Open Thread: 1,000 Poasts (& Panhandling)

karlin-cliodynamicsThis appears to be my 1,000th post at The Unz Review (including the archives from my old blogs).

Coincidentally, it will also be my 100th post this year, which would represent an almost threefold increase in intensity relative to 2015-2016.

So I guess now is as good a time as any to launch my first ever fundraising drive.

Back when I was in California I didn’t feel too comfortable asking for gibs, since I spent most of my working time on unrelated freelance jobs and my volume of blogging didn’t merit much in the way of donations. Since then, though, I’ve moved back to Russia, and started doing all this effectively full-time.

Now please don’t feel obligated. Only give if you like what I do, if you can afford to, and if a much more deserving charity or cause doesn’t come to mind. I am not going to starve anytime soon, and my long-term financial plans still revolve around writing books.

That said, if you like what I do, want to see more of it and sooner, and are not yourself impoverished, I could certainly do with your alms.

(1) Sponsor me on Patreon
(2) Payment to my email address with Google Wallet
(3) Paypal donation
(4) If you bank with Wells Fargo, you can use Surepay (go to “Transfer and Pay,” “Send Money”) to send money to my email address (advantage: No extra fees)
(5) Bitcoin: 17tDufZUEK3DvQh3rY75F3xtVgxj4TzdtB

This is my first time panhandling, and I haven’t thoroughly tested all of these methods, so please let me know if anything goes wrong. I would also very much like to know if there are any good alternatives to the above methods.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Moving on, a few administrative announcements.

Following my blog

Back in the “golden age” of blogging a decade ago, feeds and feed readers were all the rage. Then along came Twitter and Facebook, Google Reader closed down, and the golden age was over. However, with Twitter’s problems, I suspect we might soon see a resurgence of the old ways.

So why not get ahead of the curve if you haven’t already. If you’re the sort of person who likes keeping up with many different blogs and columnists, I suggest getting a feed reader such as Feedly, or The Old Reader (which reproduce much of the functionality of the much missed Google Reader). To follow my blog in particular, just insert one of the following feeds:

  • (native feed, but in my experience not very reliable)
  • (blog feed generated on Feedburner)

A few months ago, I also set up a Twitter bot that automatically reposts everything I write here and at my other blogs – follow

Last but not least, you can also keep tabs on my recent posts not just from The Unz Review’s interface, but also from my main website at

Blogging Plans

Almost a year ago, I carried out a large survey on what I could do to improve my product.

The one thing for which there was overwhelming demand for was more in the way of reviews. Unfortunately, I singularly failed at that. The pace of history has picked up radically of late, and commenting on breaking news stories has been trumping other considerations.

Still, the publicity (and monetary) success of Gregory Cochran’s recent review of Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine does demonstrate there is a demand for good reviews, so I’ll commit to filling in this lacuna.

I wouldn’t want to fail my 2017 predictions, after all.

  • I will write 30+ book reviews: 50%.
  • I will write 5+ game reviews: 50%.
  • I will write fewer than 5 movie reviews: 80%.

New and Ongoing Projects

Some other stuff I’m doing at the moment:


Weekly podcast on the Russian Occupation Government with Kirill Nesterov and @smug_vatnik on Russian realities from an IQ/HBD-realistic perspective.

We are the official podcast of United Russia and the Republican Party. /s

If you speak Russian, or are learning it, you can follow it at or directly at SoundCloud.

Note that I also have a Russian language blog at, though I don’t update it all that regularly.


ami-book-nameAs I mentioned above, now that I have more free time (no longer have to do freelance work), I can finally get on with my book plans.

While I’m still very serious about getting Dark Lord of the Kremlin and Apollo’s Ascent written, I am taking a small break to write a shorter book on my Age of Malthusian Industrialism concept.

Incidentally, I need a name for it. Looking for something that crisply conveys at least some of the following ideas/themes/feelings:

(1) Far from the best possible outcome, though not catastrophic either
(2) Industrial economy
(3) Idiocracy
(4) Overpopulation – due to selection for higher fertility preferences reversing the demographic transition. my estimate is that our current technological level translates to a theoretical global carrying capacity of approximately 100 billion people.
(5) Possible the “Clarkian selection” that will follow afterwards.
(6) The idea of the millennial delay/opportunity cost it would impose.

Current preference is “Dark Equilibrium,” but its not optimal.


In the meantime, I’m also currently involved in writing two papers, which I hope will be ready to be published sometime by the summer.

Updated Blogroll

I also have a new blogroll and quotes page, which I will soon integrate with my column’s sidebar at Unz.


Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


Apart from writing booksreviewstravel writing, and sundry blogging, I Tweet at @powerfultakes and run a Substack newsletter.


  1. Anatoly, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for the world, including Russia, to dance to the tune of the Deep State so conflicts would be eliminated and everything we have can be thrown into developing AI so we reach singularity , and therefore the space, faster?

    In a utilitarian way, the Deep State is beneficial since its control of vast resources helps to develop technology faster.

  2. Congrats – this is quality trolling. I don’t see this that often.

    Response: I don’t think the “deep state” is anywhere near as competent as many of its critics make it out to be. At any rate, it is certainly not competent enough to implement or even accelerate the singularity. For instance, spending trillions of dollars on IQ black holes like Iraq instead of CRISPR or life extension or even balancing the budget. Or filling Europe with infinity Moslems. With the deep state/Bilderbergers/ZOG’s 666D chess “ingenuity,” you’ll sooner get the Sub-Saharan Age than the Space Age.

  3. A troll comment, but I am certain that the number of people that would support precisely this is not as small a number as you think. In fact if the media decided to push this narrative then most people would probably end up supporting this view.

  4. The New Malthus for a title? Idiocracy is the new Malthusian catastrophe.

  5. spending trillions of dollars on IQ black holes like Iraq

    Yes, and Trump may yet fulfill the Simpsons Prophecy (see 0:30, President Lisa Simpson: “We’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump…The country is broke.”).

    (The episode, ‘Bart to the Future,’ aired first in March 2000, thus was written around early or mid 1999, or 16 years before Trump’s June 2015 “They’re Not Sending their Best” speech that launched his campaign, and 17.5 years before Trump’s election victory. Show me a better forecaster of a presidential result!)

    In sum, the Three Eras of Political Trump may be:
    (1) “Trump as Politician” a Surreal, Simpsoneqsue Joke: 1990s to Summer 2015.
    (2) Trump as a legitimate populist-nationalist leader: Late Summer 2015 to March 2017.
    (3) Era of Trump as Neocon, Reckless Interventionist : April 2017 to ?

    Your writing on behalf of preventing (3) is and will be appreciated!

  6. Astuteobservor II says

    there is a reason why I believe there are 6-8 stupids out of 10.

  7. Daniel Chieh says

    Will we get Dark Equilibrium as part of Patreon funding?

  8. Yes, sure. In fact, I’ll throw it in on top (if >=$10).

  9. Yevardian says

    I think you could quite easily compile some of your lengthier and better-quality posts over the years into a book compilation, as Derbyshire, Unz, Shamir have already done.

  10. NoFap_Newton says

    Dear Akarlin
    What is the logic behind deep state/Bilderbergers/ZOG’s 666D chessplayers’ incessant promotion of both amateur and professional interracial cuckold porn among the Western Christians? (one of the main reasons I was forced to quit porn)

    Doesn’t it make many middle class and even higher class ZOGs vulnerable to cuckoldry themselves? (witness Jay Electronica doing the Rothschild’s bride)

    Or is taking the hit of cuckoldry an acceptable risk compared to taking the hit of another 1933?

  11. German_reader says

    “incessant promotion of both amateur and professional interracial cuckold porn among the Western Christians? (one of the main reasons I was forced to quit porn)”

    Christians shouldn’t be watching porn anyway, it’s good that you quit…whoever is behind all that cuckoldry porn, may have done you a favour by curing you of your porn addiction.

  12. BenKenobi says

    The Trump administration from the episode apparently went broke because they “invested in the children” which is also kind of prophetic in a way in that America’s new children aren’t worth investing in. I’ve also been (on a whim) watching classic Simpsons seasons lately. I am astonished at how diverse the background characters are. It’s like 40% — kind of like today, more prophecy.

    At any rate, I appreciate your work, Anatoly. That and the fact that you’re the only ShitPoster on staff here. Looking forward to the game reviews.

  13. Seconded.

  14. Peripatetic commenter says

    On the basis of a sample size of one, seemingly, the BBC declares that Russia is better for women:

    Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech?

    Is that more generally correct?

    According to Unesco, 29% of people in scientific research worldwide are women, compared with 41% in Russia. In the UK, about 4% of inventors are women, whereas the figure is 15% in Russia.

    Are they simply counting support and admin and secretaries to come up with that figure?