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Was diverted into another pressing project this week. Will resume regular posting soon, but for now, this week’s Open Thread.

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  1. This is the current Open Thread, where anything goes – within reason.

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  2. Thulean Friend says
  3. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    He is right, a sane country would have done much worse to Muslims within its borders. Sadly America chose to bomb some poor sods in the Middle East who had nothing to do with the sorry affair, all while inviting more non-Europeans into America.

    On a bittersweet note, at least America had a culture of anti-racism before the peace was shattered 19 years ago today, may that spirit one day return…

  4. Later in the thread a powerful gem:

    Almost two decades on, it’s now clear that the real threat to America comes not from foreign terrorists but from home-grown white supremacists. But you know what? That was true even in 2001. 6/

  5. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Remember those White supremacists dancing as the towers fell?

  6. No. I completely forgot them, because remembering them might cause wrongthink on my part. Better be ignorant, comrade!

  7. German_reader says

    tbf there have been mass killings by white right-wingers in recent years (the two synagogue shootings in the US, the El Paso shooting, the Christchurch shooting, the attempted synagogue shooting in Halle), so it’s not completely invented. The real issue of course is the totally different reaction to acts of Islamic terrorism and killings by white right-wingers, the former always leading to warnings against an anti-Muslim backlash, while the latter is used as a pretext for increasing repression of groups like the identitarians and shutting down debate about the great replacement.

  8. Those transmission towers remind me that Russia has had huge power outages all over European Russia this year. Senior officials are gbeing sacked and prosecuted for corruption.

  9. Kent Nationalist says

    The terrorists were just extreme Keynesians, frustrated by Greenspan’s weak policy response to the Dot Com Bubble and attempting to stimulate the economy by any means necessary

  10. Kent Nationalist says

    They should target both. Sikhs did the worst terrorist attack in Canadian history

  11. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    I have also noticed that in the aftermath of Islamic attacks, while there is a frenzy of anger from the Right, the leftists do tend to moderate things by pointing out the underlying reasons for the attack – Western foreign policy in Muslim countries, and this is fair enough (even though a more direct reason for them is the presence of so many foreigners in the West) as there were political reasons for the 9/11 attacks, many of them reasonable and legitimate.

    But when we see White nationalist attacks, there is no mirroring of the situation and the mainstream Right collapses and goes on the defensive, they do condemn the attacks but they are always on the back foot as the ideology of racism is attributed to them.

    With the Christchurch attack, there was an obscure Australian senator who condemned the attack with the caveat that such conflict is inevitable in a multiracial society, but he was viciously attacked by the mainstream for his reasonable views.

    The chutzpah is quite amazing though, they completely deny the central tenets of the Great Replacement as a “conspiracy theory”. The same types who will covertly or overtly support the Palestinian struggle against their displacement will condemn Europeans for doing the same!

    The Wikipedia page for the Great Replacement theory actually provides no refutations to the assertion that ethnic Europeans will become a minority in Western European and New World countries, they just refute a strawman argument by saying Muslims won’t become a majority after which they say that second generation immigrants are just as French as anyone else. Then they have citations pointing to two Jews who just call it a conspiracy theory, with one of them saying it is a figment of the imagination by men who lack virility!

  12. RadicalCenter says

    Sikhs do not belong in the usa or canada, period, without reference to the terrorist act.

  13. In much of the West, Sikhs seem like multicult enforcers. They are the muscle for the soy boys. They are the thought police that protect Paki rapists, by curtailing speech.

    In Canada, Sikhs prominent in politics (that you vote for?) like Jagmeet Singh (signals against caste) and Harjit Sajjan (meets with Jews) are pozzed anti-whites. They should be sent back to be the first wave in the invasion of Pakistan. Or to skirmish on the roof of the world with the Chinese.

    I’ve never known a single Sikh who didn’t throw the R-word around. Sikhs should all wear rainbow turbans and carry bottles of soy at all times – it would be more honest.

  14. Europe Europa says

    The problem is the sort of people who (rightly) oppose Muslim mass immigration are generally the sorts who are pro-Zionist and wouldn’t say a bad word about elite Jews in white countries against all evidence and who are largely responsible for causing the problem in the first place.

    They also often support mass immigration of non-Muslim immigrants, such as Sikhs, non-Muslim blacks, Kurds, Chinese, etc, who they would label the “good kind of immigrants”. I typically can not stand “counter-Jihad” types for that very reason.

  15. A bunch of k*rds were caught causing a ruckus on a train in Germany, and it was found that some of them didn’t even have proper German residency permits:

    Should also point out most counter-jihad types are anti-Mainland Chinese, yet would gladly allow Hong Kongers and Taiwanese (i.e. Cantonese and Fujianese taught to speak with HK and Taiwanese accents respectively to infiltrate the West).

  16. As people are discussing 9-11 here, one can note that there are five major accounts of how the World Trade Centre towers were taken down

    It is often thought that several of the ‘alternative’ versions by ‘truthers’ are themselves created by intelligence agencies, to create confusion smoke for whatever is the real truth

    (1) Official story – Muslims with planes, jet fuel fire
    (2) Israeli ‘art students’ installing explosives during their New-York-Times-documented visit some weeks earlier (my vote)
    (3) Mini-nuclear bombs in cellars (Veterans Today is big on this one)
    (4) Nano-thermite ultra-high-tech explosives
    (5) Directed powerful secret-tech energy ray

    There is also a nice discussion as to whether there were really planes at all or whether the famous tape was just a video, with lots of pointing out the planes seem to ‘disappear’ as they hit etc

    President of Italy Francesco Cossiga said that in Europe our intelligence agencies all quite know what happened:

  17. Supply and Demand says

    The mouse is correct. Whites just need to become the mouse. ZOG is the rabbit.

  18. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    The counter-jihad types ultimately skirt around the issue, not of Islam but of having a foreign group with a group consciousness in your country, and this group growing in proportion. This consciousness is the problem as it means these individuals are very susceptible to racial propaganda and they use this to engage in ethnic lobbying, subvert our groups’ interests and add to the schizophrenic nature of the national discourse. Of course Muslims are not unique in this sort of behaviour, but I would say their clannishness is second only to the Jews, however the Jewish Question has become anathema to Europeans nowadays due to decades of sustained propaganda. This group consciousness is very difficult to get rid of, especially when physical differences are there. After all, we’ve had many influxes into the UK, but nobody identifies as “Norman” or “Jute” or “Frisian” these days, they were assimilated, but as the fact the Scots and English are still separate nations can attest to, even genetically similar groups do no assimilate into one all the time. Will Pakistanis and Indians identify as English and English only, with no caveats between skin colour, in 100 years time? Obviously not, that’s why it is bad for us.

    The counter-jihad movement rarely offers any real solution apart from banning Muslim immigration, they dare not talk of repatriation. The entire thing is Zionist funded to incite hatred against Islam so that Israeli actions against the Palestinians are more palatable to the public. Tommy Robinson was quite a big player on the counter-jihad scene, but he ended up exposing himself as a fraud when instead of making a documentary on the industrial-scale gang rape of English girls by Muslim gangs, he made a documentary on a French Jew and how Muslims bullied him into making Aliyah to Israel.

    On a side note, if you are British, you should check out Patriotic Alternative, a new movement headed by former BNP youth leader Mark Collett, they are the only real ethnic nationalist movement in the UK right now.

  19. Chet Bradley says

    Hi Anatoly, I know you don’t care much for Dugin, but I saw an interesting and insightful short essay he published a few days ago, so I would like to see your take on it:

    Btw, I saw it first in the Serbian translation and then traced it to the source.

    Looking forward to your analysis.


    It’s late in the game, but Trump needs to find a way of getting Bluestans to reopen. The economy is where he polls the strongest.

  21. My fear is that the far-right violence will escalate if Trump is defeated, which will result in a massive Harris-driven crackdown. Some seem to think that this will “accelerate” things, I tend to think that it will alienate center-right people into full cuckoldry.

  22. it might not be ‘invented’ but the irony is that country itself was founded by ‘white supremacists’ (by today’s measure), so it’s no stretch to say this ‘great threat’ to the country are actually ‘freedom fighters’ trying to restore it to it’s original glory and save it from the actual great threat 😉

  23. It’s completely invented.

  24. Jewish Supremacists. That’s a thing, right?

  25. the full cuckoldry ship has already set sail

  26. Cossiga is no space cadet

  27. What you write is true, though curiously the number of victims is still way lower from white nationalists than from 9/11. White nationalists will always have to use more targeted methods, because the majority of the population is still white.

    But actually both are very low to be considered a real threat. Demographic replacement is a threat. A world war is a threat. Terrorism is only a threat to individuals (as in, you might get killed by a terrorist), but not to societies (as in, they cannot pose an existential threat). As 9/11 showed, they can cause disruption (stock exchange closed for several days – it’d be more difficult for a white nationalist with more targeted victims), but otherwise it’s more like an excuse for governments to introduce repression rather than a real threat in and of itself.

  28. It is often thought that several of the ‘alternative’ versions by ‘truthers’ are themselves created by intelligence agencies, to create confusion smoke for whatever is the real truth

    Probably all widespread alternative theories are spread or at least encouraged by the intelligence services, as all are dumb.

    What is indisputable is that 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacked the planes and flew them into the buildings. The one plane crashing in Pennsylvania might’ve been downed by the US Air Force, but again, it might not. The Arabs might’ve been helped or encouraged by the Mossad and/or perhaps some American letter soup agencies, but again, they might not. And even if they weren’t, the role of mass immigration (Arabs with German residency permits?), political correctness (the security guy who had bad thoughts about the Arabs, but then thought he was just prejudiced), and the American support for Israel (the stated reason of the terrorists) and the mindless Middle Eastern wars (another reason) should all be discussed.

    The controlled demolition etc. theories create a straw man and force the debate into a dead end, since most people will conclude that because it was indeed airplanes, then there’s no need for any further discussion.

  29. Belarusian Dude says

    Libtards owned epic style

  30. Belarusian Dude says

    Bit of combined Ukro and DNR triumph, went shopping for glassware and though usually the stuff sold here is made in Russia I found most specimens to be Ukrainian or a few from the separatist regions which is odd since I don’t remember any of them having any glass industry.


    Political Islam was helped and abated by the British and American secret services to fight the Soviets, Arab nationalism and the Iranian Shia theocratic revolution. Interestingly enough, Iranian theocratic revolution was partially helped by the French secret services. Germans have closely interacted with Islamist circles of USSR and the British Empire during WWII. After the collapse of USSR German secret services worked along the CIA to help Chechen fighters. Mossad helped create Hamas to weaken the Fatah and the OLP, it also assisted the Afghan mujahedeen in their fight against Soviets (but so did also the Chinese communists).

    Basically the entire political Islam phenomenon has Western fingerprints all over its body. Sooner or later the chicken were bound to come back to roost. A pity so many innocent people died though, with probably only 1% of them Being Westerners. The vast majority of the Islamic terrorism and militancy victims were either Muslims of various ethnic groups, Arab Christians, Hindus or former Soviet citizens and Serbs.

    Political Islam should never have been used as a geopolitical tool during the Cold War, just like biowarfare should never be used because if its unpredictable consequences. I strongly believe that as the overall intellectual and cultural achievements of the collective Western civilization are declining, political Islam with its simplistic arguments would gain more foothold in the West. So all this story is not finished yet, far from it.

  32. A bit late, but the Independent article is darkly amusing in hindsight.

    In an intersection between Al-Qaeda and the international influence of American normiecons, one of Bin Ladin’s nieces has become a complete Ameri-larper.

    She is a Swiss resident with Swiss-Persian-Arab ancestry and a master’s degree and has only visited the USA yet she chooses to moon the minutiae of American politics and apparently was an Amerilarper even before September 11.

    Granted she is merely a mirror reflection of the bien-pensants in Europe and other foreign nations who will emotionally attach themselves to American ultra-liberal politics and live vicariously through them, so I don’t feel too harsh about her specifically. However, it is a sign that there is something really wrong with our world.

    Relevant excerpts from the article under More:

    Another 9/11-style attack may be just around the corner if Joe Biden is elected president, warns Noor bin Ladin, the niece of Sept. 11 terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

    “ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration, leading to them coming to Europe. Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike,” bin Ladin, 33, told The Post in her first-ever interview.

    Bin Ladin (whose branch of the family has always spelled their name differently than her infamous uncle) lives in Switzerland but said she considers herself “an American at heart.” A full-size US flag hung in her childhood room at age 12 and her dream vacation is an RV trip across America.

    The stunning, Swiss-born bin Ladin says she is all in for Trump in 2020, calling the election the most important in a generation.

    “I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015. I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve,” she said. “He must be re-elected … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but Western civilization as a whole.”

    “You look at all the terrorist attacks that have happened in Europe over the past 19 years. They have completely shaken us to the core … [Radical Islam] has completely infiltrated our society,” bin Ladin continued. “In the US it’s very worrying that the left has aligned itself completely with the people who share that ideology.”

    Noor, who said she regularly wears a “Make America Great Again” hat (and occasionally a Trump bedtime onesie), has had to confront many Trump-haters on her side of the Atlantic. During a recent trip to the grocery store while wearing the iconic red cap, Noor was accosted.

    And it’s not just Trump. From her perch in Western Europe, Noor bin Ladin has been a keen and meticulous consumer of conservative media and advocate of their most hot-button causes. Though soft-spoken with aristocratic graces, she can offer lengthy monologues railing against Spygate, tech censorship of conservative voices, mandatory mask-wearing, the New York Times’ discredited 1619 Project, and even Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial executive order requiring nursing homes to accept seniors with COVID-19.

    Her favorite television show is Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and she’s chummy with Laura Loomer. The rising GOP star running for Congress in Florida is a ferocious opponent of radical Islam, but has also been accused by critics of Islamophobic remarks.

    “Laura has been very vocal about this and I commend her for being brave enough and speaking out,” said bin Ladin, who was not raised with any religion.

    Bin Ladin didn’t mince words about The Squad either, and offered high praise to The Post’s front page calling out Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “some people did something” remarks about 9/11.

    “You do have a situation now in America where you have people like Ilhan Omar who actively hate your country,” bin Ladin said, noting how Omar had urged “compassionate” sentences for 13 ISIS recruits busted in her home state of Minnesota.

    “It’s an honor to be able to go and live in the United States and make the most out of all the opportunities,” bin Ladin said, choking up. “If she hates it so much, why doesn’t she leave.”

    Unlike her older sister Wafah, an international pop singer and socialite, Noor bin Ladin has kept a low profile. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Geneva, a master’s in commercial law from the University of London, and a computer coding bootcamp under her belt. She’s worked in startups and is currently writing a book analyzing the first 20 years of the 21st century.

    Noor was just 14 when her uncle perpetrated the deadliest attack on US soil in history. From the moment the second plane hit, she knew her life would never be the same.

    “I was so devastated,” she recalled. “I had been going to the States with my mom several times a year from the age of 3 onwards. I considered the US my second home.”

    Bin Ladin said part of the reason she rejected liberal assertions that America was a “racist country” was based on her own lived experience.

    “I have not had a single bad experience with Americans despite the name that I carry. On the contrary, I was overwhelmed by their kindness and understanding,” bin Ladin said, adding she’s been back to the US a few times since the attacks. She hasn’t visited the memorial yet, but is planning on it the next time she is in New York.

    “I really want to go and pay my respects.”

  33. Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program to arm and finance the mujahideen (jihadists) in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, prior to and during the military intervention by the USSR in support of its client, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

    Brzezinski revealed the truth to the French paper Le Nouvel Observateur in 1998: “According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on Dec. 24, 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise. Indeed, it was on July 3, 1979, that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.”

    Asked by the interviewer if he now regretted anything, Brzezinski replied, “Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it?” (Le Nouvel Observateur, Jan. 15-21, 1998


    But that is just a part of the story, the links between the Western Deep State and the Islamist Groups goes way deeper into the past. Please see my comment addressed to reiner Tor.

  34. It is a common denominator of the Western/American political strategy in the MENA, Caucasus and Central Asia.

  35. Response to kent, songbird & radical centre.

    Reality is: you’re the problem.

    Replacement of western whites by more based people is the surest path to a more based world.

    Your people are responsible for the Afro-Islamic explosion & were pushing feminism even centuries ago.

    Don’t cry when someone uses your rhetoric against you||
    It’s a fact that any country can basically call you racist/colonialist any time you do anything, and they should, often.

  36. Filler.

  37. The answer is number 1, with two components to keep in mind:

    Component 1:

    The seed of ‘the attack’ came from Saudi intelligence (try to keep a straight face). The deep state of Saudi Arabia is the royal family/house of saud, so it’s safe to say the intelligence apparatus of a royal family is going to be more asshole family members.

    As Deckard Cain would say “stay a while and listen”:

    One day at Saudi intelligence….

    A disgruntled cabal of Saudi dropouts given busywork employment found themselves in charge of a nothing-department with access to foreign money. One day a few of them grumbled they “want to hurt America man” over a perceived slight of defiling the holy land (the irony). Plans formulated and men who live a life of scum and villainy were dispatched to recruit those willing to fight the Great Satan.

    In here, somewhere, money changed hands and some unknown group was given a directive to execute this operation. Paper work may have been involved. Osama Bin Laden connects in here somewhere. Perhaps just a financial facilitator. Perhaps a fall guy (initially denying involvement and then hamming it up as mastermind is either vanity or command lag). The official story gives him the title of collaborative grand strategist (pumping up a defeated enemy makes victory that much sweeter). A tale as false as Rumsfeld story of mountain fortresses in Tora Bora with offices, working garages, beauty salons, and power generators:

    Israel caught wind of this “operation” (there are not enough quotation marks in Israel to wrap around the word ‘operation’ so I won’t try). Assessing likely failure for the Saud operation Mossad began to assist discretely. The intifada was heating up and perception in the West was shifting negatively for Israel. As the dancing Israelis would say “we are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. Palestinians are the problem”.

    Saudi Intelligence, a contradiction in itself, is not skilled enough to pull this off without raising alarms. Thus, enter Mossad working in the background unbeknownst to this gaggle of Saudi galaxy-brainers. Mossad worked hard to provide cover. It’s timing during a NORAD drill was not accidental, allowing for maximum chance of success. (Google has memory holed the drill, saying it was yet to start and was cancelled when the attacks occurred. False).

    But CIA noticed. It noticed Israel too (by summer 2001 Israeli spying on US networks/phone was well known that Fox reported it like it would the weather). CIA knew full well what was brewing (FBI tips) and tagged into this misadventure. For the lens of civilian scrutiny was focusing around the Pentagon. An unaccounted 2.3 trillion dollars. Bad receipt practices. A pre-req to financing clandestine missions, “to steal a dollar you need to spend 10” as Rabbi Mordecai would say. A blind eye was turned to these mohammedans who were telling strippers of their soon diabolical feat and dodging their air instructors when it came to landing lessons.

    Two planes, with precision, hit their targets WTC 1 and 2 as if flown by software. Perhaps these Israeli art students recorded the necessary telemetry required to allow the operation to succeed. Rumours of rent and renovations swirl the internet (placing explosives, loosening bolts, cutting at support beams, whatever). Instead of a sloppy mess both pilots, after less than a year of training, accurately steer their heavy cumbersome civilian transport planes right on target. Muslim pilots bro. It’s why the IDF needs to destroy Arab planes on the ground before they take off in the air.

    The Pentagon plane:
    CIA was busy setting up its own attack on the wing of the Pentagon which housed the ever-threatening financial investigation. This particular attack has a lot of standalone variables which, over time, has been massaged to fit the larger narrative (as I can see by the official Wikipedia page). No matter.

    What hit the Pentagon was a plane that was hit by a missile. Conflicting reports from eye witnesses describe both missile and plane. An anti-air missile, fired from a plane or a battery, hit the plane prior to hitting the Pentagon (and not necessarily head on, if anything the missile caught up to the plane as it was descending to hit the Pentagon). Luckily for CIA the entire accounting investigation team digging for the missing 2.3 trillion was wiped out. Go Blue Team.

    The White House:
    The final plane that was aimed at the White House was shot down. Ridiculous nonsensical propaganda aside it’s probably something the government DOES NOT want to discuss. The US government has a strict policy when it comes to negotiating with terrorists. On the ground in more than one shootout we’ve seen police give no quarter as civilians are struck in ensuing gunfire (that gay Afghani and that molly-popping black guy who was fragged by a police rover stuffed with C4 are prime examples of “give no shits spare no lives” attitudes of counter terrorism in the US). In the air that ruthlessness is just as relevant and doubly so when the White House is threatened. F-16s on CAP for the White House punched out and intercepted the suspected plane.

    And so EVERYONES hand was in the cookie jar at the same time. Like homosexuals holding hands. CIA, Mossad, Saudi royals. An unspoken agreement (much like JFK) now falls on this entire thing between all those involved. KSA intelligence for its fuck up (and its money being the primary facilitator). Mossad for doing basically all the hard work. And CIA for taking advantage of the situation to rid a problem and push an agenda.

    America (during the Bush era) paraded captured terrorists on TV, with their hairy backs and stained shirts. A sort of message to other Saudi royals that “jihad with daddys money” isn’t going to be swept under the rug with behind-the-scene legal battles so you can keep your dignity at the next Davos meeting. Expect humiliation and degradation in the middle of the night. More aimed at the “lower tribes” of the house of Saud who do the dirty work in intelligence and military (and have enough access to money to do illiterate shit like this).

    Component 2:

    WTC 1 and 2 were shit holes. Silverstein was bitching about the millions he had to pay to remove the asbestos throughout the building (crying how the city tricked him into the deal). Who knows what other retarded half-assed construction issues were being discovered… There were significant complaints about WTC 1 and 2 by occupants for some time (which Google has buried so deep I was forced to use DuckDuckGo to find em); many were not registered officially or were patched up quietly (out of fear of devaluing the building or…god forbid… raising the insurance cost). Leaky pipes. Cold floors. Stale air. Weak water pressure on the higher floors. Mold. Asbestos. The buildings had shoddy construction. Low quality steel in places. Crumbling concrete. Rusty rebar. Insecure bolts. Entire floors used for patchworks (loss of valuable occupancy space). Years of renovation and changes have turned the building into Frankenstein. There were still components being replaced from the 1993 bombing…. it was a shit building of shit design with shit tenants who turned it into shit. So is it surprising it was knocked down by two airplanes?

    WTC 7 official story is it got hit from some shrapnel, caught fire and collapsed. That’s not true. I was watching it live and a fire just broke out. Later it was revealed DoD CIA was the tenant of floor 25 (near centre of the building and start of the fire) and US Secret Service was renting 9 and 10. It probably goes more like this:

    Some asshole sitting in WTC 7 looks out her window on the morning of 9/11 and thought the nation was at war. Urban peoples are unaccustomed to such sights and prone to panic (as history has proven, misinterpreting many things) and as per (outdated) standard operating procedures she starts to burn documents like its fucking Berlin 1945. Being a woman with limited understanding the fire got out of hand and spread through the halls. Sprinklers failed due to the nearby WTC 1 and 2 interfering with water pressure. The building collapses due to shoddy craftsmanship and weak shit materials as typical of these structures.

    All these things they are finding in the debris that they “can’t explain” is a fancy way of not saying “shitty construction and materials”. Wouldn’t be surprised if they tore down the drywall and found contractors mummified feces from decades ago.

    New York City likes to think it’s some high-tech haven but it’s just a shithole constructed with substandard materials using dubious practices. It can’t even operate its subway properly (what few short lines it has….) If real estate over there is riddled with false advertising, I can only imagine how much deception goes on in construction (unionized, mafia-like, nepotistic and corrupt; East or West construction groups never change).

    I can safely say Google is fighting hard when I try to confirm some facts. The way Google tells it WTC 1 and 2 were directly shat out from Gods ass with no structural faults or asbestos issues. And this is like a rational wiki with its over-simplified retarded arguments. It genuinely feels like homosexual committee-think wants to limit my google searches so this is as far as this rant goes.

  38. Europe Europa says

    I’ve noticed that no one seems to associate HIV/AIDS with gays any more. There was a time when it was almost universally regarded as originating from and spread by gays/bisexuals.

    I’m not sure whether this is because it has become un-PC to criticise gays and gay behaviour, so people pretend that HIV/AIDS and gays have no link, or whether it’s because people now genuinely perceive it to be a predominantly heterosexual disease.

    There was a time when if a man had HIV/AIDS, most people would have assumed he had been having gay sex, that was the main part of the shame factor about it, but these days the shame factor surrounding it seems to be greatly reduced, probably because no one assumes that a man must be gay if he has it.

  39. Europe Europa says

    Karlin’s comment about Russians being the last ethnicity that it’s socially acceptable to use genocidal rhetoric against is simply not true.

    That native English are much more frequently portrayed as low IQ, lazy trash deserving of their fate of being replaced. You could be prosecuted for hate speech against Russians in the UK, but you wouldn’t be for hate speech against the native English.

  40. For Jews, the fears are personal, which makes them pretty irrational because of their chameleon-like abilities. How to differentiate Jews? Go to a synagogue (few leftists go – though as we’ve seen, some do) By costume (applies to few leftists). By neighborhood (somewhat the same, though leftists often live among many, not pure). By appearance (quite difficult, generally).

    Eventually, you are left with ways ridiculous for a lone gunman: Ask for their license and hope they have a Jewish name. (Would take too much time). Pull their pants down, to see if they are circumcised. (Too much time, wouldn’t even work in America, as many older Americans are weirdly circumcised, probably due to the influence of Jewish doctors)

    Jews don’t fear lone gunman. A half-Jew acquaintance of mine said of Charlottesville: these are the people who burned my ancestors. Ridiculous as it is, you can see how it is a group reference. Hollywood has been building white racists, as an organized group, as a hobgoblin at least since the early ’80s. It is racial thinking by whites that they fear, and they’ve done a good job of discouraging it. I’d like to see just one movie, where Jewish characters work racially against whites – if anyone made one, they’d be totally destroyed.

  41. A tale as false as Rumsfeld story of mountain fortresses in Tora Bora with offices, working garages, beauty salons, and power generators:

    TIL Tora Bora was not a cave complex mountain stronghold built in mid-1980ies using Bin Laden’s imported equipment with the massive assistance and funding from the CIA.

    I wonder if Tora Bora receiving a MOAB in 2017 was also an illusion.

  42. Yes good call on Patriotic Alternative, They are going to do good things.

  43. I strongly believe that as the overall intellectual and cultural achievements of the collective Western civilization are declining, political Islam with its simplistic arguments would gain more foothold in the West. So all this story is not finished yet, far from it.

    Jihadist conversion is possible in Western Europe because muslims have a presence there and are hence, whether they are liked or not, psychologically acknowledged and thus can serve as a reference point and interpersonal connexion for low class members of society.

    In countries where muslims have a minimal presence nihilistic movements are more likely to drawn inspiration from other beliefs and ideas.

    An American example being school shooters:

    The suicidal mass killer is unfortunately a common contemporary figure. The typical example is the American school shooter, who goes to his school heavily armed, indiscriminately kills as many people as possible, then kills himself or lets himself be killed by the police. He has already posted photographs, videos and statements online. In them he assumed heroic poses and delighted in the fact that everyone would now know who he was. In the United States there were 50 attacks or attempted attacks of this sort between 1999 and 2016.

    As we have seen, jihadis do not descend into violence after poring over sacred texts. They do not have the necessary religious culture – and, above all, care little about having one. They do not become radicals because they have misread the texts or because they have been manipulated. They are radicals because they choose to be, because only radicalism appeals to them. No matter what database is taken as a reference, the paucity of religious knowledge among jihadis is glaring. According to leaked Isis records containing details for more than 4,000 foreign recruits, while most of the fighters are well-educated, 70% state that they have only basic knowledge of Islam.

    It is important to distinguish here between the version of Islam espoused by Isis itself, which is much more grounded in the methodological tradition of exegesis of the prophet Muhammad’s words, and ostensibly based on the work of “scholars” – and the Islam of the jihadis who claim allegiance to Isis, which first of all revolves around a vision of heroism and modern-day violence.

    The scriptural exegeses that fill the pages of Dabiq and Dar al-Islam, the two recent Isis magazines written in English and French, are not the cause of radicalisation. They help to provide a theological rationalisation for the violence of the radicals – based not on real knowledge, but an appeal to authority. When young jihadis speak of “truth”, it is never in reference to discursive knowledge. They are referring to their own certainty, sometimes supported by an incantatory reference to the sheikhs, whom they have never read. For example Cédric, a converted Frenchman, claimed at his own trial: “I’m not a keyboard jihadi, I didn’t convert on YouTube. I read the scholars, the real ones.” He said this even though he cannot read Arabic and met the members of his network over the internet.

    It probably makes sense to start by listening to what the terrorists say. The same themes recur with all of them, summed up in the posthumous statement made by Mohammad Siddique Khan, leader of the group that carried out the London bombings on 7 July 2005.

    The first motivation he cited is atrocities committed by western countries against the “Muslim people” (in the transcript he says, “my people all over the world”); the second is the role of avenging hero (“I am directly responsible for protecting and avenging my Muslim brothers and sisters,” “Now you too will taste the reality of this situation”); the third is death (“We love death as much as you love life”), and his reception in heaven (“May Allah … raise me amongst those whom I love like the prophets, the messengers, the martyrs”).

    The Muslim community such terrorists are eager to avenge is almost never specified. It is a non-historical and non-spatial reality. When they rail against western policy in the Middle East, jihadis use the term “crusaders”; they do not refer to the French colonisation of Algeria.

    Radicals never refer explicitly to the colonial period. They reject or disregard all political and religious movements that have come before them. They do not align themselves with the struggles of their fathers; almost none of them go back to their parents’ countries of origin to wage jihad. It is noteworthy that none of the jihadis, whether born Muslim or converted, has to my knowledge campaigned as part of a pro-Palestinian movement or belonged to any sort of association to combat Islamophobia, or even an Islamic NGO. These radicalised youths read texts in French or English circulating over the internet, but not works in Arabic.

    Oddly enough, the defenders of the Islamic State never talk about sharia and almost never about the Islamic society that will be built under the auspices of Isis. Those who say that they went to Syria because they wanted “to live in a true Islamic society” are typically returnees who deny having participated in violence while there – as if wanting to wage jihad and wanting to live according to Islamic law were incompatible. And they are, in a way, because living in an Islamic society does not interest jihadis: they do not go to the Middle East to live, but to die. That is the paradox: these young radicals are not utopians, they are nihilists.

    Indeed, Abaaoud was once a wayward soul with a rap sheet. His sister Yasmina told The New York Times that Abaaoud didn’t show any particular interest in religion prior to his departure for Syria, and “did not even go to the mosque.” But he had gone to prison several times, and it was apparently there, like so many Western jihadists, that he grew radical.

    Brahim Abdeslam, who blew himself up in the Paris attacks, seems to have been intimately acquainted with criminality as well: The bar he owned in Molenbeek, Brussels was shut down by police a week before the attacks over concerns about the illegal sale of drugs there. And Brahim’s brother Salah, a suspected Paris assailant who remains at large, was not your typical finger-waving ideological fanatic: He reportedly visited gay bars and was more likely to be seen rolling a joint than a prayer mat.


    “European jails have been breeding grounds of Islamist radicals for years, particularly in Belgium and France,” the Post’s Anthony Faiola and Souad Mekhennet write. “But recently, criminality and extremism have become even more interwoven, with recruits’ illegal behavior continuing even after they are shown ‘the light’ of radical Islam.”

    This is an acute observation, although it’s scarcely surprising that Westernized recruits to ISIS are just as deviant and lawless as their patrons in Syria and Iraq—the true originators of punk jihad, where anything goes and nothing, not even the weaponization of children, is off-limits. After all, the spiritual founder of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was a violent thug both before and after his embrace of Salafi jihadism.


    These biographical traits have cropped up in numerous studies. In his survey of 31 incidents of jihadist terrorism in Europe between September 2001 and October 2006, Edwin Bakker found that at least 58 of the 242 perpetrators of these attacks—or 24 percent, a “strikingly high number,” he says—had a criminal record prior to their arrest for terrorism-related offenses. According to a study by Robin Simcox, of 58 individuals linked to 32 ISIS-related plots in the West between July 2014 and August 2015, 22 percent had a past criminal record or were in contact with law enforcement.

    Simcox also found that 29 percent of these individuals were converts to Islam. Converts, he reported, accounted for 67 percent of American Muslims involved in committing or planning an ISIS-related attack—“a significantly disproportionate percentage, considering that they comprise only 20% of Muslims throughout the entire United States.” Converts are similarly overrepresented among convicted British jihadists. According to Scott Kleinman and Scott Flower, converts constitute an estimated 2 to 3 percent of Britain’s 2.8 million Muslims, yet “converts have been involved in 31% of jihadist terrorism convictions in the UK from 2001 to 2010.”


    One way of clarifying the sequencing in these situations would be to look closely at the convert’s social milieu and the circumstances in which he or she converted to Islam. According to Roy, the “second-generation Muslims and native converts” who dominate the European jihadist scene were “radicalized within a small group of ‘buddies’ who met in a particular place (neighborhood, prison, sport club)” and who “recreate a ‘family,’ a brotherhood,” often with biological ties. They are, he says, in the first instance attracted not to “moderate Islam,” but to the radicalism of violent Salafism, and correspondingly, “almost never have a history of devotion and religious practice.”

    In short, Roy argues, echoing the findings of Marc Sageman and Scott Atran, radicalized European youth, disaffected from their own societies, are not seeking Islam, but “a cause, a label, a grand narrative to which they can add the bloody signature of their personal revolt.”

    Hoffer reminds us how deeply personal that revolt can be. “A mass movement,” the philosopher wrote, “particularly in its active, revivalist phase, appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self.” For today’s repentant criminals and restless converts, whose “innermost craving is for a new life—a rebirth,” the all-immersive and all-redeeming jihadist project seemingly offers the perfect solution.

  44. The first motivation he cited is atrocities committed by western countries against the “Muslim people” (in the transcript he says, “my people all over the world”); the second is the role of avenging hero (“I am directly responsible for protecting and avenging my Muslim brothers and sisters,” “Now you too will taste the reality of this situation”); the third is death (“We love death as much as you love life”), and his reception in heaven (“May Allah … raise me amongst those whom I love like the prophets, the messengers, the martyrs”).

    The West (and to some degree Russia too) are undergoing what on a populatuon level is akin to a schizoid depression a person might experience when subjected to extreme debasement.

    Any sane person would either do their best to ignore the spirit of the times or find a way out of it. Only psychologically damaged people would enjoy what is going on today in the West (or actually the world over) Some people will rise their arms against it.

    The Western converts to Wahhabi Jihadism are looking for bonds of belonging and an ideal to live and die for. They probably see our society as totally corrupt and impossible to heal. We tend to see these people as stupid or deranged, but often they are not stupid at all and their derangement is a direct consequence of the actions undertaken by the globalized elites for at least the previous three generations. The nihilism instilled into the minds of the masses is a weapon of mass destruction, all the politically correct blathering in the world would not replace a simple human need for a meaningful existence and death.

    If political Islam (despite its many evident flaws) provides an easier way to achieve an ideal to die for then it will continue spreading like a virus spreads in an organism with a weakened immunity.

    Question is: how did we get to this, how did we weaken our social immunity?

    Did we pronounce God is dead only to find a Western-born Jihadi pulling a trigger or detonating a bomb and yelling Allahu Akbar in our face?

  45. Belarusian Dude says

    Also I have beem seeing a pot more Ukrainiam semi luxury goods as of late like Roshen confections. This will likely stop with recent Ukrainian joining of the EU sanction system upon Belarus

  46. semi luxury goods as of late like Roshen confections

    Roshen products can be hardly considered luxury or even semi-luxury goods. I remember how exquisitely tasty Kievsky cake was in the old days. Out of greed Roshen replaced cashews with peanuts and butter with palm oil. Now this cake is crappy, a shame on the trademark.

  47. Will Pakistanis and Indians identify as English and English only, with no caveats between skin colour, in 100 years time? Obviously not, that’s why it is bad for us.

    It’s bad either way. If they assimilate, then they are changing the unique ethnic character of the English people. With mass immigration you will eventually end up with a situation where the English will get diluted to the point of changing beyond recognition, both genetically and culturally.

  48. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    After Edward Colston’s statue was toppled in Bristol earlier this year, some “artist” decided to install this nasty piece of work whose intentions are quite clearly to mock, belittle and deracinate English people.

    The message is interesting, nothing the English hold sacred is actually theirs, it’s all foreign and what little they have is just exemplified in the caricature of the fat, balding English man who is bigoted and says things like “England for the English”.

    This “nation of immigrants” nonsense has started to seep it’s way into the UK, we are told that there is no such thing as a native Brit, interestingly this rhetoric does remind me of the Zionist anti-Palestinian rhetoric used to justify Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories (or at least act as a moral lubricant for the obvious rape of Palestine) as this Irish Times article shows.

    The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: ‘no such thing as a Palestinian’

    Golda Meir, a prime minister of Israel, once said that there was no such thing as a Palestinian. “It is not as though there were a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.”

    The same is happening to the British more or less, rather ironic the lefties who protest for Palestine don’t see this, I’ve always maintained that the Israel-Palestine struggle is a form of extended ethno-masochism as many leftists view Israel as a “European” settler state rather than just a settler state. These people are truly demons! What is happening in the UK quite clearly fits the UN definition of ethnocide:

    Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

    (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;

    (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;

    (c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;

    (d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;

    (e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.

    I’ve made bold the stipulations for ethnocide that are clearly happening, stipulation b) and c) are also quite possibly happening, but it might be melodramatic to say they are at this current point.

  49. I agree, and this angle is valid even if the 9/11 attackers had no contact to any of the western (including Israeli) intelligence agencies while planning and conducting their attacks. Because surely Bin Laden was nurtured and trained by them in the 1980s, and they helped him achieve fame and gather a following in these circles.

    The controlled demolition truther crowd hijacks this discussion into a retarded argument about whether the planes were holograms or there was a miniature nuclear bomb inside the WTC building (I’ve seen this very big brained idea).

  50. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    I think the biggest barrier between the ethnic groups is the fact that racial sexual preferences exist, this is what makes assimilation and integration impossible between two racially different groups unless there is some wide scale rape and genocide as was the case in South America. This is why the group’s will remain separate like oil and water, turning out country into the new Yugoslavia.

  51. German_reader says

    And of course “St George was Turkish”, lol.

  52. Kent Nationalist says

    Excited to discover where the quest for more and more novel ethnicities to open restaurants will take us. Mauritanian restaurants? Bhutanese restaurants? Pygmy restaurants?

  53. I think the biggest barrier between the ethnic groups is the fact that racial sexual preferences exist, this is what makes assimilation and integration impossible between two racially different groups unless there is some wide scale rape and genocide as was the case in South America. This is why the group’s will remain separate like oil and water, turning out country into the new Yugoslavia.

    I don’t understand how racial sexual preferences prevent semi-peaceful admixture, could you elaborate?

  54. I hear Polish is picking up steam these days.

  55. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Assuming ethnocentrism is inherited, I could see the less ethnocentric Whites and nonwhites mixing to form a new ethnic group, but it seems the more ethnocentric Whites and nonwhites will refuse to mix, hence there will be no real ethnogenesis, at best we are looking at an Indian caste system (which isn’t just Indian, even in Latin and Central America, the top cats seems to have higher European ancestry).

    Even if the ethnic proportions were to somehow remain static, I don’t see a great mixing occuring due to sexual preferences of people based on race, Whites seem to prefer their own.

  56. Saint George was Greek. The Turks didn’t show up until hundreds of years later. The artist was either stupid, or lazy, or trying particularly hard to be offensive, or some combination of the preceding.

  57. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    Do we have any kremlin critics here? What are the TOP 5 kremlins? What are the worst? Extra points for lesser known kremlins. Can include any 14th to 16th century east slavic fortresses, not just those in the RF. Should Polish ones be included?

  58. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    The worst thing about this is the classic middle brow error of conflating Anatolia and East Rome with the post-medieval Anatolian Turkish culture.

    When I looked up where St. George was from, it says Nikomedia. Sadly even Wikipedia can’t get it right.

    Nicomedia (/ˌnɪkəˈmiːdiə/;[1] Greek: Νικομήδεια, Nikomedeia; modern İzmit) was an ancient Greek city in Turkey.

    Is this boorishness? or is it AntiRoman/AntiChristian bias? When we speak of Roman or Brythonic Britian, we don’t reference “England” unless prefaced with “modern day”.

    Also unrelatedly, there needs to be a Karlin/Unz/Isteve forum.These threads are hard to read. If nothing else, follow up comments should appear in an expandable menu below the initial comment.

  59. Belarusian Dude says

    Any candy beyond mass produced soy and sugar lump shit from nestle is frankly a luxury of sorts. Roshen isn’t the pinnacle of confection and I much prefer the Belarusian Spartak (and not for patriotic reasons) but nevertheless Roshen remains an excellent brand, saying otherwise seems to me to be a spiteful signal of oncoming hoholsrach.

  60. “The controlled demolition truther crowd hijacks this discussion into a retarded argument about whether the planes were holograms or there was a miniature nuclear bomb inside the WTC building”. – This is all true but what about the evidence concerning WTC7. You can’t pretend that extensive finite element analysis by Prof. J. Leroy Hulsey team does not exist:
    The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

    Once you accept that WTC7 was controlled demolished then you are open to the hypothesis that controlled demolition was also used in WTC 1 and 2. And then in the next step you may begin to wonder what was the role of the planes? Where the planes just props in the great show? And in the next step you may wonder that the planes did not exist and were only a part of video feed (not holograms) because the demolition experts would not want some planes messing up the network of precisely located charges.

    Obviously I do not know the whole scenario but I strongly believe that WTC7 went down because of controlled demolition. I can’t deny it and then I am in much less comfortable position than you who denies it using the ad absurdum straw man of holograms.

  61. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    “””Capitalism””” at its finest…

  62. a forum is a smart idea… or perhaps a more imagebpard-style implementation

  63. et tu, utu?

  64. Okay, I understand your meaning now even if I am not completely sure I agree with the thesis.

    Some thoughts:

    1) I think the dynamics of interbreeding will change as the native population of Britain declines, with the salient sub-groups being age- and regional ethno-racial composition.

    2) The temptation to utilise racial prestige in exchange for a mate of a different ethnicity with higher wealth, beauty or youth, etc will affect ethnic breeding patterns under a pro-miscegenation régime.

    3) The extent to which ethnocentrism is lowered by mixed ancestry (ex. willingness to marry a quarter racial foreigner would presumably be higher than the willingness to marry a full racial foreigner given the higher phenotypic resemblance).

    4) It may be hard to predict how “social-racial” and ethnic identities (as opposed to genotypic and phenotypic realities) develop in the future, which is important given the significant effect they have on interbreeding.

    I looked at sections of the 2011 UK census in search for pertinent ethnographic information.

    While I haven’t looked at American racial intermarriage statistics lately it is my impression that American products of a white-black relationship tend to socially revert to a one-drop rule.

    In this regard it is interesting to see how métis in the UK favour white relationships while I have some speculations I don’t know why exactly why it is so.

    Appendix: Top 3 inter-ethnic relationships within each ethnic group; England and Wales, 2011

    White and Black Caribbean
    -White British 44,000k 68%
    -Black Caribbean 4,000k 7%
    -Other White 3,000k 4%

    White and Black African
    -White British 13,000k 44%
    -Black African 3,100k 11%
    -Other White 3,000k 10%

    White and Asian
    -White British 42,000k 62%
    -Other White 5,000k 8%
    -Indian 2,000k 3%

    Other Mixed
    -White British 33,000k 50%
    -White 10,000k 15%
    -Asian Other 2,000k 3%

    While it is not a perfect racial measurement (it doesn’t and reasonably can’t include liaisons sans lendemain) that it counts cohabitating couples as well as married ones mitigates the issue to the point where I believe it may be treated as a reasonable proxy.

  65. Kent Nationalist says

    Poland continues to dominate Russia in the soft-power realm

  66. Idk, I only serious post about religion।।

  67. The voice acting justifies every Slavic genocide that occurred or will occur।।

  68. Sorry, but I have no choice. The evidence that a controlled demolition brought down WTC7 is very strong. There was no enough time between 9am when the attacks occurred on WTC1 and WTC2 and when WTC7 went down in the afternoon to wire the explosives, so the WTC7 must have been wired prior to the attacks. This is enough to question everything in the official version of the 9/11.

  69. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    I have now edited it:

    Nicomedia (/ˌnɪkəˈmiːdiə/;[1] Greek: Νικομήδεια, Nikomedeia; modern İzmit) was an ancient Greek city geographically located in what is now Turkey.

    Wikipedia articles are not always very good, as anyone create/edit the non-protected ones

    Is this boorishness? or is it AntiRoman/AntiChristian bias? When we speak of Roman or Brythonic Britian, we don’t reference “England” unless prefaced with “modern day”.

    Whatever the real reason, we need our own version of Hasbara to defend Evropa on the internet.

  70. There is Russian joke about it, politically incorrect, like most Russian jokes.
    A married couple tried to conceive a child for many years without success. They’ve heard that there is an Indian guru who helped a lot of people with this problem. They found that guru and told him their story. Guru looked at them and said:
    – Are you boys mad?

  71. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Also unrelatedly, there needs to be a Karlin/Unz/Isteve forum.These threads are hard to read. If nothing else, follow up comments should appear in an expandable menu below the initial comment.

    I agree, right now it seems to be set up in a similar manner to the 4chan boards, but a Reddit/Twitter style forum would make things easier to read, especially on longer threads. The lack of upvoting/likes would also add to the experience and it should be done in a way so that the comments and replies are ordered oldest to newest.

    On a side note, it is possible to click “THIS THREAD” as it currently stands, but I cannot seem to figure out how the “tree” structure of the comments is ordered when one clicks this, it is depth-first tree traversal or breadth-first? It seems completely random at the moment.

  72. Since their camp on Lesbos burnt down, and the German government agreed to take the migrants in, I’m wondering if it would somehow be possible to use Nordstream to send the “refugees” to Siberia. (Does it work in both directions?) Not permanently, of course, and not without recompense to Russians, but just until things cooled down a bit in their home countries.

    Didn’t those people at Dyatlov Pass have trouble starting a fire or something? Maybe, for safety’s sake, we could build a branch tube going there.

  73. German_reader says

    and the German government agreed to take the migrants in

    So far they’ve only agreed to take in a few hundred “unaccompanied minors”, but it certainly won’t stay at that, strong campaign by media and politicians to take in more; lefties are spamming twitter with the moronic slogan “Wir haben Platz” (we’ve got space).
    Interesting though that Austria’s Kurz is advocating a hard line.

  74. Belarus is quite strong in confectionary. I go with Kommunarka because they make the Alenka and Chernamorka sweets.

  75. Michael Woodley once said that he knew a guy that had data about the fertility of miscegenated couples. I’m kind of foggy on the details, but I think he might have referenced the NYC metro area, and I think it was hospital data. Supposedly, it is effectively a population sink – they have below replacement fertility. Lower, I believe, than whites. Though take that with a grain of salt. He said it was never published due to political considerations, but that he saw it.

    It seems hard to fit it into an historical context. There are certainly a lot of mestizos of different racial combinations, but, then again, fertility patterns have changed. I’m not sure I believe it, but I think it is at least possible. Certainly, many high status blacks have high levels of education.

  76. So far they’ve only agreed to take in a few hundred “unaccompanied minors”

    Each one has at least 5,000 relatives. So, with future family reunification (and it can reunify exclusively in Germany, not in the old country, mind you), Mutti is successfully ruining Germany.

  77. The YouTuber Daughter of Albion posted a video about the ethnocide of the white British a day or two ago as well.

    One problem with this is going to be that there are too many lines of evidence for it (add another with the mainstreaming of Critical Race Theory and the Post Colonial ‘Decolonisation’ perspective into British institiutions), and that it could be raised in discussions under the heading of demographic inequalities or something like that.

    It means soon there may be an effort to censor talk about it.

  78. Re: the Conquistadors: I think it was probably more polygamy (unofficial) than rape. The Spanish initially paired with high-status Indians. Their children, no doubt had higher status than Indians, likely as well as survival advantages due to their immune genes and lactase persistence. And the Spanish controlled the land and educated their children. No doubt, their coloration differences were sought after, to a certain extent.

    Even today, I’d suppose that practically any white man, whatever his condition, could get a fertile Latino bride. Though, if he were ugly and low status, he might have to settle for a disgusting one.

  79. Chet Bradley says

    Thank you.

    I can manage to understand written Russian when I pay more attention; occasionally I need to check some words that are very different from Serbian, but I don’t have issues with sentence structure and grammatical cases.

    Yeah, Dugin is definitely an interesting character. I’ve read his other essays (no books), and I noticed that often his explanations of the events in the West are wrong. No surprise, I don’t think he’s lived in the West, and he seems to assume too much without having the deep understanding of how things work here.

    However the essay I linked was about Russia, which I’m sure Dugin knows well, so his observation about intellectual sovereignty seemed prescient. But since I don’t know Russia well enough to have an opinion, I’d like to know what someone from Russia thinks about it, i.e. true or not.

  80. Spanish initially paired with high-status Indians. Their children… lactase persistence.

    Spanish have one of the lowest lactose tolerance among Europeans, so it would be hard to pass it to their cholo offspring. That suggests that their ancestors were far from Indo-Europeans, but Romans forced an IE language on them. IE people are generally assumed to have high levels of lactose tolerance.

    Where does one find ‘high-status Indians‘? Were they the ones killing and eating the lower status Indians? (Or are you possibly alluding to Kamala’s brahmin ancestry?)

  81. Larry Silverstein even admitted on television that WTC7 was demolished:

  82. There were the Israeli “art project” groups “E-Team” and “Gelatin” that had access to the WTC, including construction access and access to the upper level floors where the planes impacted, in the months leading up to 9/11:

  83. Where does one find ‘high-status Indians‘? Were they the ones killing and eating the lower status Indians? (Or are you possibly alluding to Kamala’s brahmin ancestry?)

    Songbird is referring to the daughters of the former ruling class of the Incan and Aztec realms, several of whom would go on to marry conquistadors to form political alliances and secure their place under Iberian rule.

  84. Europe Europa says

    Interestingly, the Basque language looks very non-IE. It looks very out of place amongst European languages, even more so than other non-IE languages like Finnish and Hungarian. Many linguists have speculated that it’s origins are non-European.

    Do you think it’s likely that the Basque language is the last surviving remnant of what ever language the pre-Roman/pre-IE Spanish spoke?

  85. Do you think it’s likely that the Basque language is the last surviving remnant of what ever language the pre-Roman/pre-IE Spanish spoke?

    Almost certainly, languages related to Basque (Vasconic family) were still spoken until late Antiquity. The other pre-IE (Uralic speakers also came from elsewhere, and aren’t pre IE) languages of Europe remain entirely (Minoan, Tartessian, Rhaetian, Lemnian, Etruscan) entirely undeciphered, so their relationship to Basque/Euskara is unknown.
    The Roman Emperor Claudius actually wrote a Latin-Etruscan dictionary prior to taking the purple, but unfortunately it has been entirely lost. Previously it was conjectured that Etruscan was related to Hittite (Arnold Toynbee was probably it’s the best known proponent), but that’s since been totally disproved, whether it was first proved false because Hittite was later found to be (basal) IE or more was found about Etruscan, I don’t recall.

  86. We have briefly discussed Dugin in the previous Open Thread (117) starting with the comment # 118. The whole discussion started with commenter 216 writing about Twitter deplatforming Dugin, but very soon steered towards discussing Dugin’s intellectual legacy after I have posted the video of the debate between Dugin and Bernard Henry Lévy.

    Poster Dimitri pointed out that BHL and Dugin are both frauds on a purely academic level. And I concur that it is true. I think Dugin is nevertheless more entertaining than BHL because some of his ideas or positions are good trolling directed against the Western liberal globalized political doctrines.

    I have become interested in Dugin in 1996, when I first read the National Bolshevik newspaper Limonka that Dugin co-founded with Limonov. I was still living in Moscow then and was absolutely disgusted with the whole political situation there. I was basically a very angry young man at the time so the acerbic tone of the newspaper seemed appealing. But there was something fishy about it, it was too strong on provocation and kind of weak when intellectual efforts needed being invested into finding real solutions to the 1990ies Russian predicament.

    By the end of that year we left Russia and settled in the West. I went on studying in a Western University and when I had some free time I often visited its library spaces devoted during the Cold War to Eastern European/Slavic/Soviet studies. The university had an excellent collection of literary works and given the (inglorious) end of the Cold War and the Russian debacle, these places were among the most peaceful and quiet on the campus. While looking at the different authors I discovered that Limonov, whom I didn’t know much about in Russia (except the legend that when young he was able to drink a whole bottle of cognac without taking pause) was in fact a bisexual agent provocateur not very different from the Western Punk rockers.

    Then on the internet (a new thing for me at the time) I found that Dugin formed the Eurasian movement and split from the National Bolshevik movement, I have also found that the National Bolshevik youth were used in all kinds of provocations and were imprisoned in droves without any notable political results. Dugin’s Eurasianists were less extreme, but quite provocative nevertheless. They seemed as benefiting from some support on the level of Russian high-ranking policy makers and probably on the level of the FSB. Clearly, attempts have been made in the first decade of the 2000ies to use Eurasian Union to infiltrate and control Russian Nationalist circles, but the success of these politology experiments were very modest.

    Dugin wrote books, working as professor in the Moscow University for a time, his pupils and disciples were drifting among the intellectual boheme and political fringe movements, with some going towards more respected and well-paid positions. Nothing quite serious came out of the whole Eurasian movement at the end. Same can be said of the Limonov’s National Bolshevism experience.

    I suspect that both Dugin and Limonov have been used by the Russian state to channel political protests of the 90ies into two harmless and impotent directions. While Putin and his Ozero Cooperative buddies were making billions and consolidating their power, young people deceived by Limonov and Dugin were dreaming of all kinds of illusory things and falling into social traps and dead ends. I don’t know if Dugin and Limonov were aware of their spoiler role, but I suspect that they knew what was going on and expected to take advantage of this situation.

    In the end, Limonov died, while Dugin is being mocked and ignored in Russia proper, but is somehow seen as something notable outside Russia, in the West mainly. I think that here too Dugin just plays a role as a “crazy bearded Russian”, just like BHL plays the role of the “Parisian white collar Sephardic poseur “.

    Our world is a theater and there is enough place on the scene for many clowns. As tragic as it is for some, the show must go on.

  87. I’m sure Indo-Europeans conquered Spain, just as they conquered Italy, and countless other places. The signature is definitely there in the ancient DNA. Southern Europe had a higher population density at the time, but Indo-Europeans formed the elites. Maybe, there were were some areas that spoke a different language, just as Etruscans or Basques did, but they almost certainly would have all been conquered and had some admixture at the elite level.

    Is higher pop density the the reason Southern Europeans are less lactase persistent? Possibly, but it is hard to be certain. At Tollense (c1200-1300 BC), in modern-day Northern Germany only 1 in 8 where lactase persistent. It was a gene that was strongly selected for over hundreds of years.

    It is hard to find reliable maps for lactase persistence, but it is likely the Amerinds had zero variants, before the Spanish came. There is a lot of livestock raised in Latin America, so, in pre-modern times, having the allele would have likely been advantageous in many areas. One figure I read is 48% intolerant in Mexico – pretty big difference from 100%.

  88. There’s a difference between Bell Beaker folks and Indo-European people. Basque people are directly descended from the Bell Beaker culture ethnic group.

  89. While looking at the different authors I discovered that Limonov, whom I didn’t know much about in Russia (except the legend that when young he was able to drink a whole bottle of cognac without taking pause) was in fact a bisexual agent provocateur not very different from the Western Punk rockers.

    Limonov hit the bottom (fair warning the quotes are very vulgar):

    An episodic “”fictional memoir,”” originally published in Russian in 1978, by a youngish émigré poet living in New York City. “”I am on welfare. I live at your expense, you pay taxes and I don’t do a fucking thing.”” So says bitter, narcissistic, self-pitying Eddie–who narrates a series of encounters (mostly sexual) in an oddly translated prose-mixture of obscenity, tin-eared slang, and tirade. Frustrated with his writing career in Russia (“”what I did would never reach the masses””), Eddie has come to America for creative freedom. . . only to find utter misery. No one’s interested in his work. His wife Elena has left him for a decadent American career as a fashion model: “”she has a cunt, for which there are buyers–you–and I don’t have a cunt.”” And the “”system”” in the US, he finds, is just as oppressive as the one back home: “”We shag-assed over here, and having seen what the life is like, many if not all would shag-ass fight back. . . .”” So Eddie hates America, hates his occasional demeaning jobs (e.g., as a hotel-restaurant busboy), and hates women. His post-Elena liaisons with women are unsatisfying: a non-sexual involvement with American radical Carol (“”her party was nothing but a Petit-bourgeois study group””); a rough time with Jewish, non-orgasmic Sonya (“”I’m going to buy you an artificial member, and I’m going to fuck you with it until you fall off the bed””); a particularly unpleasant interlude with Russian-speaking Roseanne. Instead, Eddie finds pseudo-epic fulfillment with black men he meets on the street: dangerous Chris (“”I did not merely accommodate his strong thick cock in my mouth, no, this love we were engaged in, these actions, symbolized much more–to me they symbolized life. . . I was receiving communion from his cock””); and bum Johnny–“”punk, filth of the streets, panhandler, least of the least,”” a preachily symbolic underclass-figure who “”tenderly kissed my cock, laughed with me, clasped me to him, kissed my poopka and shoulders.”” And finally, after a walk around Manhattan and re-humiliation from Elena, Eddie discourses to himself on “”the injustice of a world in which one who loves is not fucking needed””. . . and signs off by weepily saying to the buildings of Madison Ave.: “”Fuck you, you cocksucking bastards!”” Here and there, Limonov writes effectively in the Russian tradition of grimly comic despair/irony; and the glimpses of émigré life at its most disillusioned or sordid are intriguing. But for the most part this is a tedious whine of a memoir/novel–with neither the zest of a picaresque nor the emotional drama of an absorbing self-portrait.

  90. Any thoughts on the report that a German NGO helped start the blaze, and they are using them as drug runners? Call me gullible, but I tend to believe at least the first part.

  91. Basques are linguistic isolates. They are not genetic isolates – that is an outdated myth. (It was once thought the Irish were similar) Oh, they are an ethnic group, but there are a lot of different ethnic groups descended from Indo-Europeans.

    What really makes them different is their language. Their homeland is isolated by terrain. There may have been a sex imbalance which allowed the women to propagate their old language to their children. They certainly don’t have a high genetic distance to their closest neighbors. And their Y-chromosomes are not markedly different.

  92. Kent Nationalist says

    I have read that Sardinians are the most purely descended from the pre-Indo-European inhabitants

  93. Where does one find ‘high-status Indians‘? Were they the ones killing and eating the lower status Indians?


    Duke of Moctezuma de Tultengo (Spanish: Duque de Moctezuma de Tultengo) is a hereditary title of Spanish nobility held by a line of descendants of Emperor Moctezuma II, the ninth Tlatoani, or ruler, of Tenochtitlan.

    Spaniards respected the status of nobility and when it was possible integrated Aztec and Inca nobles. Overall, contrary to Anglo propaganda, Spaniards were relatively humane rulers, ridding the world of evil Aztec religion and civilizing and improving the plight of the Indians whom they had conquered.

  94. Basques are linguistic isolates. They are not genetic isolates

    I am absolutely aware of this. On their male side Basque people are the purest R1b haplogroup Bell Beaker descendants. Fact is we have no idea whatsoever what was the language spoken by the Bell Beaker folks. We also do not know exactly what was the migration route that brought the Yamnaya descended populations that have formed the Bell Beaker cultural expansion starting from the Iberian peninsula.

    OTOH, we know who were the Indo-Iranian Arians, what was their Y haplogroup and what language they spoke.

  95. The whole “refugee” rigmarole is fraud. Real refugees are mostly women, children, and the elderly (like the refugees fleeing from Donbass to Russia in 2014). When 90% are conscription-age healthy males, you know that these people are not refugees, but an invasion army. So, fraud regarding the age is a natural part of the overall fraud.

    As globohomo propaganda studiously refused to notice simple facts about those “refugees”, their invasion was manufactured by globohomo. Hence, there cannot be anything good in it, it must have an ulterior purpose.

  96. for-the-record says

    It is hard to find reliable maps for lactase persistence

    Here’s one for modern lactose-intolerance:

  97. for-the-record says

    How can this be? — 12% Niger — 91% Nigeria

    There were 3 different lactase-persistent mutations in sub-Saharan Africa. For Niger, the Tuareg (more than 2 million in Niger) have 90% lactose tolerance and presumably other Nigériens acquired it from them (or perhaps the cited figure only relates to Tuareg).

    For Alaska the only explanation I can think of is that it refers to “indigenous” peoples.

  98. If voters are so gullible and naïve, why adhere to the belief in democracy?

    If masses cannot make sensible decisions then there is little reason for governments to grant the populace political rights.

  99. Basques are linguistic isolates. They are not genetic isolates…

    Correct, the crucial fact is that Basques are surrounded by people genetically very much like them. That suggests the region – Spain, southern France – is genetically mostly non-Indo-European. Basques are only partially isolated by terrain – it’s open towards west and north. There are other areas in Europe more isolated with IE languages.

    IE original core group has been well established as having lactose tolerance. You don’t lose lactose tolerance once you have it. Spain has lower lactose tolerance than most IE identified regions – ipso-facto it has lower IE genetics. The theory that IE males mated (I am being polite) with native Basque women is true – but the IE component over centuries had to be low for the Basque language to persist. Just like Sardinians, Basques are descended from the pre-IE population – and so is majority of Spaniards and a substantial part of Western Europe. IE is very much an Eastern European population, that reality rubs the latter-day Hitlerites wrong way, so they make up stuff.

    The same applies to body hair: ancient IE were hairy, they actually worshipped hair in a bizarre way. If you see hairless populations they are probably not descended from the original IE – since you cannot ‘unhair‘ genetically once you have it. That also totally disproves the politicised ‘out-of-Africa‘ claim. The original primate ancestors of humans were hairy. But Africans living on savannah lost their hair and blacks today have no body hair and sweat profusely. The hairy Caucasian population had to descend directly from their hairy ancestors in cold climate – there was no ‘out-of-Africa’.

  100. Well you need to make the population feel like they matter in the political process to pacify them and prevent open rebellion but otherwise yeah, democracy is politically impossible and not desirable for logistical reasons.

    Democracy is simply a cover for the ruling oligarchy, our laws are written by lobbyists in their employ and passed by Congressional representatives whose reelection budgets are set by the same people.

    Congressional approval ratings are somewhere in the teens yet reelection rates for incumbents are 90%. Its a pretty well oiled machine.

    But alternatives are impossible. Lets take example from the left – Green New Deal. Lets say it will come up as an actual bill. It will be a document at least 10,000 pages long written in dense legalese that Average Joe Voter will not even bother to read nevermind try to comprehend. Same with all the other laws that rule Average Joe Voter’s life.

    Even our elected representatives will likely not bother reading this stuff. Only the lobbyists truly know and comprehend the laws that rule us as they are the ones writing them. As such, democracy is not a meaningful concept aside from describing a rule of the oligarchy via their employed representatives.

  101. …fraud regarding the age is a natural part of the overall fraud.

    It always takes two for a ‘fraud‘, or a lie, to exist. Without the domestic side – career bureaucrats, paid for media and academia, and the liberal morons – it would not be possible. The ulterior purpose may vary group by group, but in general the goal is to change the demographic and lower national consciousness in order to be able to manage people better.

    95% of species that have existed have died out, they disappeared. Very few because of climate change or asteroids – almost all species that died out perished because of parasites. We are directed to worry about a relatively minor corona parasite, while many Western societies are enthusiastically importing parasitic forms of social and economic life. That’s what happens when too many start believing their own myths and slogans.

  102. Dig enough and Alenka was Cadbury Schweppes until CS was bought by Mondelez. In the UK, Mondelez have reformulated (destroyed) the chocolate recipe. Have you noticed with Alenka yet?

  103. Disagree, refugees are mostly young men fleeing conscription into causes they do not support.

    Also you are very wrong about the Donbass. In fact I first understood the conscription issue because of Donbass refugrees. The great majority (two thirds) of Donbass refugees arriving in Saratov for example were young men avoiding conscription. The numbers were announced in the press. I saw this with my own eyes at the station as well. (I lived near there). My translator at the time, a young woman, found their attentions irksome. Twice I engaged in conversation with would be boyfriend refugees suggesting to her that she might have room in her flat. The women and children were given state support. The young men were offered accomodation and very modest pay harvesting (it was August) in the deep country side if they wanted support. They quickly drifted away or into the black economy. People fleeing their homes to escape a battle tend to become Internally Displaced. The young men, by definition, have to leave the country to escape conscription.

  104. IIRC, Quipse Sisa was the product of a brother and sister union, which I think is really quite interesting in an HBD sense.

    Partly, because it seems to have been a common custom among the rulers in some ancient societies, where there were god-kings like Egypt, and because the myths of many countries suggest god-kings. Just this past June, there was a finding that a skeleton discovered in Newgrange, Ireland (c3000 BC) had some incestuous origin. I think it opens up philosophical questions about who really governed, in these incestuous societies.

    I believe Greg Cochran has said that he doesn’t believe that repeated incest is even biologically possible in a dynasty like the Ptolemies – I believe inferring that they would cease giving birth to live children. That they must have been outbreeding in secret. I mean, it is certainly hard to take descriptions of Cleopatra at face value, if she was extremely inbred. Charles II of Spain was supposedly more inbred than if his parents had been siblings, though his sister was said to be attractive.

    Anyway, to bring it back to Quipse Sisa, it seems surprising that she didn’t quickly die from diseases that the Spanish brought, given her double dose of genetic errors. Perhaps, that is an indication of a severe burn-through, before she was born.

  105. I’ve seen a lot of variance in reported numbers – one can find markedly different maps. I think part of it might be that people are confused about what “lactose intolerance” means. Some people think that they are “tolerant” if they can consume a very small amount.

    I guess ideally you’d want a heat map for known alleles, but these seem to be very interpolated. I don’t know if anyone has spent the money for proper sampling.

  106. refugees are mostly young men fleeing conscription

    That’s not what many witnesses saw at the border crossing points between Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and Russia in 2014. Men of all ages were in the minority. I guess by the time they arrived as far as Saratov there occurred natural selection: real refugees settled at the first opportunity, whereas draft dodgers ran as far as they could.

  107. RadicalCenter says

    Yes, they’re called Jews.

  108. RadicalCenter says

    Not interested if they can’t even spell Danzig right 😉

  109. The original primate ancestors of humans were hairy. But Africans living on savannah lost their hair

  110. I don’t pretend to understand or even take much interest in Haplogroup autism (which frankly seems to be a great source of opinion for people unqualified to understand it) but obviously, conquest or even dominance is not a requirement for language-shift, thus language =/= ethnicity, in fact it rarely does. For instance, Sardinians are considered among the most genetically ‘distinct’ European populations with very little ‘admixture’, yet speak an IE language. Hungarians are almost entirely IE in their genetics and almost no commonality with their ‘fellow Uralic’ Estonians or Finns whatsoever.
    The Assyrians, Babylonians and Judaeans all adopted Aramaic en-masse as their common language by 6th Century BC, despite this Syrian city-states being near the bottom of the heap for centuries, the same of course being true of Slavic.
    Anyway, Spain was a mixture of pre-IE peoples, Celto-Iberians, Phoenician and Latin settlers. The obvious answer for lactose intolerance is simply extensive Semitic settling of the peninsula over the ages (Berber, Phoenician, Arab).

  111. Thulean Friend says

    BP warns of oil demand peak by early 2020s

    Imagine being a country based on hydrocarbon exports.

  112. Rattus Norwegius says

    Storebror, don’t mention it.

  113. Dacian Julien Soros says

    How’s creativity and innovation going for you lately? Any progress on the covid front from the “highly productive nations” in Nature rankings, or from the “top universities” in Times Higher Education rankings? Any victory of the transhumanist brigade, through a combination of CRISPR and the blockchain?

    What? Speak louder, I can’t understand what you are saying through your high-tech muzzle.

  114. Dugin is an entertaining (to some) Warhammer 40k cosplayer. Nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for IRL influence.

    His “profile” is arguably higher in the West than it is in Russia.

  115. The Belarusian Alenka is made by Kommunarka, I thought this was state owned still and when I checked it is. I haven’t been in Belarus for about 18 months but when I was last there Belarusian Alenka had acquired a kind of younger brother which had a lighter flavour.

    I think it must be the Russian Alenka (or the Ukrainian one if there is one?) that has changed hands. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. What do Mondelez make in the UK? is it Cadbury? I remember they changed the egg recipe and it got too sweet.

  116. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    I’m watching Соловьев’s discussion show and Zhirinovskii is wearing white gloves, like an antique dealer. Can someone please explain why? Thank you.

  117. Chet Bradley says

    Thank you for a detailed explanation; exactly what I was looking for.

  118. Chet Bradley says

    His “profile” is arguably higher in the West than it is in Russia.

    Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. People seem to take him seriously, even in Serbia from what I can tell by following Serbian alternative media. I guess they should know better…

  119. The other pre-IE (Uralic speakers also came from elsewhere, and aren’t pre IE) languages of Europe remain entirely (Minoan, Tartessian, Rhaetian, Lemnian, Etruscan) entirely undeciphered, so their relationship to Basque/Euskara is unknown.

    It is unlikely that Basque was related to those languages. Iberian was spoken much closer, just across the river Ebro, and it is partially deciphered but is not in the same linguistic family as Basque.

    The only language known to be related to Basque is old Aquitanian. Some inscriptions that survive of that language written in Roman characters are easily understandable by any modern day Basque speaker. However, it is not clear that old Aquitanian and Basque were really separate languages, perhaps they were dialects spoken by different tribes of the same group that happened to receive different names by the Roman invaders.

    Before the arrival of the IE-speakers Europe had already spent millennia receiving newcomers, mainly from Anatolia and the Eastern steppes, who admixed with the ancient hunter-gatherers, so I suspect that a lot of different unrelated pre-IE languages were spoken.


    Overall, contrary to ((Armenian)) propaganda, Senegalese were relatively humane rulers, ridding the world of evil Azov religion and civilizing and improving the plight of the Ukranians whom they had conquered.

  121. Tesak (Maxim Martzinkevitch) is dead. He was well known among the Russian national socialist circles. A kind of Skinhead superstar in the late 90ies and early 2000s Moscow.

    He died in prison, supposedly by suicide. He has been sentenced several times, including for violent activism against pedophiles and drug traffickers. He was a courageous man and also an ultraviolent thug. He wrote a book about Russian prison codes and traditions and how to survive there. Interestingly enough, the last book he was reading in prison was about Communism he asked in a farewell letter the book be given to his wife.


  122. It was definitely the Russian one. If there is a Belarus version, good luck to them. Mondelez moved all their choclate from the UK to Poland and it is all too sweet. A recipe for the US market and also perhaps, sugar is cheaper than cocoa.



    Fk potato


    This wat u want?

    Fkn Lund in your Poutine||

    Strikingly, researchers say, broad support within the inmate population for multiculturalism means they are generally intolerant of those who spread radical views against other ethnic groups.

    Inmates also had the same dim view of skinheads and white supremacists, highlighting the fact race relations in Canadian correctional facilities appeared to be less divisive and hostile than in the United States, the researchers found.

    “Yeah, we’re all Canadians here,” one inmate said. “We’re all big-hearted, even though we’re all criminals.”

    Despite the fact incarceration of Indigenous and Black people has reached “staggering” levels in Canada, inmates interviewed largely held firm in their belief in multiculturalism and racial equality and would not tolerate those who spread discriminatory views against other ethnic groups, the researchers wrote.

  124. This map is complete bullshit. According to it, Bulgaria should be 40-60% lactose intolerant.

    I literally didn’t know that such a thing as “lactose intolerance” even existed until I heard it mentioned one day in “The Big Bang Theory”…

  125. for-the-record says

    This map is complete bullshit. According to it, Bulgaria should be 40-60% lactose intolerant.

    You may well be right, but on the other hand it seems interesting that per capita milk consumption in Bulgaria is remarkably low compared to that in more “lactose-tolerant” countries.

  126. You may well be right, but on the other hand it seems interesting that per capita milk consumption in Bulgaria is remarkably low compared to that in more “lactose-tolerant” countries.

    Greece, which is the same color on the lactose intolerance map, has higher consumption than Norway and the UK.