Open Thread 52: Help Me Overtake Kylie Jenner


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  1. Kylie is made less attractive by the knowledge that her dad is a transsexual.

  2. Daniel Chieh says

    Thanks for your great work, Mr. Karlin.

  3. A lot of beautiful women have gay brothers. Vertical transmission.

  4. Verymuchalive says

    I think I’ve done my (little) bit already, AK after the failure of the Russian Football Team to reach the semi-finals, which I had bet. I suggest that the regulars and others should devise similar losing gambits and contribute the proceeds to you. Greasy William could give you $50 every week he doesn’t shag a beautiful Iranian woman. Mr Hack could fine himself C$ 50 every comment he mentions the U******. And you, reiner tor, are a dirty Hungarian: think up something interesting !

  5. Thulean Friend says

    Climate Change Is Messing With Your Dinner

    ‘Messing’ is a negative word. I’d say it depends where you live. Their map:

    I was suprised by seeing parts of Iraq and Syria seeing net gains. Maybe it’s the colder mountainous regions which are benefiting.

    So countries that are already net exporters will likely export even more. Sweden actually used to be self-sufficient in food production. It was one of the key strategic objectives of our Cold War strategy, but after we joined the EU we sort of allowed a benign neglect to sink in. The thinking went that the EU would replace old national hard barriers so it mattered more that the EU was self-sufficient (or had the capacity to become so rapidly if need be), rather than worrying about the intra-EU composition per se.

    There was a sniper competition open to NATO members this August. 36 teams from 19 countries. Sweden got #1 and #4 position. This on the heels of us nabbing second place in the recent Strong Tank challenge. We seem to have fairly capable boys.

  6. I thought they were losing the Dems.

  7. I was thinking about the gay-germ hypothesis recently.

    What strikes me is that it seems that there were really a lot of gays in Edwardian England, and many of them seem to have had children. Society was structured so differently, that I think that it is narrowly possible that gays didn’t have a lower TFR until recently.

    Also, going back further, a lot of the women who passed as men in the army or on pirate ships seem to have had male sweethearts. I assume they had more of a lesbian look/tendency, but perhaps were won over by more masculine men than are common today.

    The ultimate weapon would be a gay-germ that you could drop on your enemies and tailor to their HLA variants/other defenses, or vaccinate your own group against.

  8. I don’t think it is surprising at all. During warmer times 3,000 years ago and earlier, the Biblical Middle East was supposed to be a much greener and more fertile place, full of forests instead of the arid scrublands they are today.

    It may even move towards food self-sufficiency with climate change, while Eastern Europe becomes a grain exporting powerhouse. The Sahel might well also benefit. India looks set to be the biggest major loser.

  9. Jaakko Raipala says

    Bruce Jenner doesn’t seem to be homosexual. I think he has what’s called autogynephilia:

    The idea is that some heterosexual men develop a fetish where their desire for women gets warped into a desire to become a woman. These actually tend to be very masculine men who were probably married to women before the fetish took over their life. There’s another class of transsexuals who are just gay men who were very effeminate their whole lives and who were never attracted to women.

    Steve Sailer used to blog about this a lot as un-PC “noticing” is his thing and once you have this bit of knowledge you can’t fail to notice when you spot these news articles about fighter pilots, weightlifters and the like who suddenly claim to be women.

  10. The idea is that some heterosexual men develop a fetish where their desire for women gets warped into a desire to become a woman. These actually tend to be very masculine men who were probably married to women before the fetish took over their life.

    WTF… It would be better he was homosexual.

  11. Is there any way that we can prevent the mentally ill from having disparate impacts on society?

  12. “I think that it is narrowly possible that gays didn’t have a lower TFR until recently.”

    This is nonsense. It suggests that the male sex drive and all of the effort that men apply to grooming themselves and seeking out the opposite sex are vestigial, like the appendix.

    I’d agree that homosexuality’s impact on TFR may vary culturally, and you’re probably looking at a subculture where men have wealth or status that attracts eligible women and at the same time imposes heavy social consequences for failing to marry.

    But gay men are surely always and everywhere overrepresented in three categories:

    1. Men who never marry (historically usually at least 20% of the population or so, IIRC).
    2. Men who are cuckolded by their frustrated wives and at least some of whose children are not theirs.

    3. Men who father only a handful of children. See John Wesley, a 15th child who married a 25th child and fathered 19 — probably not gay. Though they’re exceptional even among straight people, men like that do move the TFR.

    Regarding women, lesbianism is its own phenomenon, much rarer than male homosexuality and perhaps not to be included in the gay-germ hypothesis.

  13. Guillaume Tell says

    With France too, big time. Might no longer be a net exporter.

  14. Jaakko Raipala says

    It gets a lot worse if you do some digging. Actually not much digging since they promote this stuff so much. Here’s Bruce Jenner casually talking about being caught stealing his daughters’ clothes when they were prepubescent kids:

    Just a normal thing that dads do, try on their daughters’ clothes while he’s the only one at home. If you get caught, well, that’s just a funny family anecdote to share if you ever get invited to speak in front of the media.

    I have to credit Jenner for redpilling me on the tranny question. I wasn’t aware of how much of the stuff is about heterosexual men going insane in pursuit of an extremely disturbing fetish. I used to assume that transsexuals were just an extreme version of effeminate gay men but there’s this other type that’s much, much more creepy.

  15. No way.
    You’re like an artist.
    If we contribute to make you a rich artist, your productivity is going to fall to zero.
    You’ll take more break, you have to self-censor yourself more because you have more to lose, etc…
    There will be nothing interesting left to read and talk about.

    A struggling artist is the best artist.
    Long live the artist.

  16. Thorfinnsson says

    I don’t like the idea of giving you money as it makes it seem like I’m altruistic or a sucker. Your content is free, if I pay for it doesn’t that make me an idiot?

    Could you create a product?

    Or perhaps I can do something useful in-kind which somehow feels less bad?

    Unlike Steve Sailer at least I have zero grounds for objecting to you which may crumble my barriers.

    Interesting Bloomberg article about OBOR:

    The paper it links on the Soviet economy is also interesting:

    Polish Perspective may have a point.

    Tomorrow I’ll respond to Guillaume Tell.

  17. Thulean Friend says

    the Biblical Middle East was supposed to be a much greener and more fertile place, full of forests instead of the arid scrublands they are today.

    Indeed, and why are they scrublands today? Partly because of historical human mismanagement, so the argument is moot. MENA also has quite rapid population growth, especially Iraq and Syria, but other importing countries around them (such as Egypt) will also place a strain. If that growth continues and mismanagement does as well, then these gains will be illusory.

  18. Guillaume Tell says

    Interesting AND creepy indeed. I had no idea of this other sort of transsexual basket cases.

    It all looks equally crazy to me, and these people should be viewed maybe with compassion for their mental illness, but they should above all be prevented from corrupting the youth.

    The fact that such obviously sick individuals are promoted to that extent by the overwhelmingly Jewish-owned media and entertainment industry is a continuous rebuttal to those who object to the assertion of Jewish corrupting influence on historically Christian societies. Now that Christianity (other than in therapeutic, feel-good degenerate variants) has but disappeared in modern societies, such toxic jewey influences are no longer opposed and can wreak havoc without restraint.

    By the way this is the very reason why I am undecided regarding the future of the US of A: on the one hand I recognize its impressive technological and scientific innovation capabilities which will remain a potent advantage for the foreseeable future; on the other hand I wonder if the dominant, toxic, judaized culture (“gay and fake” as Thorfinnsson would say) will not bring about a societal demise, à la Brazil. I can’t decide.

  19. Felix Keverich says


    You might be interested in this: a top US foreign policy think tank puts forward a conspiracy theory, that Russia did NOT get rid of its treasuries, but moved them to Cayman islands instead.

  20. No, it’s literally cuz of Mongols busting dams similar to Central India which is poor today but was V Fertile before||

    Area around Delhi has been re-populated 3 or 4 times since 12th C turkic Raids.

    Also, karlin

    I refuse to donate a single penny until you conclusively prove you put 10% of your income towards weapons||

    Also, you don’t even lift.


    Oy Vey,

    Puritan Social Gospel (Liberals)
    Christians (Pedo ISIS)
    Islam (Rapist ISIS)
    Jews (Slave Selling ISIS)


    Acting like there’s any major dif between them

  22. ????????
    The Classical world was much more into homosex with boys and transexualism than the Christian societies that followed. Unsurprising that the site run by homosexual Greg Johnson (although good in many ways) is so anti-Christian and pro-Greek.

  23. Rattus Norwegius says

    How popular is Robert Biedroń on the ground?

  24. Kinda harsh wouldn’t you say? Greasy Williams only $50 per week and he first gets a beautiful Iranian woman in the deal, whereas I am fined $50 every time I mention U______? Well, what can you expect at a ‘Russophile’ website, where even mentioning U______is frowned upon? Would the same apply if I changed it up a bit and substituted :’Little Russia’ or SouthWest Russia…or how about ‘Dnepr Russia’? 🙂

  25. Thorfinnsson says

    Turkey’s fuckhoused.

    Erdogan subscribes to a heterodox theory that high interest rates cause inflation (lol). He appears to be completely unwilling to implement any policies to sustain the Lira.

    But perhaps Erdogan is a sufficiently savvy politician with enough control over the country that the crisis can play into his hands? After all, he can and will blame any economic troubles on his perceived enemies–both foreign and domestic.

  26. If he and his administration can weather this storm (which I don’t know is possible, but might be by looking East), that statement will be like Babe Ruth calling the home run or Mark Messier guaranteeing the win in game 6 in 1994:

    If he can navigate the ship through and not bend the knee to external demands, people will be ready to crown him sultan.

    I hope you are taking notes…

    Ey-vallah, Bey.


  27. Why would that matter? He (Kylie, Kim, the rest of them) are transsexuals

    That’s probably what should make “her” less attractive.

  28. Thorfinnsson says has been taken down

  29. Verymuchalive says

    You are a lucid, intelligent guy, even if I don’t agree with yon on the matter of the Ukraine. Though, there again, I don’t agree with Mr K’s views either.
    We know your views about the Ukraine very well. We also know the triune views on this matter of Mr Karlin. I thought this might be an incentive for you to hang fire on this matter for a while and comment on other matters. Just sayin….
    As for Greasy William, the only time he has it away with beautiful Iranians is in his greasy dreams. $50 dollars a week would quickly become over 2 and a half grand a year. Serve him right for inflicting his revolting Zionist rape fantasies on the rest of us.

  30. Daniel Chieh says

    I like this idea:

    Russian Reaction:
    a forum for iconoclasts and football betting.

  31. Let me get this straight: Christians are natural degenerates?

    So, how shall we put this in context with India? Sikhs were admired for controlling the Punjab, when they were 1/6 the population of the Punjab. How many English Christians were there on the subcontinent? Was it even ever 0.01%?

    Sikhs had modern European weapons. Better than the English. A larger number of troops, and they were still defeated! Sometimes with a bayonet charge by the English!

  32. He ensured that he is going to have four years to deal with this issue without being distracted by national elections.

  33. They are not classically beautiful, IMO, but the Kardashians are obviously uglier and more manlike.

    For those of you who don’t know – I just had to look it up myself – it’s the same mother. The Jenners have the disgusting, super-weirdo father. Possibly made insane by steroids, but I don’t know.

    But I’d say they are all pushed by the media to change and degrade the standard of beauty for subversive political reasons.

  34. Sikh were betrayed by their officer Corp & English essentially hired the entire Sikh army to prevent insurgency।।

    Having a vassal relationships with a bunch of states after an 80 year Civil War is nothing to be proud of.

    You’re old, white & washed up though

    Your conception of Christianity is one where the wife is asked permission before intercourse & is never disciplined.

    You’re a degenerate, forget about the entirety of christendom।।

  35. Hmm, ok the author being a faggot is a fine counter argument.

    There’s still this,
    Pull it up on archive.


    The very act of conversion destroying the Patriarchy you so desire।।

  36. revolting Zionist rape fantasies


    I wasn’t even aware of these feelings, that he apparently likes to foist upon the readership here? BTW, it was you who first suggested that Mr. Williams even had the possible ability to ‘shag a beautiful Iranian woman’ in the first place? Poor guy, he’s not even aware that his personality traits are the subject of this insane discussion? 🙂

  37. Daniel Chieh says

    Poast physique.

  38. Daniel Chieh says

    He’s pretty entertaining and has voiced many opinions about Iranians, women, and various forms of “bang.”

  39. Oh no, the sacred tree holocaust!!!!!!!!!
    Your posts are barely even coherent. Yet again proving that Indians should be banned from commenting on the Internet.

  40. Toast physique???


  41. Agreed. He trolls a good amount at an entertaining level.


  42. Daniel Chieh says

    I remember hearing about that in 2013-2014 when I attended some security conferences, the entire “Russian mob” and “Russian hacker.” I guess its getting a new breath of life thanks to Russophobia, but as the article implies, its more “former Soviet bloc.” None of the members of Lulzsec, for example, were Russian and my personal experience with hackers and their malware came mostly from Poland, Czech, and Iran(grain of salt – this was probably a fake address). Karlin also wrote a blog post and noted that most “Russian mobs” weren’t very “Russian.”

    At any rate, the argument then, and I believe is still true now, is that hackers in the Russian mobs operate not as small cliques of criminal nerds but as professionals within the criminal infrastructure, which makes them much more dangerous/efficient. In theory this makes them capable of inflicting full spectrum attacks, including physical invasion of premises to deploy malware, etc.

    Its a sound argument, but I just haven’t seen it in practice and I deal with infosec now and then. As far as I’m aware, Russian hackers seem similar to hackers everywhere: loners or small cliques of criminal nerds. The only special about them is their fondness for annoying people with porn, whether hacking video billboards to display free porn or the Winlock malware forcing people to look at porn unless they paid a ransom. Neither screams “well-organized, serious criminal organization.”

  43. Thanks to TW, DJ, SP, and AC for the kind donations.

    As well as the anonymous BTC contribution.

  44. Your content is free, if I pay for it doesn’t that make me an idiot?

    Well, if everyone had that attitude, my content would still be free – but mostly non-existent. 🙂

    That said, your various tips have saved me considerable money over the years, and will probably do more so in the future, so thanks anyway.

    Re-“products”. I am still committed to writing books in the long-term.

  45. I don’t think you read right.

  46. This is more of a philosophical question, but what do you think of the notion of a continuous self? Is there a high likelihood that the “you” that will exist in the future is a different “you” from the current “you”, or are people like Sam Harris right, and there is no continuous self at all? Also, what do you think of theories such as quantum immortality?

  47. There’s a possibility that we are in a simulated reality.
    But I don’t believe in the standard “ancestor” simulation theory which sounds stupid.
    Instead it could be something more pratical: Virtual Reality Prison.
    In the “real world”, we are all criminals and are in this virtual reality to see who get to be released early, if ever.
    When we die, we are resurrected to live again to be observed and judged.
    In a sense, the Buddha is the first guy to officially recognized this and warned us all to be on our best behavior.
    Later, Jesus the hacker came along with a shortcut out of prison but only if you will believe in him.

    Periodically there are bugs in the system. Weird coincidences? People remembering their past life???

    This tells me that we should study weird/unexplained phenomenons more seriously.
    Too bad, personally, I haven’t seen anything weird at all myself so I can’t spend my time studying them. I have never seen a ghost, a UFO, nothing.

    So maybe this is just a boring “real world” after all.

  48. Verymuchalive says

    Usually, it’s banging beautiful Iranian women whilst in IDF uniform.
    You are right, though, I’ll need to devise another losing bet with AK early next year.

  49. David Lane (1938-2007) the author of the most famous white nationalist slogan, the ’14 words’ – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” – died in prison after over 20 years there, for connection to the murder of Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg, a sort of Alex Jones of pre-internet USA radio … but David Lane may have been innocent. From Who Killed Alan Berg?:

    Alan Berg (1934-84), was an early leader in exposing the corruption of the USA judicial system, corruption in which Berg admitted complicity during his early career as a lawyer helping mobsters to bend the judges in Chicago, Illinois.

    Ambiguities abound regarding Berg’s killing given that the Chicago mob, the white nationalists, and the US government itself, all had motives for killing the outspoken Alan Berg, with Berg’s potential to become the Alex Jones of his time. As a repentant former participant in corruption, a Jew who had ‘come clean’, Alan Berg was a threat to many.

    As a young lawyer, Berg learned that US courts were all about bribery, and quickly got a high income until he became the ‘go-to’ guy for mobsters. But the guilt of all the corruption tore Alan Berg to pieces … drove him to alcoholism and emotional and marital destruction … To escape from it all, Berg dumped his legal career, moved to Colorado, confronted his drinking, and became a super-popular but abrasive radio personality.

    Exposing the general activities of top Chicago mobsters in corrupting the courts on popular radio, Alan Berg was killed in a classic mafia-style hit. The local prosecutor in Denver thought the evidence that the white nationalists had shot Berg to death, was so insufficient and flimsy he never brought charges against them. But Berg’s killing was quickly blamed by the feds on white nationalists whom Berg had also been attacking on the air.

    If Alan Berg had lived, Berg would likely have gladly conducted a radio show examining all the dodgy elements of the white nationalist convictions. Berg might well have expressed his agreement from experience, about what David Lane wrote about US court procedure:

    “The trial itself is more carefully orchestrated than a Shakespeare play. All evidence and testimony are decided in advance and the judge will tolerate no surprises. If there is any indication that effective defense evidence is forthcoming, the judge will immediately send the jury to another room while the details of the screwing you are getting are smoothed out. In addition, the judge is a highly skilled actor appearing firm but fair when the jury is in the courtroom, and becoming a tyrannical dictator the moment they are gone.”

  50. There’s a possibility that we are in a simulated reality.
    But I don’t believe in the standard “ancestor” simulation theory which sounds stupid.
    Instead it could be something more pratical: Virtual Reality

    I don’t think this makes any sense. It’s just primitive habit of people to use current technology as a metaphor, and then become confused about what they are doing, and be fixated in the metaphor.
    It’s a typical behaviour of stupid people (and why literalized metaphor is so common in religions, which are fossilizations of thoughts of vast numbers of stupid people of past eras).

    For example, Plato talks about reality as a cave. But he does not believe it is actually a cave (he knows it is metaphor).

    Whereas (philosophically) retard like Elon Musk believes he is actually in a computer game – not understanding this is only a metaphor. The mistake Musk is making is the same one that is common mistake in religions.

    Metaphor itself is interesting habit, but just a way of thinking – perhaps for us to connect visual and verbal thinking.

    This tells me that we should study weird/unexplained phenomenons more seriously.
    Too bad, personally, I haven’t seen anything weird at all myself so I can’t spend my time studying them. I have never seen a ghost, a UFO, nothing.

    I agree – a feeling there is more than current scientific knowledge.

    I’ve remembered a few dreams which are predicting small things in the future in trivial, but specific ways. If you can explain these – you can with co-incidence and law of large numbers. But intuitively it’s difficult to lose sense that it could be something else.

  51. Daniel Chieh says

    Wot gubbinz yooz git fur da warboss hut?

  52. That is not really an argument that we are not in a simulated reality or some other sceptical hypothesis

  53. Polish Perspective says

    His main base are the neoliberal class and the oligarchs who share similar views/goals. He’s great at generating PR for himself, which is why you see him so often in the foreign media. Probably even more than in our domestic papers. In some ways he had terrible political timing. In a largely homogeneous society, you often get social cleavages around sexuality and gender. This is certainly what you saw in the West (with the exception of the US which had an inherited race problem, but even there it was largely isolated during Jim Crow) before the full effects of mass immigration really came home to roost.

    This meant that he had a golden opportunity to leverage his sexuality to pretend being edgy (in an otherwise rapidly liberalising society, so not with any great hardship, really). Sort of how white talk show hosts in the US railed against Fox News’ social conservatism during the Bush era, a sort of intra-white pissing contest. But all of this went out of the window with the the “refugee” crisis and the terrorist attacks in its wake. Suddenly, people’s attention shifted from identity in the personal sense to the national sense. And he has a lot less things to say on that, and the little he does have to say, he knows is not popular.

    Nevertheless, even a flaming homosexual like him has written Op-Eds denouncing EU action against Poland, he got published in Politico (EU version) not long ago on that very topic. In many other countries, such a character would demand a doubling down of sanctions against his own country in the name of ‘human rights’. I’m glad I don’t live in those countries.

  54. Skeptical views exist always in history, and occurring to children commonly as well.

    But people talking about virtual reality simulations, are just using metaphor of a technology currently popular. It is just a metaphor, not different to a dreaming butterfly.

    The (philosophical) stupidity of people like Elon Musk, is they are fixated with the metaphor, while Chinese philosophers discussing dreaming butterflies were intellectually less primitive, as understood it was metaphor, and not (literally) try to argue from calculations of the numbers of butterflies in the world.

    It’s the same simple view as religious people, who would misunderstand dream butterfly metaphor, then construct a theology about butterfly’s dreams and how our reality is composed by them. Or if in case of Plato – people who would create a some calculations about an actual cave. (Plato’s cave is metaphor, as is – at best – any stuff about reality being a computer game).

    • As for stupidity of Musk’s argument. Of course computer program could not have consciousness (it is simply manipulation of symbols). But even if it could, he could not infer from what he claims are features of simulation itself (e.g. computing power projections on earth), to prove that you are in a simulation. Since those features themselves would be simulated (i.e. conclusion of argument requires you to say that the evidence for your argument itself is simulated – in other words argument is nonsense that undermines itself).

  55. Thorfinnsson says

    I’ll think about it, or rather think about how I want to do it.

    Your content has real value and deserves to be rewarded.

    I’ll keep dropping tips which it seems everyone can benefit from.

    Perhaps there’s some sort of consulting you could do. Or maybe you’re already doing that.

  56. Lithuanian says

    I would definetly buy your book. I think you have potential to write a good selling book if you would target the )))right((( audience.

  57. If he would write at least one chapter on the current state and the importance of the ‘Triune Theory’ for Russia, I’d buy a copy too. 🙂

  58. reiner Tor says

    Did anyone start taking cold showers? It’s easiest to do in the summer. Which is now, for Northern Hemisphere people.

    Another recommendation is going to the sauna at least once a week, or more frequently. Unfortunately it’s not cheap, so only applies to those who can easily afford it. Its benefits are probably at least somewhat independent of cold showers, so taking cold showers is recommended even if you go to the sauna every day. You should start it gradually, so going every day is not recommended for those who don’t go there frequently, but increasing frequency is beneficial, so theoretically going to the sauna every day is better than going just four times a week, and going four times a week is better than going just twice a week, etc. Anyway, I’d love to go to the sauna on a daily basis (Finnish sauna is the best with 80C or higher temperature), but unfortunately I don’t have time for it. (I could afford a yearly ticket. I might afford later on a sauna installed in my home, but it’s years away, the way things look like now.)

    Another recommendation is walking barefoot outside for some time. (It’s not very practical for those who live in apartment blocks, but it’s good for those who have a garden or who live near parks etc.) I’m not sure if it has health benefits (it feels good to do it, at least in the summer when it’s sunny), but theoretically there might be benefits to get rid of any electric charge which might have built up in your body while you were wearing shoes.

    Resistance training is also a very good way to improve yourself. It’s recommended to get some expert advice. Experts are difficult to find. Most gyms don’t have good experts (they have usually horrible ones), so… For kettlebells, RKC and StrongFirst are good organizations, and both does bodyweight and the latter even barbells. But there are many good experts outside those organizations, you just need to find them. If you have some health problems (e.g. disc hernia or similar), you might still try what’s still possible. E.g. with disc hernia you might still do bodyweight training or the bench press. Yes, the bench press without the deadlift and the squat is pretty bad, but it’s way better than doing absolutely nothing. (And you might train your legs using machines. Machines are horrible for healthy people, but if you’re injured, they are still way better than absolutely nothing.)

    Cutting out sugar. First, cut out sugary drinks. Including fruit juices. They are all unhealthy: the few supposed health benefits of fruit juices are overwhelmingly smaller than the health problems caused by the sugar, which is in abundance in these drinks. Drink water.

    Breathing is very important, and could improve your life a lot. First, always breathe through your nose. For the night, you should tape your mouth (recommended: 3M Micropore surgical tape), which will improve your sleep quality instantaneously.

    I’m also familiarizing myself with the Buteyko breathing method. It was developed by a Russian or Ukrainian (the relevant commenters can fight it out among themselves) Soviet physician for Soviet astronauts. The best available material is from Patrick McKeown (at least for those living in the West), but maybe there’s some indigenous Russian or Ukrainian institute or movement for those living there. I will post more about it when I’m better at it, an easy starters’ exercise is the Breathe Light to Breathe Right, for which a good description can be found here:

    I propose that don’t start all these things all at once, just one at a time. And do everything gradually. Cutting out sugar completely is very difficult. First try to not buy sugary products for home (if it’s not in the fridge, you cannot eat it…), and try to do that for just a short period (like no sugar for three days; if it’s too difficult, no sugar for just one day). Don’t overuse your willpower. Your willpower, just like your muscles, will get stronger with training.

  59. Excellent pieces of advice – thanks!


  60. for-the-record says

    I’m sure our UK commentariat will not want to miss out on the opportunity to see Pussy Riot live and in person in the upcoming days (Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cardiff, Liverpool, Exeter, Kettering). And with ticket prices beginning at £17.60 it is truly an opportunity not to be missed.


  61. The potential impact on the European banking system is worrying enough, but these endless sanctions and tariffs are taking a nasty toll on the world economy. I notice the forward indicators for the US are plunging, maybe even enough to impact the economy before the midterms, catching down to the already weak rest of the world. The only question is how nasty will the slowdown in 2019 be.

  62. Pussy Riot, what an edgy rebellious band, no doubt they get a stamp of approval from deep state apparatchiks such as Brennan, Clapper, May, the US state department, MI6 NYT, etc. Sadly there are going to be enough stupid people who seriously think that this establishment band is actually some kind of “sticking it to the man” act and are going to pay for that shit.

  63. A place AK likely missed visiting on his trip to Brussels … Believe it or not, in the capital city of Europe, there is actually a bistro called the ‘Poz Café’, with rainbow-coloured chairs to seat the guests … photos here:

  64. ‘…Greasy Williams only $50 per week and he first gets a beautiful Iranian woman in the deal…’

    Colin suddenly perks up. What else is included? Does the beautiful Iranian woman clean houses? Can she cook?

  65. You bring up an excellent point there! 🙂

  66. Spisarevski says

    A Russian tanker is taken hostage in Ukraine, a few days later another tanker with Russians onboard disappears near the shores of Africa.
    When will thick headed Russians learn not to sail near African countries?

  67. Impressive tweetstorm from Donald John Trump today, suggesting he will end all the biased censoring and de-platforming by the social media monopolies … (tweet screenshots below)

    And Trump indeed has the power to bring back internet freedom in his land, via the mandate of his FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, to ensure fair political communication in the United States

    The problem tho, is the greatly bought-and-paid-for US judges, mostly aligned with the poz, who would likely come up with some bullshite to block the FCC’s restoration of Constitutional rights

    Under the neglected US Constitution, the Congress can remove any USA federal or even Supreme Court judge merely for ‘bad behaviour’ … but they almost never do that… and the current US Congress cannot be counted on to perform as shitlords

    Curiously, President Trump’s older sister, 81-year-old Maryanne Trump Barry (born 1937), is one of those US federal judges, at the higher Appeals level, Third Circuit

  68. unpc downunder says

    The two big problems with this theory are the lack of sharp line between early and late onset transsexuals (there are an increasing number of intermediates who show a mixture of masculine and feminine traits) and the persistence of cross gender desires after treatment with androgen blockers.

    The most likely explanation is that all male to female transsexuals do actually have brain circuitry which identifies their sex as female. Sex identity circuitry is probably hard wired into all higher life forms, otherwise animals would have to learn their mating/rearing roles through observation/socialisation. This may be ideologically uncomfortable for some traditionalists and blank slate liberals, but as we know from race realism, scientific reality has little respect for political ideologies.

    However, if you’re looking for a cure for homosexuality, severing or somehow weakening the connection between the two hemispheres may be a goer. Studies of eunuchs and transsexuals suggest that sexual orientation is heavily influenced by the thickness of the corpus callosum (the part of the brain connecting the two hemispheres). A thick corpus callosum equals an attraction to males, and a thin corpus callosum equals an attraction to females.

  69. We haven’t heard from Thor in a few days. Perhaps Elon tracked him down and there was an Alpha battle. Or maybe he is off spending the fortune made from selling short.

  70. For donors who give $200, can you do a blog post inspired by a specific suggestion from the donor? That’s a product.

  71. There may also be a discount alligator shoe thingy happening in Thailand or something…

    Because, when they gotta deal like that…
    You should be gettin it,
    Get it while the gettin is good, get it while you can,
    You should be gettin it,
    Get it while the gettin is good…

    Alligator shoes y’all!!! Providing footwear material since the Early Triassic – boiiii!


  72. We don’t know what consciousness even is so any answers are going to be pure speculation.

    My guess is that the stream of consciousness (or continuous self) relatives to the series of conscious moments that correlate to the likeliest/most frequent – same thing – universes that are capable of generating them.

  73. Jaakko Raipala says

    There is no lack of brain studies examining whether the Blanchard division corresponds to something neurological, eg.

    Blanchard claimed that there are two groups of male-to-female transsexuals – heterosexuals who somehow ended up developing a sexual fantasy about becoming women (called autogynephilia) and extremely effeminate homosexuals. This brain imaging study found a perfect match: heterosexual transsexuals showed no shift towards female brain patterns while the homosexual transsexuals showed shifts towards female patterns.

    The most likely explanation is that all male to female transsexuals do actually have brain circuitry which identifies their sex as female.

    Ridiculous. How exactly does that happen in fetal development? How does a fetus get one organ and just one organ of the body develop according to a different sex? There are no separate gender determination mechanics for different body parts.

    Why does it never happen with other parts of the body? Why do we have all these people who were magically born male with female brains but then there are no people who are born otherwise male but who happen to have female feet? Why does nobody claim to have been born male but with a female liver? Why is it that the brain is the ONLY organ that supposedly can develop according to the script of the opposite sex in an otherwise normal body?

    There are many conditions that cause partial feminization of a male fetus like, say, XXY chromosomes but all of these produce across the board partial feminization with weak beard growth, wide hips, some breast growth etc. None of these conditions produce individuals who have just some particular organ developed into a fully functional female version when everything else is completely regular male development. The homosexual transsexuals who do display some brain feminization also tend to display physiological and psychological signs of feminization (already noted by Blanchard).

    By the way, it’s autogynephilic transsexual activists who keep trying to stop this research and, being psychologically and physiologically male, they are far from harmless. No “traditionalist” ever opposed putting transsexuals in an MRI machine to see if their claim of female brains male bodies has any validity.

  74. Hyperborean says

    … Maybe you should stick to researching the connexion between comic books and radiation.

  75. There is no need – the connection between radiation and superhero powers is well established. I dare say, without the atomic age, we’d have a dearth of comic book heroes; Superman is an alien, Batman is a fancy gadget guy, etc.

    Sorry, that last post was my high school dayz coming out because life’s too $hort…


  76. Hyperborean says

    I dare say, without the atomic age, we’d have a dearth of comic book heroes; Superman is an alien, Batman is a fancy gadget guy, etc.

    I personally find old stories like Parzival and Undine to be more enthralling.

    Do Pakistanis have any Urdu counterparts?

  77. A lot of the tales we have are copied or modified from Persian culture. Individual stories from 1001 Nights show up on their own, Sindbad of course, atc. Many are also stylized versions of notable moments in the lives of the Companions (ra), like Ali (ra) as the lion at Khaybar – in fact, the Seerah itself is fairly popular and reads like an epic. Then there are stylized accounts of the lives and travels of various Sufi saints.

    We also borrowed quite a bit; Tarzan was one of my favorite stories.


  78. I’ve heard it said that what makes comic book movies so popular is the iconography. Batman has many recognizable visual cues – the costume, the Bat-mobile, the Bat-cave, etc. It all adds up to people being able to recognize the character, starting with any promotions, whereas it can be more difficult to recognize characters that aren’t superheroes. Ones like King Arthur, Robin Hood, or Sherlock Holmes.

    I’m not sure that’s really the reason, but I think it is a pretty interesting theory, anyway.

  79. I think I recall hearing somewhere that Prisoner of Zenda was for many years and perhaps still required reading in many Pakistani schools.

    My memory of the book is kind of vague, but it’s kind of surprising because, if I recall correctly, the main character was descended (albeit I think somewhat distantly) from an unfaithful woman.

  80. My favorite part of the Arthurian myth is when Arthur greets a messenger who requests he trim his beard so another king can fringe his mantle with it.

    I’m only familiar with a few medieval works. The Song of Roland, Le Mort d’ Arthur, Das Niebelungenlied, and a few others.

    For me, the most interesting stuff is the even earlier stories, Homer or Virgil – probably the best. Gilgamesh is interesting but too fragmented.

    The Ulster Cycle is really fascinating to me for a few reasons. One is centrality of cattle to war – it almost seems Proto-Indo-European. I used to have a teacher that claimed that the word “vacation” was derived, from “vaca” meaning “cow.” The other funny thing is, by surviving medieval pedigree, I’m descended from one of the characters – not in an unbroken line to be sure (though the original pedigree is quite long), but by a combination of an old surname and geography.

    What I think is interesting about many of the old stories is what I would consider the contrast to superheroes. Superheroes are generally aliens, mutants, or accidents. The old stories were filled with people who were powerful because they were partly descended from gods and/or had moments were they were inhabited/ inspired by gods. I don’t know, maybe it is more paganistic, yet it seems more reverent.

  81. I believe you are right with the comic-book heroes and the marketability aspect. I remember a childhood friend that made his room kind of a shrine for Batman when the first Batman (Tim Burton) movie came out. And if I recall, that resurgence was based on the boost given to the character by Frank Miller’s rendition of Batman :×433.jpg

    I don’t know about the Prisoner of Zenda in Pakistan. I wouldn’t be surprised though. I left the country around 7 years old so I may not have reached the necessary age for it to be in my curriculum. When I read a quick review of it, it has shades of The Man in the Iron Mask and the Prince and the Pauper.


  82. Blanchard claimed that there are two groups of male-to-female transsexuals – heterosexuals who somehow ended up developing a sexual fantasy about becoming women (called autogynephilia) and extremely effeminate homosexuals

    They forgot the third, and most numerable, importnat and convincing type of MTF; boys who got castrated by their daddy young, in exchange for money or influence.