Open Thread 22: Google, Norks, Gen Zyklon


Went to the North Korean restaurant in Moscow the other day to fight American imperialism.

The food at the Koryo Korean Restaurant was actually rather good – I assume it must have improved considerably since Varlamov’s review from 2013.

The kimchi was properly fermented, as it ought to be (it has been about a year since I last had proper kimchi); the spicy duck soup was genuinely spicy; the cold noodles were superlative; the classic grilled meats were competitive with what you’d get at Korean eateries in the US. The one downside was the sashimi, which someone in our party insisted on ordering for some reason; the fish was almost frozen and the amount of wasabi offered was sufficient for just a couple of pieces. That said, I don’t blame them for that, it serves us right for kowtowing to the Jap aggressors.

However, the service was classically sovok – one dish was not the one we ordered (though it was delicious anyway), one guy’s beer took 40 minutes to arrive, the Nork qt’s waitressing us had minimal knowledge of Russian. Though one might take exception to this at any other establishment, I appreciated it as a nod to tradition – an immersion amplified by the DPRK patriotic songs blasting over from the no frills mirin bar.

And it all came out to just a bit more than to $140 for five people, including drinks ($28 per person; $22 without the lamentable sashimi). I would definitely go there again.


  • So about North Korea. China has made its position pretty clear in The Global Times, especially by Chinese standards:

China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral. If the US and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so.

A reminder that the Chinese don’t actually much like Kim Jong Un – he has blocked Chinese economic expansion in his country, and repressed pro-Chinese political factions (including members of his own family). However, they like the prospect of a collapsed DPRK and the extension of American influence to the Yalu even less.

  • “Unite the Right” rally organized by some of the biggest names in the American Alt Right coming up today in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This has prompted Richard Spencer to finally make a manifesto of waht he sees as the core principles of the Alt Right:

In the latest instance of Silicon Valley corporations interfering with the de facto rights of Americans to express their political opinions, Airbnb has been preemptively deactivating the accounts of people it suspects of going to Charlottesville to participate in the rally (one wonders if there were any instances of “friendly fire” on Antifa). Those decisions are not subject to appeal, and will affect all future and duplicate accounts, in effect amounting to eternal excommunication by the high priests of the Cathedral.

Egor Kholmogorov commentary: “In this new world, if your politics aren’t approved of by the owners of Uber, or Airbnb, or food delivery services – you will have to walk by foot and remain hungry and stay at home.”

For my part, I feel ahead of the curve, having given Airbnb the finger half a year ago. 🙂

Steve Bannon Wants Facebook and Google Regulated Like Utilities


Some observations from it:

  • Claims that military spending in the Ukraine topped out at 2.5% in 2015-16, versus more commonly cited figures of 5%. This is sufficient just to pay for the extra costs of the ATO, with little left over for technical modernization.
  • The mobilization system for calling up reservists was amped up, though 204,000 troops is considered to be its ceiling at present capacities.
  • Notes that mobilization was least successful in the most nationalist far western Ukrainian provinces.

Another account by Vladimir Orlov, a Russian visiting the LDNR on the Colonel Cassad blog (h/t The Saker) is more pessimistic, noting a substantial improvement in the Ukrainian Army’s hi-tech inventory and reconaissance capabilities (going so far as triangulating mobile comms to pinpoint two Russians in the NAF and fielding a night vision equipped spec ops team to capture them).

VIPS instead surmises that, after WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange announced on June 12, 2016 his intention to publish Hillary Clinton-related emails, the DNC rushed to fabricate evidence that it had been hacked by Russia to defuse any potential WikiLeaks disclosures. To this end, the theory goes, the DNC used the Guccifer 2.0 online persona to release mostly harmless DNC data. …

The former found that 1,976 MB of Guccifer’s files were copied from a DNC server on July 5 in just 87 seconds, implying a transfer rate of 22.6 megabytes per second — or, converted to a measure most people use, about 180 megabits per second, a speed not commonly available from U.S. internet providers. Downloading such files this quickly over the internet, especially over a VPN (most hackers would use one), would have been all but impossible because the network infrastructure through which the traffic would have to pass would further slow the traffic. However, as Forensicator has pointed out, the files could have been copied to a thumb drive — something only an insider could have done — at about that speed.

  • Louise Mensch finally gets round to blaming the Jews for Trump. The handshakeworthy are pissed off – only conspiracy theories involving Russian villains are kosher.

  • Visits to Sputnik i Pogrom halve a month after Russia blocked them.

  • FaceApp releases racial transformation feature, removes it after a day of getting harangued by blue checkmark American SJWs on Twitter. “Based Russia” send you its regards.


  • Whole set of… whitepills (?) on the US.

Epic series of posts by Audacious Epigone on Generation Z(yklon):

Here is how the electoral map would look like if only whites of Generation Z were allowed to vote.


AE’s view is that, exposed to Alt Right propaganda, Generation Z has been throwing off the shackles of both progressivism and civic nationalism, and adopting American minority identity politics – which makes a sort of sense, since American whites are becoming a minority.

Based Julian Assange agrees with AE’s theory:

Whites are still over 60% of the voting population. As long as Democrats pander to identity politics the GOP will be able to herd whites into supporting it. It seems too late for the Democrats to disengage with identity politics. So GOP will continue to market itself (sotto voce) as the party of whites. Democrats will be out of most offices until whites lose their majority. That won’t be for a decade. Most countries that do not have a 70%+ super majority ethnic group have ethnicized electoral politics. For example Malaysia, where majority Malays correspond to whites in the US context. There is a risk for the Democrats that GOP will become like Barisan National in Malaysia and win the majority of offices for decades.

Potential problems:

  1. Will they survive the university brainwashing machine? It sure ruined the millennials.
  2. To what extent are Generation Zyklon natural shitlords, as opposed to teens reacting against Establishment shitlibs?

The strange case of Utah is moderately disquieting; it is, of course, one of the very few places in the US where the orthodoxy of the fathers is still conservatism. (Though it could also be the McMuffins eating away at a monolithic Republican edifice).

White Births A US Majority Again. (Trump is too late to explain that, but one does wonder to what extent both could be viewed as a recovery of White morale).


The history of the life–Earth system can be divided into five ‘energetic’ epochs, each featuring the evolution of life forms that can exploit a new source of energy. These sources are: geochemical energy, sunlight, oxygen, flesh and fire.

The James Damore Affair

james-damore-in-goolag* The misc/culture wars segment this week has basically been monopolized by the James Damore story.

Depositing all the more significant links here for reference purposes:

James Damore


Reasonable People

Google Poll

Or, which Silicon Valley oligarch should you trust most to not squash you like a bug in our automated sharing economy future?


Twitter Takes

  • Diana Fleischman: A handy graphic for understanding outrage at statements about average differences between groups.


  • Julian Assange: “Identity politics 2.0 wars come to Google. Oh no. But mass spying is fine since its equal opportunity predation.”
  • Julian Assange: “Censorship is for losers. @WikiLeaks is offering a job to fired Google engineer James Damore. “
  • Tolerant Man: “These levels of irony shouldn’t be possible.”
  • Jack Posobiec: “Google’s Diversity VP is a Hillary Clinton sycophant. No wonder James Damore was fired”
  • AK: “MIT; Harvard; Princeton; FIDE Master in Chess (Elo 2300); top 15% percentile in physical fitness.” (I.e., not really a basement dwelling neckbeard).
  • Steve Sailer: “E.g., Google must never again hire smart white men like James Damore, just dumb Conquistador-Americans like Alex Hidalgo.”
  • Whyvert: “The liberal state supposed to be neutral? Not in realm of hostile-environment law: only anti-feminism never pro-feminism counts as hostile”



  • Eiður Á. Möller‏: “Given how totalitarian Google has become both ideologically and technologically we need to demand separation of Search and State.”

Twitter Takes (SJWs)

  • Many examples at this Breitbart report.
  • Kelly Ellis: “I experienced this at Google, and was frustrated that they did nothing about rhetoric that was harming employees… It’s not just the rhetoric that’s the problem. What this employee said indicates discrimination and hostility. Google should fire him… LMAO I’m so glad I didn’t decide to return to Google. I would’ve flipped my shit. This gives me a new q to ask potential employers.”
  • Girl Who: “Google women: this memo is sexist bc it says women are emotional. Also Google women: we’re too emotional about this memo to go to work.”
  • /pol/: “Google is filled with employees who now feel emboldened to create public lists where anyone with “problematic” views can be flagged as such.”



  • /pol/: “Google employee wrote a memo explaining how diversity of opinion was more important than just “diversity.” Leftists began to hunt him down.”



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  1. Whoa, Damore has a huge schnozz and nigger lips.

  2. My tolerance ends at my friends’ terror
    – Colm Buckley

    It’s interesting that people like Damore, and anyone on the genuine political right (as opposed to establishment “right”), have a demonstrably legitimate need to speak anonymously because of the persecution and actual violence likely to be faced by anyone dissenting from leftist opinions on sex, race, etc, but often don’t bother because they naively think that honesty, reasonableness and a strong case should be a defence against active persecution.

    Then you’ve got people on the SJW left such as the “Colm Buckley” (whose photo suggests he is actually above the age of 12, at least in chronological terms) whose Tweet you reproduced there who really ought, if they had the slightest trace of self respect, to keep their gross stupidity concealed beneath a modesty screen of anonymity, and yet parade it out loud for all to laugh at. Does Colm Buckley really want people to know that he is such a hysterical old maid that he actually believes there are people who are “terrified” by a dry and matter of fact memo such as Damore’s?

    It’s a topsy-turvy world we’ve created in the societies of the modern US sphere.

    It’s barely even worth mentioning the usual leftist justifications of actual violence against dissidents for merely expressing dissident opinions – anyone paying attention ought by now to have noticed that universal truth of modern US sphere societies.

  3. Hyperborean says

    I think we can first say that real progress has been achieved when the European-American % of the US population starts to go up.

  4. A reminder that the Chinese don’t actually much like Kim Jong Un – he has blocked Chinese economic expansion in his country, and repressed pro-Chinese political factions (including members of his own family). However, they like the prospect of a collapsed DPRK and the extension of American influence to the Yalu even less.

    Then they (and the Russians) ought imo to have damned well known better than to pander to the US regime’s usual mendacious games in the UNSC by voting in favour of the US’s sanctions proposal, as I noted on Saker’s post the other day.

    Perhaps the Chinese think they made some kind of point to NK by doing so, but if so the NK response was the Guam promise, so it doesn’t seem like they are particularly chastened. But what they’ve certainly done is made their own preferred approach of economic engagement much more difficult and handed the US warmonger faction a huge propaganda boost.

  5. Hector_St_Clare says


    May I request that you censor the comment by Anonymous please.

  6. Are there any studies of voting preferences of high school students from previous generations, compared with their actual votes when they grew up? I am sure there are, but I am too lazy look for them.

  7. German_reader says

    Now I wanted to read Richard Spencer’s manifesto…but his site is apparently down.
    Then I took a look at his Twitter account where he retweeted this:
    Lol, they’re really going for the whole 1933 aesthetic. I can’t imagine that this will be productive.

  8. Greasy William says

    Is Damore, Jewish? Can’t imagine a non Ashkenazic Jew with a nose like that but I also can’t imagine an Ashkenazic Jew being an engineer at Google.

  9. However, the service was classically sovok –

    For authentic North Korean restaurant, this should be considered as advantage

  10. Then they (and the Russians) ought imo to have damned well known better than to pander to the US regime’s usual mendacious games in the UNSC by voting in favour of the US’s sanctions proposal, as I noted on Saker’s post the other day.

    In case of the Russians, you have take into account that they do not want to alienate Japan and the RoK, both economically much more important to Russia than the DPRK,
    The next Eastern Economic Forum is going to take place in less than one month.

  11. That report about a demographic improvement in the US in 2016 isn’t true. The figures of 3941109 all births and 2054564 to white non-Hispanic mothers mentioned at your link may be compared with those for 2015 – 3978497 all births and 2130279 to white non-Hispanic mothers.

    tables 5 and 6.
    Nor did the overall situation improve in the first quarter of 2017:

  12. Looks like is still down, so I’ll reprint it below.

    Not sure the 1933 aesthetic is a conscious choice. Even Anglin (as hardcore Neo-Nazi as you can get) has cautioned against adopting Nazi aesthetics. I am assuming some critical mass of people are just ignoring the position of Spencer/Anglin/etc.

    Believe it or not, many of these groups in the 90s were actually dressing up in Nazi uniforms. Non-ironically. This is absolutely absurd, and can hardly be looked at as anything other than a game being played, or some type of intelligence agency psy-op.

    1. RaceRace is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.
      “White” is shorthand for a worldwide constellation of peoples, each of which is derived from the Indo-European race, often called Aryan. “European” refers to a core stock—Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Latin, Nordic, and Slavic—from which related cultures and a shared civilization sprang.
    2. JewsJews are an ethno-religious people distinct from Europeans. At various times, they have existed within European societies, without being of them. The preservation of their identity as Jews was and is contingent on resistance to assimilation, sometimes expressed as hostility towards their hosts. “Judeo-Christian values” might be a quaint political slogan, but it is a distortion of the historical and metaphysical reality of both Jews and Europeans.
    3. The Ethno-StateNations must secure their existence and uniqueness and promote their own development and flourishing. The state is an existential entity, and, at its best, a physical manifestation of a people’s being, order, and will to survive. Racially or ethnically defined states are legitimate and necessary.
    4. MetapoliticsSpirit is the wellspring of culture, and politics is downstream of that. The Alt-Right wages a situational and ideological war on those deconstructing European history and identity. The decrepit values of Woodstock and Wall Street mean nothing to us.
    5. White AmericaThe founding population of the United States was primarily Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. By the Great War, a coherent American nation emerged that was European and Christian. Other races inhabited the continent and were often set in conflict or subservience to Whites. Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order.
    6. EuropeEurope is our common home, and our ancestors’ bone and blood lie in its soil.
      European unity emerged at critical points in history, but so did fragmentation, rivalry, and betrayal. As brother nations, Europeans have competed with one another, and even hated and killed one another. We can no longer afford the luxury of intra-racial squabbling. “Brothers wars” gain us nothing, and directly lead to our collective downfall. Europeans must come together as a family.
      The so-called “refugee crisis” is an invasion, a war without bullets, taking place on the fields of race, religion, sex, and morality. At stake is Europe’s very identity—whether the continent will be the locus of our people’s shared story, or become just another Islamic outpost.
    7. FamilyThe family—a man and woman in a loving relationship that produces offspring—is an essential, indispensable foundation for a healthy and functioning society.
    8. Human NatureMan is not a blank slate on which to be written, nor was he born a guileless, noble savage. Human nature—the reality of race, sex, heritability, and innate endowments—is the most powerful force shaping individuals, families, societies, and nations.
    9. Women and SexWomen, as mothers and caregivers, are key to the future of our race and civilization. We oppose feminism, deviancy, the futile denial of biological reality, and everything destructive to healthy relations between men and women. We must overcome today’s debased and lonely “porn culture” and return to a sexuality that is fruitful and erotic in the truest sense of the word.
    10. Foreign AffairsThe foreign policies of European states (including immigration, diplomacy, and war) should be based on the safeguarding of its peoples—and not be beholden to special or foreign interests, nor to corporate profit motives, nor to the chimeras of globalism, humanitarianism, or the End of History. Insofar as “chauvinism” means attempting to transform non-Europeans into Europeans, we are not “Western chauvinists.”
    11. SpeechAmerican citizens should enjoy freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution; we endorse this value for all European peoples. We oppose those who seek to suppress the speech of people with whom they disagree, whether through government censorship, corporate policy, digital platform denial, or intimidation.
    12. FirearmsAll U.S. citizens, and all Europeans, should have the right to bear arms, as a means of protecting themselves and their families and enjoying the manly sport of hunting.
    13. GlobalizationInternational trade and the good-faith exchange of ideas can be beneficial to all. Economic and political globalization, however, has been destructive to authentic cultures. Industrialized countries are being transformed into great “nothings” and “nowheres”: indistinguishable, concrete dumping grounds and shopping centers, divorced from culture, people, and history. Globalization threatens not just Europeans but every unique identity on Earth.
    14. The LeftLeftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated. “Losing gracefully” will eventuate in the destruction of our people and civilization.
    15. EconomicsEconomic freedom is not an end in itself. All economic policies should serve the people of the nation; the interests of businessmen and global merchants should never take precedence over the well-being of workers, families, and the natural world.
    16. Urban LifeThe automobile, the highway system, and resultant “car culture” have contributed to the death of cities and towns. While not everyone will live in urban environments, cities are vital institutions of culture, community, learning, and the arts. They should never have been abandoned by American Whites of older generations and should be reestablished as jewels of our civilization.
    17. The Natural WorldWe are a special part of the natural order, being in it and above it. We have the potential to become nature’s steward or its destroyer. Putting aside contentious matters like global warming and resource depletion, European countries should invest in national parks, wilderness preserves, and wildlife refuges, as well as productive and sustainable farms and ranches. The natural world—and our experience of it—is an end in itself.
    18. The ‘68ersThe generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.
      A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.
    19. EducationModern education—from preschool to the doctoral level—has become corrupted past the point of recognition. This industry (both public and private) serves leftist ideologues, loan financiers, and a new class of administrators far more than it serves students and parents.
      Children should not be indoctrinated in liberal dogma but given a foundation in language, mathematics, the arts, history, and science. Higher education—far from being a “right” or a “pathway to the middle class”—is only appropriate for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth; it is improper, even detrimental, for most. Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.
    20. Personal Duties
      A man distinguishes himself by his deeds. And every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man: to be honored by his heirs; to be part of something greater than his self.
  13. Thanks.

    Weird discrepancy I noticed. A lot of noise has been made of non-Hispanic white births becoming a (slim) minority since the early 2010s, according to the CDH, but according to CDH figures from the report you cite (pp.24), since 2010 non-H White births have consistently been at around 2.15 million, out of slightly less than 4 million total.

    Can anyone comment?

  14. Krastos the Gluemaker says

    That’s including the race of the mother only, thought everybody knew that.

    Thanks to uh, social constructs, children with a white mother + nonwhite father are usually not considered white in the USA. A very rough estimate would put somewhere in the 10-20% range of births to white mothers having a nonwhite father, so white births (ignoring the factor of Middle Easterners or whatever also counting as white) have been the minority for a few years, that estimate is about right.

    As for voting, there won’t be any reliable studies, and secondly, the immigrant population in a given year cohort for voters is pretty large and has been for decades. Ignoring that a lot of data at the link might just be wrong (and disregarding third party preferences plus the general unique terribleness of the 2016 campaign is a bit misleading) that means one can’t just say that all the people in the Gen Z age range will have the same preferences by the time actual elections roll around.

    In other words, in the year 2028, looking at 30 year old voters in 2028, something like 25% of those voters will be naturalized immigrants who are not native-born citizens and/or didn’t attend US high schools. Of course these will be heavily nonwhite or at least very likely to be non-Republican voting. Note much of the cohorts of legal immigrants that will be naturalized in the next 10ish years are already living in the United States, even if immigration was cut to zero today. (Not everyone is the same age of course but for near term election purposes the total effect of this demographic change is identical)

    Naturalized immigrants probably turnout to vote at higher rates than many groups in the US, not college-educated white native-born citizens, but then those are only a small fraction of the electorate, and poor/uneducated native-borns (across various races) probably have some of the lowest turnout rates of any group. Since the equivalent likely voter weighting preferences that would be applied to real polls (not that those are perfect…but for minorities at least they help ascertain turnout rates) don’t exist in the high school sample that also makes conclusions very unreliable.

    This comment got lengthy enough on these topics, but then I don’t care that much and wouldn’t have anything to add here about the Google bruhaha.

  15. Some of those babies will have had white non-Hispanic mothers but fathers who don’t fall into that category.

  16. Torches, unlike swastikas or white sheets, will trigger enemies, but not put off normies.

  17. reiner Tor says

    Trump is now threatening war with Venezuela, too. So now he might start the following wars:

    • Syria
    • Ukraine
    • North Korea
    • South China Sea
    • Venezuela

    If nationalism needs to be discredited by yet another stupid and pointless war, it should be Venezuela. At least it has no potential to ignite a worldwide conflagration. Theoretically Ukraine should be a “safe” war, too, because US troops are not directly involved, but there’s always the chance of it becoming a full-scale Russo-Ukrainian war, which could then be spilling over to some neighbors like Poles, Balts, or Romanians.

  18. Doubtless, but that’s gambling an increased risk of long term strategic disaster against short term tactical gains. As foolish as the kind of stuff the US regime gets up to imo, but that’s just my opinion obviously.

    The Russians and Chinese had the perfect opportunity to take a stand based upon the position they jointly laid down a short while ago – no support for US resolutions against NK until the US ends joint exercises and withdraws THAAD, and simultaneously to reinforce a message about the damage the US regime and its proxies did by abusing the UNSC resolution over Libya.

  19. I get 250 Mbps through Comcast for a few years now.
    Also, Guccifer 2 was in Romania, where the internet connections are some of the fastest in the world.
    OTOH, why don’t you try copying files on a memory stick, see how fast it gets.

  20. Anatoly, for someone who spent that much time around American universities, you seem pretty gullible. Damore did not graduate at Harvard, MIT, Princeton. He hardly did something there. The annual pay of a research assistant in Harvard is 30K, lower than that of a Cambridge streetsweeper. Damore worked in those famous places before graduation (so lower than a regular RA), for 2-3 months, and while he was attending college in Illinois. I won’t be surprised if I hear that he got there because he was unpaid AND he brought something else the profs wanted, like privileged access to some dataset.

  21. The kimchi was properly fermented, as it ought to be (it has been about a year since I last had proper kimchi);

    In a new quest to add more probiotics to my diet, I’ve recently started to eat Korean inspired kimchi. The stuff I’ve tried so far is made in the US, and tastes pretty good(to me anyway). One brand was slightly spicier than the other (this is good). Being a novice to this culinary delight, perhaps you can explain to me what you look for in superlative kimchi?

    The Ukies from the old country that now live in the states often eat this delicious sauerkraut salad, it’s easy enough to make: about 50% any fermented sauerkraut on hand. Add 50% fresh grated cabbage, one large shredded carrot, one diced onion. Mix it all up, so that the fermented sauerkraut permeates the whole thing. Add black pepper and some vinegar to taste. Cover well and put in the fridge for a day or two – easy Ukrainian ‘kapusta’ salad. Great with sandwiches (and a couple of cloves of garlic too)!

  22. German_reader says

    I don’t know, most people would describe my views as far right, but it does put me off to some degree, because the first association I get when I see this is SA marching through the Brandenburg gate with torches on 30 January 1933. And that didn’t exactly end well.
    But I’m not in the US, maybe the connotations there are different.

  23. German_reader says

    I had already read that on Spencer’s Twitter account, but thanks for putting it up here! Seems pretty thin stuff to me and misguided in parts (and Spencer’s writing is so terribly pompous…terms like “metaphysical” in a political programme are silly imo), but I can still agree with a lot, especially points 6 and 14.
    I wonder if has been hacked by Antifas…seems strange that it went down just at this time.

  24. Doubtless, but that’s gambling an increased risk of long term strategic disaster against short term tactical gains.

    Not developing the Russian Far East and alienating the countries who can help to limit future Chinese dominance in the RFE does also increase the risk of a long term strategic disaster for Russia.

    Blame the Chinese. It is their buffer state, first and foremost.
    If they are not willing to protect it diplomatically, Russia won’t do it either.

  25. Louise Mensch finally gets round to blaming the Jews for Trump.

    And Leibovitz obviously ridicules Chabad connection: “And why rehash, as Mensch did this morning, the ridiculous canard that Chabad is secretly a vessel for connecting the Kremlin and the Knesset?”

    The moment Trump stepped in in June 2015 and all events with the refugee invasion on Europe and Russia’s Syria intervention and Netanyahu visits to Kremlin and so on I kept wondering what role Chabad played on the axis of Putin-Netnayahu-Trump. And it still beats me why Netanyahu gave Putin green light to intervene in Syria. Was it just to piss off Obama or is he getting something from Putin down the road?

    But apparently thinking along this line is a ridiculous canard with anti-semitic undertones in The Tablet world.

  26. reiner Tor says

    misguided in parts

    I just quickly skimmed through it, but the only really questionable point I found was the Indo-European origin of whites. On one hand it excludes Hungarians, Estonians and Finns on linguistic grounds (though Hungarians are genetically most closely related to the neighboring peoples like Poles, Slovaks, Ukrainians, etc.), maybe Russians (who are genetically largely Finno-Ugric in origin), and of course while all Southern Europeans speak Indo-European languages, genetically speaking the Indo-Europeans had very little impact on them. So the Indo-European (i.e. Aryan) origin of whites is just pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo.

    I guess the reason for his use of pompous words is to differentiate his movement from lowbrow skinheads.

  27. reiner Tor says

    why Netanyahu gave Putin green light to intervene in Syria.

    How could he have prevented it? Other than starting a shooting war with Russia. I know Israel is also a nuclear power, and Russia is far away, but it’s still very big, and Israel is small. Little surprise Netanyahu had no stomach for fighting a war against Russia.

  28. German_reader says

    I guess the reason for his use of pompous words is to differentiate his movement from lowbrow skinheads.

    Maybe, some of it just feels pretentious in a silly way to me (e.g. Spencer’s interest in Heidegger). But one probably shouldn’t be too critical, there’s still a lot I agree with.
    You’re right of course about the Indo-European issue, though that didn’t bother me much, to some extent the IE legacy really is a very important element of European identity.
    Anyway, seems like Spencer’s rally was attacked by Antifas and broken up by the police, with Spencer himself being maced in the face. He’s now got a video on his Twitter account, where he’s outraged about his treatment and the assault on his rights as a citizen…probably with good reason, though he still seems surprisingly naive in some ways. It should have been clear to him that the establishment and its Antifa thugs don’t play by the rules and won’t hesitate to brutally crush dissent.

  29. If it was as you say it must have been an explicit threat of nuclear weapon use on part of Putin because in conventional skirmish with Israel Russians in Syrian would no last one day and they would have no chance to resupply or redeploy. I have problems imagining that a nuclear strike is being used in “negotiation”. So I am forced to believe that there was some quid pro quo. We just do not now the other part of the deal yet. What Israel is going to get out of it?

  30. US policy in the region is aimed at preventing significant integration between Russian energy and the South Korean and Japanese economies, and making SK and Japan more reliant on Middle Eastern and US energy:

    Also Russia has some territorial disputes with Japan.

  31. Russia does not have territorial dispute with Japan, Japan has a territorial dispute with Russia.

    Vladimir Putin’s coercion of Europe through his control over its energy supply is widely known.

    This lie again.

  32. There’s a dispute over the Kuril Islands, which Japan claims and which the USSR annexed after WW2.

  33. German_reader says

    Looks some right-winger ran over and killed one of the protesters. Also seems like there were quite a few genuine Nazis at the rally.
    Spencer’s gone silent on his Twitter account. Obviously he’s not directly responsible for what happened, though some of his statements in the past did sound like potential justifications for violence.

  34. Spencer is like Navalny, an asset of the people he claims to fight?

  35. German_reader says

    Who knows…as a foreign observer I find it pretty scary though how polarized and increasingly unstable the US seems to be. My own country has gone insane over the last few years, but at least it’s not a super power with nuclear weapons which could take down the rest of the world with it. And quite possibly it’s going to become much worse (iirc Peter Turchin predicts major unrest in the US in the 2020s, possibly on a scale not seen since the mid-19th century…).

  36. For me what it mostly evokes is a candlelight vigil. This is something strongly associated with the Left and colleges in general. I know they must occur in Europe, but I suspect that they are more common in America than Germany because too many people here go to college.

    The tiki-torches seem a kind of deliberate counterstyle. More masculine than candles certainly, but the word “tiki” is too silly-sounding and too Hawaiian to evoke Nazis. I think they were aware of this, but also aware that comparisons would be made.

  37. Charlottesville is to Alt-Right what Dallas cops shooting was to BLM. Any gains Jame Damore was making are wiped out.

  38. Astuteobservor II says

    what is worst is that automation is coming. with the shit show of a govt we have in DC, americans are not prepared. that is why there are predictions that 2020s is gonna be hell. that is just added fuel to the bonfire the alt right is preparing with the racial politics. the reds are now officially a whites party. while the dems pander to minorities.

    all of these shits weren’t even an issue till people in power started making them into an issue. This shit in virginia shouldn’t even happen if the fuckers in charge didn’t decide to remove a goddamn statue. the city council should all hang for stirring this shit up. I blame all of this on them.

  39. Russians (who are genetically largely Finno-Ugric in origin)

    Russian genetically fall into two clusters (North and South). “Northern” Russians genetically are very close to Finns, but “southern” Russians are genetically included in a single cluster with the poles.

  40. The tikis may have been deliberate, or they may just have been convenient. A lot of big box retail stores in the US like Home Depot sell tiki torches during the summer, usually in outdoor patio furniture sections. People in the US use them in the summer when they have parties or BBQs at night at the beach or in their backyards.

  41. Alt-right is dead.

    What will replace alt-right?

  42. Astuteobservor II says

    the alt right poisoned their own movement with nazis. kinda stupid and sad. I kinda want a real alt right, a non crazy and stupid version to counter the identity politics of the dems.

  43. Alt Right isn’t dead. It’s gonna grow stronger. It takes a stand and has fight in it.

    You can’t just have theory. There has to be practice. Practice of theory is unpleasant, but it has to be done.

    Alt Right provoked the opposition big time in Charlottesville. The entire establishment went crazy.

    Provoke the power. Sure, you get hurt and bruised. But that’s revolution.

  44. Alt Right has some naziesque elements, but it’s NOT a nazi movement. You’re just going with glob narrative.

    Look. The leftist movement always had some radicals too, those who made excuses for Stalin and Mao.

    Alt Right will have some of those extreme types too.

    But the heart and soul of Alt Right is honesty and courage about race, identity, and power.

    The melee at Charlottesville wasn’t Alt Right’s doing. It was antifa scum, black thugs, and establishment ordering cops to stand down. So, all hell broke loose, and many patriots got attacked. And one patriot got so pissed that he fought back with his car. Antifa say ‘punch a nazi’. BLM yelled for death of cops.
    Against such scum, there will be counter-violence.

  45. reiner Tor says

    Which means that if you make Indo-European descent the definition of whiteness, then you’re excluding a huge portion of Russians (and Southern Europeans), but including maybe upper class North Indian Brahmins or something.

    I don’t think it’s a tenable position, which is why I called it pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo.

  46. No, Spencer has done great things for the movement.

    They wrote him off for ‘nazi salutes’ after Trump victory, but he came back stronger.

    He’s a fighter. He has more sand than most.

    He tries to fit theory with practice.

    He is not The One but he is paving the way.

  47. reiner Tor says

    You’re making a false dichotomy. Russia has ships in the Mediterranean capable of conventionally striking Israeli cities, for example, but it has many other means to hurt Israel, militarily or otherwise. It’s obvious that for Israel to attack Russia would be an enormous enterprise, which Netanyahu did not have the stomach to start, for really obvious reasons.

    I also find it funny that while you have difficulties imagining Putin threatening with nukes (me too), you find it plausible for Netanyahu to threaten Russia with war…

  48. My understanding is that the agreement reached between Russia and Israel on Syria was a bit more subtle and intricate than threatening each other with nuclear war. It had something to do with Russia limiting Iran’s influence in Syria even with Assad remaining in power, making sure Hezbollah didn’t get its hands on advanced weaponry while reserving Israel’s right to attack them if they did, securing the Golan for Israel, probably a bunch of other stuff that I’m missing because this isn’t my area of expertise. Besides, there is no need for Israel to behave as a direct adversary towards Russia when it can do what it has always done best: using the much more powerful United States as its proxy in that struggle.

  49. reiner Tor says

    Both parties could make life difficult for the other, so they decided to make an agreement. It’s not a very complicated deal.

  50. reiner Tor says

    one patriot got so pissed that he fought back with his car

    Someone said he was “unaffiliated” with the Spencer crowd.

  51. For me what it mostly evokes is a candlelight vigil. This is something strongly associated with the Left and colleges in general. I know they must occur in Europe, but I suspect that they are more common in America than Germany because too many people here go to college.

    The tiki-torches seem a kind of deliberate counterstyle. More masculine than candles certainly, but the word “tiki” is too silly-sounding and too Hawaiian to evoke Nazis. I think they were aware of this, but also aware that comparisons would be made.

    Use candles, not torches!

    Who the fuck thinks torches are good PR? Torches are menacing and associated with white on black violence. You get a torch when you want to burn something down.

    What is the fucking difference? Torches are threatening and alienate people from your agenda. Candles are sympathetic and associated with mourning. You could have even mourned “white genocide.” When the left laughs and says that, “white genocide is good,” the effect would have been to red pill even more people. Instead of getting the public on your side you alienated them.


    On top of that you used Tiki torches! So your protest looks like a fucking PARODY of a threatening KKK lynch mob. What are you stupid?

  52. The alt-right’s association with nazism and the confederacy will discredit it in the eyes of many if not most Republicans. You can see the backlash already. Trump will have to come out strongly against the likes of David Duke and Richard Spencer. I expect him to do that.


  53. Which means that if you make Indo-European descent the definition of whiteness, then you’re excluding a huge portion of Russians (and Southern Europeans), but including maybe upper class North Indian Brahmins or something.

    Of course such “”Indoeuropean whiteness” is nonsense. This is in our town (in North-West Russia) kids contest in the children’s library.

    If these children are non-white, who are they?

  54. Torchlight parades are an old American political tradition. They were common in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. There was a big one for Hubert Humphrey in Chicago just prior to the 1968 election. Probably not too many since then.

  55. Did the torchlight parades for William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt cause widespread fear among the masses? Somehow I doubt it.

    Who the fuck thinks torches are good PR? Torches are menacing and associated with white on black violence.

    You’re a complete captive of Hollywood and the teevee.

  56. Astuteobservor II says

    someone yells something bad at you, and your response is lets kill them? you are calling that murdering fucker a patriot? for what he did, calling him a murderer is an insult to all other murderers. that was domestic terrorism. he was a bona fide terrorist. remember the terrorism in france?

    the heart and soul of Alt Right is honesty and courage about race, identity, and power.

    my fucking ass.

  57. German_reader says

    Well, if I understand correctly, raised arm salutes (Bellamy salute) were also a common practice in the US during the first half of the 20th century…but today it would evoke clear associations with Nazism, one can’t get around that. And given how some of the alt-right people in Charlottesville acted (presenting Nazi symbols, chanting “Jew can’t replace us” etc.) such associations probably weren’t unintentional at least for some of the participiants.
    Spencer is pretty foolish imo…his programme (US as white ethnostate) seems pretty utopian, and now his movement is associated with genuine Nazi types…this is counter-productive, to put it mildly.

  58. I find it pretty scary though how polarized and increasingly unstable the US seems to be

    Absolutely nothing can get done until we choose up sides!

    Are you sure you have ancestors from the Germanic tribes?

  59. HHS–which records all instances of live births–consistently shows a higher proportion of all US births to be to non-Hispanic whites than the Census estimates do.

    I remember dealing with this claim years ago (and here). The first headlines of non-Hispanic whites no longer comprising a majority of births in the US came up in 2012, and then again earlier this year the same issue arose.

    Up to this point, non-Hispanic white births have always constituted a majority of births in the US. That will likely cease to be the case at some point in the future, but up to this point it has never been otherwise.

  60. Did the torchlight parades for William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt cause widespread fear among the masses?

    That was a century ago.

    You’re a complete captive of Hollywood and the teevee.

    Who dominate the normies. If you want to win them over, you have to adapt.

  61. The alt-right does not seem to be able to solve: 1) the JQ, 2) the “whiteness” question, 3) the social Darwinist question, and 4) the liberal democracy question. Other than those small problems they’re going gangbusters.

  62. It may help them more if people compare them to Nazis. The people calling them Nazis have no sympathies with them and for a long time have been guilty of overusing the word. Calling someone a Nazi has no descriptive power, it has just become a blatant attempt to dehumanize people and shut them up.

    For example, when Erdogan used the word against the Dutch, I think that it probably helped the Dutch Freedom Party quite a bit.

  63. German_reader says

    For example, when Erdogan used the word against the Dutch, I think that it probably helped the Dutch Freedom Party quite a bit.

    Because those accusations were 1.) so obviously untrue (Geert Wilders may be many things, but certainly not a Nazi, there’s an ethnonationalist strain to his thought, but some of his criticism of Islam is more of a liberal critique of religion imo), and 2.) disgustingly hypocritical, given how brutally intolerant Turkish society in general and Erdogan’s followers in particular are compared even to the more right-wing Dutch (and Germans, I might add).
    But when you have people who really do use Nazi symbols and chant Nazi-like slogans like at least some of the Charlottesville protesters did, the accusation will stick.

  64. Turchin predicts it will be worse than the Days of Rage in the 70s but not near as bad as to get to a Civil War stage.

    Still, we need some perspective. European commies were blowing up dozens of people every year during some years in the 70s/80s. The US still has a long ways to travel even to get to that point.

  65. German_reader says

    Certainly true; and if anything, I expect things to be a lot worse in Western Europe than the US, due to the immigration and Islam issue.

  66. OTOH, the leftists are now in a rather amusing predicament.

    For so long they’ve been calling everybody around Murray/Sailer and further right a Nazi.

    But now real Nazis have shown up in force in a US city, with swastikas and all.

    So now they will have to explain that this Nazism is really Nazism, and this Nazism is also Nazism, but not as Nazi as the other Nazism.

  67. Astuteobservor II says

    but they intermingled and welcomed each other, the leftists can simply lump them into a single group. it would be a different story if the alt right kicked them out the moment they saw the flags. but in this case, they are guilty. and some of the retards are defending even the terrorist driver.

  68. Today morning I went to see what’s up with Nick Srnicek (the author of this
    amusing article), … and what do I see:

  69. Honestly though- the whole Generation Z’s White guys chose Trump 6-to-1 over Clinton is not saying much. Clinton was about as bad a candidate the Dems could field – hated by many on her own side. And even then Trump didn’t win by a huge margin. The Dems could have fielded a few moderate and serious candidates and won fairly easily- they were just too greedy.


  70. The Dems could have fielded a few moderate and serious candidates and won fairly easily- they were just too greedy.

    And do you think that they learned their lesson?

  71. We’ll see in a few years if they field the first-ever transgender neocon candidate.


  72. For so long they’ve been calling everybody around Murray/Sailer and further right a Nazi.
    But now real Nazis have shown up in force in a US city, with swastikas and all.

    See! It’s just like we told you. You let people like Murray and Sailer run wild and it leads to Nazism!

  73. Who the hell burns their own flag or symbol at their rallies? It’s like they know the metaphysical reality of what they are calling for.


  74. We don’t know the “true” motivation of people. Factually we know that in situations like this we have many poseurs and paid agents.

    Want to reduce the probability of violence? Deny the parade permit for the “counter-demonstrators” and antifas. Have the counter protest march next weekend. Simple solution. It didn’t happen because the counter-demonstrators don’t need a permit to parade. We got want the “man” wanted.

    BTW, looking at some of the videos, I think Thomm should check out some of those blue-haired whales.

  75. Among the chaos of the white supremacist rally and apparent car attack that left one dead and 19 others injured, one group in Charlottesville, Virginia, said they were present to maintain the peace: local and national faith leaders.

    The leaders are now questioning the response by local and state police officers.
    Brian McLaren, a former priest and nationally-known religious author and speaker, traveled from Florida to be part of an effort called “Congregate

    While fights broke out, pepper-spray flew, and gas canisters were thrown by protesters, McLaren says the “police hung back quite a distance” away from the “center of the action.”
    McLaren says he recognizes that police “couldn’t be everywhere” but that “it was clear the police were trying to shut down the protest even before it began.”
    Don Gathers, deacon at First Baptist Church in Charlottesville, says the police response was “reprehensible” and an “embarrassment.”

    Wake up and smell the politics, Talha.

  76. Generation Z

    a lot of older people don’t realize how pozzed the schools are now.

    there were never that many cultural marxists and so they had to colonize nodes where they could do the most harm – like teacher education. from the 1930s it took them decades to poz teacher education and further decades for the new pozzed teachers to outnumber the old pre-pozzed teachers – say the 1980s roughly – and since then it’s been getting worse.

    i know about it partly from school a long time ago (as back then the first few pozzed teacher’s generally did a few tears in inner city schools before moving somewhere nicer) and partly from playing online games and having youngsters tell me what it’s like now.

    the anti-white indoctrination in the schools (mostly from indoctrinated white SJW teachers) is now at pre-genocidal levels – especially the boys. the only option for white boys in those schools is destroy the poz or be destroyed by it.


    The strange case of Utah is moderately disquieting;

    the poz works by attacking the (genetic imo) universalist morality guilt response and there are four main factors that affect its success

    1) lies: media and academia simply lying to kids about history and current reality

    2) eternal Anglo: “Anglo” imo is a geographically aligned evolutionary path centred somewhere in the low countries and radiating outwards from there so including: most of England, most of Scandinavia, Holland, and parts of France and Germany (h/t hbdchick) – people descended from those regions have on average the most susceptibility to moral guilt tripping.

    3) prosperity: prosperity allows more leeway for feeling sorry for other people while hard times allows less

    4) diversity: people insulated from the reality of diversity – especially the teen gang violence part which the media cover up – are easier to manipulate. people getting attacked at school by ethnic gangs aren’t fooled by media lies about inter-racial violence.

    so it’s a function of: media lies +/- Angloness +/- prosperity +/- diversity

    Utah is: standard media lies + very Anglo + prosperity + low diversity

    and should be expected to be at the extreme end of the spectrum imo (along with prosperous enclaves elsewhere)

    places with less Angloness, less prosperity and more diversity (especially the more violent kind) will be at the other end of the spectrum.


    Indo-European (mostly) works as a (mostly) inclusive myth-foundation for US Eurowhites – myths are useful, especially if they’re mostly accurate.

    iirc Hungarians are I-E in Spencer’s sense apart from the language

  77. Charlottesville

    the media is lying as usual – the guy didn’t drive into the crowd.

    there’s some drone video which shows there were three cars involved.

    firstly a purple car plowed (slowly) into an antifa crowd on the road and was halted by them

    a second car crashed into the back of the purple car (leading to more people milling about on the road

    then the 3rd car crashed into the back of the second one.

    it wasn’t a terrorist attack or a murder – it was multiple crashes by drivers trying to get away from an antifa mob who had been allowed to run riot by a democrat mayor

  78. Nazi Flags, Salutes etc

    this is going to happen because if it doesn’t the bad guys will pay agent provocateurs to do it

    best response imo is to say they’re paid by the media


    torches are fine – although that may depend on the cultural brain washing in particular countries


    Spencer unleashing instinctive moral fury on having his citizen’s rights denied?

    Anglo-Fascism is different.

  79. Plowed slowly?? This is a picture – you do not launch people into the air and knock off their shoes by hitting them slowly.


  80. Good points – I agree with the possibility of agent provacateurs.

    I can see the wisdom in separating the days when the different groups can protest. It is tough to stop spontaneous gatherings in our age of social media though.


  81. the earlier video from the air (a drone apparently) shows a purple car plowing into the crowd knocking people over but slowly enough for them to all get up again.

    they were angry obviously and surrounded the purple car.

    then a second car crashed into the back of the purple car.

    that was all there was of the drone video.

    the second – ground level – video showed the third car driving too fast and crashing into the back of the second car.

  82. missed the edit

    drone video showing the first two cars

    (the whole thing is pretty confusing so may be more to it but currently seems to have been three cars as the back of the second one is smashed in and the ground level video showed the “attack” car reversing back up the road)

  83. Astuteobservor II says

    Want to reduce the probability of violence? Deny the parade permit for the “counter-demonstrators” and antifas.

    why not deny the protest permit for both sides? :))) do you understand what you did there?

  84. Astuteobservor II says

    what confusion? there is a clear video showing the car ramming straight into the crowd. it only stopped by the 2 cars , one of which is shown in your video. if it weren’t for those 2 cars, we will be getting death and injured numbers like those french terrorism attacks. this twitter post got the entire silver car attack on film. got it from reddit thread. this shows just when it hit. another perspective right at the 2nd car.

    did you even make the simplest attempt at searching youtube videos? there are alot of videos showing the silver car ramming, several showing it from the beginning.

  85. Guccifer 2 was in Romania

    Smokescreen. Speaks neither Romanian nor Russian.

    “Guccifer 2.0” is a fiction cooked up by DNC PR folks in DC to blunt the impact of Wikileaks and confuse people about the Seth Rich murder. If you look for verifiable info and stuff that would be hard to fake, you find none of it is there.

    ERGO – fake.

    Check out Forensicator for all the gory details.

  86. your first clip shows someone speeding away from antifa and you can hear it crashing into the back of a stationary car

    your second clip more clearly shows it crashing into the two stationary cars being pursued by a bunch of people with clubs who then attacked the car – so he reversed back

    the third shows the same thing – two stationary cars blocked (attacked?) by antifa on the road and the third car crashing into the back of the second one

    viewers naturally notice the people but focus on the cars – the second car had already crashed into the purple one


    the drone video shows the purple car trying to get through antifa and being prevented and the second car has already crashed into the purple one

    where those two drivers Nazis too?

    or were they panicked regular people trying to get away from an armed antifa mob let loose by the democrat mayor?

  87. Thanks for the video – your interpretation seems to work for the first two cars. Doesn’t cut it for the last one. In the clip you posted, the first two cars are stationary and there is a fire truck with first responders around. They would have seen what happened with the third car and, to my knowledge, it is the driver of the Dodge Charger that has been charged with the crime.

    The clips that AstuteObserver posted also deal with the third car. The first two cars may have been panicked individuals who did something stupid – last guy seems fairly deliberate in plowing down people. And yeah he wanted to reverse out of there – he just hit a bunch of people with a muscle car and people are pissed.


  88. Ok I think I misinterpreted when the first responders arrived. If the guy in the Charger did not do this deliberately, then he is definitely guilty of horribly reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc. Let’s see how the court rules it.


  89. reckless driving and hit and run, agreed

  90. why not deny the protest permit for both sides?

    Because you cannot permanently deny the right to assemble. It is well established law that it can be regulated with a parade permitting process.

    Sewer pond scum politicians got the violence that they wanted.

    Do you think the antifas were parade permitted like the Unite the Right?

    Do you know for sure that the police did not push the Unite the Right people into the antifas?

    Public assembly can be regulated.

    It can be regulated fairly, or it can be regulated to produce the violence desired by sewer pond scum politicians.

  91. Astuteobservor II says

    I just realized no matter what bar I set, it can always be lowered even more.

    this has to be done on purpose, not because of the inability to connect the dots, or I just lost all hope on the human race.

    your first clip shows someone speeding away from antifa

    this has to be the most retarded comment I have ever read on this website. there is no contest.

  92. Astuteobservor II says

    how can there be any doubt??? oh look I am driving away, by speeding up and driving into you!!!

    not on purpose??? how in the flaming hell can this even enter into your fucking mind with the video right in your face???

  93. German_reader says
  94. Bro, I said “if”…

    To me it’s pretty obvious he wanted to hit people going in and definitely didn’t care about hitting them when putting it in reverse.

    However, I’m not the one that can determine motivations – that’s what the court decides and hands down appropriate sentences whether it is murder or manslaughter. I was saying that at least it should be this and this – I think that is beyond any doubt.


  95. Astuteobservor II says

    this reads like russian move to fuck over the usa. or has the NK spying actually paid off?

    but non of this matters anyway.

    BEIJING (Reuters) – If North Korea launches an attack that threatens the United States then China should stay neutral, but if the United States attacks first and tries to overthrow North Korea’s government China will stop them, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Friday.

    this is as clear as it gets. and no, the kim regime is not suicidal. and that means it will never launch first = chinese protection.

  96. Astuteobservor II says

    I am saying there is no “if.” non. 0.

    This is not about if you can determine motivations, it is just what the videos showed. plowing into people to kill. what else do you expect by plowing into a crowd of people in a speeding car??? fact are facts.

  97. reiner Tor says

    this reads like russian move to fuck over the usa.


    Western governments helped overthrow a Russia-friendly regime in Ukraine, which had supplied intercontinental ballistic missiles to Russia. The Russians canceled all their orders for missiles after the new Ukrainian government started courting the idea of NATO-membership (presumably they didn’t want to import their missile technology from a potential future NATO member), and so the remaining missile factory started leaking technology to some rogue state. Another unintended consequence of Western foreign policy.

  98. Astuteobservor II says

    that makes no sense. why would a potential future nato member leak missile tech to north korea??? how does that makes sense to you?

  99. reiner Tor says

    They didn’t have money. And obviously it was not the government, but either the factory or some rogue elements inside the factory. Could’ve been just a few (or even just one) of the underpaid engineers (whose income dropped considerably since Russia canceled the orders). How does it not make sense to you?

  100. Astuteobservor II says

    then you are talking about NK spying + buying the tech.

    that is not a leak.

  101. How fast does a running back move? Now figure he weighs several tonnes…

  102. “Tiki” torches were probably used because of their resistance to being extinguished, especially in a moving parade. They are relatively “windproof” and make for excellent “candle light vigils”. Smart…

  103. Not sure what you are getting at…

  104. someone yells something bad at you, and your response is lets kill them?

    ROTFL. You are such a bubble-boy who know nothing about reality.

    Now, you’re right that it’d be crazy, immoral, and evil to kill someone just because they insulted you or said some bad stuff.
    BUT dynamics change in a state of melee when all hell breaks loose. In such a situation, it’s mob vs mob. And it means the hostile mob can spring on you any moment.
    It’s like a barroom fight in a Western. Time for talking has passed. It’s fists flying all over.
    And by the time the car crash happened, Antifanissary and BLM scum were attacking ANY patriot.
    It’s went from words to swords. Heads were being smashed. And the whole crowd were cheering such violence.

    In such a scenario when the mob is out to get you, you no longer think in terms of individuals and ideas. You know a mob of zombies is out there to jump you. So, you have to fight the mob.

    It’s like sports games where fight breaks out. All team members join the fight against all guys on the other side. It’s mob violence melee mentality.

    And Antifanissary, with aid of State Terror, made such melee happen.

    So, if the guy ran over some mobs of lowlife scum, good for him.

  105. As expected Trump has come out strongly against the alt-right racists:

    President Donald Trump is saying that “racism is evil” as he condemns the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists as “criminals and thugs.” He is speaking in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House after meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI director Christopher Wray about the race-fueled violence Saturday in Charlottesville

    So HBDers and alt-righters, how do you all feel about your most cherished belief being condemned as “evil” by the man who you thought was sympathetic to your cause?

  106. We now have a Dodge Charger involved in the mess, there are confederate flags everywhere at this rally and General Lee’s statues have been removed…it is the perfect storm!

    This is all a grand conspiracy to end any re-runs of the Dukes of Hazzard!!!

  107. ‘Hope this reply goes to the right place (@Talha, “Not sure what you are getting at”).

    Anyway my comment was supposed to be a reply to your comment about a car going slowly not being able to knock someone into the air; unfortunately it seems to have been attached as a reply to a different comment. I’d specify these comments by number but unfortunately they’ve all disappeared and my usual workaround of posting a comment is shot because my edit function no longer works.

    Hope Mr. Unz gets those software fixes knocked out eventually.

  108. Okay, the numbers came back. Comment #108 was describing a situation wherein my comment #102, intended as a reply to Talha’s #80, was instead attached as a reply to Talha’s #95. #108 was itself supposed to be a reply to #104 but got attached to #105 instead.

    Sorry to clutter the thread with all this for such an extremely minor point…


  109. The definition of a loaded question.

    For a start, HBD is not racism; it is race realism. Until Trump gives a statement on HBD or race realism, his public position towards us is a black box.

    I do not personally identify as Alt Right and don’t believe I ever have. I am simply a Russian nationalist.

    For that matter, he didn’t even name the Alt Right. Richard Spencer himself has denied he is a White supremacist.

    In terms of the accusations of being a white supremacist, he then denounced the idea of overall racial superiority as “ridiculous.” I asked him, on the topic of the term Nazi, whether he has anything against the Jewish people as a race or as a religion. “No, I don’t have anything against them. I’m not even sure that guy, did someone hear Nazi?” he responded. Spencer then went on to take note of the growing use of the term Nazi to encompass anyone left of center by far left activists. On the use of the word, he remarked that “The term Nazi is just a meaningless term,” and that “all of these basic conservatives , normal conservatives, are also getting punched – [he] of course got punched because [he is] Richard Spencer”.

  110. the police comments just after the incident said they didn’t think it was malicious and the guy was just scared

  111. there’s two kinds of “racism”

    1) being mean for the sake of it

    2) genetic reality

    the US establishment is anti-white: the Left explicitly so and GOPe indirectly through their lust for cheap labor. they both want open borders so they conflate the 1st with the 2nd as a political tactic to shut white people up from preserving their future posterity.

    Trump is in the belly of the beast which constrains him and regardless he probably does think (1) is bad.

    (2) is the important bit and we know he understands that part.

  112. the media’s hysterical reaction to Trump has driven SJWs mad and set the fuse for civil war.

  113. I have to admit – they are quite hysterical and I’ve never seen the country divided like this. I know a lot of folks are frustrated – and it is definitely warranted – but I’m hoping and praying change comes without bloodshed.


  114. Astuteobservor II says

    source or get the fuck out.

  115. Astuteobservor II says

    for defending that terrorist, I now deem you human scum and ready for disposal.

  116. Will Bannon and his cabal in the White House survive much longer? Looks like the alt-right’s heyday could be even more short-lived than the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Kim Dynasty of North Korea. All racial supremacist entities, therefore “evil” according to Trump and all good men and women.

    The heads of the black, Hispanic, Asian and progressive caucuses are calling in the letter for the firings of the Trump administration officials in the wake of a violent, racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The letter asserts their continuing presence in the White House is emboldening a resurgent white supremacist movement in America. “Americans deserve to know that white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis are not in a position to influence U.S. policy,” says the letter dated Monday. “In this time of tumult in our country, Americans deserve a leader that will bring us all together and denounce those who seek to tear us apart.”

  117. Search for “malicious” at
    Who knows what the reality is? One thing we can be absolutely certain of though. The (lying, but that is redundant these days) media is not going to tell us in this case.

  118. * White Births A US Majority Again. (Trump is too late to explain that, but one does wonder to what extent both could be viewed as a recovery of White morale).

    It’s not so much a recovery of White morale, than a ecline of morale among non-Whites in the US, whose birth rates continue to decline quicker than that of the Whites, ironically since Obama assumed presidency in 2008.

  119. Astuteobservor II says

    I was browsing reddit and came upon this. I was convinced by your post about antifa not having permits. well, you were 100% wrong.

    your response?

  120. Being a novice to this culinary delight, perhaps you can explain to me what you look for in superlative kimchi?

    As I understand it, kimchi has to be properly fermented; it should fizz a bit when you first open the bottle.

    In the US, you can get huge bottles of kimchi pickled in vinegar. The standard kimchi sold in Russian markets is also like that. This tastes much worse.

    I have only ever found proper kimchi in the US at some upscale SWPL place (probably Whole Foods), and a modest bottle of the stuff cost about $5.

    That said, I’m not a huge foodie, not a particular devotee of Korean cuisine in general or kimchi specifically, so I never bothered looking.

    I don’t know where proper fermented kimchi can be found in Russia (apart from said Best Korea restaurant), and don’t feel sufficiently motivated to find out.

  121. your response?

    I stand corrected on the permit question, not the rest of my comment.

    Why were they allowed to assemble at Emancipation Park if their permits were for McGuffey and Justice?

  122. Astuteobservor II says

    beats me. most plausible explanation is looking for trouble. the ones who attacked the alt right speaker were arrested.

  123. beats me. most plausible explanation is looking for trouble. the ones who attacked the alt right speaker were arrested.

    Allowed to look for trouble?

    So, the three people that were arrested were attacking UTR speakers?

  124. Astuteobservor II says

    from the reddit live thread a few days ago. the 2 who attacked the alt right speaker were arrested on the spot and police protected the speaker.

    who is to say if it was allowed or not? but the speaker wasn’t harmed though.

    it became a shit show when KKK and the nazis showed up. the organizer was pretty retarded.