Translation: Nemtsov for Europe!

Opposotionist Boris Nemtsov arrested in Moscow for showing his support for Kiev mob actions, as reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets’ Natalia Rozhkova, December 2, 2013.

Nemtsov shamefacedly arrested in Moscow city centre at a demonstration in support of the Ukraine

Activists from the Republican Party of Russia “Parnas” taken to local police station for showing their support for European integration

On Monday evening co-chairmain of the RPR “Parnas”, Boris Nemtsov, was arrested close to the Ukrainian Embassy in central Moscow during an unsanctioned rally in support of the European integration of our East European neighbour. MK was told this by Nemtsov himself, who telephoned the newspaper from the “Presnensky” precinct police station, where he had been taken after his arrest. Nemtsov hopes that after the charges have been made he will have time to get the evening train to Yaroslavl, in order to attend the regional parliament, where, as a deputy there, he is going to be to discussing budgetary matters …

“There were 11 people there. We went peacefully, without weapons; quietly and in full compliance with Article 31 of the Constitution”, the politician said. “Holding a banner reading: ‘Ukraine- we are with you!’, we stood for 10 minutes, after which all of us were apprehended”.

According to Nemtsov, the police were standing and waiting in advance of the impending action, which they were apparently aware of. “They acted shamefacedly, apparently realizing that they were acting unlawfully”, said the “Parnas” member.

“We stand for a European choice for both the Ukraine and Russia”, Nemtsov told “MK”, explaining the purpose of the action. “We believe that there is no alternative to that of the European path. This means that Yanukovych has obviously made himself a cross to bear as president, as he has clearly decided to act contrary to the will of his own people”.

The politician also spoke about the charge under which he was arrested, namely Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code: “Violation of public order by organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets”, which can result in rather large fines. Nemtsov, however, was not deterred. He stressed that he hoped to leave the local police station immediately after having been charged and to catch the night train to Yaroslavl. “I have a ticket with me”, he said. Since autumn of this year, Nemtsov has been a Yaroslav regional duma member and is actively involved in parliamentary work there, having even purchased as a permanent residence an apartment next to the monastery in the city centre. On Tuesday the regional duma will be discussing budgetary matters which, according to the oppositionist, cannot be by-passed.

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