Amen. Psalm.303

  105. Zarathustra says

    Me thinks:
    All Negrolatrin should be gender neutral.

  106. Zarathustra says

    Guess who most forcefully did clamp down on Black crime.
    It was Bill Clinton -Democrat. This is as We say picha-fusht.

  107. Jatt Arya says

    Then why are they still here?

  108. Really No Shit says

    Ms. Jacob Frye was sobbing because Rev. Al Charlatan had been hard on her arse … let it all out girl!

  109. Welcome to the Jew World Order, where the white Christian world has devolved into a dysfunctional multicultural hellhole, where whites are beaten into submission to worship Jews and blacks, where blacks loot and riot while Jews virtue signal and siphon off all our wealth to Israhell.

  110. Zarathustra says

    Anybody somewhere somehow does realize this absurdity?
    Negroid criminal dies during executing his usual criminal activities.
    Than MSM makes from this criminal the holiest of holy martyr.
    To whom we should all fall on our knees.
    Did the all people of the earth suddenly become totally insane?

  111. Commentator Mike says

    Yes, in a world full of criminals you’d expect them to sanctify someone like this. Surely not an honest man.

  112. … but their country spans Europe and Asia. They have always set apart from Europe.

    Currently the Russians are being pushed into closer ties with China because of the West’s stupid fascination with Crimea (which is Russian) and the control of our foreign policy by Satanic NEOCONS. But the Russians have a long and not always nice history with the ‘Corona virus spewing’ Chin*s. They know not to get too close to them.

  113. Blacks are the Common Thread that runs throughout the culture.

    Whites are the Common Bread that feeds every group.

  114. Carlos22 says

    Apparently Minnesota have just voted to disband the police department.

    God help the US they are truly fucked, funny farm here we come.

    Makes the cops strike in the 80’s movie robocop ( which was meant as a bit of a laugh by the director) look sane by comparison.

  115. Daniel Chieh says

    Do you know if Эпоха мёртвых has been translated into English anywhere? I know its horribly pulp, but it sounds fun from what I’ve read.

  116. But the Russians have a long and not always nice history with the ‘Corona virus spewing’ Chin*s. They know not to get too close to them.

    I do not share your disdain for China.

  117. Never fear Anatoly, The new Magical Negro religion will never be allowed to displace the State Religion – Hololcaustianity.

    It probably already has.

    These young white people are getting a vibe from BLM, George Floyd, statue destruction etc. that is incomparably superior to visiting some gloomy Holocaust museum full of old photos of piled up corpses.

    There’s that direct contact with the victims – blacks, trans, feminists, gays and other radical types + street action + great public shows of faith (repentance, kneeling, chants) and daily battles with the oppressors (police).

    Also, Blacks are much better victims than Jews. Jews aren’t so friendly, they look more like the 1% – they’re mixed up in oppressing Palestinians/ME wars and their Holocaust yarn (6 million disappearing bodies + gas house magic) is about the same level of boring as Jesus’ resurrection/ loaves and fishes magic.

    And since this is happening in real time the MSM looks confused. They’re automatically pushing their white on black violence line (blacks as a political tool to attack Anglos) but weren’t at all expecting young whites to ally with young blacks in a new quasi religious movement. How they handle that, they haven’t figured out.

    Jews are in fact sidelined – and their MSM looks flat footed – with the action moving out of their orbit and onto the street and social media.

    The trouble for Trump and the ZioGlob is the lack of control. 1) It’s much too fluid and 2) It involves unpredictable street mobs and violence + shooting protesters would only create more martyrs to join the beatified St. Floyd.

  118. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    Further, covid and the riots have provided excellent cover for the massive financial theft by the Federal Reserve.

    The Fed has been injecting money into the massive Investment Banks/Big Wall St Players since September. The “Covid” trillions are just a cover to finish this operation up and buy up as much of the economy as possible. The trend line is from central banking to central command economy. Buy bye Free Market!

    This is a Jew coup.

  119. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    You have no insight into this whatsoever.
    Go home.

  120. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    He plans on moving to the mother continent, Africa, and recreating Wakanda. I think he will find the 14 year olds with AK’s chomping on human legs hard to take. Fanatics always fall hard.

  121. Patricus says

    Good Lord, another article of cut and pasted tweets.

  122. June 8, 2020 Protests spread over police shootings. Police promised reforms. Every year, they still shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people.

    Protests against the use of deadly force by police swept across the country in 2015.

    Jun 8, 2020 Minneapolis Police Conduct Drive-by Pepper Spraying on Peaceful Protesters

  123. Over the weekend, a Virginia man was arrested for driving his truck into a crowd of protesters. It has now been revealed that the accused, Harry H. Rogers, is also the head of the Virginia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

    WTVR News reported Monday that Rogers was charged by police with attempted malicious wounding (a felony), destruction of property (also a felony), and assault and battery (a misdemeanor) after the incident. When he was arrested, Rogers confessed to officers he is the president of the Ku Klux Klan in the state and claimed to be the highest-ranking member of the Klan that is not in prison.’

    This guy has strong similarity to you . May be he should start writing his thought while rotting at his home or in jail or in one of the evangelical meetings .

  124. Cornelius says

    IT IS a religion. As Richard Spencer and Edward Dutton recently said,

  125. its not an article . its a shit pice of weird idea mixed with vile wrath of a loser who hopes for a resurgence of 18th century racism. We can understand . Without it ,he has no meaning left in life or any prospect for a career . May be some shithead will emerge in Poland or Russia or Hungary to offer him bunch of ropes . He has chosen a wrong country .

  126. S on him and S on you

    I couldnt take what your kind say seriously anymore , devils dresses as saints thats what all of you are.

  127. In our own world, we may regard English language proficiency and Westernist geopolitical orientation as played much the same roles, as the “funnels” through which Chaos seeps into the mortal plane.

    That is not merely true, but is essential truth to mark which things culturally must be resisted in order not to be perverted and then destroyed.

    WASP culture is the great problem.

  128. They were also wrong, or they wouldn’t have lost.

    But now it’s worse, I’ll grant that.

    Things are going down fast.

  129. I think I’d worship hyenas and snakes before I’d worship blacks.

    Clown world is no longer funny.

  130. Shaman911 says

    Jews and the Black nobility. Stirr’n shit up from Karnak to Kanye!
    5000 years of deception

  131. Curmudgeon says

    What is happening is coordinated. The MSM narrative is driving, not following.
    The facts are: police were called, and they responded; the suspect was asked to get out of his vehicle, and did so; the suspect was handcuffed and was being transferred to a police car; the “offending” police officer arrived on the scene at the time the suspect violently resisted getting into the police vehicle; the “offending” police officer took part in restraining the suspect, and used a Department approved restraining technique; calls for medical assistance were made at the front end of subduing the suspect, and during restraint; medical personnel attended with no bags of medical equipment, only a basket to remove the suspect.
    The reaction of the politicians was to fire the officers, almost immediately, then charge them with murder. There was no possibility any proper investigation could have taken place, or a Grand Jury convened to review evidence of that investigation in that time frame. That would include the reported lethal dose of Fentanyl in his bloodstream, which was in the coroner’s report.

    So, the questions are:
    – would there have been rioting and looting and street protests, if George Floyd had been White?
    – why would an officer be fired for using a restraining technique approved by his employer?
    – if it’s allegedly about police violence, why are Black Lives Matter involved?
    – if it’s allegedly about police violence, why is there rioting and looting?
    – if it’s about justice for George Floyd, why are they protesting police brutality, when the “offending” officers have been charged for their alleged brutality?
    – how is racism institutionalized when the “offending” police officers, one of whom is of Asian extraction, have been charged?
    – how is any of this Donald Trump’s fault?
    – why was George Floyd’s coffin so small?
    – would anyone really have though about voting for a senile Joe Biden before this?

    All of the above questions are ignored by the MSM, the Mayor, the city council, and just about everybody else. No, the MSM has this narrative well under control, and it will end as soon as the time of the next “rocket attack” on Israel is determined.

  132. “Revealed” yeh, right

    Just like Isis is revealed to be an Israel/US operation. Of coarse, he would “reveal”
    himself the newest boogieman for Israel/US games. We don’t live in an Athenian Debate Democracy after all. Jerusalem “Revelation” is what the western ruled lands are all about. So this “revealed” stuff about this guy fits like a glove with our ruling system.

    ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag. For many alternative news readers, this may be patently obvious, but this article is written for the large majority of people in the world who still have no idea who is really behind the rise of ISIS. No matter which name they go by – ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh – the group has been deliberately engineered by the US and Israel to achieve certain geopolitical goals. They are a religious, fundamentalist, Sunni terrorist organization created to terrorize and overthrow certain secular or Shiite Arab nations such as Syria and Iraq, but they are not just “Islamic”. They may be Muslims, and they may be advocating an Islamic State, but they are very much working towards the goals of Zionism.

    Evangelicals are a Jewish cult for non-Jews. It is not a Christian sect. Any Christian from the first centuries of Christianity would not comprehend this Israel mania of the Evangelicals. Samuel Untermeyer, a Jewish Zionist, created the Scofield Bible.

    That someone, Canfield suspects, was associated with one of the club’s committee members, the Wall Street lawyer Samuel Untermeyer. As Canfield intimates, Scofield’s theology was “most helpful in getting Fundamentalist Christians to back the international interest in one of Untermeyer’s pet projects—the Zionist Movement.”

    Others have been even more explicit about the nature of Scofield’s service to the Zionist agenda. In “Unjust War Theory: Christian Zionism and the Road to Jerusalem,” Prof. David W. Lutz writes, “Untermeyer used Scofield, a Kansas City lawyer with no formal training in theology, to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism. Untermeyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe.”

  133. Sunshine says

    Shouldn’t you be out rioting and looting somewhere? Maybe loot a library, learn to read, write and spell.

    If you’re white, the future won’t be kind to you. Neither will the blacks you attempt to defend, in your incoherent, low IQ fashion. Oh well, you get what you deserve, good and hard. Open wide, enjoy your injection of diversity!

  134. Curmudgeon says

    I’m a Boomer, and have no problem with law and order. In Western societies, we have the (alleged) ability to object, and follow a process to see the law changed if it is a bad law.

    In this case, @Observator isn’t siding with law and order, he’s opposing it. St. George was apprehended for an alleged criminal act. He was lawfully taken into custody, and given a lawful order to get into the police car. When he became violent and refused to follow the lawful order, he was lawfully restrained using Police Department approved restraining techniques.
    The basis of law in Western societies is to comply with lawful orders and complain afterward. There was nothing to compel St. George to talk to police. If he believed he was being unlawfully detained, the process is to comply with the detention and file a complaint at a later time. Failing to comply is always problematic.
    I’m always surprised at people’s reactions when you ask if they let their kids do whatever they want, and get away with not following “the rules”. I have yet to hear one say yes. What they do to enforce it, may or may not be legal, but they will enforce. Isn’t enforcement of the rules what we ask police to do? If they do it according to the law and their “rules”, there should be no consequences for them. If they don’t follow the “rules” and/or do it illegally, there should be.
    Justice is a process, not a result.

  135. Curmudgeon says

    It’s that folks are sick of official corruption and this issue will serve.

    Ok, so what is the “official corruption” in this case? Is it the police using its authority to restrain an alleged offender failing to comply with a lawful order? Is it the police using a restraining technique approved by the police department? Is it that the approved restraining technique is dangerous?

    Pleas tell me what the “official corruption” is, as it relates to these events, and how Donald Trump plays any part of it?

  136. Mefobills says

    Below is link of BLM’s specific demands. Negrolatry is not only insane from the white perspective, but also insane BLM demands.

    Clown world has to be funded into existence, hence my focus on the monetative. Thanks Jews.

  137. Get some help .

  138. Howdy Moi….. Perhaps I owe you an apology for things I said in the past that may have been unfair. I apologize. Anyway, my “Genius” appellation was intended for Mr. Karlin, not you.

    Sorry once again.

  139. Mefobills says

    NSDAP was not a cult of materialism. National Socialism was a reaction against materialism inherent in liberalism/finance capitalism.

    If there was a cult of German Aryan racial grouping, then the Waffen SS would have not been possible.

    From Richard Tedore, “Hitler’s revolution” page 267

    Late in 1940, the Waffen SS established its first division incorporating Germanic volunteers. Flemish and Dutch enrolled in the Westland regiment, while Nordland recruited Norwegians and Danes. Joined by the seasoned VT regiment Germania, these formations merged into the 5th Waffen SS division Wiking (Viking). The roster included 400 Finns, plus smaller contingents from Switzerland and Sweden.51 Hausser later observed, “They thought beyond the boundaries of their national states toward something greater, a common purpose.”52 A post-war poll of surviving Dutch SS men summarized that “the better educated were fascinated by the Reich concept, with its prospect of the consolidation of all Germanic peoples.”53 The Israeli historian Zeev Sternhell saw their commitment as proof that “there could be a civilization based not on birth or on the privilege of wealth, but on community spirit…. They sought new values which could guarantee the state’s cohesion, and this disavowal of materialism excited, fulfilled and influenced the spirit of many Europeans—and not just the least prominent among them.” 54

    and on page 285

    The SS planned to establish a European union with close economic cooperation and a universal currency system, without German domination. “The loyalty of the foreign SS men gave Himmler more weight . . . in opposing official German policy. These men were not in the slightest degree of a subservient nature,” wrote Schwarz van Berk.104 Eventually non-Germans became the majority in half of the SS combat divisions in active service

  140. Espinoza says

    BLM is a better religion than Christianity. BLM has at its root rebellion and violence, whereas Christianity wants its followers to be sheep to be slaughter. Christianity is a religion of slaves. BLM is a religion of insurrection.

    Whites adopt Christianity and it proves that whites are inferior to Jews.

  141. Astuteobservor II says

    Why replacement? BLM can easily be taken under the H narrative. Just like how Christianity has been taken over by the the Jewish.

  142. Old Palo Altan says

    Rather naive, don’t you think? Haven’t you ever seen a mob of eight year olds bullying the class nerd?

    But there is some truth to it: I was only saying the other day that Mozart’s music changed for the worse after he reached puberty (which is of course the real issue here); not musically of course but morally.

    Listen to Apollo et Hyacinthus (written when Mozart was 11) and, if you know or care anything at all about music, you’ll hear what I am getting at.

  143. Old Palo Altan says

    Britain would have far less problems today”?

    You mean the world.

  144. The most intelligent comment on this ice read so far comes from the excellent blog

    June 8. This is really obvious: the police are used against lower-class crimes, and not upper-class crimes. When Facebook breaks a law, cops are not going to march into Mark Zuckerberg’s office and tase him if he resists. I mean, if he does something really bad, the police will show their presence, but they don’t need to, because he knows if he runs away, they’ll finally start treating him the way they treat the lower class by default.

    At the same time, big government can stand up to big money. So when someone says they’re anti-government and pro-police, what they mean is they support force going down the pyramid, but not up it.

    For all of history, force has gone down the pyramid while wealth has gone up it. America didn’t change that, we just had enough prosperity to buy off the middle class. As the age of economic growth ends, the middle class cannot be bought off, and they’re noticing that their interests align with the lower class.

    I’m actually proud of how well America is handling this. We’re working through a lot of shit in a short time with minimal casualties, and seriously talking about real reforms.

    Four links on how policing could be done differently. First, Are Cops Constitutional?

    Professional police were unknown to the United States in 1789, and first appeared in America almost a half-century after the Constitution’s ratification. The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called upon when necessary. This article marshals extensive historical and legal evidence to show that modern policing is in many ways inconsistent with the original intent of America’s founding documents.

    From the NY Times, Cities ask if it’s time to defund police and reimagine public safety. Specifically, “many social welfare tasks that currently fall to armed police officers – responding to drug overdoses, and working with people who have a mental illness or are homeless – would be better carried out by nurses or social workers.” That means fewer jobs for people trained in using force, and more jobs for people trained in engaging citizens without force.

    Rolling Stone has just reposted this 2014 piece, Six Ideas for a Cop-Free World.

    And What America can learn from Nordic police. Reading this makes me realize how really authoritarian America is. Our baseline culture takes for granted that torture works, that sentences should be long and prisons should be dreadful, that being nice to people is a bottomless sink, and humans will only serve the larger good under threat of punishment. Nordic countries are assuming the opposite, and it’s working better for them.

  145. Another superb comment from Mr Prieur –

    May 30. I just want to follow up from last night before the situation changes too much. I was in the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, and though they started out as a fun street party, they got increasingly ugly. But compare these protests to literally any war. The damage to buildings is less, the rate of serious injury is a tiny fraction, it’s much easier to opt out, and a lot of people are having a good time, while in a war, no one is. And yet people will apologize for war and say that it’s necessary. Maybe there’s a necessary level of domestic unrest.

    2020 is supposed to be a bad year, but I’m really impressed with how good a job humans are doing. Coronavirus is a cutting-edge pandemic, and it hasn’t even killed one in ten thousand of us. It wasn’t long ago that protesters would be cut down with live bullets. Compare the death of George Floyd to the death of Emmett Till, a 14 year old who was lynched after being falsely accused of flirting with a white woman, nobody was held accountable, and that was only 1955.

    In 1955 Spain had a strict-definition fascist dictator, and now they have a guaranteed income. In 1955 there was no ecology movement, homosexuality was a mental illness, the average woman had five children, and psilocybin hadn’t even been named yet. I mean, we still have a long way to go in terms of policy, but if you look at our understanding, it’s like humans are finally starting to figure shit out.

  146. Niebelheim says

    Seems like a racial wedge between people, not official oppression but “white privilege”. All that will come out of this is more black racism (whites are the problem), white backlash (blacks hate whites who did them no harm other than being white), and more government to micromanage speech (political correctness, censorship, laws against speech the elites hate (hate speech) and economic relations (racial spoils system, retribution for political incorrectness). The goal of the elites pushing this obviously isn’t to correct governmental overreach.

  147. fredyetagain aka superhonky says

    What are you on about, jogger?

  148. OscarWildeLoveChild says
  149. Marshall Lentini says

    Anytime Nietzsche is mentioned, there’s always someone to come along with their shoulders out to knock down their own little Nietzschean straw man. Nietzsche said this, but did this; if he believed this, then how could he say that? It never fails. Nothing but the mindless consistency of zen koans will do. It’s just unacceptable for a man to hate something yet also love existence in spite of it.

    Saying yes and no is all so exhausting. And didn’t Zarathustra himself warn against “setting thy chair between For and Against”? Another contradiction!

    If Nietzsche truly thought that the world was perfect, as the most spiritual men do according to him,

    False inference: he doesn’t say that he believes the world to be perfect; he only asserts that the most spiritual men do so.

    If the world is perfect, what’s wrong with weakness? Why is everything weak bad?

    He doesn’t condemn weakness, chandalas, or slave morality as such; he frequently acknowledges that without all of these things, the master race – let’s just call it that – would have nothing to stand on. He condemns the political ascendancy of slave morality in the guise of democracy and equality.

    yet grows increasingly humorless and serious..

    Ecce Homo is humorless and serious?

    There is no need to go to extremes…

    Seeing what blacks are up to lately, I’d say there’s an argument to be made for extreme measures, not that white people anywhere have the balls for it.

  150. “What you have in #BlackLivesMatter is an emerging religion, complete with its own pantheon of saints and martyrs and the latest iteration of what some have called negrolatry, or the Cult of the Magical Negro..

    The latest “saint” in this religion was a highly flawed human being, to put it charitably. Career criminal, drug dealer, someone who threatened a pregnant woman with a gun during a robbery and then testified against his “colleagues” in exchange for a lighter sentence. He was quite clearly negative value added so far as his moral (or economic) worth to society is concerned. Then again, same goes for many prophets and founders of the great religions. The early Christians were the OG Bioleninists. Mohammed was probably a pedophile and a genocidaire. And so forth.”

    After that nonsense I didn’t see any point to reading further. But seriously what would one expect from a critter whose initial scribblings about the coronavirus in China sounded more like gloating than anything else.

  151. Mefobills says

    Even wikipedia refrains from calling Franco fascist.

    It is called fascitized, or semi-fascist, or fascist trappings.

    A fascist country, since the money power is under state control, is more likely than a corporotocracy (rule by corporations) to have guaranteed income.

    The ecology movement has evolved from ‘don’t litter on mother earth’ to global warming hysteria, with international corporations wanting to control countries, for example TTIP, along with a hidden legal (((kritarchy))) making decisions in absentia. You country X will have to pay X amount, and to hell with your national sovereignty.

    I’m not familiar with Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany wanting to despoil the environment? Whereas in a corportocracy, the environment is abused to “lower prices.” Externalities are not priced into goods, to then appear as if more competitive. To fix the excess of corporate greed requires that nations relinquish control to… corporations.

    Homosexuality in today’s world is being normed as if it is OK. Go to the gay disco, and don’t reproduce. The owned media pushes narrative that is unnatural to be straight white male. Liberalism is a mental illness in that it sterilizes civilization with usury and degeneracy. Import more third world people, and don’t reproduce! Fall on your knees and worship the negro… after you go to the gay disco of course.

    With regards to women having 5 children, why is that a bad thing?

    People are rioting because their futures have been foreclosed. They are figuring it out… it is finance plutocracy that is grabbing for itself. The recent Covid pandemic bills passed in Congress (in an emergency of course) were one of the largest transfers of wealth in history, and this wealth transferred to big business and finance corporations.

  152. DanFromCT says

    What is being supressed is the need for white people in America to recognize they’re being genocided by the Democrats’ coalition of homicidally anti-White POCs, and the question is how to prepare to defend ourselves after Trump and the Republicans lose in November and the Dems come for the guns of whites only.

    Furthermore, the move to disband the police and replace them with “social workers” is simply a variation of Obama’s promise to deliver a million-strong, uniformed army who most certainly will be armed after some concocted attacks on them. This army—the new “police” in America—will be raised from among these homicidally anti-White BLM and former ACORN communist apparatchiks, and like all things having to do with liberal/left manipulation of blacks, this federalized occupation army will be run by leftist whites. This army’s first task will be going door to door to confiscate guns once Biden abjures next Jan 21 to his VP—the race-bating, race hustling, homicidally anti-White Stacey Abrams.

    We see from early predictive programming from closely identified Jewish identitarians like Tim Wise—given free airtime by CNN—that white children will be treated as adult combatants and treated accordingly. The proper context of what this means for white children in America, coming from American Jews who identify as Israelis as Wise does, is the Israeli best seller of some years ago The King’s Torah. According to a review by Haaretz, the book “reads like a rabbinic instruction manual outlining acceptable scenarios for killing non-Jewish babies, children and adults,” in this case substituting white American children for the Palestinians.

  153. Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque says

    Yeah, good point. It was also Clinton who instituted and help pass welfare reform

  154. He doesn’t condemn weakness, chandalas, or slave morality as such

    Well, in Dmitry’s quote, Nietzsche says exactly that what is bad is weakness.

    That is actually the major theme of all his writing.

    Ecce Homo is humorless and serious?

    The idea of the “overman” – that man must develop into something superior – takes humanity and life very seriously indeed.

    Its not exactly easy going.

    False inference: he doesn’t say that he believes the world to be perfect; he only asserts that the most spiritual men do so


    Ok, but isn’t he saying that that’s the highest attitude one might have, if one could attain to it – that the world is perfect? (Which I agree with, btw)

  155. Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque says

    Who is it that trains Americans cops to act this way, and where do they live?

    O, I am sure the will be a focus on a future Tucker Carlson commentary ):

  156. It is ironic that today June 8th is the 53 anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

    June 8th, of all days, the public memorial of George Floyd was held in Houston, Texas.

    The state of Minnesota, where Floyd was killed, trains its police officers in the best that Israel has to offer in the art of suppression. At least 100 of its law enforcement officers attended a counterterrorism conference with their Israeli counterparts in 2012. Concerns that law enforcement operations could violate civil rights were apparently discussed during the conference.

  157. People are rioting because their futures have been foreclosed. They are figuring it out… it is finance plutocracy that is grabbing for itself. The recent Covid pandemic bills passed in Congress (in an emergency of course) were one of the largest transfers of wealth in history, and this wealth transferred to big business and finance corporations

    I think this is Prieur’s point. This isn’t really about race.

    And historically, the elites have always captured most of the wealth. His point is that in America, for a brief period, because of growth, there was enough wealth to bribe the middle classes with.

    With no more growth, the elites have returned to capturing all the wealth for themselves. And the middle classes are realizing this so allying with the lower classes.

  158. attilathehen says

    Derbyshire is a degenerate with a Chinese wife and family. Taylor and Sailer are Jew-controlled, shabbas goys.

    Jared Taylor would always start his racial scribblings and babblings by stating that Asians and Jews are smarter than whites. They are not and had nothing to do with the development of Western civilization.

    Derbyshire has scribbled that Asians are smarter than whites. He’s deranged.

    Striker is an anti-Semite. He does have interesting articles but he always goes back to the Jews. It is not the Jews. It is the cucked Western male (who is not homo/black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) who is the source of the West’s problems.

  159. The dark matter versus the black matter

  160. “It is the cucked western male…..”
    Enjoy all those pictures of white males kneeling in supplication before the new master race, africans? Not just fruity looking lefties with pony tails, but also cops and mayors and federal politicians. This is well beyond degenerate……it is insane. What next……..white males on their knees offering up their mouths to africans or bending over offering up their buttholes (don’t forget the vaseline)? Hell, the depraved fools offered up their women to the jungle people long ago………..

  161. Mefobills says

    I think this is Prieur’s point. This isn’t really about race.

    We can probably agree that the “elite” class is hostile and grabbing, and sows racial division to then divert attention from their rent-seeking.

    Race divisions are still real, with the divisions being exploited. The covid pandemic was probably real at first, then exploited by privateers to ‘grab” resources from the public domain.

    My point is that liberalism is dying a well deserved death, because it is based on false premises.

    I accuse our (((friends))) of being thought leaders for liberalism, and agents for mammon.

    No high trust civilization can stand, if the people themselves become degraded and immoral. An authoritarian state then becomes necessary. The people will clamor for a “king” when things spiral out of control.

  162. Mefobills says

    It is the cucked western male…..”
    Enjoy all those pictures of white males kneeling in supplication before the new master race, africans? Not just fruity looking lefties with pony tails, but also cops and mayors and federal politicians. This is well beyond degenerate……it is insane

    Do you always blame the victim?

    If a person is immersed in BS narrative from birth to death, and said narrative is parroted by friends and family, then that person is likely to become another cucked sheeple. It takes an enormous amount of will power to resist false narrative… false programming.

    You are allowed to be disgusted by the cucks, but have some sympathy … not all people can have independence of thought like you.

    Who are the narrative controllers? Who owns the money power, to then program people with false narrative?

  163. I agree with you that economic liberalism is dying a well deserved death. Its too harsh a system, especially the American version.

    Its like a war or athletic competition – you can do it for a while, but you can’t keep it up forever.

    But for me that’s cause for hope – if you look past all the surface insanity with its race nonsense, which is not the real issue. Sometimes you have to read the subtext and not take things literally.

    Race divisions are real, I agree. But with a unifying culture and a better economic system, they don’t have to be as serious as they are now. I’m not saying it’s ever a good idea to import large amounts of people from another race, but let’s face it, historically, human beings fight over all kinds of divisions – religion, culture, values, opinions, lifestyles. Race is probably not even in the top 5. Its just one more thing people fight over. Civil Wars in same race countries are common, as is war between racial kin.

    But I do agree that it’s probably most healthy for any given country to have a majority from one race. I’m not an extremist on race in any direction – its neither completely irrelevant, nor is it the most common source of conflict. Both positions just make too big a deal of the issue. I don’t think we have to come up with flawlessly “pure” positions on race – we can have “messy” positions that aren’t straight lines, like a certain amount from each race may be OK or even enriching, and using intuition and judgement to decide when that’s enough, without getting hung up on needing to justify it with airtight mathematical arguments.

    Don’t necessarily agree with you on the (((friends))) thing – economic liberalism was an English invention. Jews in America overwhelmingly vote for higher taxes and government regulations, donate to charities at a disproportionate rate, fund public goods like hospitals and colleges at a disproportionate rate, and Israel was socialist till the 90s and is still closer to the European model. Marx was Jewish, and he produced European culture’s great riposte to Adam Smith. Still, I agree that Jews have benefited from economic liberalism and there is a powerful faction that support the most ruthless form of it. You’re not wrong, but the picture is nuanced.

  164. anon8383892 says

    Fascinating conjecture. I’ve heard corroborating data recently, a lot of this is old bloodline feuds at very high levels, levels at which idiosyncratic neuroses can kill thousands in an hour, so yeah… it’s possible there is some kind of ritual like that going on. Of course, a lot of things are possible, including that our high level elites have been compromised and are being controlled by a foreign power.
    Another reason to harp on decentralization of sovereignty (most sovereignty should be in the man/family, then a bit is channeled up into community –> state –> federal level, minimal needed) including counter-intelligence potential, is that it constitutes a hardening against active-measure attacks. If we are ruled by a tiny and vampiric 0.1%, that in itself is bad, but it is also a vulnerability in that those tiny little cabals that run our empire are single points of failure. If they are compromised, then the whole show is, and we’d never know. We’d still be whining about the ‘powers that be’. I think there is an element of this at work too; the feeble decadent power elites were simply overrun in their castles, and we suffer under wholy new leadership without ever having a clue. Just a thought, maybe…

  165. Loup-Bouc says

    You will love these news-reports:

    Now enters another essentially good, Benthamian-utilitarian measure, The Justice in Policing Act of 2020, that Democrats and some Republicans will transmute into legislation horrendous (in its own way ) as the Patriot Act and 28 U.S.C. 2254

    28 U.S.C. 2254 was a product of Bill & Hillary Clinton and other not-quite-closeted racists who wanted to lock up or execute many Blacks as possible — any even semblance of justice be damned. [And Blacks voted for Bill and Hillary by the droves! And now they will vote for Biden, though he was an avid supporter of 28 U.S.C. 2254 and sundry peices of federal banking and credit statutes that made maybe 90% of the Black population (and perhaps 75% of the non-Black population) slaves of credit card and junk mortgage debt.]

    Bill & Hillary Clinton’s anti-Black purpose was quite bad enough. But worse has been the hugely increased frequency of false convictions of not only Blacks, but also Whites. That statute and its companion, 28 U.S. Code § 2253 (limiting appellate relief) and related U.S. Supreme Court decisions have all-but-completely abolished the Writ of Habeas Corpus, for all people (of the very many) who happen to be victims of phony arrests, phony prosecutions, and pro-conviction-biased state court process.

  166. What next……..white males on their knees offering up their mouths to africans or bending over offering up their buttholes (don’t forget the vaseline)

    You see Priss Factor, there will be positives to this.

  167. anon8383892 says

    Nietzsche is super fucking complicated. Definitely at least apparently self-contradictory, especially if taken literally at face value. Everything is very contextual. Super allusive and senstive to nuance and resonance. A level of erudition likely not in existence these days, but whatever, same can be said for many eras including this one eventually. In my early years I only wanted science, or meta-science; I just laughed at Hegel and threw it away, Nietzsche seemed to me an angry poet — at that time I myself was technically an acid-head artist musician and I wanted nothing to do with it. I wanted like A.N. Whitehead, Bertrand Russel, the kind of classical, like William James. Very logical exposition. I only really got into philosophy properly — I’d done the eastern metaphysics thing, but I’m talking about the Western school now — by that I mean philosophy as something more than an adjunct to science, when a close friend introduced me to Gilles Deleuze. Later I read that one’s “Nietzsche and Philosophy”, and only then did I over the course of a decade parse through Nietzsche’s own, in particular the PreSocratics material from his seminar when he was a philologist.

    I only wanted to say, to Christians, Nietzsche’s sister was a devout believer, and his father was a minister. His sister claimed after his death that people misunderstood his work, something about what he was saying. Idk, just suggest you look through the work and take of it what you may. Also Rudolf Steiner, another kind of Christian, if I’m not mistaken. I also count Jung here, but some reject him. …

  168. ben sampson says

    got to lot to do time to edit. I have faith that at least two of you can wade through and understand…

    look man..I did not make much of a contribution to the way the world is..which is what we are here talking about. I see nature as the arbiter of existence, that generated all we know and see…the universe that is made up of all the elements of life.

    white people…Anglo, Saxon. Jutes..created a whole ridiculous content they insinuated between nature and humanity and here we are, function in that bullshit, hateful, divided, full of war…on the brink of extinction.

    a racist fool like like you have the temerity to call me low IQ in criticism of the racism here, looking to contribute to a better situation coming about in the world. do you know what you must do for that to happen…leave the world alone, go home and live your life in your house and home and leave the world alone to do the same!

    it is you god dam white people..especially the English and the Khazars… all over the world doing wickedness to the rest of the human species, taking their lands, drving them to starvation, genociding them etc., that has brought the world to this point of crisis.

    just take a good look at this jackass blog and its content…the Unz Review! there is little here that lead in positive directions out of the human mess at this stage. there is a whole lot that makes it worse.

    what the hell was I doing here..looking for the positive. there is none from all you high IQ non library raiders who went to school and did not have to steal books to learn how to read. but who paid for your schools untimately, with their treasure, lands and homes, lives and labor..all looted by you and your kind! you are thief and a killer under your egregious cover of wanderlus and lebensraum.

    I dont particularly care to write carefully for you to read..edit all I put down. read it if you can…you shud not have a problem if yu went to skool. this blog is crackpot propaganda, part of the ongoing process of social control by the elites/deep state/whoever the hell else that control the planet and keeping the people by one supreme intellect lording it over a huge bunch of racist writers, tantatalizing the racist hoi at a time of crisis..attempting to lead them into the fray doing the work of the elites, totally copted

    but thats what the elites do..make us pay for everything, do their work for them against our own selves, to co-opt us into being their cadres in enslaving ourselves. and you appear to be a willing soul.
    ta ta! goodbye Unz R. its been a slice
    no time to edit again.

  169. Mefobills says

    Don’t necessarily agree with you on the (((friends))) thing – economic liberalism was an English invention.

    No, it’s Jewish. The modern version was cooked up during the Levantine period of Roman empire. Merchant “method” goes even back further in time to Haibaru Caravaneers. These were the first “internationalists” who moved goods about by caravan, and simultaneously took rents on the exchange rates between silver and gold.

    The English took up liberalism readily though, no doubt. It might have something to do with being an Island people, and not having much in the way of natural resources. Our Jewish friends also funded Protestantism, or rather a faction of Sephardic Jews out of Amsterdam funded Calvin. Which came first, chicken or egg… I’m not sure. Calvin was probably already a old testament Judaizer before his funding.

    Still, I agree that Jews have benefited from economic liberalism and there is a powerful faction that support the most ruthless form of it. You’re not wrong, but the picture is nuanced

    Our Jewish friends are not monolithic. I am very fond of Jews who muster the courage to walk away from their religion, or who refuse to become immoral. These folks are brave in the extreme because they are swimming upstream.

  170. What will be the next big thing?

    The hurricane season.

    This year, oceans are going to be mad.
    We are at the start of June, and there were already three named storms in the Atlantic. This is unprecendented.

    You may be on to something.

    Just as solar maximum sees many sunspots, the trough of solar minimum features zero sunspots—and that’s what’s going on now. However, it’s been continuing rather longer than expected, which means the Sun is in the midst of a particularly deep solar minimum. The most infamous happened between 1645 to 1715 when a “Maunder Minimum” saw a prolonged sunspot minimum when sunspots were very rare for an extended period.

    The Maunder Minimum is closely associated with the depths of the Little Ice Age in 1650-1710, which Forbes writer Jamie Carter failed to mention.

    During the LIA, many innocent old women were put to death in Europe, burned alive at the stake after being accused of witchcraft, consorting with the devil, and summoning the tempest with storms and hail smashing crops ready for harvest, among other misdeeds, with the misnamed Roman Catholic Pope Innocent VIII providing instructions in his infamous papal bull for dealing with the witches, so this collective insanity may be one of the distinguishing characteristics of our species, sad to say, and yes, I’m talking about religion.

    Now I’m briefly going off on a little tangent into a related area. Please see this intriguing article at WUWT COVID-19 Global Economic Downturn not Affecting CO2 Rise: May 2020 Update where decreased industrial activity during the “lock down” has not slowed or affected the apparent rate of growth of atmospheric carbon dioxide, an early indication supporting long-standing arguments that man’s activities play little role, if any, in adding to atmospheric CO₂, which most likely is being driven by the oceans outgassing the magic molecule in the same way your beer or sody pop loses carbonation as it gets warm and goes flat.

    We know it has been getting warmer since the Little Ice Age so it should be no surprise that the warning oceans have been venting CO₂, and so has the warmer soil. Natural sources of CO₂ overwhelm man’s relatively dinky contributions to the total.

    Now to bring this back around on topic and wrap it up, is there any chance that the ongoing solar minimum has had any effect on the rise and spread of COVID-19, or on the apparent collective insanity of our own species?

  171. Enjoy all those pictures of white males kneeling in supplication before the new master race, africans? Not just fruity looking lefties with pony tails, but also cops and mayors and federal politicians. This is well beyond degenerate……it is insane.

    People have been being programmed for this for decades. Witness Governor Breck below ‘bending the knee’ to Caesar in 1972’s Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

    [Intriguingly, a premise of the movie is that after a global pandemic kills off the Earth’s cat’s and dogs, the United States has devolved into an authoritarian police state with ‘provinces’ ruled over by ‘governors’.]

    My take from the movie is…so, this is how so called self declared ‘progressives’ (as almost without doubt the movie’s producer(s) were) in reality cynically see Blacks, as brute beasts to be brutally and ruthlessly used, manipulated, exploited, indeed, enslaved, for their own self centered ends?

    But, being that the spiritual and political forebears of today’s progressives were the slave dealers/owners of New England, wouldn’t that make sense?

    It was a Black acquaintance of mine years back who first pointed out to me the connection between Blacks and apes in this famous movies series.

  172. Do you know if Эпоха мёртвых has been translated into English anywhere?

    As far as I know, there are no translations. Fiction is rarely translated from Russian to English when it is not related to politics

  173. anonymous1963 says

    So many stupid white people out there……..

  174. Daniel Chieh says

    Quite tragic. Learning Russian to read pulp might seem quite silly, but then again…

  175. Daniel Chieh says

    just take a good look at this jackass blog and its content…the Unz Review! there is little here that lead in positive directions out of the human mess at this stage. there is a whole lot that makes it worse.

    Au contraire, I feel this blog’s author has many ideas for positive directions for navigating out of this “human mess.”

    Some of it might even include you directly.

  176. If I were you I’d change shrinks. Or at least get the critter to change my meds dosage or type, or both. Or all of the above.

  177. Anti-White says

    Certainly not the race whose men love to record blacks fucking their white wives in the ass and then upload the videos on the internet for the whole world to watch.

  178. Only because it’s illegal for them to upload their child porn

  179. Fr. John says

    “As with all true religions (Christianity has long ceased to be true in the modern West)…”

    EXCUSE YOU? Who died and made YOU, God…. as it were?

    You are correct. This IS a religion. And because there can only be ONE True Faith (and with a name like Anatoly, you should know – Orthodoxia ki thanatos!), all OTHER faiths, including Negroid Phallus worship, is idolatrous. I made this point over at Russia Insider.

    I would direct you and your readers there, rather than taking up electrons here.

  180. SC Rebel says

    This country is done. The multicultural experiment is a failure, just as it was in other places throughout history that it was tried.

    You don’t seem to grasp that we are already in the middle of a war and the warring factions are the various racial and ethnic groups. This is a struggle for power.

    Of course this is nothing new in history, which is why it baffles me that so few people of European descent can’t seem to grasp that the other groups hate them.

    When terms like “justice” are thrown around, it has nothing to do with justice, it’s a code word for supremacy. These folks aren’t anti supremacy, they are pro supremacy when it comes to their own group. And the self hating whites who try to pander to these groups aren’t going to be rewarded when we become a minority in about 20 years.

    A homogeneous society doesn’t have these problems. We used to have that for the most part and we were stronger and healthier because of it. Notice that countries of non European heritage are ok to have their homogeneous societies. Nobody seems to have an issue with that. But for some reason, Europeans are “ist” for wanting it.

    The only way we will get it back is to separate and start over with our own nation. It’s the only viable long term solution. Because we aren’t going to vote ourselves out of this, the demographics are already against us.

  181. SC Rebel says

    Amen Fr.

    Christianity has never ceased to be true. God remains as God.

  182. SC Rebel says

    Unfortunately very true.

    We have accomplished so much over the centuries and we have thrown it all away in such a short time.


  183. Commentator Mike says

    I hope any still homogeneous countries, cities, towns, communities are watching this and thinking “We don’t need this shit”, and making sure they don’t import any of these blacks as obviously the result will be what we’re watching. You’d have to be a lunatic to want this, unless you have no choice because you’re already in this situation.

  184. SC Rebel says

    “Christcuckery is why you back down to black chimp outs.
    Meek shall inherit Earth LOL.”

    Medieval Christian Europe is on line 1.

  185. SC Rebel says

    I hope so too. Right now we are making plans to get more rural for the coming storm.

    This is just the beginning I’m afraid.

  186. Whitewolf says

    The “something-something” here is irrelevant; in each country they substitute their own thing, but the end result is always the same – bringing Jews into power.

    It’s laughable to suggest that a color revolution is needed in the US to bring Jews into power. The whole Floyd thing is a distraction from the corona hysteria whipped up by the media and governments and related crackdowns on freedom around the world. How much more conversation about the corona lockdowns would be happening right now if not for a timely case of police brutality (likely fake) distracting people?

    We have had a worldwide lockdown of people with identical slogans being used by media and governments. Borders being shut, businesses ruined, many millions unemployed and peoples rights trampled on to save us from what even so called official numbers suggest isn’t a particularly dangerous virus to anyone healthy. Just as people start seriously looking into it and rebelling against the lockdowns, restrictions and the global nature of the scam along comes a video of some cop murdering a black guy and BLM quickly organizes global protests.

    What luck for the governments of the world having such a distraction come along at a perfect time for them. Instead of having to justify their actions over the corona hysteria and the disruption to peoples lives they’ve caused they can now virtue brag to their hearts content about how much they love black people and hate white privilege and white people in general. If people start to lose interest in this latest manufactured crisis I’m sure a few back up distractions are waiting in the wings.

  187. Negrolatry?
    How is Isrealayry showing up ? Any new old thought on exchanging Syria to Israel for accepting Crimea to Russia and US ,Russia ,Hungary,Israel controlling the rest of the world ?

  188. The Wild Geese Howard says

    Clown world has to be funded into existence, hence my focus on the monetative.

    Already happened.

    A string of woke corporations have already fallen all over themselves throwing money at BLM.

  189. “The early Christians were the OG Bioleninists.”

    What on earth do you mean, or are you talking about??

  190. TheSkepticalCynic says

    Negrolatry¡¿ I think your narcissism tank is overflowing and your nescience tank is bone dry!

  191. Excellent article AK!

    All these trends emerged from higher ed. I saw them in college in the early 00s, when they were complete jokes for normal people.

    Starting to wonder if higher ed shutdown is even more important than mass migration shutdown. Probably not, but a close second.

  192. What happened to Corona-chan?

    Was Trump right? Did she miraculousky disappear one (protest) day?

  193. An addendum to my previous post, #173 of this thread.

    As mentioned, Euros in the US and elsewhere have long been conditioned via the corporate mass media to accept and embrace this ‘taking the knee’ thing. [Check out ‘milieu control’ at the thought reform link below.]

    This is an additional pic of Governor Breck from 1972’s Conquest of the Planet of the Apes* with an excerpt of Caesar’s speech addressed to the gov from the film.

    According to Caesar, it is man’s ‘destiny’ to both be ‘dominated’ by, and ‘servant’, of those he once enslaved, albeit with ‘compassion and understanding’.

    After bursting into Breck’s command post and killing most of the personnel, Caesar has Breck marched out to be executed. MacDonald attempts to plea to Caesar not to succumb to brutality and be merciful to the former masters. Caesar ignores him and in a rage declares:

    ‘Where there is fire, there is smoke. And in that smoke, from this day forward, my people will crouch, and conspire, and plot, and plan for the inevitable day of man’s downfall. The day when he finally and self-destructively turns his weapons against his own kind. The day of the writing in the sky, when your cities lie buried under radioactive rubble!’

    ‘When the sea is a dead sea, and the land is a wasteland out of which I will lead my people from their captivity! And we shall build our own cities, in which there will be no place for humans except to serve our ends! And we shall found our own armies, our own religion, our own dynasty! And that day is upon you NOW!’

    As the apes raise their rifles to beat Breck to death, Caesar’s girlfriend Lisa voices her objection, “NO!” She is the first ape to speak other than Caesar. Caesar reconsiders and orders the apes to lower their weapons, saying:

    ‘But now…now we will put away our hatred. Now we will put down our weapons.’

    ‘We have passed through the night of the fires, and those who were our masters are now our servants. And we, who are not human, can afford to be humane. Destiny is the will of God, and if it is man’s destiny to be dominated, it is God’s will that he be dominated with compassion, and understanding.’

    ‘So, cast out your vengeance. Tonight, we have seen the birth of the Planet of the Apes!’

    *As for Blacks apparently being represented rather crudely as apes in the film (as a Black acquaintance once advised me) as the film’s producer(s) were almost certainly ‘progressives’, and within the Anglosphere it was the progressives direct spiritual and political forebears (ie powerful elements and hangers on of the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples) who ran the brutal slave trade, and people being the creatures of habit that they are, it makes perfect sense elements amongst the powerful modern day prog sorts would see things in those terms.

  194. Congratulations AK!

    You’ve really struck home with your well thought out post.

    It’s got the self declared ‘progressive’ sorts of both the ‘right’ and ‘left’ bent coming out of the wood work.

    As for this sick and self destructive fetish and obsession the progs have with Blacks, I do think it stems from a deep self hatred, which they project upon everyone else…ie ‘Hater!’TM..’Racist!’TM

    And within the Anglosphere, and needless to say the Anglosphere has had a massive influence on progressivism, I submit much of this stems from a sickness of the soul in their grasping at a certain level that slavery was not in reality abolished, but rather monetized with the 19th century introduction of wage slavery via the so called ‘cheap labor/mass immigration system, the economic and political basis for the multi-cultural society, a society which not coincidentally closely parallels the slave holding society it evolved from.

    The ‘immigrant’ in this society, from a financial point of view, is the slave for whatever period of time he or she is paid significantly below what was, or, what would of been, the prevailing real time local costs of labor, without the immigrant being present or the immigration taken place.

    With this system almost all costs and physical hassle that both the former slave dealer, and slave purchaser, a tiny minority, used to have to bear, have now been safely outsourced to the non-exploiting general public, the vast majority, to absorb, all whilst the exploiters make tidy profits from this unpaid, ie systematically stolen, labor.

    Win/Win for them, lose/lose for most.

    The poison of slavery, whether chattel or wage (ie so called ‘cheap labor’), shouldn’t be tolerated in either form. Correctly it has historically been called ‘a scourge upon mankind.’

    With the ghastly chattel slavery and it’s trade system, a society could last indefinitely, maybe several hundred years, though not forever, without it likely being destroyed.

    With wage slavery (so called cheap labor) and profits maximized, the society is destroyed within mere decades, as is being seen in Europe and the United States.

    The progressive sorts sense this about what they advocate, the terrible destructiveness of the mass immigration/cheap labor system, but like the heroin addict, can’t stop their self destructive ways, no matter who is harmed. They’re addicted to that lucrative unpaid, ie stolen labor, and doing anything but anything than pay the prevailing real time local costs of it, more often than not to their very own people. That, or as in effect hangers on since 1619 Jamestown, they’ve internalized this centuries old destructive anti-life mentality, though they may not profit personally from it.

    Guilt and shame have a place, to bring about correction and life. It is not supposed to be cynically used a weapon, to bludgeon others with, to bring about suicide, death, and destruction.

    As some of the Russian contributors have commented, sure Russia had problems (which people doesn’t) but so did the concurrent Japanese, who didn’t resort to mass murder of their own people to uplift themselves.

    The progressives, historically, in this light have been something like a quack doctor. Instead of properly setting a broken arm the way a legitimate doctor would, instead they chop the arm off.

    Both methods leave their patient with no more broken arm, after all. Though of course, the former method is the life affirming way, the latter anti-life.

    The advocates of progressivism should forgive themselves, change their ways, and choose life, rather than the murder suicide path they are on now with their slavery based multi-cult cult.

    At the least, they should let those many (as individuals and peoples), who also love and care about others, but not wishing to go the same so called ‘progressive’ Hegelian dialectic Capitalist/Communist/Multi-cult destructive path, go.

    And in so doing they might free themselves.

  195. ben sampson says

    Ron Unz is Khazar… and I will not trust a Khazar until Khazars collectivley are no longer a threat to human survival..which includes my own survival

    I looked at Bill Gates today..phots of him walking around in power mode, with his inside smile on his face. he has the world up a tree, his figer in our eye..billions since Corona began..and will add even more as the Jewish trillionaires snap up the rest of the economy made bankrupt by lockdown and popular looting..distinct from corporate looting..bankrupts the remainder

    look at it: Bird Flu, Sars, now Cororna and 1 or 2 more in there the names of which slip my mind at this point. how in the hell do we have as natural consequence such an unprecendented flow of pandemics in what.. 30 years..4 or 5 of them?

    thats Bill Gates and the Khazars, in control of the USA and its array of such murderous facilites that can be put to such pandemic use…making the whole world sick..repeatedly, for profits…huge earth shattering profits, taking over the entire planet.

    I see Unz here in these pages pushing racism all day long. as such he is not on the side of whites for racism rebounds in what we see on american streets right now..and that is not in favor of whites, in the collective white interest. in fact it is a massive attack on Whites attacks putting them behind the social 8-ball.

    but what about Jews/Khazars? they are not in the racist mix at all, have propagandized their way out of a situation they are even more guilty for than regular whites..the unprecedented, unconscionable exploitation, racism and genocide of Black people..people of African descent the world over, starting with Africa. Jews/Khazars in the slave trade and slavery..the production of cotton in the USA and Sugar in the west indies, Brasil etc. the Jewish propagandizing against Black people, justifying racism, developing racism and erasing from the popular mind, their central, creative and determining role in all of it.

    and I dont know how the Jews/Khazars get away with it all, but they have managed to restrict popular criticisism of Khazars-Jews in the world, locked down investigation of Jews-Khazars in the world, their accurate history, and limited the printing of any results or any study of Jews-Khazas critical of them in the vast media they own.

    and look at your loved leader Unz right here on this blog! Unz allows Paul Kersey, the worst of his stable of racist journalists, to print the most egregiously disgusting racism, primed to create the most continuallly disgusting impression of Black people, in situations in which the events Kersey writes about did not go the way Kersey slants them at all to have occurred.

    Kersey is conscious, deliberate, and purposely lying, slanting, creating wrong and nasty impressions of Black people, telling biased stories in all his reports. and Unz lets him do clar as day. so much for Ron Unz then as a progressive with positive intent for society.

    Unz, if he actually does all the work that flows under his byline is a brilliant and voluminous intellect. but that does not mean that Unz is a progressive relative to the issues of ordinary people.

    even now I dont know where Unz stands ideologically from what he himself has said of himself that I have read. but I have not read all he has written but I have read much of his work. and from that I still do not know where he stands ideologically. Unz really has not said where he stands – a fact prolly easy to hide, and for readers to miss, in the vast volume of words that flow from his pen

    Ron Unz does that..allows Kersy to get away with blatant, open racist propaganda! I suppose he will claim not to interfere with what his writers say, that they are free to write as they want to!

    well fine then! where is the criticiam of Jews-Khazars on his Blog? there isnt one writer here on the Unz, who does to Khazars-Jews what Derbyshire, Kersey, Reed etc do to Black people routinely. ans increasingly to white people as well.

    and lord knows there is so much to discusss about Jews-Khazars it’s endless..and all negative

    but you should note that White Christian people, and Black people across the ideological spectrum, at fiery odds with each other… with the Jews-Khazars safely to one side, not involved in the war but its inventors and creators and mangers of that war win big time socially, causing in the USA, the destruction of their 2 main rivals by their own hand

    and Ron Unz, given the full play he allows to his racist kabal of writes help to stoke Black anger at whites, to assist white surrender, not fight back..indeed has infiltrated the rabid sections of whites to render them namby-pamby, weakened them..with blogs all over the place helpful in that regard, right wing blogs..The Saker-right-wing masquerading as left Russian but an emasculating factor, as well as, and more. there used to be white racist right wing people back in the day who would scare the crap out of you by appearance alone. currently Steve Bannon is a figure of fun, a political carricature. George Wallace wasn’t

    that is what the Unz helps to pacify white people, to focus them on what is not the truth..that the enemy is Unz himself and his claque of Khazars masquerading as Jews, the chosen people, with their hands in our pockets and their propaganda crap in our minds, making us pay for everythng as they slink away with ALLLLL!!! the wealth..profits without cost, ultimately ownership of the whole world.. while they have successfully depopulated us, made us do the killing of us for them.. and to police those of us whom they allow to live on, under all sorts of biological controls and manipulations and genetic engineering, eliminating any future chance of a social revolution that would displace them.

    Does Unz even talk about such possibilities that is quite obvious to us all..for that line of development can be the only possible one the Jews-Khazars can and will follow given their social interest and what they have done to humanity already in pursuit of it. they have commited too much crime and atrocity against humanity already, are too heavilly invested in that way and must go on to their ultimate ownership of and control of the world

    does Unz even mention anything of the sort as he goes along? will he even publish this comment?

    Ordinary White and Black people can come to…indeed must come to.. an understanding of their reality in America and who their enemy really is.. and bell that monster of our collective enemy – the Jewis- Khazar group of financial overlords. that is their answer in the USA. it our answer elsehwre too, the answer for the planet.

    Unz is not there with us as far as I can see! try Shamir or Atzmon..who seem sincere. but I dont care..thats for you if you are looking for Jewish-Khazar sincerety. I am not looking for any Jewish-Khazar sincerety..or support and agreement because it does not exist

  196. Jatt Arya says

    Ok christcuck.

    Medieval Christianity was a society which lost the middle east to Islam and spent most of its energy fighting countryside whites who thought differently.

    Gee, that sounds like liberalism today।।

  197. Jatt Arya says

    Christianity has been the single greatest advocate of female rights and race mixing in the last 2000 years।।

    Quit engaging in Phyletism LOL।।

  198. Daniel Chieh says

    Anatoly Karlin is Russian.

    He wrote this article, not Ron Unz

    Please check into Thorazine.

  199. Ray Caruso says

    Negrolatrous New Zealanders should import some melanin-gifted demigods in order to kneel before them and worship them. Their own native Maori, whom they also worship, are rather similar. They too used to be illiterate cannibal savages and are now drug-addled, criminally-inclined, low-IQ, welfare-sucking burdens on society. Being relatively fair-skinned Polynesians, however, the Maori don’t have quite the same cache.

  200. So right. Sucker born every minute.

  201. Commentator Mike says

    Philip Giraldi and Kevin Barrett repeatedly expose crimes of the Khazarian Mafia. And RU does sometimes publish NOI articles. For the sake of balance, he could try to find a decent black contributor, like Jonas E. Alexis from veteranstoday, but I guess they’re hard to find.

  202. Ann Nonny Mouse says

    Palestinian lives matter? Nah.
    Assange’s life matters? Nah.
    Lives matter? Nah.
    Latino lives matter? Nah.
    Chinese lives matter? Nah! Nah!
    Trans lives matter? Yay!
    Black lives matter? Heil! Heil! Heil!

  203. No one was more eloquent and passionate against the institution of slavery in America, than Frederick Douglass. Shortly after the Civil War he said this.

    “Everybody has asked the question. . .”What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”
    ― Fredrick Douglass

  204. Marshall Lentini says

    Just the beginning, but it won’t take long to complete America’s transformation. The De Klerk government in South Africa gave way to the ANC in just three years; that was rapid enough, but now it seems to take only three weeks or even three days for things to change dramatically.

    The next stage in the long arc of the Democratic Party was becoming the de facto party of tech overlordship above, Africanization below. Lockdowns, forced vaccination, drones, robot police dogs, non-white militias, social workers coming to your home to investigate your opinions, total ideological “lockdown” in every sphere of life. That’s not where America’s headed; that’s pretty much where it is.

    What’s “funny”, in a bitter way, is that I’ve been excoriated by people online in these circles for well over ten years for predicting this, as long as I’ve been paying attention. Every step of the way, nobody wanted to believe it: white were always about to “wake up”, turns things around, and I was an evil “defeatist”, etc.

    Now here we are, undeniably past the point of no return in nearly everyone’s estimation. Except Republicans, I guess!

  205. GazaPlanet says

    It’s a mob of dogshit nihilists. My contempt for shitlibs is near about reaching infinity. Filthy morons imbibing the kike kool-aid every single day of their lives.

  206. Here’s a story from across the pond, a story about negrolatry.

    Don’t reach for your dictionary; I just made that word up. And yes, to you pedants: I mixed Latin and Greek together. So sue me.

    [from the author’s Vdare link to John Derbyshire’s article there]

    This is the problem with unqualified people trying to coin new words: even more unqualified people hear it and parrot it and the rest of us are stuck with it.

    There is no need to mangle Latin and Greek when we have good words in English, the only language most Americans speak.

    Negro or Negroid + idolatry would be negroidolatry., if you want to coin a new portmanteau, but two words work too: negro idolatry.

    Derbyshire may have a good point, but he shouldn’t distract from that point with a mangled, made-up word that confuses rather than clarifies.

    Why doesn’t Derbyshire just say what he means rather than trying to be cute or creative?

  207. Really No Shit says

    He’s probably a dot-head, not a Wakandian … an opposite of the half naked fakir.

  208. Really No Shit says

    Brahmins, really? The dot-heads most likely think the rest of the bunch are “Untouchables” as in low caste riff raff!

  209. EliteCommInc. says

    “I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”


    Nice try. Speaking of mischief making. What Mr. Douglas also made clear is that being left lone included, not barring them from earning a living. Not engaging denying them loans. Not denying them to start and create their own loaning agencies or banks. Not engaging arresting them because they were successful. Not barring them from engaging in political development. Not manufacturing extra barriers to hinder their progress, you know:

    redlining, usary . . . those things that most other citizens do because well,\
    their citizens, etc., ect . . . you know

    as equals.

    And for goodness sake, don’t get in a huff and burn down their communities, or create laws to confiscate their property . . . honor their military service, don’t make them jump extra hurtle to enter academies – through which thousands of citizens built their foundations for fewer endeavors . . . allow their network to flourish and dip into the economic wealth of the country . . .

    You know like


  210. Ian Smith says

    You’re one of those people that loves hearing themselves talk, aren’t you?

  211. EliteCommInc. says

    “You’re one of those people that loves hearing themselves talk, aren’t you?”

    No but I find it interesting how many times people use african american intellectuals or educators from the past . .

    Mr Douglas was responding to the ideal of blacks operating as equals. His comments are spot on with the ethos. He was overly optimistic about the practice. And trying to leverage is as successful as using George Washington Carver, who is known for encouraging black entrepreneurial ship, a serious work ethic, etc. he then adamantly challenged the notion of importing immigrants when millions of newly freed slaves — who had worked 15 hour days six days a week . . . were eagerly ready to enter the economic streams of the US.

    But were rebuffed as the country imported Poles, Italians, Irish . . . etc.

    It is that manner of misrepresentation mischief that Mr. Douglas was talking about and has echoed through time. And that mischief is minds and mouths of some millions, and despite whatever animus blacks may hold against me — I like to take up the mantle of underdogs — especially when honest discussion is at stake. And clearly, you are abusing the context of Mr. Douglas’s admonitions.

  212. All part of the Jew plan for dismantling everything that White Christians built up in America for generations.

    Hey, you didn’t think the brutha’s were this clever, did you?