Old Libs Getting Eaten by Wokespawn in “Russia Watching” Field

These SJWs started cropping up on the Internet around 2010. By the mid 2010s, a phenomenon I had previously thought was confined to the Internet exploded onto university campuses. Since then, many of them have graduated and have began their march through the rest of the institutions.

This dynamic of Old Libs getting challenged – and, most often, beaten – by SJW insurgents has been replaying across a broad spectrum of fields in American life, with the defenestration of long-time NYT editor James Bennet being perhaps the most prominent example to date.

But it really seems universal. Despite the (proven) association of the fitness industry with right-wing positions, the founder of CrossFit has also recently been forced to take early retirement after expressing disinterest in #BLM to his stuff.

I am not going to cover this in detail, at least in this post.

However, what I did find amusing is that the “Russia watching” field in American academia/journalism is no exception. As it happens, my readers will have met both of the “stars” of this encounter before:

Incidentally, the Russia watching field is no exception. We have met both of the starts of this encounter before:

  • Kevin Rothrock is a Russia analyst for Khodorkovsky-financed Meduza who has been exposed feeding analysis to American government spooks (“you’re a gem” – Robert Otto).
  • Terell J. Starr is some affirmative action Russia journalist/academic who believes that “Odessa is in Crimea” (sic) whose work seems to consist largely of whining about how “the USSR always centered the Russian slav” (sic).

Now regardless of Rothrock’s various issues, he does still have an IQ about two standard deviations above Starr’s, and he had once made fun of the latter’s cluelessness and linguistic incompetence, several years ago.

But it now emerges that Starr is not the forgiving or forgetting sort, taking the opportunities offered by the Current Year:

… to make his real feelings known to Gem:

Fortunately for Kevin, he is unlikely to be defenestrated anytime soon, because the structures he works for are dominated by Russian or culturally Russian libs, who are really only into no-platforming Russian nationalists, Putinists, and conservatives – not those of their own tribe who happened to have committed an unintentional microaggression against some Black person back during the Triassic.

Still, Kevin’s transgressions have been noted:

Yulia Komska is a Dartmouth professor (of course) who focuses on “the making and dismantling of borders between ideologies, territories, languages, and mediums.”

Anna Lind-Guzik profile description on Twitter: “Exec director @Convo_ist Think and write about law, Russia, feminism, human rights. Bylines @ Vox, Daily Beast. Stan for context, wit, misfits, & Cher. She/her”

That’s quite the intersectional coalition that Kevin aroused against him.

I suspect Kevin might have a hard time wriggling back into American academia. Then again, perhaps that Otto friendship could come in handy.

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  2. Swarthy Greek says

    This type of cultural revolution insanity can last only so long before the system completely collapses on itself. Unemployment benefits and the payroll protection program run out in July. Can we expect the real American race/class war to start by then and the SJWs gamma males/karens getting thrown out of the window by the Tyrones/Chapos and American Nat-socs?

  3. Haruto Rat says
  4. SIMP simp says

    If the SJWs cancel Masha Gessen kudos to them, but I doubt they can hit someone so high in the intersectional pecking order.

  5. Gessen is a jew, should BLM seriously start going after jews it would be finished within a week.

  6. All the evidence I see points to the opposite happening. I see whites being attacked in ever greater numbers, and the all the woke corporations/celebrities/academia supporting this.

  7. Passer by says

    USA will be the new Soviet Union. Only this time, the new communism will be about identity politics.

    It will fight the world and will try to spread it. The Soviet Block will be US, Anglosphere and Western Europe.

    In other news
    Christopher Columbus Monument, Boston


  8. Svidomyatheart says

    Yuliya Komska is half jewish btw

  9. Not Raul says

    KR blocked me on Twitter, and I was never anywhere near as rude to him as ALG & TJS are. KR is a snowflake with the peasants, and a groveller with the nomenklatura.

  10. Not Raul says

    Now it’s a monument to the headless horseman.

  11. Not Only Wrathful says

    Night of the Long Knives continues…

  12. Swedish Family says

    So the person who thought that “Odessa is in the Crimea” is now getting a six-figure sum to explain this region to English speakers. Idiocracy indeed.

  13. Regarding that guy bragging about getting a six figure deal and his mass media appearances, I’m a victim of racism.

  14. Blinky Bill says
  15. The Wild Geese Howard says

    It will be interesting to see if any of this mess spills over to the suburbs as summer passes.

    So far I’ve seen some limited goodwhite protesting in the ‘burbs, no rioting or looting.

  16. The US Right has tied itself up by its own principles.

    The solution is easy: Partisan hiring quotas in all sectors of the Culture Industry.

    If “representation matters”, then the percentage of conservative professors should match that of the general population, about 40%.

    The current number is <5%, with many institutions not having a single Republican on the faculty.

  17. Twitter, the domain of twits.

  18. PC logic.

    1. Indigenous cultures were destroyed by evil Columbus.
    2. Immigration is so great.

    But it was mass-immigration that followed Columbus that finally finished off the natives.
    If ONLY Columbus had landed in the Americas, most of the Americas would still be ruled by native browns and reds.

  19. I’m really gonna love it when blacks and others at NY Times begin to shout Palestinian Lives Matter and demand the hiring of Palestinian columnists and pundits.

    But will that day come?

  20. Nah. The actual Soviet Union made sure the nations in question won’t survive way beck when they started the subversion.

    Such a thing requires a civil war. You damn well can that all WMD’s get disappeared from America in that case by the military who’d rather an hero than let em fall into woke hands.

    Then Russians and Chinese step in and intervene, but probably by just dousing everyone in chemical weapons

  21. Anonymous (n) says

    lol, I’m too short for the NBA, the solution is easy, grow taller.

  22. There’s a good deal more to be said about this guy. I’m just the person to mop-up what was left unclean.

  23. Twitter, the domain of twits.

    In numerous instances for sure.

  24. Jaakko Raipala says
  25. Europe Europa says

    It shocks me how weak and spineless white Americans are, I think even white British are more ready for the fight than they are.

  26. Swarthy Greek says

    Sad. I expected UAW chads to step in, not gay soy boys.

  27. Kent Nationalist says

    Didn’t Marx complain about the original Paris Commune being suppressed by Lumpenproles?

  28. Western Russia watchers are on payroll of the US military industrial complex (via various think tanks and government grants). US MIC is almost fully taken over by Karens and SWJs run its Human Resources departments (and as such, have considerable power).


    It is only a matter of time before Russia watchers are forced to bend the knee and get on with the program.

  29. Swarthy Greek says

    Marx was a based, racist antisemite who hated the bourgeois. Obviously he complained about the lumpen ruining the commune.

  30. Europe Europa says

    There’s little place in the modern left for old fashioned Marxists. JK Rowling is now in trouble in the UK because she openly spoke out against the trans agenda. Of course, in every other sense she is a left wing, pro-mass immigration anti-English Marxist, but because she is basically an old fashioned feminist and Marxist she is finding even she is being “deplatformed” in favour of more modern left wing ideas.

  31. I don’t see things on an exclusive White/Black basis. Numerous Whites have become PC Red Guard/Khmer Rouge like extremists. Conversely, I’ve the pleasure of knowing some Blacks who don’t buy into the PC crapola being hustled.

    As for a US-UK comparison, Laura Ingraham said on her show last night that Peter Hitchens was the lone person not taking a knee at a very recent event.

  32. Reminded of the reported differences at The NYT, regarding a younger PC group of news reporters (whose job is to report news and not editorialize) taking issue with The NYT Op-Ed recently giving the nod for a Tom Cotton piece.

    Mind you, Cotton has a flawed McCainiac foreign policy perspective, with the older school NYT liberals having a good degree of hypocritically faulty censoring ways.

  33. prime noticer says

    probably something similar, and similarly stupid, happening inside most US federal government agencies right now. the last few remaining older, competent government officials and agents and military men are having nonsense interactions with younger AA hires.

    probably only a decade or so now until the Russian military is broadly more competent than the US military. not larger or able to project more force, but more capable with the units it does have. people really didn’t notice how the US Navy had declined noticeably after 8 years of Obama.

    in a decade’s time though the Chinese military not only be about as competent with the units it does have, but it will be about the same size as the US forces.

    by 2030 or so, US forces will be relying completely on heartland european men, who are the only capable fighters in the force, but who will be getting regular nonsense interactions and harrasment from all the vibrant and women in the service.

  34. Kent Nationalist says

    The made up Tulsa genocide is a hilarious joke, even faker than the last made-up genoicde

  35. Rattus Norwegius says

    He wrote a bad article, but that does not mean that everything he produces is shit. Perhaps he has learned from his mistake and improved?

  36. Pumblechook says

    Incredible. I’m almost tempted to create a twitter account to tell them how feckin painful and mediocre all their life’s output is. Almost.

    I can only console myself with the assumption that most people are blissfully and utterly unaware of these nonces, their opinions and their perceived slights. To spend any more of my day with my jaw hanging open reading their tweets would be a victory on their part. I will go and bang out some shoulder reps and then eat pulled pork w/rice with my family instead.

  37. The US military is definitely already less capable than the Russian military, as far as personnel goes. It’s just propped by better technology and economics.

    And it already does rely on its European-descended soldiers. When did it ever depend on anyone else?

  38. He has a track record beyond that.

  39. Passer by says

    Just saw this failed US intercept against Russian patrol in Syria..


  40. O.T. but it looks like ak’s Twitter account has just been wiped

  41. Europe Europa says

    And it already does rely on its European-descended soldiers. When did it ever depend on anyone else?

    I’ve heard the Russian army in particular is full of Central Asian soldiers because it’s a route to citizenship and the Army has a bad rep for brutality and is not that appealing to many Russians.

  42. I can’t say that I am an expert on Central Asian military history, but it did produce the likes of Timurid and Genghis Khan (not sure if Mongolia is considered Central Asia by everyone though), that conquered many other races of people. Now compare this to African military success, the most famous they have is probably Shaka Zulu. He just conquered other black tribes, and not exactly a large land empire either.

  43. Blinky Bill says

    AK is just too woke for his own good. #RussianLivesMatter.


  45. Blinky Bill says
  46. So what!

    After emailing this thread to her, with the opinion that TJS comes across as a petulant jackass for bragging about his (according to him) getting a six figure salary, she simply replied to not email her again.

    I said okay with this added:

    Terrell Jermaine Starr is a prime example of what’s wrong with establishment academia and media. He’s an overrated, overpaid flack and it’s not racist to note this.

  47. Daniel Chieh says

    Never forget. #RussianLivesMatter

  48. silviosilver says

    Conversely, I’ve the pleasure of knowing some Blacks who don’t buy into the PC crapola being hustled.

    Lol, the cuck-in-the-making taking his first tentative steps. So cute. Treasure this moment.

    (In case you don’t get it, the point is: it doesn’t matter whether they’re “good ones” or not; unless your attitude is I want them out of my life regardless of their personal qualities, you will fall. It may take time, but you will fucking fall. No different to America.)

  49. Presumably Karlin had retweeted something from the Chinese government bots, about coronavirus, and so account is noticed by Twitter’s program when they delete over 170000 accounts related to Chinese content today.

    Someone needs to contact Jack and explain he is not a Chinese bot. (Although really anyone who uses Twitter deserves to have their account deleted for the stupidity of using such a idiotic and low culture website).

    Twitter deletes over 170,000 accounts, some of which tried to spin Covid-19 in China’s favor

    Twitter announced Thursday that it had shut down more than 170,000 accounts tied to the Chinese government. Experts working with Twitter who reviewed the accounts said they pushed deceptive narratives around the Hong Kong protests, Covid-19, and other topics.

    The company said the accounts were “spreading geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China” and were removed for violating its platform manipulation policies..

    Twitter said it had identified 23,750 accounts it described as a “highly engaged core network” that were used to tweet content favorable to Beijing and a further 150,000 accounts that were used to amplify the content, for example, by retweeting content posted by core accounts.


  50. Our friendly overlords would love nothing more than for peons to be distracted by a little race war while they eat popcorn in their remote mansions and continue to loot the world.

    Nope, as feral as they can be, blacks are not the enemy. We need to focus on on the imperial financial superstructure that sucks the life out of the world, and the nice people who control it (and no, it’s not just the Jews, though admittedly, there’s a lot of that going on). Even on the most basic level, it wasn’t the blacks who opened up Europe for mass migration from Africa, for example. If you don’t address people who actually control things, complaining about blacks won’t get you anywhere.

  51. Blinky Bill says
  52. Felix Keverich says

    This is reaching absurd levels of persecution. I’m not joking: Soviet communists for the most part were more tolerant of criticism and satire.

  53. Swedish Family says

    He wrote a bad article, but that does not mean that everything he produces is shit. Perhaps he has learned from his mistake and improved?

    That one sentence betrays an abyss of ignorance. It’s really quite elegant in how much it conveys in so few words.

  54. Swedish Family says

    O.T. but it looks like ak’s Twitter account has just been wiped

    COVID-19 looking more and more like the Reichstag fire.

  55. literally Халупа
    mother of three
    no mention of a father
    both Putin and Trump are scared of her

    Reality is the best joker there ever was.

  56. Passer by says

    After emailing this thread to her

    I suspect this could also have something to do with Karlin’s ban from Twitter.

    she simply replied to not email her again.

    Well, emailing a SJW about a “racist” site. What did you expect to happen?

  57. Thanks, but reality is a bit more prosaic – I got shadowbanned, I was told that a temporary account deactivation sometimes gets rid of it, but it didn’t work in my case.

    Link to full thread in one image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EaP9ZsyWkAkn1z5?format=jpg&name=4096×4096


  58. They did just properly suspend Vile Varangian, one of the best Russian nationalist accounts:


  59. What she said about the Jesse Smollett of Russia/former USSR watchers being an “expert” on Ukraine is what really caught my eye.

  60. I emailed a whole bunch of others who participated in that Twitter thread discussion. Not shy in openly conversing with them in a reasonably civil enough discourse.

    Too much bully pulpit/hit and run BS.

  61. Did you make sure to remind them you’ve had the pleasure of knowing some good blacks?

    If not, make sure you email them back to let them know. Lol.

  62. Hugo Silva says

    America has been the new Soviet Union at least since the Kosovo War, dedicated to shape the rest of the World in its image and promoting sedition against governments who stand in its way. It’s just that up to now, conservatives could delude themselves with the notion that it was their country also, instead of a Liberal Regime with a puppet conservative party!

  63. I don’t believe that I’ve been pandering.

  64. The Wild Geese Howard says

    There are a lot of these infiltrators in the US, like Julia Ioffe and Olga Khazan.

  65. The Wild Geese Howard says

    This is what happens when chapos encounter Tyrones.



  66. The Wild Geese Howard says

    probably only a decade or so now until the Russian military is broadly more competent than the US military.

    Already happened 4 years ago:


    By late February 2016, the Russian Air Force conducted around 60 airstrikes daily, while the American-led coalition averaged seven.[434] These Russian airstrikes have reportedly proven particularly effective against ISIS oil trade and supply routes in the Syrian Desert.[435] An estimated 209 Syrian oil facilities were destroyed by the airstrikes, along with over 2,000 petroleum transport equipments. By the time of the withdrawal of the “main part” of its forces in mid-March, Russia had conducted over 9,000 sorties over the course of five and a half months, while helping the Syrian Army capture 400 towns and acquire 10,000 square kilometers of territory.

  67. Poor guy was getting hit from every angle.

    If they could have gotten away with it, sounded as though they wanted him to ‘confess’, and then I suppose have him fired, or, lose his present source of income…sort of like how in 1984 they would still shoot the person even if they confessed.

    Yulia Komska is a Dartmouth professor (of course) who focuses on “the making and dismantling of borders between ideologies, territories, languages, and mediums.”

    All is to be made one, and just the same, ie literally ‘equal’, and to do so by breaking down all barriers, natural, or otherwise, between the two sexes, various races, ethnicities, and nations.

    The weapon of choice to do this is loaded language comprised by definition of thought terminating cliches, such as ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’.

    Each term is cleverly married to negativity, specifically abuses which can sometimes occur between the said groupings, and should naturally be avoided if at all possible. Rather than healthily working on improving relations between the two sexes and races of man, their answer is instead to try to destroy their very existence via weaponized language.

    R. J. Lifton’s definition of the ‘thought terminating cliche’:

    ‘The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. They become the start and finish of any ideological analysis.’ Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Chapter 16, The Older Generation: Robert Chao (1961)

    More from the linked article below:

    A thought-terminating cliché (also known as a semantic stop-sign, a thought-stopper, bumper sticker logic or cliché thinking) is a form of loaded language, commonly used to propagate cognitive dissonance.

    Depending on context in which a phrase (or cliché) is used, it may actually be valid and not qualify as thought-terminating; it does qualify as such when its application intends to dismiss dissent or justify fallacious logic. Its only function is to stop an argument from proceeding further, in other words “end the debate with a cliche… not a point.”

    The term was popularized by Robert Jay Lifton in his 1961 book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, who called the use of the cliché, along with “loading the language”, as “The language of Non-thought”.



  68. Poor guy was getting hit from every angle.

    Just checking, who in particular?

  69. Brother Starr would be a good fit serving under Susan Rice in a hypothetical Biden administration:


  70. Just checking, who in particular?

    The Kevin Rothrock fellow.

  71. Philip Owen says

    My business account is entirely focused on the (fewer and fewer) positives of Russia. It’s still there.

  72. Rothrock doesn’t especially deserve pity. At the same time, he wasn’t wrong in going after that drama queen. Note that Rothrock had earlier gone at it with Michael Weiss for the apparently same reason having to do with suspect talent getting a relatively high profile placement.

  73. Thanks for the info.

    I hear you about Rothrock. I was aiming for some subtle sarcasm with the ‘poor guy’ comment. Probably was a little too subtle

  74. Dieter Kief says

    I’m really gonna love it when blacks and others at NY Times begin to shout Palestinian Lives Matter

    But will that day come?


  75. Guillaume Tell says

    AS’s 1978 Harvard address was especially prophetic:


  76. Guillaume Tell says
  77. Dieter Kief says

    Yeah, I see. Thanks. I’d still hold that the NYT is different from the French Bohemia, isn’t it?

    Btw. – your meme is ice. Friedrich von Schiller, right? – So – – – you’re located in – – – the French-speaking part of Switzerland?

  78. b

  79. Guillaume Tell says

    Hello Dieter

    I agree with you: the NYT being owned by who it’s owned, they have vastly different standards regarding Israel than the French bobos. There remains a healthy dose of cultural antisemitism in the French intelligentsia. Louis-Ferdinand Céline remains un-doubtfully the most talented French littérateur of the 20th C, a fact that many even in the Parisian intellectual élite recognize.

    I am a big fan of Guillaume Tell; and I share with him a passion for shooting (albeit with much less talent than him :). I also love Switzerland but alas! I don’t have the chance to be a citizen of the Confédération. On the first day when I commented on AK’s thread, I was just happening to be physically located in CH, and looking through my hotel window, I could stare at a statue of Guillaume… I hope Swiss radicals (they exist although in small numbers) will never have the idea to tear down that beautiful statue!

  80. Dieter Kief says

    I hope Swiss radicals (they exist although in small numbers) will never have the idea to tear down that beautiful statue!

    They Swiss would not allow this to happen – insofar they’re all of them radicals, hehe – and quite a few of them know quite well how to shoot, too. – Friedrich Schiller is still big in Switzerland and every summer and autumn, there are lots of Wihlem Tell plays being performed – mostly open-air, by local folk. _ I hope Corona does not kill this beautiful and very – eh – cultivating tradition!

  81. Guillaume Tell says

    I am glad to read that the Swiss are holding steady! I hope they don’t cave in.

    There are some encouraging signs of Black Fatigue in France. Not enough to turn the tide for sure — but it’s not going to be the kind of moral panic we are seeing amongst US Whites right now.