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This week’s Open Thread.

Philippe LemoineThe Case against Lockdowns. I don’t agree with all of it (e.g., Ctrl-F for “centralized quarantine” shows zero hits and in retrospect, that and masks really seem to be key). But I have long since started to oppose lockdowns. If you’re not fundamentally serious about or incapable of suppressing Corona or even about rushing out vaccines in a timely manner, then you shouldn’t get in people’s way.

Noah Carl (RT) – Two Georgetown academics have been CANCELLED because of a Zoom call. One talked about black students’ grades. The other nodded. One scenario in which I don’t mind people getting fired during an SJW hysteria is when the victims are apologetic about it. “Interestingly, both cancelled academics were resolutely contrite about the incident”. Cowardice must be punished.

Atlas ObscuraThe Brutal Bull-and-Bear Fights of 19th-Century California. (Spoiler: The bears won).

Paul KrugmanCompetitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession. Oldie but goodie. Krugman has since gone into TDS/ideologue mode, but his Peddling Prosperity was one of the books that influenced me early on.

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  2. Denmark is seeking to limit the number of “non-western” residents living in its neighborhoods to no more than 30 percent

    This does not seem like a nationalist policy. In fact, it seems rather worrisome. That would be the younger 30% – what percentage of schools?

    I’m impressed that India hasn’t legalized gay marriage yet. Does it have something to do with the weird structure of their supreme court? Is it something worth copying? Or is it explained by other factors?

    India Superpower: seems to me that Chinese cinema is increasingly influenced by Bollywood. Many movies seem to have dance numbers, as the credits roll. They have yet to have a hit in India, but the reverse is not true.

  3. AnonFromTN says

    Cowardice must be punished.

    Agree 100%. Anyone who apologizes for saying that 2×2=4 deserves severe punishment.

  4. This does not seem like a nationalist policy. In fact, it seems rather worrisome. That would be the younger 30% – what percentage of schools?

    London does something like this. (probably unofficially). Housing blocks with Third Worlders randomly plopped down into bourgeois suburbs.

  5. Vishnugupta says

    Our honorable Chief Justice has recently publicly stated that Marital Rape is not and should not be a crime as it is practically impossible to prove in a court of law and that it is the right of a man to expect sex from his wife.

    He also stated that it has been brought to his attention that these sorts of laws are the reason for an explosion of homosexuality in western countries..

    He then threatened to press draconian ‘Contempt of Court’ charges against wailing left wing media owners and presenters..which worked.

    So legalization of gay marraiges is someway off..

  6. AnonFromTN says

    So legalization of gay marraiges is someway off

    Well, that makes India a normal country (so far). In Russian law, marriage is a union of a man and a woman. Which excludes marriage of members of the same sex, humans with animals, etc.

  7. I wonder how many European technocrats are waking up to the ugly reality of Brussels.

    In my view, the schools are the major target of globalists. For example, in Bavaria, where the public school classrooms often had crosses, but their policy was to take them down, if only one person objected. Even small groups can cause big cultural changes in schools, if distributed widely. In elementary school, I had one or two Jews, in my class, and we were all spinning dreidels and eating latkes, while anything Christian was of the greatest taboo.

    In America, what they did was mandate school busing. Destroyed many cities, on a shockingly dystopian level, if you consider public school demographics, and don’t count college students or commuters. Reached out into the suburbs too, and it’s very expensive. Closer suburbs are often mandatory busing. Slightly further out, voluntary busing, meaning you don’t get a say, as a voter, but your local government “volunteers” to pay millions and to take in students. Early in his career, Biden was supposedly against busing (and Harris taunted him for it in the debates) – that’s how quickly the bigger changes happened that led to BLM.

  8. This is the greatest Russian song of all time:

  9. AlexanderGrozny says

    Actually, the UK is very segregated. Newham is about 5% white while Cumbria is 99% white.

  10. AlexanderGrozny says

    Denmark’s ethnic minorities are generally low fertility. Government data shows Migrants, Migrant Descendants and Natives have essentially the same fertility rate. (around 1.7).

  11. Spoiler: The bears won

    I wonder how hard it would be to bring back the Pleistocene-era aurochs. (bigger than the last few that died out in Poland) Seems like it would be much easier than bringing back mammoths. Makes more sense, to target it first, IMO.

    Sexual maturity: 15-18 months.
    Gestation: about 283 days (varies with breed)
    Number of females: about 500 million.

    Female African elephants:
    Sex maturity: 11 years.
    Gestation: 645 days.
    Number: about 350,000-207,000.
    Not easy to work with. More distant to woolies than Asian Elephants.

    Female Asian elephants:
    Sex maturity: 14 years
    Gestation: 617 days
    Number: about 16,000 individuals
    Not easy to acquire, for political reasons.

  12. Even so, I suspect that dispersion mechanisms are not a benefit to natives.

  13. Max Payne says

    I’m never gonna have my Iran war. This is bullshit.

    I gotta bumbling retard of a geezer as president that would need all the graphic cards in silicon valley to deepfake into proper movement and STILL no Iran war. It takes a special type of old fag to be defeated by stairs… the type that easily launch wars and yet….

    The world is truly gay and retarded.

  14. Bashibuzuk says

    Delusions die hard. The obsession of American foreign policy after the fall of communism was pro-Western democracy in Russia, and the foreign policy establishment has never forgiven Vladimir Putin for returning Russia to the sort of authoritarian governance it has endured for all but a few brief years of its history.

    The obsession is back with Joe Biden – and, with it, the neoconservatives who dominated the failed administration of George W Bush.

    For several reasons, President Biden’s March 16 denunciation of Putin as a “killer” without a soul ranks among the dumbest utterances ever by an American leader – and that’s a crowded field. To begin with, heads of state do not insult each other this way, except in wartime.

    Secondly, the Biden administration proclaims its concern about competition from China, but American pressure has pushed Russia into a reluctant but resilient alliance with the Middle Kingdom.

    Due to the renewed presence of the neoconservatives in the Presidential Administration Goldman is promising US foreign policy a future of failure.

    As he wryly notes about Victoria Nuland : anyone commiting the same (un) diplomatic mistake as she did (when she was recorded saying f*ck Europe) would have been sent to the South Pole as the next diplomatic assignment.

    But in the US, she was invited back to the White house. US diplomacy has become a joke.

  15. I went out of the rona loop. Truly can’t handle all the idiocy on all sides in the media without getting the compulsion to bathe in the blood of my enemies, so I avoid it.

    What is centralized quarantine and how is it different than a lockdown again?

  16. @Anatoly Karlin

    How is Urbit going to filter out bad players from using its platform such as the dark web selling grenades and people selling kiddie porn?

    Or will it not be possible to block those kind of activities?

    If Urbit can’t block those types of users on their platform, how will Urbit become mainstream?

  17. Hyperborean says

    This does not seem like a nationalist policy. In fact, it seems rather worrisome. That would be the younger 30% – what percentage of schools?

    The government wants schools to set a maximum level of 30% bilingual children in classes/schools. Presumably since, IIRC, research shows that white flight in Denmark tends to set in once an area/school exceeds 30%.

    As for residences, probably a combination of ideological aims (“Liberalism in One Country”) and economic aims (reclaiming valuable urban land without it costing a single penny*).

    From the current ruling party’s, the Social Democrats, manifesto statement on integration (“the new struggle/battle for freedom”):

    The 10-year plan must ensure a maximum of 30% non-Western immigrants and descendants in residential areas.

    – In the areas where a housing association assesses that a few residents ruin the security of the many, it must be quicker and easier to terminate the persons in question as tenants.

    – In residential areas where a large proportion are non-Western immigrants, the possibility of introducing a ban on moving in for non-EU residents must be explored.

    – That specific buildings in vulnerable residential areas are strategically demolished, as well as architectural adaptations being implemented. Housing associations and municipalities are responsible for the selection of this and eventual demolition takes place in conjunction with complete/comprehensive renovations.

    – The right to exchange public housing in the vulnerable housing areas must be suspended in a targeted manner.

    – Financial incentives must be put in place to ensure better relocation to and from the area.

    – Ensure financing so that homes can be left empty until it is possible to achieve the right composition of residents.

    – Several public housing units are to be built in cities and areas where there is a low proportion of public housing construction.


    But the most stringent part of the plan came into force on 1 January 2020, when these areas must slash their public housing stock to no more than 40%. To achieve this within 10 years, entire blocks will be emptied and converted into private and co-operative housing, from which people on low incomes will be barred. In some cities (though not Copenhagen) the blocks will simply be demolished.

    Current tenants will be offered alternative accommodation, but no control over its location, quality or cost. Those who refuse can now simply be evicted. Adding insult to injury, the eviction and renovation plans will be paid for from proceeds from a fund paid into by public housing tenants themselves.

  18. silviosilver says

    Oldie but goodie.

    Only faggots say goodie instead of goldie.

    I can just imagine you googling it too, to see which is the “correct” version.

  19. silviosilver says

    Hah, that’s almost indescribably uplifting news. I wonder if it will last though. Leftard scum are nothing if not persistent. Most people seem to find faggotry disgusting, but as long as it’s kept out of sight they don’t seem overly bothered by its existence, so leftards just have to present their demands as merely constituting small, innocuous adjustments to make life slightly more pleasant for poor, victimized homos and people eventually cave in. (Leftards’ real desire, though, seems to be drench society in faggotry. They are far from normal, well-adjusted people and seem to want everyone else to feel as alienated as they do.)

  20. I think this is one of the most famous parts of 20th century and early 21st century London history: “Mixed tenure”. It’s supposed to be a strategy for reducing urban poverty, by spreading the poor residents among the richer ones. And it had begun in Great Britain in the 1950s in the “New town movement”.

    Needless to say, it could seem quite a dystopian experience for poor residents of the city – to be spread among areas where most of your neighbours are many times richer than you are.

  21. Visegrad countries are definitely going in the 3rd wave now:

    Visegrad and Balkans (excluding Greece), have had some of the worst management of the pandemic among non-postsoviet regions of Europe. Just six months ago I thought that Visegrad and Balkans were going to be a successful example of intelligently managing the pandemic.

  22. A couple of very interesting papers on Oumuamua dropped from Arizona State. They argue that the invisible gas propelling our friend is nitrogen and perform estimates on what it takes to make nitrogen ice planetecimals by studying Pluto and Kupier Belt Object ices.

    Papers are good examples on how to use constraints to tease out information about things when things are invisible. While they make a strong argument, I’m not entirely convinced though. Here is a link that contains actual papers in case people want to study them.

    Here is the abstract.

    First, the stuff I agree with.

    Shape – pancake, not a cigar. Agreed, at this point more models and physics prefer pancake, and the original drawing of a cigar is incorrect.

    Size – small, 45x44x7.5 meters at the point of detection, thinning to 6.8 meters as time went on. Only a few hundred thousand tons mass. The diameter checks out with other studies.

    Albedo – 0.64. That’s how shiny it is, with 1 being a perfect mirror, and 0 being completely dark. This is a huge deal – normal asteroid will have albedo of 0.05 and comet – 0.1. A solar sail or other reflector will have albedo close to 1. Very pure ice (the type to hurt your eyes on a sunny day) will also have high values.

    Age – young at 500 million years. Sure, why not. Young stars just getting out of stellar nursery will be slower than old ones, that’s a good reason for hanging out at local standard of rest.

    Now, things that are unclear to me or I disagree with.

    They explain away Rafikov’s argument about overtorque the extreme shape of the object by noting that small object will experience less torque. Also, evaporative cooling will keep the temperature gradient in the main ice body low (no more than 50K despite being close to the Sun), which is a very good point.

    However, the problem is, nitrogen is a very poor propellant compared to, say, hydrogen. Which is why previous papers focused on hydrogen. It would take only 6% of the surface area covered with hydrogen ice to achieve observed acceleration. With nitrogen, Oumuamua was estimated to have lost 92% of the initial mass during the transit through the Solar system.

    And the problem with that is Oumuamua was observed to be red as it was leaving.

    Red color occurs because the surface gets irradiated by the stars, a process that takes about 10 million years. I just don’t see the original red coat remaining after 92% of the mass has been outgassed, and I also don’t see how a new coat could have formed during a few years (or even days) of flyby.

    If you introduce a red metallic surface underneath the ice it would solve the problem but cause others (density, weight distribution etc). Starting with a thin irradiated metallic reflector may be a simpler approach.

    That said, very good papers and interesting ideas.

  23. sher singh says

    Also, Denmark is 95% white Idk why nats coom over thinking this would work if the % was even double that.

    That same justice needs to rid dowry, temple, caste and arms laws.

    India is an affront to Dharma।।

  24. Nice picture. Too bad it’s only tenuously connected to reality. Last fall V4 leaders were called to Brussels and pressured to change how they track corona cases. Until then they had among the best numbers in the world because V4 used standard rules: people with no symptoms were not counted no matter what some test said, people who died where not automatically assigned corona cause just because corona was around. Brussels didn’t like it and threatened to withhold money since V4 had low numbers and they were not taking it seriously enough.

    That triggered a circus, money from Brussels was at stake – and maybe a few other motivators – V4 reported numbers jumped immediately and have been high ever since. On the ground not much has changed: there are those who are in a media-induced panic seeing dangers everywhere, and there are those who ignore it. There was a famous case in a small city where government reported a few hundred cases, the local mayor went to the hospital, it was empty, he went to media – and government announced that it was a “data reporting error“. Weird stuff, who knows what is going on.

    This is not about “management“, I am not sure that means anything in this context. If you have to be tested to know that you have what is claimed to be the most dangerous virus, something doesn’t add up. There is Covid and people die of it, some restrictions reduce slightly the number of sick and dead. So? The risk for anyone under 65 is so infinitesimally low (4 in 100,000) that a bit of live an let live attitude wouldn’t hurt. The geezers can’t expect to live forever.

  25. Morton's toes says

    How is Urbit going to filter out bad players from using its platform such as the dark web selling grenades and people selling kiddie porn?

  26. Kazakhstan is vaccinating the population with the Sputnik vaccine, which it produces at its own factories, and in the near future it will also start vaccinating with its own KazCOVID-in vaccine, which has already been tested on humans (a total of 5 Kazakhstani coronavirus vaccines are currently being developed). It is a country with a population of 19 million people. This is the opposite of Ukraine, which (apparently for reasons of “the master will not forget his lackey”) ruined all opportunities to produce the vaccine itself.

    It would be useful if Karlin would write a post about the creation and production of vaccines in different countries

    Daniel Chieh says:

    I always knew that a melanf post had a higher than average odds of containing image of a woman. Its good not to be disappointed.

    specially for you


    A crucial difference between Urbit and other networks is that planets are scarce. Even when the network is fully populated, there are only 4 billion. Early in Urbit’s life, most stars and galaxies are not yet operating, so far fewer are available. No one will ever be able to get planets trivially and for free.

    Urbit is a friendly network: a network on which you can assume that a stranger is nice until proven nasty. Friendliness is a direct consequence of scarce, individually owned identities. We’re not changing human nature, just creating the right economic incentives.

    Most forms of network abuse are “Sybil attacks”: they rely on an infinite supply of fresh identities. Scarcity makes reputation work. Spam is a business; if the cost of a new planet exceeds the amount of money you can make by spamming from that planet until its reputation is trashed, there will be no spam.

    Shady stars and galaxies that sell blocks of planets to spammers will also develop reputations as “bad neighborhoods,” damaging the value of the whole block. Abuse at any level is designed to be counterproductive and economically self-terminating.

    Urbit has no reputation system at all at the moment, simply because we’re so small that friendliness is automatic. The clear and rigorous structure of the address space is not a reputation system; it is a platform on which any number of such systems can and should be built. But we can’t build one until we need one.

  28. Bad article.

    Nobody will be interesting in a “national” Bitcoin for reasons mentioned in the article itself (network effects). It’s value will quickly whittle away to nothing, i.e. it will dump as soon as it is created.

  29. One time poster says

    I agree that there are two sides to this.
    On the one hand, you do not want to create large ethnic ghettos. On the other hand, you eliminate these ghettos by redistributing these people to middle class neighborhoods.

    I mean the worst case in France, where each neighborhood needs to have 20% housing. But even that doesn’t help to eliminate ghettos.

    While I’m not a Dane, I think Denmarks policy differs due to their non-PC language. Denmark is the only(?) western country to openly put a limit on how many non-westerners there can be in a country. In other western countries the idea that westerners can become a minority is racist, a conspiracy theory and good at the same time.

  30. Blinky Bill says

    HDB’s Ethnic Integration Policy: Why it still matters
    The Ethnic Integration Policy applies to the sale and purchase of all new and resale HDB flats, as well as the allocation of rental flats by HDB.

    It was introduced in 1989 to ensure a balanced mix of ethnic groups in HDB estates, and to prevent the formation of racial enclaves. It seeks to promote racial integration in Singapore by allowing residents of different ethnicities to live together and interact on a regular basis in public housing, where 80% of the population lives.

    The EIP is implemented for all ethnic groups. Under the EIP, there are limits on the total percentage of a block or neighbourhood that may be occupied by a certain ethnicity.

    When these limits are reached, no further sale of flats to the affected group is allowed, unless the seller and buyer belong to the same ethnic group. This is because resale transactions between members of the same ethnic group would not further increase the proportion of the affected group in the respective block or neighbourhood.

    In 1989, then-Minister for National Development S. Dhanabalan highlighted the emergence of ethnic enclaves in HDB estates, as shown in this image that was published on The Straits Times on 7 January 1989, in a speech to community leaders.

    For example many Malay flat applicants wanted to live in Bedok and Tampines, while many Chinese preferred estates like Ang Mo Kio and Hougang. While the Government was previously able to break up the communal enclaves in the 1960s and 1970s due to a massive resettlement and public housing programme, Mr Dhanabalan noted that such a massive programme was no longer feasible in the 1980s, when many areas were already built-up.

    Hence, the EIP was introduced to nip the problem of ethnic enclaves in the bud before it became serious. The kids go to the same kindergarten, the kids go to the same primary school, because all over the world young kids go to school very near to where they live, and they grow up together.

    In a well-broadcasted interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur in 2015, Senior Minister (SM) Tharman Shanmugaratnam spoke about the Ethnic Integration Policy – even calling it the “most intrusive social policy in Singapore”.

    He said that the policy turned out to be the most important – and that “when it was first done, (I) don’t think we knew how important it was going to be.”

    Once people of different ethnic groups live together, they are not just walking the corridors and taking the same elevator up and down, SM Tharman explained. “The kids go to the same kindergarten, the kids go to the same primary school, because all over the world young kids go to school very near to where they live, and they grow up together.”

    The EIP has helped to maintain racial and social harmony in Singapore by providing opportunities for social mixing among Singaporeans of different races.

    There have been concerns that, when the EIP limits are reached, some flat owners may find it harder to find buyers for their flats, and could end up selling their flats at a lower price. However, as Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong explained in Parliament in 2018, the saleability of a flat in the open market is dependent on factors other than the EIP.

    “Flat attributes like location, storey height, physical condition of the flat, remaining lease and market sentiments” are also considered by prospective buyers, said Mr Wong.

    The Government has also implemented measures to help EIP-affected flat sellers. For example, flat owners who have bought another HDB flat but are having difficulties in selling their existing one may be given more time to find a buyer by HDB, on a case-by-case basis.

  31. Agree with Karlin on Lemoine and probably would be willing to consider that Karlin’s position on lockdowns is correct at this point. There was no seriousness about lockdowns in the West with few exceptions like NZ or even Norway or Finland who knew what to do next, i.e., effective contact tracing and isolating the suspects. All other countries fucked up which was partly planned as all what they wanted was to flatten the curve, i.e., postpone the deaths into the future while waiting for saviors from the Big Pharma. Visegrad countries are a perfect example. The Holy Grail of elimination strategy was within their grasp after very successful first wave suppression but then they relaxed and did not respond to the growing infection rate and at at some point they threw a towel thinking that perhaps they were going to be Sweden forgetting about the fact that Sweden had much higher natural social distancing than they had. The result is that Poland has the highest excess deaths per capita in Europe and now this weekend they woke up an decided to have a lockdown while they must have known what would happen one month or two ago.
    Lemoine’s report is flawed and dishonest.
    To make “The Case Against Lockdowns” the author (Philippe Lemoine) should answer the question why lockdowns in the long run did not work in most countries. The key phrase here is ‘in the long run’.
    Yes, the article by Philippe Lemoine is dishonest.
    If Lemoine paper title was “How and why the lockdowns were squandered in most of Western countries” and if it was written in the spirit reflecting the title I would not object. But what he wrote is just another hack job no different from what Gilad Atzmon or Mike Whitney could write if they knew how to handle numbers.

  32. Shortsword says
  33. Bashibuzuk says

    Starting with a thin irradiated metallic reflector may be a simpler approach.

    Would you care to elaborate more about that?

    Also, how common would a pancake shape be?

    I understand that a cigar shape would probably be relatively uncommon.

  34. There’s one way.

    Total internal settlement control. Utter atomization. Send em to villages, random cities, no more than 1 family per neighborhood. Break apart large families.

  35. Shortsword says

    Poland’s COVID-19 deaths significantly undercounts excess deaths. Not to the extent of Russia but my guess is that their current excess death rate is similar to the other V4 countries.

    I wonder what the mortality in Russia is in February and March. In January it was lower than December but still significantly higher than in last January. Percentage of positive tests has gone down a lot so it’s probably not too bad but still in the risk zone for another new wave.

  36. In January it was lower than December but still significantly higher than in last January.

    In this case, it is necessary to compare with January 2019. In 2020, there was a climate anomaly (January is 10 degrees warmer than normal), in 2021, January was colder than normal

  37. Excess deaths (2020):

    Highest in Europe:
    Poland 14.4%
    Spain 12.9%
    Slovenia 12.0%
    UK 10.5%
    Czechia 9.7%

    Super Low (negative):
    Denmark -4.3
    Iceland -4.1%
    Norway -3.6%
    Finland -3.1%
    Latvia -2.2%

    Excess deaths is strongly positively correlated with the recorded number of COVID-19 deaths (r = 0.8).

  38. Would that even stand in the US Supreme Court, even in the year 2000? Never mind now.

  39. Well in Western Europe, the UK seems to have done very badly in the latest wave, relative to France and even Italy, even with alleged delayed lockdowns.

  40. Would you care to elaborate more about that?

    That would be Avi Loeb’s idea. If you take a shiny piece of say aluminum foil and leave it out for a while, it will get dusty and beaten up, and won’t be as reflective anymore.

    The comet people say Oumuamua is so shiny due to surface refresh – as top layers boil off fresh ice gets exposed and shines brightly. And thats great except we have never seen this before, not to the extent of Oumuamua.

    And we have seen plenty of comets. We even have seen comets break up and still typical reflectivity is around 10%. Oumuamua reflectivity is 40-60%+. If it started as a reflector of some sort with 100% reflectivity, accumulated a bunch of dust over time and got irradiated, observed 60%+ reflectivity is something you would expect.

    Also, how common would a pancake shape be?

    I understand that a cigar shape would probably be relatively uncommon.

    We have never seen an object with such extreme dimensions, to the best of my knowledge. Typical asteroid or a comet will have diameter to thickness ratio of 1:1 to 3:1. Basically spherical or (American) football shaped. Oumuamua is 6:1 (45 meters diameter / 7 meters thickness). And again, we have seen plenty of local comets and asteroids. And even interstellar comet Borisov was perfectly normal in both shape and reflectivity.

    Oumuamua is unique, one of a kind thing. People say it’s because our instruments got good only recently, which is fair. But unless we see lots more objects like this in the near future, natural explanations will be tricky to do.

  41. Which does not violate the right to freedom of association? I am sure this will do just fine in a Supreme Court challenge in the US. I am also sure that Singapore’s ISA would also withstand a Supereme Court challenge.

  42. Thulean Friend says

    Picking up the trail in the previous threads re: cowardice.

    VDL saw what was happening and reacted in fury but she was quickly backstabbed by the “atlanticists”. A vivid demonstration of the European slave mentality. It doesn’t help that there is no unified language, so yuropoors tend to rely on Angloid media. FT has been running a pure propaganda campaign in recent weeks on this topic.

    Europe cannot be free until and unless it frees itself from the clutches of the US empire.

  43. Thulean Friend says

    Krugman has publicly admitted he was wrong on a lot of his old beliefs, and essentially done a mea culpa on his zanier neoliberal shibboleths. He was not much different from Larry Summers in the 1990s but has since become much more intellectually nuanced (deranged politics notwithstanding). Kudos to him for realising his flawed beliefs.

    The 1990s were an ideological dead zone in the West with an almost religious neoliberal zeal. A typical catch-phrase was “the best industrial policy is no industrial policy”. Such lunacy is no longer universally accepted, but that was the state of play back then. Hard to take anyone seriously who links received wisdom from that era when even Krugman himself has moved on.

    At any rate, there are much more interesting people out there, e.g. Ha-Joon Chang.

  44. Industrial policy leads to the government instead of the market picking winners and losers in industries and companies, which leads to inefficient firms and industries getting resources.

  45. I view Singapore as a separate model. To start with, I think the Chinese there understand that they need to have some level of multi-racialism in order not to become a pariah state, which would be especially dangerous given their small size. While I might not understand all the technocratic mechanisms that keep it Chinese majority, (maybe, this housing thing is part of that?), I believe that Chinese are naturally more ethnocentric than Europeans (especially Northern) and so possibly have the capacity to keep it that way. And if they lost it, it would not really be the end of the world, as they can could return to China.

    Still, I wonder what level of indoctrination young people might be facing in Singapore, today. I have heard some young Singaporeans say stuff like, (In contrast, to the West) “We don’t seem to have a problem with diversity. It works well for us.” I’m not sure that they understand why it works, the way someone who lived through WW2 would understand.

    To be frank, within Europe, I would like to see all blacks and Arabs ghettoized, exposed only to their native languages, and then expelled. I think its clear that integration does not work and cannot work, as European leftists have demonstrated a severe susceptibility to their presence, and I don’t believe there is a single societal-level benefit to hosting them. The blacks and Arabs of the future, who might be third or fourth gen, etc. will not be more contrite, but rather more insufferable. Each one wants to kick the door down and let-in hundreds of millions of his fellows.

  46. This describes how Urbit can discourage spam which I can see happening.

    But it doesn’t explain how it can filter out bad actors like those trying to sell kiddie porn.

    Spam can be seen as a low margin activity that is reliant on near cost free infrastructure. Someone selling kiddie porn would presumably be able to do so profitably.

    Supposing that bad actor bought a planet. Who would kick him off? The owner of a star or the owner of a galaxy?

    What if the pedos all grouped together and formed their own star system or galaxy that was pedo friendly. Would that content still be allowed to exist?

  47. Blinky Bill says
  48. Hyperborean says

    Still, I wonder what level of indoctrination young people might be facing in Singapore, today. I have heard some young Singaporeans say stuff like, (In contrast, to the West) “We don’t seem to have a problem with diversity. It works well for us.” I’m not sure that they understand why it works, the way someone who lived through WW2 would understand.

    I found this article interesting:

    One consequence of this “freedom from” top-down approach is the persistence of racial stereotypes across Singapore’s racial groups. For example, Singapore’s Malay community may be stereotyped by the Chinese as “lazy,” while the Malays may reciprocate with labels of “intimidating” and “bossy.” These sentiments are only compounded by Singapore’s high level of income inequality and status anxiety.

    This setup has fomented a growing constituency of primarily younger Singaporeans who believe the discourse of American liberal politics finds a direct parallel in Singapore’s domestic situation. Unashamed borrowing of the terminology is evident. For example, the term “Chinese privilege,” derived from the Anglo-American concept of “white privilege” and used to describe the advantages enjoyed by the politically and economically dominant Chinese community, has proven ubiquitous enough to become the central theme of articles in the student newspaper of the Raffles Institution, one of Singapore’s leading schools.

    The Singaporean government’s “meritocratic” approach to scholarship issuance and the prevalence of racial stereotyping by numerically dominant Chinese employers are cited as instances of “institutional discrimination” favoring the Chinese community. Following another feature of Western discourse, crude instances of stereotyping of Malays and Indians by Singaporean-Chinese have become analyzed as “microaggressions.” Such sentiment is not merely confined to online discourse, but has exploded onto the national spotlight.

    One incident from August 2019 is instructive. A racially insensitive advertisement where a Chinese actor painted his face brown to play the role of an Indian provoked a Singaporean-Indian couple’s infuriated video response where they explicitly accused the Chinese community of racism and insulted them with profanities. The Singaporean government responded disproportionately to the latter, viewing the former as an insensitive yet accidental mistake but the latter as a direct threat to racial harmony. An intense public backlash at this perceived ‘double standard’ ensued, especially from liberal voices, prompting repeated ministerial statements to clarify the government’s position and calm public anger.

    Another example is online anger at a recently circulated Facebook image of some Chinese students celebrating an Indian classmate’s birthday with their faces painted black. In a Singaporean context, such actions have little of their deep historical resonance in America. And yet, they have taken on heightened significance with the increasing penetration of Singaporean discourse by American liberalism. In the latter case, the resulting outcry was sufficiently severe to prompt an appeal for calm from the Education Minister. These examples illustrate the growing contrast between the state’s vision of racial harmony and the viewpoint of the imported liberal politics: while the former has strictly regulated explicitly racist behavior while giving ambiguous cases the benefit of the doubt, the latter tends to view such ambiguities as “microaggressions.”

    Given the official ban on polling in Singapore, hard empirical data on the exact demographic of this emergent liberal politics is difficult to ascertain. However, the movement’s disproportionate representation in forums such as Reddit and in online sites with an explicitly millennial base such as Zula and Rice Media intimates both its roots in the American internet and the demographic’s youthful and highly-educated slant across all races, including—if not especially—among ethnic Chinese. This is further confirmed by the recent popularity of Singapore poet Alfian Sa’at’s writings on racial identity in Singapore, including among government scholars studying at Western universities. The coincidence of public anger at the scandals mentioned above with the George Floyd protests and even the Education Minister’s explicit appeal for enraged netizens to bear in mind differences between the American and Singaporean racial situation only further underscore the contagious and imitative role of the American internet.

  49. …leads to inefficient firms and industries getting resources.

    It would be hard to a find more zanier 90’s neoliberalism statement. Saying that market is picking winners is like the medieval church saying that God decides everything, same unthinking fanaticism.

    Where is this market that you speak of? In education, medicine, housing, pensions, there is no recognisable market and there can never be. Humans optimise things for maximum personal benefit, finding a way to avoid what you call markets because they are hard to live with and not profitable. The key is to create a monopoly, that’s how people make big money – look into it, all else are slogans. The fact that butter or shoes are handled in a “market” is economically insignificant – a tiny part of the modern economy.

    The zany 90’s neoliberalism is on its way out because it was mostly a complete nonsense. People like Krugman cannot walk away from it – they have destroyed and hurt next generations – there will be accountability for it.

  50. sudden death says

    Wonder if Sikhs are doing or planing to do any lectures about Hindu privilege in India as a conceptual anchor? 🙂

  51. Lately, I’ve been wondering whether anyone has ever attempted to give more granularity to the origin and propagation of some of these ideological terms that might be associated with the valorization of diversity.

    Some people might look up a term like “human rights” in an Ngram viewer. But I wonder if anyone has tried to make a epidemiological program that would classify published hits into types – university press/newspapers/geographic location/sex and ethnicity of author, and do contact tracing between countries.

    With deep study, it might be possible to design some new international language for business purposes that would be highly poz-resistant. As it is, I’m a bit on the fence about Europe adopting Latin. Maybe, it would filter out some low-IQ inputs, but the usual suspects seem to be gifted linguists.

  52. Singapore’s gini is actually at 0.36 or 0,37, very low for a city of its size, and lower than NYC or London, housing is cheap relative to income due to massive subsidies.

  53. Also Singapore’s government pays the salaries of lots of people in the workforce that would otherwise to uneconomical if left to the private sector, basically make-work jobs, or a government jobs program, just to give people something to do. Also hidden taxes, i.e. forced savings like CPF means that almost half of your gross salary gets taken away. And there is always the cost of owning a car. Also the system tends to be quite unfavorable to higher income taxpayers if you look at the subsidies that lower-income people get in health care, education, and housing. Plus you can not exactly publish IQ studies on ethnicities or races there, or go about spreading anti-vaxxer propaganda.

  54. There is the question as to why so many people on this website are so enthusiastic about China, given that whether a site like this would be allowed to operate in China at all, if it took the same positions on Xi and the Chinese government that it takes against the West here. Also flooding due to rising sea levels is an increasing problem in Singapore.

  55. Hyperborean says

    Singapore’s gini is actually at 0.36 or 0,37, very low for a city of its size, and lower than NYC or London, housing is cheap relative to income due to massive subsidies.

    From an article in 2015:

    There appears to be no publicly available information right now on how much PRs earn. The latest Labour Force In Singapore report shows that median monthly incomes for full-time employed residents – that is citizens plus PRs – grew to $3,770 last year.

    This is higher than the median income of full-time Singaporean workers, which is $3,566.

    It is thus clear that PRs – who tend to be better educated than citizens – likely earned more than citizens. Lumping citizen and PR income data can paint too rosy a picture of a community’s income trends. For example, there has been concern that the income data of ethnic Indian Singaporeans is being inflated by lumping them together with India-born immigrants who take up permanent residence or citizenship here.

    In 2010, the average monthly household income from work in homes where the head of household was an Indian was $7,664, well above the national average of $7,214.

    Significantly, a decade earlier, the incomes of Indian-headed households was $4,623 – below the national average income ($4,988) as well as that for the Chinese community ($5,258).

    The influx in the 2000s of better-educated – and higher-income Indian nationals who took up PR here – was seen as a possible reason for the rise.


    Finally, there is no official data on the wages of blue-collar foreign workers, despite their vast and growing numbers and the important economic role they play in doing essential jobs that most locals won’t deign to do.

    There are more than 760,000 foreign work-permit holders who work in construction, shipping, manufacturing and other low-wage jobs. Another 218,000 foreigners work as domestic workers. Together, these workers make up nearly 30 per cent of the workforce. But their wages are not included in government wage surveys here, which consider only resident workers.

    Significantly, the non-PR foreign workforce here has more than doubled in the past decade.

    Anecdotally, work-permit holders here can earn as little as $18 a day – or around $400 a month before overtime. Their incomes may not have improved much in the past decade. In fact, they may well have fallen as companies try to recover costs of higher foreign worker levies by lowering worker pay. This needs to change.

    As Singapore moves towards a more progressive, inclusive society, it is time to ensure that all workers – citizens, PRs and foreigners – earn a fair wage. That, of course, cannot be done without knowing how much each group earns in the first place.

  56. According to Pew, under a zero migration scenario, by 2050, the Muslim percentage of Denmark will increase by about 40.7%, due in part to age differences. Probably a fair proxy for non-Europeans. And that’s if zero migration actually happens… in a country that, in a Western context, might be seen as having a low percentage of foreigners.

    Western Europe is in dire trouble.

  57. There is the question as to why so many people on this website are so enthusiastic about China

    They cut all the gay parts out of the Freddy Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. They sometimes use man-catchers to catch illegal Nigerians. Recently, their education ministry introduced a plan to make boys more masculine.

    Those are all impressive accomplishments in my view, even if I see some areas where improvement is possible.

  58. JohnPlywood says

    You’re a typical projecting American alt-right idiot.

    The Muslim population of Denmark is 4.4%. A 40% increase means Denmark would mean Denmark is 6.4% Muslim in 2050.

    In the meantime the USA is less than 60% white and will be less than 50% white by 2050. Canada will be, too.

    Red states are leading the way with states like Texas being already 40% white.

    Western Europe’s going to be just fine, and definitely doesn’t need to hear anything that originated in your defective brain. Worry more about the demographic situation in your country.

  59. JohnPlywood says

    They aren’t accomplishing shit. You’re impressed by superficial displays of defiance that won’t achieve anything.

  60. Abelard Lindsey says

    Whatever the problems Singapore has, nomad capitalist types like Andrew Henderson say its still a great place to live and do business. However, because of its popularity, the Singaporean government can pick and choose who they want, with the result that getting Singaporean residency and citizenship has become very expensive.

    I lived internationally during the 90’s and, given the political situation and long term trends here in the U.S., am considering doing so again. I have been following guys like Andrew Henderson (Nomad Capitalist) and Simon Black (Sovereign Man) more often these days.

    What I’m reading in here about Singapore reinforces the conviction that I’ve had for a very long time that the only long term solution is seasteading followed by space colonization. This is the only way where the enterprising self-starter class of people can have complete political autonomy from those who are not. I would not want someone like the Indian woman described previously to live in my city-state. The whole idea of pioneering is to get away from people like her.

  61. What if the pedos all grouped together and formed their own star system or galaxy that was pedo friendly. Would that content still be allowed to exist?

    I suppose that can theoretically happen, but it’s not like CP is extremely hard to access if you are really determined to. If closing down all CP is to be some kind of absolute , value, might as well shutter down the current Internet. Also photo and video cameras while we’re at it.

    I don’t think urbit’s success (or lack thereof) will revolve around this.

  62. Abelard Lindsey says

    I think multiculturalism can work when and only when the races are exclusively high achievement people. For example, Chinese and Northern European whites work well together. The problem is when you mix races that are clearly not comparable to each other in performance. This results with the less achieving races becoming increasingly resentful of the more capable races. Starting from the 90’s, I always thought the best of current humanity is 80% East Asian practicality and 20% western free market liberalism.

  63. I dont think Islam and Muslims will be the dominant group by 2050. No doubt about that. But in 30 years time, I predict that the vast majority of Western Europe will be multiracial and multicultural to such an extent that only in the rural areas will you see any semblance of the old Europe (which actually is starting to become very much the case in the UK and France).

    It is sad the more you think about it. Maybe its evolution? I dont know. But from where I stand, I dont really see Western Europe as actually being a ‘success’ story with the majority preferring to self segregate in their lily white communites, despite calling for “more diversity.”

  64. Abelard Lindsey says

    Its going to more a giant version of Brazil than Islamistan.

  65. JohnPlywood says

    Impossible. Denmark will still be whiter than America was in tbe 1950s.

    It’s Eastern Europe that is becoming multiracial and multiethnic. They have the lowest fertility and are about to get swamped by Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, inc.

  66. The Muslim population of Denmark is 4.4%

    5.4% in 2016 (estimated). I might add Denmark is a very small country, wedged between larger neighbors that have larger alien populations.

    Worry more about the demographic situation in your country.

    Where did I say I was optimistic about the US and Canada? America was once about 89% white. Probably above 99% in the North – it did not become more white.

    In the meantime the USA is less than 60% white and will be less than 50% white by 2050.

    Why are you using such retarded metrics? You think centenarians are important?

  67. I absolutely agree. Honestly from where I am standing, old Europe is pretty much ‘dead’ as a functioning entity unless you go to Eastern Europe and Russia. The damage to Western Europe is so far gone that the traditional identities have become so far diluted, that I do not see any great nationalistic rebirth.

    Once the boomers start dying off, the millennials get into positions of power and their children are born, any emotional feeling to the old Europe will be pretty much gone. People will be so used to living with diversity and self segregation that will become their new norm.

    Big question is will it be a success? Its a huge question mark. I think that society will continue on, people will ‘pretend’ there is no problem but cautiously avoid the crime ridden cities as best they can.

  68. Vishnugupta says

    India’s going to become a lot more right wing going forward.

    This is compounded by the fact that the West is presently in relative decline at a rate last seen during the collapse of the Roman Empire..So the latest societal trends in the west will appeal lesser and lesser.

    I think grounds for cautious optimism exists.

  69. There is a lot of resentment in Singapore towards CECA Indians.

  70. The coast of the Namib Desert seems like a pretty nice place: 1,600 km long. Practically uninhabited. Temperatures along the coast are stable and generally range between 9–20 °C (48–68 °F) annually. Of course, settling it would be a political problem. Though, really, all options, even sea-steading are political problems of varying degrees.

    Jerry Pournelle was HBD-aware (at least semi-cryptically) but a social person. A lot of his early fiction has Euros going to third world countries to escape the regularity and taxing environment of welfare states – building giant power plants, for space-launching lasers, in Baja California. Towing icebergs to desert coasts. Leasing reefs from Pacific Islanders in order to farm fish, and drawing up cold water from the ocean floor for plankton.

    I don’t think he really understood the migration problem or the problem of poz induced by migration. At least not in his earlier years.

  71. JohnPlywood says

    5.4% in 2016 (estimated). I might add Denmark is a very small country, wedged between larger neighbors that have larger alien populations.

    Ok, but 2020 estimates say Denmark is 4.4% Muslim:

    According to a 2020 analysis by Danish researcher Brian Arly Jacobsen, an estimated 256,000 people in Denmark — 4.4% of the population — were Muslim in January 2020.

    Muslim population of Sweden: 8% (many of whom are European Muslims like Bosnians and Albanians)

    Muslim population of Germany: 6% (mostly Turks)

    Highly doubtful they would ever move to Denmark.

  72. Would be interesting to see Ngrams of Congressional testimony, and of other government bodies, like the UN. Would be interesting to track the word “racist” in these places and compare it to the parliament of South Africa.

  73. A /pol/ thread says that Biden is the American Brezhnev – some say however that he’s actually the American Yeltsin, Trump being the equivalent of the failed reformer Gorby.


  74. The Church of England is set to introduce a 30 per cent quota for ethnic minority candidates on its leadership programme and carry out anti-racism training

    Maybe, Guy Fawkes was right?

    The Jesuit Conference of U.S. and Canada, an order of the Catholic Church, announced the goal of raising $100 million to benefit the descendants of enslaved people historically owned and sold by Jesuits.

    Or, maybe, not?

  75. Boomthorkell says

    After state-backed pride parades, my bar for being impressed is low.

    I also wouldn’t refer to these displays as superficial. Long-term benefits remain to be judged, but hey, it’s the opposite of State-backed pride parades!

  76. Indians should be ethnically cleansed from all of Southeast Asia.

  77. Bashibuzuk says

    The Taliban are in Moscow again having talks with the Kabul government.

    Gulbuddin Hekmatyar had joined with the Talibs. Thinking of Hekmatyar feeling comfortable in Moscow is a bit surreal.

    Abdul Rashid Dostum has also traveled to Moscow. In his case it feels more natural.

    Dostum went to shake hands and have a friendly talk with one of the important Taliban, whom he had taken prisoner years ago and then transferred to the US military that sent the Talib to Guantanamo to enjoy their hospitality for a few years. The Talib in question, Mullah Mohammad Fazl refused to shake hands and told Dostum he is a traitor and a murderer. A minor psychodrame ensued. Dostum left the talks.

    Peace (in Afghanistan) in our days… (Sarc)

  78. AK has called whites “sub-human” because of failed COVID prevention measures. I wonder if he is considering revising his statement. Nordicists again appear to be correct.

  79. JohnPlywood says

    They are 100% cringeworthy superficial bullshit that will net zero benefits. Just like the alt-right.

  80. AltanBakshi says
  81. Boomthorkell says

    What would be inspiring and substantial actions that would net numerous benefits?

  82. Yellowface Anon says

    Haven’t been commenting for a while, just saw Karlin going to a more sensible position on lockdowns.

    I still agree with much of what Shamir, CJ Hopkins and even Whitney have been saying (as well as some others on, and even Martin Armstrong), the lockdowns, COVID fraud and Great Reset have exceeded the viciousness of Nazis and level of deceit of the Holocaust hoax, and doing way more harm than what can be fixed. As Martin Armstrong is predicting the West undergoing a economic and societal collapse as deep as the post-Soviets, we might go back to some of the posts by Orlov or Tainter’s classic The Collapse of Complex Societies to judge what kind of future the Atlantic-Globalist bloc will have or assess what the fallout will be.

    Some “normies” wanting their livelihoods aside, a lot has their own agendas to impose on the post-COVID political vacuum, like the abolition of the state (libertarianism) and repudiation of modern development in practice (agrarians) or in principle (Dugin?), which are totally against going back to the old normal. I read the zeitgeist as the repudiation of the old social order, a Fourth Turning even, as everyone are trying to tear down everything (or seeing it torn down) to “Build Back Better” (for elites or for the people, for individuals).

    My question of the day: So what? Thinking dispassionately, what does this mean for individual life prospects? Is it necessary to be drawn up into one of the extremes in ideology and practice without a middle ground?

  83. Shortsword says

    Ukrainians chimping out because Sternenko got imprisoned. Note the “ACAB” graffitti.

  84. Shortsword says
  85. Bies Podkrakowski says

    Delicate bullshit here.

  86. Shortsword says

    This leaves me somewhat skeptical of Tesla’s camera only self-driving. At least for now.

  87. What really makes it alarming, IMO, is that they are being “washed” by the entrance of non-Muslims, so the native pop would be shrinking substantially. I think people will be shocked by the 2021 UK census.

    And I don’t think any of these scenarios account for the political effects of migration. For example, I don’t think past UK predictions would have predicted the current rate of immigration, even under a high scenario.

  88. Actually Anon says

    Just what is this fixation with pedos? I know US elites do it and US pleb yearn or it, because it is the forbidden fruit. But many other things are / were forbidden, in other times or places. Who cares about the idiots who don’t understand that each group has its mores? Anyway, you will never be able to compete with the Disneys and the Facebooks of the world, for their eyes and ears.

  89. To frame it another way, let’s assume that sort of group was allowed to exist. The dark web with the Tor network had some groups like this and there was a big story a couple of years ago where they actually caught a couple of guys because it wasn’t secure, since Tor was basically created by the NSA or some similar agency, so they left a vulnerability to infecting a computer via a virus smuggled in through a profile jpeg or something.

    Now let’s say that the group is actually ISIS or the Sinaloa cartel getting messages from its members who have infiltrated the US military. There is no easy way for security services to track the conversation on a closed group there and Urbit viruses would be harder to write I imagine. The US could demand that the galactic senate take down the ISIS group that disseminates messages to attackers in the West, but is this actually feasible, or can they track down where the owner of the ISIS planet or star is actually based?

    At worst, this would mean that the spooks would have to go back to old fashioned methods, but would try to ruin Urbit’s reputation and maybe using Urbit would be a crime in some countries.

  90. Yes, I agree.

    The strongest incentive to move to Urbit will come from those who are already banned from the regular internet.

    So the first movers will be CP, illicit sales of everything from drugs to weapons to slave trade, money laundering, terrorists.

    There will then be a strong incentive for the authorities to cripple Urbit. Not sure how the authorities can do that, but they will certainly try.

    All of these things will be a disincentive for normies to join.

  91. AnonfromTN says

    Ukrainians chimping out

    You are making a pretty common mistake: confusing Ukrainians and Ukies. Wonnabe Nazi scum supporting convicted murderer Sternenko are Ukies. Unfortunately, reasonably normal Ukrainians are passive, and therefore suffer the consequences of the devolution and disintegration of their country.

  92. These far off scenarios isn’t something I have thought about deeply and probably aren’t worth thinking about unless and until urbit does show signs that it is eating the likes of Facebook.

    I think that there will be many other communications tools for ISIS, drug cartels, and pedo networks more reliable and “better” for their purposes than urbit, but if there was to be strong evidence that a star was indeed systemically providing such “services”, then I assume that there is a chance that the “galactic assembly” might vote in favor of performing the equivalent of an Exterminatus upon it (in practice: Some system-wide block on its ID, which would necessitate changes to the codebase and thus require a majority vote of galaxy holders).

    Criminalizing usage of a particular social network would be a drastic escalation even for a country like China. I don’t think it will happen. Even if it does happen, enforcing it will be extremely difficult. What a highly decentralized system like urbit is invulnerable to is SJW mobs demanding that Internet service providers take down some person or network or other.

  93. Happily the technical hurdles (which are going to come down swiftly over the next few months) to getting urbit set up means that the key stakeholders have been selected for quality.

  94. Abelard Lindsey says

    The reason why I say the West will be like Brazil and not Islamistan is because the huge wave of migrants to come will be Sub-Saharan Africans and not MENA people. See Steve Sailer’s world’s most important graph series.

    Will the world continue? Yeah, I think it will. Performance will be degraded. But Brazil has electricity and internet just like everyone else.

  95. AnonfromTN says

    This describes Ukraine fairly wellэпитафия%20%281%29.jpg
    (for those who don’t read Russian, this tombstone says: Ukraine – born by accident, died stupidly).

  96. I thought Facebook is already banned in China, so criminalizing its use is just a legal next step, or the government can find some way to infect every device that manages to log on to the web with surveillance software. Basically just the act on logging on to the net can cause you to be infected with the software.

  97. OT but Myanmar just basically shut down the internet.

  98. Islam in Europe. The Muslim-free zone is basically the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth plus the Baltics plus Austria-Hungary (minus Austria itself):

  99. Blinky Bill says
  100. Shortsword says
  101. Seems like a nice town. One advantage of the Namib is that the low population density and the difficult inland environment would make it hard for native militaries to mobilize any opposition force, if you wanted to take the place over. Of course, I’m kidding a bit – you’d need mulberry harbors or something – and I don’t see why such people could not be accommodated.

    In fact, my personal vision would not be for a Namib desert state, as such, but rather for a few city states, to create paradise gulags for the woke that would improve Western society as a whole, while not being more cruel than is necessary. I think there would be a big improvement if one merely exiled 10% of so of the worst players of some groups – for example, the gays that frequent bathhouses, the most violently narcissistic trannies. And, such places could be used regularly, as they probably all have super low TFR.

    The Ancient Greeks understood the utility of of ostracism and exile, as did the Romans. I think a lot of the troubles of Western society come from the fact that we’ve given up on it, and never understood how to do it properly. We never did it in a civilizational context, we handed people off to other countries that were connected to us. (And why be cruel by recreating Siberian camps, if it is not necessary?)

    How does it make sense to let Marx go to London – the biggest city in the world, at the time? Or even to deport Emma Goldman to Russia, so she can aid the Bolsheviks? Obviously, it was better to send Napoleon to St. Helena than to Elba.

  102. It’s good to see there’s a children’s program that has somewhat natural depictions of children.

    One can contrast it to America, where there has been a definite trend to make all the characters into racially neutral animals of various colors. In American society, Gumby was something of a trailblazer – it came out in the ’50s and all the characters were amorphous blobs of clay, different colors of the rainbow.

  103. reiner Tor says

    Oldie but goodie.

    Only faggots say goodie instead of goldie.
    I can just imagine you googling it too, to see which is the “correct” version.

    Sad! Many such cases.

  104. reiner Tor says

    I told Orbán wasn’t very competent.

  105. Shortsword says

    Is Orbán good at debating? Does he even debate? He’s been the Prime Minister for a long time so maybe he’s doing like Putin and simply not partake in debates.

    Orbán is talked about unreasonably much in Western media. I feel like he’s talked about significantly more than any other politician from the Eastern European EU region. It’s typically pretty vague and basically all demonization for social conservative policies. PiS in Poland is demonized in a similar way but there the party is in the focus more than any single politician.

    He kind of looks like he’s dumb so there’s that.–Btv56gjp–/c_limit,w_1160/7AoZAMaZqfXQFUAKs.jpeg

  106. (minus Austria itself)

    More accurately: Minus Austria itself, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Why exactly did Austria-Hungary occupy and annex Bosnia and Herzegovina with all of its Muslims anyway? God ended up being displeased with this action, as evidenced by the shedding of Franz Ferdinand’s and his wife’s blood in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914–albeit ironically by a Christian Serb rather than by a Muslim Bosniak.

  107. Why exactly is there projected to be an explosion in the Hungarian Muslim population in the high scenario by 2050? What makes Hungary different from its neighbors?

  108. “My wife won’t have sex with me so I became an ass bandit!” LOL! 😀

  109. Hyperborean says

    God ended up being displeased with this action, as evidenced by the shedding of Franz Ferdinand’s and his wife’s blood in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914–albeit ironically by a Christian Serb rather than by a Muslim Bosniak.

    These kind of theological speculations are akin to slicing down the square peg so it will fit the hole. It is circumstantial. One could equally claim that they were assassinated because the Habsburg administration behaved un-Christianly in leaving the Saracen absentee landlords in place.

    According to the 1910 population census there were 1,898,044 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    Religion Number
    Eastern Orthodox 825,918 (43.49%)
    Muslims 612,137 (32.25%)
    Roman Catholics 434,061 (22.87%)
    others 26,428 (1.39%)

    The urban population was, according to religion, 50.76% Muslims, 24.49% Roman Catholics, and 19.92% Eastern Orthodox. Land ownership was 91.1% Muslims, 6% Eastern Orthodox, 2.6% Roman Catholics, and 0.3% others.

  110. I obviously don’t have authority to speak about Orban as a Hungarian speaker would, but he came off very badly against BHL:

  111. Yellowface Anon says

    Thanks for the very traditionalist reply, some form of ideological “demodernization” might be good without giving up much of the modern conveniences.

  112. And here’s a sneak preview of your own funeral, if you had lived and died in Ukraine, Mr. Professor.

    Unfortunately, there won’t even be anybody to even bury you here in the US. The remains of Gasterbeiters who hate America as much as they hate the land of their birth have absolutely no place on earth to have their remains buried and respected. No rest for the wicked, Professor. 🙁

  113. Europe Europa says

    It seems to me that many if not most anti-vaxxers are just manifesting anti-Anglo sentiment, as in they do not trust the products of the US and UK.

    I’ve noticed many of them do not attack Sputnik and the Chinese vaccines in the same way, many of them even have a positive view of the latter. There’s a few true anti-vaxxers who wouldn’t take a vaccine from anywhere, but most of it is geo-political. The EU has now even resorted to ordering Sputnik to encourage their population to get vaccinated, presumably because they think that many Europeans have a more positive view of Russia?

  114. Someone who’s infected gets detained in an, otherwise closed down, hotel for a few weeks. If it’s caught quickly enough you can prevent people from infecting everyone they live with which would be an almost certainty otherwise. You can get cases down very quickly that way as not that many people live truly a look one. Less objectionable than closing businesses and enforcing worse than sharia social distancing for months on end, but no European country has actually implemented it. I suspect that the current restrictions in Europe reflect what’s tolerable to the bug-people who’re responsible for them: Sitting on their asses, eating Uber-eats and watching Netflix is something they would choose to do if Corona had never existed which is why they’re mystified that anyone objects, being hauled off to a 2 star hotel is not.

    Need to seriously think about emigration though if the nonsense is reimposed next winter or never properly repealed in the summer.

  115. If there is antivaxx sentiment in Europe then most of it is due to their medical establishments intermittently banning and stoking fears over the AstraZeneca jab. The uk has jabbed around 40% of it’s population, but it’s still a criminal offense to go on a date so, from the point of view of a healthy young adult, the vaccines are the difference between neverending lockdowns with boomer removal and neverending lockdowns without.

  116. Bashibuzuk says

    I agree. This is what I would like to get to for me and my family, but frankly for now I am just a half a way there.

  117. You know that Brazil produces military and civilian jets and would have had a nuclear weapons program if not for Western objections right?

  118. “a look one” should be “alone”, can’t seem to edit here anymore

  119. AnonFromTN says

    It seems to me that many if not most anti-vaxxers are just manifesting anti-Anglo sentiment, as in they do not trust the products of the US and UK.

    I am not an anti-vaxxer, I just have a modicum of common sense. All successful vaccines so far were based either on killed/attenuated pathogen, or on viral vector encoding one or more of pathogen’s surface proteins. There never was a successful vaccine based on mRNA. There still isn’t, whatever Pfizer and Moderna claim.

  120. Yellowface Anon says

    That’s probably the right way to deal with the vaccine issue in isolation, ignoring lots of globalist plotting using COVID for their own agendas outside of Big Pharma doing crony capitalist business.
    Only Rappoport (COVID is totally fake!) and a few nutritional writers who have no love with vaccines will disagree with you. The real thrust of the Resistance’s struggles that are forming is strictly on economics and politics of control and freedom.

  121. Yellowface Anon says

    I’m not suggesting COVID is fake and mocked up, even those there are convincing arguments Rappoport and others are trying to get through. For the benefit of doubt, almost everyone discusses epidemiological policies from the assumption that COVID exists, and bases their favored policies on their perception of risk (e.g. IFR, cases).
    Globalists who want to terrorize shifts attention from death predictions from faulty models to “zero COVID” in their Great Reset land, which their ironfisted lockdown policies entirely base on. Everyone else can be a true believer, to reasoned advocates of sensible and effective policies balancing cost and benefits, to libertarians screaming “signs of oppression!” at any sight of masks.
    If I have never learned of the Great Reset I’ll be on the middle ground.

  122. AnonFromTN says

    Could you try to be less childish for a change? Kindergarten-level responses are boooring!

  123. Abelard Lindsey says

    I do know these things. I also know that PetroBras is a world-class oil compnay fully competitive with the likes of Shell or BP. All of these things are produced in the southern part of Brazil, and area that appears to be more functional than, say, around Rio de Janeiro and further north.

  124. AnonFromTN says

    who hate America

    What’s your take on corrupt senile president-unelect being defeated by stairs? As a US citizen, I am deeply ashamed. Are you?

  125. Some people probably have political models that contain seven axes, but, when considering a two party system like the US, I wonder how reliable the poo emoji is as a political indicator, for people who embrace it. I’m guessing it is close to 100%, when you discount the rainbow version.

  126. AnonFromTN says

    Funny sequence of events. Biden called Putin a killer. Putin responded by saying that when we were kids, we used to say that you are what you call others. Then he wished Biden good health. Soon thereafter Biden was defeated by stairs while boarding presidential airplane.
    New Russian joke: Putin threatened to wish good health to everyone saying anything Russophobic.

  127. Good one and hope senile Joe keep entertaining us

  128. Regarding cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies will be forced to deanonymize users one way or another, if will be allowed to survive.

  129. Well, if you really want to be treated as an adult, you’ll have to stop making pre-school type comments, as you did in #109. 🙂

  130. Europe Europa says

    The idea that mass immigration will turn Western countries into Middle Eastern war zones is a right wing cope. Many of them actively hope that there will be a big civil war that’ll drive the immigrants back to their own countries, or provide the impetus to form a white ethno-state. They hope there will be something that decisively solves the problem.

    In reality there will almost certainly be no war or any real resistance, white people will just slowly but surely merge with the non-white population racially and culturally.

  131. Europe Europa says

    Many Russians seem to see being Russophone as practically a racial identity in itself, if there were Russian-speaking Negros they’d probably welcome them.

  132. If Europe wasn’t experiencing such severe civilizational malaise, and being invaded to the hilt, I think Europeans would at this moment be formulating some giant geo-engineering project to try to one-up the Chinese who seem to be doing a few things in this area, like the South–North Water Transfer Project or Great Green Wall.

    I wonder what the best project would be. Maybe, damming the North Sea. I wonder how much power would be generated if you turned it into a gigantic tidal mill. Or, maybe, it could be filled in and Doggerland recreated. Would take massive amounts of fill, but might be doable, if it was mostly automated and had a long schedule, like 500 years.

    Another cool thing to do would be to try to revive extinct megafauna to help geo-engineer the arctic tundra. But, I guess that wouldn’t be shovel-ready, so to speak, and it is an open question how practical it would be. Some believe that damming across to Gibraltar would warm up Siberia.

  133. AnonFromTN says

    Sorry to point this out, but you failed attention test in my comment #109. There is an error on the tombstone: it says “Украiна” instead of “Україна”. The rest is correct, though.

  134. AnonFromTN says

    Many Russians seem to see being Russophone as practically a racial identity in itself,
    if there were Russian-speaking Negros they’d probably welcome them

    Tell you what, part of this is that Russian grammar is very complicated, worse than French, Spanish, or Latin. So, speaking Russian like a native is virtually impossible for people whose mother tongue is not Russian. Not to mention the profusion of idioms and enormous number of words with all sorts of meanings that have swearword roots. In Russian you can compose meaningful complex sentences consisting exclusively of words with swearword roots. English does not even come close.

    As to Russian-speaking Negros, there are none except those who grew up in Russia, and these are few and far between. So, Russia is safe in that regard.

  135. AnonFromTN says

    An unexpected Russian take on Biden’s fall on the stairs. “It’s good to be Joe Biden: you fall on the stairs, and one minute later you don’t even remember it”.

  136. Bashibuzuk says
  137. Bashibuzuk says

    Biden’s fall on the stairs

    Putin’s voodoo is strong…

  138. There never was a successful vaccine based on mRNA. There still isn’t, whatever Pfizer and Moderna claim.

    No, there was some success even prior to Covid. Here is an article written back in 2017:

  139. AnonFromTN says

    Ethiopians (arap) are not negroes, they are mixed race.

  140. AnonFromTN says

    This is a paper. What’s more, it was published in Nature (popular scientific joke: even though it was published in Nature, it might still be true). The study was done using animals, not humans. I was talking about human vaccines.

  141. Shortsword says

    Some news on Sputnik V and vaccination (all from recent news on TASS):

    Russia is planning to manufacture 80 million two-component doses of sputnik V in the first half of 2021. I believe this means that the total amount of doses will be 160 million. The total amount of two-component doses produced in March is about 13 million so the pace needs to be stepped up.

    The amount of EpiVacCorona (2nd Russian vaccine) produced by July is supposed to be 5.5 million.

    Production contracts for Sputnik V in other countries amount to a total annual production rate of 700 million. Mostly in India. I believe this number refers to only single dose production.

    Putin is taking the vaccine tomorrow (March 23rd).

    Russia is planning to vaccinate 30 million by June 15th.

  142. Bashibuzuk says

    Ethiopia’s population is highly diverse with different languages and ethnic groups. Most of its people speak an Ethiosemitic or Cushitic language which are both part of the Afroasiatic language family, while others speak Nilo-Saharan languages. The Oromo, Amhara, Somali and Tigrayans make up more than three-quarters (75%) of the population, but there are more than 80 different ethnic groups within Ethiopia. Some of these have as few as 10,000 members

    We have no idea what ethnic group Hannibal Petrovich belonged to. In US he would certainly have been placed among the Afro-Americans.

    But Russians are POC anyway.

  143. AnonFromTN says

    In US he would certainly have been placed among the Afro-Americans.

    In the US you get preferential treatment if you can pass yourself as African American or Hispanic. I met people with skin lighter than mine who officially were African Americans. It’s like veterans of the Battle of Kulikovo: I don’t know whether they exist, but they bring documents supporting their claims.

  144. Europe Europa says

    But Russians are POC anyway.

    I don’t get the Russians are POCs thing, why would you want people to see Russians as being on the same level as violent blacks and Muslims? I thought Russians had spent years trying to shake off that perception so I’m not sure why you’d want to go back to that?

  145. This is a paper. What’s more, it was published in Nature (popular scientific joke: even though it was published in Nature, it might still be true).

    Here’s another one from a different journal, from 2012:

    Highly potent mRNA based cancer vaccines represent an attractive platform for combination therapies supporting an improved therapeutic effect

    The study was done using animals, not humans. I was talking about human vaccines.

    From the paper:

    Cancer vaccines can be designed to target tumour-associated antigens that are preferentially expressed in cancerous cells, for example, growth-associated factors, or antigens that are unique to malignant cells owing to somatic mutation120. These neoantigens, or the neoepitopes within them, have been deployed as mRNA vaccine targets in humans.


    It’s a new technology, but not as new as you claim.

  146. Abelard Lindsey says

    I think you’re right. Except it will be the Middle-eastern immigrants who become more European-like than the other way around. They already are, at least in terms of fertility. MENA itself is showing signs of mellowing out as well (see the previous posting by our host) with their fertility declining as well. I think ISIS put a bad taste in their mouth for fundamental Islam. However, there will be huge migrant wave of Sub-Saharan Africans that will swamp Europe. One entertaining result of this is that whites and middle-easterners will come to see themselves with common cause in this demographic onslaught. Mark Styne was right about demographics. He just wrong about the boogieman.

  147. Gerard1234 says

    General pattern so far has been 60-67% of everything . So by the time that 80 million doses are manufactured – about 50 million (60+%) of that 80 million have been sent out to all the regions, and when all 50 million of that have been distributed, about 30 million of that 50 million have fully passed quality control and are ready to use for vaccination. Same patterns observed when 5, 10 and then 15 million doses manufactured.

    So far we have vaccinated at least 4.3 million people fully – although I am sure the data for military, education and medics is not complete. Only US, Brazil, India and Israel have fully vaccinated more ( Chile progressing very highly also) and we have done this we near zero advertising, most restrictions ( and so motivation to be vaccinated much less) removed and are infection and hospitalisation rate on a downtrend since before the end of last year.

    Putin mentioned the figure of 100 billion USD as a potential export value for Sputnik V, although I don’t think a timeframe was specified. Have you seen anything detailing how much they and the others like AZ and Pfizer/Biotech may earn this year from vaccinations?

  148. Shortsword says

    Putin mentioned the figure of 100 billion USD as a potential export value for Sputnik V, although I don’t think a timeframe was specified.

    Sputnik V is $10 per dose. That’s $20 per person. Other vaccines are in the range of $10 to $40 per dose so it’s possible that Russia could charge more. But reaching $100B sounds hard as it would require several billions to be vaccinated by Sputnik V. In fact, the total cost of all COVID-19 vaccines produced will probably be around $250B. Maybe $25B sounds more reasonable.

  149. AnonfromTN says

    Cancer vaccines

    Have you ever heard of cancer being prevented by a vaccine? “Cancer vaccine” is like snake oil. The gullible buy it, though. There is a sucker born every minute.

  150. In Russian law, marriage is a union of a man and a woman.

    In the constitution itself, I think.

  151. Gerard1234 says

    I am bemused by your disrespect to the father of Ukraine. But I have to admit that another man has surpassed him to become the true patriarch of Ukraine:-

    go on Mr Hack – give the face of democracy a big hug and a kiss. A picture tells a million words – it’s a face of pure democracy, non-gangsterism, trustworthiness, a photo showing a face that ukrop parents are proud to tell their kids is the one of a President of “Ukraine”.

    I’m starting the emigration process straight away, and burning all evidence of my trip to Crimea after 2014 – I cant give the SBU the chance to stop me from joining this paradise – a true bright and open democracy.

  152. AnonfromTN says

    There is Russian expression “a face begging for a brick”. Porky’s face fits perfectly.

  153. Yellowface Anon says

    I have heard of a good number of adverse reactions (which may or may not related to vaccination) from even Sinovac’s inactivated COVID vaccine, like deep pain, dizziness and even a few deaths that can be attributed to chronic conditions. Most of the dead are 60+ who should have been excluded from any sane mass vaccination regime. This means something in line with flu vaccines, but reported case by case to stoke fear. (Granted, mass vaccination means lots of normal chronic conditions become lumped to the whole vaccine thing). This gives fuel to hardline antivaxxers who thinks no COVID vaccines are acceptable since COVID is fake/all vaccines are funded by Bill Gates/the vaccination regime underpins the Great Reset…

    I doubt Russia will reach even 25% vaccinated other than introducing some form of vaccination propiska. Shamir would be surprised and griefed over how he’s been supporting the fake resistance if that ever came to pass.

  154. Blinky Bill says
  155. Most of the dead are 60+ who should have been excluded from any sane mass vaccination regime.

    They’re the people who absolutely should’ve been vaccinated, after which restrictions should’ve been abandoned. Millions have now been given the various jabs available and none of them have grown two heads. Having said that, in england, over the past few days, we’ve had a parade of scientific advisors, who have our useless government by the balls, appear in the media to tell us that in three months time, when the lockdown is due to end (UK has been in quasi-lockdown since October and full lockdown since new year), it won’t actually end and masks, distancing and exit visas will be in place for years. This is with a ‘rona death rate of about 20 per day now and almost everyone likely to be fully vaccinated by then. Those “subhuman” Russians and stupid rednecks weren’t that stupid after all.

  156. I wish you all the luck in the world in your newly adopted country! Maybe at last, your career as a concert pianist will finally blossom.

    Go to Ukraine and flourish, Geraldina – Kyiv’s estradna stage awaits your presence !

  157. It’s my fault that you choose to use cheap theatrical props to buttress your nonsense? My video clip, as well as my comment, rang truer than yours…

    You’re grasping for straws, as usual Herr Professor. Looks to me like AP has got you down for the count. 1-2 -… 🙂

  158. Shortsword says

    Three crewmembers died after a Tu-22 bomber’s ejection system suddenly went off at an airfield near Kaluga in central Russia.

    “Today, during planned preparations of a Tu-22M3 aircraft on the ground for a flight at an airfield in the Kaluga Region, the ejection system was suddenly activated,” the ministry said.

    “Due to the insufficient altitude for parachute opening, three crewmembers received fatal injuries upon landing,” it said.

    Apparently the ejection button was pressed. Can that happen accidentally? While on the ground?

  159. AnonFromTN says

    Apparently the ejection button was pressed. Can that happen accidentally? While on the ground?

    The ejection button was not necessarily pressed. Tu-22M3 is an old airplane (this model was produced 1978-1993). Although it is not as old as B-52 (produced from 1955), any kind of malfunction can happen. BTW, three pilots died, the fourth one was injured by still lives.

  160. AnonFromTN says

    Chronicles of the suicide of the Empire. City council of Evanston (IL) approved the creation of $10 million fund to pay compensations to victims of racial discrimination (naturally, non-blacks need not apply) who lived in Evanston in the twentieth century. Downward spiral continues. Stay tuned.

  161. Daniel Chieh says

    How do you get funding for POC Slav scientists?

  162. Shortsword says

    The large support for stricter gun control in the early 90s can likely be explained by the high crime rates that started in the mid 70s and lasted until the early 90s. But why was the support so low in the middle of Obama’s presidency? Perhaps some NRA campaign that was trying to push back against new gun control laws?

  163. Didn’t Karlin write a piece about POC Russians in the Northwest US, not all that long ago?

  164. AnonFromTN says

    Should we open a can of worms the existence of which Globohomo does not want to acknowledge? When did you see a colorless person? I never did.

    Last time I checked, white is a color. So, every person is of color, but colors are different. Russians (as well as other Slavs, Brits, Germans, French, etc.) are certainly persons of color. This color is white.

  165. Daniel Chieh says

    I didn’t know there was any ammo left to purchase.

  166. If Singapore really has an IQ of 108, I wonder what the average IQ of Chinese there is.

    I also wonder what the IQ of PAP is compared to other political parties the world over. Would be really interesting if someone tried to estimate it. English is the main language that they speak? So, it would be possible to do wordsums and compare them to parties in the Anglophone world, including EFF in South Africa.

    And don’t they have the draft there? I guess you could use military tests, if you could get the data.

  167. I support the conversation about reparations, but only if it centers around the following question: how much would we have to pay you in order for you to pack up and settle in Africa? I think the answer to that question would be very revealing. Probably, if there were any takers, they would demand at least a million. And the really shocking thing is, that if spent strategically – targeting the young – it would be a real bargain, within about two lifetimes. Vox Day calculated the lifetime cost of the average black in America at $751,200.

    Not my idea, but turn it around: imagine taking some young Euro Americans who are on the cusp of marriage aside and offering them a mere fraction of what blacks cost over a lifetime, say $200,000, to move to Europe. It would be a dream-come-true for many. They would be ecstatic with joy.

    But the most militant black would quake in his boots, if given the same amount to move to Africa – a place where it would be worth much more.

  168. I don’t know if it is an argument for a nuclear navy – IMO, the woke should not be allowed to harness the power of the atom – but they have named a new class of oilers for John Lewis, and are building one named after Harvey Milk.

  169. Vishnugupta says

    Surpring news.Russian ejection seats are superb. Arguably Zvezda seats are better than Martin Baker.

    The sort of near escapes Russian demonstration team pilots have had at airshow is unlikely to be possible in MB equipped aircraft.

    Maybe the ejection seats were very old and were overlooked for adequate refurbishment during the Mid life upgrade of these aircraft.

  170. AnonFromTN says

    Yea, if payoff would move them back to sunny Africa, it might be worthwhile. Problem is, Evanston doesn’t plan this precondition. That’s why it’s a downward spiral for the US.

    The obvious result of “reparations” would be a rise of illegal drug prices (buyers would have more money). With any luck, some recipients would drown in their own pools in drug plus alcohol-induced delirium, like infamous Rodney King in LA, but that won’t be widespread enough to solve the problem.

  171. Shortsword says

    Oil prices down from almost $10, from $70 to $60 (Brent crude). Not too surprising. The average price during 2019 was below $60 so $70 already seemed too much.

  172. Gerard1234 says

    I haven’t any idea how much money from licensing the manufacture of Sputnik V in different countries will actually bring into russian accounts, but if I can at least assume that foreign sales of SputnikV will be equal to our weapons sales ( about $15 billion)…. then that is 1% of extra GDP growth from exports/licensing of SputnikV.

    China should be fine for the remainder of this year, so if oil price can stay a long time at $70+ per barrel, and demand further increase around the world….. that could also result in another 1%+ GDP increase from oil exports.

  173. Finally, figured out a mystery that used to puzzle me as a kid.

    For most of recent history, blacks have been over-represented in American entertainment, and Hispanics have been underrepresented. That is, except for a short, weird period where Hispanics seemed to shoot out of nowhere, and suddenly be put front and center. It was so strange – in many cases, they were added to the ensemble casts of long-running series. Often, they seemed to appear totally randomly, out of thin air, without any kind of explanation or natural fit. It was so notable that I heard others speculate that the actors must have known someone, or had a family member who became an exec.

    I probably watched too much TV as a kid. Reruns mostly, and I didn’t catch it all in its original context. But, just today, I had an inspiration, and checked IMDB, to see if I could put a date on it – and I could: 1986. It was in the lead-up to the disastrous 1986 amnesty.

    Frag! That kind of ruins the movie Aliens for me. I mean, in that case, it was just a pretty minor role. But since the lead role was already pretty feminist, and the sergeant Apone black, ordering around the dumb white grunts, for me it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  174. Old news, from last month, but I missed it: NASA is naming a building after the black lady in Hidden Figures.

    It’s funny because it was menial work – like a rung above being janitor. And she was like an octoroon.

  175. Yellowface Anon says

    I have here a late reply: at least you understand now there’s no clear end to all the clampdowns done in the name of COVID, since their real purpose (according to “conspiracy theorists”) is to build a new society and economy under the mandate of the Great Reset.

    Don’t forget you can’t practically achieve mass vaccination since there will be “vaccine hesitant” people and their ranks are swelling. This feeds back into them moving the goalposts again.

  176. There has never been an anti-cancer mRNA vaccine and I wouldn’t trust just animal trials since those can be games or outright faked these days. You’re basically creating a protein from RNA in normal cells, in the hopes of creating an immune response to it. That protein is already found on a cancer cell that is presumably a natural protein produced by your body which the immune system does not target normally, hence allowing the cancer to spread. It seems like a bit of a stretch to just believe in the technology working unless it can produce practical results. Maybe if there is a lot of it produced all at once, it makes the body think that something is wrong with this. At least with corona, you’re targeting a foreign protein that binds to receptors in pretty much most cells, so it makes logical sense to get an immune response. The current vaccine is indeed the very first application of this technology that did not have a good track record. I remember back in 2019 lots of people were saying Moderna was going to fail and that their research was just a big scam, until 2020 came along.

  177. Morton's toes says

    In California they accredit Pushkin the poet as black. Also they say he died from a duel with a guy who his wife was cheating him in cahoots with. I have always wondered if Russians consider Pushkin black at all? Do you guys know about the one drop rule? Megan Markle and Vice President Harris parade themselves as black people and they look like they have around one drop. In New Orleans they have three categories: whites, blacks, and creoles. The creoles qualify if their skin tone is lighter than a paper grocery sack.

    There is nothing north of New Orleans to compare with the animosity of creoles towards blacks and vice versa. I have a friend whose parents had to leave the city because his mother was a creole and his father was a black and their getting married would have precipitated a race riot if they hadn’t moved off and started over. When he moved to New Orleans twenty years later he was light enough to move in with his maternal grandparents. Nobody in that family ever mentioned his dad.

  178. They do some things like that in the UK as well. For example, Mary Seacole who is now one of the most famous historical black Britons, the black Florence Nightingale. They have a colossal scale statue of her outside St. Thomas hospital in London.

    Then someone read the autobiography she had written:

    This site reproduces some of her own spicy quotes on negroes and other races from her autobiography, and the fact she felt that her own achievements in life were mainly due to her 3/4 Scottish blood.

  179. There has never been an anti-cancer mRNA vaccine and I wouldn’t trust just animal trials since those can be games or outright faked these days.

    There were clinical trials involving humans for several years:

    COVID has resulted in such a massive influx of resources into this field that it has resulted 10 years worth of advancement in 1 year.

  180. AnonFromTN says

    I remember back in 2019 lots of people were saying Moderna was going to fail and that their research was just a big scam

    Those people were correct. Except big scam now includes not only Moderna, but also Pfizer. Nazi propagandists were right: if the lie is big enough and is repeated often enough, people would accept is as truth.

  181. AnonFromTN says

    In California they accredit Pushkin the poet as black.

    There are lots of crazy things libtards in CA believe. In terms of believing the most preposterous things libtards beat Mormons and Kool Aid drinkers hands down.

    I have always wondered if Russians consider Pushkin black at all?

    Russians consider Pushkin a Russian poet, as Russian was his mother tongue. They are aware of his distant Ethiopian ancestry, but in sharp contrast to libtards and their BLM pets, most Russians are not racists.

    Globohomo mythmakers encourage black racists, who have no achievements to be proud of, to appropriate anyone. I would challenge them to name a poet with even 1/10th of Pushkin’s talent writing in Swahili, Bantu, or any other African language.

  182. AnonFromTN says

    There were clinical trials involving humans for several years:

    Are you really some kind of health care professional? If so, you should know that >95% of clinical trials fail, i.e., show that whatever was tried is useless.

  183. Morton's toes says
  184. He remarked about just animal trials and I pointed out that clinical trials involving humans and mRNA vaccines have been ongoing for years. So far no evidence of long-term negative effects. Failure rate was irrelevant for this post.

    you should know that >95% of clinical trials fail, i.e., show that whatever was tried is useless.

    And you should know that around 100% of successful treatments in use, have undergone clinical trials.

    Moreover, the failure rate of over 95% in clinical trials is only true of oncology drugs, for vaccines it’s about 70%.

  185. Yes, the research showing ~95% efficacy for Moderna and Pfizer are a giant scam. The biggest victim of this scam are the Israelis ( who have bought the most vaccines relative to their population), so it’s actually an evil anti-Semitic plot hatched by the Jewish CEO of Pfizer.

    Good that you figured it all out.

  186. Gerard1234 says

    The 95% is their efficacy according to only their public statements you idiot – actual publicised data, viewable in say the Lancet journal is minimal ( certainly compared to SputnikV)

    Israel had committed to buying millions of doses from each, BEFORE Phase 3 results announced, and irrelevant it they were ever actually published.

    It was a bet you moron, a bet that Israel could easily afford to do, and less restricted than say the EU is in how or when they do procurement. A bet is not an endorsement, it is what it is – a bet that will take months or a year to determine was worth it.

  187. AnonFromTN says

    And you should know that around 100% of successful treatments in use, have undergone clinical trials.

    Aspirin is the most used drug in today’s medicine. It was successfully used for more than 100 years. It would likely have trouble being approved by the FDA today (e.g., see However, the same FDA approved infamous Vioxx (after clinical trial). So much for the value of clinical trials and FDA credibility.

  188. AnonFromTN says

    If Israeli government believes Moderna and Pfizer, it’s their problem. Bibi is a well-known crook trying to avoid imprisonment for years now, so it’s all par for the course.

  189. Gerard1234 says

    “Are you really some kind of health-care professional?”

    LOL – he was actually talking about HIV and AIDS a few times, that made it completely clear he didn’t know the difference between either term or how they worked, and on some other disease (diabetes I think) the exact same uselessness!

    So no, this tramp who claims to be Polish in other forums, is certainly not a medical professional.

    He’s a sociopathic fantasist scumbag, where amusingly the same pattern is observed when subjected to scrutiny on other issues – like basic things about Ukraine, and even more basic things about Russian /Ukrainian language.

    Did you know, just like HIV/AIDS and diabetes thing, he doesn’t even know the meanings on “mir” and “svet”? He just gave a whole “lesson” of about 50 words where where he was making himself look more stupid with each line! Does it seem plausible that if this human garbage was as he says he is, he would make such obvious mistakes….. and then repeat them because he is oblivious to their incorrectness? ! I would not even be positive he has an international passport or any other claim.

    Likely, with him being an obsessed, bored wacko (OK Karlin I will lessen the rate) who stores peoples comments from 10 years before ( WTF) he has anticipated your comment and found some links a long time in advance in “research” to give the impression he is a health care professional….. something a 20 second conversation on here could easily decipher as BS. That it literally the creep’s modus operandi.

  190. Still stalking, still desperate for me to post a video of Galician girls wearing dresses you wish you could wear, Geraldina lol.

  191. Good work, detective Fandorin! The Jewish CEO of Pfizer conspired with the Israeli PM to commit a massive fraud in the Jewish people, placing them at deadly risk of Covid. These people hate the Jews even more than Arabs do. The reduction in Israeli deaths since mass is part of the scam too, right?

  192. Gerard1234 says

    Well, ignoring the overbearing retardedness of your post ( this one not claiming to be Polish this time) – Epstein or was it Madoff defrauded his own, Weinstein his own brother. As I see – Pfizer is not selling it only to Israel you stupid idiot…… and I’m sure if I talked to creep like you for a few seconds – it would be clear you are indicating here you can’t tell the difference between efficacy, and a product directly doing harm

    Reduction in incidence in Israel has happened BEFORE efficacy from vaccines could take proper effect you imbecile – plus it’s Israel, so they are probably also just good at treating the disease outside of any vaccination now compared to 6 months before

  193. Only 2 paragraphs, you are getting lazy Geraldina.

  194. AnonFromTN says

    I think you over-generalize. Ukrainianism is a severe mental disorder, like schizophrenia. Exactly like schizophrenics, the sufferers seem perfectly normal, sometimes even intelligent and witty, discussing most subjects, but go off their rocker when you touch upon the one where their screws are loose. They start spewing incredible BS, revealing that they are batshit crazy. Like schizophrenics, the sufferers are vindictive, trying to offend those who ever stepped on their sore toe. Most likely, ukrainianism is incurable, like schizophrenia. This individual, and a few others on this site, suffer from ukrainianism. Like all mentally disturbed people, they are convinced that they are normal. Hence the rage.

  195. Projection, as evidenced by more anger in your posts and especially those of Geraldina, than in mine.

  196. Blinky Bill says
  197. You’re the one with some sort of mental disorder, Professor. You hate all things Ukrainian, even though from what you’ve explained here in the past, your mother was a Ukrainian. And don’t give me that “Ukie” vs “Ukrainian” crap that isn’t very realistic or satisfying. If you add up all of your anti-Ukrainian type remarks at this website, one can only come to the conclusion that you’re a Ukrainaphobe. Disliking Ukraine’s current batch of politicians and oligarchs is one thing, but constantly putting down the whole nation is a sickness. How do you look at yourself in the mirror, when you have so much hate in your heart?

    As your comment was directly leveled at AP, lets take a quick look at him, and compare how he handles himself at this blog. You’ll never see him say something nasty about Russians or their culture. On the contrary, he’s quite comfortable at displaying respect for the country and its culture. He quite enjoys visiting his relatives that live there and thinks the most of Moscow. His criticisms of Russia are sensible and not mean spirited. You could learn a few things about conducting yourself from him. No, I don’t personally know him, and he didn’t pay me to write this.

    Another commentator that I’ve learned to admire here at this blogsite is Bashibuzuk. It would be hard to find another person here who admires Russia and its culture more than him. Once in a while, he may make a remark about Ukraine that causes me to scratch my head, but overall he tries to be sensitive to the Ukrainian question, and always conducts himself respectful. I learn a lot from his comments here, and have learned more about the Russophile point of view from him than just about anybody else here. I consider this to be an important part of communication.

    I actually have enjoyed some of our discussions here, about art, music, travel and science. It’s a shame that we can’t seem to click better when it comes to Ukrainian topics.

  198. Gerard1234 says

    Still stalking, still desperate for me to post a video of Galician girls wearing dresses you wish you could wear, Geraldina lol.

    LOL – difficult to know where to start with this inane, deflection. hopeless stupidity. You know your a pitiful idiot – and whatever dumb misdirection and projection you do, does not change the facts – like with this infamous video of “Galician culture”. If Karlin made that post it would be the end of his blogging career – and that’s even in a blogging environment with Adagamov and Svetov carrying on their nonsense despite being paedophiles – one of them a fugitive paedophile. Although it’s unfair to separate that lying, uneducated sociopathic nonsense – from all your other millions of nonsense.

    My congratulations on the engagement between you and Mr Hack/EIephant man – it’s a natural progression from you 2 guys sucking eachother off on here. You 2 “joining forces” against me is like being physically attacked by Stephan Hawking, and intellectually “attacked”…… by Vitaly Klitschko.

    The only intellectual harm that could come to me is losing braincells from reading this garbage – and physical harm from injuring my side muscles from the laughter.

    Anyway, always funny to see the Axis of Excrement – my good friend Mr Hack, fantasist wackjob burning in hell lowlife, and Bashibuzik conspiring together.

    But seriously – the great “divide” between East Dnepropetrovsk….and west Dnepropetrovsk. LMAO

    Karlin – I will be on perfect behaviour for the next 48 hours

  199. Good, back to 5 paragraphs of screeching about something.

    You’re still not getting videos of Galician girls in nice dresses you wish you could wear, though, Geraldina.

  200. Gerard1234 says

    I just discovered that CNN is still using Kiev. If you had given me the absolute minimum from the already low expectations I had expected from Banderastan after the coup – then it would be CNN writing “Kyiv” after 7 years!!

    One small thing Russia must do, if they think it won’t reignite the epidemic – is bid to make sure this year’s Euro football championships are staged solely in Russia, where they can guarantee full capacity at the stadiums and the normal allocation of foreign fans just as at the World Cup. Ukraine has qualified – so force the scumbag state of Ukraine into either withdrawing and shaming themselves, or allowing them to play in Russia and start something that can return our relations to normal.

  201. AnonfromTN says

    As you are explaining yourself, in my book you deserve an explanation. There is nothing wrong with Ukraine perceived as expressed on camera by one old lady in Donbass: we are Russians, khokhols; they are Russians, katsaps.

    By “Ukrainianism” I mean the idea that Ukraine is not Russia, must be separate. Ukraine as non-Russia automatically becomes anti-Russia, like current globohomo project. Thereby it denies itself. That’s schizophrenia, split personality. What’s more, by becoming globohomo puppet Ukraine acts against the interests of its own population, ruins its prospects of becoming anything decent. As we see now and will see for some time yet.

    It’s like your finger deciding to be independent of the rest of your body. As I commented earlier, if you lose a finger, it’s a loss for you, but it’s a much greater loss for your finger.

  202. Yellowface Anon says

    Not all gene therapies are equal. Some are worse than others, depending on what the genes involved are, so medical trials must be done case by case.

    In the case of COVID, this should be enough to disqualify mRNA gene therapy “vaccines” from EUA at least, before the risks Yeadon and Wodarg claimed are properly evaluated:

  203. Yellowface Anon says

    Which Jews? Normal middle class or Haredi Jews who’d make good “Holocaust” victims, or the moneyed and well-connected ones like Bourla or Netanyahu?

    Racial identification hides the real Satanic mindset, which is sociopathy.

  204. Bashibuzuk says

    This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.

    Yes, ADE is something I was very worried about back then and am still somewhat worried about today. But it is not due to the vaccine being mRNA, viral vector based or attenuated virus based. It is due to the ability of certain viruses to hijack the non-immunizing antibodies to use the Fc receptors for infection of a larger population of cells than those with their specific viral target receptor. Obviously the immune cells carrying Fc receptors would be hit hard and a drop in immunity would exacerbate the level of viral load in the organism and decrease the capacity of the body to clear the virus.

    The ADE process depends on the balance of immunizing and non immunizing antibodies. If the non immunizing antibodies last somewhat longer than the immunizing antibodies or if the former are produced in a significant proportion during the reinfection, then ADE is possible.

    Although the authorities responsible for the vaccination are confident that there would be no ADE with SARS nCov2, it is still unclear whether SARS nCov2 (including its different variants) causes significant ADE reactions after a re-infection or vaccine induced immunization. If ADE is relatively prevalent, then we will find it in the next couple of years among the immunized individuals. It is also possible that ADE would be found in some, but not all immunized individuals. Whether this would be truly dangerous on a population level is hard to assess nowadays.

    We’ll live, we’ll see (as the Russian saying goes).

  205. Bashibuzuk says

    This article here is related:

  206. run articles like this bragging abut how wonderful life in North Korea is. I would take what they have to say with a big grain of salt.

    North Korea: Achievements in Health and Education

  207. Bashibuzuk says

    What about ADE?

    We have discussed it a few months ago, what are your thoughts about it today?

    Back in the summer of 2020 a former Russian biodefense program specialist, a military epidemiologist in the rank of colonel, who has worked at Biopreparat (those in the know of Soviet biotechnology will understand) had this to say about ADE and the SARS – Cov2 vaccines:

    [T]he phenomenon of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection, has been talked about only recently, although it has been known since the 1960s. Antibodies that neutralize the virus in a test tube and in tissue culture models can enhance the infectious process under the conditions of the body, and this is a very common phenomenon in the world of viruses and bacteria. No matter how you hide it, it will come out anyway.


    This has long been known to all those who want to know. But future doctors in Russian medical universities still do not study real immunology. As for antibodies, students are given an outdated physicochemical classification of antibodies. Depending on the structure of the heavy chain, they are divided into five types, from G to D.

    But there is also a functional classification, which is “embarrassing” to talk about. In accordance with it, antibodies are divided into neutralizing the causative agent of an infectious disease in the presence of complement; neutralizing the causative agent of an infectious disease without complement; enhancing the infectious process through the penetration of the causative agent of an infectious disease into leukocytes through receptors; enhancing the infectious process in an independent way, but dependent on complement – for leukocytes containing complement receptors; triggering the activation of viral proteins by changing their conformation; having a toxic effect on the cell (apoptosis, etc.) and so on.

    This division of antibodies by function, of course, does not fit into the typical ideas about immunity, written for physicians by the authors of textbooks, but this is how the world works.


    The problem has been well studied, but the people who so zealously discredit vaccination in Russia prefer to keep silent about it. The main antigenic determinant of coronaviruses is the S-protein. As far as is known today, antibodies are mainly formed against it. Most likely, some of these antibodies can enhance the infectious process, facilitating the penetration of the pathogen into immune cells through Fc receptors. At the same time, they change the tropism of the virus (what it sticks to, which cells it attacks, affinity) from the ACE2 receptor of bronchial cells to the Fc receptors of macrophages and monocytes and thereby generalize the infectious process …

    In Russian below:

    There were several publications back then suggesting ADE with SARS – Cov2 in vitro. AFAIK the absence of ADE has not been demonstrated in COVID-19 and ADE has not been ruled out.

  208. Bashibuzuk says

    Here a link to a publication about the coronavirus vaccines which mentions that ADE seems unlikely, but doesn’t rule it out completely.

    To rule out completely ADE with any vaccine, phase 3 clinical trials with at least 30 000 volontiers are needed. Obviously you would also need to wait for the initial immunization to fade out, which takes around 6 months. Then you would need to see how many people get re-infected and to make observations about the pathological process and morbity to compare it with the first wave of infection. Nothing of this was possible with Covid which has only been described a little more than a year ago. The vaccination process against SARS Cov2 is also relatively too early to draw definitive conclusions about it.

    That is why I wrote above that we would probably know more about it in the next two years.

  209. I had similar concerns but the experiment has now been conducted on tens of millions of people and the concerns have turned out have been needless.

    Speaking from personal experience, in a place I know well (I am being vague) ~90% of the staff have chosen to be vaccinated back in late January, with a second dose in February. Since then, only 2-3 positive cases among vaccinated staff, none had any symptoms (positive cases are known, only because everyone is tested weekly for COVID). This is in spite of the winter surge among the general population.

    Last year during a similar surge about 1/4 to 1/3 tested positive and there were a handful of very serious cases, but no fatalities (although one person in their fifties suffered from a stroke and never returned). Even taking into account a lower pool of people to become positive due to immunity by those who have already been infected, it’s a dramatic difference. The N of positive cases having no symptoms is too small to draw conclusions, but national data seem to follow, indicating zero fatalities from Covid among vaccinated people. Hasn’t happened at this place, but there have been cases on the news of people dying after getting the vaccine. Some of these deaths were surely coincidental, others (the cases in Norway) seem to have been elderly frail people who didn’t tolerate the side effects.

  210. Well, it has been at least six months since the trials.

  211. There is nothing wrong with Ukraine perceived as expressed on camera by one old lady in Donbass: we are Russians, khokhols; they are Russians, katsaps.

    So, an educated man like you basis his understanding of the ethnogenesis of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples on the mutterings of some street urchin from Donbas? This is quite telling, and explains a lot, especially about not wasting too much time discussing this topic with you.

    Ukraine as non-Russia automatically becomes anti-Russia, like current globohomo project. Thereby it denies itself. That’s schizophrenia, split personality.

    Just brilliant! You missed your true calling and should have become a historian or at least some sort of a diplomat. Stick to polishing your testubes Professor, where you’ll hopefully experience more success. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  212. It’s like your finger deciding to be independent of the rest of your body. As I commented earlier, if you lose a finger, it’s a loss for you, but it’s a much greater loss for your finger.

    Have you considered getting a Hollywood contract for your separated finger project? Do you actually have one locked up in your secret vault in the laboratory, Professor?

    “What does it mean that I’m stacked?” 🙂

  213. Blinky Bill says
  214. Shortsword says

    There was supposed to be mass protests in Belarus today. Did anything happen?

  215. Russia should offer free vodka to any captain transiting through Suez canal.

  216. Perhaps you should take into account that his mother was living in Lugansk while the Kiev troops were shelling civilian areas in that city. That kind of actions always create a lot of disgust and rejection.

    I grew up in a very anti-Spanish environment but, having seen myself up-close the results of Basque terrorist violence, for some time I felt disgusted with my Basque countrymen and would identify as Spanish. Luckily, terrorists gave up violence years ago in my country and I have reconciled myself with my origins.

    Being born in a country defeated and occupied by larger neighbors, I can perfectly understand your defending Ukraine against Russia but, likewise, I can understand Donbass people wanting to leave Ukraine.

    BTW, I still dislike the role Ukraine is playing in international politics and I may have acquired a slight anti-Ukrainian bias after I had some personal experiences in the 90s but I am learning to appreciate Ukrainian people after meeting some of them in the diaspora. I recently became friends with a Ukrainian lady and I have been eating a lot of borscht lately. Having read your praises of that soup, I asked if she could prepare some for me and she is so nice that she keeps sending me some pot with new variations every few weeks. Delicious.

  217. Abelard Lindsey says

    Karl Denninger has been blogging about the issues surrounding the covid-19 lockdowns and vaccines.

    I think he’s 100% spot on.

  218. Abelard Lindsey says

    The Chinese should have multiple rail links across Eurasia, not just Russia or anywhere else.

  219. Yellowface Anon says

    I had been reading him briefly until he had a diatribe on China, about genociding the Chinese until the population reaches a subsistence level. Morgenthau would be proud of him.

  220. Yellowface Anon says

    Thanks for giving us more info on ADE, something I kinda learned about when reading up on COVID vaccine risks.

    Sinovac claims to have ruled out ADE on their inactivated COVID vaccines, but certainly not in the way you detailed (i.e. no longer-term evaluation!).

  221. I recently listened to a deflationary talk about the Arctic Sea Route, on YouTube.

    If the speaker in the YouTube video is accurate, I guess we can be a bit overhyped about it at least as an alternative to Suez Canal.

    He says it will be a kind of an express route in the summer, but with higher costs and small volumes of shipping. So there will be growth on the route, aided by warming weather, but it will be economically viable only for certain niche products.

    So, if his view is accurate, then Suez Canal will continue as the main shipping route between East Asia and Europe.

    As for alternative routes, I assume China is investing in them as a kind of diversification, or hedging, rather than instead of the Suez Canal.

  222. Be careful Mikel, lest you start singing “Shche ne vmerla Ukraina” first thing when you wakeup in the morning. Remember this old adage:

    “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 🙂

  223. No, you’re mixed up here. “Shchi” is one of the main reasons that Russia is floundering in the world today. Russia needs to totally abandon shchi and trade up to borshch – your grandfather would have understood. 🙂

  224. Shortsword says

    Anyone remember the retarded boomer conspiracy of Michelle Obama being a man? It’s basically been removed from Google. Searching for “Michelle Obama man” used to give a bunch of funny results on it. But now the only results I get on the first page is either unrelated or about debunking it.

    Not that this subject is any important but it’s just another example of search results being tampered with by Google. In the last few years Google has clearly taken a very active approach in doing this. On Yandex on the other hand you can still find a bunch of “Michelle Obama is a man” links.

  225. reiner Tor says

    He had a very good debate performance against an old communist (then Socialist) opponent in 1998, then had a more mixed performance against a somewhat younger ex-communist in 2002, and a bad performance against a younger (roughly his age) Socialist prime minister in 2006. He hasn’t participated in any debates ever since.

    He certainly rarely reads books and by far his favorite pastime is soccer (and a bit of other sportsball), so he’s certainly not an intellectual.

  226. reiner Tor says

    That’s true, though unlike Russia they use lots of imported components.

  227. reiner Tor says

    I also thought about paying blacks and others to leave. I didn’t think it’d work, though perhaps I didn’t think how much could be paid. You also need to consider the money needed to pay to the countries taking them in.

  228. reiner Tor says

    The Hispanic woman in Aliens is more courageous and apparently physically stronger than the white lieutenant. I forgot about it, but when I saw it recently I noticed it.