Lazy Glossophiliac Attaqs the Neocon Cockroach Blogging at The Unz Review

Lazy Glossophiliac used to be a commenter at my blog. He contributed more than 1,000 comments to my blog between 2010-2017, and used to have a rather high opinion of my work:

He was a good commenter and I appreciated having him around, even if towards the end he did start becoming more and more of a Single Issue Fanatic on the glories of Stalinism.

Then one fine day, he became very triggered by something I said on my Twitter (not to him in particular), causing him to Block me and offer me rent-free accommodation in his head for the indefinite future.

Now I don’t particular mind. Ideologically-motivated meltdowns are a fact of life in our corner of the Internet, and if he wants to obsessively snipe at me from his 166 follower Twitter account, then more power to him. It’s a free country. I would not be posting this if he had only done that.

Unfortunately, Glossophiliac has insisted on going further into outright libel about my personal life.

The problem I do have are with his claims that he “knows me better than anyone reading this” (even though he never even met me in person, and we only ever communicated privately on two or three occasions) and making things up wholesale about my personal life, especially about my mental health or lack thereof.

So about that. I have never particularly sought to hide that. The “psychotic episodes” in question were a period of panic attacks that I had over a couple of months in 2013 (cured with sertraline/trazodone). Approximately 2-3% of Americans experience anxiety disorder in any given year, so this hardly made me an unhinged lunatic (not that people with severe mental health problems should be mocked anyway). At the time, I took a short break from blogging and online commentary, and indeed probably commented something to that effect on my blog.

I do wish Glossophiliac the best of luck on finding where I said that I ran around shouting at people or violently assaulting people in the streets. He will need it, since it is a figment of his imagination.

Ironically, in my initial response to those claims, I shared my suspicion that Glossophiliac – as a fan of Soviet punitive psychiatry – would want to forcibly institutionalize me for life. He helpfully confirmed that he does indulge in such fantasies in his last bromide against me.

As I said, while I am fine with Glossophiliac’s persistent misrepresentations of my actual viewpoints – all controversial bloggers will attract haters eventually – I am less ok with him spreading outright libel about me. This is especially so since it appears that some people are picking up his claims and spreading them further (see the strange jeremiad of Joaquin Flores above). To be sure, these are not people whom I am associated with nor wish to be associated with, but this is still not something that can just be ignored.

So I would like to clearly state that almost everything Glossophiliac has been saying about me in the past year is false and driven by his own neuroses, if not projections.

Now I do not particularly mind if you do believe that I am a Trotskyist, White Guardist, nationalist, CIA stooge, dissolute liberal, Yeltsinist, Jewish nationalist, and all round Neocon Cockroach working 24/7 towards Russia’s destruction. However, for the benefit of any “middle-of-the-road” people who are tempted to give equal credence to both sides, I am laying out a history of Glossophiliac’s “powerful takes” to demonstrate that if anyone is having “psychotic episodes,” it is certainly not me.

The Great Triggering started on last July, when Glossophiliac took exception to… my condemnation of Stalin’s persecution of Soviet scientists.

So this is the hill Glossophiliac chose to die on: Criticizing Stalin for promoting Lysenkoism and having geneticists executed or sent to the Gulag.

But I have no doubts about the issue itself, and that’s more important.


(Incidentally, Glossophiliac also happens to be an HBD/IQ realist, meaning he would be summarily shot by the Stalinist SJWs he admires).

And he has been on the warpath against the Neocon Cockroach ever since.

Well, at least it’s a step up from nutcase La Russophobe’s memorable characterization of me as a neo-Soviet reptile!

The following is just a sample of his more “powerful takes” from Twitter…

… and from The Unz Review:

Conclusion: Stalinism is a mental disorder. And, sooner or later, Stalinists will always turn on you.

EDIT: Glossophiliac responds:

EDIT 2018/08/31: The obsession continues


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  1. Trut Tella says

    That’s some unfortunate reading. Probably better not to waste much longer with this guy.

    Stalin definitely had his good points, to be honest. Although the decline in the proportion of nation-wreckers among the NKVD in the late 30s/early 40s was probably only a function of them being shifted into the army.

  2. Paul Golowatschew says

    “Incidentally, Glossophiliac also happens to be an HBD/IQ realist, meaning he would be summarily shot by the Stalinist SJWs he admires”

    He seems to be self-destructive.

    “I’m an atheist, yet I wish there was less atheism in the world.”

  3. I responded to this post on Twitter.

  4. Just noticed this: “Conclusion: Stalinism is a mental disorder”.

    So you really have no qualms about calling your political opponents crazy, because they’re your political opponents. Contrary to your posturing. And yet you have this personal problem.

    The inconsistency is funny. You said there should be no shame in being mentally ill. Yet you use that as an insult in two places on this page. And, surely, in many other places on other pages.

    I’ve never blogged professionally. It was a hobby. But it’s just funny to me how easy and shoddy this whole line of work is. It should be relatively easy to avoid self-contradiction. To pick some principles and stick with them. You know, to cut down on reader ridicule a bit.

    But nobody does that. And I’m sure I contradicted myself in lots of places on my blog. My defense is that at least it wasn’t my job.

  5. I’m angry at you, for reasons I described before, but I want to be fair to you. I also want to be precise about what I remember.

    You said “You lied about me assaulting or shouting at people. “

    When you talked about this years ago, you didn’t use the word “assault”. You said that you shouted at random people, passersby, on the street. I’m very sure that you didn’t specify if you did this once or more than once. If a random person on a street shouted at me specifically, I’d describe it as assault on me, though I wouldn’t report it. Nothing like this ever happened to me in real life. There are lots of mentally unstable people in the subway here, and they shout from time to time, but not at specific riders. There are no consequences for them if they shout at no one in particular, so that’s what they do.

    My memory of you talking about this isn’t vague or hazy. Believe me, it would bother me if I thought there was a chance I misremembered it. I remember it clearly. I’m also sure that you said this publicly, online. You’re right when you say that we’ve had very few private communications. None of them were on this topic. If you said it to me privately, I wouldn’t have revealed it.

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