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Cyberpunk Moscow.

Sold off most of my Bitcoins when they were at $11k (1,000% profit, but from a very low base, so not rich). Ironically, what were monetarily very modest dribbles over the past two years that I have been taking Bitcoin donations ( have leapfrogged PayPal and become comparable to the sum total of my Patreon earnings in literally the past few months. Slightly disappointed to have deboarded then instead of hanging on until $20k, but what’s done is done. Better early than late. I am 90% sure that Bitcoin is massively overvalued; it’s one modest advantage over conventional fiat currencies, resistance to censorship, probably doesn’t justify the electricity consumption of Ireland. I’ll probably buy into it again in a year or so when it tumbles back down to $2,000-$4,000.

There has been a vigorous and largely positive reaction to my article on Russian IQ for Sputnik i Pogrom, from major Russian media outlets such as RBC and Komsomolskaya Pravda to various Vkontakte discussion groups. The vast bulk of the criticisms were populist mooing along the lines of “look at our bureaucrats, they are dumb as rocks,” etc., etc., i.e. “arguments” which you frequently see in the comments even at The Unz Review, one of the central nodes of HBD/IQ discussions in the world.

I hardly ever watch movies. That said, I was ill for a few days, so I took the opportunity to catch up on Hollywood fluff. Star Wars 7 is dreck. Interstellar is brilliant. The Dark Knight Rises was great, or Bane was, at any rate. Alien: Covenant was crap. Ghost in the Shell was the definition of fluff. Otherwise, the only two movies I watched this year were Overboard (ok comedy), and Forrest Gump (Richard Hollywood: “a critique of liberal values from the cuckservative perspect which demands you MAN UP and marry a used up slut”).

Roy Moore. 95% of Blacks voted for their ethnic interests (on 90% turnout). Impressive political homogeneity. Only 70% of Alabaman whites managed to do likewise. Prediction time is still a couple of weeks away, but I gotta say I’m pessimistic about 2018. About 60% chance Democrats will take control of the House, and 45% (!) chance they’ll even dominate the Senate. At which point the Republicans will have no more use for Trump, who has most conveniently surrounded himself with neocons and sundry Swamp creatures.


  • Vox: Twitter is days away from finally banning the Nazis. Yes, really. Opinions differ on whether this is going to be a blimp on the radar or a veritable Great Purge (neoliberalism.txt edition). If it’s the latter, there’s some chance that @akarlin88 will be vaporized in the days to come, especially considering my unfortunate name choice (@akarlin was already occupied). Notes for this eventuality:
  1. I am not going to set up new Twitter accounts to evade a ban. Others can play that game, I can’t be bothered to.
  2. You can follow @akarlin on Gab. (Doubt I’ll post much there, though).
  3. If you’re within the “thoughtcrime” regions of Twitter, I suggest requesting a backup of your archive immediately.
  • Remember José Luís Ricón had a series on his blog on the (under)performance of the Soviet economy? Now available as a free ebook: Back in the USSR: What life was like in the Soviet Union

  • Leonid Bershidsky: Government-Run Digital Currencies Could Disrupt U.S. Dominance. One interesting idea is to create a crypto-ruble, on blockchain principles (essentially a national version of Bitcoin). Thanks to its anonymity – except to the Russian Central Bank – this will allow Russia to bypass potential future sanctions, e.g. a cut-off from SWIFT. China is also experimenting. Main losers: The United States, since a system of national cryptocurrencies largely annuls the need for dollar reserves and the intermediation of the US banking system.

  • Joe Lauria: The Acceleration of Censorship in America * Aubrey de Grey has AMA at /r/Futurology. Worth noting that he is getting distinctly optimistic about timelines for mouse rejuvenation and has (for the first time that I am aware of) started attaching probability distributions to various scenarios – 80% of achieving longevity escape velocity if you are currently aged 25.

  • German psychometrist David Becker now has a blog: View on IQ.

  • Gwern October 2017 news. Also has Twitter thread recounting progress in 2017: “… and wow, 2017 was a very good year for genetics & AI (deep RL esp) wasn’t it? A0 is more important than original AlphaGo, UKBB came fully online, have to beat off with stick human evolution & GWASes, genetic engineering everywhere… Deep RL in particular is getting a little scary with the meta-RL & world models & zero-shot learning. I try to imagine every year seeing as much progress as 2017 (esp with TPU2s coming online) and it makes speculation about near rather than far Singularities feel more plausible.

  • National Security Archive: NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard – “Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner.” This was long known, but its good to have it in incontrovertible document form at last.

  • David P. Goldman: China Is More Open to New Ideas than Silicon Valley, Top Entrepreneur Says.


  • Total spending remains approximately constant.
  • Ambitious projects (new designs for aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, etc.) postponed.
  • Branches: Ground forces are winners, navy are losers.
  • Su-57 serial production not expected until 2027, when a modernized engine (more on this from Alexander Mercouris) is ready.

Assessment of Russian military technology relative to peers: “In some areas, such as air defenses, anti-ship missiles, and electronic warfare, Russia will continue to maintain capabilities superior to those of its peers. In other areas, such as UAVs, precision-guided munitions, and tanks and armored vehicles, it appears poised to narrow the gap. Finally, in a few areas, such as surface ships, transport aircraft, and automated control systems, it will remain well behind the United States and may start to lag behind China as well.

  • Russiagate Powerful Takes:

* Russiagate Powerful Takes (no sarcasm version):

Why won’t the US sign an election non-interference agreement with Russia? State Department official: “We would have to give up democracy promotion in Russia, which we’re not willing to do.”

Russia Elections 2018levada-russia-elections1. New Levada poll. Definite voters:

  • Putin – 75%
  • Zhirinovsky – 10%
  • Zyuganov – 7%
  • Mironov (socialist) – 2%
  • Sobchak, Ekaterina Gordon (another celebrity), Yavlinsky (liberal) – 1% each

Note my longstanding prediction that result will be 80/7/7/7 between Putin, Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov, and [liberals].

  1. Navalny releases a video of his final election program, which basically boils down to generating bazillions of extra rubles by eliminating corruption instantaneously. The more interesting detail that I noticed is that the map of Russia in his video doesn’t include Crimea. Here’s an English text version from Meduza. Note that I wrote about Navalny’s program back in April 2017, which is why you should follow my “rag” at The Unz Review.

  2. Putin’s press conference was lame, boring, irrelevant… Brezhnevite. Officials like Sports Minister Mutko whose failures would invite bipartisan investigations in normal countries are getting off without even a reprimand, because “What can you do? What’s done is done.” Why isn’t Navalny allowed to run? “Saakashvili. Maidan. Maidan. Saakashvili.” Anyhow, you get the point. Substanceless answers that weren’t even thought through. Egor Prosvirnin compares him to a talentless blogger [in Russian].

The quality of Putin’s annual press marathons have been declining for several years, most notably last year, when a weary-looking Putin couldn’t coherently answer how his cellist friend Roldugin ended up with $2 billion in Panama (something something about buying rare instruments). As far as I’m concerned this confirms the theories that he is tired of his job and is looking for an exit.

  1. On that point, Bryan MacDonald: “The whole point is Putin isn’t seeking to create a successor who would rule like he has done. He wants to transfer Russia from personalistic to institutional power. Constitutional changes to rebalance power between executive & legislature very likely in his final term.” I would further add that I suspect “this will take form of Singapore model, with United Russia as PAP and Putin as elder statesman. Though I expect the authoritarianism and multi-nationality aspect will be more enthusiastically embraced than the efficiency and meritocracy one.
  • The Ulyukaev Affair. 100% political trial to show people Sechin’s the boss. Will cover in another post.

  • Big, possibly intractable problem of nationalists the world over: Low human capital (low IQ, low trust). One more example from Russia. It has maybe 6 million pro-Western liberals, of whom 600,000 (10%) signed Navalny’s petition to run for President. Russia has maybe 15 million hardcore nationalists, of whom just 15,846 (0.1%) signed a petition that would have forced the Russian parliament to at least consider canceling Article 282. Inability to coordinate something that is blatantly in their own self-interests.

  • The shenanigans in the Ukraine, Saakashvili, etc. – overblown. Irrelevant. Will explain why in a subsequent post.



In sum: at one time the best of Britons (aged 12–14) could cope with items on the formal level and blended into a smooth curve of performance. Now these items are beyond many of them and register as a huge decimation of high scorers. … The Piagetian results are particularly ominous. Looming over all is their message that the pool of those who reach the top level of cognitive performance is being decimated: fewer and fewer people attain the formal level at which they can think in terms of abstractions and develop their capacity for deductive logic and systematic planning.

James Thompson reviews this paper (BTW, congrats on the first year at The Unz Review). My comment: Yet more evidence for onset of dysgenic decline in the First World since around 2000. It’s a race between Idiocracy, and genetic editing for IQ and/or machine intelligence.


* Todd, Peter & Miller – 2017 – The Evolutionary Psychology of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Are There Universal Adaptations in Search, Aversion, and Signaling?

Unfortunately, not really – or at all. There are no adjustments for the relative challenges each general faced (e.g. relative troop numbers, combat effectiveness of said troops, battlefield conditions, defense or attack, etc., etc.). In other words, the “brilliant” (according to this study) Ulysses S. Grant was playing on Easy, while the supposedly “overrated” Robert E. Lee on Hard. Of course the former would do “better.”


The Bolsheviks who seized power 100 years ago, however, were highly diverse. Trotsky was Jewish, Stalin Georgian, and Lenin a one-man coalition of the fringes: German, Swedish, Jewish, Kalmyk, and perhaps even a little Russian. … Putin managed to make Russia’s corrupt billionaires look a little more like Russia, which may well have headed off an outburst of anti-Semitism in response to the rapine of the Yeltsin years. But to American Jews, Putin’s policy of diversity and inclusion in the really good jobs seems like vilest anti-Semitism.

Why Do We Keep Writing About Chinese Politics As if We Know More Than We Do?


My wife was pleasantly shocked at this, because such exhibitions of male chivalry have become rare. She was 11 when communism ended, and she swears that before the collapse and for a while afterwards, behavior like this was the norm.

This is exactly true of Russia as well. As I frequently argue, Communism “froze” social attitudes.



I personally don’t care one way or another, because:

  1. I don’t care about sport in general;
  2. I doubly don’t care about Russian sport, which enjoys lavish funding in exchange for subpar results while science and R&D languish;
  3. The decision to go under a neutral flag is cowardly and sets Russia up for yet another round of humiliations. But I am neutrally disposed to that.
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup: Russia lands easiest group (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay). Prediction: It still won’t go through…

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  1. German_reader says

    Thomas Weber: What Russian collusion with Hitler reveals about interference in the 2016 election

    Disturbingly stupid, almost infantile piece, but then this Weber guy is a cretin anyway…iirc his chief claim to fame is a silly book in which he wanted to prove Hitler was a coward during his WW1 service. Just depressing that someone like this can become a highly respected professor in today’s West.

  2. Krastos the Gluemaker says

    Republicans will still likely gain seats in the Senate next year. Nothing to change that projection unless we actually see all the candidates out of the primaries being child molesters or whatever too.

    The thing that people just refuse to get, though horse race pundits have a financial incentive not to, is just how boring most of the electorate is. Blacks have always been 95%+ Democratic voters for decades. Most of the 2012 Romney voters and 2014 R midterm voters voted Trump; 2018 will look like 2014 holistically. I understand non-Americans really might not grok stuff, look how surprised they were by Trump, but even so, it’s not hard. (any prediction market etc for Republicans to pick up Senate seats in the dark red states is a good recommendation right now; overseas markets are usually better for free money/arbitrage than anything in the US too, so you’re welcome for that)

    Vox, like the idiots they are, seem to have interpreted something that’s about ISIS etc as hunting down their domestic political enemies. Maybe some random Turkish affiliated Twitter accounts will be shut down but it won’t be “Nazis.” I wouldn’t be worried about that.

    I’m not paying much attention to Russian elections (really do appreciate your coverage and input, as I personally don’t read Russian+sources) or the WC, and a lot of material here, but one more comment on a topic that’s been common before: the USA benefits hugely from some rent-seeking in a global economy sense and you have factors like English is just an outright better language compared to so many world languages for commerce etc. This is not just common sense or human experience (other than forming novel phonemes English is a relatively easy to learn language for instance) but also quantified with Shannon entropy and all that. Never accounted for (saying something like English is a better language is a PC bombshell) in all the traditional humanities/whatever literature.

  3. There has been a vigorous and largely positive reaction to my article on Russian IQ for Sputnik i Pogrom, from major Russian media outlets such as RBC and Komsomolskaya Pravda

    Share links!

  4. Ethan Arsht: Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it.

    Very strange statement

  5. Algerians getting tired of Black African immigrants

    What percentage of genetic stock of the native Algerians is sub-Saharan?


    Regarding the sub-Saharan African component, Algeria (20%) is at the same level as Morocco (20.4%) and Egypt (22.9%) but significantly lower (p = 0.003) than Tunisia (30.1%) and marginally lower (p = 0.059) than Libya (27.1%). Aside from the widespread haplogroup L2a, the majority (14%) of Algerian L lineages (L1b, L2a1, L2b, L2c, L3b, L3d) are of West Africa origin. Those from Central Africa (L1c, L3e, L3f) account for an additional 5%, leaving around 1% for those of East African ancestry

    If this mtdna total of 20% is accurate, and if a much lower percentage of male y-lines are sub-Saharan, which seems inevitable, the Algerian total will be somewhere between 11% (@ near zero sub-S. male lines) and 15% (if y-lines are half as likely to be sub-Saharan as mtnda).

    (For comparison: The big Bryc et al 2015 23andMe study found 0.36% of ancestral stock among White Americans to be non-European, but of that, mtdna is 5x more likely to be nonEuropean: 0.3% of the studied ‘White American’ overall ancestral component was calculated to be from Amerindian or Subsaharan female lines (twice as much of the former), while only 0.06% was from African/Amerindian male lines — In other words, 99.9% of White American male lines are European but only 99.4% of female lines are.)

    I presume Algeria’s sub-Saharan component varies by ethnic group and social class, as usual: Let it not be forgotten that Zidane is an Algerian (Berber).

  6. @Anatoly Karlin: In regards to the Russian nationalistic petition, I think that you have a typo here. Indeed, I think that it is supposed to be 15,846 rather than 15,84.

  7. Noteworthy: the 2010 discourse ‘On Hate’ by Finnish nationalist Kai Murros (b. 1969), who predicts an upcoming European ethnic cleansing war originating in its rural regions, that will shock the world with its fierceness. Video a brief 2min33 (music at beginning & end is from Wagner’s Parsifal); full text below. Maybe Murros’ greatest line:
    “Without hate for injustice, there can be no justice”

    A YouTube commenter adds:
    “All we are saying, is – Give hate a chance!”
    Full text of ‘On Hate’ by Kai Murros:

    Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about ‘hate crimes’. There’s an entire body of laws against ‘hate crimes’. Everybody seems to be worried about hate. Hate appears to be the gravest problem of our time.

    But hate is good. Hate gives structure to our life. Hate gives us a reason to exist, a focus, something to strive for, an identity.

    Hate is energy, pure energy, provided by Mother Nature herself. Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense, and helps us to concentrate on the essential. Hate is democratic – even the rich and the powerful cannot hate more than their slaves and subjects.

    And soon, hate may well be all that we have left. Hate emancipates. Without hate for slavery you cannot break your shackles. And without hate for injustice their can be no justice.

    The greatest achievements of the human race have grown from hate, and from the ability to control hate. Hate separates humans from animals – animals do not hate, but humans do. Humans can hate for decades, sometimes their entire lives. We can even pass hate on to our children and keep hate alive for centuries.

    Hate is a sign of abstract intellect – only humans can hate people they have never seen or met, and only humans can hate concepts and processes. How can we know what love is, if we refuse to recognise and understand hate? Love and hate are the two opposite sides of the same coin. Without hate, we are only halflings. In order to be complete, we need hate. Only fools talk endlessly about love, but forget the hate. Hate separates us from the weak and docile masses.

    Do not fear hate. Do not deny or reject hate. Accept hate. Embrace hate. Learn to know it, and learn to use it. Hate is your most powerful weapon – A hidden source of your strength. Do not deny it from you.

    What the liberal idiot fears most in this world is our ability to hate. Because our hate will one day be the most revolutionary force on the planet. Our hate will destroy and create empires.

  8. [Egor Prosvirnin compares him to a talentless blogger]

    “Negroes imagine the gods to have dark skin and blubber lips, while Thracians think they have blue eyes and red hair” – Xenophanes

  9. Sick burn acknowledged.

  10. Just search my Cyrillic name for the past month, or Google search this image.

    It was also on the Racial Anthropology Vkontakte page (~50,000 subscribers) and the Right Wing Memes and Cartoons page.

  11. Swedish Family says

    Big, possibly intractable problem of nationalists the world over: Low human capital (low IQ, low trust)

    The trouble with this argument is that survey data only covers those nationalist voters who are open about their politics. The same applies to data on social media activity or petitions. I know a good few established, well-off Sweden Democrat voters who keep their preference a well-guarded secret, and I would assume that is also true of many Trump voters. So the human capital is there, but it can’t be employed until the Overton window shifts.

  12. Purged in the first waves by Twitter thugs:

    – Hunter Wallace (@occdissent), racialist activist and owner of Occidental Dissent
    – Michael Hill (@MichaelHill51), President of the League of the South
    – American Renaissance (@AmRenaissance)
    – Jared Taylor (@jartaylor), President of American Renaissance White racial rights group
    – Matthew Heimbach (@TradWorker), racialist

    – Paul Golding (@GoldingBF), British politician
    – Jayda Fransen, activist, ally of the President of the United States (@JaydaBF)
    – Britain First (@BritainFirstHQ), political orgaization; organizer of Christian patrols in Muslim no-go zones

    Steve Sailer defiantly says the ADL is behind the purge in what may be his last-ever Tweet:

    Steve Sailer tweeted:

    In case the ADL tosses us all off Twitter on Monday, you can follow me at the Unz Review:

  13. The more interesting detail that I noticed is that the map of Russia in his video doesn’t include Crimea.

    There are more Russians that don’t want to include the Crimea as part of Russia, as is evidenced in an article within Radio Free Europe. Their various positions are reviewed in light of a nasty law promulgated by Putler’s parliamentary minions, the imperialistic ‘law on separatism’, which can help silence those who question the party line. Familiar names include Ksenia Sobchak, Suleiman Kadyrov, Daryan Polyudova, Andrej Bubeyev, Ilmi Umerov, Mykola Semena, Aleksei Moroshkin and Rafis Kashapov.

    Since its seizure of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Russia has used a statute criminalizing public calls for separatism to jail at least a half dozen people for criticizing that land grab. It appears presidential hopeful Ksenia Sobchak, who has voiced similar dissent, won’t be added to that list.

    Sobchak, a journalist and TV personality whose father was President Vladimir Putin’s political mentor, has stirred controversy by saying Crimea is legally part of Ukraine and calling the referendum staged to justify its annexation “a sham.”

  14. Just a quick PSA that the “more Russians” whom Mr. Hacks refers to = much less than 10% of the Russian population.

  15. del

  16. Many more Twitter bannings are being reported.

    Higher profile purge victims include internationally renowned groups on the Western ethnonationalist right: English Defense League [12k followers], Generation Identity [9k followers]. Several minor radical racialist Twitter accounts (all White, afaik) in the USA also gone.

    But small-time players are also caught up in the purge: e.g., @ModerateComment [2,600 followers], whose latest posts accessible by google-cache suggest he is an “It’s Okay to be White” meme-artist. Another ‘small-time’ banning I see is @InTheYear1611_ [he followed 31k and 53k followed him], apparently a vanilla pro-MAGA person, not far-right (unless you consider Trump himself far-right).

    How many small-time accounts have been banned that have gone unnoticed? Pre-purge, I was following 2,077 accounts and as of this moment I am following 2,059. I did not unsubscribe to these. This is a loss of 18 accounts (I do not know who these were or how their accounts came to disappear, but I presume most were Purged.)

    Hunter Wallace [22.5k followers, purged on morning of Dec 18] writes:

    I am fine with this [the Twitter Purge of Dec. 2017] for several reasons:

    1.) First, it shows that Jewish conspiracies are REAL. We can now point to Twitter and say the (((ADL))) controls social media to keep it “good for the Jews.” In order to keep up the censorship, they are going to have to police social media 24/7/365, which will put a bright spotlight on Jewish power.

    Yes, this was real; I’m still not sure the politicized-ADL angle will “sell in Peoria.”

  17. There are more Russians that don’t want to include the Crimea as part of Russia, as is evidenced in an article within Radio Free Europe.

    funny joke

  18. Thank you for your coverage, Hail!

    The journo Will Sommer also has a live thread about #TwitterPurge.

    Current impressions so far:

    1. Agree with Richard Spencer that choice of targets seems haphazard. Banning everyone from soft-spoken gentlemen like Jared Taylor to hardcore Neo-Nazis to “But I’m Not Racist!” EDL.

    2. However, they’re probably still loosely going off this list uncovered by /pol/ back in February:

  19. Unleashing the power of hatred had been tried, on industrial scale, 100 years ago.

    Hadn’t turned out very well.

  20. I read that book. The second half of the book was arguing that the good Bavarians weren’t Nazis, it was only the evil Protestants.

    But his point about Hitler being a coward was weak. What is possible is that Hitler had a more comfortable life than most people in the trenches. It might have been somewhat safer. People at headquarters received medals more easily than people in the trenches. But he didn’t explain why Hitler was the only rank and file at regiment headquarters to receive an Iron Cross First Class. Yes, being at regiment HQ helped, but not everyone there received such a prestigious medal. He also didn’t explain how Hitler got to headquarters in the first place – he started the war as an ordinary grunt, but then (while the vast majority of his regiment were lost, most killed) he received an Iron Cross Second Class and a promotion to corporal and to regimental headquarters. Either he couldn’t find why, or he found something which contradicted his thesis and left it out.

    The whole book was written in the mold of propaganda works where the enemy is not allowed to have any redeeming qualities at all. He was evil, but also a coward, and with no talent whatsoever.

  21. Are you into Star Wars? Are you planning to write something about it? The only recent one I saw was Rogue One, and it wasn’t so bad, but I’m not planning to watch this crappy new trilogy, so I’m heavily relying on guys like you to tell me how shitty it is.

  22. German_reader says

    The whole book was written in the mold of propaganda works where the enemy is not allowed to have any redeeming qualities at all.

    That’s what I suspected…judging from his Washington post piece, Weber’s specialty seems to be mindless propaganda…but apparently it works for him and has secured him a nice life and academic status.

  23. And those that are ‘virtually halfway between the Cadets and Black Hundreds (though marginally closer to BH).’ and who envision a Russia that ‘is triangulated somewhere between the technically dynamic and healthily xenophobic America of the 1950s, modern day based-but-liberal Czechia, and the enlightened free-market technocracy of Mr. House’s New Vegas in the Fallout video game’ equal more that 10% of Russia’s population, and therefore hold opinions that are more worthy of consideration? 🙂

    Really? that’s all that you’ve got to say?………….

  24. German_reader says

    There’s a video with Richard Spencer discussing the new Star wars which is mildly entertaining:
    Spencer feels the new movies have destroyed Star wars’ mythology…and according to him the rebels now represent the global south or even feel like IS…personally I find it hard to care, Star wars has always been pretty stupid anyway.


    Just as the Holocaust was only possible because something far larger was going on around it, to the point where it was hardly noticed, so ethnically cleansing the West Bank can only be done in the context of a much larger regional war. There is only one such war that would be big enough to provide the necessary cover: a war with Iran.

    Not ethnic cleansing more repatriation. West Bank Palestinians travel on Jordanian passports.

  26. Corporate product like Star Wars is now part of “traditional white culture” that must be defended? What will be next, to complain that Jewish Diet Coke ruined the old time Aryan Coca Cola? 😉

  27. Why, you don’t think that Navalny is the only Russian opposed to the ‘sham’ that took place in Crimea?

  28. Why, you don’t think that Navalny is the only Russian opposed to the ‘sham’ that took place in Crimea?

    In 2017 (according to polls by the opposition Levada center) about of the existence of Navalny know 47% citizens of Russia. 53% did not know about the existence of Navalny. Among those who know about the existence of Navalny are definitely ready to vote for him in elections 1%. 63% categorically will not vote for Navalny.

  29. The point of my bringing up the article that I cite is not to endorse Navalny nor trumpet his popularity or even his views, but only to point out how regressive it appears things are getting in Russia again. People are being put into prison for just expressing their views. Read the article, then comment, Okay?

  30. Well, it’s now obviously anti-white propaganda. And it didn’t use to be.

  31. Just as they’re pressuring the tech giants on tax evasion in cahoots with the EU joke called the Irish Republic, the EU is putting pressure on Bitcoin and taking away its anonymity. All tech companies seems to boil down to ripping off the actual countries they depend on, and I like the way Germany (it is them basically) are taking down American tech giants. Someone has to, these companies should not be allowed to have silly amounts of money to throw at AI projects.

  32. Never knew that ‘Gott Strafe England’ was invented by a Jew. This will be very useful to know.

  33. I’ve only ever heard Spencer say anything interesting in his film criticism (and then only just)

  34. The point of my bringing up the article that I cite is not to endorse Navalny nor trumpet his popularity or even his views, but only to point out how regressive it appears things are getting in Russia again. People are being put into prison for just expressing their views. Read the article, then comment, Okay?

    And you advertise this shameful piece of propaganda ? Let’s explore: your link says

    “Andrei Bubeyev, an engineer from the western city of Tver, was sentenced to two years and three months in prison in May 2016 after being convicted of separatism and extremism for reposting material about Crimea on social media. The material in question was an article by publicist Boris Stomakhin that had earlier been deemed “extremist” and a threat to Russia’s “territorial integrity.”
    The piece — titled Crimea Is Ukraine! — argued that Russia had illegally annexed the peninsula and that it should be returned to Ukraine. He was also charged for reposting an image of a hand squeezing a tube of toothpaste with the caption: “Squeeze Russia out of yourself.” Bubeyev had previously been convicted of posting hate speech online and illegal possession of ammunition.
    He was released in August and reportedly left the country along with his wife.”

    In reality, Bubeev was convicted of a 2.5 year sentence in prison for the call (in the text of repost ) “Muscovites occupied the Crimea ….without pity can be drowned in the sea, and burned in the ovens ” ( In the original ” Москалей, заселенных в 40-е годы в опустевший Крым Сталиным…., абсолютно не жалко было бы хоть в море топить, хоть в печах сжигать ” ), and not for harmless header “Crimea is Ukraine”

    That is the article which you suggested to read a really blatant and shameless propaganda

    As for freedom of speech in Russia (examples with links)

    Another Illustration – here’s a store not far from where I live. The owner permanently hangs on the facade of the anti-Putin posters

  35. Москалей, заселенных в 40-е годы в опустевший Крым Сталиным…., абсолютно не жалко было бы хоть в море топить, хоть в печах сжигать ” ),

    He posted this, his own personal sentiments, through an internet channel. Big deal. You can read this type of harangue everyday in Western websites critical of Trump. Yet, nobody goes to prison for this. It only goes to show you how paranoid the current bunch of louses running Russia are, that they need to imprison those that resort to this sort of banter, and pass draconian laws that fly into the face of freedom of expression. 🙁

    • Anti-Semitic troll accounts appear to disproportionate victims of the #TwitterPurge. Many obscure ‘Groyper’ accounts are reported down. (I had not yet figured out what a ‘groyper’ was, except that it was an iteration of Kek / Pepe the Frog troll culture.) Another purge victim is anti-Semitic troll @PoxBlankie. A representative recent tweet of the google cache for this account is:

    White Men have been: killed by Jewish opioid pushers, crippled w debt by Jewish banks, genetically-diluted by Jewish diversity, psychologically-warped by Jewish degeneracy, emasculated and demonized by Jewish media, and have died in enough Jewish wars.

    • The official AltRight.Com account (@ALTRIGHT___) is gone, banned unceremoniously and hardly findable eve in google cache. Richard Spencer (@RichardBSpencer [81k followers]) and other key figures remain unbanned. Spencer was banned for a few weeks last year for unexplained reasons, and had his bluecheckmark stripped with many others some weeks ago.
    • The very seldom-used Stormfront / Don Black account (@StormfrontWPWW) [3,500 follower] has been banned and no one seems to have noticed (last tweet was over a year ago), but google cache suggests the account was still up on Dec 15, 2017. It appears @StormfrontWPWW was used only to repost links from Stormfront forum and made few to no original tweets.

    • The first Nonwhite victim of the Purge may be @NewBlackPanthr1 [6,300 followers]. This is in keeping with ADL/SPLC’s list of targets; they always have a “token Black hate group”…

    • Some (likely) targets of the Purge are reacting ironically and with with light trolling (it is Twitter, after all). Mike Enoch (@mikeenochsback [11k followers in this incarnation]) has “covered his profile with pro-diversity imagery and rewritten his bio to pose as a parody account” according to one account (Enoch has been banned before and actually has long had that ‘satirical account has absolutely no affiliation with Mike Enoch whatsoever’ status message). The @AltRightVa account [4,200 followers] has changed its status message to “#DiversityIsOurStrength.”

    A parting thought from Nick Fuentes (“Co-Founder America First Media • Host of America First • Co-Host of Nationalist Review”) [18k followers] [blue-checkmarked] in a Tweet today:

    As he is at risk of a ban himself, I’ll copy-paste that tweet:

    Doesn’t it strike anybody as a bit peculiar that the people who control conventional media, social media, & the channels for alternative media have all acted in concert to eradicate a small, disorganized Right-wing faction with probably less than 100,000 members?

  36. You can read this type of harangue everyday in Western websites critical of Trump. Yet, nobody goes to prison for this.

    Well, you can go to prison for similarly worded statements, but probably not if the statements in question are anti-Trump.

  37. He posted this, his own personal sentiments, through an internet channel. Big deal. You can read this type of harangue everyday in Western websites critical of Trump.

    Here is another point: the calls of “Jews/Asians/Russians/anyone shall be burned in the ovens” in Russia is punishable by imprisonment in accordance with law. The law (good or bad) has long been adopted (long before Putin). Bubeev was in prison according to the law (for the call to “burn Russians in ovens”).

    Your article is shamelessly lying, claiming that Bubeev was convicted for header “Crimea is Ukraine”.

  38. Well, you can go to prison for similarly worded statements, but probably not if the statements in question are anti-Trump.

    similarly worded statements:
    “Jews without pity can be drowned in the sea, and burned in the ovens ”

    In Europe, it is punishable even for opponents of the Trump

  39. Your own fixation on Bubeev is disingenuous, as you try to use his situation as a retort to the whole article. Buveyev is mentioned fourth down in a list of eight individuals harassed for expressing views inimical to Putin’s policies in ripping off Crimea. What about the other seven?

  40. Not familiar with the author, but I do think it is fair to say Bavaria was not a Nazi stronghold. The schools were more religious for one thing. Not as easy a place to hang a Hitler portrait.

    The Catholic/Protestant divide, though by not means absolute, I think had some substance. Not so much from sectarianism or class, but, IMO, because more of the Protestants had simply ceased to believe, like most in modern Europe. Of course, it is worth noting Jews were not rounded up in Italy, before the German army entered it.

  41. Roy Moore. 95% of Blacks voted for their ethnic interests (on 90% turnout).

    Yep, blacks always vote for the Brother.

  42. I did have an idea once – probably dangerous – for something which would be the opposite of a crytpocurrency. Something totally open, revealing every transaction in real time: the goods or service and both the buyer and seller.

    The whole point, a Crazy Eddie idea, would be to make governments use the currency. Bureaucrats, pols, welfare recipients, and most government contracts would be paid in it. Any foreign aid would be denominated in it.

    It would be interesting to see what a system like that would do in a place like Zimbabwe. Of course, it is probably impossible to bring off.

  43. Your own fixation on Bubeev is disingenuous, as you try to use his situation as a retort to the whole article. Buveyev is mentioned fourth down in a list of eight individuals harassed for expressing views inimical to Putin’s policies in ripping off Crimea. What about the other seven?

    I am familiar with the history Bubeev, this outlined the story. If your link is so blatantly lying, it makes no sense to spend time on other cases. Bubeev second, first Daria Polyudova. According to your link

    “Darya Polyudova in August 2014 became the first person in Russia to be charged under the separatism law. She was prosecuted for social-media posts calling for the “federalization” of Russia’s southern Kuban Krai. She says she was merely “trolling” the Kremlin over its calls to federalize regions in eastern Ukraine partially controlled by Russia-backed separatists.”

    But Polyudova was convicted not for calling for federalization, but for incitement to rebellion. And what sense to spend time on the analysis of lies?

    In Russia, you can freely to say that Crimea is Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea illegal, etc. It is easy to give many examples (at least two parties participate in elections under such slogans)

  44. Regarding free speech or the lack thereof in Russia:

    1. The US has the First Amendment. Virtually nobody else has anything like it. While I am a proponent of absolute free speech, it is not legitimate to expect Russia to live up to something that is a normative standard only in the United States and almost nowhere else.

    2. As melanf correctly points out, in many European countries – and for that matter, in Russia – there is a real chance of getting prosecuted for suggesting some minority ethnic group “without pity can be drowned in the sea, and burned in the ovens.”

    3. Yes, it is correct that you are very unlikely to be prosecuted for advocating the same genocidal sentiments towards indigenous and/or white people in Europe. This is part of the SJW theory that you can’t be racist against “privileged” people (much like how the Bolsheviks didn’t view “reactionary” social classes as human). That Russia doesn’t subscribe to these crazed double standards is sooner something that’s to be commended (even though it makes the eurogays very, very sad).

  45. European Commission triggers Article 7 against Poland, which could result in sanctions

    “Judicial reforms in Poland mean that the country’s judiciary is now under the political control of the ruling majority. In the absence of judicial independence, serious questions are raised about the effective application of EU law,” the Commission added.

    Thirteen red flags

    Announcing the decision to launch the censure process against Poland, Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said that the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) had adopted 13 laws in the last two years that created a situation where the state “can systematically interfere with the composition, powers, the administration and the functioning” of the judiciary.

    1 Reasonable racism (meaning a recognition of the basic reality of genetically and culturally based group differences that are relevant to behaviour) and opposition to mass immigration by those of foreign races are legitimate political positions and opinions;

    2 The view that homosexual behaviour is morally wrong is a legitimate political position and opinion;

    3 The view that that jews form an identity group that, like other identity groups, acts collectively to pursue its particular interests, and that those interests are broadly undesirable, is a legitimate political position and opinion.

    No person publicly expressing any of the opinions listed above is allowed to be a judge in any major country of the EU. The governments representing the contrary opinions in all the major countries of the EU systematically interfere with the composition, powers, the administration and the functioning of the judiciary in order to exclude those opinions.

    Conclusion: western European governments are a bunch of lying hypocrites.

  46. UN Jerusalem vote: US ‘will be taking names’

    But on Tuesday, Ms Haley warned in a letter to dozens of member states that encouraged them to “know that the president and the US take this vote personally”.

    “The president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those countries who voted against us. We will take note of each and every vote on this issue,” she wrote, according to journalists who were shown the letter.


    Ms Haley echoed the warning on Twitter, writing: “The US will be taking names.”

    OK, that’s clear enough: the only possible response for any nation that has any self-respect is to stick two fingers up at the wannabe bully and do the opposite of what he is demanding. Any vote against the resolution will create a presumption that it was done out of fear of the bullyboy’s threats.

  47. On the other hand, Hitler was a Bavarian.

  48. The relevant section of the book felt much weirder than the simple point that Bavarians were probably on average less Nazi than other Germans.

  49. Dieter Kief says


  50. Not totally inaccurate. He was born in Austria close to the Bavarian border in a town which had belonged to Bavaria for a thousand years or so. It was acquired by Austria only a hundred years before Hitler was born. So, but for this then recent border change, Hitler was a Bavarian.

  51. Yeah, right: Not totally incorrect.

  52. And now we have the outcome of the vote and the results of Trump’s and Haley’s bluster. Of course, there is little or no cost to Trump in this, and some personal gains – he loses nothing with his base in picking a fight with the UN and making noises about ingratitude for US subsidies. It’s the reputation of the US, its credibility and its ability to get things done that bears the cost of Trump’s nonsense whilst he personally reaps the political benefit.

    Here’s the list of shame, the roll call of the fearful, the corrupt and the desperate. If your country is on the list (though may of them are just tiny pretend countries), you should be condemning your leaders for their shameless lack of honour or any sense of national self-respect:

    Against: 9
    [The usual glorious parade of Israel/US’s great and mighty tools]
    Marshall Islands

    Abstained: 35

    Czech Republic
    Dominican Republic
    Equatorial Guinea
    Solomon Islands
    South Sudan

  53. condemning your leaders for their shameless lack of honour

    I am no Israel fan, but what difference does it make to a Romanian, a Pole, a Malawian, a Fijian, or an Australian what city somebody in some foreign country ‘recognizes’ as this-or-that?

  54. I wonder why Ukraine didn’t abstain from voting.

  55. All the particular side-taking aside, it’s basically a matter of collective responsibility. The UN has collectively reached a longstanding position on Jerusalem, and now it’s up to members of the organisation to refrain from undermining that position. The US regime is acting disreputably and irresponsibly by undermining it.

    That’s a choice the US is entitled to make, disreputable and irresponsible as it is, as a sovereign nation, but it is also inherently dishonourable for any country not to condemn it for doing so, and the more so in circumstances such as these where it is a legitimate conclusion to draw that the leaders of any such country have done so either out of fear of US bullying (or hopes of receiving benefits from the US), or through personal corruption of national elites by Israeli lobby influence.

  56. Looks like they avoided the issue by not attending.

    One would have thought Ukraine would have been with the other eastern European nations in trying to curry favour with the US regime, but might possibly abstain due to also wanting to butter up the Germans and the rest of the European countries. If nothing else, you’d think a few Israeli bribes would have bought their vote.

    Perhaps just sheer incompetence. Unless Poroshenko just didn’t need any stirring up of his own anti-semites at the moment.