Open Thread 133: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my meritorious readers!

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  2. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    From a Russian Empire era magazine

    Professor Zabastovshikov was deemed a handsome man, but professor Baklazhanov, who envied him took his X-ray and now shows it to ladies

  3. It is interesting how a lot of women voice distaste for beards, and yet they are a secondary sexual characteristic. It seems obvious they evolved to be seen by women.

    Unless, it was for men to compare beards and sort out hierarchies.

    It is also interesting to consider women’s body hair. Men seem to dislike it so much that one wonders if it was always covered up, and it was only in modern times that women starting baring their legs and arms.

  4. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Perhaps women have realised that many men keep beards to hide a weak chin and/or jawline, and they want to “see the goods” as they are?

    I don’t think this “lookism” was that intense back in the old days, as there was a lot more monogamy and marriage was pseudo-arranged even in the West in a lot of cases, but ever since the sexual revolution, and especially since e-dating sites like Tinder popped up, looks matter a lot more than they used to.

  5. Europe has fallen. We all know about the western euros. Let me blackpill you about Poland and Hungary.

    Poland center right coalition won the election by only 51%. With a Biden presidency the lefty coalition will be more energized and have the backing of USA. Expect more gays and refugees in Poland in 5 years time. Can’t say the right in Poland don’t deserve though, their Russophobia has made them blind to the subversion of USA aid and NGOs. Expect full abortion rights or no USA military aid for Poland.

    Hungary seems better but is actually worse off. First Hungary is a small country and these are easier to liberalize (look at Sweden and Ireland). Because Hungary is so small they have less bargaining power when it comes to the EU/USA liberals. Orban only won the last elections with 56%. Next time there will be more USA backed lefty parties and Jobbik seems to be in the coalition. So no President Orban in 5 years time.

    The 2 most based countries in Europe gone just like that, will kill right wing populists all over Europe. Ask me to blackpill you about Russia and India.

  6. Good point.

    I was also thinking that it might be that our culture has become too mothering, and it might be that mother’s are suspicious of beards.

    I guess also, anything too far out the mainstream is considered unattractive, and the fashion dictates that beards are outside the mainstream.

    I wonder whether this might be partly a side-effect of capitalism. That companies want to sell razors and shaving cream and so promote the beardless fashion.

  7. Europe Europa says

    I guess also, anything too far out the mainstream is considered unattractive, and the fashion dictates that beards are outside the mainstream.

    Beards out of the mainstream? As far as I can see beards have become extremely mainstream and have been for a number of years now, at least in the UK and I think the US as well.

    They’ve become so associated with “hipsters” and as “trendy” that beards have lost almost all the connotations of raw masculinity they might have once had, if anything being clean shaven seems more masculine these days, considering all the beard styling products available now and the amount of effort a lot of men put into their beards, not much different to women styling their hair.

  8. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    They’ve become so associated with “hipsters” and as “trendy” that beards have lost almost all the connotations of raw masculinity they might have once had,…

    The soyboy memes also have not helped improve the perception of beards. On another note, I wonder if moustaches will ever make a return?

  9. Europe Europa says

    It’s interesting how for months now it’s been considered in very poor taste to call COVID-19 the “China virus”, “Chinese coronavirus”, etc, if not outright racist and hate speech.

    Yet now a new strain has been found in the UK, that has also been found in various other countries, the international media seems to have absolutely no qualms about calling this the “British strain”.

    Rather telling of Britain’s place in the world that people pussyfoot around China yet just come right out and say it when it’s Britain.

  10. Bardon Kaldian says

    Perhaps women have realised that many men keep beards to hide a weak chin and/or jawline, and they want to “see the goods” as they are?

    Maybe, but it seems too complicated.

    The 18th C was beardless; the 19th C- the golden age of big beards, most of the greats had beards, or something similar (J. Clerk Maxwell, Dostoevsky, Marx, Tolstoy, Dickens, Hugo, Darwin, Hertz, Mendeleev, Virchow, Cantor, R. Francis Burton, J.Willard Gibbs, Ehrlich, Koch, Zola, Tennyson, Melville, Whitman, Pasteur, Lincoln, Manet, Freud, Cezanne, Monet, ….or almost beards like Wagner, Nietzsche, Lister..); the 20th C is going backwards to the 18th, with all their fakery- you can think of cosmetic surgery as modern day equivalent of a wig.

    There is another issue: the cult of youth. With beard, you are a serious man on his way to the middle age, even if you are in your 20s. Women, mostly being creatures who follow fashion & trends, prefer beardlessness as something possibly more attractive because: a) it signifies youthful eroticism, b) it has nothing to do with the patriarchy gravitas

    Since virtually all movie & pop-music stars have been beardless, that sets the norm of “attractiveness”.

  11. On another note, I wonder if moustaches will ever make a return?

    I think gays have damaged mustaches irreparably.

  12. This Christmas is Catholic (same as Protestant). It’s a week before the New Year. The Orthodox Christmas is a week after the New Year. Presumably European calendar counts years from the birth of Christ (AD stands for anno domini, i.e., God’s year). Still, Christians, take heart: New Year is exactly in the middle between Catholic and Orthodox Christmas. The law of averages in action.

  13. Europe Europa says

    So you’re basically saying that women dislike outwardly masculine looking men and men they see as symbolising the “patriarchy”?

    Interesting, that seems to go against popular theories that women prefer men who project a macho “alpha male” type persona.

  14. If it is advantageous to engineer humans to be more intelligent, will it be not also be advantageous to engineer humans to be more selectively aggressive and have a higher amount of sociopathic traits (as long as it is not too high), basically to combine intelligence, and a moderate amount of aggression and sociopathy (also known in business circles as having a killer instinct), overall modern society seems to select not only for intelligence, but also for a certain amount of aggression/charisma and a moderate amount of sociopathy. Look at the success of Zuckerberg, Bezos, or Steve Jobs. Overall not a good look for what future genetically enhanced humans will look like, Star Trek does have a point when it actually showed Khan as the most benevolent of the bunch.

  15. I hated beards until I realized a very thick neck-crawling, cheek hugging beard makes facial recognition go retarded. And so if it makes someones life harder I will grow a beard. Now with masks everyone can dodge facial recognition like a champ though.

  16. Chinese facial recognition systems have no problems identifying people with masks.

  17. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    The Guardian: Panic, paucity and pessimism: life on Plague Island UK

    Rather telling of Britain’s place in the world that people pussyfoot around China yet just come right out and say it when it’s Britain.

    Many countries have also banned travellers from the UK entering their own countries, including all EU countries I believe, they were not this quick to do the same for China, perhaps they were scared of accusations of racism?

  18. Human intelligence may have increased, but the knowledge of how to use it well certainly has not, without a corresponding increase in the latter, any increase in the former is of doubtful benefit, and may even bring more harm than good.

  19. Thorfinnsson says

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  20. Europe Europa says

    Most likely fear of racism accusations, also a casual Anglophobia seems to go over well in many European countries so there’s no risk in taking that position, if anything being seen to be too soft on the English would probably be the more politically risky option.

    To be honest I feel that the English are being set up as scapegoats for the whole thing and the economic collapse of Europe/Western world, combined with Brexit.

  21. Wouldn’t worry about it

    We from the Balkans can always pull an “Inquisition of the Turkicized” (in this case, the Pozzed) and then just spread everywhere like a cancer

  22. casual Anglophobia

    Have you thought of simpler explanations? I can offer one. UK was the generator of many hoaxes, such as Litvinenko poisoning (he was poisoned all right, but it’s still unclear by who), Skripal poisoning (in this case we can’t be sure that they were poisoned at all, rather than injected fentanyl by MI6 agents, or that they are still alive), and now this “new corona strain”. So, maybe now people just give credit where it’s due. BTW, in today’s Russia the phrase “British scientists have shown” in jokes means that what follows is total BS. Hard earned reputation, congrats!


    Hmmm….. That warning… I want to say insurance scam… Or covid 19 reactionaries sending a message to damn filthy restaurant owners not to open up but we all know…. Its probably BLM love

  24. Another Anglo Victim plea from our resident Anglo cuck Europa Europa.

    So triggered are you by one or two headlines that you immediately run to the comment section of Karlin blog to whine about Anglo mistreatment.

    So, the British knew about this new strain since September but it only leaked out recently. So hopefully the WHO and the UN conducts the appropriate investigations.

    Why are the British allowing planes to leave? Are they intentionally trying to kill the rest of the world?

    There has been very few people calling it the British Virus. Definitely not any politicians and most people aren’t even making the association which is a 180 from the hysteria around the “China Did It” virus.

    Maybe the British should pay reparations to the rest of the world since they so badly managed a mild outbreak that it led to massive mutations that could end up to be much worse.

  25. Maybe the British should pay reparations to the rest of the world

    They certainly should, for a variety of reasons too lengthy to list.

  26. How many “talking blowing RVs” shall we reasonably expect prior to power transfer from Trump’s administration to Biden’s?

    That is, if the martial law is to be used by either side of the “electoral ” process?

  27. Europe Europa says

    So only the British should pay reparations, no other country? I think you’ll find Russia has subjugated and slaughtered scores of people.

  28. The Orthodox Christmas is a week after the New Year.

    That’s only for some orthodox countries that keep the julian church calendar like Russia and Serbia while Greece, Bulgaria and Romania celebrate Christmas in December.

  29. That Would Be Telling says

    the 20th C is going backwards to the [beardless] 18th

    I’ve read an obvious factor in that comes from the military, the great beards of 19th Century soldiers had to go due to the WWI employment of poison gas, can’t get a good fit on masks of that era with anything more than a roughly Hitler sized mustache.

  30. Drapetomaniac says

    Get rid of corporations and most everything else government has cursed civilization with and you will have less use for aggression and sociopathy and more need for creativity and productivity.

  31. Britain owes Russia trillions for the British decisive role in supporting the Russian revolutionary movement during the Great Game period and the dirty Russian moneys laundering after Perestroika.

    This despite Russia being mainly allied with the English interests since the times of the Muscovy Company founding. The Great Game and Crimean War being exceptions to the rule.

  32. Well, its your country that keeps whining about reparations even though the Britts badly managed the initial outbreak.

    So I don’t see why other countries should be dragged into this.

  33. Drapetomaniac says

    Human intelligence may have increased but so has the animal intelligence of humans.

  34. I rather like the British. But you are right, their casual relationship to truth is annoying. Most people have a sense of honour that places red lines in what they do. British don’t seem to have any sense of honour, they believe in a total fight with no restraint, anything that can be used will be used, lies are not even the worst part of it. Their ruthless selfishness has a certain appeal.

    Skripal sat on a chair and was sprayed with ‘novichok‘ by Russian agents. He survived, but he can’t be bothered to tell us in person (or video?) who attacked him. It would be too dangerous. Same with his daughter. And Brits blissfully ignore the total idiocy of the story. I always say that it takes two to lie, the lier and the obedient listener. But I still kind of like them, former people with disappeared dreams and possibly miserable future.

  35. “China virus”, “Chinese virus” became poor taste partly because these came out of Trump’s utterances. And he said those words, many times with a mocking tone. That was just a field day for Democrats and the Chinese government the moment he uttered those words – the accusation of racism was swift. These words became ‘political’ also.
    I think, those words were indeed purposefully and comically racist(you forgot to mention “Kung Flu”, which is quite hilarious to me, even though I myself am of Chinese descent – and the way he said it was funny too), a trait appealing to his less intellectual white ‘deplorable’ voter base and as a continuance of his China-bashing policy. However, to the majority in the Chinese community (both in China and diaspora), it is construed(correctly, in my view) as more than China-bashing, it is considered Chinese – bashing (ie race + Chinese culture bashing). Of course the Chinese Govt also trumpeted this narrative, Democrats and leftist parties and their media operatives came out with articles how East Asians in America and other Western countries were discriminated by whites etc. My phone was replete with messages of videos of how Chinese people were racially abused in the West ‘all because of Donald Trump’ – eg some Chinese dude was physically and verbally roughened by white Australians on a train etc.
    The Chinese diaspora community in my country are divided into the majority apathetic group, the pro-West/pro-Trump /anti-China group and the pro-China/anti-West group. Amongst the 2 groups which took sides, majority are pro-China/anti-West. I belong to the pro-China /anti-West group – not because I like the Chinese Communist Party rule in China and I am anti-West not because I hate whites(if you read my previous posts : I admire whites and European cultures especially of the traditional type, sans European imperialism) : I consider Regressivism (this is what I call ‘Progressivism’) as one of my main ideological enemy (the other is Islamofascism), and those in power in the West are Regressives. Enemy of my enemy is my ‘friend’ (the current Chinese Govt). Being an ethnocentrist(a ‘polite’ word to substitute ‘racist’), I think a sovereign motherland (ie China) not a vassal of the West, and not having too cosy relationship with the West, might partially prevent the Chinese (in China) from being infected by the Regressive virus, and ensure the survival of my people and my civilization. However, I do not wish for China to ever be a superpower, and eschew any form of imperialism (in this aspect, I am against the current Chinese Govt which shows some traits). And I am also pro-Russia – with the hope that Russia continues European civilization once the West falls to blacks and Islamofascists, and as a power to check on China(and the West and other powers) ! Rival powers all checking each other in a multipolar world. It’s not easy explaining my viewpoints and this reply does not do justice to them! I basically prefer a multipolar world where none are superpowers, where disparate ethnocentric states develop disparate civilizations of their own.
    I consider the Western powers/political elites to have been hijacked by Africans and Islamofascists, enabled by white Regressives. It is doomed as a civilization(unless white ethnocentrists and conservatives can regain political power) .
    To me, personally, I think it’s fine to have called it the China or Chinese Coronavirus when the pandemic broke out, since the virus originated from China . It all became political because Trump said those words. Then subsequently Trump mishandled the pandemic by these simplistic policies – blame all on China + denial the virus is serious (my view is the virus is not as deadly as leftists’ fear mongering but slightly more deadly than influenza for certain groups like the elderly). Democrats and Regressives blow it all out of proportion to ensure a Trump loss in the Presidential elections.
    Conservatives in the West need a smarter and more suave politician than the likes of Trump to win over the youths, intellectuals and the average Joe. I don’t see, with the looming demographic replacement, how the West can survive its impending takeover by blacks and islamofascists (in Europe) and Latin Americans plus blacks (in USA).
    Sorry for such pessimistic view points. I should end now.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  36. And so has the human intelligence of animals. I watched those nature shows where they talk about animals migrating and living in major urban centers in India and such. Urban monkeys for example are stronger and smarter than wildlife ones because they eat energy and nutrient rich human food.

    They also live in dumbed down regulated environments (cities with defined streets, traffic lights etc.) which opens up the avenues for intelligence evolution, something that life in a more chaotic jungle selects against.* In a few generations, I wouldn’t be surprised if those monkeys started going to Harvard University or whatever.

    *Basically, in complex, chaotic environments such as jungle intelligence is worse than useless, it is dysgenic. Nature clearly prefers evolution over intelligence for design and construction of advanced technology so the only utility intelligence has (beyond basic animal pack communication skills) is the ability to predict the future. This planning capacity is not just impossible in a chaotic jungle where you get attacked from random unpredictable directions, it is bad for you because the moment you stop moving to contemplate and plan for a second, you will be eaten by a tiger who won’t stop. This is also why young human females are not into chess club geeks and prefer tall strong and healthy boys – they know who will be the tiger lunch, genetically speaking.

    In order for intelligence to have evolutionary utility, species need to exist in a dumbed down simplified environment that is well regulated and open to comprehension, so that planning is possible and worth doing. This is why IQ goes up going North – all those dead snow plains in winter make the world simple, reward planning, allow time for contemplation, and tax imagination (out of boredom) that helps with abstract thinking. None of this is possible in the crazy chaos of the jungle. Even jungle monkeys try to live at the treetops to get away as much as possible.

    Anyway, cities are very well regulated, dumbed down, and predictable environments (apartments and residential zones, defined parks, traffic lights, streets etc, commuter flows over time). As such intelligence in cities should have large evolutionary payoff for all residents. It would be beneficial for rats to understand restaurant industry schedule and operation for example.

    So who knows, maybe cities will serve as evolutionary intelligence accelerators for various critters in the future, and we will get to sell them washing machines and stuff 🙂

    And Merry Christmas everybody!

  37. anonymous coward says

    I will bet money that you’ve never actually been in a jungle.

    But hey, science!! and evolution!! (“How the monkey just so got his brain”.)

  38. Bardon Kaldian says

    I don’t get this type of defeatism.

  39. Bardon Kaldian says

    Now, this is interesting. But still, I am not sure why females (alright- modern, urban females) not just prefer beardlessness, but are yucky about beards. Perhaps even moustaches.

    I would say that it is the influence of popular culture, especially film, where virtually all male “stars” were/are beardless. Even moustache had to go (Gable, Flynn & a few others being exceptions), while the rest, especially screen seducers – Robert Taylor, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, ..more recently that guy from Mad Men I forgot his name; also other hugely successful TV shows & movies …. no facial hair.

    Bard Pitt & Leo Di Caprio & Bradley Cooper are essentially hairless, but they “experiment”, now and then …

  40. Bardon Kaldian says

    I am not too convinced about Roissy in DC alpha speculations. But, let’s leave it at that.

    Modern females also prefer hairless male body (for instance, chests). Why so? But it seems to be the case …..

  41. Start of the IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championship:

  42. Kent Nationalist says

    They might just dislike it because it scratches

  43. From a former RT presenter:

    They’ve periodically picked some real winners.

  44. Bardon Kaldian says


    By the early-twentieth century, beards began a slow decline in popularity. Although retained by some prominent figures who were young men in the Victorian period (like Sigmund Freud), most men who retained facial hair during the 1920s and 1930s limited themselves to a moustache or a goatee (such as with Marcel Proust, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin). In the United States, meanwhile, popular movies portrayed heroes with clean-shaven faces and “crew cuts”. Concurrently, the psychological mass marketing of Edward Bernays and Madison Avenue was becoming prevalent. The Gillette Safety Razor Company was one of these marketers’ early clients. These events conspired to popularize short hair and clean-shaven faces as the only acceptable style for decades to come. The few men who wore the beard or portions of the beard during this period were usually either old, Central European, members of a religious sect that required it, or in academia.

    The beard was reintroduced to mainstream society by the counterculture, firstly with the “beatniks” in the 1950s, and then with the hippie movement of the mid-1960s. Following the Vietnam War, beards exploded in popularity. In the mid-late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, beards were worn by hippies and businessmen alike. Popular musicians like The Beatles, Barry White, The Beach Boys, Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors) and the male members of Peter, Paul, and Mary, among many others, wore full beards. The trend of seemingly ubiquitous beards in American culture subsided in the mid-1980s.

  45. UncommonGround says

    A Merry Christmas or good hollydays and end of the year for all the authors of interesting articles in UR and for Ron Unz with particular congratulations for the most interesting and inspiring website in internet!

  46. Bardon Kaldian says

    Alright, the topic is trivial- but interesting….

    Researchers polled over 8000 women. They showed these women two photos from a collection of 36 men, asking which they found more attractive.

    Unbeknownst to the female participants, the researchers manipulated both photos in Photoshop to make one more masculine than the other (i.e. more facial hair, narrower eyes, less pronounced cheekbones).

    They concluded that women view men with facial hair to be not only more masculine but more confident, industrious, generous, and sincere than men who do not have facial hair.

    Additionally, researchers found that women judged beards as more attractive than clean‐shaven faces for long‐term relationships.

    A new study found that women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive as well as physically and socially dominant.

    Women tend to associate more masculine faces with physical strength, social assertiveness, and formidability.

    Women who display higher levels of “moral disgust,” or feelings of repugnance toward taboo behaviors, are more likely to prefer hairy faces.

    Research by Dixson and Brooks (2013) used similar procedures and recorded judgments by both men and women on the faces of men with varying degrees of facial hair. As in the first study, women found stubble on men most attractive, (In this study, the stubble was heavier.) Nevertheless, women rated men with full beards as highest for perceived parenting ability and healthiness. Overall, as facial hair increased, women’s ratings of masculinity increased, too—particularly for women who reported being at the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle.


  47. Bardon Kaldian says

    Let’s hear the ladies …..

    The Sex Blogger

    Girl On The Net

    “Ten years ago I’d have said beards really turned me off, because of the scratchiness and worrying about finding a stray crumb of pastry during a snog. Now, though, my current partner has a beard so I have grown to love it.

    “I generally prefer a beard that’s short, but as a straight girl, the things that often turn me on are things about dudes’ bodies that are radically different to mine: stomach hair, a beard, that hair in the small of his back… So I guess it’s less about the type of beard and more just the fact that he has a beard. Overall, I’m a beard agnostic: beards are sexy if they’re on a sexy guy, terrible if they adorn the face of a horrible dude.”

    My comment: beard agnostic

    The Psychologist

    Dr Becky Spelman

    “Beards on men are not just a secondary sexual characteristic, but also a symbol of masculine maturity and — in a patriarchal context — authority. Some men may be attracted to the idea of growing a full beard because they feel that it makes them look more authoritative — and that some women are attracted to the ‘strong man’ image they project. A man who pays his beard a great deal of attention in terms of grooming and barbering may well be trying to send a message”.

    Dr Spelman is a relationship expert for We-Vibe

    The Actress

    Charlie Bond

    “Generally, on first attraction, I don’t really notice facial hair unless it’s a statement, like a sharp goatee or full-on Gandalf beard. The first thing I notice is the way someone carries themselves – and if they make me laugh. Visually, I like a little stubble, it can turn a baby faced cherub into a brooding, dangerous playboy. But it can cause unwelcome friction.

    “I think an ideal for me, is after a few days, when it’s been trimmed with the grain so not too spiky and it’s laying flat and soft. Then it’s perfect – it catches and holds a man’s scent, it’s not gonna rub me up the wrong way, and it’s soft and pleasing to stroke. I also have a dirty little fetish for designer whiskers. I love a man that experiments with his look.”

    The Stylist

    Casey Paul

    “I still haven’t got my head around the whole beard craze. Long beards remind me of my older teachers at school and I can’t quite shift that association. I am all for a bit of stubble or a very short beard (and I mean very short) but as for a full-on beard its a no from me! It’s clichéd, but to pull off a longer beard style-wise, it definitely looks better with tattoos. Hats tend to look good on bearded men too.”

    The Anthropologist

    Dr Sarah Ford

    “Having a beard is fine, not having a beard is also fine. But beards with tattoos seem to act as some kind of proxy for personality on Tinder. It is not an interesting personality trait, just a thing growing out of your face. Men are lucky because beards can hide a multitude of lower face-related sins (double chin, weak chin). I wish I could grow a beard.

    “I think we reached peak beard in 2016. I was sitting in a restaurant in Brighton and about 70% of male clientele had immaculately shaped hipster beards. If there’s one thing the ethnographic record does tell us, it’s that there is an amazing range of things humans do with their bodies, and what people consider beautiful. Beards, like many things, can be sophisticated signs interpreted in different ways, depending on the context and the person wearing it.”

    The Porn Performer

    Harriet Sugarcookie

    “Styling facial hair on men makes just as much difference as styling the hair on the head, and yet I notice most guys don’t put that much effort in. I think a guy that has good grooming, including his facial hair, is attractive because it means he put effort in and is also a sign he probably cares about personal hygiene.

    “There is definitely a bad thing with both – too unkempt and too designer. Going either way of the extremes is bad. With very unkept beards you risk looking dirty, with very designer beards you look narcissistic. If I had to compare it to something, it should be like the ‘no makeup makeup look’ girls do. It should be the amount of work that makes it look like you hardly put any work in.”

    The GP

    Dr Paula Heath

    “Personally, I think the most important feature on a man’s face are his eyes, followed closely by smile. In terms of beards, a clean-shaven man is always more attractive. If I had to choose it would definitively be a short beard. Long beards I associate with Father Christmas and garden gnomes. Stubble can be sexy – Bradley Cooper and Mark Ruffalo wear it well – but it obviously causes stubble rash and can give the impression that the person hasn’t washed.”
    The Journalist
    Stephanie Soh

    “In terms of what’s most attractive in a man, beards don’t top the rankings – things like personality, physicality and political voting history (!) are more important. That being said, a good beard on the right man can really make him glo’ up (see Paul Rudd and Chris Evans).

    “I prefer stubble or a short beard, as opposed to a full, big beard. It contours the face and says ‘masculine,’ ‘stylish’ and ‘rugged’, without veering into Cast Away territory. Like clothes, hair, jewellery, and every other aesthetic choice a person can make, beards do change the way you think about people. These things have strong cultural associations, after all. Longer beards = paternal associations. Clean shaven = wholesome and youthful. Goatees = pickup artists and buskers. Soul patch = avoid.”

  48. Has anyone done study on race and crime, controlled for income and education, or whether the person is a drug addict of not? Most studies on white on black crime do not control the fact that the average white person is more educated than the average black person, or that the average East Asian American is more educated than the average white person. How much crime do college educated middle and upper class whites commit, or high s compared to college educated middle and upper middle class blacks and Asians? What about controlling for specific types of crimes across races, controlling for things like social status and education levels, like comparing for violent crime only? Or comparing for financial crimes only like money laundering, running pyramid schemes, insider trading, other types of securities fraud like pump and dump stock schemes, racketeering, or tax evasion? Or other types of crimes like burglary, vehicle theft, or shoplifting? How much does drug addiction affect crime, since white and black Americans seem to have worse drug problems than Asian Americans? Do white Americans commit more crimes than Asians if they are NOT addicted to drugs?

  49. That’s quite an interesting idea about movies moving the culture.

    Silent film was especially stylized, due to the lack of a voice track. I could see how they might think it better for the actors to be shaved – to better show their facial expressions and their lips moving. Probably, it makes a star more recognizable to have a shaved face. The one famous actor I can think of from that era with facial hair, Charlie Chaplin, had a very truncated mustache, which perhaps uncool by Hitler’s defeat.

    Two other ideas are that it had to do with the growing middle class – as a status symbol. Or with public health campaigns.

    Beards and mustaches fell out of favor due to health reasons, as described on the PBS website pertaining to a documentary on tuberculosis: “Most men at the turn of the [twentieth] century featured stylish beards or mustaches, but showing off a smooth face became a new trend once public health officials maintained that men could transmit dangerous infectious particles through the scruff of their facial hair. An editorial in a 1903 Harper’s Weekly stated, “Now that consumption is no longer consumption, but tuberculosis, and is not hereditary but infectious…the theory of science is that the beard is infected with the germs of tuberculosis.” Ultimately, the clean-shaven look became a symbol of the new middle-class man during the period that Harper’s Weekly labeled “the revolt against the whisker.”

    Quite interesting to consider: beards are maybe a health signal for the opposite sex, but health campaigns helped eliminate them. I wonder if it may have had anything to do with smallpox – when it became rarer, men probably had smoother skin, which is another type of health signal.

    Taft, who left office 1913, was the last US president to sport facial hair, though Truman grew a mustache for a brief time in 1948.

  50. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Since I know you love the cats, here is a nice video for you.

  51. A coincidence: for Christmas an aunt sent me a large collection of memoirs and letters written by family members in 19th century Galicia, that she had transcribed and digitized.

    During the revoluti0n of 1848, mustaches and beards were considered signs of treason, whereas loyalists to the crown were clean-shaven. Many Poles, who had mustaches, were supportive of the rebels. The Rus population (they did not call themselves Ukrainians back then) were more likely to be clean-shaven than were the suspect mustachioed Poles. The Rus voluntarily joined Freikorp called “руські «фрайкури» ” and marched on Budapest; the Rus women wore black and yellow ribbons in their hats to demonstrate loyalty to the state. Muscovites were seen by the Rus as good guys who were helping the loyalists to crush the Magyar traitors. My relative wrote in positive terms about the “Moskali” cavalry and the “cherkessy” marching through Galicia en route to Hungary. The family happily let them use our stables and lands.

  52. My understanding based on Unz’s work is that controlling for age there is no difference between whites and Mexicans in terms of crime, but there are still huge Black-White differences. Latinos of Caribbean (versus Meso-American) origin, who are of partial African ancestry, have crime rates between those of Whites and Blacks.

    He didn’t look at education but I can’t imagine it not having an effect.

  53. The interesting thing about East Asian societies is the crime corruption paradox where you have places like Vietnam and China that are among the safest places on earth in terms of crime, but have very corrupt or really corrupt governments, also places like Taiwan and Korea are very very safe but have fairly corrupt governments relative to their level of economic development.

  54. I though higher education lowers the propensity to commit low impulse type crimes like roberry and violent assault, though not necessarily financial crimes?

  55. Bardon Kaldian says

    This is very, very interesting. I think that we should ignore old religious stuff & history as not pertinent to the issue now, and focus on newer, empirical reasons (TBC, WW1 & gas masks; on the other hand, “I protest” counter-cultural 60’s).

    My opinion:

    1. epic, patriarchal beards of the 19th C leading figures (Darwin, Marx, Maxwell, Dostoevsky, Engels, Tolstoy, Whitman, …) are gone for good. First, they somehow look unhygienic; then, there is something not simply masculine, but Biblical, patriarchal about them. They are not “sexy”; they are a symbol of male complete, and especially spiritual, authority, as well as maturity (even old age)- which are not a popular trend. Stefan Zweig, in his superb autobiography The World of Yesterday, wrote excellently about pre-WW1 mature looks mania.
    2. smaller, trimmed beards are here to stay (Chekhov, Freud). Of course, well groomed.

    3. hippies & beards- gone, dirty, not healthy New Age conformist life-style. Also, they suck. Smelly, unkempt, gross.

    4. moustaches are even more endangered. There was a 19th C female saying: There is no real kiss without a moustache. Looks like they’re on the way of the dodo.

    5. I guess too many people, and especially females, pay way too much attention to celebrities & what they say & do. Here, Kurt Russell – I’ve been always confusing him with Patrick Swayze – turned out to be a pleasant surprise:

    Kurt Russell says actors shouldn’t get involved in politics: “We are court jesters”

  56. There are always exceptions:

    Here’s a bearded and retired David Letterman. 🙂

  57. December 24-26 is celebrated at Shaheedi Jor Mela or Festive Gathering of Martyrdom

    We come together to celebrate the bravery and devotion of the Two Youngest Sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    Aged 7 & 9 they resisted calls of wealth, begums, fiefs and torture; until, they were finally beheaded when the Islamic captors could do no more to entice them to the Deen।।

    Dhan Dhan Baba Ajit Singh Ji
    Rehn Amar Baba Jujhar Singh Ji

    Jai Sahibzada Zorawar Singh
    Dhan Dhan Baba Fateh Singh Ji

    Ajeet means invincible ਅਜੀਤ
    A meaning not Jeet conquered

    Jujhar means valiant or heroic ਜੁਝਾਰ
    Jujhana means to strike without fear (of death)

    Zorawar means one with great Zor or power. ਜੋਰਾਵਰ

    Fateh means victory. ਫਤਿਹ


  58. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  59. “Moskali” cavalry and the “cherkessy”

    Cherkessy being the Cossacks I presume?

    I have always found it interesting how Rus and Litva always pointed out an obvious fact – Cossacks not being pure Slavs – at least early in the making of the Cossack identity. And it seems that Galician Ruthenians were still aware of that late in the XIX century, while Russian peasants have forgotten all about that after Catherine the Great stomping out the last Cossack rebellion.

    Overall, I believe Russian Empire involvement in the central-European troubles of the mid-19 century was counterproductive. Assisting the Habsburgs in quelling the rebellion, and later on putting down the Polish uprising, was just delaying the Hungarian and Polish independence. Also the Habsburgs were the principal continental competitors of the Gottorp-Holstein-Romanovs. Weakening the Habsburgs and playing the Slavophile card would have been much more pragmatic.

    But then, the Romanovs themselves only became interested in the inter-Slavic influence-building after the Prussians demonstrated the feasibility of pan-Germanicism. Possibly the Romanovs were too Germanic themselves to see clearly what was the most beneficial course of action for their Slavic subjects.

    It cost them dearly in the end: to both the dynasty and the population.

  60. Overall, I believe Russian Empire involvement in the central-European troubles of the mid-19 century was counterproductive. Assisting the Habsburgs in quelling the rebellion, and later on putting down the Polish uprising, was just delaying the Hungarian and Polish independence. Also the Habsburgs were the principal continental competitors of the Gottorp-Holstein-Romanovs. Weakening the Habsburgs and playing the Slavophile card would have been much more pragmatic.

    1. The Hungarians were anti-Slav while Hapsburgs were neutral to benevolent (Slavic cultures flourished under Vienna but were stifled under Budapest).
    2. This highlights the difference between conservatism and nationalism. At that time, conservative governments stuck together. The alliance meant that Hapsburgs promoted pro-Russian ideas among the Rus people in Galicia, against the liberal Poles. Also along these lines, within the Russian Empire, the conservative order favored the rights of Polish and Polonized nobles over Rus Orthodox peasants; this only changed as a result of the Polish noble rebellions which led to increased Russian nationalism.

    It cost them dearly in the end: to both the dynasty and the population.

    Conflict between Europe’s conservative monarchies cost all of them, and Europe, dearly. The 20th century nightmare, triumph of Anglo commerce and Eastern Bolshevism, loss of the West, was the result of this conflict.

  61. They should have changed one Red Flag to another without going through the fake and gay tricolor imposed by Peter the Great while LARPing the Dutch.

    The historical Russian styag:

    The modernized version:

    Surprisingly enough, I have read that the original of the Belovezhsky Agreement has gone missing a few years ago. Nobody seems to know where is the original text that has been signed by Yeltsin, Kravtchuk and Shushkevitch.

    Remember, remember the 8th of December…

  62. Meth seems to have particularly bad effects on white people and turns them completely feral, and also seems to have very adverse effects on southeast Asians, but seems to not have so bad an effect on East Asians, although their past experience is more on opoids than stimulants.

  63. Another theory:

    Probably, one of the side effects of urbanization was the profusion of derelicts with beards. People who either may have starved in an agricultural society or been less mal-adjusted with the number of familiar connections that was typical back then. In particularized society, removed from strong family and community ties, mental illness probably became more pronounced and, with vertical building increasing traffic on the streets, more visible. This may have helped stigmatize beards.

    At the same time, people may have been driven more to cultivate a precise personal appearance, due to the profusion of superficial interactions, with more people than they had ever seen before.

    I suppose it might have also had something to due with the smog from coal. I’ve heard it suggested that that was why hats were so common – to help keep the hair clean from particulates.

    I wonder whether mirrors becoming more common may have also had something to do with it.

  64. I agree. Nationalism has only become mainstream in the second half of the nineteenth century and it infected the Eastern European masses only very slowly. But it probably could not have been avoided.

    I am always wondering what would have happened if pan-Slavism would have been as well developed and applied by Russia to the target populations as pan-Germanism was by Prussia to the Germanic Folk. Of course it would have put Romanovs and Habsburgs on a collision course, which eventually happened anyway.

    Russians and Poles should have used this ideology instead of their attachment to their parochial religious and ethnic particularities. They had the ideology prepared for them by the likes of Mavro Orbini already in the early seventeenth century. All they needed is being a little more broad-minded.

    Anyway, I have already written in another comment that Russians do not lead, they follow. Perhaps this might apply to other Slavs as well. Although, Prussians being (mostly ?) germanized Wends, one might argue that this is not a genetic, but a cultural flaw of character.

  65. I’ve long said that Brits are worse than Jews.

  66. Thorfinnsson says

    Reams of material have been produced for many years by racial dissidents in the United States (or even by racial “progressives” as in the case of The Philadelphia Negro by W.E.B. DuBois).

    Off of the top of my head I can first think of The Color of Crime, produced by Jared Taylor’s New Century Foundation. Here is the latest (2005) edition:

    The report would be better if it produced charts with the data you seek, but it is written at various points:

    In fact, the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic accounts for crime rates more than four times better than the next best measure: lack of education.36 Furthermore, even controlling for all three measures of social disadvantage hardly
    changes the correlation between racial mix and crime rates. The correlation between violent crime and the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic is 0.78 even when poverty, education, and unemployment are controlled, versus 0.81 when they
    are not. In layman’s terms, the statistical results suggest that even if whites were just as disadvantaged as blacks and Hispanics the association between race and violent crime would still be almost as great.

    The correlation between percent black-and-Hispanic and the violent crime rate is 0.81; the square is 0.66. The correlation between high school education and violent crime rate is 0.37; the square is 0.14. Racial mix predicts the violent crime rate more than four times better than lack of a high school education.

    From memory, my recollection is that black men of any income level have a higher crime rate than white men of any income level. That is to say that even the highest income black men commit crime at a higher rate than poorest white men. I believe Steve Sailer occasionally shares charts showing this.

    Crime rates for orientals are in turn lower than those for whites, with the amusing exception of gambling.

    In looking at criminal propensity, we have to look at many characteristics. These include:

    • Time preference (future orientation)
    • Dominance
    • Psychopathy
    • Opportunity
    • Culture

    Blacks demonstrate high time preference (poor future orientation), strong dominance, and high psychopathy. This leads to a naturally high rate of criminal behavior, but their rate of crime is moderated by opportunity and culture. We are currently again in a period of rising black crime because opportunity and culture now increasingly favor it.

  67. For European and Asian neighborhoods in Canada, the difference in crime rate seems to disappear when you control for things like rates of drug addiction based on my Google intelligence estimate report. Chinese and Indian Americans will probably have a crime profile similar to Jewish Americans when you really drill down the statistics. Probably more things like tax evasion, money laundering, securities fraud, currency smuggling, and hiring illegals rather than strong arm robbery and beating up people.

  68. Bardon Kaldian says

    Poor Hungarians. They seem to have this feeling of being outsiders in the Slavic-Germanic sea, with cousins somewhere in distant North among Finns & – I’m not certain, perhaps Estonians. Turks are linguistic cousins, but a completely different civilization.

    Perhaps this all contributed to a relatively early crystallization of Magyar nationalism, which has begun at the end of the 18th C, before Napoleon’s defeat. Looking at their population growth, I’d say that they succeeded in assimilating a bunch of Slovaks, a handful of Serbs & a smaller amount of Croats & Rusyns.

    Anyway, I like them, but it must be depressing to live your life in so dreary a climate & mountainless land (hence higher suicide rates). They compensate it, I guess, with kinky sex.

    Pornstars per million inhabitants in selected Central and Eastern European countries in 2019

  69. Remember that crime figures only show that are careless enough to get caught, so crime figures likely really underreport the true number of crimes committed by more intelligent groups who can evade arrest. So groups like Chinese, Jews, and Indians, might be committing twice or thrice more crimes than what crime figures show, anecdotally I lost a digicam while taking a trip to southern China, and 3 pieces of gloves while visiting Harbin in winter for the ice sculpture festival.

  70. Bardon Kaldian says

    Let’s leave, for a moment, abstraction & stats ….

    On the evening of February 20, 1990, Robert Simon and Anthony Carr — both black — were burgling Carl Parker’s house in Lambert, in Mississippi’s Quitman County. Mr. Parker, along with three other family members — all white — arrived home to find a pickup truck loaded with loot just about to drive off. The surprised thieves held the Parker family at gun point and tied up Mr. Parker’s 12-year-old half-brother Greg and then shot him in the back. They raped and sodomized his nine-year-old half-sister Charlotte Jo before they killed her. They shot his stepmother, Bobbie Jo in the chest, and they also killed Carl Parker himself. They cut off his ring finger to get his wedding band — whether before or after they killed him is not known. Then they dragged the four bodies into Mr. Parker’s house and burned it down over them. [Allen Breed, Price of Justice Makes Poor County Even Poorer, Detroit News, March 21, 1999, p. 19A. First reported by American Renaissance in July 1999.]

    In 1992, six black marines at Camp LeJeune, South Carolina, got drunk in a barracks, worked themselves into a frenzy over “racism,” and decided to do something about it. “We are going to get us a white boy tonight,” Kenneth Parker reportedly said. They went out with a shotgun and found a white marine, Rodney Page, and explained what they intended to do. As Mr. Page begged for his life, they shot him to death in the presence of his pregnant wife. [AP. Marines angry about racism, defendant testifies, Raleigh News & Observer, Feb. 3, 1993. First reported by American Renaissance in June 1993.]

    In 1992, 25-year-old black Scott Johnson abducted a 35-year-old white woman and her three-year-old daughter at a shopping mall. He left the child in a rural area, where she wandered along for eight hours. He raped the woman and then killed her, stabbing her 40 times.

    When Johnson was finally brought to justice in 1995, the victim’s husband was disappointed that the killer was not sentenced to death. “Justice is not being served until that animal is dead,” he told the court. Mr. Johnson shot back with “You better stop calling me an animal, motherf*****.” The husband beckoned to Johnson and shouted “Come on,” but bailiffs prevented a fight. At one point, the victim’s sister screamed “Why, why did you have to kill her?” Mr. Johnson smirked. As he was led from the courtroom, members of the victim’s family shouted “Animal, animal, animal.” [Jennifer Havilah, Mockery of Justice, NY Post, May 9, 1995, p. 9. First reported by American Renaissance in July 1995.]

    In April, 1993, five Brooklyn “youths” found a white woman jogging alone on the Coney Island boardwalk. They dragged her under the boardwalk, where they took turns raping, sodomizing, punching, and kicking her. The crime, committed against a recent immigrant to the United States, caused a stir at the time. In May of 1995, the “youths” were given plea-bargained sentences that ranged from four-to-ten years to seven-to-21 years. They showed utterly no remorse, and laughed and joked as their lawyers spoke with the judge. One convict’s mother then claimed her son got a harsh sentence because he was black. “When did you ever hear of anyone getting 20 years for rape?” she wanted to know. A father ranted about blacks being persecuted by a white criminal justice system. [Andrea Peyser, Why Coney Island Thugs will laugh all the way to prison, NY Post, 5/9/95, p. 8. First reported by American Renaissance in July 1995.]

    In 1993, a jury in Orlando, FL, was the first to return convictions under a new federal law against armed carjacking. The three defendants, all black, faced mandatory life sentences, because they committed murder during the crime: three white men.

    The three whites were abducted at gun point along with a black woman who was the girlfriend of one of the whites. They were driven to an isolated field where the whites were made to strip naked and lie face down. Each was then shot in the back of the head. At the trial, the black woman explained that she had been spared because the carjackers did not want to “do a sister.”

    Jack Pate, Osceola County sheriff’s commander said that race was not a factor in the crime. [Youth Found Guilty in Fatal Carjacking, Houston Chronicle, 2/26/93. Phil Long, Police: 4 suspects shot men for fear of being identified, Miami Herald, 12/3/92. First reported by American Renaissance in July 1993.]

    In 1993, two teen-aged blacks were sitting in a Milwaukee fast-food restaurant wondering whom to rob. They decided on Christine Schweiger because she was white, and they figured that a white woman was less likely to carry a gun than a black. They accosted Miss Schweiger and her ten-year-old daughter on the way to their car and ordered Miss Schweiger onto her knees. She complied, but explained that she had no money. In reply, the blacks blew her brains out with a sawed-off shotgun. [First reported by American Renaissance in February 1994.]

  71. Thorfinnsson says

    Merry Christmas!

  72. Thorfinnsson says

    I’ve never seen data controlling crime for drug addiction, and for many reasons such data would be hard to gather. One would need to define a threshold for addiction, determine which drugs qualify, and also have standardized screening.

    I live in a rural, white area in which methamphetmine abuse has become a major problem in the past decade. A decade ago there were no criminal prosecutions for it, whereas now in my area one-fifth of prosecutions involve it. I haven’t seen the data for impact on overall crime levels, but my impression is that minor forms of petty crime such as shoplifting have increased as a result. Violent crimes along with more serious property crimes such as robbery do not seem to have increased.

    If you look at blacks, their crime rate did peak when crack cocaine abuse as well as conflict over distribution was at its maximum. Blacks have since shifted more into cannabis and become slightly more docile, but remain overwhelmingly violent. If you look at black crime prior to the existence of widespread drug abuse it was always high. As far back as the 1830s in Massachusetts the small numbers of free negroes were committing crimes at rates ten or twenty times higher than the white population.

  73. Turks are linguistic cousins, but a completely different civilization.

    Hungarian is an Uralic language. The closest linguistic relatives of the Magyars are the Khanty and the Mansi people, of whom Mr Sobyanin is a fine example.

    The ancestors of the Magyars lived in a very rugged terrain:

    Compared to the northern Urals, the Panonian plain is a very hospitable area.

    Before the conversion of the Magyars to Christianity and of Volga Bulgars (Tatars) to Islam, these two separate ethnic groups had similar cultures.

    The cultural interactions and the ethnic links among the ancestors of the Ugric, Turkic and Slavic ethnic groups are an interesting topic that should be studied more. Unfortunately, too much politics and ethnic resentment do not allow to draw a clear picture of what exactly happened during the formative period of these populations.

  74. I rather like the British. But you are right, their casual relationship to truth is annoying

    Interesting coming from a Russophile. According to my Czech father-in-law “a typical Russian has already told a lie before his morning piss”.

    I don’t really know any Russians and the few I’ve met were outside Russia so I don’t know much about this but having listened to Poles and Czechs talk about Russian dishonesty I gather it is one of the reasons they are seen as being somewhat less European than western Slavs.

  75. This is unintelligent.

    Among the more intelligent races, the predatory and aggressive impulses exhibited here are sublimated into economic or social crime, which causes incalculable suffering and ruin to enrich the few.

    The proof of this is, that the moment there is a war or social breakdown, the most “civilized” White abd Asian races begin behaving exactly like these blacks. Any number of similar horrors can be documented from the Asian or European theater in ww2.

    Denied the outlet for predatory aggression normal economic and social life offers, civilized races swiftly find physical ways to release these impulses.

    Moreover, civilized races spend enormous sums developing ever deadlier weapons and accumulating ever larger arsenals, which they periodically unleash in massive orgies of bloodletting.

    Everyone knows that what kept the peace in Europe these past 70 years is American power and the Soviet threat, and that if America wasn’t in Asia, there would be constant wars.

    Instead of childish fairy tales about “civilized” races and “savage” races (that date from the 19th century and cannot survive WW1), it may be time to accept that the human race in its entirety is fatally flawed, and that we have a destructive streak as well as a creative streak. We like death as much as like life, we like to kill as much as we like to live.

    All wars have no other purpose than the love of destruction and joy in killing endemic to mankind. The “excuses” are always so threadbare. No where is this more apparent than WW1, where no plausible explanation can be imposed on the ridiculous chain of events that led to that war.

  76. Biden is off to a promising start on quotables.

    I am warming up to him, after his “America is doomed, and not just because of blacks” speech.

  77. Since it became a big money TV event in Canada too many of these tournaments have been held in Canada. I’d prefer it if they alternated yearly between Europe & North America. Although this year the home crowd advantage won’t exist.

  78. Bardon Kaldian says

    Hungarian is an Uralic language.

    Sure, but they are frequently lumped together in Ural-Altaic family.

    Compared to the northern Urals, the Panonian plain is a very hospitable area.

    Sure, but I find it depressing.

    The closest linguistic relatives of the Magyars are the Khanty and the Mansi people

    Now, this is interesting. I’ve learned something. Before, I would say:

  79. Fateh means victory

    Borrowed from the Arabic = Al Fath. The Islamic conquests are known as Al Futuhat in the Arabic historiography. Of course, a lot of Urdu vocabulary is of Arabic, Persian and Turkic origin. It influenced the Bengali vernacular.

    Also the martyrdom of the two Sikh princes reminds of the martyrdom of Hassan and Hussain, the sons of Ali and grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad.

    A lesser known fact is that Hinduist Indian troops fought alongside the Shiites at Karbala:

    Brahmin intellectuals also played an important intellectual role in the later Abbassid Baghdad. The name Baghdad itself might well be Sanskrit derived.

  80. Bardon Kaldian says
  81. My hypothesis is that compared to other races, Europeans and Southeast Asians react more badly to meth, but there really is no research on this, and the historic cases of mass drug addictions among East Asians have been opium rather than stimulants, but compared to Europeans, Asian countries seem to be a lot more willing to really do something about their drug problems, instead of just throwing up their hands and saying banning drugs does not work, Singapore was basically a narcostate of the caliber of Mexico or Colombia in the 1960s and 1970s before it cleaned itself up. And Taiwan had an opoid epidemic when the Japanese took over as bad as anything seen in North America nowadays before the Japanese successfully rid Taiwan of opium, and of course there is China’s example.

  82. Ural-Altaic

    That would be probably too broad a linguistic family. Some linguists have believed that modern Japanese is also of Altaic origin. Although, this is of course quite possible when one looks at the geography and probable migrations of the ancestral populations of these different modern nations. The Tungusic languages must probably be included in the mixture. These languages’ influence are possibly the crux of the differentiation between the East Asian and West Asian “Altaic” languages.

    Anyway, that would place the formative period of these ethnic groups in the LBA or EIA. That’s a long time ago.

    OTOH Magyar and Turkic (semi)nomads were still culturally related in the seventh century AD. Hungarian as an ethnonym is close to Onogur. Probably not a coincidence.

    The (proto)Magyar Sargat culture people might have been the Ugric branch of this Steppe confederation.

  83. As far back as the 1830s in Massachusetts the small numbers of free negroes were committing crimes at rates ten or twenty times higher than the white population.

    This couldn’t possibly be related to the freed slaves being on the very lowest rung of the socio/economic latter?

    My friend, a retired sociology professor and I were recently discussing Robert Weissberg’s recent piece herein, “White Racism as the Mother of all Evils” regarding the white/black inequality gaps, to which he replied to me:

    “Blacks can solve the problem only when they have solved the black father problem. Fathers are generally absent from Black families. But When they are not absent, then the families are better off economically Furthermore Black male children, not having fathers to interact with them, get into all kinds of trouble in our society. They are at a great disadvantage because the bodies of black males in the US wee originally moulded by genetic selection fostered by White Muslim Arabs, who kidnapped select black athletic looking kids in border raids. This selection fostered high body histamine among the second generation of kidnapped males now raised for slavery and sexual abuse by Mulim lords. These athletic looking youth have their minds focused by high production of testosterone on both being anal penetrators as well as penetratee receivers and enjoying such athletic sex. — most of the time with other males, but also with females. There is also a high level urge to compete among themselves. All the while they have no father or even father figure to guide them. In the US slavery law in the old south forbade formal marriages among Blacks. I won’t go on with this except to mention that our federal and state prisons are dominated by these people, where homosexuality is the dominant mode for behavior., except to point out that they bcome homosexual heroes when they return to their communities to teach young, fatherless black males such behavior..For Christians, both black and white, this is a severe problem in black communities. Aside from sexual health issues they develop, there are other problems with these high histamine people. They generally are poor learners in traditional schools, and need special instruction if they are to achieve. Now I do not mean that all blacks have this problem, but perhaps one-fifth of their population does.

  84. Bardon Kaldian says

    I rather like the British. But you are right, their casual relationship to truth is annoying. Most people have a sense of honour that places red lines in what they do. British don’t seem to have any sense of honour

    Now- this is wrong. I don’t have a high opinion on most of their ruling elites, but even among them you can find decent & fair people in most areas.

  85. I’d have to check that. In recent years, I’ve been of the offhand impression that they’ve been more willing to go Europe, albeit with Canada still being a frequented venue. A not too distant tournament was in Buffalo, right next to Canada.

    They’re making a big thing about this year’s Canadian squad having a record 19 NHL first round picks. On the other hand, the Russian juniors looking good going into this tournament, with the US appearing to have a medal contending team.

    Wondering how the IIHF will deal with the sham and bigoted CAS decision? Will Russia be required to wear generic uniforms in IIHF championship play?

  86. LOL, sociology must have been a different field entirely when that guy was a professor.

  87. There’s an interesting journalist’s documentary on Netflix about meth addiction in America. It’s called “Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth”. If we believe the documentary, meth has help convert certain cities like Fresno in California into something a bit like a zombie wasteland.

    One of the surreal results of meth addiction, is a rise in birth-rates in those cities. They discuss in the documentary how women meth addicts usually are constantly pregnant and have far more children than they can manage.

    In the clip, most of the recovering meth addicts seem to be currently pregnant.

  88. Bardon Kaldian says
  89. Why, what’s changed? Has the missing black father syndrome been supplanted by something else today? Or is it not considered an important factor anymore?

  90. Oh yeah? With magic? How accurate can resolution be with IR to see through the mask?

    Pshhh can’t even distinguish LEDs. Lame.

  91. Well now that I hear of the AT&T building and 911 is down its a good ol’ fashion robbery. Die Hard style (1988). It really is Christmas.

    Too high IQ for BLM I agree.

  92. Seems they IDed the owner of the RV. Also some human remains were found on the site. Perhaps it is just a spectacularly well prepared suicide. But if it starts blowing elsewhere, then one should start producing more entertaining conspiracy theories.

  93. Bardon Kaldian says

    As usual, you are confused.

    Whites & Asians are capable of highly destructive behavior, but they are ethno-psychologically more advanced than Africans (and their descendants) & can (and did) wreak havoc in epic proportions. War is a highly organized & controlled aggression. But they (whites, Asians & some others) won’t attack you “just like that”, for no reason; they are not violent criminals the way too many blacks are.

    Blacks, on the other hand, have low impulse control, low IQ & all the bad stuff associated with this (and more). They can’t organize a highly efficient modern war machine killing scores of millions (although Shaka Zulu was not bad re these matters).

    Black schools are violent and the few whites who are too poor to escape are caught in the storm. The violence is astonishing, not so much that it happens, but the atmosphere in which it happens. Blacks can be smiling, seemingly perfectly content with what they are doing, having a good time, and then, suddenly start fighting. It’s uncanny. Not long ago, I was walking through the halls and a group of black boys were walking in front of me. All of a sudden they started fighting with another group in the hallway.

    Blacks are extraordinarily quick to take offense. Once I accidentally scuffed a black boy’s white sneaker with my shoe. He immediately rubbed his body up against mine and threatened to attack me. I stepped outside the class and had a security guard escort the student to the office. It was unusual for students to threaten teachers physically this way, but among themselves, they were quick to fight for similar reasons.

    Now, you have a small library to read:

    Black on White Crime

    Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

  94. Bardon Kaldian says

    It is not that important. Blacks, in the US, behave similarly to their cousins in Africa, where promiscuity rates are unimaginable. Long since I’ve come to the conclusion that to try to impose moral standards of one race/culture to others, is a mistake. There is no universal human morality, aside from a few basic things.

    What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

    Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town. Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment.”

    In plain English: s— is everywhere.

    Senegal was not a hellhole. Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures’ terms. But they are not our terms. The excrement is the least of it. Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.

    Take something as basic as family. Family was a few hundred people, extending out to second and third cousins. All the men in one generation were called “father.” Senegalese are Muslim, with up to four wives. Girls had their clitorises cut off at puberty. (I witnessed this, at what I thought was going to be a nice coming-of-age ceremony, like a bat mitzvah or confirmation.) Sex, I was told, did not include kissing. Love and friendship in marriage were Western ideas. Fidelity was not a thing. Married women would have sex for a few cents to have cash for the market.

    What I did witness every day was that women were worked half to death. Wives raised the food and fed their own children, did the heavy labor of walking miles to gather wood for the fire, drew water from the well or public faucet, pounded grain with heavy hand-held pestles, lived in their own huts, and had conjugal visits from their husbands on a rotating basis with their co-wives. Their husbands lazed in the shade of the trees.

    Yet family was crucial to people there in a way Americans cannot comprehend.

    The Ten Commandments were not disobeyed – they were unknown. The value system was the exact opposite. You were supposed to steal everything you can to give to your own relatives. There are some Westernized Africans who try to rebel against the system. They fail.

  95. But they (whites, Asians & some others) won’t attack you “just like that”, for no reason; they are not violent criminals the way too many blacks are.

    I agree. As long as civilization is functioning properly, Whites and Asians will channel their aggression into economic and social forms for the most part (extremely destructive)- and periodic large scale war with massive bloodletting and destruction.

    This is certainly important to know when choosing which neighborhood to walk through at night (and everyone in practice knows this).

    This does not mean Blacks are “more aggressive” or “more savage”. The moment conditions permit (breakdown of social order), Whites and Asians are as savage as Blacks.

    Aggression is mediated by opportunity, and the form it takes likewise. No moral fairy tales.

    Its worth noting also that for good or for ill, Blacks are on a “war footing” in the West – or at least a substantial fraction feel themselves so. This is certainly partly a result of Liberals creating tremendous mischief by encouraging this attitude. But we know what all humans are capable of when on a war footing.

    As always, the HBD mindset is useful when it comes to limited, local, contingent phenomena, and useless when it comes to long term developments (because its their of “essences” is wrong).

    That being said, Black aggression is mellowing out significantly as of late, and they are easing off their war footing.

  96. Sinotibetan says

    I think generally most present day linguists don’t think the Ural-Altaic hypothesis is correct. Even the Altaic ‘family’ is in dispute. If I remember correctly, many Russian linguists view Altaic to be a real language family whilst others (Western, Japanese linguists) view the group of languages as a “sprachbund”(similar features of these languages are due to prolonged contact rather than common origin) . The issue is not settled yet but more evidences suggest Japanese and Korean to be ‘language isolates’, features shared with ‘Altaic’ are said to be due to ‘sprachbund’. Genetically speaking, people speaking Turkic languages are very divergent. Probably this is because of previous conquests and intermarriages of various peoples and tribes. Northern Asia were said to be peopled by numerous isolated language families during prehistoric times with very high rate of language extinctions.
    Genetically, the Magyar are similar to their central European neighbours rather than Finns /Estonians , although there is a small proportion of chromosome Y Haplogroup similar to the Khanty and Mansi. Likely Magyar ethnogenesis was complex and small number of ruling elite (similar ethnically to Khanty and Mansi) imposed their language and culture on a majority Slavic substratum. So, generally, ‘Indo-European’ genetically but Uralic linguistically.
    Interestingly in the Nature article, many North Russians have strong affinities with Finnic peoples.

  97. Some anthropologists have considered the Aztec human sacrifices from the point of view outlined here – mankinds incurable and endemic love of war abd bloodshed.

    Instead of the European pattern, where mankinds love of destruction gets channeled into periodic and unpredictable wars, and in times of peace towards economic and social aggression that may result in the ruin, death, and reduction to servitude of entire families, the Aztecs took a different path.

    Since violence and death are inevitably human, the Aztecs made it formal and organized. Instead of mass human sacrifice being offered in periodic unpredictable wars (and what else are wars but mass sacrifice offered up to the Gods?), the Aztecs made the process regular, predictable, and organized.

    The Aztecs thought that the Gods demanded human sacrifice in order to not destroy the world- as long as the hecatombs were offered on the great pyramids, the end of the world was staved off. Eventually, they thought, it would fail.

    In mythological terms, the Aztecs may have been responding to the deep psychology of human beings.

    Whatever the case, the “accidental” wars of Europe and Asia, and the blighted lives on times of peace, are perhaps not so different than the efficient, organized human sacrifice of ghe Aztecs.

  98. Trying to make corollaries between Blacks in Africa and those that have lived among whites (and interbred with whites to quite a large extent) doesn’t hold water with me. Firstly, the Blacks in the US are really mulattos (beige – light brown) today. They look and act differently than their “cousins” in Africa. At some point (soon) I think that the “blacks” in the US will actually have more white lineage in their genes than black. Many blacks in the US are actually law abiding and religious folks who fill up their Baptist and Evangelical churches, especially in the South. On my last trip home to Minneapolis, I had the opportunity to speak with a black woman, who was the personal care attendant to a friend of mine. Somehow, we got around talking about the large influx of Somalians into Minneapolis. She said that the local, traditional blacks have little or nothing to do with the Somalians and didn’t really share a lot in common with their “cousins”. In fact, she said that they stayed away from them for they were “just too wild” to socialize with. She did a lot of her socializing with friends from her black congregation church group.

  99. Russia is now exporting coronavirus vaccines to Argentina, as Argentina has approved Sputnik V. More exports to LatAm are on the way in 2021.

  100. Bardon Kaldian says

    Of course many, actually most US blacks are law-abiding. After all, there are ca. 40 million of them. What country would it be were they mostly criminal? Just, as a group, they are fundamentally different from whites. There is no need to mention noble acts by some of them. But- it doesn’t change things much.

    When I was reading Richard Wright’s Native Son, the crucial text in African-American literature, the Bigger character was, in my view acceptable, an ordinary psycho from a naturalist novel, a man of urges & low IQ- basically a human animal. Just, at the end, when white Communist lawyers & similar bunch preach that Bigger, after all his bestial exploits, was just a victim of a racist society- I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course, I accepted the story of evils of racism etc.; also, it was evident that Bigger & other blacks are somehow oppressed, isolated & humiliated. But- there was no doubt in my mind, then, that Bigger was an animal without conscience, a simple mind who was also a psycho.

    And Wright presented him, it was evident, as just a victim of a racist society.

    James Baldwin fully accepted that interpretation. That’s when I first started to question blacks’ world-view. If they sincerely thought that such a character was mostly socially conditioned, while in other circumstances he would have become something entirely different- say, a model citizen: then, there was a gaping cognitive dissonance between Wright’s & Baldwin’s perception of the world and mine.

    And they are, morally & cognitively the best among the US blacks.

  101. Unless you know about a gene that predisposes blacks to commiting crimes and acts of violence, it’s difficult to really know how Bigger would have turned out if he had been raised in a more wholesome environment including parental involvement and direction. Did Bigger have caring parents that served as role models for him while growing up? I still grew up in an environment where if I transgressed some certain boundary I would get spanked. I’m glad that I did as these “barbaric acts” served to remind me that there were definite penalties to be paid if one broke the rules. I think that the last time that I was spanked by my father, I was about 13 -14 years old. After that my morality was
    firmly established, or at least, I was more discerning and clever when breaking any social mores. 🙂

  102. Sinotibetan says

    I agree with this :Humans are indeed so called ‘fatally flawed’. Aggression, so-called animal and predatory instincts are indeed wired up in humans, in that ‘primitive’ part of the brain called the limbic system. We cannot get rid of this propensity to violence and animal instinct. We have to accept this as part of humanity because it is part of human biology. It probably serves as a means for survival.
    On the other hand, we have the prefrontal cortex which regulates our primal instincts. Hence, the other properties of being human – that of civilization, having socially acceptable behavior etc is also wired in us, it too is part of human biology.
    It’s all a matter of balance. Even having a ‘higher civilization’ does not guarantee a race from not committing atrocities – this capacity is part of humanity. Nevertheless, I think the difference between a more civilized and a less civilized race is the degrees of capacity, self-cognition and will to suppress humanity’s baser instincts.
    But civilizations are never static (their values change and evolve) and outward appearances of civility does not mean zero potential for atrocities.
    If these white and Asian civilizations committed the most debauched and horrific atrocities, these do not detract the good values of these civilizations but reveal the failures of people in those civilizations to uphold those good values but instead succumbed to their primal instincts.
    Whereas for less civilized cultures, the values themselves may be closer to primal, animal like instincts… Hence they are ‘less civilized’. For example, a culture that does not value the sanctity of marriage vs one that does – surely the latter is of higher ethical/civilizational value. Or can we compare a culture that values cannibalization (thankfully now a thing of the past) vs one that abhors it? Surely one cannot say these cultures are equivalent! The European colonialists atrocities were against the Judeo-Christian ethics of their cultures. Even many of the popes and clergy committed heinous crimes, contradicting Christian morality. Their cultures were not without flaws,but surely the values of those cultures were better than the cultures of their pre-Christian forefathers which value violent ways to settle disputes. One compare culture vs another culture based on their values system , not ONLY on whether the people in that culture commit heinous atrocities or not. If they do commit atrocities, are they in accordance with the values of their civilization or not.
    And we have not even discussed about scientific and technological advances in which they definitely show different stages of development amongst different civilizations/cultures.
    The fact that all humans committed savagery, including those in ‘civilized’ states, does not support cultural and civilizational equivalency.
    I am not saying that ALL blacks violent but it is a fact that generally speaking Africans are violent, they do not have civilizations that reach the level of aesthetics or sophistication or scientific /technological advancement as Europe, Middle East, India, or Sinosphere countries. Just comparing any traditional African culture with say, traditional Japanese culture and we already know which is savage or primitive vs which is more sophisticated and refined. I just cannot deny this stark contrast.

  103. Don’t Somalis have more Eurasian DNA than the average black American?

  104. I have no idea?…I can tell you that their overall impression among their non-Somali neighbors are very negative. My sister was a schoolteacher in the Twin cities, a very kind and good soul. On occasion, she would visit a Somali home to help with after school reading assignments (she was a “reading specialist” of sorts who had even won some prestigious national teaching awards). She told me that she felt like the Somali families were condescending towards her. There are many accounts of the Minnesota Somalis that can be read within Sailer’s blog, none of which are very flattering. .

  105. Bardon Kaldian says

    I am not a biological reductionist & consider HBD bunch to be one-dimensional & only partially right. But, what we have is empirical evidence no logical somersaults can alter. Fred Reed, who is certainly not a racist, said here everything essential about the contemporary condition of American blacks. I don’t see that he was wrong on anything that matters; also, I don’t see how anyone in his right mind can refute his central statements.

    Oncoming Racial Doom: the Clash of Cultures

  106. So, generally, ‘Indo-European’ genetically but Uralic linguistically.
    Interestingly in the Nature article, many North Russians have strong affinities with Finnic peoples

    I agree. Indeed the Pomor Russians and their Fenno-Ugric neighbors largely interbred. But it might well have started happening even before Novgorod Rus. The influx of the (probably) Fenno-Ugric speaking Akozino – Ananino / Malar populations during the middle Iron Age and the Seima – Turbino populations during the late Bronze Age have probably influenced the ethnogenesis of the early Balto-Slavic and Fenno-Scandic populations.

    Moreover, Ugric tribes have probably also been an integral part to the Hun ethnogenesis, as demonstrated by the paleogenetics of the Hun elites. Basically what become Turks, Slavs, Iranians and Ugro-finnic tribes co-existed and interacted during thousands of years in a large area between Siberia and the Black sea.

    Closer to historical era, in the ancient Russian chronicles, the Ilmen Slav populations are recorded as living peacefully interspersed among the Finnic Chud’ people. They rebelled against the Varangians together under the leadership of Vadim and managed at temporarily expelling the Varangians from the region.

    Bottom line, the ethnogenesis of Balts, Slavs and Fenno-Ugric people was not a straight line phenomenon. A lot of details are lost in the shadow of the times past, especially concerning the manifold interactions of the (proto) Balto-Slavic, Ugro-finnic and (proto) Turkic populations during the Chionite Huns domination of the area which would later on become the USSR and Mongolia.

    That is the context in which one should probably think of the (proto) Magyar origins.

    Carlos Quiles has done a great job on investigating this.

  107. Sinotibetan says

    Such an argument(about Aztecs) is a dead end and self-defeating one to justify your idea of cultural equivalency.
    In the history of my own civilization, we ‘progressed’ from human sacrificing Shang dynasty and early Zhou dynasty to one that did not. Certainly Shang culture was more primitive and debased compared to Zhou(notwistanding the fact that the Chinese killed each other and committed horrendous atrocities in the Warring States era during the later Zhou dynasty). The Zhou civilization itself is better than Shang but the people failed to live to its values.
    As for the blacks(not as individuals but as a community) being not necessarily ‘more savage’ than whites or Asians is contingent upon their cultures and cultures are human constructs. Hence, there is a possibility of a biological basis for different psyches of races and different psyches lead to different cultural developments. I concede no one can prove blacks are intrinsically /biologically more prone to violence than whites or Asians but no one can prove that it is not either. Their generally more primitive cultural developments seem to suggest though, in my opinion, a biological basis.

  108. Somalis are typical Hamitic Afroasiatic people, similar to the majority of Eritrean and Ethiopian ethnic groups. They are very different from both Nilotics and Bantoid Blacks. Blacks are actually quite diverse.

    European slavery acquired the Black slaves from the Western coast of Africa, which populations are mostly Bantoid, but have also the the distinction of harboring some exotic Y haplogroups (such as A00) that are very distant compared to all other human populations (basically dating all the way back to first Homo sapiens populations).

    Basically, the Bantu-explosion erased (one might half-jokingly say devoured and digested) a great many local non-Bantu Black ethnic groups moving in a rapid diffusion from the Bantoit ancestral homeland (probably somewhere near modern South Sudan). The Bantu were very aggressive and warlike populations (Shaka Zulu being a great example).

    The main part of the African ancestry in African American genetics is most probably Bantu, with the most ancient and archaic Y haplogroups over represented.

  109. My opinion on Somalis is that Ethiopia could use a few new seaports, and also a few tens of thousands of Somali expats like Ilhan Omar to return and help build those seaports.

  110. Kent Nationalist says

    Unless you know about a gene that predisposes blacks to commiting crimes and acts of violence

  111. Somalis are probably pretty close to Ethiopians genetically speaking, but it is interesting how they are seen as much less civilized. Perhaps, it has to do with how Somalia is a hellscape? Or the Islam/Christian difference.

    Djibouti is supposed to be pretty bad too, once you get away from the port.

  112. I don’t see anywhere in your citation that this gene is related to either “crimes or acts of violence”. I do see cancer and heart disease, depression and anti social behavior. But let’s face it, almost everything these days is tied to these common maladies that effect modern civilization. I notice this too:

    Studies have found differences in the frequency distribution of variants of the MAOA gene between ethnic groups:[9][10] of the participants, 36% of Black men, 54% of Chinese men, 56% of Maori men, and 65% of Caucasian men carried the 3R allele, while 5.5% of Black men, 0.1% of Caucasian men, and 0.00067% of Asian men carried the 2R allele.[11][9][10][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

    That points to the variability of the effects one can associate with this gene and its close cousin. Not enough to really draw any strong conclusions, as to race or ethnicity in my opinion.

  113. Their plan is to alternate between NA and Europe but COVID altered their plan slightly.

  114. Nobody is disputing that there are huge problems within the Black community in the U.S. Fred Reed is not covering any new territory within his article and doesn’t offer any remedies for the situation. Nothing! So what else is new?

    In my opinion, the problems that are bringing down the Black community in the US are the same ones that are wrecking other communities too, perhaps only at a slower rate. I’ve always felt that the removal of the spiritual undergirding of society results in the removal of any moral values. And secularism, supported full tilt by our woke government, seems to be winning this cultural war. “You reap what you sew.”

  115. Imao, porn doesn’t have anything to do with sex in real life. From what I can guess, it’s because Hungary and Czechia are two of the most atheistic countries in the EU, with the lowest relative standards of living.

    If my memory recalls correctly, the Hungarians violently revolted against Austrian rule twice, (the first ironically had Ottoman support for some pretender?) before 1848.

  116. I would guess that the Ice Age and/or Neanderthal admixture have selected for some serotonin receptor polymorphisms in the European and East Asian/Oriental populations.,Serotonin%20receptor%20gene%20(HTR2A)%20T102C%20polymorphism%20modulates%20individuals'%20perspective,ability%20and%20autistic%2Dlike%20traits&text=Previous%20studies%20have%20indicated%20that,and%20with%20autism%20spectrum%20conditions.

    Blacks did not undergo such a selection process. Hence the difference in self-control and emotional stability.

  117. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    In my opinion, the problems that are bringing down the Black community in the US are the same ones that are wrecking other communities too, perhaps only at a slower rate. I’ve always felt that the removal of the spiritual undergirding of society results in the removal of any moral values. And secularism, supported full tilt by our woke government, seems to be winning this cultural war. “You reap what you sew.”

    You are right, I think both Charles Murray and Kevin B. MacDonald have talked about this, the breakdown of societal pressures towards certain behaviours (chastity until marriage, refraining from intoxicants etc) affecting the condition of lower IQ individuals in society the most. This is why the Blacks are somewhat worse off today than they were before desegregation as desegregation coincided with the collapse of morals in Western society.

    In the end though, I think a sizeable Black population is going to be a huge burden for any country, It is not worth throwing much money at, unless of course you do so in a way that promotes eugenic fertility, which should in any case happen for all groups and races.

  118. Within the distant memory of the older generations, US Academia had sizeable conservative minorities among the professors.

    Now, large numbers of institutions don’t have a single registered Republican on the faculty.

    Conservatism Inc was literally founded to solve this problem, and it got catastrophically worse.

  119. They recruited from anti-war (err…Anti-Bush…err…Anti-GOP base voter) leftists that weren’t good enough for the mainstream US media.

    What a surprise.

    The body rots from the head down, as in a head of state that glorifies Angela Davis.

  120. Been looking through some old land documents from the 1630s, Ireland. Testimonies. They were originally written in some kind of variant of Latin, but there is an interesting recurring phrase, when translated: being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, or as I take it to mean, on the Gospels.

    Rather seems to give the lie to the phrase “Judeo-Christian”, doesn’t it? Of course, that was before Cromwell, who thought Jews would convert.

  121. Philip Owen says

    Romans-usually clean shaven. Greeks-bearded.
    Norman crusaders-often clean shaven. Muslims-bearded.
    Cromwell’s army-clean shaven. Royalists often bearded.
    Roman Catholic priests-usually clean shaven. Orthodox bearded.

    Clean shaven is Western Europe, with many exceptions.

    White hairs first appear in the beard around the age of 28. Thereafter, they signal age and status amongst other men before birthdays were reliably counted.

  122. Rollo probably had a beard.

    When Prince John and his entourage arrived in Ireland in 1185, they offended the native Irish princes by mocking their appearance and pulling their beards.

  123. Closer to historical era, in the ancient Russian chronicles, the Ilmen Slav populations are recorded as living peacefully interspersed among the Finnic Chud’ people. They rebelled against the Varangians together under the leadership of Vadim and managed at temporarily expelling the Varangians from the region.

    These are different events. According to the early Russian chronicle (the tale of bygone years) the Vikings settled in northwestern Russia and began to plunder the local tribes, but these tribes (Slavic and Finn) United and expelled the Vikings. Then the tribes began internecine wars, and then the Union of four tribes called Rurik with a detachment of soldiers as the Prince-arbiter. About Vadim is a legend of the 16th century-allegedly he tried to overthrow Rurik.

  124. Well Christmas is pretty much cancelled in Japan and Korea too, given that mainland Chinese are less disciplined than Japanese or Koreans, would holidays in China also be cancelled if the government in China had not resorted in measures that only Beijing can carry out, unlike Seoul, Bangkok, and Tokyo? I am sure that if the British government were willing to resort to Chinese measures (which is not politically possible) to get rid of this thing then Christmas could have been saved also.

  125. So why is Slovakia so different?

  126. I think that a lot of women just like what ever the fashion is. If you have a beard when it is in fashion, great. If you do when it is not you show that you are inept and foolish.

  127. Merry Christmas.

    I posted this earlier on Steve Sailer, but you guys may find it more interesting:
    Russian models caught in cultural appropriation, but don’t care:

  128. Bardon Kaldian says

    Let’s see about Western canonical culture re BQ (without the ancients, other cultures & the 20th C, which distort the image):

    Visual arts (El Greco, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo, Duerer, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Manet, Monet, Cezanne, Rodin, Degas, Van Gogh, …- beards; Raphael, Goya, Watteau, ..-shaven). Beards clearly dominate

    Music (Bach, Handel, Purcell, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Berlioz, Liszt, Rossini, ..-shaven ; Palestrina, Monteverdi, Brahms, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Franck, Verdi, Smetana, Bizet, Mussorgsky, .- beards). It is about 50/50, with slight preference to the shaven

    Literature (Dante,Boccaccio, Milton, Blake, Swift, Racine, Goethe, Keats, Byron, Leopardi, Baudelaire, George Eliot (huh!), Heine,..-shaven ; Chaucer, Rabelais, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dickens, Hugo, Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, Melville, Whitman, Stendhal, Moliere, Gogol, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Strindberg, Ibsen, .. – beards). Again 50/50, but this time, beards seem to have a slight preference

    Mathematics & natural sciences (Copernicus, Boyle, Newton, Euler, Dalton, Leeuwenhoek, Cavendish, Thomas Young, Lavoisier, Pascal, Leibniz, Lagrange, Laplace, Hutton, Hamilton, Cauchy, Abel, Weierstrass, Mendel, Lobachevsky, Jenner, Liebig, ..-shaven; Galileo, Kepler, Fermat, Descartes, Gauss (?), Riemann, Cantor, Poincare, Lie, Dirichlet, Virchow, Boole, J.C. Maxwell, Joule, Darwin, Mendeleev, Kirchhoff, Lister, Pasteur, Koch, Boltzmann ..-beards) Seems to be 50/50

    There you are.

  129. Kent Nationalist says

    Farage going along with whatever US neocon talking point is current, like the running dog he has always been.

  130. Kent Nationalist says
  131. Bardon Kaldian says

    Not simply “among” ….

  132. Bardon Kaldian says

    No, blacks simply cannot function in any modern culture.

    It is the same with new countries with white majority (US, Brazil, Australia, Cuba, Canada, …) or black immigrants to European countries (UK, France, Belgium, ..), as well as the majority black settled countries (Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, ….)- and I won’t even expatiate about Africa.

    Where they are in any community, this community tends to become dysfunctional, crime-ridden, promiscuous, stagnant & violent.

    Blacks, as a human race, are not fit to live with whites or other civilized races as equals.

    North Korea, a lunatic society, has accomplished so much in science & technology, and music and architecture, too, that even their enemies like myself are impressed: Nigeria- or any other naturally rich & democratic black country, is & remains a criminal shithole.

  133. IIRC this Judeo-Christian idea became popular after 1945, maybe coming from Evangelicals in the US originally? It seems to have spread as the ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’ concept was being retired around about the same time.

  134. The 2 most based countries in Europe gone just like that, will kill right wing populists all over Europe. Ask me to blackpill you about Russia and India.

    Most based countries in the EU surely? Belarus must still be the most based European country at the moment, since Luka managed to successfully hold off the onset of democracy again earlier this year.

  135. No, blacks simply cannot function in any modern culture.

    I get the sense you have never left Croatia.

    The vast majority of Blacks who I interact with daily in New York are perfectly civilized and intelligent. I dont think you’ve ever actually met a Black person.

    It may be reasonable to say that Blacks have a larger dysfunctional fraction than other groups, that’s a reasonable and moderate statement.

    But lunatic statements like yours above are just retarded and are a big reason why the alt right never gets off the ground. When you make extreme, over the top statements that propkes daily experiences contradict, you aren’t building credibility.

  136. I’ve seen Judeo-Christian references in the 19th century in British writing.

  137. Thanks for informing me. I better quickly sell my home and move away, as a Black family has moved into a home almost directly across the street from where I live about 6 months ago. Funny, they don’t bother me and have 2-3 nice cars in their driveway and I still constantly keep on getting letters, e-mails and even text messages from realtors wanting to buy my house (the value of it keeps steadily increasing too)?…

    Their yard is kept up, no strange music or sounds emanating from their home, no all night “wild parties”, and they’re real black looking, not the beige colored Americanized version. What gives? Now, that the “cat’s out of the bag” I fear that my fellow UNZ pals will shun and avoid me, like AP seems to be doing? 🙂

  138. I was not overly concerned with the details of these supposedly historical events. As I wrote in one of the replies to Sino Tibetan:

    Bottom line, the ethnogenesis of Balts, Slavs and Fenno-Ugric people was not a straight line phenomenon. A lot of details are lost in the shadow of the times past

    I was more interested in when did Ugro-finnic, (proto) Balto- Slavic and (proto) Turkic people start to interact and intermix. Which clearly is a very long time ago:

    The whole Rurikid affair is shady, despite the claims to the opposite, we actually have no idea whether these people were Norse, Wends (Balto-Slavic) or a mix of both (IMHO the most probable option given what transpires about Wends and Norse interactions in Truso and Kaup). That is why I use the word Varangians.

    Also, a great deal of ancient Rus medieval chronicles have been lost (actually even purposefully destroyed), starting with the Raskol and all the way up to after Peter the Great’s reign. Remember that the Romanovs claimed descent from an Old Prussian nobleman (Glande Kombyla, russified as Andrei Kobyla).

    For the Romanov upstarts it might have been important to show that the surviving Rurikids had also Baltic/German/Norse roots. After Peter the Great, the idea might have been to somehow connect the Russian Imperial House to Western Europe to justify newly acquired Russian influence in the Baltic. The German and Scandinavian academics invited by Peter and his descendants up till the times of Catherine the Great did their very best to fulfill the task for which they were well paid. To much Lomonosov’s chagrin…

    You are a native Russian speaker, therefore you have access to a whole lot of contradicting literature on the subject. Just one example below:

    My take is that the history of early Rus is too legendary and falsified to truly know what happened before the rule of Oleg the Wise. And even his rule us somewhat sketchy. But one should not despair: the history of other European peoples is probably quite legendary as well. History is not hard science, it is quite amenable to interpretation and outright editing.

    Anyway, these are all tales of bygone times…

  139. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    We are talking about blacks as a group, not on the individual level. The blacks that moved into your neighbourhood are likely fairly smart and civilised, but this is just one end of the bell curve. Once you move towards the middle you will experience the reality of black run polities.

  140. Thulean Friend says

    When will people stop spreading “muh peaceful sikhs” myth?

    New Zealand: Indian-origin radio host Harnek Singh stabbed by assailants after he supported the new farm laws in India, in critical condition

    An Indian-origin radio host in Auckland in New Zealand is fighting for his life in hospital after he was stabbed multiple times on a highway. The attack is being linked with his criticism of the ongoing protests by farmers of Punjab in India.

    According to the reports, the 53-year-old Harnek Singh was stabbed by unknown assailants on December 23 night near his residence in Wattle Downs. The Indian-origin radio host remains in a critical condition in Middlemore Hospital currently.

    The friends of Harnek Singh claimed that the attack was religiously motivated. It is the second public attack Singh has suffered this year after he was assaulted in Love Punjab Restaurant on his birthday in July.

    Singh’s colleagues at Radio Virsa, where he hosts a program dedicated to the Sikh community, said he was attacked as he was returning home this week from that day’s broadcast.

    Khalistani terrorist cells are active all over the West.

  141. Thulean Friend says

    Congratulation Sofia, Bulgaria for proving that you don’t have to be rich to bully car cucks out of city centers and reclaim our cities for pedestrians and cyclists whose rightful claim is now slowly being restored.

    And Budapest, Hungary is now showing the same bravery.

    We need to ramp up our bullying of car cucks to the max. Hound them out of polite society like smokers have been hounded. No quarter given, no mercy.

    Any resistance has to be brutually crushed. State-sponsored persecution, leniency towards criminals who commits acts of violence against car cucks or even public hangings. No deed can be off the table. Their cancerous influence has been enormously destructive for over a century and they have to pay for their crimes.

  142. Thorfinnsson says

    I have no particular knowledge of the origins of the small antebellum free negro population in the Northern states, but it’s not certain that they had been enslaved. One can read in Southern pro-slavery literature from the 1850s like Negro-mania ( or De Bow’s Review (a scholarly magazine) notes about the small Northern black population of the period being a serious nuisance even in those days. At any rate one of my pet trolling theories is that American slavery improved the behavior and culture of blacks rather than the standard claim. Slavery taught blacks monogamy, Christianity, the English language, modern agriculture, and of course discipline. We send incorrigible boys to military school to improve their behavior, so why wouldn’t slavery improve the behavior of West Africans?

    Fatherlessness is a serious problem in black America, but Thomas Sowell is fond of pointing out that through the 1940s that the black family was more in tact than the white family. Since the 1960s the white working class family has also collapsed, and while this is a massive tragedy it hasn’t led to a violent crime explosion. It’s true that slaves were not allowed to legally marry, but they typically lived as families and had wedding ceremonies. The Southern ideal was to keep enslaved families together, and while this ideal was not always lived up to most slave masters tried to upheld the ideal.

    I’m not sure I believe that there was any particular genetic selection of the New World black population other than perhaps for surviving pathogens on the perilous Middle Passage. The black slaves who came to the New World were largely the losers of wars orchestrated by West African kingdoms who derived their wealth and power from selling slaves to European traders. The Arab slave trade was concentrated in East Africa (and to a lesser extent via trans-Saharan caravan routes) in what was known as the Zanj.

  143. Even white, insulated and conservative Ukrainians have to come to terms that Ukraine is actually now just another part of the global village. The protagonist, an ultra-svidomy father is caught in a life changing predicament, when his daughter, a student studying abroad in Paris returns home to celebrate her wedding with an intelligent young black medical doctor. What ensues is a knee slapping comedy that was actually done quite well. Two sequels attest to the films popularity in Ukraine:

    You can watch the original and its follow-up sequel on Youtube for free.

  144. So what you’re saying is globalism makes films such as this to portray the right views.

    You live in Arizona, I think now would be a good time to suck your gun before the negrolatry worsens।।


  145. Bardon Kaldian says

    Typical emotional non-answer.

  146. Bardon Kaldian says

    Blabbering & dogmatic feel-good rubbish. Not worth reading.

  147. Not at all. The value of this film lies in that it opens up the discussion about interracial marriages, that abound around the world. In the final analysis, marriage should be the decision of the two individual involved, not what the two us think about it. Whether its a good or bad is one thing, the fact that it’s done everyday in the world is a fact that you can’t escape.

  148. Why is that? I’ve taken your very dogmatic opinion about blacks and have applied it to a real life situation and tried to give it some wings to fly. Looks like your dogmatism has got you stumped here.

    Do I need to sell my home and move to an all white suburb? BTW, my neighborhood includes a lot of Mexicans too. Even exotic people like Bukharian Turks, Italians and even a Ukrainian or two. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and I’m getting ready to go to church and worship the Creator who created all of these races and ethnicities. Are you a Christian?

  149. In order for me to safely bike ride within a 10-15 mile radius of my neighborhood area pretty much uninterrupted, I’d have to do so between 10 PM- 6 AM during the week, 10 PM- 7 AM Saturdays and 10 PM- 8 AM on Sundays.

  150. BTW, Indians and Sikhs are lopped together with Central Asians and are referred to as “black asses” ” чорні жопи” in the East Slavic world. Blackness you see, can be all a matter of geography and the state of whiteness of other peoples’ asses. I’m not quite sure where Armenians and Georgians fall into the spectrum? 🙂

  151. Bardon Kaldian says

    There is no need to discuss anything. If you haven’t got it by now, you probably never will. Schweitzer said everything essential here- read this & the line of arguments. There is not much to add.

  152. This pathetic lout is frequently on Fox News to give the Dem establishment perspective:

  153. My point is, that every culture has to find a way to deal with the human love for violence and aggression.

    In Chriatian Europe, wars were “accidental”. Or they had “political causes”. The closest any Western thinker got to admitting wars happen because people love aggression was Thucydides, but even he fell back on the pretense that wars have political causes.

    The Aztecs had a mythology that channeled the human love of aggression into organized religious activity with the positive purpose of preventing the end of the world. Aztec society was able to survive without periodic self destructive orgies like Europe.

    It only appears savage or weird to us because of our Eurocentric perspective. An Aztec might think our periodic orgies of mass bloodletting called “wars”, are a less efficient and more destructive way of achieving the same goal.

    Now, Asians and Whites have a different pattern for violence than Blacks. Periodic orgies of bloodletting called wars, and in peacetime cruel economic and social practices that result in ruin and starvation to entire sectors of society.

    But when placed in the same situation as Blacks – a war footing and a breakdown of “civilized” forms of aggression – Whites and Asians behave exactly the same, showing there is no biological difference, only context.

    China in its early history had a period of extraordinary savage violence, the Warring States period. Life was extremely unstable and horrific violence was the norm. Lao Tzu wrote his great book partly as a response to the escalating incessant warfare.

    China as a culture realized it had to develop another means of channeling the aggressive and violent instincts of mankind – Chinese people may even be more aggressive than average, which is why an extremely strong centralized state was required to impose order. One way to channel violence was into great public works. Another was the competitive exam system. And economic competition in China was fierce and relentless.

    Like the Aztecs, China was lucky in having no large and powerful neighbors, so its aggression was an internal problem and could be treated more like a “game”. China also had a vast hinterland – the Western regions, where unruly individuals could find adventure, and where hermits and drop outs could live out their lives without disturbing society.

    Today, if you watch YouTube videos, you will find that Chinese are an impetuous and aggressive people, exploding at minor things.

  154. Lol, you haven’t actually traveled out of Croatia, and have never met a Black person 🙂

    Its pretty obvious lol.

  155. I don’t have the time to read the cited article right now, but will later. In the meantime, I will leave you with a question. In your opinion, for the US anyway, is there anything short of deporting all the blacks back to Africa or segregating the country into different racial constituencies that might help resolve the black/white relationship problem? In your own opinion please.

  156. Individualism is a legal fiction.
    The very FACT that inter-racial creates controversy speaks for itself.
    Your political narrative and the appeal to facts/objectivity is standard white/christian dialectic.

    You can honor kill and prevent at least 1.
    Your religion views marriage differently; I understand as a white person your need to force it on others.
    Ultimately, you are a demonic being alongside the rest of your race (ethno-culture)
    Adherence to the Dharma will save you, and connect you with your ancestors.
    Christianity creates whites,
    Dharma creates Europeans.

    Forcing white customs such as individual marriage on POC is banned in this safe space.

    In other words, the Church promoted consensual and egalitarian marriage relations based on the free will of individual men and women. This is what Siedentop means by the Catholic “invention of individualism”.

    The church also curtailed parents’ abilities to retain kinship ties through arranged marriages

    there is a large and significant negative correlation between Christianization and the absence of clans;

    The welfare of the social order, according to St. Augustine (City of God XV.16) and St. Thomas (Suppl. Q. liii, a. 3), demanded the widest possible extension of friendship and love among all humankind,

    in the first half of the Middle Ages, when the best interests of society required the unification of the numerous tribes and peoples which had settled on the soil of the Roman Empire; By overthrowing the barriers between inimical families and races, ruinous internecine warfare was diminished and greater peace and harmony secured among the newly-converted Christians.

    Suggesting a white person’s view comes from a racialized frame (challenge to objectivity)
    Suggesting that group membership is significant (challenge to individualism)

    Fuck your white fragility.

  157. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Were Ukrainians really OK with this film? You yourself seem very liberal minded but I don’t think the same can be said about Ukrainians in Ukraine.

  158. Beards protect the face from the weather. At least that’s the obvious explanation. Women didn’t go out hunting in the cold, so less need for a beard. Meanwhile, the beard covers the face so makes it difficult to evaluate the partner’s sexual value, so otherwise not very desirable.

    But anyway these tastes are transitory.

    Women had hairy armpits in my childhood in Hungary. There was a stupid rhyme (I forgot what it was exactly, or rather never learned) ending in something like “the pussy is good if it’s hairy,” which probably didn’t really mean a preference for hairy pussy, rather that hairiness was seen as an inseparable quality of pussies. By the time I was a teenager the bikini wax was being done by some girls, but it was yet far from universal. The first girl I had sex with had a hairy pussy, for example. But she already shaved her armpits, which was already universal. The full bikini wax and then the Brazilian came later, I think even in the West.

    Now many people would find repulsive what was normal just a generation or two ago.

  159. His points seem to be correct. Orbán does have a chance in 2022 and beyond, but it’s going to be tough, and eventually he cannot stay forever. What comes after him will be the worst kind of liberalism. You cannot stop the Poz in just one country.

  160. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  161. I agree with this :Humans are indeed so called ‘fatally flawed’. Aggression, so-called animal and predatory instincts are indeed wired up in humans, in that ‘primitive’ part of the brain called the limbic system. We cannot get rid of this propensity to violence and animal instinct. We have to accept this as part of humanity because it is part of human biology. It probably serves as a means for survival.

    I think it goes beyond survival. It is something that has struck observers as having no rational cause. It led Freud to propose the Death Principle – man takes pleasure in sheer destruction, just as he enjoys creating.

    It may be the opposite of an indtinct for survival.

    On the other hand, we have the prefrontal cortex which regulates our primal instincts. Hence, the other properties of being human – that of civilization, having socially acceptable behavior etc is also wired in us, it too is part of human biology


    Yes, man obviously has an altruistic, cooperative, creative, life loving side to him. Everyone admits this, but what’s remarkable and not often admitted is that man may have a side to him that is in love with death and destruction.

    Nevertheless, I think the difference between a more civilized and a less civilized race is the degrees of capacity, self-cognition and will to suppress humanity’s baser instincts.

    I see no evidence for this. Civilization is merely the sublimation of man’s baser instincts. Warfare becomes more organized and deadly, greed becomes institutionalized, etc.

    Cibilization may even twist and warp mankinds natural instincts to the point where it leads to greater aggression, if it is too controlling and repressive.

    For example, a culture that does not value the sanctity of marriage vs one that does – surely the latter is of higher ethical/civilizational value


    I am not sure why, exactly. Marriage is a purely practical institution that should be treated as such. There is nothing sacred about it. It is a human convention that serves a purpose.

    Treating purely human conventions as sacred creates a tremendous amount of misery in society. Thinking that human constructed social conventions are “written into the fabric of the universe” rather than merely expedient adaptations creates enormous psychological to conform and anxiety about measuring up.

    Or can we compare a culture that values cannibalization (thankfully now a thing of the past) vs one that abhors it? Surely one cannot say these cultures are equivalent!

    So we kill people in organized wars and ruin lives economically but don’t wat the bodies, and other cultures kill people and eat the bodies.

    Are we superior?

    The European colonialists atrocities were against the Judeo-Christian ethics of their cultures. Even many of the popes and clergy committed heinous crimes, contradicting Christian morality. Their cultures were not without flaws,but surely the values of those cultures were better than the cultures of their pre-Christian forefathers which value violent ways to settle disputes.

    As you note, Judeo-Christian ethics did not seem to humanize Europeans or prevent aggression and violence. It does not seem like it even reduced it. Was Christian Europe less violent than pagan Greece and Rome?

    The relationship of the official ideology of a culture to its actual behavior is unclear and problematic- often, there is an inverse relationship.

    It may be precisely the people who try too hard to be “good” or repress certain sides of their nature who end up doing the most evil.

    It may be “high values” promote violence. Perhaps an earthy and humorous realism about flawed human nature does a much better job of keeping us grounded and humbled than idealism and “high vakues”, which seem associated with violence.

    It is not at all clear to me that professed values are more important than actual behavior in evaluating cultures.

    The fact that all humans committed savagery, including those in ‘civilized’ states, does not support cultural and civilizational equivalency.

    I agree that cultures aren’t necessarily equivalent, and some can be better than others at least in some ways.

    But our evaluations tend to be narcissistically blind, and to favor familiar forms of human evils and not perceive how what shocks and disgusts us in other cultures, may exist in our own in forms we have grown used to so no longer find shocking.

    am not saying that ALL blacks violent but it is a fact that generally speaking Africans are violent, they do not have civilizations that reach the level of aesthetics or sophistication or scientific /technological advancement as Europe, Middle East, India, or Sinosphere countries. Just comparing any traditional African culture with say, traditional Japanese culture and we already know which is savage or primitive vs which is more sophisticated and refined. I just cannot deny this stark contrast.

    Yes, it is undeniable fact that Blacks have not created civilizations as sophisticated as Whites and Asians have.

    But I object to the notion that we are morally superior. We merely excel them in inventing more sophisticated ways to do violence. That may be what civilization is.

    We are just as cruel and savage as them, and we act exactly like them when we get the chance and social order breaks down. And the vast majority of Blacks have no problem sticking to the civilized forms of cruelty and aggression – it is only a small disaffected minority who see no purpose in thus limiting their expression of this side of the human personality, although granted, its a larger fraction than in other groups.

    Whites are willing to channel their aggression into economic competition and periodic war because that system works for them. There is nothing noble about it.

    The social ordee doesn’t work for Blacks, so their aggression is more of the type one encounters when the sophisticated ways we channel aggression breaks down.

  162. BTW, in today’s Russia the phrase “British scientists have shown” in jokes means that what follows is total BS.

    Now that’s interesting. Are there other countries like that? “British scientists” is a phrase in Hungarian, too. A Hungarian news site had a special section with the title “British Scientists” about bullshit or idiotic scientific research, like “British Scientists Have Shown That Muscular Guys Prefer Blonde Ladies.” I actually credited that website with popularizing the ironic use of the expression, but if it’s also present in Russian, then it might be an international phenomenon.

  163. Cold doesn’t seem a reasonable explanation for beards. It doesn’t explain why male lions in Africa have manes. Or why Africans in the Sahel can grow beards. If it was purely about the cold, then the bridge of the nose would probably be very hairy.

    Also, beards are probably not good in extreme cold, where frost will build up on a beard. Amerinds, whose ancestors migrated through Beringia, are not famous for their beards. (Although it is possible that different levels of cold, result in different effects.)

    Hairy armpits: I was once near a lesbian college and saw a girl wearing a sleeveless dress with unshaved pits – I thought it was pretty disgusting.

    I also recall being in high school and there was this break period, over winter, and when we returned we had gym class, and a girl was wearing shorts who had forgotten to shave her legs. I thought she looked like a blonde gorilla. In other circumstances, removed from that horrible image, I had heard other boys say that they were attracted to her.

    Is it all pure acculturation on my part? Is it that the American consumer culture that has shaped my views? I’ve noticed that Europeans (even Western Europeans) seem to be more comfortable with women with hairy armpits. I have seen German movies with hairy armpits – the one anachronism that I condone is that of shaved armpits.

    It’s interesting to consider. I noted earlier how these were probably areas of the body that men probably didn’t typically see outside of marriage. Maybe, then they had endorphins which helped them bond with hairy women, or maybe the act took place in the dark.

    Another interesting possibility is that we are really hard-wired to look for deviation from the average, for qualities like symmetry, which show health, and to be disgusted by qualities outside the normal range, like women who don’t shave.

  164. Soros?

    This is probably the earliest version:

  165. Another interesting possibility is that we are really hard-wired to look for deviation from the average

    Here you have it!

  166. Modern sociology would blame all problems on “systemic racism” rather than fatherlessness and would never touch the supposed homosexuality your neighbor mentioned.

  167. Israel and Bahrain are going fastest with the vaccination (using Pfizer/BioNTech)

    When the majority of the vulnerable population over 60 is vaccinated, then the main part of the coronavirus crisis will be over. Pfizer develops at least over 50% protection around 12 days after the first dose, so it’s possible these countries will exit the coronavirus crisis in early February. (In Israel, less than 20% of the population is over 60; in Bahrain, less than 10%).

    In Russia, the mass production of the Sputnik V will begin to scale up when Indian companies start to mass produce from January. Indian pharmaceutical industry will likely produce 300 million doses of vaccine a year, while in Russia domestically will be produced around 30 million doses by June 2021.

  168. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    There is also this French film where all four of a wealthy family’s daughters inexplicably get married to non-Europeans. The backgrounds of the grooms are Chinese, Arab, Black and Sephardic Jewish.

    Although I suppose the premise of this one does seem quite funny.

  169. Russia domestically will be produced around 30 million doses by June

    Less than 21,5% of the population in the Russian Federation is over 60 years old.

    If the vaccines would be only distributed to people over 60 years old, then 30 million domestically produced doses by June (excluding the supply that will come from India) would still be enough doses of “Sputnik V” to vaccinate over 95% of the over 60 year old population.

    With limited doses, the important thing will be to target the vaccine only at the old population, aside from other vulnerable groups. When a large part of the old population is vaccinated, then the crisis can be considered mostly over, considering this disease primarily having a significant death rate in age groups of over 60.

  170. Evolutionary advantage of beards. British scientists find that bearded and mustachioed oral orifice is attractive to lesbians. Drunk lesbians are likely to engage in kissing the bearded men that may lead to intercourse.

  171. Thulean Friend says

    The ultra-expensive vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna cannot be afforded by most developing countries, with many of them opting for either Sputnik or Sinovac. Even beyond cost, the cold storage infrastructure just isn’t there in poor countries. For Sputnik or Sinovac, storage temperatures can be far closer to normal, easing distribution issues.

    This is a huge story, yet is mostly excluded in Western media. It drives home the point that they are nothing but a cheerleading echo-chamber these days. There is a lot of prestige at stake for and the ‘bad guys’ can’t be seen winning, even if humanity wins on a net basis. These assholes would rather more people die as long as the ‘good guys’ win. Absolutely pathetic.

  172. Thulean Friend says

    Rightoids: Silicon Valley innovation will be destroyed because the woke squad will ruin everything!


  173. Thulean Friend says

    I was going to joke that the future of Africa looks dark, but it felt racist.

  174. Kent Nationalist says

    Ultimately, you are a demonic being alongside the rest of your race (ethno-culture)

    Very amusing coming from the ‘person’ whose race literally worships demons

  175. For that matter, from 1961:

    As for the specific of a white woman bringing home a successful black man before marriage, the 1967 movie I linked seems like the original.

  176. Kent Nationalist says

    Only a genius economist analysing data could predict that Vietnam has better prospects than Africa

    Although I do quite like Tooze’s books

  177. I was going to joke that the future of Africa looks dark, but it felt racist.

    The future of the world is very dark, unless it can become more racist.

  178. race is an ethno-cultural construct & dif Jatis are often 3x farther apart than Euros (N-S).

    My “race” Jatts had the cult of the sword during Scytho-Sarmatian times,


  179. “No deed can be off the table.” – You come straight from Dostoyevsky’s novel Demons.

  180. sudden death says

    When the majority of the vulnerable population over 60 is vaccinated, then the main part of the coronavirus crisis will be over.

    This is assuming all the different vaccines will work as intended and there will not be any nasty surprises in practice. Without any irony really hope it will be the time when optimistic script with happy ending becomes true in real life.

  181. so wait, you support race mixing?

    Welcome to the ignore list that includes 70% of the regular commentators here||

  182. You’re under no obligation to tell us about your black friend here.

  183. One step forwards, three steps back. Anyhow even this story isn’t a clear cut example of woke being cut reined in.

  184. Beards protect the face from the weather. At least that’s the obvious explanation. Women didn’t go out hunting in the cold, so less need for a beard. Meanwhile, the beard covers the face so makes it difficult to evaluate the partner’s sexual value, so otherwise not very desirable.

    Beards may also be protective in fighting. With apologies if this has a “just-so-story” quality to it – it’s not as extreme as among most animals (i.e., rams), but human males evolved some traits that apparently were ideal for fist-fighting other humans. For example male arm structure:

    But even with roughly uniform levels of fitness, the males’ average power during a punching motion was 162% greater than females’, with the least-powerful man still stronger than the most powerful woman. Such a distinction between genders, Carrier says, develops with time and with purpose.

    “It evolves slowly,” he says, “and this is a dramatic example of sexual dimorphism that’s consistent with males becoming more specialized for fighting, and males fighting in a particular way, which is throwing punches.”

    They didn’t find the same magnitude of difference in overhead pulling strength, lending additional weight to the conclusion that males’ upper body strength is specialized for punching rather than throwing weapons.

    male facial structure, designed to withstand blows:

    The bones most commonly broken in human punch-ups also gained the most strength in early “hominin” evolution.

    They are also the bones that show most divergence between males and females.

    The paper, in the journal Biological Reviews, argues that the reinforcements evolved amid fighting over females and resources, suggesting that violence drove key evolutionary changes.

    Hand structure:

    Beards might be another example of this:

  185. A recently discussed matter at another thread:

    Kind of reminded of an early day 1972 Summit Series between the NHL all stars and Soviet national team. Many were expecting the NHL to romp over that Soviet team.

    As noted, if one has to pick, RFE/RL has been better of late than The NYT on Russia related matters:

  186. Are there any good sources on this?

  187. It’s curious to me how many seem to doubt that beards are a signaling mechanism.

    We live during the era of hyper-signaling. If it doesn’t collapse in on itself within a hundred years, in a thousand years, men will have developed elaborate plumage superior to peacocks, and, by then, they will be better mimics than lyrebirds.

  188. The beard is a product of hipsterism, and an appropriation of lumberjack culture that largely no longer exists.

    By and large, women only tolerate beards, rarely do they approve.

    The beard represents a “faux masculinity” among these soyjacks.

  189. Ouch

    It’s a great disappointment that Trump won’t be able to claim credit for the vaccine, and then the presumed economic recovery.

    While most of the hard right is skeptical of the two US vaccines, the mainstream right would be primed to celebrate it.

    Now all of the credit goes to Biden and the “healthcare heroes” and “immigrant scientists”.

    And the hard right will be blamed for low compliance.

  190. That Would Be Telling says

    Even beyond cost, the cold storage infrastructure just isn’t there in poor countries. For Sputnik or Sinovac, storage temperatures can be far closer to normal, easing distribution issues.

    That’s true for Sinovac’s inactivated virus CoronaVac, 2–8 C (36–46 F), but it’s only just now analyzing efficacy data at something like FDA levels of statistical certainty from their Phase III trial in Brazil.

    Sputnik V’s inexpensive version however is right around Modern’s freezing requirement, allowed to be 2 C (4 F) warmer, if freeze-dried (“lyophilized”) it’s 2–8 C (36–46 F). They are only trying for one half of FDA levels of statistical certainty reached probably ten days ago. Per Wikipedia, they’ve widely arranged partners for manufacturing it, “India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Hungary, and other countries,” with production for the international market “in India, Brazil, China, South Korea, and four other countries.”

    In Sputnik V’s favor it has good theory, different human adenovirus vectors for the first and second doses, so “active” like the mRNA vaccines, and avoids a likely cause of the AZ/Oxford’s chimp (that’s probably OK) adenovirus vector two full doses in sequence only 62% efficacy. That being the second dose’s viruses get zapped by the immune system before they have a chance to infect cells to pump out the COVID-19 spike protein.

    The Oxford woman led clown show accidentally discovered a likely better dosing of one half a nominal dose followed by a full dose for 90% efficacy, but at last count not hardly enough subjects, 3,340 (half vaccine, half control) as of their December 8th publication in The Lancet. They’re saying right now they’ve got something they think will be a “winning formula” for U.K. approval which could be rolled out as soon as January 4th.

    Compare to Janssen, also one (human) adenovirus vector, they’re doing two US level Phase III trials, up to 60,000 subjects with one dose for their ambitious plan, and up to 30,000 subjects with two doses 57 days apart. The latter sounds to me like waiting for the initial horde of antibodies produced to decay, so the second dose don’t get wasted like we’re assuming with AZ/Oxford 21 days apart schedule.

  191. Well, at least no humans were harmed in these attacks. Anyone who supports such laws is proably a pos anyway.

  192. and reclaim our cities for pedestrians and cyclists

    Adults riding bicycles is like veganism. It’s a symptom of cultural degeneracy. You buy a bicycle and the next thing you know you’re cycling to a Gay Pride March.

    And adult men who display such behaviours really need to get their testosterone levels checked.

  193. Mentioning Dostoevsky in this context – how lucky for the author, that he could describe walking in the streets of cities like London and Paris, more than a century before they were raped by cars. Dostoevsky was delicate enough to be horrified by the materialism of Crystal Palace in London; imagine if he had to walk along the polluted autobahns that cross cities of today.

    It’s a collective hypnosis in the second half of the 20th century, that we somehow accepted our cities to be ruined by the automobile in the name of progress, and without any protest.

    Car not only alienates the user almost completely from his environment, but also ruins the world for any non-users nearby, toxifying the air with carcinogens, adding loud noises, kinetic danger to pedestrians , and all while enslaving man’s brains to rebuild the city and destroy the countryside for them.

    In Russia, almost 30000 people kinetically killed by the roads a year, and yet nobody demanded “lockdowns”.

    In the 1960s, London was destroying its historic landscapes, so the automobile could have smooth surfaces to roll on, and the propaganda describes it as it if was progress.

  194. It must be a sign of a victim of strange brainwashing, to read people trying to associate a form of transport with a desire to have sex with men. Moreover, to associate physical exercise with low testosterone.

    Presumably you are writing some kind of satire.

  195. If you google “men with beards” you can see the photos of many modern cultural icons that have sported a beard at various times of their lives. I strongly believe that most beards appear on a man’s face after several days of not shaving. The new coarse beard is a pain to shave, so why not just let it grow? Once grown, the “hipster” will try and add some flair to his new look with trimming it back, etc

    Leonardo DiCaprio has sported a beards several times throughout his life, as has perennial film star Brad Pitt.×0/top/

  196. It might be safe for you people as long as you stay in some gay European town.

    Otherwise, you’ll be smoked like roaches. And if you try doing something foolish, you might end up shot….

  197. …how lucky for the author, that he could describe walking in the streets of cities like London and Paris, more than a century before they were raped by cars.

    If your delicate effeminate soul was placed in circa 1850 London you would get violently sick from disgust of real and imagined degeneration surrounding you: Open sewers, horse manure and dirty, smelly and ugly toothless people everywhere.

  198. Is this how fat people justify themselves these days?

  199. I have to say, both are good-looking men that look considerably worse with beards. Doesn’t work for everyone.

  200. Strange thing is that this is normally the sort of comment I’d expect “Dmitry” to post.

  201. I think that DiCaprio deeply admires Orson Welles and perhaps sees himself as picking up his baton (others I see, also allude to this possibility). As far as Pitt is concerned, he does look kind of like a scruffy street thug with a beard. I still think that in a lot of cases a beard is not planned, but just kind of happens 🙂

  202. “For example, peak force was 16 percent greater and total energy absorbed was 37 percent greater in the furred compared to the plucked samples.”

    The researchers view this as evidence of natural selection in favour of growing a beard, pointing out that other animals – like the lion

    Mind fkn blown dude, no wonder my style is to tank a hit or two and go in.

    Got a beard down to my belly
    Punch Peshaur & Swipe Delhi

  203. But Egypt has greater electrification than Viet Nam, sounds very surprising when you look at pictures of Cairo.

  204. Peter Frost seems to have argued yes, at least towards in-groups.

  205. Forget swarms of drones and hypersonic missiles. The future of modern warfare might be armies of people trained to pass themselves off as blacks, while pretending to be aggrieved.

    BTW, has any war indemnity ever exceeded what has been given to blacks acting aggrieved? I rest my case…

  206. Thanks for the reply. I read both your replies, interestingly we agree on many things yet our conclusions tend to be the opposite in many instances! I shall answer this first reply, and if time(and willpower) permits, the second one.

    I believe your inclinations are towards “Progressivism” (I am sorry, but this ideology is one of my pet peeve, so I call it ‘Regressivism’, I do not wish to give a positive spin to an ideology I am against) and ‘liberalism’ (meaning ‘social liberalism’)? I am inclined towards ethnocentrism(‘racism’ is the pejorative used) and social conservatism. Just to let the record straight. My background as part of a minority community in a multiracial country led me to my beliefs and disdain for Regressivism (as I understand it in practice in the West) , I might explain why in my next reply(if I have the willpower). In fact, many points of which we agree upon, are basis of my arguments against Regressivism (with regards to multiculturalism /multiracialism within a COUNTRY).

    1. I consider both ‘rationality’ and ‘irrationality’ as part of humanity. In fact, to me, these terms are nebulous. Rational decisions, totally devoid of emotions, may lead to violence and horrendous behaviour. A lot of decisions we make, like showing empathy in certain circumstances, are actually ‘irrational’! That’s why a sophisticated AI, if once built rivaling human intelligence sans ‘irrationality’, may be a frightening thing. Why not just eliminate all ‘weak’ organisms (humans included), it may decide so, in a totally rational manner. Irrationality is part of creativity and innovative thinking…. Hence its usefulness in survival. Irrationality also can lead to violent behaviour. It’s 2 sides of the same coin.
    2. “Yes, man obviously has an altruistic, cooperative, creative, life loving side to him. Everyone admits this but what’s remarkable and not often admitted is that man may have a side to him that is in love with death and destruction”.
      Agree with you.
      Structures similar to the “limbic system” are found in the brains of animals. Humans are more intelligent than other primates because of a more developed frontal lobe. As I said in 1, irrationality has survival benefit. Humans are more intelligent than animals but retain the ‘irrationality’ of animalia – so we have the potential to be far more destructive than animals. To me, man is a schizophrenic and inseparable union of the Divine and the Beast.

    3. I agree that too much control and suppression based on the ‘higher values’ of so called ‘higher civilization’ can lead to violence.
      The ideals themselves may be good, but none of them can obliterate the beast in humanity and it should just be that, ideals we strive to achieve , but knowing we will fail in one way or another. That’s why theocratic states failed and will fail. That’s why any regime that tries to institute PURE Idealism(whatever ‘isms’ be they Nationalism, Socialism, Communism, Democracy, Liberalism, Confucianism Shintoism, Islamic caliphate, “Christendom”,…. “Progressivism” etc etc) into practice ultimately descends to violence and extreme hypocrisy.
      There is no such thing as a perfect Utopia made by human beings and we should not attempt one with whatever pet ideologies of our favour – history has shown they all end up in disaster. We should tell ideological purists to loosen up and be emphatic with our frailties because we are humans, not the gods.

    4. It’s not “higher civilization” or “higher values” that twist and warp man’s natural instincts. It is man himself that warps and twists “higher values” to justify their baser instincts.

    5. Actually any culture means conformity. Total non-conformity is a dead end. To conform and to non-conform is part of humanity. As I always say, it’s a matter of balance.

    6. To me, marriage is an institution that provides stability to the institution of the family. Any of these institution or conventions, inasmuch as culture, would mean some form of conformity. Disparaging this social convention as purely expedient and making the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as all in all for human life will ultimately lead to societal dysfunction. Hence the ‘idea’ of the ‘sanctity’ of marriage has its purpose. Moreover, the human condition is such that both happiness and sorrow/misery are part of parcel of life, altruism that can be exemplified in marriage, means sometimes forsaking one’s individual happiness for another.

    This is getting too long. I shall continue this reply as a reply to this message….

  207. Havent seen Ano4 for a long time? He was one of my favorite commenters here…

    Sher Singh or Jat Aryaa, what does Sikh Dharma say about the Chakravartin or Kalki, are you also waiting for him? Do your scriptures say when or where he will be born and what was the varna or caste of Guru Nanak?

  208. Well, the lockdowns are good for Ukraine’s ski resorts:

    By Sergiy Karazy

    POLIANYTSIA, Ukraine (Reuters) – Ukraine’s biggest ski resort Bukovel in the Carpathian mountains is fully booked until the end of year as Ukrainians have sped to it instead of other foreign resorts that have been shut due to coronavirus-linked restrictions across Europe.

    Bukovel’s management said the resort had already been booked at 80% capacity through January. Bukovel, which sits 920 meters (3,000 feet) above sea level and covers five mountains in western Ukraine, attracts two million visitors each year.

    A tourist from Kyiv, Anton Luzhnyh, said he used to go to France to ski.

    “Why am I here? Because foreign ski resorts are closed. It is lockdown there. Maybe they will be reopened in February, then we will go there,” Luzhnyh told Reuters.

    Hotels and ski slopes in neighbouring Poland will also remain closed at least from Dec. 28 to Jan. 17.

  209. Continuation of my reply….
    7. “So we kill people in organized wars and ruin lives economically but don’t want the bodies, and other cultures kill people and eat their bodies”.
    Since, we cannot eradicate the violent – prone beast within humanity, which is inside every individual (including us), so which society do we prefer? The one that kills people on and off in organized wars or the one that eats human bodies as part of ritual sacrifice? I prefer neither but we have these 2 choices only because as long as humans exist, wars exist. To wish the end of all wars is to wish for human extinction.
    I prefer a “higher civilization” that have “higher moral values” that consider violent behaviour as ‘not acceptable’ (and that includes violence of individual vs individual, having wars for conquest/economic reasons/ego of elites etc) rather than a civilization that institutes human sacrifice as expedient for humans to ‘let go off’ their beasts within on and off. Because, I surely do not wish to be a victim of ritual human sacrifice in such a society. Sorry, self-preservation trumps over altruistic behaviour to allow these human-beasts let off some steam to prevent wars.
    And actually ritual sacrifice did not manage to assuage the violent human animal of neither the Aztecs, nor those of my ancestors during the Shang dynasty. In fact the Aztecs and the Shang Chinese went to war to find victims for their ritual sacrifice. These letting off steam idea of human sacrifice you mentioned, failed to prevent wars, in fact they encouraged more of the wars! The Shang sacrificed captured Qiang tribes as victims for their ritual sacrifice – these were religious in nature, for entirely ‘selfish reasons’ for Shang society – as propriation to the gods to prevent some disaster, or good harvest, or military victory in yet another war. Similar with the Aztecs as well:-
    Moreover cannibals ate other humans for ‘religious’ reasons too – eg some believed eating the downed enemy meant getting the powers of the dead enemy too.
    The values they had(based on their ‘religious beliefs’) led to human sacrifice, cannibalism etc.
    That’s why in the history of my people, the later dynasties like the Zhou, considered human sacrifices as more debased and slowly eradicated that practice. And the Shang, like the Aztecs, warred like no tomorrow, for Qiang victims and for political hegemony.

    1. “But I object to the notion that we are morally superior”.
      By ‘we’, I presume you meant us ‘modern humans’ or perhaps your European ancestors/heritage(I presume you are of that heritage? )? Whatever it is, I agree but with some clarifications by what I agree upon.
      First of all, I consider human beings, all human beings, as innately wicked and the tendency is towards violence and all kinds of negative traits(some less and some more but if anyone is honest about themselves, we know we are all capable of the worst, imaginable or unimaginable) . This is something I agree with Chinese Legalists and some less orthodox Confucianists of the past(but not the Legalists’ Utopian methods of how to deal with it) and the Bible(Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”). I don’t think any laws, nor “higher civilization” nor “higher values” can change that innate nature of humanity. In that sense, I agree, none of us have moral superiority and once we appreciate this, we won’t resort to moralistic arguments to justify conquering other peoples via wars and resort to violence to ‘improve their morals’. So, no matter what the pros and cons are, European imperialism, in fact any imperialism (including Chinese imperialism) in the past in which the cornerstone is to ‘improve the morals or civilized of those benighted natives’ is morally reprehensible.
      That said, I don’t believe in moral relativism because it is a dead end. To me, an individual who knows his animal within,who accept this and tries his best to keep to certain moral standards is certainly better than one who lets the beast within run his life. I mean, personally, I won’t like such a person who lives like his inner beast! In that sense, per individual basis, a person can have better morals than another. I do not extend it to society nor to race except as a generalization of many individuals in a particular society PRACTICE better morals. Such a society or civilization is a better society but its no justification to claim moral superiority because in the end, we all have that innate beasts.
      I hope I managed to convey my thoughts on this matter. The reply to your second message will be another day because I am mentally exhausted.
  210. You copied my standard reply.

    Dostoevsky was horrified by child prostitutes flooding London’s streets, the city’s materialism, and impassable chasm between rich and poor, as well as industry and polluted river and air (“эта отравленная Темза, этот воздух, пропитанный каменным углем”).

    However, London which Dostoevsky visits is constructing the most advanced modern sewage system, and the English women are the most beautiful women in the world, according to his eyes – probably a result of English peoples’ relatively high health and nutritional level for the time.

    His visit was only 6 months before the opening of the first metro train in the city. And his experience of the rapid “progress” before his eyes, is not unambiguously positive.

    If we had a time machine and can visit the 1860s, we would most find it very interesting for a few days, but after a few weeks most will be dreaming to return to the 21st century for a shower, like European tourists returning from visiting India today.

    However, one thing we would not be dreaming to return to, is “progress” in the form of automobiles and the roads to serve them. As I wrote in an earlier discussion:

    London was designed in a beautiful way, post-Cromwell, while power was with democratic parliament for centuries. On the other hand, just after cars become dominant in the post-war London, they installed toxic barriers like Westway across the centre of city.

    Try to cross as a pedestrian for example,-0.1795625,3a,75y,131.86h,77.08t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_qcj51Fb-Ybro1lurbeLNg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    Seriously, you will find yourself here,-0.1740393,3a,75y,40.12h,80.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2o-JRZfuk6LdGbv2_rpV7A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    London would have been a truly enjoyable city to explore, without the car.

  211. I agree that cities (or old central parts of cities) designed before cars should have stayed that way and that reactionary policies that return them to their original state are good.

    OTOH the places built in the times of cars are okay with cars.

  212. some gay European town

    Lol I start to understand your point of view – it’s true the bicycle cities of Europe, also have a lot of gay flags everywhere. The ideology and the choice of transport, are a common effect of luxurious circumstances.

    The problem of complaining about gay European towns, where a lot of people are using bicycle, is that the bicycle create a much less alienated atmosphere, to the extent it can displace cars.

    Does most people prefer the atmosphere of city centre of gay European cities where bicycles are common?

    Or in a city like Cairo that has been fully raped by the automobile.

  213. Thulean Friend says

    The Power of Nations: Measuring What Matters

    Power is the most important variable in world politics, but scholars and policy analysts systematically mismeasure it. Most studies evaluate countries’ power using broad indicators of economic and military resources, such as gross domestic product and military spending, that tally their wealth and military assets without deducting the costs they pay to police, protect, and serve their people. As a result, standard indicators exaggerate the wealth and military power of poor, populous countries, such as China and India.

    A sounder approach accounts for these costs by measuring power in net rather than gross terms. This approach predicts war and dispute outcomes involving great powers over the past 200 years more accurately than those that use gross indicators of power. In addition, it improves the in-sample goodness-of-fit in the majority of studies published in leading journals over the past five years. Applying this improved framework to the current balance of power suggests that the United States’ economic and military lead over other countries is much larger than typically assumed, and that the trends are mostly in America’s favor.

  214. and that the trends are mostly in America’s favor.

    I’ve had a front seat to American trends for a while now and, honestly, that seems rather hard to believe.

  215. Minneapolis has come-up with a workable solution for the problem of automobile blight, “Nicollet Mall”. Nicollet Avenue is a street at the very center of the downtown area, that at one time before the 1960’s was used for automobile traffic. In 1967 about eight blocks were altered to only allow bus traffic on the street, and was primarily reconfigured for human walking convenience. Continuous improvements have now expanded to twelve blocks, including many elevated overpass insulated walkways, that are quite convenient to use in the wintertime. The outlying streets have been redone too, allowing for wider streets and more “one-way” traffic. Unfortunately, throughout the years too many beautiful and ornate buildings in the downtown area have been demolished to be replaced by simple and boring linear edifices. 🙁

    This is an excellent blog by an acquaintance of mine (from college days) who’s managed to assemble a blog that successfully pays homage to these missing historic buildings:

  216. “You copied my standard reply.” – It is impossible. You have no standard replies. Each and all of your replies are unique, original and unrepeatable and everyone of them is always a total surprise to us.

    “London would have been a truly enjoyable city to explore, without the car.” – London is not there to be explored for idle people who have nothing better to do. London is a functioning organism for people who make living there. But once London’s function becomes solely a tourist spot it will be dead and artificial like Disneyland or Epcot. While I do not like destroying the old things for building roads all old things have their time of birth when often to be built other even older things had to be destroyed. I think London did not undergo a radical transformation as Haussmann’s renovation of Paris I am sure there are many things in London you love and would fight to death to protect them which did not exist no so long ago and perhaps if you you knew things that were there before you would love them even more. Basically your position is sentimental and irrational. There is a narcissistic egoism in it. You are in love too much with what you think are your thoughts. Mostly they are not your thoughts, not your conclusions and even not your sentiments as is the case with the pretentious people.

  217. Nicollet Mall

    Just out of curiosity: how much of this was vandalized, looted, and burnt down by “protesters”?

    Also, I hear that violent crime in Minneapolis skyrocketed after local libtards reduced police department funding and police officers started leaving it in droves. How did this affect “Nicollet Mall”?

  218. As far as I know, fortunately, nothing was damaged and there were no protests directly in the downtown area. The bulk of the rioting and vandalism occurred almost directly in the Lakestreet/Lyndale area, surrounding the spot where George Floyd met his tragic end. Lake street itself is defined by being the home of hundreds of small businesses, restaurants, bars and movie theaters. When I still lived in Minneapolis, it was where I would occasionally go to see an art house movie, and sightsee a lot of green and purple colored spiked hair hipsters. Today the surrounding areas are poorer neighborhoods filled with American Indians, Somalis and other lower social/economic class folks. To the west of Hennepin/Lake you start running into more affluent neighborhoods, close to the city lakes. A friend of mine’s girlfriend owns a beer/burger joint in the area and experienced damage to her business. He actually contracted the coronavirus probably while working there and had to spend a few weeks in a hospital. He finally recovered and is now convalescing at home.

  219. I like gay European cities (Amsterdam and Brussels come to mind). I also like the modern American towns designed to allow for a car-centered existence. But what I like the most is driving in my car for hours on the highway or for miles off road on a difficult terrain in the wilderness.

    I believe in the freedom of choosing the way of transportation one prefers: an ideal 21st century city should be simultaneously cyclist-friendly, accessible by car and having a good public transportation system (possibly the most important part).

    The cyclists should have a dedicated network of bicycle routes, the cars should be able to take the highways to get close enough to the downtown and have enough parking space, then everyone (cyclists included) should have access to the public transportation.

    That would be the optimal situation.

    Trying to enforce some anti-automotive ideology is stupid and counterproductive (stupid and counterproductive usually go hand in hand).

    Frankly, I say fuck anyone if they dislike my SUV.

    Especially now that we have this:

    And this:

    If I can afford one, I will get one of these and then put my bicycle in the trunk to do some mountain biking or ride it in town.

    But having my SUV is a right of mine. I worked for it and paid it. No Green-Progressve faggotry about you being better cause you are spinning these little pedals on the bike of yours. That is, if you don’t want me crushing you under the 20 inch tires of my 3,6 inch jacked suspension 420 hp truck!

  220. Sadness about the impacts of cars in London, is not only an idiosyncratic or sentimental view.

    Note the main campaigns to the public of Mayors of London have focused on trying to displace cars: “congestion charge”; “Boris Bikes”; “Low Emission Zone”.

    The main promise to voters of current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, is to reduce air pollution caused mostly by vehicles, that kills 9500 London residents each year. This is mainly due to vehicles, and occurs despite the deindustrialization of London.

    London’s function becomes solely a tourist spot it will be dead and artificial like Disneyland

    Sure, there is a problem of people who romanticize the past. There are also cities which became kitsch museum objects for tourists, and lost their vitality from it (e.g. Sorrento is like this)

    But you don’t have to romanticize the past, to notice that not all trends of the second half of the 20th century, were the progress they presented by the authorities to be. And it doesn’t mean you are a sentimentalist who rejects the real improvements of the 20th century, when you rejected the century’s failures.

    If London after the war, had opposed the car, and prioritized transport by bicycle, tram, trolley bus, walking, etc – the city would not descended to the 19th century from it.

    London closed its trams in 1952. On the other hand, in many Soviet cities the tram was prioritized, and people still arrived at their office in the morning. Mass car ownership was delayed for decades – really in Russia it is only in the early 2000s that it arrives. If you know there are economically successful cities in Russia, where the tram is still today one of the most effective forms of transport.

    London did not undergo a radical transformation as Haussmann’s renovation of Paris

    A lot of buildings were destroyed in London by Germans’ plane and missile bombing during the Second World War. After the war, the large areas destroyed by bombing contributed to some sense of opportunity for various ambitious housing and construction projects, which many are now described as failures.

    If we look at the highway projects like Westway. These are described by other sources (not just my subjective view) as ruining parts of the city – this is quite a mainstream opinion.

    They destroy thousands of London residents’ houses to build Westway, and the people were protesting to describe it as a “hell”.

    That is a local peoples’ view. Not co-incidentally, it’s the same feeling I have about the road, decades later as a mere” idle people” trying to explore and enjoy walking across London. Views of “idle people” and local residents don’t necessarily diverge.

  221. I gave an example of British mendacity – a real one. You responded with pub talk about pissing. May I say, that is an inadequate response, almost as if you try to distract. Are you?

    And what is “somewhat less European“? Could you enlighten is how that works? Would London still be ‘more European’, or is it really a Pakistani town? How about Paris or Brussels? Maybe less of that is not such a bad thing.

    And my condolences for your Czech father-in-law, they can be real pricks.

  222. Sorry, I was busy and didn’t have a chance to respond yesterday.

    I’m not exactly a progressive, nor am I a conservative. I am, for want of a better term, a follower of the Tao – I think the dark and the light both have legitimacy. In the West, this way of thinking is sometimes referred to as dialectical, but thats a bit misleading as Western dialectics tend to lead to a final stage of perfection, and I think events are cyclical.

    I agree that rationality is poorly defined – generally, acting against our interests or for emotional reasons is considered irrational. But we have conflicting interests, and acting against them on one level is often to act for them on another. And its perfectly rational to seek emotional fulfillment. And often our emotions are more intelligent than our minds.

    But humans may have a “death instinct” that desires death – not merely irrational behavior that ends up promoting life. But an instinct for pure destruction that serves no goal of life, but its destruction.

    To me, that’s an interesting hypothesis, which explains much human behavior that is often explained as “mistakes” . For instance, WW1 is said to have been blundered into by a series of mistakes. Is that credible? Is it not more illuminating to suggest, as Bertrand Russel did after seeing gleeful soldiers on a train platform, that WW1 happened because people were bored of the long peace and wanted to indulge in some bloodlust?

    If we stick to the principle that both sides of a situation have validity, then it seems obvious that mankind loves to destroy as well as create, loves to die as well as live – just for the sheer pleasure of it.

    Its not just that ideals cannot eradicate the beast within us, its that the attempt to deny the beast may make it grow stronger. What is denied and suppressed, comes out later, stronger. Ideals also create violence by encouraging contempt for “lesser” people who don’t fulfill our high minded ideals, and by the inevitable sense of “mussion” we feel in imposing our ideals on others.

    Better not to have ideals. I do agree that all attempts at utopia end in disaster- because they are inhuman, and by denying the weak and imperfect within us, we become monstrous.

    Yes, I definitely agree with you that man uses high ideals as a cover for his baser instincts more often than not – which is another danger of ideals. But even sincerely held and practiced ideals leads to violence .

    Yes, absolutely, you need a balance between too much conformity and individualism. In fact, its very important to have a clear set of social practices that provide a sense of security – only within this framework can individuality flourish. Too much individualism leads to fear, which leads paradoxically to an unforced, chosen conformity as people seek stability in sinking sand. Too much control, leads to systems burn out, to social death, as all spontaneous movement ceases.

    I’m certainly not against the institution of marriage , its useful and important. But I wouldn’t consider it too sacred – first, I think extra-marital affairs can be healthy and an important release valve if done discreetly. In Asia, its not uncommon for the wife to tolerate affairs if they are discreet – in the West, where marriage is more likely to be thought sacred, how many marriages break down over silly affairs? Second, people who don’t wish to get married shouldn’t be made to feel that they are failing the universe. That guilt is too crushing.

    One of the things that leads to constant revolution in the West, is the tendency to treat social convention as “logos” – the sacred laws of the universe. This creates a crushing burden of guilt on people who cannot, or won’t, follow these conventions, leading to revolutions that seek to overthrow the old conventions and enshrine new ones.

    If Christians had never told gays God hates them, and if gays hadn’t believed it, there never would have been today’s movement to elevate homosexyality above heterosexuality.

  223. Well, the important thing is to realize that what first appears ghoulish and ghastly, the Aztec sacrifices, is actually grounded in shared human psychology and not so different from what we do.

    When we do this, we broaden our minds and become more intelligent and empathetic. To understand all is to forgive all.

    Of course, you may ultimately prefer your system. But I think you are in error when you say “high civilizations” outlaw all violence – they merely circumscribe violence within clear permissible limits. Every time the Romans gained a province, they claimed they were acting in self defense. They did not officially “permit” wars of conquest, at least at first, but justified them with high ideals. The Popes “permitted” the Soanish to conquer America, because the natives were heathen.

    What is remarkable about yhe Aztec system, and strikes as so weird and outlandish, is that they do not indulge in these little subterfuges abd self deceptions. In the West, no one ever fights aggressive wars, only defensive wars.

    Although that is not quite true. The Aztecs did invent a chilling mythology in which the Gods demanded sacrifice in order to stave off the worlds destruction- so in the end, the Aztecs too were killing for high minded ideals and as a “defensive” action.

    Still, a God who demands human sacrifice, is much closer to the reality of the human world we inhabit, in mythological terms, than the pretty lies of the Europeans.

    You say you would not want to be sacrificed by the Aztecs – of course not, but how about being sacrificed in a European war based on pretty lies?

    You are right when you say Aztec sacrifice did not prevent wars. However, the wars were highly ritualistic and purposely not very lethal (partly why they could not defend against the Spanish. They were shocked that yhe Spanish fought to kill, with utter ruthlessness, and the deadliest weapons). The wars were for the purpose of capturing people to sacrifice.

    I’m not saying the Aztec system is preferable- just, it isn’t so different from ours.

    Well, I agree with the Taoists and Buddhists that man’s original nature is pure 🙂 And it is civilization that warps him. But all humans reach adulthood warped, so in practice are full of bad instincts. (There is another sense in which these religions think man is “pure” – as even in his so called “bad instincts”, which are as necessary as light and darkness).

    Yes, I sm not suggesting that we give full license to the beast within- merely accept him, admit he exists, not hide behind pretty lies, and not seek to eradicate him in order to become morally “perfect”, out of the recognition that trying to do so will make us lower than beasts, and into monsters. Just as all utopias end in perrverted disaster, all attempts at human perfection end in us becoming monsters – because both deny the weak and the frail in us, which is as necessary to our humanity as the strong. The darkness is as necessary as the light.

    To that end, we don’t want an idealistic civilization – we want a sane one, one that is fully human, one that accepts the frail and weak sides of human nature and accommodates them instead of warring on them, and one that prizes humor over high minded ideals, one that is grounded and humble, and sees through all ideals of perfection.

    In the end I think we agree more than we disagree.

  224. A Hungarian news site had a special section with the title “British Scientists” about bullshit or idiotic scientific research

    Thanks for the info. Now I know that the “glory” of British scientists is international. Formerly great formerly Britain must be proud.

  225. December 28. This year, my favorite social idea on this blog was an alternate view of collapse. In the context of ancient ruins, we imagine that people at the time were saying, “Oh no, our buildings are falling to ruin.” But they were probably saying, “At last, I have better options than maintaining these stupid buildings.”

    Going back to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, Alex reports that astrologers say it’s “a great mutation from earth to air cycles.” Earth-to-air fits with a societal shift to living in a way that leaves fewer traces, which historians call a “dark age”.

    • from Ran Prieur’s quirky little blog.

    It makes me think that the shift away from cars and towards bicycles that Thulean Friend helpfully documents here, will be seen by future historians as some kind of technological regress, perhaps occasioned by a catastrophe.

  226. Sinotibetan says

    Thanks for the reply. Very interesting observations which I tend to agree.

    1. I too find the dualism, yin and yang principle in Taoism as quite descriptive of nature. Just like in a living cell, there is both anabolism and catabolism,processes that synthesize molecules and processes that destroy them – this principle is within the very molecular basis of life itself. It’s remarkable that the principle, thought of thousands of years ago, has been validated scientifically. I am not a follower of the Tao, but appreciates it. There is a little of the Confucian and the Christian (due to too much Western influences during my formative years) in my way of thinking but nowadays I am more emphatic with the frailties of us humans. Ideals are ideals, shouldn’t smother ourselves (or others) to the ground if we fail to live up to them. Not that I wouldn’t nag/be unhappy about it, just against violence and killing others because of their ‘moral failures’ (which type of morality observed is a fad depending on the dominant zeitgeist). In ancient times, Taoists often considered all that Confucian talk about civility, decorum etc as hubris and hypocrisy of the worst kind. I think if they were alive today, they would say the same thing about Western civilization too, even if it has evolved to its current ‘regressive’ form. Whenever there is civilization, there is hypocrisy – actually I have to say, I think one essence of ANY civilization is hypocrisy. Regressives today want to build a new utopia with new sets of values replacing previous ones and call out the ‘hypocrisy’ of stubborn adherents of the old, only to be ‘new hypocrites’ themselves. That’s how I see civilization (even ‘higher’ ones that I try to ‘defend’). All humans are hypocritical(at least in certain points of their lives) , in my opinion.
    2. ” I think events are cyclical”.
      Agree. If humanity can understand this and also try to forego desires of creating a universal perfect utopia(considering this aim as an impossibility and dangerous) , perhaps there will indeed be less violence and conflicts. I think different countries and ethnic groups should be allowed to ‘develop’ on their own – I never agreed with a one size fits all political system or set of ideals that can solve the issues of different countries and ethnic groups.

    3. I think ideals come about to have some kind of skeleton for society to have some order and not anarchy. I think Taoism serves as useful critique for society and civility but humans are also social beings, they need some form of ‘guides’ for individual to individual relations. I see the limits of ideals, hence against strict and forceful adherence to these ideals by polities. Definitely a country would become a reign of terror if we allow pure idealists(of any kind) to run the country. History has shown us too many examples yet we humans repeat the same errors. Balance, as I always say.

    4. Regarding marriage – Asians have generally accepted the “Western ideal” of marriage and here in Asia, divorces have skyrocketed. I would still be against extra-marital affairs (emotionally it hurts the spouse, it can lead to family discord and dysfunction) but nowadays, I emphatize rather than be too judgemental. Marriage is actually rather unnatural, a product of civilization to have some order in human relations. Naturally a man(I guess it’s not so true in women in general) would be promiscuous, it makes a lot of biological sense. Monogamy is against male psyche. The archetypical ‘Asian wife’ who closes one (or both) eye(s) with her husband’s roving ways as long as he provides financial and emotional (to be discreet about his raunchy liaisons) stability and don’t give her STDs, certainly understands the weakness of the male gender, although I doubt she is not emotionally hurt nor not have a low self esteem nor have bitterness inside. Nowadays, I am more emphatic.

    5. About homosexuality and Christianity – I think it’s difficult, even impossible, for Christians not to say homosexuality is hated by God and their destination is hellfire – because it’s there in the Bible. At least they are truthful about their beliefs /dogmatics compared to wishy washy ‘liberal theologians’ who okayed ordaining gay pastors etc… That’s totally against Christian teaching and their twisting of hermeneutics is rank hypocrisy and cowardice. To ‘liberal theologians’, I would say: Please describe Christian dogmatics for what it is and don’t fudge around.
      I myself am against homosexuality, regardless of my religious views. The homosexual crowd came up with explanations that it’s all biological…. To which I would say that if it’s indeed purely biological, then it’s a biological aberrancy like a congenital disorder or an inborn error of metabolism : ie a disease(and thus need research to find a ‘cure’). The gay pride people won’t accept this conclusion but that’s what it is if they argue their orientation as having a purely biological basis. If they try to argue their sexual orientation as purely volition, then they are open to attack by Christians and other conservatives (of other religious persuasions such as Islam) – so they have formed a group almost akin to a new race to be under the ‘cover’ of human rights /anti-discrimatory laws. However, they have gone beyond that by becoming very political and forcing their ways down the throats of ‘disapproving’ heterosexual majority(and as you allude to, a tit for tat approach towards those ‘haughty’ heterosexuals). Legalizing homo marriages for example give them not only legal protection but a strong allusion of moral justification… And I am against that . My view is the homo /LBGTQ sexual orientation is mostly volition and perhaps partly biological(a tendency for their orientation) but we will never know because any discussion about sexual orientation is so politically charged and so sensitive to the now powerful LBGTQ group that we can never have research proper on this subject(except those that ‘support’ the LBGTQ ’cause’) . This is another of my pet peeve of Regressives who politically energize them.
      I do emphatize with LBGTQ folks but I do not agree with their militancy and political maneuvering to force all of us to accept their orientation as ‘normal’. It is not normal. In fact, I think it’s a psychiatric condition with some biological basis. Sexual orientation and even criminal behavior have some biological basis. By insisting complete acceptance(and ‘obedience’ in accepting) of the normality of their sexual orientation, they have closed the avenue for scientific inquiry of their condition that may perhaps free them from their own bitterness of being viewed as abnormal or sinful.
      I am against gay marriage or acceptance of their lifestyle as “normal”. Yet I am also against discrimination against them with regards to jobs or purposely taunting them with name callings.

    6. Western civilization is built upon guilt because Christianity is built upon the concept of the original guilt(aka the original sin of the first human parent who ate the fruit from the ‘Tree of the knowledge is good and evil’ to become like God). Interesting that the concept of the first ‘crime’ in the Bible is the desire to become (like) God. Christianity is basically one huge ‘guilt trip’, and thus so is Western civilization – whether the previous Judeo-Christian one or the present Regressive one :moral values changed, but the attitude is the same. Whereas in Sinosphere, the civilization was based on ‘shame’ and ‘face’ based on the ever decorous Confucianism. Quite subtle differences in the concept of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’.

    Will reply your second post later.

  227. Sinotibetan says

    I agree.

  228. Sinotibetan says

    I am going to ramble on, I think there will be more in this reply that you will disagree with rather than agree.

    1. I was talking about a hypothetical ‘higher civilization’ that eschews violence, not previous and current civilizations. Anyhow, violence and wars will always be, whether we like it or not – because it’s part of human nature. There is no way to avoid wars forever, there will always be a society or ethnicity that will wage war for conquest based on some pretext. The society that is under attack will have no choice but war with the invading society to defend itself, it has no choice but to resort to violence against invaders. I don’t think such violence is senseless but a necessity for survival. And nature IS cruel and merciless. The ancient Taoists claim to accept that, yet I am not too sure in reality that acceptance was truly total. Our ideals for non violence is unnatural, to be honest. Look at the animal world, or even microbial world…. It’s competition, survival of the fittest. Or look at how gruesome how some parasites end the life of their hosts. I don’t think the ancient Taoists know the details of how violent nature really is. This is my critique of the naturalism of the Tao. ‘Natural’ base for building civilization and societies has its weakness and limitations inasmuch as philosophies more ‘obsessed’ with law and order. Balance, as I aways say. There is no way to end violence even in a hypothetical ‘higher civilization’. We just have to accept the inherent paradox and hypocrisy for other ‘benefits’ of ‘higher civilization’ versus a more primitive culture.
    2. To me, in a rather sweeping generalization, European cultures over the past 3 centuries are examples of ‘higher cultures’. And when I talk about these ‘higher cultures’, I don’t just talk about the moral values they purported to be their ideals(even if their population and elites failed to live up to them) but also include material progress in science, mathematics and technology, as well as aesthetics(eg the arts, philosophical and political theories, standards of beauty etc). To deny European cultures of their superiority to all other cultures present and previously with regards to science, mathematical and technological advances would be disingenuous and unfair. The basis of scientific knowledge as well as mathematical advances of our modern world were discovered during the last 3 centuries or so by scientists and mathematicians of European descent and in a European or European-derived/influenced cultural milieu. I myself agree and accept that in this area, the Chinese civilization stagnated for millinea (perhaps after the fall of the Zhou or at best the Tang). The same is true with other non European cultures. My pet peeve with political correctness and Regressivism is they deny this reality or often disparage this. European civilizations were superior in this area – we just have to accept the truth. In terms of the arts – such as music (I have some training in European classical music), architecture, art, literature:to me the Europeans went so far ahead than any non European cultures in sublimity and refinement especially with regards to art, music and perhaps, slightly, architecture. I have to say though that in terms of literature and architecture there can be some competetion with non European cultures. Personally, I think Western classical music from high baroque of Bach and Handel to the late Romantics, surpass many other forms of non European music in terms of technicality, versatility(ability to incorporate non European music), intellectual and emotional depth and sophistry. Nowadays I do (begin to) appreciate traditional Chinese music and instruments – they have a different form of sublimity that fits my Chinese psyche :but sad to say Chinese music cannot have the kind of versatility and emotional depths like classical European orchestral works do. I am not going into philosophical thought and political theories, for better or for worse, developed by Europeans, that now form the basis of modern politics and economics. Yes, the Western Europeans during the European imperialism period did many morally reprehensible practices but that does not negate the good of their cultures. Regressives, so fearful of white supremacists(which is justified) and even (to me) benign European ethnocentrists who love their own cultures and ethnicities and seek to preserve and maybe improve on them, in my view, purposely highlight all the ill effects and negativity of European imperialism(which is fine to a certain extend) but purposely dismiss or disparage or seek to prove cultural equivalence (with other far more primitive cultures) the best aspects of European cultural achievements. I find this, even as a non white, who appreciates progress and aesthetics and intellectual things:unfair, disingenuous and hypocritical. There are just many things about traditional European cultures to admire about and to give credit where it’s due. Regressives are similar to white supremacists : both are so obsessed with race, both support supremacists, both highlight the best of their pet race /group and disparage the opposing one. So, Regressives only highlight the moral failings of Europeans but try to deny their great achievements in other aspects of culture/civilization.

    3. I cannot agree with Regressives becoming agents of Black ethnocentrist and supremacist(plus their other favorites :the Islamofascists) apologetics. I am sorry to say that to me, blacks /Africans in general fail to develop other aspects of culture/civilization – in terms of ‘high art’, architecture, the sciences, maths, aesthetics – to a standard that even come close to many other civilizations(considering also the past civilizations) in Middle east, India, even Meso America, the Sinosphere and what more Europe. If we consider violence as a common denominator in all cultures and civilizations and discount that for evaluation, blacks fail in all other counts of civilizational development. Sorry to say but I do view them as inferior culturally/civilizationally. I don’t believe in cultural equivalency or equality. When Regressives apologetically try to dismiss this civilizational disparity, to me its denial of reality and pandering to black supremacism. Nowadays in our Regressive controlled world people like me cannot express why we think like we do without getting a cacophony of ad hominem attacks by pro Regressive zombie commentators who never gave us any chance to explain ourselves. Immediately we are labeled haters, racists(in my case an Asian white worshipper), bigots, ignorant fools, or low IQ Trumpster. It’s a kind of self censorship that does not allow honest discussion, similar hostile behaviour not unlike that of other totalitarian regimes, just sans the physical violence. And the interesting thing is one can disparage anything about whites or European ethnicity, mock them, and jeer them but the reverse can never be done with regards to blacks /Africans without verbal violence on the comment segment which is tantamount to the so called hate speech. Hate speech towards white is OK, hate speech towards blacks :all hell breaks lose. That is double standards. I am not saying that we should resort to these childish antics – I am against any form of ad hominems, jeerings and name callings in discussions. Even if I were to say things remotely perceived as ‘negative’ towards blacks, the same ad hominems occur. Hence to me, Regressivism has been hijacked by black supremacism – to me they are synonymous terms. The other group who hijacked the Regressive narrative are the Islamofascists but that is for another day, if I still have the willpower to write. I indeed must thank Anatoly Karlin and this Unz website for allowing me to be myself and state my views and discuss about them freely. The same cannot be said with Regressive controlled media where they take sides already.

    4. I do want to say that I am against European imperialism and any form of imperialism. And I do want to say I agree that the European colonialists who practiced black slavery is morally reprehensible. I emphatize with blacks but that does not mean I will tolerate their black supremacism. Nor will I resort to political correctness and deny my views that they are culturally inferior and underdeveloped in many ways. Their black supremacism, which is to be proud of themselves when there is precious little to be proud of, is part of the reason they fail and continue to fail. White Regressives continue to contribute to their failures because they suck up to black supremacists egoes and refuse to call a spade a spade. This kind of ego boosting is the same with all other supremacism including Islamofascism, White supremacism, Chinese chauvinism, Indian chsuvanism etc etc. Supremacist thinking prevent them from seeing their serious flaws. It’s a trap they cannot escape. Regressives though, are enablers for Black supremacism, feminism, LBGTQ militants and Islamofascism because they use the shame the dissenter methods on all criticisms of these movements.

    OK. Enough for this reply. Will write more if requested or not mentally exhausted yet on another day.

  229. Daniel Chieh says

    But when placed in the same situation as Blacks – a war footing and a breakdown of “civilized” forms of aggression – Whites and Asians behave exactly the same, showing there is no biological difference, only context.

    Typical of AaronB posts, the more one actually thinks about it, the more one realizes just how enormously dumb it is. “Environment and context” is ultimately rather meaningless in the way that he uses it – by the same virtue, anyone can become aggressive if sufficiently doped up with amphetamines and adrenaline, and anyone can be passive if enough of his brain tissue has been removed. Unfortunately AaronB only excised his reasoning ability from his brain, allowing him to ramble endlessly at length without meaning.

    For what actually matters, in a modern environment, certain groups are much less suited and behave in a much more aggressive manner and thus have been be considered as such. It might be, that given the adequate magical “motivation” that dolphins can build great underwater civilizations without hands and plantlife has reached the greatest levels of enlightenment by peacefully absorbing sunlight(let’s not consider that plants compete as well), but for all practical purposes, in a modern environment, population groups behave differently and in more or less prosocial ways.

    And by any metric, we can also compare things as simple as infant mortality, average lifespan, gdp per capita, technological advancement, etc. Of course, AaronB will attempt to wiggle into vagueness and conveniently skip over anything he’s factually wrong in, by using the same logic that can conclude that colors don’t actually exist(since there’s no ultimately clear distinction between red and green), invocation of gaps(planes don’t fly, because we don’t fully understand aerodynamics to this day), and your table isn’t real(since there’s vast atomic distance between your touch and the wood).

    Typical and really unoriginal liberal bullshit.

    Can’t wait to see the great dolphin civilizations though.

  230. Sinotibetan says

    There are quite many things he said which does make sense and I agree but I always felt it was more of an apologia for the backwardness and underdevelopment of Black psyche and cultures. Ultimately, it felt like an exercise to justify cultural and ethnic equivalency of blacks with other more civilized and higher cultured ethnicities, similar to Regressive and Liberal drivels – that’s why I asked AaronB if he was either. Ultimately, it’s not just about violence or wars – as I said, we can’t get rid of them. The observable reality is blacks (as a whole and generally) ARE more aggressive, have more primitive cultures and never developed other aspects of culture such as technological, scientific, mathematical, philosophical, political theory, art, music, aesthetics, attire etc etc to the level reached by other peoples be they whites, East Asians, Middle Eastern, even extinct meso America civilizations. These characteristics and the tendency of blacks /Africans to insist everyone must ‘respect’ them and kowtow to their ‘culture’ whenever they migrate to non African countries actually peeves me. Thus I agree with you with the assessment of liberal/regressive thinking. I was perhaps less straight to the point.
    Happy New Year!

  231. There is no such thing as a perfect Utopia made by human beings and we should not attempt one with whatever pet ideologies of our favour – history has shown they all end up in disaster. We should tell ideological purists to loosen up and be emphatic with our frailties because we are humans, not the gods.

    The only answer is to go with what works. Even if that sometimes means going with things that we personally disagree with ideologically. Even if that sometimes means accepting policies that we personally dislike. If it works it’s a good policy. If it fails it’s a bad policy.

    As Deng said, “No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.”

  232. some gay European town

    Lol I start to understand your point of view – it’s true the bicycle cities of Europe, also have a lot of gay flags everywhere.

    It’s not bicycles to which I object. It’s the sorts of people who ride bicycles. Just as it’s not veganism to which I object. it’s vegans.

    You just know they’re going to be into every feelgood liberal cause. If they’re not gay they’ll be “LGBT allies” (which is much worse). They’ll probably be vegans. They’ll be Global Warming True Believers. They’ll instinctively take the knee whenever anybody says BLM.

    It’s the smug sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness that is so offensive.

    Grown-ups riding bicycles doesn’t cause social degeneracy, but it is a symptom of it.

    And when you see an adult woman, or even worse an adult man, riding a bicycle it’s a major red flag.

  233. Bashibuzuk says

    riding a bicycle it’s a major red flag.

    Despite my callous reply to Thu-Fri, I actually enjoy biking. But I do it on designated biking trails, on countryside roads and in the forest when mountain biking.

    I don’t see biking as opposite to using cars, both should be compatible in a well planned urban environment. The anti-automotive rhetoric of Thu-Fri is amusing. He/She is a smart person in general and his/her (their?) comments are often informative and well thought. Except when it comes to cars vs biking.