Night of the Living SJW

This reads like the plot of a zombie movie. Elderly boffin Charles Murray & company go on a trip to the idyllic country estate of Middlebury, when…

I started to give an abbreviated version of my standard Coming Apart lecture, speaking into the camera. Then there was the sound of shouting outside, followed by loud banging on the wall of the building.


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  1. The American Enterprise Institute should write up a guide for their fellow globalists and neoliberals called: “What to do When Your Green Zone starts Coming Apart” or “Who Moved My Green Zone?”.

    Trump is inside the wire in Washington and even WASPy campuses filled with WASPy girls are no longer safe.

  2. What a pussy! He was saved by a woman, Allison Stanger, the one who was injured.

  3. Parsifal says

    No sympathy for Murray! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer faggot! For the entire 2016 he was cucking about Trump and still is and the SJWs still hate him! And will he learn something from it? Hell no, he’ll double down on anti-Trumpism!

    Him and SJWs deserve each other, really…

  4. Murray is 74 years old.

    Anyway, what was he supposed to do? Beat the thug down in the midst of a hostile crowd, or what?

  5. Parsifal says

    Well, if he is too old he should hire someone do do it in his stead. SJWs deserve it, it’s the only way to get them off your back.

  6. reiner Tor says

    Suppose he’s not as rich as you are, so hiring someone might be prohibitively expensive for him.

  7. Cockneys vs. Zombies would be a better choice. If Victor Davis Hanson had been there he could have re-enacted Leonidas and the 300 Spartans.

  8. He doesn’t look like a harmless senile retiree. At any rate, he should be still stronger than a woman.

  9. “Who Moved My Green Zone?”


  10. “not a thinking machine, nor a body endowed with reasoning faculties. It is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence” (Fanon 1963, p. 61).