Open Thread: Snowcrash (Expanded Edition)

Spanish Occupation Government strikes back!

So as you’re probably aware, The Unz Review had a prolonged server crash. The data was unrecoverable, so Ron had to revert to an earlier backup, losing about a day’s worth of comments.

Apologies about that, but really, it’s GoDaddy’s fault. None of us are very happy with them. One might have expected better of America’s largest hosting provider, but apparently not. Any suggestions for alternatives? Amazon Web Services are under consideration, since they host many of America’s biggest companies. But all suggestions are welcome – preferably at this thread:


  1. Only post of mine that got deleted was “The Catalans Actually Did It the Absolute Madmen.” I don’t feel like restoring it since it pretty much just a shitpost that was only funny at the time of posting, not 48 hours later.

But feel free to continue discussing the latest developments in Spain/Catalonia in this thread.

  1. Now might be an apt moment for a couple of productivity tips for not losing your comments:
  • The Chrome extension Lazarus: Form Recovery auto-saves everything you type into form fields, allowing easy recovery from time-outs, crashes, and network errors.
  • The Chrome extension Comment Save does what it says on the in – also useful for keeping track of comments you make on other sites without having to use a your email as a dumping ground for updates.

There are probably equivalent plugins for Mozilla Firefox.

EDIT 10/31: So we’re back to Square 1. I am even more impressed at the sheer magnitude of this fail than I’m mad about it.

I am going to restore my Kyrgyzstan post – thankfully, I keep a personal backup of all my posts on Evernote – but unfortunately, the many great comments to it are lost (unless you maintained a personal backup, as I recommended above).

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  1. For keeping one’s own comments etc, what can be helpful is a simple text file, not the big, messy, memory-sucking Microsoft Word type, but the much simpler WordPad (found under ‘Accessories’ or similar in Windows), or the Mac equivalent … WordPad is an optimum type of file for drafting before you post, as well as preserving for afterwards

    On Catalonia … ‘Cowardly Carles’ Puigdemont the Catalonian ‘head of state’ … who led around 900 of his people into getting their heads beaten in & bodies broken by Spanish police … has just fled to Brussels, apparently with several other Catalan leaders, & is apparently planning to ask for asylum in Belgium, after just a weekend of ‘independence’ & apparently doing little for his new ‘country’ except acting to save himself

    Reminds me of how in mid-1939, the strongman ruler of Poland, Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły, was quite cocky & foolishly arrogant with Adolf Hitler, emboldened by a ‘defence treaty’ the Poles had just signed with Britain … and then when Hitler invaded, Rydz-Śmigły fled to Romania, abandoning his fellow Poles to their fate under occupation

    On a lighter note … on Anatoly Karlin’s turf, young female Russian protester ‘Anna Boni Lu’ mounts an eye-catching protest on the St Petersburg metro platforms … she is protesting how males like to look up women’s skirts … ‘protesting’ by lifting up her own hemline repeatedly, knickers (panties) showing to amuse the metro travellers
    Also in female SJW protest-by-stripping news, Femen protested in Paris against Roman Polanski on Monday, but displayed a clever acronym befitting our times, ‘VIP = Very Important Paedo-criminal’

  2. Hey Anna, wash it not air it!

  3. OT: Putin: Someone is harvesting Russian bio samples for obscure purposes

  4. Daniel Chieh says

    That underwear isn’t sexy.

  5. silviosilver says

    Hey, can someone tell me whether the following was a well known joke?

    A Jew is trying to leave the USSR to go to Israel. So he visits the relevant office to be interviewed by the official in charge.

    SOVIET OFFICIAL: Oh look, another Jew who wants to leave. Do you have any idea how many Jews like you come here wanting to leave the Soviet Union? And you’re all worried about one thing!

    JEW: Actually, I’m worried about two things.

    SOVIET OFFICIAL: Yeah, but the one thing you have in common is you’re all worried that the Soviet Union might come to and end and we’re going to go back to the bad old days of pogroms and anti-semitism.

    JEW: Well, yes, that is one of the things I’m worried about.

    SOVIET OFFICIAL: You don’t have to worry about that! Let me assure you, our workers’ paradise is going to last for all eternity!

    JEW: That’s the other thing I’m worried about.