No Racism in Russia

Recent Levada poll asking 14-29 year old Russians and non-Russians how often they feel discriminated against.

Total Russians
Never 88% 92% 77%
Sometimes 9% 7% 19%
Often 2% 1% 3%
N/A 1% 1% 1%

Non-Russians: 77% say never discriminated against.

Also 78% of women say there were never discriminated against on account of their sex.

This succinctly answers the question of whether there is racism and sexism in Russia. There isn’t, so far as the majority are concerned (democratic journalists, HSE students, and activists at Western-affiliated NGOs regardless).

In the US, some 76% of Blacks say they have been discriminated against:

You guys should really stop lynching Negroes. 😉

Or maybe, do something about the media (“enemy of the people” – Trump) and ethnic grievance departments in the universities. I dunno.

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  2. Europe Europa says

    The oppressed, victimised blacks in Britain and the US know where to go then, hopefully this will become common knowledge in the third world.

    It’s always been a mystery to me why people of colour choose to go to such a notoriously racist and bigoted place as the Anglosphere.

  3. NazbolFren says

    In non-Western States (I consider Poland effectively non-Western) that are poorer than America/West Europe there is an element of “fashion”/natural youth rebelliousness (against what they view as the “status quo)/misattribution of cause and effect/quasi religious fervor that cause such popularity of SJW ideas amongst the younger demographic.

    As Spengler wrote about Hong Kong – the pro-democracy protests wheren’t so much about democracy as they were about being viewed as “fashionable” and the cargo-cultism many in the East have towards the West (particularly Britain) as they got raised on Victorian novels and often have a romantic view of Britain.

    Natural youth rebelliousness against the status quo directly ties into their desire to be viewed as “cool” by their peers, lack of hardship and because they mistakenly confuse cause and effect. Many youth in Eastern Europe (and in Asia too) seem to believe they can acquire a Western standard of living if they become like the West – totally ignoring the historical and economic contexts that led to this wealth.

    Finally, the death of Christianity, its own lack of conviction and religion coincided with a general sense of nihlism that youth seek to fill with some sort of religious communion. They find this communion in protests, rebellion against the status quo and they discover that this movement has a certain conviction that they themselves have lacked all their lives.

    This is my belief as to why SJWism is getting popular everywhere including formerly “vbased” Poland and Russia. Also, we cannot deny the influence of American soft Power through its ability to reach every corner of the Globe.

  4. AnonFromTN says

    Polls reflect perceptions, rather than reality. The difference can be huge. I remember at one of our university class reunions a guy stated that Jews were not accepted into Moscow State University in the USSR. He sincerely believed it, even though in my class at least a quarter were Jews and half-Jews (including his girlfriend), the proportion about five times greater than in general population.

    The best joke about polls is this:
    Scientists found that an average length of the dick in Shitville is about twice that in nearby Dungville. The first number was determined by a poll, whereas the latter by actual measurements.

  5. AnonFromTN says

    Sarcasm detected. It’s a bit misplaced, though.

    There is no racism in Russia precisely because there are virtually no blacks and rapefugees there. There are lots of Asians, but they have two traits that essentially prevent their bad treatment: 1) they work; 2) Asians in the Russian Empire and USSR had centuries to learn to live in peace with white neighbors. During this time Russians also learned to live in peace with their Asian neighbors.

  6. That poll will be spun by some as saying that Russian citizens are more prone to being unaware of how much they’re trampled on. I sense some bigotry with that belief, in the manner of the savages don’t know any better

    Another way of looking at it is that Americans are more prone to jumping the gun on feeling offended along snowflake lines.

  7. Europe Europa says

    I don’t think Russia is perceived particularly racist. In Britain leftists would say the native English in particular are much more racist than Russians, or anyone else for that matter, guaranteed. I’ve heard the English referred to as inherently racist people far more often than I’ve heard anyone suggest Russians or other Slavs are.

    In fact, in Britain the Polish and Eastern European immigrants are generally portrayed as being victims of violent English racists, not as perpetrators of racism.

  8. Judging by social networks, now (after watching videos about pogroms in the United States), Russian non-racism looks something like this

  9. In RFE/RL-Paul Goble-Julia Ioffe circles, Russians get portrayed as racists over others. Suddenly reminded of the African-American dude, periodically discussed at these threads.

  10. Amerimutt Golems says

    The below is from page 30 of Jared Taylor’s book Paved With Good Intentions.

    One unusual seeker of racism is Yelena Hanga, a visitor from Russia who happens to be black. Her father is a Tazanian and her mother is the daughter of an American black who emigrated to the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

    In 1988, Miss Hanga, a Moscow journalist, worked for a time in Boston as part of an exchange of journalists. When she first came to America, she looked hard for white racism but could not find any. Her black friends explained to her that "the time has passed when discrimination is visible to the naked eye." They taught her about "institutional racism," "something a foreigner does not understand during a short stay in the United States." In spite of these instructions, she concluded that whites were not responsible for all the troubles that befall blacks: "In my country we know about racism between black and white, and I thought this was the only evil preventing black progress." "What upsets me most," she writes, "is the racism among blacks."

    More recently Saker made the following remarks.

    I believe that it is pretty obvious to any person who lived in the US that Blacks are very often (mostly?) the cause of their own misery: I can tell you that my Jamaican and Sub-Saharan African friends (who live in the USA) have told me many times that a) they think that US Blacks have opportunities which they would never have in Africa or Jamaica and that b) local Blacks often resent Africans and Jamaican Blacks because the latter do so much better in the US society.

    Meanwhile people writing incitement manuals like White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism are typically white female liberals and in some cases the usual suspects.

  11. Amerimutt Golems says

    Your leftist lunatics deserve a separate post.

  12. Jatt Arya says

    Trying to force abortion, gay rights, nigger rights and a whole litany of pathologies onto POC such as Indians and Russians is the systematic global racism।।

  13. Lolowitzky says

    Does living peacefully include the Mongol Empire and Tatar Yoke?

  14. Trying to force abortion, gay rights, nigger rights and a whole litany of pathologies onto POC such as Indians and Russians is the systematic global racism

    My punjab aryan bhai,
    I undertand your sentiment but I must remind you hijra/eunuch(post-op transgenders) has been part of S.Asian culture since ancient time. Many indian ‘liberals’ are very proud of such LGBT friendliness. Obviously prostate hospitality business is their main profession. Their number is quite large.The india army even has a hijra regiment.

  15. Does living peacefully include the Mongol Empire and Tatar Yoke?

    Tatars according to the American classification are “white”

  16. One remark: Russians never considered as White in USSR. People differed by nationality, but not by the color of their skin

  17. anaccount says

    Assuming you aren’t here to kick a dying dog for fun (like everyone else in the world) perhaps your glorious Russia can help.

    Despite what our shrieking Jewish press says there isn’t a lot of foreign backing of Whites in America or Europe. It depresses me that Russia and China seem completely unaware of who running the show here. I’d love to be wrong but I’m a realist.

    Hasn’t Russia noticed how easily Western European men are conquered now? That is a lot of GDP next door and nothing, not even election meddling. Russia doesn’t even stir up trouble.

    What a pity.

  18. Jatt Arya says

    Go read spandrell on the dif btwn gay identity & Hijras.
    I don’t have time to deal with Chinki trolls||
    There’s also a dif btwn Hijras having their own space v trying to do gay marriage in Gurudawaras||

  19. Dicentim says

    Imagine that poll being taken by Tessak and Co.
    Or say in carceral colonies, those remote places….
    “Do you feel discriminated? Do you?”.

  20. Dicentim says

    Once there was a summit between Reagan and Gorbachev where the former boasted: “In America, God’s own country, land of the free and home of the brave, every second person owns a car, every third is a homeowner and every tenth a millionaire”; to which the latter replied: “In the Soviet Union, land of imminent utopian Communism, Lenin’s second coming and no food shortages whatsoever, every second Lithuanian owns a car, every third Estonian is a homeowner and every tenth Georgian is a millionaire”; confused the American asked: “But what about the actual Russian people?”; a bit upset, the Soviet leader replied: “I didn’t ask you about how Blacks are doing in your country”….

  21. Dicentim says

    “Tatar” is a generic term applied to different populations that have in common the use of a Turkic language, being of the Muslim persuasion and especially living on the fringes of core Russia, formerly in states with a history of conflict with and subsequent conquest by the latter.

    So, there’s Volga Tatars (apparently descended from Volga Bulgars-not to be confused with Bulgarians), Crimean Tatars, (also found in Poland and Lithuania), Siberian Tatars etc.

    In a way, these populations resemble the Cossacks, who were their historical foes: heterogeneous, warlike, horse riders, inhabiting borderlands of sorts and having a love/hate relationship with Russia itself.

    Overall, Tatars are Caucasian (in the English sense, not the Russian one), although some are Eurasian, being heterogeneous and inhabiting areas visited by previous and subsequent horsemen.

    Once conquered, many Tatars converted to Orthodoxy and mixed with the Russians becoming some of them; Pushkin famously wrote: “Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tatar”. Those that didn’t convert are what we consider as Tatars.

    Famous Tatars include Charles Bronson, Rudolph Nureyev and quite a few people less well known to those outside of Russia, Ukraine etc.

  22. You’re too uptight. Trolling that I’m not. That you don’t like the gays doesn’t mean they aren’t around. Pls don’t deny this part of S.asian culture
    Transgenders and gays are major components of the rainbow alliance; All transgender ex-males went through the gay stage.

  23. Jatt Arya says

    Where do you live?

  24. Dicentim says

    Of course, this whole “White” thing has been projected far beyond where it should have been and where it should have ended.

    Think of it this way: Some people from a not very sunny landmass settle a faraway continent, where the locals are few (let’s omit them to make it easier).

    Most of those settlers perpetuate their former lifestyles, pursue their dreams, tame the land etc.

    Most of the original settlers come from a group of not very sunny islands, so their culture dominates and the subsequent waves of settlers, by then called “immigrants” more or less adopt their language, values etc. They gradually become a nation after freeing themselves from the rulers of the original islands.

    Throughout all that time, some of the settlers decide to pursue a unique economic model, where they employ as beasts of burden captives brought from a part of the world, so isolated from their own original homelands that they not only look different but also often behave differently too.

    The unique economic model is ended following a conflict over power with the more numerous settlers that didn’t practice it.

    Now, the Continental nation finds itself with a minority of different looking and sometimes different behaving Former Captives; these -more than the Settlers- have lost their ties to their original homelands and therefore start to form another -a different- Continental nation.

    The Settler Continentals call themselves “White” to distinguish themselves from the Former Captive Continentals, who are called “Ethiopian”, then “Colored”, then “Negro”, then “Black”, then “African American”.

    No viable solution is found by either set of Continentals as mixing until Brazil comes is generally frowned upon, the numbers are too great and the mores too Christian for extermination, no Settler Continentals are willing to give up part of their land to make it into a Former Captive state and Liberia is unattractive as an alternative, so the two sets coexist in an uneasy atmosphere and the distinction persists.

    Now “White” and “Black” is applied to Tatars, Greeks, Yoruba and others. But they are not “White” or “Black”, they have their own lands as do the people from whom both sets of Continentals descended, but if they immigrate and join the Continentals and especially if like many immigrants they start their new lives in the poorer areas of cities or for some reason end up in jail, then they truly become one or the other.

    A Tatar in St Quentin could join the AB….

  25. Ian Smith says

    I remember seeing this movie made by Craig Bodeker called A Conversation About Race. When blacks were asked about racism they experienced, it was mostly about supposed funny looks they got from whites people. One cranky middle aged black guy recounted a time a whites guy had praised his dancing skills as an instance of racism!

    I remember this Chicano kid telling this anecdote about being in the DMV. One of the clerks there had asked him to take his feet off the table. And then this kid said to us: “I wondered if it was a racial thing.”

    Point is, minorities are encouraged by the racial grievance industry to be hyper-sensitive to any signs of racism by white people. In a perverse way, people like Tim Wise and Robin DiAngelo are making things easier for white nationalists.

    P.S.Does anyone know what happened to Craig Bodeker?

  26. Cossacks have been primarily of a pro-Russian, (granted some differences that you mention) Russo-Ukrainian stock and reflect a certain way of life, somewhat akin to the North American cowboy.

    Tatars are a Turkic group of which many have over the centuries mixed with others including Slavs. Of a Tatar background, Nureyev is buried in a Russian Orthodox Christian cemetery in France.

  27. It matters not where I live. I’m NOT gay; let me repeat what I’ve posted here and there before…
    –Since time immemorial, a small % of humans are homos (sapien or not). As I mentioned, abolishment of slavery and gender equality have been the 2 major human progression. The engine of human progress is technology and economics, like steam/internal combustion engines , gun powder, automation….. not ‘morals’ nor ‘divine revelations’.
    –There’s no correlation between ‘LGBT’ rights with the abolishment of slavery and gender equality mentioned above. 80% of ancient Greek had homo experience and they kept slaves. The Ottomans decriminalized homosexuality in 1858, 110 years earlier than England did but in contrary, England abolished effectively slavery almost a century earlier than the Ottomans did. The ancient Aztecs practiced cannibalism and they also buggered the victims before the slaughter.
    –LGBT rights are human rights, just like drinking 100 proof whisky, smoking certain herbs, eating meat of non endangered species are human rights…. Life style choice basically. Consequence varies.
    –Mahatma gandoo stopped having sex with his wife at the age of 18 and was said to have a ‘physical relation’ with a german jewish body builder friend.
    –The main problem with homosexuality is ‘Gay Militancy’ besides health issues. They want: 1) homosexuality to have parity with heterosexuality which at the present state of bio-tech is impossible 2)Convert all males to bisexuality, completely at odd with present family and social institution.
    My Advice: Relax

  28. NazBolFren says

    It is a myth that Greeks engaged in homo relations and especially that 80% engaged in homo relations.

    This is a myth perpetuated by the current homo academics to try to get legitimacy for their views – it is a rewriting of history as part of the “Long March through the Institutions” (

    The reason that this view arose is a twisting of history – the Greeks recognized 4 forms of love (fraternal/sisterly love, erotic love, platonic love, romantic love). Many men engaged in romantic love (but not erotic love, which is sex) and this was intentionally as if they ‘buggered each other’.

    In fact homoerotic relationships were frowned upon in Greece, considering that the Greeks where quite conservative regarding sexuality which accounts for why there were womens and male quarters. If they were conservative regarding heterosexuality, why would it suddenly make sense to be open about being gay?

    That’s a retarded proposition.

  29. Thank you; will read more on the subject.
    Might be you’re right. Some gay activists deny Aztecs were gay friendly because they don’t want to associate homosexuality with cannibalism.
    (BTW, cannibalism means consumption of body tissues of the same species. Semen,like blood, is sure human tissue, so felatio is a form of cannibalism.., like Vampirism)

  30. is no racism in Russia precisely

    There is some popularity of “racist” views in Russia still – but it’s definitely, significantly less than 15-20 years ago. These views in Russia was also falling in the same years that the number of brown people has increased – so these attitudes don’t match to the real interethnic situation, or the numbers of immigrants.

    Reduction of racism in Russia is related a lot to the improvements in political stability and economic situation in the country; as the inverse – that it had become more common in the 1980s-1990s.

    But there had been quite a lot of work by the authorities to suppress extremist movements, skinheads, etc, which were always a tiny minority, but quite a “noisy” one. Here is one of the policies by Putin, which is strangely not discussed by BBC, CNN, El Pais, or New York Times.

  31. Europe Europa says

    I’d say the racial situation in Britain is probably the worst in the developed world, referring to the general hatred and contempt the non-natives have of the natives and the increasingly mutual feeling.

    The situation here is probably worse than America fundamentally, as at least some black Americans feel American and are patriotic, I don’t think many if any black British feel British or are patriotic in the least. They hate this country and believe it is foundationally racist.

    The situation has deteriorated so much lately that I’ve seen examples of previously liberal, non-“racist” native British people making racially aware statements and observations I could have never imagined them making before all this.

    Put it this way, if there’s not open race riots in Britain before 2020 is out, possibly with soldiers on the streets, I’ll be quite surprised.

  32. AnonFromTN says

    Does living peacefully include the Mongol Empire and Tatar Yoke?

    That ended more than five centuries ago. People who blame their problems on things that ended centuries ago are worthless trash.

  33. AnonFromTN says

    Yes, the USSR did not emphasize race. Only nationality was written in your internal passport (infamous fifth item). But in reality, in the USSR were two races, and the same two races are now in Russia: whites and Asians.

    Only a small fraction of both races are racists in the basic sense: by tribe/race is better than yours. These tend to be trash that has nothing else to be proud of.

  34. AnonFromTN says

    Here is one of the policies by Putin, which is strangely not discussed by BBC, CNN, El Pais, or New York Times.

    There is nothing strange about it. Imperial globohomo narrative is “Russia bad”. MSM push the narrative, and the facts be damned.

  35. Daniel Chieh says

    Theban Sacred Band.

  36. Lolowitzky says

    You said they lived in peace for centuries but those two entities I mentioned lasted for 250 years

  37. Theban Sacred Band.

    Haha, actually I’ve been waiting for an alt version of the movie ‘300’
    80% of ancient greeks had homo experience doesn’t mean 80% of them were regular gay.
    I read they had demographic/fertility problem but 80% homos would’ve been absolute disaster.
    Alex the great had 2 gay lovers besides a number of female consorts.

  38. AnonFromTN says

    You said they lived in peace for centuries but those two entities I mentioned lasted for 250 years

    And ended five centuries ago.

  39. Jatt Arya says


  40. Jatt Arya says

    Rehit of Sikh bans inter caste marriage.

    I assume you’re ok with bonga doing bongo with Russian sluts?

    If you ban race mixing 99% of the support for racism disappears.

    This goes both ways, no Niggers humping white women and no more Whites dumping genetic detritus onto Asians.

    I don’t care for your arguments, you’ve admitted commoners don’t care and will adapt to societal dictates in the past, so it is here।।

    This ignore button though Lin, Anon, Aaronb already on it।।
    This is the way

  41. Dicentim says

    What I observed is that when abroad, some people from minorities tend to identify more with their country than with their community, even if back home, they are considered to be members of a different nation; although others tend to totally drift away and revert to their roots, thus we have Israel Shamir and Zinedine Zidane versus all the hardcore Zionists and Algerian flag waving third generation Beurs.

    Of course, the Soviet experience was unique in that it attempted to deprive individuals and communities of religious beliefs and practices -in the West people did that by themselves- it often succeeded but many people subsequently found the need for them and often found them in traditions other than those of their ancestors. To the world and probably to himself, Nureyev was a Russian.

    I have known several Tatars through work and sport and found them to be very Russian in all aspects; none of those whom I encountered made a big deal of their religion and some were actually baptised, also, I believe that many (of those living outside Tatarstan, Crimea etc.) don’t speak Tatar at all.

    One wonders whether Boshirov is Chepiga (smile).

  42. Dicentim says

    There’s Asians and “Asians”: Mongoloids and “Caucasians”, which in Russia means people from the Caucasus (sometimes considered European elsewhere but kind of not in Russia).

    And then, there’s Slavs or Europeans (called Caucasians elsewhere).

    Go figure…

  43. This Muslim Tatar was captain of the Russian national junior ice hockey team:

    When Yakupov was with the Edmonton Oilers, there was a news segment with ignorant North American commentators not knowing specifics of a Muslim prayer ritual he was doing before a game.

    Also recall some idiotic Western commentary saying that the 2018 Russian World Cup team didn’t have enough people of color. Upon further review, that team was quite multiethnic.

    Russia should be blamed for not having African slaves like some other countries.

  44. Philip Owen says

    How many British people of non native descent do you know? I know quite a few Indians, Chinese and Malays and they do not express hatred and contempt. Neither do the Africans. They are pleased with the opportunities. I only know one Afro-Caribbean. He’s happy with the UK but he is first generation from Jamaica. I have seen Afo-Caribbean children in the street shouting names at the police which suggests that community has a problem. I have not had a Pakistani friend for 40 years. I know no recently arrived Poles or other Eastern Europeans. The Poles and Ukrainians who came to the UK in the 1940’s tend to be extreme Anglophiles.

  45. The famous Russian composer Rachmaninoff was of muslim ancestry, the original name obviously was Rahman. The same with Nureyev the gay ballet dancer.
    To Jatt Arya,
    You read me wrong; at another thread there, I actually said you are untypically honest with the indian caste system, unlike many Indians who try to project a ‘liberal’ image.
    Relax: music from Seigfried’s birthday party(Swan Lake act 1)

  46. Yet there are race riots. Someone is rioting. Someone is pouring fuel in the fire.

  47. NazBolFren says

    Which was an exception to the rule.

    The leftist gay academics like to use the exception to the rule as the rule.

    Sexual relations between men was greatly frowned upon by the Greek world.

  48. Plenty of ethno-religious tolerant examples. For a good number of years, David Blatt, the Israeli-American, coached the Russian national men’s basketball team and club powerhouse CSKA Moskva. In football (soccer), the Russian-Jew, Leonid Slutsky, has had a popular following as a player and coach – the latter includes a stint with Russian national men’s team.

  49. anonymous coward says

    Everything you know about ancient Greece is fake and gay.

    The Greeks were roving bands lawless pirates and brigands.

    The ‘homosexuality’ of the Greeks the same kind of ‘homosexuality’ you find today in prisons.

  50. I would rather say it had to do with the high degree of militarization of ancient Greek states.
    (Note exactly a jest and well has some hidden imageries…
    LOTR obviously is gay(and pedo)propaganda; some pieces of strong evidence:
    –The Elves, said to be immortal and the ‘fairest’ of all the races but yet were few in numbers to obvious contradiction of demographic phenomena; and their princess Arwen, 1000s of years old, seeked love with the mortal Aragorn(then a teenager), why? Just what did the male elves do in their spare time?
    –Ever seen a female Orc in the movie? And they all craved for ‘man flesh’ !!
    –Ha ha, Gimli the dwarf said their ‘women’ all had beards….)

  51. Dicentim says

    Intense things on this thread:
    One poster displays extensive knowledge and interest in all things homosexual.
    Apparently hooked, another poster asks: “Where do you live?”

  52. anonymous coward says

    I would rather say it had to do with the high degree of militarization of ancient Greek states.

    That makes it sound like the Greeks had some sort of organized state with a military-industrial complex. Which they didn’t; they were libertarians of the Mad Max variety.

  53. LOTR obviously is gay(and pedo)propaganda


  54. I’m not ‘hooked’. I’m just well read and have a wide range of interests, ranged from astronomy to religions, to…..
    What amazed me is human psychological fragility

  55. More on LOTR hidden pedo-gay imageries:
    –Why Gandalf was so fond of the hobbits? Did it have anything to do with the ‘pixie'(after Roy Cohn??) small physique of the latters?

  56. Since it’s a thread to do with Russia, I must point out something which was so distorted by anglo warmongering propaganda:

    Rasputin was NOT a mad monk nor he was evil

    He was promiscuous alright but in many ways he was a semi-saint.
    Some important facts:
    — England wanted Russia to keep fighting on their side in WW1 regardless how horrendous the casualties and damage done to Russia. Rasputin wanted peace but failed to persuade Nicholas II and was hated by the anglo warring party.
    –His murder was planned and facilitated by the anglo secret service. He was repeatedly shot by the anglo secret agent Oswald Rayner and the Russian homo prince Yusupov(who was educated before WW1 in england and he hosted Rasputin’s Last Supper). Yusupov died peacefully in Gay Paree at the ripe old age of 80 in 1967, 50 yrs after the October revolution.

    –Rasputin was very sympathetic to the persecuted russian jewry

    According to Rasputin’s daughter Maria, Yusupov made homosexual advances to Rasputin his father

  57. Dicentim says

    Just kidding buddy,

    But imagine whatever ideological foes using that conversation to prove their points about alt-right and Co. being repressed etc. á la Pink Swastika…

    Besides, I believe that it wasn’t you but your interlocutor who expressed interest in your location.

  58. anonymous coward says

    Why Gandalf was so fond of the hobbits? Did it have anything to do with the ‘pixie'(after Roy Cohn??) small physique of the latters?

    If you read LOTR carefully, you’ll see that the hobbits are a brown-skinned aboriginal people. Their short stature is meant to evoke a kind of Bushmen-vs-Bantu feel, not something ‘pixie’.

  59. >If you read LOTR carefully, you’ll see that the hobbits are a brown-skinned aboriginal people. Their short stature is meant to evoke a kind of Bushmen-vs-Bantu feel, not something ‘pixie’<<

    Seems Tokien modelled the Hobbits and their shire on the simple rural folks of early 20th century England he met; doubt it has anything to do with the Bushmen.
    Elves, dwarves..were likely humanoid species early homosapiens had encountered and were romanticized into mythology. Hobbits were a Tokien spin off. The dwarves might not look that appetizing and the elves probably resembled the upper class then. Tokien invented a child size and easily available species for mounting purpose.

  60. Philip Owen says

    As I hint above, Afro-Caribbeans who take their culture from urban Jamaica.