Open Thread 113

Not many good recent photos, so reaching back to winter in my archives. Anyhow, the Museum of the Russian Diaspora is very good – strong recommend.

I talked to Robert Stark on Scott Alexander’s idea of the “Gray Tribe” and other topics on his podcast:

Anatoly’s article No Country for Gray Tribesmen
Gray Tribe themes in Andrew Yang’s The War on Normal People
Scott Alexander’s original article on the Gray Tribe
Slate Star Codex and Silicon Valley’s War Against the Media
Hypothetical profile of a Gray Tribesman (against woke culture, rejects blank slatism, corona-virus hawk, but accepts climate science)
Unique environment that allowed the Coffee Salons of Western Europe to emerge
Coffee Salon Demographics 
CEOs: the Bamboo Ceiling vs. the Madras Floor
Why White Centrists have the highest in-group bias
The Double Horseshoe Theory of Class Politics
California Isn’t the SJWtopia of Right-Wing Fantasies
Enclaves for the intelligent but poor
Woke Austerity: Chevron diversity ratio to improve as layoffs progress
Is Woke Left outliving usefulness to economic elite?
Mask Compliance as IQ/Personality Test
Chances of an effective corona-virus vaccine by next year

You can listen to the podcast here.

Nationalist bookshop “Listva” is opening a branch in Moscow today, on 08/08/20 (nice date). I plan to attend. Antifa isn’t happy so there might be some fun.

They are expanding from Saint-Petersburg, which is where their mother bookstore is located. I gave a lecture on IQ and dysgenics there in November 2019, which was well received. It is a good focal point for intellectual nationalism.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


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  1. This is the current Open Thread, where anything goes – within reason.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Where is the Mega Poast on US-China Cock Blocks?

    Also, on the subject of geopolitics, with gold going up in price, Russian forex reserves are going crazy at $591 billion and counting. India is also gaining big time.

    Putin should buy every Russian a pizza. Or make something cool like a golden stick and go poke Navalny with it. Given CBR’s target of $500 billion, current level of reserves is excessive. Russia has way too much money and I expect Nabiullina making it rain in the near future. Interest rates should be coming down which should be supportive for Russian economy.

  3. Jatt Arya says
  4. reiner Tor says

    It’d be good timing if Russia could now cut interest rates.

  5. another anon says

    Anything new about nuclear issues?

    Everyone knows that nuclear power is the greatest gift from loving God to mankind, and nukephobia is the most pernicious force in the world today, more evil and dangerous than racism, homophobia and transphobia put together.

    Fortunately, the cutting edge of progressive thought is now rethinking this idea.
    Good news for everyone!

  6. Twitter Bans Bitchute Links, Then Partly Unbans Them After Backlash

  7. I’d like to see bathroom humor totally banned from film and TV, and anyone attempting to insert it thrown into a latrine pit. I think we are at the point where that is needed.

  8. Hyperborean says

    Yet another case study in the perniciousness of the supposed neutrality of world freedom of information and culture and how American cultural hegemony threatens the national foundations and state stability of not just white countries but practically every literate society exposed to the metropoles of America.

    However, this state-imposed vision of racial and religious harmony is largely freedom from racial and religious discrimination, rather than freedom to actively forge a collective identity that transcends race and religion while still accommodating cultural differences. This is manifest in the Singaporean state’s reliance on top-down mechanisms to enforce this policy—notably, in the primary use of legal sanctions against racially sensitive activity, and in the deliberate allocation of public housing to ensure multiethnic compositions in housing estates.

    One consequence of this “freedom from” top-down approach is the persistence of racial stereotypes across Singapore’s racial groups. For example, Singapore’s Malay community may be stereotyped by the Chinese as “lazy,” while the Malays may reciprocate with labels of “intimidating” and “bossy.” These sentiments are only compounded by Singapore’s high level of income inequality and status anxiety.

    This setup has fomented a growing constituency of primarily younger Singaporeans who believe the discourse of American liberal politics finds a direct parallel in Singapore’s domestic situation. Unashamed borrowing of the terminology is evident. For example, the term “Chinese privilege,” derived from the Anglo-American concept of “white privilege” and used to describe the advantages enjoyed by the politically and economically dominant Chinese community, has proven ubiquitous enough to become the central theme of articles in the student newspaper of the Raffles Institution, one of Singapore’s leading schools.

    The Singaporean government’s “meritocratic” approach to scholarship issuance and the prevalence of racial stereotyping by numerically dominant Chinese employers are cited as instances of “institutional discrimination” favoring the Chinese community. Following another feature of Western discourse, crude instances of stereotyping of Malays and Indians by Singaporean-Chinese have become analyzed as “microaggressions.” Such sentiment is not merely confined to online discourse, but has exploded onto the national spotlight.


    Given the official ban on polling in Singapore, hard empirical data on the exact demographic of this emergent liberal politics is difficult to ascertain. However, the movement’s disproportionate representation in forums such as Reddit and in online sites with an explicitly millennial base such as Zula and Rice Media intimates both its roots in the American internet and the demographic’s youthful and highly-educated slant across all races, including—if not especially—among ethnic Chinese. This is further confirmed by the recent popularity of Singapore poet Alfian Sa’at’s writings on racial identity in Singapore, including among government scholars studying at Western universities. The coincidence of public anger at the scandals mentioned above with the George Floyd protests and even the Education Minister’s explicit appeal for enraged netizens to bear in mind differences between the American and Singaporean racial situation only further underscore the contagious and imitative role of the American internet.

  9. Karlin is a McDonald’s Cuck? How utterly disgusting.

  10. I find it amazing that there is still an ongoing debate on mask wearing in COVID-19 affected communities. After all these months, we are still exposed to widely different narratives about masks efficiency. Including the discourse by epidemiology specialists and health officials that do not seem agreen on the basics.

    I have never thought that it will take so long for everyone to agree about or against mask wearing. I have the impression that it demonstrates the inability to have a well informed and fact based debate and then to apply the most reasonable attitude on this important topic.

    This is quite disheartening really…

  11. Problem is that mask-wearing is now simply a de facto proxy for signalling allegiance to one political side or another. Has nothing to do with its actual efficacy. Tens of millions of Americans have now fully invested their ego into their ‘side’ and its cause such that nothing short of a massive bloodletting will resolve this.

  12. Yes, “This is quite disheartening.” But should we be surprised if CDC in May 2020

    published and promoted the article “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures” that concludes “these measures [masks] did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.” I have commented on it in May 2020:

    that these meta study is flawed as it did not address R0 lowering when mask wearing prevalence is high (say 80%) like in the paper

    Universal Masking is Urgent in the COVID-19 Pandemic: SEIR and Agent Based Models, Empirical Validation, Policy Recommendations

    More and more I like the ‘conspiracy theory’ that the Big Pharma does not want us to wear masks and eliminate/eradicate virus by non-pharmaceutical measures what successfully was accomplished in Taiwan and New Zealand (in 49 days). CDC and WHO are in Big Pharma pockets. The Big Pharma does not like East Asian nations and their mask wearing tradition going back to 1920s.

    Universal mask wearing undercuts profits from sales of antiviral drugs and vaccination. The anti-vaxxers on the right happens to be anti-mask as well. This shows you the power of useful idiocy which covid-19 exposed particularly on the lolbertarian right. Is it possible that the anti mask rebellion in Europe and the US is being assisted and somehow stoked by China and Russia? Absolutely!

  13. Japanese PM on superiority of Japanese. It is mindo:

    Coronavirus: Japan’s mysteriously low virus death rate

    If you were to listen to Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, it is down to the “superior quality” of Japanese people. In a now notorious comment, Mr Aso said he had been asked by leaders of other countries to explain Japan’s success.

    “I told these people: ‘Between your country and our country, mindo (the level of people) is different.’ And that made them speechless and quiet.”
    The word “mindo” was created during the Meiji Ea (1868-1912), a time when Japan became interested in comparing itself with other countries. Inherent in it is a sense of judgement about which populations’ “level” or “standards” are higher or lower. Scholar Michael Kim notes that during the colonization of Korea, “The Japanese deployed the mindo concept frequently to justify their unequal colonial policies and explain their rationale for excluding Koreans from the welfare and educational policies instituted in Japan proper.”

  14. A new color revolution starting in Lebanon?

    Several official buildings have been seized by the protesters. Lebanese troops enter Beirut. Hezbollah threatens to intervene if things do not cool down.

  15. Philip Owen says

    They have been coming down steadily for several years.

  16. Philip Owen says

    Masks are not particularly helpful. This was known well before SARS2. I wear a respirator in crowded indoor spaces but of course, any virus in the environment accumulates on the respirator so if I touch to adjust it or take it off after such use without the use of sanitizer, I am actually amplifying my exposure. I have a good stock of respirators thanks to samples from a Chinese factory so I can afford a single use strategy. Other people perhaps less so.

  17. I have read about it. To disarm Hezbollah
    they will need to win a civil war first and pacify the Shiites. Ain’t gonna happen. I think the opposite will: another wave of Qataib Maronite Christians running away to the West. If I am not mistaken one of the top Qataib leaders has been killed in the blast. Lebanon might end up mostly Shia in the next few decades. BTW if Lebanon is engulfed in a new civil war what will happen to all the offshore gas that Lebanon should have the right to exploit?

  18. By God, but it tastes like cardboard!

    When you visit belgrade you gotta try local fast food. Won’t step inside mcdicks again

  19. ImmortalRationalist says

    To what degree is the relatively high fertility rate in France attributable to France having a large black population? According to this:
    almost 40% of French newborns were tested for sickle-cell anemia, indicating that they were ethnically African or Middle Eastern. Native Europeans aren’t tested because they virtually never get the disease. As a rough calculation, if France has a TFR of 1.9 and ethnic French are 80% of the population but only 60% of the births, this may mean ethnic French have a TFR of 1.425, which is similar to countries like Poland that have very little immigration. As a side note, if Germany has a TFR of 1.596, does anyone know of any estimates of the TFR of the native, ethnically German population?

  20. It’s not insignificant but ethnic French do still have very high TFR by white standards.

  21. His name is Fat Karlin for a reason.

  22. ImmortalRationalist says

    Do you know what the TFR is among native Whites in Germany and other European countries, and how accurate the 1.425 figure is for ethnic French?

  23. With the absence of American and Chinese tourists, Polish, Czech,
    and Hungarian tourists have Italy, Croatia, and Greece (incl. the
    islands) practically to themselves this summer. Imagine Galeria
    Vittorio Emanuele without the crowds. It’s heaven!

  24. Sher Singh says

    When participants were cued to think about ancestor veneration, the Buddhists and Taoists expressed a greater willingness to assist their family and their in-group than did participants in the control condition. This effect was absent in the Christians: in fact, they became more willing to assist strangers:

    In Buddhism and Taoism, family is valued over self, but not strangers over family. Christianity goes farther; strangers are valued over self

    Christcucks lol

  25. Philip Owen says

    france and Sweden went into demographic decline early by EU15 standards. Both created more natalist policies. They worked. Not enough but some. So non immigrants populations may well have higher fertility rates than Germany and Italy where the difficulties of motherhood are less well addressed.

  26. Philip Owen says

    “Love thy neighbour as thyself” is a stronger injunction than “Do as you would be done by”.

  27. Kent Nationalist says

    Learn how to use toilets

  28. Sher Singh says

    Do as you would be done = bi sexual?

  29. AltanBakshi says

    In Buddhism and Taoism, family is valued over self, but not strangers over family. Christianity goes farther; strangers are valued over self

    Its not so simple, or at least in Buddhism.

    In Buddhism we should first help and care of those who are closest to us, for we share karmical and emotional connection, not because we are selfish, but for three reasons, first because it is easier, secondly because there is no greater gift than human life and we never can show enough gratitude for that, so one should love and respect ones parents, thirdly because loving and compassion are not any abstract ideals in Buddhism. One should practice compassion first to those who are closest to oneself, like ones parents and children, then farther relatives and friends, then ones nation and so on. For how we truly can love and help strangers if we cant even help those who are closest to us? Step by step we can enlarge, through the practice, the field of our compassion in meditation and in real life. Buddhas are beings who have achieved the state where they feel limitless compassion towards all sentient beings, with older beings like with their parents, those of equal age like with their siblings and those who are younger, like with their children. Really how one can love other people if he doesnt love his own? How one can love stranger without loving his own blood? How he can understand even what true love is?

  30. On the subject related to woke capital that Karlin brought up earlier. Yandex may want to rethink their incorporation location decisions.

    Looks like Russia is ready to streamline their tax code and stop paying people and capital to leave the country.

    This should have been done like back in 2014 or earlier, but better late than never. Offering people tax breaks to incorporate in the Netherlands or Cyprus never made any sense to me. People should be offered tax breaks to incorporate in the regions, like Omsk or something, to bring business there. There is no need to support Dutch and Cypriot banking sector with Russian money and legal expenditures.

  31. Now here’s a Karen that deserves to get cancelled. What a b!tch. People like her don’t deserve the love of a dog.

    I have so much respect for the young White women who devote their lives to the wellbeing of these furry little Godsends. I wouldn’t have the strength.

  32. On the subject of Deep-Water Jews I will say this:

    Among peasant fishermen the world over, there is a common expression: Everything on the land has its like in the sea. Furthermore, if you take the time to ask the old hands, they will all swear that they’ve seen horses rising with the waves, cows coming from the surf to graze on seaweed on the beach before disappearing back into the sea – cows which needed to be milked.

    Now, I’m not sure whether Dmitry’s Mountain Jews are lactose tolerant or not, but obviously the corollary to them, if we are to believe the fishermen, would be gilled, mermen Jews, living in deep-sea trenches, near vents.

    I don’t know what Cousteau had to say on the subject, but very little of the ocean floor has been explored, and perhaps it would take a Russian to recognize one.

  33. Sher Singh says

    This is the Hinduism of an Indian vs the animist cult or fascist philosophy description of Western Academia.

    Altan what’s your view on it?

    I just like the coin & rest makes sense।।

    I haven’t researched heavily nor do I intend to.
    Irrelevant & also bias academia।।