Open Thread 99.5: The Brexit Thread

I don’t have much original to say about it, and what I do have to say has already been said at greater length (e.g. Guillaume Durocher), but still, as the second most important happening last month, it behoves me to make at least a few brief comments.

  • There should not be any delusions that the Tories are going to steer Britain in a genuinely nationalist direction e.g. Based BoJo has proclaimed that African immigration will become easier (I’m assuming he isn’t talking about the Boers).

Though given what passes for British nationalism, perhaps that is not such a great tragedy.

  • Brexit is nonetheless an important milestone in a people voting no confidence in an elite globalist project (cosmopolitan London and Scots earnestly opposed Brexit, Deep England boomers Russian trolls supported it) and actually having their wishes honored.

  • An added benefit is that it annoys all the right people: Brussels bureaucrats, SJWs, Guardianistas, globalists from Obama to Soros, East European welfare leeches, Russian liberals…

The only shame is that we won’t see Farage trolling the Eurocrats any more:

  • There’s a good chance that Scotland will now agitate for a second independent referendum, which the pro-independence forces are now projected to narrowly win. If that happens, then Northern Ireland’s continued presence in the UK would no longer make much sense either. Nonetheless, I certainly don’t expect BoJo to sanction a second Scottish referendum, so if it goes through anytime soon it will presumably have a purely consultative character.

  • Brexit is undoubtedly good for Russia. The EU will lose one of its most stridently anti-Russian voices, and certainly its most powerful one. Even Russian-British relations might improve, considering that the UK will want to avoid falling into too tight into a dependency on the US after its exit from Europe. For instance, it recently okayed Huawei’s participation in building up its 5G infrastructure. Similar considerations may also catalyze a rapprochement with Russia (incidentally, Wizzair recently started up $50 London-Moscow flights).

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  1. This is the current Open Thread, where anything goes – within reason.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. I am disappointed in the Queen.

    I was hoping she would change Harry and Meghan’s titles to the Duke and Duchess of Miscegenation and Resource Extraction and exile them to one of the commonwealth nations of Africa. Whatever that place is that has strife with neighboring Francophones – I cannot think of its name. (And I suppose there may be more than one.)

  3. TheTotallyAnonymous says

    I know that there’s already a Serbia/Montenegro/Balkans thread (my comments on that coming soon), but I simply can’t miss posting this:

    This is a trailer for a Turkish movie called, “The Turks are Coming – The Sword of Justice” where the Serbs are the villains trying to make a “Greater Serbia” while the Ottomans are civilized and cultured Muslims trying to stop the barbaric Serb villains …

    It’s literally so garbage that it’s hard to know where to begin to dissect it.

    It shows Lazar Brankovic in the movie as some kind of sinister Serb villian trying to make a “Greater Serbia” while in real history the man was just a poor guy trying to keep his country from getting wiped off the map in the mid 15th century.

    The man wasn’t even a king at all as they claim, just a despot …

    Of course, the Muslim Akinji raiders are civilized Muslim gentlemen for whom Serb women cheer on against their own even though Akinji raiders were just mediocre pillaging and looting subhuman bandits in real life …

    Anyway, everyone should look at the comments on the youtube vid btw, lol.

  4. another anon says

    Brexit is old news.
    American sports and entertainments spreading worldwide is also old news, but more fun to talk about.

    Want to guess the final score?

  5. Nigel Farage – Young, Chad, British Ron Paul ( in affect ) ?

  6. Do you guys have any one-week predictions on the NCP’s (previously 2019-nCov) wrath?

    People say it’s going to blow over, how likely do you think that is?

  7. Felix Keverich says

    Someone actually made mathematical model that predicts the number of new infected/deaths with each passing day. It has been very accurate past few days.

    I think this will take months to blow over.

    On the subject of Brexit: Fuck Britain. I hope this sets off domino effect and causes Scotland to break away shortly.

    And lastly, Thorfinnson promised to offer his updated take on Tesla in the next open thread. This is his opportunity.

  8. Blinky Bill says

    End that son of a b*tch’: Duterte confirms US-Philippines military collaboration agreement is toast

    Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is “terminating” the Visiting Forces Agreement, which provides legal immunity to US military drills, in retaliation for the US canceling the visa of a political ally and fellow drug-warrior.

  9. Even Russian-British relations might improve

    I don’t see this happening at all. Anti Russian sentiments are deeply ingrained into the elite, this is tightly related to its anti white hatred. I have to ask why any Russian nationalist would want to have better relations with these extreme left wing regimes, nothing good would come from that.

  10. BoJo should be exiled to Joburg.

    Let him become part of the Rainbow Nation.

  11. At least they are historically accurate about the Turkish sultans only being interested in white meat for their wives/concubines.

  12. The Chinese data are totally unreliable. I use them, too, but probably shouldn’t. The number of new cases seems to be connected to the number of testing kits they have, and only deaths by people tested are counted. The real numbers are higher, possibly orders of magnitude higher, but no-one knows by how much.

    It’s basically just like the flu, except the flu is more dangerous, as big-brained normies say. That’s how they fight the flu in China:

  13. reiner Tor says

    A British man traveling from Singapore infects four people in France before being diagnosed himself:

  14. reiner Tor says

    I haven’t yet seen any negative effects of Brexit (mind you, I don’t live in the UK), but there were some positive effects, like seeing a few moderately good memes.

  15. * There should not be any delusions that the Tories are going to steer Britain in a genuinely nationalist direction e.g. Based BoJo has proclaimed that African immigration will become easier (I’m assuming he isn’t talking about the Boers).

    I entirely agree.

    I would say Brexit is a vestige of the counter-intuitive and illogical to me historical idea that Anglo-Saxon England was (somehow) not a part of Europe, and indeed, not in any way European at all.

    However, if you have A-S elites and hangers on who have historically had plans of using their own Anglo-Saxon people to conquer other Europeans, and non-Euros as well, for the sake of a truly all powerful world empire, it makes sense that you would promote beliefs and ideologies that make into a complete ‘other’ everyone else…ie unfortunate ideologies such as ‘British Israel’ and the ‘New Rome’.

    Non Anglo-Saxon elites, ie Jewish, to the extent they have been involved, would naturally tend to have even less compunction about using the A-S people for such a thing.

    That’s not to say I’m a believer in the EU, I’m not.

    Anyhow, these varying degrees of ‘limited hangouts’ of nationalism which have been tolerated since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, from Japan, to Russia and Eastern Europe, to Trump’s MAGA and Brexit, I see as a very cynical thing by ‘the powers that be’.

    For several decades they’ve been talking of the need to reduce the world’s population to 500 million souls. What better tool than than these limited nationalisms they’ve tolerated combined with the ‘NBC’* tools of WWIII to accomplish this, whilst simultaneously wiping out what little of peoplehood remains?

    A refusal to play the game would seem to be the answer.

    Easier said than done of course, and no doubt against the odds, but if enough of the people’s of the world (whilst retaining their people’s physical and cultural identities) refused enmasse to fight this likely planned war, it might be enough to throw a wrench in the scheme indefinitely.

    • Nucleur, Biological, Chemical×432.jpg

  16. Felix Keverich says

    Check out this video! I’m not entirely sure what is happening here, but it looks and sounds disturbing.

  17. Felix Keverich says

    Karlin is a dual UK-Russian citizen. So it’s kind of like kids, who hope that their divorced parents will get back together.

  18. reiner Tor says

    My understanding is that there are two things which could be happening on these videos:

    • sick people (anyone coughing or having fever etc., even if it’s just an ordinary cold or flu) are assumed to be sick with the novel coronavirus, and are sent to places like stadiums and gymnasiums, where they are going to be confined until each of them dies or two weeks after each of the survivors have not shown symptoms for over two weeks, whichever happens first; of course being sent to such camps means each of them will get the virus even if currently they only have the flu, and they won’t be getting much care either

    • Outside Hubei, people from Wuhan are getting rounded up and sent to similar quarantine facilities, where probably circumstances are not ideal either

  19. another anon says

    Why are you so racist? Racism is more contagious than virus.

  20. anonymous coward says

    Silly yellowface, racism is not for Asians.

  21. china-russia-all-the-way says

    Coronavirus prospects improving. Mortality rate is not very high. 295 cases outside of China, 1 death. A 44-year old Chinese man in the Philippines.

  22. reiner Tor says

    The first death in Hubei took place in January only, over a month after it started. It just appeared abroad, give it some time.

    Though it seems to be targeting East Asians with all those ACE receptors (whatever that means), so perhaps it won’t be so horrible outside of East Asia.

  23. will Brexit reduce the number of non-european immigrants?

  24. reiner Tor says

    It now seems that in China there are always a few deaths outside of Hubei. Until a few days ago days could go by without a single death outside of Hubei, now it seems to be regular. And a third of all cases are outside Hubei. It’s a pretty slow killer, and for a higher death rate needs an overwhelmed healthcare system.

  25. No, thankfully it’ll increase by over an order of magnitude & the colonies will finally have their revenge!

  26. Brexit was never about UK leaving Europe. It was a cry of anger by the 65% Somewheres (see David Goodhart) population because no political party has represented them of some 30-40 years.

    Key is GDP doubling over 35 years and Median income rising by some 10% (it is 0% in US – hence the US equivalent is Trump.) Neither Trump nor Boris are going to resolve that key issue, but:
    1. Most don’t even know – inequality is not reported honestly in any country, and not raised as an issue*.
    2. Immigration is at least a small part of the cause of stagnant pay for the majority – so Brexit politics compare to old conservative or Blair Labour politics are a shining example to the ordinary that they are listening.
    3. The Brexit Up Yours was as much to Westminster and the UK media elites as to Brussels. (Again Brexit = Trump in US)

    The great irony for Scotland is that they constantly complain that we went into the Brexit referendum without discussing what it would actually mean in terms of trade and movement of labour. Now they wan a 2nd Scottish referendum without doing the same…. Scotland in Europe, Britain out, would be a total nightmare for Scots. Could Scots even continue to work in Britain?

  27. Sounds a bit like that movie Contagion of a few years back.

    Am also reminded of wartime accounts where wounded soldiers deemed ‘hopeless’ would sometimes be separated from the other patients and he placed in a special room basically to die.

    If a wounded soldier thought that was being done to them they’d physically fight ‘tooth and nail’ to stop the transfer.

    Might be something like that going on in the minds of these people in the video as you allude.

    Hopefully, whatever rumors are going around in China regarding this virus are a lot worse than the reality.

  28. What UK needs is BREXIST or Britain-Exist.

    Leaving the EU won’t save the UK because its own immigration policy is globalist. Leaving the EU means saying no to fellow whites in Europe and saying YES to tons of Africans and Pakistanis. It will not ensure the existence and survival of Britain.

    UK needs to embrace Race-ism and stake out BREXIST for the future.

    There must be a Battle of Britain during with the globalists, collaborators, and invaders are dealt with in the harshest terms possible.

  29. YetAnotherAnon says

    It would be nice if the UK and Russia could have good relations.

    Trouble is our UK/US elites, who have been horrified by Brexit* and Trump, desperately need Brits and Americans to have a hate object which isn’t them. Russia is a white Christian country which has its own, genuinely independent (of US/EU/UK) foreign policy, so it fits the bill nicely.

    People like Niccolo Soldo (and some commenters here), being outside the UK, only see the elite propaganda – hence all the “eternal Anglo” nonsense. Plenty of people, including the recently defenestrated leader of the Labour Party, don’t swallow it, whereas globalist media like the Times and the (fairly recently turned**) Guardian are happy to disseminate it.

    “I ain’t got nuthin’ against them Russians. No Russian ever called me deplorable.”

    • If recent MI6 guy Rory Stewart and old MI6 guy David Cornwell (le Carre) are at all representative, the organisation seems to have been pro-EU to the point where enthusiasm merges into religious worship. But maybe I can see why – the Brits (aka Brit elites in the EU) were quite effective drivers of pro-market change in Brussels – they must have been stunned when warehouse guys on minimum wage pulled the comfy rug from under them in July 2016.

    ** within living memory the Guardian were huge fans of Soviet Russia, and within recent memory Assange was a hero to the Guardian, as was Snowden. Ever since MI5 turned their computers inside out they’ve toed the line. I wonder what they found and what the paper’s editors were threatened with?

  30. Europe Europa says

    Britain hasn’t really left the EU yet, at the moment it’s in a Norway/Switzerland situation of technically out, but really in and still obliged to follow all EU rules.

    The real Brexit is supposed to happen at the end of the transition period in December this year, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the government finds a way to delay it. I suspect that the government is hoping that the symbolic Brexit will be enough to placate Leavers into thinking they’ve won and they’ll be able to quietly make the Norway/Switzerland style arrangement permanent.

  31. Ever since MI5 turned their computers inside out they’ve toed the line. I wonder what they found and what the paper’s editors were threatened with?

    I think it has more to do with the fact the wikileaks reported the dirty dealings of Hillary and the DNC.

  32. You suspect that Pete North get what he wanted, EFTA?

  33. Europe Europa says

    Britain is the main international bolthole/tax haven for Russian money, even more so than the US. That makes me think that the British elites can’t be that anti-Russian to allow such a situation.

    It seems to me that the US elites are much more anti-Russian than the British elites are, I doubt the US would have tolerated the flow of Russian money and Russian oligarchs into their country like the British have.

  34. Philip Owen says

    In terms of potential expressed by the gravity model, Russia is the UK’s 3rd largest potential trading partner after the EU and US. The UK is Russia’s 3rd largest potential trading partner after the EU and US. In both cases, both are well below potential, in each case actually the largest loss of potential. It is not an EU issue. Germany, France and Italy all perform on target in trade with Russia. Only Japan underperforms on a British scale. I have a speaking slot on this issue at the next Russian Week in London. There are many opportunites. Russia needs modern aerospace technology, although of course, the MIG 15 affair is still remembered. Russia has sucked in huge numbers of construction machines to service its national projects. JCB has had a boom. Russia requires building materials of all sorts, again to service national projects. A 50% increase in housing construction is planned. Russia is aiming to upgrade its road infrastructure to match Malaysia’s. That’s electronic signage, traffic control cameras, speed sensors, phones, fiber optics, membranes, darinage technology. Russia’s internal construction industry has had a series of disasters in the Far East with brand new raods being washed away by rain. (St Pete ring and M11 holding up so far).

    This is not realised by the UK elite. Russians seem to have a better grasp. Dominic Cummings is perhaps a fulcrum for exerting leverage. Cummings spent time in Russia attempting to start an illegal airline. however, there have been a great many people paid to generate anti-Putin (not quite the same as anti-Russian) PR. That is an enormous heritiage to shift.

    The first UK country to leave will be Northern Ireland. There is already an arrangement to trigger a border poll that does not depend on the London government. The Border Poll can be triggered by local players. The Catholics are about t become the majority population of voters in Northern Ireland. If brexit isn’t delivering obvious benefits without penalties (in Northern Ireland that seems impossible) NI will go. Scotland cannot set up a referendum without the permission of the London government. That isn’t going to happen until there is a hung parliament That could be 2024 or it could be decades away. Wales is continually flooded with English retirees and downshifters. They expire but are replaced continually. This is a built in block against Welsh identity. Support for independence (which has always included EU membership) has surged from 5% to 25-40% depending on your pollster but still has a long way to go.

  35. Imagine how Republicans would react if this happened on Obama’s watch.

  36. Europe Europa says

    Then again you’re Welsh and by the sounds of it hate England/Britain, therefore your opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt and certainly not seen as representative of the majority.

    Let me guess, you vote for Plaid Cymru? The reality is Wales voted for Brexit at a similar proportion to England, so clearly your opinions are in the minority even in Wales.

  37. reiner Tor says

    The number of new cases seems to be dropping. I’m not sure how does this correspond to reality, but the whole province (and basically the whole country) is in lockdown, so the spread of the virus must be slowing down.

    Number of deaths is now higher than total SARS deaths around the world.

  38. The Whistleblower says

    Jordan Peterson recovering from tranquilizer addiction in Russia

    By Isabel Vincent
    February 8, 2020

    A controversial psychology professor and self-help author who has spent much of his career railing against political correctness is recovering from an addiction to tranquilizers, his daughter said.

    Jordan Peterson, 57, emerged last week from an intensive care unit in a Russian hospital after being treated for a dependence on benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety medication.

    Peterson sought alternative treatments in Russia after being repeatedly misdiagnosed in North American hospitals, including a clinic in New York, Mikhaila Peterson said in a video script she shared with Canada’s National Post newspaper…

    In the past, Peterson said he was able to beat back depression with the meat-heavy diet his daughter encouraged him to adopt. Cutting out greens altogether improved both his mental and physical health, he said in a 2018 interview.

    “The Twelve Rules of Life” author has been released from the hospital and is taking anti-seizure medication, his daughter said. Although he has trouble walking and typing on his own, he is “on the mend,” she said.

    “He’s smiling again,” she said.

    Jordan Peterson’s year of ‘absolute hell’: Professor forced to retreat from public life because of addiction

    … She said the family sought alternative treatment in Russia because they found North American hospitals had misdiagnosed him, and were prescribing “more medications to cover the response he was experiencing from the benzodiazepines,” Mikhaila said. “He nearly died several times.”

    She and her husband took him to Moscow last month, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and put into an induced coma for eight days. She said his withdrawal was “horrific,” worse than anything she had ever heard about. She said Russian doctors are not influenced by pharmaceutical companies to treat the side-effects of one drug with more drugs, and that they “have the guts to medically detox someone from benzodiazepines.”

    Jordan Peterson has only just come out of an intensive care unit, Mikhaila said. He has neurological damage, and a long way to go to full recovery. He is taking anti-seizure medication and cannot type or walk unaided, but is “on the mend” and his sense of humour has returned.

    “He’s smiling again for the first time in months,” she said.

    Ok, a couple things. First off, the only way this story can get crazier is if JBP was staying at AK’s apartment. Second, as a vegan, I think his (anti-vegan) diet caused his spiraling mental illness.

  39. The unionists can veto Northern Ireland leaving the UK even if they fall well short of a majority by using a petition of concern to trigger a cross-community vote, which means that leaving the UK would require majorities in both communities (nationalist and unionist) to pass, which would obviously never happen.

  40. Strange behavior, like completely avoiding vegetables, is probably a symptom, rather than a cause, of whatever ailment JP abused drugs to repress.

  41. Europe Europa says

    Also, there are plenty of Catholics in NI who support the status quo because welfare entitlements and the NHS is perceived to be better as part of Britain than what would be available as part of the Irish Republic.

  42. I know Philip pretty well. He’s absolutely not any kind of Welsh nationalist.

  43. JBP clearly has medical issues that predate and are independent of his unusual diet.

    In reality, it is veganism that is associated with mental illness, e.g.:

    Michalak, Johannes, Xiao Chi Zhang, and Frank Jacobi. 2012. “Vegetarian Diet and Mental Disorders: Results from a Representative Community Survey.” The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 9 (June): 67.

  44. There really should be big budget movies about the invasion of Spain, about the sieges of Vienna and Malta, about Lepanto. That there aren’t – that the closest thing is the orcs in Lord of the Rings (and that would not be produced today) – really signifies that Hollywood is not a cultural center of Europeans.

    I wish I could say that most movies produced in Europe were better, but they might actually be worse (at least in Western Europe) – since it is a greater insult to know that they are made in Europe.

  45. From watching his daughter speak, I presume she is crazy too (though I do agree with her point on big pharma), and that it runs in the family. Though you might come up with the reasonable objection that she is on the same diet.

    Of course, I disapprove of JBP’s message of super-cuckery, but I do sympathize with his difficult family circumstances. And I could see perhaps where it along with the fame would push someone from eccentricity to full-on craziness.

  46. The Whistleblower says

    In reality, it is veganism that is associated with mental illness,

    I think this is due to a poor and not properly-supplemented diet. I hope that’s the case because I’m a vegan for the same reason Doug Hofstadter is:

    I Am a Strange Loop swarms with happy memories. One vivid recollection, not so happy, concerns a time when Hofstadter was fifteen and asked to select two guinea-pigs to be killed for a laboratory experiment. Faced with the task, he fainted. This aversion to animal killing led to his becoming a vegetarian. For a while he allowed himself eggs and fish, but later became a vegan, avoiding all food of animal origin. He refuses to buy leather shoes and belts. Like Baum’s Tin Woodman, to whom the Wizard gave a fine velvet heart, Hofstadter has twinges of guilt when he swats a fly. One of his heroes is Albert Schweitzer, who whenever possible avoided killing an insect.

    If I became insane, well, che sarà, it might come in handy given the way the world is going.

    Better mad with the crowd than sane all alone… For if everyone is mad, you’ll be different to none, and if good sense stands alone, it will be taken as madness. To go with the flow is so important. The greatest form of knowledge is, on occasion, not to know, or to affect not to know.”

    — Fr. Baltasar Gracián, S.J., The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence

  47. The Catholics are about t become the majority population of voters in Northern Ireland. If brexit isn’t delivering obvious benefits without penalties (in Northern Ireland that seems impossible) NI will go.

    A referendum in 2020 or 2021 on a ‘united’ Ireland would lose badly thus embarrassing the more intelligent Irish nationalists. However, there aren’t very many intelligent Irish nationalists so they’ll probably demand one ASAP. Today’s big Sinn Fein vote will likely disgust the pro-Remain voting Protestants (middle/upper class people who care more about the union with the UK than the EU) and people from mixed marriages, most of whom are officially classified as Catholic.

  48. Idk how popular Duterte is with the Filipino diaspora voters in the US.

    The elites in the West hate Duterte, who doesn’t have much of an appeal here beyond niche Internet memes.

  49. Perhaps it would embarass my ancestors, but I’d have little problem with Boris suppressing independence votes with martial law. Tossing out the Poz Irish government would also be great, imposing on them what the Habsburgs did to Bohemia.

  50. So when this shit amounts to nothing what you going to tell all of us?

    Also you mofos don’t know the context of these videos spreading them is hilarious.

  51. Right.
    Homo sapiens is an omnivore.
    Not a herbivore.

  52. Thulean Friend says

    If people are attached to plants, do they love other people?

    The following tools were used: a questionnaire People and Plants (PaP) consisting of five sub-scales (joy, esthetics, practice, closeness to nature, and ecology) and Moral Motives Model scale (MMM scale) including six sub-scales (self-restraint, not harming, social order, self-reliance (industriousness), helping/fairness, and social justice).

    It was found that all parameters of positive attitudes to plants, except practice, were strongly positively connected with moral motives. Multi-regression analysis allowed developing certain models demonstrating the contribution of attachment to the plant world to people’s morality. The proscriptive motives (especially self-restraint) are more sensitive to attitudes to flora as compared to prescriptive motives; prescriptive motive self-reliance was not predicted by the attitude to flora at all. Moreover, the findings seem to be gender-sensitive (predictions are higher in females). The obtained results are discussed referring to the reverence for life ethics by Schweitzer, deep ecology by Næss, Biophilia hypothesis by Wilson, and psychology of moral expansiveness by Crimston et al.

    You didn’t need a study to tell me this, but it is nice to get confirmation. People who care about the environment tend to be better people and people who don’t are inferior people.

    Britain ‘secretly funded Reuters’ in 1960s and 1970s – The “free press” is the biggest hoax ever sold successfully to the public.

    Dallas Less Affordable Than NYC. Why? Blame Car Culture – Urban planning centered around the car was the biggest urban policy mistake of the 20th century and one which we still haven’t recovered from

    How to solve the world’s problems? Change everybody’s personality – I’ve been saying this for years, except that I believe our personalities are largely hardwired which is why we need to gene-edit out the douchebags. An increase in collective IQ will also have positive externality effects, given that higher cognitive functions are associated with greater moral reasoning (as Rindermann has long pointed out).

    No right to anonymous communications? European Court of Human Rights rubber-stamps mandatory SIM card registration laws – Strangely Orwellian practice for a supposed “human rights court”. We need a liberal version of Euroskepticism. I happen to live in a country which has more liberal laws than the EU on a lot of free speech/privacy issues and I’d like to keep it that way.
    People who push “industrial malthusianism” are quickly becoming the biggest laughing stocks as technological progress continues unabated.

  53. Thulean Friend says

    US ready to meet all Belarus’s oil needs – First visit by a secretary of state in 26 years comes as former Soviet country seeks closer ties

    Mr Pompeo said that the US wanted to help Belarus “build its own sovereign country” and, in a dig at Russia, said that it could meet Belarus’s entire oil demand “at competitive prices”.

    The US and Belarus said in September that they would exchange ambassadors for the first time in 12 years, and Mr Pompeo said on Saturday that he hoped this would happen soon.

    Belarus’ foreign minister said that Mr Pompeo’s visit, the first by a US secretary of state since 1994, when Mr Lukashenko took power, was “obvious proof that Belarus and American relations are becoming more active”, and expressed hope that it would help lead to a normalisation in relations between the two countries.

    “We would welcome the more active role of the United States here in Belarus . . . We are quite interested in American business coming here to Belarus and working quite actively,” he said.’

    “WTO accession, increased private sector development, and legal and regulatory reforms will all help Belarus unlock its trade potential and secure its own sovereignty,” he said.

    The foreign minister acknowledged that Belarus had work do, but said that the country was committed to making progress. “Probably Belarus is not an absolutely ideal country in this respect, and we do understand that we must implement some reforms in many areas, including the area of human rights, and we do that,” he said.

    This is a very significant escalation from Lukashenko, arguably the biggest in his entire quarter-century rule. I do not understand what Putin is doing. Russia holds all the cards here but Putin is just standing idly by like an impotent gnome. Not a good look.

  54. I disagree with you on various topics but you must be much too smart to believe this:

    Dallas Less Affordable Than NYC. Why? Blame Car Culture – Urban planning centered around the car was the biggest urban policy mistake of the 20th century and one which we still haven’t recovered from

    It starts with this gem: “A typical DFW family spends more of its income on housing and transportation than those in most other major cities — including San Francisco and New York”

    That has nothing to do with “affordability.” The typical DFW family will choose to maximize their credit by buying the largest most expensive house they can afford, and the most expensive car they can afford. So they will have a huge home with a home movie theater, private swimming pool, and an expensive SUV, they will buy a f-ing golf cart to use to visit their neighbors because they don’t want to walk for 4 minutes. In so doing they will spend a lot on housing and transportation. But not because it isn’t affordable, but because this is what they want to do. They could easily choose to buy a normal size house and a normal car for their income, but they choose not do. And that huge house in Texas might cost $500,000 and be 4 times the size of a $600,000 house in the New York area.

  55. Main component were white men, muscular-fat, tattooed prole types, the sort you associate with football hooligans

    My mate Beergutz Baz – Political Editor at The Soccer Hooligan Gazette – happened to be at that event, and I don’t think he would be impressed by the sneering tone of that article. Baz will be released on parole in June, so just hope that he doesn’t see this, or else stay away from London pubs. You do not want to encounter Baz after a few beers, I assure you.

  56. Agathoklis says

    I would also include Constantinople 1453 in that list. I’d imagine it would be almost impossible to get a movie made about the Battle of Lepanto (Napfaktos) where many of the rank of file sailors were Greek (some were also forced into service of the Sultan and later escaped to the West). In my nation, I cannot remember a film made in the last 40 years which documented a key historical event. I mentioned a remake of the War of Independence recently to a director (given the 200 year anniversary is approaching) and he just winced in disgust and looked more interested in cleaning a toilet. Most of the films made today are about some dreary personal anxieties (mostly centred around women) or migrants. There was a film set in Byzantium a few years but it centred around a nun that was really a man or something like that. Obviously, the setting was Byzantium but the issues were closer to Athens Pride.

  57. anonymous coward says

    Muh optics


  58. Felix Keverich says

    This is Ukraine all over again. Putin is a gnome and his underlings are retarded pygmies, selected for their positions, because Putin saw them as non-threatening. We just agreed to supply Lukashenka with cheap gas because we don’t want Pompeo to visit again. He gave up nothing in return – no integration!

    I get transfixed when people like Martyanov, Saker spin this as geopolitical mastery. It’s like ‘what kind of glasses these people are wearing?’ or ‘what kind of drugs they are on?’.

  59. Thulean Friend says

    Not because it isn’t affordable, but because this is what they want to do.

    It seems you are hellbent to alleviate the cross that urban planners of the 20th century should bear. Choices don’t appear out of thin air, but are nudged by urban policy design.

    Dallas housing is not more expensive than NYC or SF, so the cost differential has to lie in a combination of A) lower income and B) higher transportation costs. And that is exactly what is the cause here. A lot of Texas cities are absurdly car-centric. I showed a picture of 1980s houston before:

    You don’t have much choice not to have a car and your entire lifestyle will be shaped by the way the city has been planned. I also find your dubious contention that people in Dallas are magically and unexplainably less frugal than those in NYC or SF for unknown reasons to be highly speculative supposition on your part. Anecdotes should be used in support of data, not as a replacement. The numbers in the story are irrefutable.

    Of course, the monetary argument is fundamentally insufficient. The best argument against cancerous car-centric culture is simply aesthetics and beauty. Some things do not have a cost. Luckily for us, we can use both arguments. It is time to bury the indefensible atrocities committed in the 20th century once and for all by liberating our cities from the car-centric plague.

  60. You are both missing the obvious, there a lot of Mexicans that they don’t want to live close to, they will never in a million years admit this, but this is a big driver in pushing to seek what they seek (which costs money).

  61. reiner Tor says

    I would be quite happy about there not being a great global pandemic. But I don’t know what anyone would lose by simply storing enough reserves of food (possibly canned food and things like rice), you can eat those later anyway.

    I gave some possible context in #18, can you maybe give us any possible other context which would be more positive than that? I’m also dying to hear your explanation why China just shut down its economy over the flu.

  62. Brexit has stopped Scottish independence dead, hence the primal scream of the SNP. Scottish independence has always been a fringe movement, and will be so again.

  63. So the thirty percent Remainer lunatic fringe in Wales has had a hissy fit and suddenly support Welsh independence, a transient phenomenon. The hardcore Remainer fringe have supported and done crazier things than that. Wales has been politically converging with England for a while now, even if aided by English people, often of Welsh ancestry, moving there.

    Boris Johnson and his family are Russophiles. Johnson’s main concern is himself though, so I expect a covert warming of relations.

  64. Ali Choudhury says

    I don’t see Irish unification happening any time soon. Northern Ireland is still largely post-industrial and has about the lowest GDP per capita in the UK. Is there any demand in Ireland for giving Ulster the 12 billion euro subsidy they currently get from the UK government? Or in importing the massive political headache of Protestant anxieties in say East Belfast?

  65. Boris Johnson and his family are Russophiles.

    His words as foreign minister regarding Russia say otherwise.

  66. AltSerrice says


  67. sudden death says

    Follow what they actually do, not what they say – work holiday-quarantines presumably will be extended for one month at least. It indicates that spread is still widening at the moment:

  68. Korenchkin says

    I’d be more concerned with the fact that the Turks made a movie about medieval Serbia with better sets and costumes then Serbs did with that Nemanjic series fiasco
    The fact that Lazar is called King instead of despot or prince is probably a translation error, but I don’t speak Turkish so can’t confirm

    Someone posted a summary of it on twitter, if it’s correct, he basically spends 2/3rds of the movie kicking the Turks asses before finally being defeated by the “good guys”
    Honestly we should’ve asked for a copy, a bit of reediting and dubbing and this could’ve been turned into a movie about a heroic last stand against and overwhelming force

  69. YetAnotherAnon says

    “Wales is continually flooded with English retirees and downshifters. They expire but are replaced continually. This is a built in block against Welsh identity. “

    It’s true. But the last 50 years of Labour dominance in Wales (and Scotland) provided the MPs who transformed the demography of England, and drove the English across the border. Neath voted for Peter Hain, for God’s sake. They’re still voting for Chris Bryant and the latest Kinnock carpetbagger.

    “Its a historical irony that one of the by-products of mass immigration into England should be something that the Anglo-Saxon invaders of AD 500 failed to achieve – the cultural destruction of the Celtic fastnesses of North Wales (today’s Wales) and West Wales (today’s Cornwall).”

    I was in Bridgend last week, never been before despite what must be hundreds of visits and holidays in Wales. Poor buggers. What must once have been a nice main street slashed and savaged by small “shopping centres” of 70s/80s/90s concrete. Lots of “cash converter” type shops with fearsomely dodgy customers, and a lovely little indoor market with many empty stalls. And all surrounded by thousands of new-builds, scores of new roads and new retail parks. I began to understand why people were committing suicide.

    Anyway, who would you rather moved into Wales? English, or the people who are driving them there?

  70. Korenchkin says
  71. YetAnotherAnon says

    “Scottish independence has always been a fringe movement, and will be so again.”

    If Brexit Britain is a success, maybe. But it would have to be one hell of a success. Scots were a major part of the Brit Empire, but they try to forget it now.

    Glubb Pasha:

    “While the empire is enjoying its High Noon of prosperity, all these people are proud and glad to be imperial citizens. But when decline sets in, it is extraordinary how the memory of ancient wars, perhaps centuries before, is suddenly revived, and local or provincial movements appear demanding secession or independence. Some day this phenomenon will doubtless appear in the now apparently monolithic and authoritarian Soviet empire. ”

    What’s Flower Of Scotland all about?

  72. Philip Owen says

    Bridgend town centre is the archetype of town centres in Left Behind Britain, although the Brexit vote was not particularly strong. 40% vacancy rate in town centre shops. But many places outside SE England are similar. The total retail area has hugely expanded. There are several retail parks that have the floorspace of the town centre and other smaller ones. Such decay was the fault of the local council not trying hard enough. (That said big developments could always appeal to the Secretary of State if their planning applications were blocked. Appeals were always granted). This happened throughout England and Wales especially in the bigger market towns and smaller industrial cities. Older people still go to the centres. This feeds the sense of decay and so the Brexit vote. Unless Boris’ fixes this, he won’t hold the protest vote.

    Nevertheless this conversation still holds true. “‘Grandad, were things better before we joined the EU?’,’Sure, I could get laid then’.

  73. YetAnotherAnon says

    Things WERE better before we joined the EEC. By the time we joined the EU the worm was well into the bud.

    But my point about Labour MPs and English immigration still stands. Even Scotland, where anti-English feeling is much more pronounced than in Wales, has areas (usually pretty ones like Mull, Arran, Cairngorms) with a hefty influx of expats, and a fair number of retirees who want the free social care. They will mostly vote ScRemain, though I’ve seen a few younger ones, bitter EU Remainers, who are more Nationalist than the Nationalists (“take revenge on the English for voting the wrong way”).

    I take your point about appeals by developers. How did Cameron square that with his “Big Society” I wonder? Or was it just the seeming endemic corruption in Welsh Labour councils?

  74. Obviously I wasn’t clear enough, sorry.

    It seems you are hellbent to alleviate the cross that urban planners of the 20th century should bear. Choices don’t appear out of thin air, but are nudged by urban policy design.

    Dallas housing is not more expensive than NYC or SF, so the cost differential has to lie in a combination of A) lower income and B) higher transportation costs.

    The choice is C) Dallas has a very extreme local culture of conspicuous consumption.

    Let me illustrate with an example. My best friend from university moved there after having moved to the East Coast for a few years. One of the selling points was its extreme affordability.

    He moved there with his $20,000 American car which he kept until it had 200,000 miles. He replaced it with a Japanese one of similar price His colleagues who had the same salary he had were driving in Lincoln Navigators or Cadillac Escalades ($60,000 cars, at least). They thought my friend was eccentric for not upgrading to a similar vehicle, some of them for a but embarrassed for him. My friend bought a house in late 2000s for about $250,000. It was about 260 square meters in size. His colleagues chose to buy houses that were twice the size for twice as much. Because Texas is dirt-cheap, my friend spent a fraction of his income on housing and transportation. But his colleagues chose to spend a high percentage of their incomes on that stuff (my friend used the extra money for taking his family around the world and for buying some investment property in his native Visegrad country).

    The point is that it is very silly to conclude that Dallas is not affordable because a high percentage of Dallas peoples’ income is spent on housing and transportation. Texas has no state income tax, it has the cheapest gasoline and electricity prices in the Western world (or very close to it), and cheap housing per square foot.

    Here is Dallas expenditures compared to the rest of the USA:

    It doesn’t speak to choices, just to what is spent. It means Dallas people spend a lot on houses, cars and clothes. This doesn’t mean these things are less affordable.

    This is a house on Plano TX (a decent suburb of Dallas) for around $500,000:

    A house in New Jersey for the same amount:

    It is less than half the size. It doesn’t have central air conditioning (you see the window unit), doesn’t have granite counter-tops as all new Texas homes do, etc.

    The best argument against cancerous car-centric culture is simply aesthetics and beauty.

    On this I agree. Texas suburbia is ugly as hell. My friend agrees. His philosophy is – “I work, I come home and my house is fine. I save so much money I can go wherever I want” – every year at a luxury resort in the Rockies for skiing, alternating with Italy or Switzerland, or Costa Rican beaches, or Australia, etc. There is enough left over to invest and provide for the future for the children. Offices are the same everywhere, and his house is a helluva lot nicer and more comfortable than in more expensive regions. The ugly view from the car window between the office and home is a price worth paying (and sitting comfortably in the car for 45 minutes is not worse than getting jostled on a subway for 45 minutes, nor is the view any worse than looking at the public on the subway). It wouldn’t be my choice, but it is an understandable one.

  75. First everyone should be prepared.

    Second you don’t know, I don’t know. This is why speculation is retarded and harmful. Time will tell. If you are right about China lying, then Western government’s have less of an incentive. So if it comes here we will know more.

    Edit: example just happened. Walking in Brooklyn five police cars pull up and start arresting some irate Muslim lady. They order an ambulance by sop. I could have video taped it and added w.e caption I like. It’s a standard retarded arrest now in NYC.

  76. Ireland wants the North, despite denials otherwise, and even if they came to regret it.

  77. You should look at all the Welsh surnames in the West Midlands, including some of my ancestors.

  78. What about that WW1 movie, King Petar of Serbia, was that any good?

  79. On this I agree. Texas suburbia is ugly as hell.

    What, in your opinion, makes an attractive suburb? Because I am at a loss, all the ones I’ve seen in person look awful to me. I despair of my children ever being able to enjoy natural beauty and the sense of mental peace that comes with it, what with so much of the nature in my locale being paved over with ugly developments. Perhaps this is simply due to the peculiarities of my environment.

    I’m personally fond of the Belgrad suburbs, though I’m a fan of Belgrad in general. But I seem to recall that you feel very differently about that city, and I’m curious to hear which ones you like.

  80. The movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) has a very good scene at the beginning. Just some simple shots of the dome of Hagia Sophia being covered in smoke and the cross being toppled and replaced with a crescent. And then the crescent casting a shadow on a map of Europe. Though, for some reason, they get the year wrong – 1462. On the whole, though, I think the movie is slightly too much of a chick flick. But, I applaud it for the scene, which they wouldn’t shoot today.

    Of course, I think it would work well as its own story.

    In all these battles, there are things like Greek fire, grenades, and those fire hoops that the knights of St. John employed, which I think would appeal to Hollywood as visual gimmicks, somewhat akin to the big explosions of which they are so fond.

    But politically they would not make it. I wonder even if they would show such a film in China. The other day, I was surprised to see that the #45 top grossing film in China was a 2017 Indian film called Dangal about a father teaching his daughters to be androgynous female wrestlers. And it earned 1.3 billion yuan!

  81. What, in your opinion, makes an attractive suburb? Because I am at a loss, all the ones I’ve seen in person look awful to me.

    I live in the Northeast USA where classic suburbs don’t exist. Here it is small, old towns. Some are nice, others are old mill towns that are poor. It is highly segregated. I have a historical Victorian house in a walkable neigborhood. The (small) mountains are 10 minutes away (skiing about 30 minutes), the saltwater beach and lakes are nearby also. Boston and New York are within a couple hours or so (just far enough so that I don’t have to overpay for housing), for weekends if I want a close approximate of Europe I can drive to Montreal or Quebec City. We have raccoons, skunks, foxes, and once a coyote ran past me. There are bears in the mountains 10 minutes away, a friend with a house up there sees them often though they don’t come into where I am. Schools are among the best in the world, public ones offer Latin and Classic Greek. Politics are annoyingly liberal. Overall, it’s an ideal lifestyle in the USA though not paradise (that would be a small city in Austria, I think).

    Classic suburbs, sprawl are ugly but offer larger and newer houses for the money. They look the same but home theaters and swimming pools and private bathrooms for everyone have their advantages – so comfort. Such suburbs also offer complete isolation from poor people, and proximity to golf courses and rec areas if they are good suburbs.

    I haven’t been to Belgrade and haven’t commented on it.

  82. Latest Russian Sports Doping BS


    Travis Tygart continues to exhibit a warped sense of fairness. When it comes to doping infractions, WADA ranks Russia fifth behind (among others) the US. See:

    Travis Tygart hasn’t withdrawn his bigoted collective guilt approach to having all Russian athletes banned from the Olympics. In comparison, Tygart seems okay with:

    • non-Russian drug cheats being allowed to compete under their respective national flag after serving a penalty
    • being lax with the inconsistent worldwide drug testing patterns, which put into question whether numerous non-Russian athletes are actually clean.

    Among some other subjectively questionable instances, the above linked WaPo article includes this mis-informative excerpt:

    After Russia’s latest round of infractions, which included manipulating data from its Moscow laboratory, WADA’s executive committee in December handed down its stiffest punishment to date: a four-year ban that would bar Russia from competing at the next two Olympic Games. The punishment would still allow some Russian athletes to compete without a formal country affiliation.

    Russia denies the claim, in conjunction with offering an explanation for the issue in question. Overall, Western mass media and Western influenced mass media have been abysmal in covering this subject. These and other articles erroneously suggest that only one side on the Russian doping issue has requested an open CAS hearing. See:

    In point of fact, RUSADA had earlier called for a fair and open CAS hearing. One of the few Western based sources noting this point:

    For more on the matter, see:

    Olympic sports are ethically better off without the likes of Tygart, Sebastian Coe and, Richard McLaren and Dick Pound. Related:

  83. BBC very recently ran a segment saying that Serbia is the most polluted country in Europe. Belgrade is depicted as having quite toxic air.

  84. Erdogan Differences with Russia


    Excerpt –

    On a visit to Kyiv, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated Turkey’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, emphasizing that Ankara doesn’t recognize Russia’s ‘illegitimate’ takeover of Crimea.

    Nothing new from him on this matter. Perhaps motivated in part by recent Russo-Turkish issues pertaining to Syria and Libya.

    In reply, Putin could go to the internationally recognized part of Cyprus and declare that he doesn’t recognize the Turkish propped “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, which only Turkey recognizes – going on over 40 years.

    In comparison, at least 17 countries (at last glance) recognize Crimea’s 2014 reunification with Russia. That particular number will undoubtedly grow in the coming years.

  85. For me, I would define suburbs as places where one can commute into a significant city using public transportation and arrive at work (or at least within the city) within an hour, most days. By that definition, there are lots of suburbs in the North-East. The movement away from the city center is very old and predates the car.

    I understand you are trying to make a distinction between the suburbs Hollywood hates the most (those designed around the car) and others, but I dislike your use of the word “classic” here because the concept of a suburb is as old as dirt. The word subarbis dates to at least 1380.

    I live in an old suburb, BTW. Housing costs are insane, but I’ve seen all the animals you’ve mentioned here minus bears. Once, around dawn, I saw a coyote lying about a meter behind a short white picket fence, and watching me exactly like a well-behaved dog – I don’t believe it would have moved at all, but I silently signaled to it that I knew it wasn’t a dog.

    Biggest drawback beyond cost is that it can be a nightmare in a very snowy winter. Streets are too narrow, when the snow starts piling up. If you have a fair-sized yard, you probably have a monstrously long sidewalk that you need to clear, whereas this is generally not true in exurbs. Chunks of ice falling from a Victorian roof can destroy a car. Closer in, there are violent fights over parking spaces, after a snow storm.

  86. I’m a little mystified by that. I’ve spent plenty of time there and I’m no worse for wear. Although there was plenty of litter, I didn’t notice any air pollution. I certainly would not describe the air in Belgrad as “toxic”. Maybe things have changed very quickly since I was last there, but I doubt it.

    A quick google search turns up a couple of different answers for which is the most polluted location in Europe:

    According to the last one of these, Serbia is close to Poland and Croatia in terms of pollution. But hey, maybe the BBC knows something I don’t.

  87. Thulean Friend says

    It doesn’t speak to choices, just to what is spent.

    Spending patterns are made in a social and urban context. The article makes quite clear how the car-centric urban policy is to blame here, it isn’t just atomised decisions made out of thin air.

    Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that people in Dallas are less spendthrift aside from your personalised anecdotes, which does not count for evidence.

  88. Thulean Friend says

    Rosstat has finally gotten its act together and begun publishing more stuff in English. Their 2019 statitical handbook contained a few interesting migration/demographic nuggets.

    Immigration arrivals have been fairly constant over the last few years though sharply up from 2010, let alone 2000.

    However departures have really shot up of late.

    Ukrainians departing from Russia is now almost equal to arrivals. Net migration was almost 120K per year in 2016 – down to a mere 15K in 2018. Belarus’ net migration has been on a slight upward trend but still very modest. Belarus supplies the EU with almost 10X more migrants than it does Russia. Putin’s plan to draw more slavic immigrants is hitting a hard brick wall.

    This leaves him two options: either increase Central Asian & third-world migration or shut off the taps. It appears he is opting for the latter. Net migration fell to 0.9 per 1000 persons in 2018 from 2.4 just two years prior. This also explains why he is obsessed with fertility. Despite the rhetoric, Putin surely understands that Russia’s ability to draw many Slavic migrants is extremely limited due to very low wages.

    As I frequently point out, the fantasies that AK peddle that somehow Russian speakers are terrified of some feminist/LBGT bogeyman in the West is utter nonsense. People vote with their feet – and they don’t vote for Russia.

  89. Korenchkin says

    Didn’t see it

  90. The article makes quite clear how the car-centric urban policy is to blame here, it isn’t just atomised decisions made out of thin air.

    “Car centric” urban policy doesn’t explain preference for flashy gas-guzzler SUVs vs. small cheaper Japanese cars. Same for houses. Anyone who has spent time in both Dallas and in New York would see the article as laughably absurd.

    Average price of gas is $2.040 per gallon in TX vs. $2.60 in New York:

    New York has the longest commute times in the USA. Highways are jammed. So they use more gas and spend more on it.

    Texas has no state income tax. New York it is 6.45% if you make over $21,000 per year, 6.65% if over $80,100 per year (NJ slightly lower but about the same). So if you make $100,000 per year, you save $6,650 dollars every year by living in Texas. A free trip to the Swiss Alps for the family, and then some.

    Property taxes on houses vary by town but are about the same:

    A $194,ooo house will cost $3,544 in TX on average, vs. $3,246 in New York (and $4,725 in New Jersey!)

  91. Korenchkin says

    Putin’s plan to draw more slavic immigrants is hitting a hard brick wall.

    Isn’t that plan supposed to be implemented in the near future

    People vote with their feet – and they don’t vote for Russia.

    If a Belarussian or Ukrainian want to avoid faggotry then can just go to a V4 country

    People vote with their feet – and they don’t vote for Russia.

    That kind of thinking is how you end up with Balkan jihadis supplying Somalis and Iraqis with hand grenades to toss around Malmo

  92. What about Property taxes? I’d guess that the home in New Jersey is assessed 10k – 15k. What about the one in Plano?

  93. Ukrainians departing from Russia is now almost equal to arrivals.

    As I said, Poland has such higher wages and Ukrainian have switched to Poland as their place to work.

  94. If you want a good movie about fighting the Turks watch this:

  95. reiner Tor says

    I don’t know with 100% certainty, but it doesn’t mean I cannot make educated guesses. Someone whose parents are in Shanghai at the moment wrote to me the two scenarios I outlined in #18: so sick people, and, outside Hubei, people from Hubei.

    speculation is retarded and harmful

    What harm could come out of it? Intelligent people often like musing on subjects which are unknown to all, like extraterrestrial life or the possibility of travel faster than the speed of light. Or what is happening right now in China.

    Time will tell.

    Obviously. And..?

    example just happened. Walking in Brooklyn five police cars pull up and start arresting some irate Muslim lady. They order an ambulance by sop. I could have video taped it and added w.e caption I like. It’s a standard retarded arrest now in NYC.

    Yeah, China also must be full of Diverse People. There are lots of videos like that, and their story is not the arrest of Diverse criminals.

  96. For me, I would define suburbs as places where one can commute into a significant city using public transportation and arrive at work (or at least within the city) within an hour, most days. By that definition, there are lots of suburbs in the North-East. The movement away from the city center is very old and predates the car…I dislike your use of the word “classic” here because the concept of a suburb is as old as dirt. The word subarbis dates to at least 1380.

    You are correct, and functionally this is true. But in the Northeast many of the old towns predate “metro areas.” Most were not built as “suburbs” but as fishing or whaling ports, farm town centers, mill towns, etc. and then got filled into metro areas. They function as suburbs but don’t look like them and don’t feel like them.

    When I think of suburbs this comes to mind:

    It exists here too, but is not typical.

    It isn’t bad. An ideal suburb resembles a resort: green, gardens, bike trails, golf courses around, neighbors filtered by similar economic class. Here is a more modest surburb in Texas:

    In the Midwest, West, Southeast and CA most suburbs look like that (poorer ones are uglier). New Jersey (which I avoid) also has many such “suburbs.”

  97. If people are attached to plants, do they love other people?

    We are in the midst of the Replication Crisis, so I wonder what these people would do if the Triffids arrived…

    People who push “industrial malthusianism” are quickly becoming the biggest laughing stocks as technological progress continues unabated.

    Honestly, I’m not that impressed with this story. Machine learning doesn’t seem sufficiently futurist. (Personally, I’ve never doubted we can do this type of thing, image diagnostics, with current computers).

    The even bigger objection is that politically it seems like a nothing-burger. At best, it will be used for a doctor to check their diagnosis, and the patient might even not be told the computer’s result. What one would want would be to be able to go to a machine clinic and get the machine discount. But that won’t happen because of social parasitism.

  98. ImmortalRationalist says

    British (gentile) elites are generally descended from Normans, not Anglo-Saxons.

  99. ImmortalRationalist says

    We’ll see what happens if the coronavirus continues to spread in countries like India. It’s definitely slowing in China, but it’s not out of the question that the virus could eventually spread virtually unabated in countries with significantly more incompetent governments.

  100. Thulean Friend says

    There are two caveats with the data. First, it includes all citizenships. Rosstat also publishes a seperate list where there is breakdown on citizenship. For instance, some Ukrainians in Russia have Russian citizenship but still retain ties back home.

    If you only look at Ukrainians in Russia without Russian citizenship (in other words, people who have been there shortly), the net migration was actually negative 24K.

    Secondly, Russia also has a seperate column for ‘refugees’ wherein 75K Ukrainians were granted such status in 2018 (though this is down from 220K in 2016). In Eurostat data, in keeping with international standards, you add all categories to your totals. So total arrivals can then be broken down in sub-categories (work, refugee, family, students etc).

    This means that the refugee number should be irrelevant in changing your totals. So until proven otherwise, I assume Rosstat follows international standards and include the refugee number in the totals. I don’t want to judge them too harshly and stereotype them as incompetent right off the bat, even Russia being Russia.

  101. Europe Europa says

    Americans refer to all English people as “Anglo-Saxons” or “Anglos” for short, hence the term “WASP”.

    In general their opinions on Britain are not knowledgeable or informed enough to have any idea what a “Norman” is. I would say there’s a stronger argument that Brexit is at least in part an Anglo-Saxon working class revolt against their Norman rulers and the continuation of a social/cultural struggle that has been going on for centuries.

  102. There has always been Slavs that are willing to deal with faggotry for a good pay check. That don’t mean they would accept it. Get enough of them in one place and they will ban it.

    Funny thing is that the good pay check bit is going to change soon too. So all they will end up with is faggots and no money.

  103. Thulean Friend says

    If a Belarussian or Ukrainian want to avoid faggotry then can just go to a V4 country

    Czechia is the richest and the most socially liberal on issues of LBGT out of those countries (a fact unlikely to be unrelated). I doubt the others are moving in any other direction. Far more important reasons for their attraction is simply higher wages and to some extent ease of learning language.

    People on this blog are a very niche bunch (to put it politely). Folks who base enormous weight on feminism/LBGT are a tiny select group whoolly unrepresentative of their respective societies – even in East Slavic countries. Casual homophobia aside, living standards (or lack thereof) ultimately matters far more in their political thinking. Including in their potential emigration destinations. To think otherwise is to delude yourself.

  104. Europe Europa says

    Doesn’t that apply to practically all races though? All races will put up with and maybe even pretend to support left wing political/social agendas if their jobs and income depend on it.

    Slavs like to think of themselves as special and uniquely “based”, but the reason most Westerners put up with the multi-kulti LGBT stuff is not because they believe in it but because it’s forced on them by their elites and they would lose their jobs and probably be prosecuted if they spoke out against it.

  105. Philip Owen says

    Releuctantly Lib Dem. Would vote Christian Democrat if there was a local representative. Most of the UK Christian Democrats are in fact former Young Liberals once well known to me. The only place they have any organization is Liverpool.

    Compared to England outside London and the Thames Valley and other metropolitan centres, Wales was substantially more in favour of Remain. It was 52% Leave, 48% Remain, the UK average. English non metropolitan areas were around 60% leave. The most Leave area in Wales, ex steel district Blaenau Gwent, was also the largest recipient of EU aid. I used to live there. I can see why. Nothing to do with the EU. It is an atmosphere of hopelessness. Almost 40 years after the steel works shut a new road is finally being built. Local comment “those aren’t our BMWs breaking the speed limit”. (it is a dramatic route through mountains).

  106. Trump-Schiff Animal House & Caddy Shack Scenes

    Stephen Colbert’s “Our Cartoon President” (which is quite lame on AOC, while being comparatively brutal towards Eric Trump and Sean Hannity) shouldn’t be the only game in town.


  107. Yes, I can understand the dislike of these. There is something soul-crushing about seeing such uniformity. At least into the 1920s, housing developments (when whole tracts were developed) typically were not built with such uniformity.

    Such houses from the ’20s often look beautiful today, but I suppose that in their own way that they cut corners. By that time, a lot of the best timber was used-up, and the joists are often spaced so that you will notice the ceiling move, if someone jumps above your head.

    But I suppose that even a modern suburb has it advantages. There’s a lot to be said about having cheap housing stock – if you think about it, it primarily got its bad name because of white flight and because of immivasion. Like always, progs are really protesting immivasion, but just don’t understand it.

  108. Europe Europa says

    Sites like this are a bit of an echo chamber of a particular world view. The reality is if you repeated a lot of the typical opinions expressed here to average people in almost every country most would laugh in your face.

    That’s not to say there’s no truth or merit in a lot of these opinions, but rather they don’t reflect the concerns and thought processes of every day people. Even in “based” Poland, the parties representing the sorts of views common here don’t exceed any more than about 8-9% of the total vote.

  109. reiner Tor says

    One thing I thought about the coronavirus. I would imagine that the return of big epidemics should long term increase fertility rates. The idea that one child might not survive to reach adulthood, and that our own lives could end suddenly should raise the ideal number of children in most societies. Religiosity should also increase.

  110. I don’t think they have enough testing equipment so increases are limited. Still some of the quarantining methods should have an impact.

  111. Thulean Friend says


    Sorry, red meat lovers: new research confirms health risks, contradicting optimistic 2019 report

    The new research, published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, found that eating two servings of red meat or processed meat weekly is associated with a 3 per cent to 7 per cent higher risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke, and a 3 per cent higher risk of death from all causes.

    Eating two servings of poultry weekly was also linked to higher heart disease risk, but not overall mortality, said the study, conducted at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in the United States. The study’s authors urged more research on poultry before making any recommendations on intake because the study didn’t look at how the food was prepared, such as whether it was grilled or fried.

    Fish was not associated with ill health effects.

    The findings are consistent with prior research that has linked meat with poor health outcomes, but can feel like whiplash given that a report, published in October in the Annals of Internal Medicine, said there was insufficient evidence to recommend people reduce meat intake. Some public health experts questioned the accuracy of those conclusions and some of the authors were later called out for not disclosing industry funding on other projects.

    The meat industry buying off researchers shouldn’t shock anyone, the tobacco industry and later parts of the pharma industry (the Sackler family bought off alot of people in recommending the poison they were selling) have been doing it for decades.

    The debate around meat is too narrowly focused. It’s still too much about individual health and ignores climate change, which is typical human egotism. Ultimately it does not matter much if red meat is bad or good for you, it is terrible for the planet and there should be very punitive taxes levied on meat consumption just like there is on tobacco today. I expect it will come sooner rather than later, especially as plant-based lab-grown substitutes increase in quality and decrease in price. There should be a cost to being a climate criminal.

  112. Such houses from the ’20s often look beautiful today, but I suppose that in their own way that they cut corners. By that time, a lot of the best timber was used-up, and the joists are often spaced so that you will notice the ceiling move, if someone jumps above your head.

    When my wife and I were shopping for a house we saw a significant difference between the 1910s and 1920s. Latter had lower ceilings and were nice, but not quite as nice. We bought an older one with original old growth oak and pine floors, stained glass windows, etc. It only had one full bath, so we added one to the third floor.

    We looked at a couple houses from the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century- very low ceilings, would never buy. Probably haunted, too. So best houses were from mid to late 1800s to 1910s. This was probably when the West was at its peak too.

  113. Czechia is the richest and the most socially liberal on issues of LBGT out of those countries (a fact unlikely to be unrelated).

    And it still has not recognised gay marriages, i.e. by West European standards it is not that woke.

  114. There are a lot of beautiful suburbs.

    Look at any English suburbs which were constructed from late 18th century all through 19th century to early 20th century, for bourgeois residents.

    These will usually be aesthetically beautiful as public spaces, while with large houses (providing a lot of private space), stylish architecture with some balance of regularity and irregularity, and green space.

    It will also have access to the modern modern infrastructure (for its historical epoch) and nearby parks.

    These suburbs of the 18th/19th/early 20th century England could have large houses and yet still achieve high population density.

    Same house design can use different colour to create a balance of regularity and variety.

    Large houses with high population density suburbs

    Balance of an uniformity with English eccentric individualism

    Or variety of individually different house design will be balanced by regularity of all houses using the same colour.

  115. Texas suburbia is ugly as hell.

    Problem of the “McMansions”?

  116. Fair point.

    In which case we should thank our lucky stars the east is catching up economically.

  117. But why do their elite force them to?
    For the most part, they belong to the same nation.
    It sounds like an excuse.

  118. reiner Tor says

    Coronavirus is airborne, Chinese official confirms

    Any chance this could be so infectious and still just a few tens of thousands of cases in a country of 1.4 billion?

  119. Coronavirus is airborne

    Seems quite obvious? As coronaviruses are respiratory infections in humans, and it causes sneezes or coughing. Usually, viruses don’t change their mode of transmission – if it were intestinal, like in pigs, then that would be pretty noteworthy.

  120. There’s a good chance that Scotland will now agitate for a second independent referendum, which the pro-independence forces are now projected to narrowly win.

    I disagree, Scottish independence has become impossible now. If all those countries /regions of the UK were in the EU it really would not matter all that much if some or they all became independent, but Scotland’s independence while staying in the EU while England is outside the EU is a totally different proposition.

    The Scottish National party lost the referendum on Scottish ‘ Independence’ in Europe (the EU) even though that was in the context of Scotland and the Rest of Britain plus Northern Ireland being in the EU along with an ‘ Independent ‘Scotland, so no real borders, trade, or currency exchange rate barriers. Yet the majority in Scotland were against it. Now with England, Northern Ireland and Wales outside the EU all these barriers would assume enormous proportions,

    How could Scotland, which voted against Independence in a Referendum against the SNP’s ‘Independence in Europe’ platform (ie Scotland, Eire, Northern Ireland, Wales and England were in the same customs union as Scotland because all were in the EU) be independent when England is not in the EU. It couldn’t obviously. Post-Brexit, Scottish independence is a non–starter. Put it out of your mind. Journalists like to conjure up the spectre, but it is bullcrap. Northern Ireland in in the UK because the majority of their people want it that way, and Scotland is the same.

    For SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon Tory is a four letter word meaning ENGLISH. Or woman with an English accent like Joe Swinson even though the Lib Dem leader was pro EU. The head of Scottish Labour had a very noticeable regional English accent, because he was English, what a good choice to fight off the SNP among people who are delighted when England gets knocked out the World Cup. The former head of the SNP, Alex Salmond, is about to stand trial for attempted rape.There would never ever have been a Labour government in Britain if it hadn’t been for Labour party strength in Scotland, and the SNP swept them away, then the almost extinct Scottish Conservatives mounted an expensive campaign and won back a lot of seats from the SNP.

    There are parts of Britain where people do not see themselves as doing well and want to hold on to their country. Of course those people are in a sense voting against their class interests, but that is not because they are less intelligent that poor people in Canterbury, its because Labour abandoned the working class, the real working class who have to scramble for decent jobs north of Watford where they are scarce enough without competition and downward pressure on wages from the endless entry of myriad EU freedom of movement immigrants to the market.

    It would be good for Russia if their capital flight problem was reversed. Not just money but the smart Russians are leaving.

  121. Maïkl Makfaïl says

    Britain was one of the main financial contributors to the EU budget. Its departure means less money for Poland and Baltic States and less potential to support an hypothetic admittance of Ukraine in EU. So it is definitely a great news for Russia.

  122. Philip Owen says

    The British state become very confused over Russia. Initially, the security services seemed to have regarded the oligarchs stashing their wealth in the UK as useful assets especially after they were expelled by Putin, (although the extradition case against Beresovsky did go ahead). They seem to have regarded them as needing protection or management. The oligarchs fed the SIS all manner of Russophobic and Putophobic stories to maintain their own position. This has worked. The atmosphere was poisoned and remains so. It has to be said that the Russian secret services seem to have responded in kind. Trust has not been built. These oligarchs, Ukrainian oligarchs, Browder and countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia and Estonia have invested in steady anti Putin and anti Russian propaganda.

    A secondary consideration is US influence. Senior British security officials speak about work in faint American accents. One wonders which side they are on. Bush was not friendly to Russia. That rubbed off on the UK.

    There was for a time, a substantial group of Conservative MPs who had a positive view of Russia and wished to promote it. The Conservative Friends of Russia was formed. Enter the Guardian. The Russian Embassy paid for a garden party for the CFR. The Guardian spun this as Russia buying influence. Royal was also revealed to have enjoyed a 10 day trip to Moscow, expenses paid by Rostrudnichevo. Richard Royal, then the organizer of CFR counterattacked by publishing a picture of a gay Labour MP particularly critical of CFR and Royal in his underpants. The picture was from a gay dating site. This horrified the Conservative Party apparatus which had switched from “no gay propaganda near schools” to support for gay marraige and adoption. Royal, CFR and support for Russia became toxic amongst the Tories. Some previously strong supporters of a policy of engagement with Russia, particularly gay MPs adopted anti Russian attitudes initially just to differentiate themselves.

    Russia’s annexation of Crimea sealed all parties into their positions.

  123. Philip Owen says

    Lots of them from Mid Wales where I come from. The Lloyds of the Bank and Steel company come to mind so they did contribute.

  124. Philip Owen says

    I started my apprenticeship in 1970 so I was there. I was hoping to build nuclear power stations.

    Things were bad before we joined the EEC. For those in manufacturing, they got worse later, not because of the EEC but because of oil which through overvalued currency made manufacturing weak, import based retail strong and overseas investment a better bet than the UK. Botched privatisations that did not respect the supply chain made things worse. Electrical engineering, rail, telecommunications to name a few, all wiped out by discontinuity of orders for new equipment following privatisation. Again, nothing to do with the EU.

    Oil also concentrates wealth in a few hands. The producers and the tax man. So the public sector started to swell on excess taxes, despite Maggie’s effort to hold it back by tax giveaways that fuelled more imports and more retail – buying votes. (She should have spent it on infrastructure). The money that did get to industry destroyed its recipients. ICI was encouraged to overborrow to make acquisitions. The firm vanished. Ditto the parts of GEC that weren’t dead already. Nothing to do with the EU. Indeed the EU rescued some, such as Rolls Royce or pharmaceuticals.

  125. Lately, a lot of obnoxious expats living in China have been mocking the phrase “hurts the feelings of the Chinese people.”

    One of them was dumb enough to type the phrase into google and compare the number of results to formulations of the same phrase with different ethnicities. “Hurts the feelings of the ____ people.” Obviously, it is an idiom, so I had to laugh really hard when he got to “Jewish people.”

    “Hurts the feelings of the Chinese people” 1,300,000 results
    antisemitic (of course they use more than one word) 11,000,000 results

  126. British (gentile) elites are generally descended from Normans, not Anglo-Saxons.

    Straining at gnats a bit?

    My use of the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’, as with how most people use the term, was with it being wholly understood that the English elite (and non-elites) are not purely Anglo-Saxon. And, yes, at times with a certain mix of Norman, amongst other admixture.

    I prefer an albeit imperfect term like that rather than the overly broad and almost meaningless designation ‘White’.

    Apparently you didn’t much care for the point of the original post, hence the strawman.

  127. Americans refer to all English people as “Anglo-Saxons” or “Anglos” for short, hence the term “WASP”.

    That’s strange.

    My observation in the states is they simply say ‘Brits’ when effectively referring (very broadly) to English, or, naturally say ‘English’. Much rarer do I hear ‘Anglos’.

    Anyhow, your statement is a bit overly broad.

    In general their opinions on Britain are not knowledgeable or informed enough to have any idea what a “Norman” is.

    Ha! Another over generalization.

    My post gets a weak straw man in response along with another that’s cheap and snooty.

    I must have (entirely unintentionally) hit a real sore spot.

    Rest assured there was no intention with my earlier entry upthread to cause offence to anyone from either England or the UK.

    Though I stand by the thrust of it, ie that there has historically been an unhealthy (imo) distancing in England from the rest of Europe, more than can be explained by England simply being part of an island.

    The disdain for Europe as a whole is worse in the states, in that it’s actively promoted by powerful elements of the elites and hangers on, despite even now most being of a Euro extraction.

    If you do happen to be Anglo-Saxon (Wait, lest I be called out!) Anglo/Norman/Celt, or, simply ‘English’, and in the UK, could it be that it’s you that’s ‘not knowledgeable or informed enough’ about your own country’s history ‘to have any idea’ what on earth I was talking about, and hence the low brow response?

  128. OT: IMHO Rod Dreher has the best blog entry on the situation in China.
    It is based on a report by an American M.D. who is married to a Chinese
    woman who is in constant contact with her homeland. He says this is
    orders of magnitude worse than is being reported.

  129. I’m really amazed by what is happening in Thuringia. I didn’t understand that the German national pathology extended so deeply to the East and that Merkel would make pronouncements from sub-Saharan Africa about local politics there.

    It is all the more remarkable because AfD’s platform is essentially blank-slatist, and all they did was throw their votes behind some cuck from what is no doubt a cucking party. And not only did the cuck resign, over the controversy of winning with their votes, but Merkel forced the guy who congratulated the cuck on his win to resign also.

    Would any of it be possible without the state media? I am not so sure – I looked at DW’s domestic news section the other day and about half of the stories there were about cucking.

  130. another anon says

    * Brexit is nonetheless an important milestone in a people voting no confidence in an elite globalist project (cosmopolitan London and Scots earnestly opposed Brexit, Deep England boomers Russian trolls supported it) and actually having their wishes honored.

    As much as Trump honored his voter’s wishes? 😉

    * An added benefit is that it annoys all the right people: Brussels bureaucrats, SJWs, Guardianistas, globalists from Obama to Soros, East European welfare leeches, Russian liberals…

    British boomer Brexiteers are, just like American Trumpers and Russian sovoks, the same boomers, dreaming to restore “good old times” that are as dead as dinosaurs.
    1950’s America will never come back, neither will British Empire or Soviet Union, no matter how loud you scream and how big flag you wave.

    If Russian boomer sovoks somehow won, if they elected KPRF in landslide, if they put some real hardline communist in Kremlin, if they restored Soviet Union and raised red flags and statues of Lenin and Stalin everywhere, the liberals, the globalists, the eastern Europeans would be maximally triggered and maximally owned.
    Would it make you happy?

  131. Germany is nothing more than in total thralldom to the jew. It is not even correct to call it Germany, that ended in 1945 (along with Western civilization).

  132. sudden death says

    China already ceased to be sole infection spread hotspot, other countries are next in line:

    …businessman, who contracted the virus in Singapore, is now known to have infected at least seven fellow Britons in a French ski resort, before returning home to Brighton and falling ill five days later.However, health authorities have refused to provide any details of the man’s movements during the five days he spent in the UK before showing symptoms. All that is known is that he spent two hours in a local pub the night before being laid low by the illness.

    Once again, what is being done is more important than what is being said:

    On Sunday, Beijing authorities announced an “Epidemic prevention and control notice of strict closed community management” and declared that the city is going under lockdown (封城), reported the Beijing Daily.

    In addition, all public areas in residential communities, such as recreation rooms and sports areas, are now closed, and all businesses and government agencies must strictly monitor people’s temperatures.

    Housing agencies and landlords in Beijing are now required to provide information about rental housing and lessees to the local units for epidemic prevention.

    The notice requires that checkpoints be set up at the entrances and exits of residences. Residents entering and leaving on foot and in vehicles must wear masks and submit to temperature tests

  133. The issue is that it might stay in the air in aerosol form for days, and still be infectious. So merely staying in a room where someone infected stayed before could result in getting infected, even if you don’t touch anything.

    The way I understand it the Chinese say that, but others (who know less) dispute this claim.

  134. There are still almost no deaths outside China. With one exception only Chinese were killed by the virus, and the one exception was Japanese.

    But it’s a slow killer (which makes it so easy to spread…), and so I don’t think we should put our hopes into it only killing East Asians.

  135. anonymous coward says

    Ultimately it does not matter much if red meat is bad or good for you, it is terrible for the planet

    Red meat is the eco-friendlist food there is, you massively stupid cuckold.

    What’s really harming the planet is the massive corn and sugar production you shill so hard for.

  136. sudden death says

    Deaths may be quite rare in the West untill helthcare system is not completely overflowed, but it eventually will happen as hospitalization rates seem to be really high even if from low sample (5 of 11 first in USA hospitalized, 3 already released). It is essentially equivalent of DDoSing organized helthcare which will eventually lead to breakdowns and incapacity to cure a lot of patients simultaneously, therefore leading to way higher mortality rates, possibly even equaling those in Wuhan. If that’s any consolation/silver lining, there probably will be no more problems with obesity and pension obligations after this pandemic in the West…

  137. Only ever heard Jews use the term WASPs, actually a Jewish friend I played football with used it recently in an English context.

  138. another anon says
  139. Based Boris.

    “He might have thought that Russia, after her humiliation in the Cold War, would take the chance to put her boot on the neck of the old adversary. But no, the Russians had their problems with Islamic terror. Maybe there was some kind of fiddling of the figures by the oligarchs who ran the TV stations (and who were mainly, as some lost no time in pointing out, of Jewish origin), but it seemed that Russia, one of the most populous countries in the world, was voting heavily for America.”

  140. I didn’t manage to find a good summary of cases, do you by any chance have a good source?

    My understanding was that they often keep cases in the hospital as a kind of precaution. So maybe these hospitalization rates are wild exaggerations.

  141. What is the possibility of the virus mutating into something deadlier like MeERS?

  142. YetAnotherAnon says

    I agree with you on pretty much all of that. The oil money was spaffed away and the stories of ICI and GEC should be taught in history as well as business school.

    I have never argued that everything wrong with the UK was down to the EU. Without EU expansion and Blair’s open borders then Merkel’s Million Muslim Males we’d probably still be in it. It worked pretty well while it was a trading bloc of nations at reasonably similar levels of development.

    Btw, exactly why do we need millions of immigrants when, as David Miliband pointed out, the “Blair Generation” was the “best-educated in history”?

  143. $US500,000 (750k AU) here in Sydney will get you a scungy three-bedroom brick home, in a scungy suburb. Folks in the USA are astonished at our house prices.

  144. Europe Europa says

    The possible election of a Sinn Fein PM in Ireland will certainly complicate any trade negotiations with the US, considering they used to fund SF/Irish terrorism and possibly still do.

  145. Europe Europa says

    A three-bedroom house for £390,000 sounds cheap for London even in a rough area.

  146. anonymous coward says

    Nice goalpost moving, my mongoloid friend.

    The original cuckposting was about ‘saving the planet’ and ‘climate change’, not health benefits.

    Presumably, our Swedish friends are okay with a diet that induces psychosis as long as it lowers global CO2.

  147. another anon says

    The original cuckposting was about ‘saving the planet’ and ‘climate change’, not health benefits.
    Presumably, our Swedish friends are okay with a diet that induces psychosis as long as it lowers global CO2.

    If raw meat is your thing, enjoy it till you can. At this time, it will not make any difference anyway.

    The planet is fucked. No one is going to save you, not even Greta, why should they?

  148. Hey retard Jordan Peterson was crazy all along. Also no one is telling you to go 100% meat.

  149. He lives very far from the city. How much do thing cost two hours drive away from London or Sydney.

  150. AP I am interested in your take on this.

    Here Sharij gets his hands on more gov’t material. Same group of retards is implicated in attacking three policeman. One got knifed and two were tortured. Our retard friends wanted them dead but others were smart enough to let the victims go. Btw for anyone not following, our retard nazy torturers are now running veteran affairs Dept in Ukraine.

    So I am wondering how do you see the future play out. Are they going to get taken out once they are used up. What’s their background? Western Ukranian or sovok.

    Oh also at the end of a video a journo from Europe claims he witnessed a killing by out retard friends. He did not see the act but saw the victim and killerw, got yelled at, backed off and then saw killers with now victim carrying what looked like heavy “giant wrapped man sized candle”.

  151. Thulean Friend says
  152. Thulean Friend says

    Red meat is the eco-friendlist food there is


    What’s really harming the planet is the massive corn and sugar production you shill so hard for.

    I’m in favor of lab-grown food and eating bugs, especially starting young since adults have a hard time learning new habits. Bugeating is 100% sociological, and our ‘disgust’ is essentially learned behaivour without any rationality. Kids don’t have any such issues and in fact bugeating is normal in many parts of the world. The West is woefully behind the curve in this sense. I’ve never been in favour of sugar production etc, you’re just making stuff up out of thin cloth. As usual.

    I’ve been shilling for a Danish start-up, which have set up huge bugfarms in Thailand and SEA and import them and then grind them down. Bugpowder is a great new innovation instead of flour. Unfortunately, Sweden is a more conservative/reactionary society than Denmark so adoption is slower.

  153. another anon says

    I’m in favor of lab-grown food and eating bugs

    Lab grown food is new, but bug eating is supremely conservative, traditional and Biblical.

    An Israeli cook displays locusts at a restaurant in Jerusalem, at a 2010 event promoting locusts as a tasty kosher treat.

  154. Thulean Friend says

    Bugeating is one of the first things you learn in any survivalist course. I was taught it when I was growing up in primary school. I grew up in an area with a lot of forests and they took the whole class out of school one day for a survivalist afternoon. I don’t remember that much except that if I was ever lost what I would eat; bugs were high on the menu. It’s funny… looking back, I don’t remember feeling disgust. I would feel it today if I had to be put in that position now, though I am trying hard to unlearn it.

    I would take issue with your kosher branding. Bugeating has been normal in SEA for a very long time, nothing biblical or middle-eastern about it. It is more the West which is a negative outlier, though hopefully not for long.

  155. anonymous coward says

    Bugs are mostly chitin, which is inedible and probably toxic. Try again.

  156. Are you eating bugs yet? I was going to suggest to you it might actually be more sustainable and thus more moral than your vegan diet – though few vegans seem to have the rectitude to permanently make the switch.

    I think it is important for vegans to eat bugs in part because they need to set a good example for the third world. If Africans see blonds eating bugs, why, that would probably cause the Maasai and other Nilotics to give up their cows. Though it might be harder to get Afghanis to give up their animals, as one cannot commit sodomy on a cricket.

  157. Ok, this comment proves that eating bugs is not harmful. But it is still disgusting.

  158. Eatings bugs is perfectly fine. But unfortunately SJWs have ruined it c.2019 just like they did with everything else they touched.

  159. Europe Europa says

    I’ve been told many times by Irish and non-Irish apologists for Irish republican terrorism that the Irish will never elect a Sinn Fein PM and that I am basically an anti-Irish racist for even thinking it could happen. Now it looks like that is precisely what is about to happen.

    If I received one British Pound for every time someone masquerading as an expert has told me that something would never happen I would be a rich man. It’s almost as if most people don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  160. sudden death says
  161. Thulean Friend says

    your vegan diet

    I’m not a vegan. I have polite disagreements with them, just as I do with “deep ecology” types. I fundamentally disagree with them that e.g. drinking milk is always form of exploitation of animals, though I agree that industrialised farming is. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t consume many lactose products and we have free-range farms not far from where I live, where the animals are live normally.

    Incidentally, I was very impressed by Joaqin Pheonix’s acceptance speech.

  162. Thulean Friend says


  163. Embarrassing!

  164. Thulean Friend says

    Seems to be very little discussion on Syria. Saraqib being conquered, the turkish “observation posts” gambit spectacularly failed. M5 is now almost completely in the hands of SAA.

    Turkey moved in 300+ armory vehicles across the border a few days ago. Now this:

    5+ Turkish soldiers died just today.

  165. Germany has no immune system against communist subversion. Even now they say Merkel is seeking an alliance with die Linke.

    But what is really remarkable is how similar Britain is, though it was never militarily occupied. Tory MP Kawczinksi was recently issued a formal warning by the party and forced to apologize for attending some conference with Salvini and Orbán. And to top it off, he is a homo “married” to a Brazilian.

  166. Only ever heard Jews use the term WASPs, actually a Jewish friend I played football with used it recently in an English context.

    I was going to mention I rarely have heard ‘WASP’ used in person, and in the context I’ve heard of it being used it’s been often by non Euros, and non UK residents.

    I see it as a term entering into the realm of being an ethnic slur, an example of weaponization and corruption of the language.

    So, along with similarly loaded and invented terms, such as ‘Racist!’TM, and ‘Racism!’TM, I see ‘WASP’ much the same, and that as a matter of principle I don’t accept the term, and would rarely, if ever, use it.

  167. The AfD is the pariah of the German party system and the AfD of Thuringia is the pariah among pariahs.
    Even many members/sympathisers of the AfD would like to see national conservative Björn Höcke, their leader marginalised/kicked out of the party/leaving the country and his guys in the state parliament are literally spit on by others parliamentarians.
    And yet they have managed to achieve something greater than any other AfD group has since the foundation of the party.

    And that drives media like the Spiegel mad, hence even more demonisation.

    The Demoncrat

  168. I wonder if he realizes that cows are not a natural species but come from the aurochs, which had quite different characteristics, was much more adapted to living in the wild, and does not survive.

    BTW, though I cannot bring myself to watch the Oscars, I appreciate these summaries of wokeness, as they are very entertaining, when selected and condensed.

  169. Thanks, I didn’t understand the full context.

    That is funny. I’ve seen some inflammatory language used to smear him before, but that takes the cake. Is “Berlin Republic” a reference to Jürgen Habermas? Do people actually use that phrase? Seems bizarre.

  170. Berliner Republik/Berlin Republic is a term used for the post-reunification Federal Republic after the capital was moved from Bonn to Berlin.
    The earlier pre-reunification Federal Republic is called Bonner Republik/Bonn Republic.

    The six federal chancellors of the Bonn Republic

  171. A few months ago Nancy Pelsoi said Democrats would block any trade teal with the UK that didn’t satisfy Dublin. Irish Americans are just about the only white demographic that still prefers Democrats to Republicans.

  172. Obviously, there is some moral problem of killing a cow for a few minutes of enjoyment of the hamburger, although only eccentric and unadapted people are not able to reject such moralistic thoughts, and enjoy the hamburger anyway.

    But what’s bad about taking milk from cows – in exchange he has a warm and safe place to live? To me it seems like some teleological argument, that the milk is “naturally intended” for the cows’ children.

    That said, Schopenhauer would consider him a very noble and philosophical man for that speech and his general attitude, especially how he describes it as a criticism of an egocentric world view (it’s like some pure Schopenhauer in this speech).

  173. Thanks! I had considered it might be that, but it seems confusing, since East Germany’s capital was in Berlin (East) and then there are the earlier German governments that had their capital there.

    And it is a strange term, on another level. It seems very cosmopolitan (and globalist), the way it puts the city ahead of the country. Berlin, of course, has extra shades because of the moral decay in the Weimar era.

    I guess the formula started with “Weimar”, since it is also a city.

    I remember hearing somewhere that Berlin has more debt than Detroit, which seems quite shocking, but I suppose it must be complicated somewhat by Berlin being its own state, unlike Detroit which belongs to Michigan.

  174. Looks like being friendly with Netanyahu isn’t providing Orban and Europeans who sympathise with him with much protection as it was the Board of Deputies of British Jews that led the attack. No one is (yet) being made a pariah but friendship with Orban and perhaps soon Poland’s government is being disincentivised. Maybe there’s a Jewish good cop/bad cop thing happening here between Israel and diaspora Jewish groups to ‘encourage’ and point Orban in a more ‘appropriate’ direction.

  175. Philip Owen says

    There were indeed too many migrants too quickly. A huge part of that was self imposed. More migrants came from outside the EU than inside. Most of those from inside were as a result of Blair’s open door policy. The German experience suggests that the Italians, who had free movement, largely went home. The Turks, who didn’t stayed.

    So far as I was concerned, the EU 15 was the right grouping. Others should have been added to an outer circle. The EU 15 was wrecked by the British policy of expansion to the East via full membership. The EU, with or without us, needs better developed forms of associate membership. We had a narrow result in an advisory referendum. A proportionate outcome would have been EEA membership with a few adjustments to reflect our size – votes on setting single market regulations. We might still get there. Boris has passed his peak Brexit moment.

  176. Disgust varies a lot between different people and is really idiosyncratic -even for people with similar genetics and same culture.

    One of my most disgusting memories, is in a restaurant in Italy -my sibling was eating some kind of “pregnant” crab (crab with eggs in its back). They ate enjoying it, while I feel like I am going to vomit just from sitting even just on that table.

    On the other hand, there are people on the internet saying that cow milk is disgusting (because it is protein and fat cells, in a liquid, produced by animals’ glands).

    While cow milk is my favourite drink, and it seems delicious to me even if I think about where it originates from at the same time of drinking it.

  177. anonymous coward says

    You can chew on your nails for a similar nutritional effect.

  178. YetAnotherAnon says

    “an advisory referendum”

    I follow UK politics reasonably closely, and I never heard any suggestion before the vote that it was in any sense “advisory”, or that Parliament would or could decide not to implement it. “The Government will implement what you decide” said the letter through my door.

    Several million people voted in the referendum who’d not bothered in the 2010 or 2015 GEs, because they felt it made no difference who got in. Their referendum vote, they felt, would make a difference – precisely because, they reasoned, its implementation – the decision to leave or stay – would not be down to MPs.

    Then most of the Labour Party MPs, all the Lib Dem MPs, and a minority of Conservative Party MPs spent the next three years trying to convince those missing voters that they were right not to bother voting in GEs, and they shouldn’t have bothered in the referendum either.

    Boris and Dom, unlikely heroes, have saved British democracy, at least temporarily – no matter what betrayals lie ahead.

    But I, and I hope many others, will not forget the traitors who promised to respect the vote only because they thought they’d win it. That sort of thing only used to happen in Africa and South America.

    I understand how a Parliamentary democracy works. But those MPs were honour bound to respect the result even should the sky fall. They didn’t. Damn them to hell, and damn the people who supported them in their decision.

    (I agree with you on optimum EU size btw)

  179. I tend to think that it is an emergent effect of instinct, rather than a wider geopolitical strategy. IMO, it is harder to explain the other side.

    Probably, they figure correctly that there is no chance of buying Muslims off because of what they seem to be gaining in Europe. Though, it’s hard for me to believe that they could be so stupid as to believe that they can buy the Jews off, since it seems to fail, time and time again. I think they believe only that they might be able to buy some of them off – or else want the moralistic feeling of knowing in their hearts that they are not anti-semites.

    But that coarse expression seems appropriate: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  180. Europe Europa says

    I imagine Trump would be inclined to bias in favour of Ireland as well. I notice that he always says his mother is SCOTTISH, I’ve never heard him refer to her as “British” (even though that’s her nationality), which in his mind presumably means “English” and therefore foreign, the enemy even.

    During his presidency he hasn’t been very friendly towards Britain, he has mostly just continually whined he feels disrespected by Britain and threatened to cancel visits, refused to extradite the American woman who ran over and killed a British person and then absconded and had made a big deal out of Huawei supplying 5G equipment to the UK even though many other countries in Europe use Huawei equipment.

  181. British politicians have a history of not siding with those in N Ireland who actually are British, preferring to mediate, which often means concessions to Nationalists/Republicans and prioritising good relations with Dublin and Washington over the concerns of Unionists/Loyalists. Right now Boris, not Trump, is the main concern. Last week’s censure of Daniel Kawczynski due to fear of the media (and the Jewish lobby) being a timely reminder of how spineless Tories can be.

  182. Philip Owen says

    The UK has rules for referenda, adopted sometime around 2008, from memory. The rules require a 55% majority and various other safeguards. David Lidlington, who was nursing the referendum for Cameron couldn’t get support from the Redwood-Davies mob for this. So he proposed an advisory referendum, not legally binding on Parliament to avoid the 55% requirement.

    The commitment to carry out the result was the Cameron Government’s, not Parliament’s. Cameron resigned the day after the result. Cameron broke his promise, not Parliament’s.

    That said, I thought the result should be honoured. We had to leave but proportionately to the result. EEA or something very like. (Which might still happen in real practice). And there was no democratic harm in a vote on the terms of leaving; only a plus. You have perhaps forgotten that May did in fact negotiate a rather more extreme deal than the EEA. It wasn’t extreme enough for the ERG who then blocked it repeatedly. The ERG blocked Brexit because they demanded forms of Leave grossly disproportionate to the result. The opposition merely did their job and opposed. Boris is going to dump the ERG. He already did it for the DUP.

    It was not a battle between referendum ignoring Remain Vs democratic Leavers although that is the Daily Telegraph spin. Even the LDs were in favour of putting the terms to a vote, short of an LD government being elected. The ERG was patently pushing for extremist forms of Brexit not justified by a majority of less than 4%.

  183. We’ll see what happens if the coronavirus continues to spread in countries like India. It’s definitely slowing in China, but it’s not out of the question that the virus could eventually spread virtually unabated in countries with significantly more incompetent governments.

    If the new coronavirus is like the influenza and spreads more readily in winter condition, then India or some of the African countries may not need to worry too much.

  184. I don’t think they have enough testing equipment so increases are limited. Still some of the quarantining methods should have an impact.

    I doubt the drop in confirmed new cases is due to any limit in test kits. First, more, instead of less, tests kits should be available everyday because of ramping up in production and distribution. Second, if there is limit in the supply of test kits, then suspected cases will increase substantially. But suspected cases are also decreasing.

    Click on “daily briefing”:

  185. We had to leave but proportionately to the result. EEA or something very like. (Which might still happen in real practice).

    There was a referendum on proportional representation in 2011, perhaps the 55% rule was left over from that for a UK wide referendum. I don’t think I have ever heard of a proportional implementation of policy system. There can be no half way house and the referendum made that clear. Anyway. the sticking point for the EU in the negotiation by Cameron was freedom of movement, people were sick of Poles and Romanian inflow without end. They gave Cameron what he wanted on City of London Banks anything on EU freedom of movement (indeed the EU treaty says migration between countries should be encouraged) before or after the 2016 referendum and made it clear Britain could not get the EEA benefits without submitting to unrestricted freedom of movement into the UK for EU citizens.

    With the exception of the 1979 Scottish devolution referendum in which the vote for it had to have 40 per cent of the electorate voting yes to count (this was the Labour Party worried about their Westminster MP being reduced if Scotland had its own assembly) I don’t think the referendum safeguards you refer to were relevant to this kind of question. The referendums on similar matters to remaining in the EU have only required yes or no simple majority wins as with the Northern Ireland united Ireland referendum in 1973 which the Catholic population boycotted, and the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

    The prospects for Northern Ireland unionists are good, better than for France and Germany.

    TO anyone familiar with British history, the latent strength of the present-day UK, and the profound structural weaknesses of the EU … prolonged clash is more probable, in which the gulf between Britain and the Continent will only deepen. Ireland will be caught in the middle.

    Macron is badgering the Germans for an EU budget (ie Germany guarantee French financial stability). He also wants Germany to start helping France to start throwing its weight about militarily, but Germany has virtually disarmed. Poland wants the US t00 station an armoured division but Trump has been complaining for decades that Germany is an economic aggressor against the US while getting defended by it on the cheap. The US is going to be increasingly concentrated on China, Britain is not going to be restraining the French in the UE, and the Germans are going to have to start building an effective tank force.

    I don’t see the City of London welcoming dirty money even more than previously as a good thing for Russia. Putin certainly benefits from his opponent’s educated professional base leaving the country, although it cannot be in the interests of his country bearing in mind what China will be in a few decades no needs all the able people he can get. Emigration of the best DNA in the country is an underrated problem I think. Russia has been complaining that it needs all those clunky old battlefield nukes while China refuses to be involved in nuclear disarmament talks. Putin is a Cold Warrior vintage leader, I don’t think he is as wary of China as he should be, nukes are not going to be a deterrent against anything but nuclear attack.

  186. Thulean Friend says

    But what’s bad about taking milk from cows – in exchange he has a warm and safe place to live?

    Some farmers keep cows indoors way more than they wish, use breeding techniques to get a milk-maximising cow purely for the benefit for humans. Pumping cows full of growth hormones has health complications, too. Other cows are bred in such a way that they have way more meat than usual, which make their lives shorter and they sometimes even have difficulty moving as normal. The list just goes on when it comes to how we plan their lives in minute detail, without even thinking of the consequences for the cow itself. Why? Because of human egotism. Industrialised farming is not covering itself with glory but that in of itself is a reflection of the low morality so common among humans.

    I disagree with absolutist vegans given that I know some farmers who are very careful to only milk the cows when it is natural to do so, do not artifically enclose them unnaturally long in small spaces for milk-maximising purposes, allow them to roam freely and only use natural breeds. I concede to them that they are a minority, which is why I only drink & eat lactose products when buying directly from such farmers (very rarely, given time constraints and difficulty finding farmers like these).

  187. Thulean Friend says

    Ryan Faulk/Sean Last’s argument is quite interesting, in that they cite research that show that killing the top 1% most violent/criminal elements over the course of many centuries in Western Europe led to a structural decline in violence, which in turn allowed for a stronger state formation capacity advantage relative to other regions in the world. This research is not their own, but it is an interesting hypothesis to be sure. Do you really need violence to get lower violence? I’m not sold on the concept.

    What we do know, however, is that low violence is directly correlated to political success. This has been empiracally proven for the past.

    Even in contemporary times, the correlation with low violence and political success persists:

    Maybe perpetually losing right-wingers, with their ‘cult of the strong’, should pause and reflect why they keep failing catastophically in the metapolitical struggle and if it has any connection with their ‘might is right’ world view.

    My 2c: people who have very aggressive views towards outsiders don’t tend to be good at shutting off those impulses within the group they’re trying to organise for political success either. Hence they tend to organise based on very authoritarian and hierachical patterns among themselves, which is not conducive to collaboration. You get lower efficiency out of the whole group and you become less attractive to outsiders. Liberalism has compromise as a key ideological tenet, something which has its ideological roots in the shockingly violent and fanatically religious wars of Europe which was a key problem for many European philosophers to solve. This was the ideological and political milieu from which liberalism sprang.

  188. Ryan Faulk/Sean Last’s argument is quite interesting, in that they cite research that show that killing the top 1% most violent/criminal elements over the course of many centuries in Western Europe led to a structural decline in violence, which in turn allowed for a stronger state formation capacity advantage relative to other regions in the world. This research is not their own, but it is an interesting hypothesis to be sure. Do you really need violence to get lower violence? I’m not sold on the concept.

    Do you have a link that expounds on this argument? It doesn’t sound plausible.

    Do you really need violence to get lower violence? I’m not sold on the concept.

    Hobbes seemed to have thought so.

  189. Horam Yarzony is a very obvious Israeli attempt to get in front of any nationalist movement, so presumably this complaint was motivated by a desire to disguise this and an attempt to restrict even any minor interest in issues deemed not appropriate for the goyim.

  190. Turkish military are a joke, about time someone called Erdogan’s bluff. Problem is the Americans actually enjoy have Turkey causing problems for Europe.

  191. anonymous coward says

    Why? Because of human egotism.

    No, because it’s a dumb cow and wouldn’t even exist if people hadn’t manufactured it.

  192. Europe Europa says

    A strange thing about Brexiteers is that they practically worship non-whites who support their world view. People like Priti Patel and Sajid Javid are seen as heroes to Brexiteers, maybe even more so than Nigel Farage himself.

    There is no ethnic nationalist element what so ever to Brexit, if anything I would say a big part of the Brexit philosophy is the idea that the bulk of British Indian and Black British support is on their side.

  193. Thulean Friend says

    Do you have a link that expounds on this argument?

    If you had paid attention, you’d have noted that I responded to the link containing the argument in the original comment from Anonloc 🙂

  194. On a purely economic basis, is Brexit a net gain or loss for the average Briton? Maybe higher IQ 110 to 125 Indians support it since they do not have to compete with higher IQ Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Scandinavians, and Northern Italians in white collar jobs anymore? And maybe British Blacks do not want to compete with low cost Polish labor?

  195. Speaking of Brexit, what would be the cost of Westexit, if say a nationalist Poland wanted to completely sever itself in all aspects from the Globohomo West, what will be the economic cost, assuming it does not want to become a Russian or Chinese puppet?

  196. ImmortalRationalist says

    Mitchell Heisman talked extensively about the Norman conquest and its long term repercussions in his suicide note.

  197. Europe Europa says

    I get the impression that non-whites in Britain are generally in favour of Brexit, mainly for the reasons you state. I think many of them also see mainland Europe as being less cosmopolitan and more “racist” than Britain as well.

  198. Ms Karlin-Gerard says


  199. I get the impression that non-whites in Britain are generally in favour of Brexit, mainly for the reasons you state. I think many of them also see mainland Europe as being less cosmopolitan and more “racist” than Britain as well.

    Two-thirds of non-whites (with fairly equal distribution across all major ethnicities) voted for Remain.

    But you are correct that racial resentment was a factor for non-white Leave voters (and non-whites in general).

    BAME Remainer motivations

    One factor that differentiated ethnic minority Remain voters from their white equivalents was the strength of their reaction to what they saw as the xenophobic and anti-immigrant tone of the Leave campaigns. In this sense, a Remain vote was more a vote against Leave than an endorsement of the EU. Many saw the referendum as unleashing a backlash against diversity that was directed against non-whites.


    Slogans such as ‘take back control’ and ‘make Britain great again’ were less appealing to ethnic minority Remain voters, who associated them with nostalgia for empire and a longing for a ‘pre-immigration white era’ on the part of the Leave campaign. Even the emphasis on sovereignty was interpreted by some as a cipher for postcolonial nostalgia.

    BAME Brexiteers

    Although fewer BAME people voted Leave, among this group the referendum acted as an outlet for strongly-held grievances. These voters felt Britain was being controlled by the EU.

    In particular, they were concerned about the EU overriding UK law and imposing ‘unnecessary’ red tape, while free movement was thought to undermine the UK’s ability to govern its borders.


    Some ethnic minority Leavers felt other member states were more racist or Islamophobic, and that minority rights were better protected in Britain. Some female Muslim Leave voters more concerned by the hijab and burkini bans put in place in some member states than they were reassured by EU attempts to promote gender equality.

    The ethnic minority Leave participants in this study raised concerns about immigration, particularly Eastern European, which they felt increased pressures on public services and strained community relations. There was also resentment concerning the apparent ease with which European migrants could enter the UK, but also get work and access benefits.

    For some, this stood in stark contrast to the situation of immigrants from the Commonwealth, not least when it came to the right to bring spouses or staff from non-EU countries. As such, the referendum revealed tensions between longer-settled BAME groups and newer Eastern European arrivals.

    Europe was conceived of by some as a ‘white Fortress’, permitting white immigration while obstructing the entry of non-whites. Some respondents saw evidence of this in the EU’s response to the refugee crisis.

    There was also criticism of specific EU policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy, which were seen as disadvantaging developing countries in Africa and Asia. Leaving the EU, it was felt, would increase trade and migration between the UK and the Commonwealth.


    Some ethnic minority Leave voters said they regretted voting the way they did as a result of the increase in racial violence.

    BAME support for Brexit has been interpreted as contrary to their interests, and this qualitative research demonstrates a heterogeneity in attitudes toward EU membership which transcend traditional party lines.

  200. Speaking of Brexit, what would be the cost of Westexit, if say a nationalist Poland wanted to completely sever itself in all aspects from the Globohomo West, what will be the economic cost, assuming it does not want to become a Russian or Chinese puppet?

    But more serious, “completely sever itself in all aspects”, to start with:

    Net international investment position – quarterly data, % of GDP

    Poland 2019 Q3 -51.5%

    (Lower than the high point of nearly 70% but still not down to the 40%-ish when they entered the EU in 2004.)

    Then there is the economic impact that ending Schengen at the least and the remittances from Western Europe would have.

    Pressure to implement “Holocaust restitution”, which cost numbers in the billions of dollars, would likely increase now that Poland would no longer be “friendly”.


  201. Right wingers is a gay boy term.

    Nationalists is the right word and nationalists run the world and will continue to run the world. Globalist sentiment of last 50 years is completely falling apart.

  202. Ms Karlin-Gerard says

    All a charade. Poland is still by far the most subsidised country in the EU. Any disagreement with the EU, they can just hide behind America.

    It’s like thinking the EU or America are (verbally, anyway) going to abandon ukropia because of the mass corruption and lack of democracy – it won’t happen

  203. Ms Karlin-Gerard says

    EU cheap labour migrants from Romania, Poland etc are direct rivals to all these non-White ethnicities seeking to move to the UK to work in the same jobs and get those social benefit payments also.

    No surprise that non-White people in the UK would favour Brexit as it creates a much easier path for their people to come to the UK and get a job.

    Albanians/Kosovans have massively increased in the UK after brexit. Albania, of course, is in Europe but not
    in the EU….. which just about sums up the duplicity of the UK politicians campaigning for Brexit, supposedly to stem the flow of immigration when all they are actually going to do is swap eastern Europeans in the EU for more Indians, Africans and Albanians

  204. I’m not a fan of Sinn Fein – they are ghastly cucks. Still, a Sinn Fein PM would probably be an improvement over that gay Indian, who BTW said “Britain is now a small country.” (I guess he was probably comparing it to India)

  205. Daniel Chieh says

    Hence they tend to organise based on very authoritarian and hierachical patterns among themselves, which is not conducive to collaboration.

    Grossly incorrect.

    It can actually be very conductive to collaboration; I’m not usually one to be a proponent for India, but whatever its many faults, Indian civilization with its intense caste-based system allowed simultaneously for a lack of a central government and yet for all of the needed services and goods to be produced even in small towns.

    To accomplish the same in a less caste-based system required hierarchy instead, with intense centralization of power by the state; the modern liberal state does exactly this by monopolizing violence and removing even the notion of individual violence as a justified concept and denigrating all competing power structures as the family as ultimately illegitimate.

    Regardless of the efficacy of this, it should be understood that this is indeed both authoritarian and hierachical and that is the only reason why it can function.

    When the dedication to equality becomes too genuine rather than the typical hypocritical appearance of equality in liberalism, the result is not further efficacy of scale but rather lower cohesion, internal divisiveness and lowered output. The actual state of pleasure-maximizing individuals isn’t happy compromise but victimization, low time preference and ultimate despair.

  206. Thulean Friend says

    Something that annoys me with contemporary culture: It is fine to say that a lot of what we take for granted was imported from abroad. Germany is the primary source for many of Sweden’s cultural traditions(a fact that we have tried to forget in the postwar era), in part because our elites had a conscious strategy of bringing in Germans to settle our cities. Kalmar and Visby and many other smaller Swedish cities were in no small part developed thanks to German craftsmen & merchants who immigrated on very favourable terms. A significant part of our nobility were also imported, not just the usual top-layer strategic marriages that were so common but the wholesale importation of a burgher class.

    In this narrow sense, the narrative SAS pushes is correct.

    However, they take the basic outlines of a more complicated history and run amok with it, inventing history out of whole cloth to suit contemporary political objectives in a way that is obviously bonkers. I find myself battling ‘hard essentialists’ a lot these days, people who wallow in the mysticism that Sweden was an isolated kingdom which arose to richness out of its labour, unhindered and unbothered by the outside world. Those misguided ideas are a lot more prone to proliferate when the standard narrative is one which SAS is pushing, which it often is.

  207. Thulean Friend says

    We have a saying: tabellen ljuger aldrig (the table never lies). The context is typically sports-related but it’d be profitable to use it in other walks of life. Whatever our personal theories, the results speak for themselves. More liberal cultures won out over less liberal ones.

    India’s very rigid caste system created huge incentives for conversion, something even Hindu nationalists will grudgingly admit. The BJP has long been a part for the upper caste, yet Modi is now saying absurd things like “there are only two castes, the rich and the poor”. Dalits, who for years were a stable votebank for the Congress or regional parties like the Samajwadi Party with strong sub-caste undercurrents, have for the first time become supporters of the BJP. This is a reflection of the fact that even those most likely to profit from caste bias now understand the destructive role it had in dividing the Hindus and allowing outsiders with a more liberal (in a narrowly strict sense) social understanding. First Islam and later Christianity. The fanaticism of Islam that we see today was not as common even a hundred years ago, let alone centuries ago. It allowed an escape out of permanent condemnation to the margins of society for these repressed groups. A position that they had been given through no fault of their own. A great many defected, and who could blame them?

    Over the last few centuries, there has been a reversal. Great Hindu reformers like Vidyasagar, Tagore or Ram Mohan Roy were overlapping with a darkening within the ummah, a strain of rising intolerance of which we may not yet have seen the apogee. There is no secret that these reformers were in part inspired by European enlightenment intellectuals. Had these reform efforts not succeeded, Hindus would have bled even more converts to abrahamic faiths. The fact that even the Sangh and its offshoots, in rhetoric if not in action, takes much greater care at healing the caste divide shows that they understand the destructive role it had and continues to have.
    The Sangh is very critical of Westernisation in many aspects, but caste is the one area where it has refused to backtrack even an inch to an earlier, more repressive ethos. Who knows what is best for Hindus if not they themselves?

  208. Daniel Chieh says

    Whatever our personal theories, the results speak for themselves. More liberal cultures won out over less liberal ones.

    This can mean nothing at all, depending on the context. Death wins over life, which does not make death a superior state of being to life in the least or that one should accelerate one’s progress toward death.

    And right now, the cost disease isn’t looking very good for liberalism. Nor is the rising suicide rate.

    The BJP has long been a part for the upper caste, yet Modi is now saying absurd things like “there are only two castes, the rich and the poor”.

    This is an excellent example of the hypocrisy I mentioned which is the secret sauce of liberal efforts that effectively use typical methods of hierarchy but do not speak of it. However, genuine embrace of it always ends up leading to the same results of Athenian soldiers who voted for their officers in a democracy.

    What is functional or superior depends on the environment: the specific challenges and the opportunities within the world. Greater openness and generalism can lead to more inclusion and efficacies of scale but it also welcomes all of the disincentives of scale. Specialization is the very reason why we have complex lifeforms, and why the world isn’t overrun by gigantic amoebae.

  209. sudden death says

    Just an example of a possible “underreporting” scale of real cases in China:

    At least 500 hospital staff in Wuhan had been infected with the deadly new strain of coronavirus by mid January, multiple medical sources have confirmed, leaving hospitals short-staffed and causing deep concern among health care workers.

    If I’m not mistaken, by mid January there were not even 100 official confirmed cases in whole China, while in reality it could have been already half thousand just medical staff infected, so you can easily multiply all current official numbers from China at least by 10 times in order to be closer to the real deals there.

    Meanwhile in RF, pregnant possible patient ran out out of quarantine, so where’s that real damn lawless Putler when you actually need it? 🙂

    Good news from RF seem to be that they are leaving in quarantines even those who are still testing negative, at least for 14 days. Of course in the light of new surfacing reports about 24 days incubation periods, even that might not be sufficient in the end.

  210. Red meat is eco-friendly if it’s pasture raised. It’s the ultimate veggie burger, turning grass and scrub lands that can’t support other crops into protein-rich food. Of course, if it’s corn fed, then not so much.

  211. Yes, there should be regulation to ensure a better standard of living for cows which produce our milk. Otherwise, dairy industry will maximize its profits by reducing their standard of living.

    However, Joaquin Phoenix’s speech implies a teleological argument (milk is intended for the cows’ children).

    Teleological arguments like this, which claim there is some intention in nature, are always nonsense. Although Joaquin Phoenix’s overall message and attitude is a noble one in Schopenhauer’s tradition.

  212. He also seems to imply that the bull asks for consent, which is very humorous.

  213. Hyperborean says

    which just about sums up the duplicity of the UK politicians campaigning for Brexit, supposedly to stem the flow of immigration when all they are actually going to do is swap eastern Europeans in the EU for more Indians, Africans and Albanians

    Brexit leaders such as Boris Johnson have maintained a narrative that sovereignty, not immigration, was the key motivation behind the Leave vote. Keen to distance themselves from charges of xenophobia, Vote Leave worked hard to dispel the notion that their cause was powered by generalised anti-immigration sentiment. Where immigration was mentioned, the issue, it was claimed, was not numbers but control and fairness. Why should unskilled East Europeans get in ahead of qualified South Asians? Leave leaders took pains to reach out to Britain’s Asian community: MPs Gisela Stuart and Priti Patel spoke of how hard it was for those from the Indian subcontinent to get visas while EU migrants were able to simply walk in. A significant minority of Asian voters, including the main curry chef association, returned the favour by backing Brexit


    Over the past two decades, non-European immigration has usually exceeded European immigration as figure 1 shows. The share of non-European origin in the population of England and Wales doubled between 2001 and 2011. Yet openly appealing to anti-Asian or anti-African immigration sentiment was tricky due to its racial connotations. As Labour MP Frank Field relates: ‘The truth is, I wasn’t brave enough to raise it [immigration] as an issue – though I thought it was an issue for yonks – until we were talking about white people coming in. And even then the anger that this was racist was something one had to face.’


    What’s striking – and no one is talking about – is that British voters prefer EU to non-EU migrants: the blue bars representing desired levels of European immigration are higher than the red bars for preferred levels of non-European immigration among all British voters. This pattern of preferring immigrants from inside the EU to those from outside holds across all social groups in our data.


    The same pattern holds for Leavers and Remainers, as shown in figure 3. But Leavers are much more motivated by the immigration issue than Remainers and seek far lower numbers. As figure 3 reveals, the average Leaver in our data wants non-European net migration reduced from about 165,000 in 2016 to 36,000. In other words, they are calling for a bigger cut in non-EU than EU inflows.


    These findings echo those of a recent study showing that the increase in non-European (BAME) respondents in a White British person’s local area in the 2000s was a somewhat stronger predictor of their support for UKIP than the increase in local European population. This suggests that in the wake of the 2015 Migrant Crisis, the threat of unchecked non-European immigration, alluded to in Nigel Farage’s controversial ‘breaking point’ poster, may have motivated some Leave voters. A keen sense of these sentiments may also have informed the government’s recent decision to increase the Immigration Skills Charge and raise earnings thresholds for those seeking to sponsor relatives from outside the EU.

    And how long has it been since any Tories mentioned their party’s promise to reduce migration to the tens of thousands (despite never doing anything about it for all their years in power)?

    “BoJo” is not going to advance ethnic British interests. At best they will get some verbal concessions while they are betrayed on policy issues.

  214. It is part of the strategy – there will be some theatrics, by the Home Secretary with the rather worrisome name of Priti Patel:

    From the BBC: 11 February 2020

    A Home Office flight deporting convicted offenders to Jamaica has left the UK, despite a last-minute legal challenge. Downing Street said 17 people were deported, but 25 others had been stopped because of the court order

    They can’t even deport 20 Jamaicans on a single place? Very bad sign.

  215. I brought this up a couple of times elsewhere on this site. Non-European immigration and EU membership are connected but distinct issues, and it would have been perfectly possible for the UK to decrease non-European immigration to a negligible amount while also remaining within the European Union.

    I really do believe that if the Remain side had simply addressed immigration openly, they could have changed the outcome. For instance, if Cameron had publicly stated that withdrawing from the European Union was simply not the same thing as decreasing immigration, and that they could decrease immigration while remaining in the EU, that probably could have kept Britain in. It seems that they were so afraid of accusations of racism, that even suggesting that immigration could be reduced was anathema to the Remainers. Alternately, perhaps they were so committed to high levels of immigration, that they were unwilling to broach the subject at all, even at the cost of EU membership.

  216. Hyperborean says

    It is part of the strategy – there will be some theatrics, by the Home Secretary with the rather worrisome name of Priti Patel:

    This reminds me a bit of Theresa May, who at times gave speeches about citizenship and belonging to someplace instead of being a cosmopolitan but whose key and unremarked-upon legacy will probably be the further enshrinement of “diversity” legislation and statistics “proving” how racist the UK is (while leaving uncommented e.g. that Indians and Chinese in the UK make around 30%, IIRC, more than native Britons).

  217. Tldr Thulean Fraud doesn’t speak Sanskrit or a Prakrit.

    Everyone knows English lit on foreign civ is corrupt.

    Thulean Fraud will tell us next how girls losing virginity before marriage is good for civilizational stability.

    Most converts to Islam are from the upper castes..

    White nibbas really be on here tryna say race caste and tribe ethnic mixing good.

    That catholic influence of St Augustine saying give your daughters far and wide to unite humanity doesn’t die huh? xD

  218. In Madras half the Dalit died but not a single converted.

    Christian conversion only happened after secular education destroyed Hindu links.

    You’re a typical christcuck

    Brits had stuff like criminal tribes act while Muslims actively tried to make people untouchable to convert them.

    You’re some beef eater trying to rub salt in wounds and the world will not shed a tear when the last of your race perishes.

    Sri Krishna and Arjun went with his brothers to invite a Shudra family to their coronation.

    Don’t comment on India when you’re some ignorant beef eater.

    How is a civilization more successful when despite its ‘richness’ it worships foreign gods and doesn’t understand the concept of marriage or virginity?

    Have fun with your somali grenade attack dumpster fire, lying christcuck.

    Whites have built a multi centennial narrative against VarnaAsharam and Jati which goes as far as declaring the Buddha, who compared Brahmin caste mixing to men fucking dogs, as anti caste.

    There’s no point arguing it here.

    Once European ie Romano German chauvanism is destroyed men can happily work for their own needs, families and communities while being ruled by their own; which is what ‘caste’ is ultimately about.

    Dalits regularly honor kill upper caste men and women trying to inter marry.

    Dalits are higher caste than Non Vedic।।


  219. Said too much I’ll Tldr as this

    Westerners are jealous of Bharat because it’s stood atop towering heights longer than their pitiful ethnicities have existed.

    This goes for Muslims too

    It’s often said the Abrahamics worship Shadows, the Shadow of the Bharatas।।

    Only the Han understands an inkling of this because he’s not a literal bastard like most modern whites.

    Melechas will support whatever the current false faith set against the Bharatas is.

    Thulean Friend would be a Muslim 2 centuries ago, a Protestant yesterday and today he follows anti casteism.

    The only commonality is his own mother castrates him because women tend to have the interests of humanity in mind।।

    Now an RT off Karlin’s TL.


  220. Whoops, meant to say “on a single plane.”

    I believe they felt the need to make a tiny demonstration that they were serious about illegal immigrants, as a way of venting the popular anger of native Brits. But it comes across as intentionally weak.

    I’m starting to think that the only way that the West can solve its problems is by a return to the old practice of ostracism. People like Tony Blair, BoJo, Macron, Merkel, and Trump need to have their faces rubbed in diversity by being exiled to a place that has a communal toilet right along the middle of the street. As well as endemic tuberculous and HIV. (And Macron would probably catch it within a week.)

  221. Here are China’s official numbers:

    More here (you can use google full-page translation):

    These are the best data we can get for the time being. All these number are preliminary. The final numbers may not be available until 2-3 years later, if the 2009 H1N1 swine flu is of any indication. In that case, the outbreak started in the U.S. in 2009, became a pandemic later. It took CDC and WHO 3 years to release the final estimate in 2012 (approx. 284,000 died, in case you are curious).

  222. You’re some beef eater

    Aren’t you making an assumption?

    While he did say that he is not a vegetarian, he referenced cows, and dairy products, but not beef. For all you know, he might be one of your countrymen.

  223. Sane Indian nationalists reading this: are regular Indian ultranationalists usually this crazy or is it just a result of UR attracting people with marginalised opinions?

  224. Not an ethno nationalist.

    He’s against caste so not Dharmic.
    A White Hindu is more a brother

  225. Just trying to cover every angle due to centuries of racist propaganda and Hindu phobia.

    Nothing unhinged about caste or defending it.

    Your own ancestors had such a system before they adopted Jewish mores for which you’re currently being extinguished.

    Liberalism is white imperialism and you don’t get to call non believers unhinged.

    You’re some unhinged christcuck who will clap loudly when your daughter says she will fuck who she pleases and what will you do about it?

    You’re some beef eating homosexual whose ancestors have hated weaponry for millenia and you take solace in the fact that despite losing all your festivals at least you have a pride month.

    I give absolutely 0 fucks if you personally don’t believe this. You identify as a westerner and this is your ruling class.

    We will overthrow Delhi and we will take London too.

    Any decent white man will welcome the return of Aryan Raaj with open arms while bearing arms.


  226. Hyperborean says

    I am curious, do you talk like this IRL?

  227. sudden death says

    Also it looks like that from all that official preliminary data there have been already about 6000 closed cases (followed from the start of confirmation till recovery/discharge) and official death rate from those finished cases is 19%, which correlates so far with the 21% rate being serious/critical from the rest of all ongoing cases.

    If things will be going the way they are going so far it looks like we will finally have some dent in the most scary “hockey stick” growth chart of all time, but it will not be that fun at all:

  228. sudden death says

    Also it looks like that from all that official preliminary data there have been already about 6000 closed cases (followed from the start of confirmation till recovery/discharge) and official death rate from those thousands of finished cases is 19%, which correlates so far with the 21% rate being serious/critical from the rest of all tens of thousands ongoing cases.

    If things will be going the way they are going so far it looks like we will finally have some dent in the most scary “hockey stick” growth chart of all time, but it will not be that fun at all:

  229. WTF is thulean. He is not Indian as far as ai am aware. So why you would care what he says is beyond me.

    But as far as you shit talking Scandinavians I would say stay in your lane. Europeans have a tendency of kicking brown people when pushed too far. I am not at all worried about currently cucked Western countries. Thulean is not representative of the type of Europeans that will come to power.

  230. So what happens if two more weeks pass and nothing happens? Are you going to reflect on your over reaction. Notice it stopped doubling every two days like a week ago.

  231. For Russian readers Cassad has a virology expert answering questions about Corona virus from submitted commenter questions.

    I have not read them yet but I assume Cassad would vet the person not that I am a judge on virus question outside of hazmat.

  232. Daniel Chieh says

    Beef is delicious.

  233. So are chinese people।।

  234. Daniel Chieh says

    Sorry no homo

  235. JohnPlywood says

    Swedish females are substantially less likely to have had sex with immigrant males than Swedish men are to have had with immigrant women.

    Your post history shows your extreme rage and insecurity as your entire race is descended from Nordic men fucking black women.

  236. Blinky Bill says
  237. Daniel Chieh says

    Okay, I love Corona-chan more.

  238. If only it were that easy to stop the cat zoonoses.

  239. More Chinese than Europeans smoke. This should help reduce the number very serious cases. Europeans have a less intense social life and tend to live more isolated in houses rather than apartments. This should slow down the spread of the virus in Europe, making it more difficult to overwhelm the hospitals. So maybe it will be better.

    There are some pessimistic arguments, though. Europe won’t be able to institute the kind of lockdown China managed to impose on a number of huge cities and provinces.

    So we don’t know.

  240. Yes magic white people everywhere.

    The thought of an ideological rather than racial conflict can’t even occur to you.

    Go embrace coal burners and white muslims as your own then.

    To add, rage and insecurity would only be the case if one wished to be white. Beyond the religious and cultural ramifications you lot spend all day claiming how bad it is to be a white male today.

    Then you seem to think everyone else must want to.
    Eh, a dead dejected race always behaves in such a mentally ill fashion.

    Race is tribe + culture. Euro Pagans are the future and are not included in my attacks, they are brothers.

    I must remind myself that arguing with Scandi Robots and Amerimutts is pointless. The future of this continent as always, is Slavic and Celtic.

    Germans are Balto Celtic mutts.

    Why are you posting surveys on women’s virtue when virginity till marriage is lost?

    Booty shorts ok long as Tyrone far away.

  241. Philip Owen says

    Press hype. I have 600,000 face masks in a Southern hemisphere country – still not winter – slow spread of viruses. No takers. My masks are EX Works. The Chinese hospitals want them Delivered Duty Paid.

  242. Sad instead of trying to humanely assist the poor man, the staff is too busy getting the cell phone video of the event to intervene. I was waiting for one of them to start kicking him…

  243. This is your brain on curry.

  244. Yes opposing asking people to convert in exchange for humanitarian aid and opposing extra marital affairs = crazy.

    This is the state of the white right wing।।

  245. Do you eat mushrooms? They are mostly chitin.

  246. So you choose iPhones over patriarchy.

    So be it, the white race has never been renowned for wisdom।।

  247. Thulean Friend says

    Sane Indian nationalists reading this: are regular Indian ultranationalists usually this crazy or is it just a result of UR attracting people with marginalised opinions?

    Brutiss is likely the same person as Anonloc, who in turn is likely the same peson as that jatt dog who disappeared some time ago after getting multiple accounts banned. The quality of this blog has declined due to people like him, gerard and others spamming the place, get banned and then come back and re-do the process. We lost good folks like German reader and we “gained” scab like them. Bad trend for this blog.

  248. Thulean Friend says

    I previously showed how the right-wing nonsense around the German Energiwende purporting to show that coal had increased was pure bunk by citing official German data. The latest data for the EU show just as dramatic trend, if not more so:

    Gas has increased its share, but not nearly as dramatically as renewable energy. And gas is much less polluting than coal. With the new carbon tax increases, as well as planned carbon border taxes, this positive trend will accelerate.

    Progress on capping CO2 is going unexpectably better:

    Unrelated but interesting: Patent Wars between US and China. Great story with lots of interesting data.

  249. Some Swede is the authority on what Indians should do and who they should marry।।

    White Imperialist much?
    This attitude is why somalis throw grenades.

    You’re a literal retard who makes environmentalism look gay and you desire race/caste mixing on top of that.

    Iberia, Italy, France, England, Sweden.

    Kill these and Earth is a paradise।।

  250. anonymous coward says

    Nobody is pushing to replace meat with mushrooms, bro.

  251. German reader is a self hating German comprador cuck shill

  252. The number of daily deaths jumped to around 240 from around 100 just by changing the method to include those diagnosed with CT. First, CT capacity must also be limited. Second, the vast majority of the changes are coming from Wuhan, and it’s not clear if the rest of Hubei was changed, too. (Or the rest of China. Though most of the rest of China might still have enough capacity to test everyone with the old method. Or not. Remember, the Japanese are not testing everyone aboard the cruise ship.) So real numbers must be higher still, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that it was 500 or 1,000 daily.

    The test was a difficult one. They required mucus from the deeper, hard to reach, parts of the respiratory tract. This was a complicated medical procedure, well short of a surgery, but not exactly just taking a small blood sample. It could also induce fits of coughing in the patient, infecting everyone in the room – so it needs to be taken by personnel in hazmat suits, and not just in an ordinary room.

  253. Pollution in China is terrible as well, I got a nasty virus and a spell of what I thought was the flu but was actually just the effect of pollution. I was in Peking for just two months.

    The high number of recoveries and lack of deaths outside China needs better explaining.

  254. Yes, the pollution is another factor. But pollution is no better in places like India.

    There were no deaths in China until January 11. This illness makes some 10-20% (probably less in Europe) of the people catching it hospitalized. Once hospitals get overwhelmed, mortality rates start approaching the number of those hospitalized, so people will quickly start dying from lack of proper care.

    It’s also a very slow killer. You have 1-2-3 weeks of incubation period. Then you first feel like a regular cold, then a week later serious flu, then pneumonia, then severe pneumonia, then you die. From what I read, it takes on average 3 weeks from the onset of the first symptoms to death. The first whites were probably infected around mid-January, and in greater number (but still only a few hundred at most) are just getting infected now. I wouldn’t expect the first white death until March or April, and mass death only after it becomes widespread in white countries.

  255. Also, are they still doing the old test anymore? The seeming drop in the numbers might’ve been due to the doctors not doing the tests anymore anyway, because they were now confident in the new CT method (or the other simpler diagnosis methods you mentioned), which resulted in a drop in the reported cases without the epidemic actually slowing down. So the whole slowdown story might’ve been an artifact of doctors switching to other methods of diagnosis.

  256. How could they distinguish between the coronavirus and garden variety pneumonia using only the CT scan, seems like they actually need to detect the virus to be absolutely sure. Otherwise there could still be a chance that it could still be normal pneumonia.

  257. How many pneumonia cases there are in a normal year? How many people die of it? So probably you won’t be off by much if you just classify each pneumonia case as Covid-19.

    This pneumonia could also have some unique characteristics, which could be readily identified on a CT scan.

  258. sudden death says

    So what happens if two more weeks pass and nothing happens? Are you going to reflect on your over reaction. Notice it stopped doubling every two days like a week ago.

    Looks like we did not need two weeks to wait, one single day was more than enough:

    Anyway, will once again repeat that I will be the most happiest man if everything was/is just my overreaction and will be more than eager to reflect it in every single post of mine.

  259. sudden death says

    …but white (presumably) Bavarian Germans still seem to hold the last defense line while nearing that critical 3 week junction from the onset of symptoms even without catching pneumonia so far, the first one seems even to be testing negative for virus without any special treatments all those weeks? Almost too good to be true, will they actually finally be winners of World War (Virus Edition) – WWV? Still think that at least one more week is needed in order to breathe some sigh of relief.

  260. Most cases are mild in China, too. Despite air pollution and a higher rate of smoking. You need a larger sample including smokers and older people to say anything definitive, this is a small unrepresentative sample.

  261. Peter Thiel says he envisions three possible futures for Europe:
    1.) Sharia law and women wearing the burka
    2.) Chinese Eye of Sauron AI
    3.) Green movement: puttering around in an E-scooter and separating out your recyclables.

    And that is why he says Greta is making waves.

    He poo-poos the idea that BoJo marks a return to sovereignty and says it is more likely in Israel.

  262. Yes, the pollution is another factor. But pollution is no better in places like India.

    India already has a cure for Coronavirus:

    The Cow Dung Cure for Coronavirus

    Indian nationalists peddle something worse than snake oil.

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote this week to Xi Jinping, offering the Chinese leader help in tackling the Wuhan coronavirus. Details of the assistance aren’t public, but Mr. Modi’s offer probably didn’t include supplies for a “treatment” that a senior Hindu fundamentalist advocated recently.

    Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of the Hindu Mahasabha—a century-old organization that advocates Hindutva (or “Hinduness”)—declared that “consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus.” The swami added that a “person who chants ‘om namah shivay’ and applies cow dung” on his body “will be saved.” The Sanskrit chant is a salutation to Shiva, a Hindu deity.

    The cow is revered by many Hindus, who abjure its meat and believe that its byproducts, especially urine, have health-giving qualities. The swami is a prominent figure in hard-line Hindu circles and has an ideological affinity with Mr. Modi. His pronouncement on the coronavirus is the latest in a list of questionable scientific assertions made by Hindu nationalists.

    This cohort believes that much of modern science originated in ancient India. Since the Hinduist Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, ascended to national power in 2014, its views have infiltrated textbooks and even scientific discourse. Mr. Modi has suggested that ancient Indians had test-tube babies. Citing the case of Karna—a hero of the “Mahabharata,” a Hindu epic from the third century B.C.—Mr. Modi told a gathering of doctors in 2014 that since Karna was “not born from his mother’s womb” (in Mr. Modi’s version of the myth), this had to mean that “genetic science was present at the time.” Referring to Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, he said, there “must have been some plastic surgeon at that time who got an elephant’s head on the body of a human being.”

  263. What sort of mortality rate would it require for the globalist regime in the West to consider closing the borders?

    The answer is 10% of gays.

  264. LOL.

    To be fair, textbooks literally say that India has no history except Islamic British and Greek society do need revision.

    English media hates India

    Here’s why some aren’t retards, relevant to whites as well.

    In Haidt, Joseph and Graham’s Moral Foundations Theory, there are six moral foundations (Care, Fairness, Liberty, Loyalty,Authority,Sanctity) as the set of moral foundations defining the morality of a society. Modernity operates only within the Care, Fairness & Liberty

    This reduction has interesting consequences. It ends up declaring Truths and Experiences which have long held to be acceptable in traditional societies as invalid as these cannot be sufficiently explained using the restricted set of categories.

  265. I read that… what can I say? India Superpower 2020!

    On a different topic, the Chinese numbers now have no relation to reality. It’s just impossible for the number of daily deaths to drop so quickly. So they are simply lying through their teeth. I can now fully believe that every day thousands of Covid-19 victims are being cremated in Wuhan.

  266. Oh, I now see, they say there was double counting. Still dubious.

  267. I think that until yesterday a case could be made that the Chinese are undercounting deaths due to incompetence or lack of resources. Now I think it’s no longer tenable, it’s increasingly likely they are deliberately lying.

  268. Here’s a summary of what the Chinese were surely lying about:

  269. For purity, cow urine must be the closest analogue to medicinal spring water that exists in India. Dalits are probably adapted to drink it, as though it were milk.

  270. I heard recently that the BBC is responsible for half of The Guardian‘s circulation and that they also place the vast majority their job listings in The Guardian. And that they are making a new show based around Greta.

    But I’m confused on the first point. Why does the BBC buy copies of newspapers? What do they do with them? Edit: I guess it is for their offices.

    I also wonder if it is a similar system in other Euro countries with state media.

  271. Did we learn our lesson yet? That being hysterical is retarded. Where is your jump on day two?

  272. sudden death says

    So you don’t want to wait two weeks anymore? Lack of similar jump for one day after nearly sevenfold jump is not much of an indication, especially as China’s National Health Commission reports that nearly half a million Chinese citizens have had close contact with individuals with confirmed diagnoses of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan.

    “So far, 471,531 people have been identified as having had close contact with infected patients. There are now 181,386 people under medical observation,” the Health Commission reported Thursday on its official website

    That wild ride is nowhere near its ending, those jumps should be quite usual thing from now on.

    But forget China, as Japan too at the moment is discovering a full blown outbreak developing (with one death already) even without relation to that cruise ship, with some infected having been to Hawaii for vacation.

  273. I also don’t understand what the Japanese are doing with that cruise ship. Frankly, it looks like they are totally incompetent. They still haven’t yet tested everyone on board. (In fact, the vast majority is untested yet.) They keep the quarantine on the ship, despite a raging epidemic on board the ship (and with the possibility that it might be infecting through the air conditioner).

    Apparently the plan is to wait until everyone is infected, and then they’ll have thousands of sick on their hands, instead of thousands in quarantine. They should’ve removed everyone from the ship, and put them into quarantine (as much as possible separated from each other as well). That

  274. Turkey warns it will take action over Idlib flare-up if diplomacy fails

    I get that Turkey wants to protect its Al-Qaeda goons (rumored to be not a little involved in “Turkey looks the other way” cross-border smuggling of oil one way, chemweapons the other way) and has fantasies of controlling an ethnically cleansed part Syrian borderland but how far will they go?

    OTOH, it is 2020, expect Clown World events.

    grep Turkey on the Münich Security Report just brings up irrelevant stuff for very public consumption and faggery.

  275. another anon says

    Yes, India is fake and China is fake too, because all history is fake.

    Do not trust (((history))), do not trust (((historians))). Watch only youtube videos to gain true enlightenment.

  276. I want to point out one flaw of European politics: there have been five countries with gay leaders. It is a phenomenon only in Europe so far as I know, but the key is that none of them were elected.

    I believe that openly-gay leaders are naturally unelectable at the level of the nation, and that it is a powerful marker of political corruption and dysfunction that they exist.

  277. Why are Nordicists, Wignats and Nordicist Wignats such retards, Russian ones are even worse

  278. sudden death says

    As we can plainly see now Japanese levels of incompetence is still way better than Cambodian kinda dictatorship demonstrated level of pure unfiltered ignorant insanity when dealing with that Westerdam cruiseliner, but that was somewhat expected, tbh.

  279. Excellent aesthetics for the new Cathedral of the Armed Forces of Russia, hope they do more with this style

  280. You think it’ll stop defections to Rodnover?

  281. sudden death says

    TWO laboratories in Wuhan conducting research on bat coronavirus relatively near the seafood market?:

    We screened the area around the seafood market and identified two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus. Within ~280 meters from the market, there was the Wuhan Center for Disease Control & Prevention (WHCDC) (Figure 1, from Baidu and Google maps). WHCDC hosted animals in laboratories for research purpose, one of which was specialized in pathogens collection and identification 4-6. In one of their studies, 155 bats including Rhinolophus affinis were captured in Hubei province, and other 450 bats were captured in Zhejiang province 4. The expert in collection was noted in the Author Contributions (JHT). Moreover, he was broadcasted for collecting viruses on nation-wide newspapers and websites in 2017 and 2019 7,8. He described that he was once by attacked by bats and the blood of a bat shot on his skin. He knew the extreme danger of the infection so he quarantined himself for 14 days 7. In another accident, he quarantined himself again because bats peed on him. He was once thrilled for capturing a bat carrying a live tick 8. Surgery was performed on the caged animals and the tissue samples were collected for DNA and RNA extraction and sequencing 4, 5. The tissue samples and contaminated trashes were source of pathogens. They were only ~280 meters from the seafood market. The WHCDC was also adjacent to the Union Hospital (Figure 1, bottom) where the first group of doctors were infected during this epidemic. It is plausible that the virus leaked around and some of them contaminated the initial patients in this epidemic, though solid proofs are needed in future study.

    The second laboratory was ~12 kilometers from the seafood market and belonged to Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 1, 9, 10. This laboratory reported that the Chinese horseshoe bats were natural reservoirs for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) which caused the 2002-3 pandemic 9. The principle investigator participated in a project which generated a chimeric virus using
    the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system, and reported the potential for human emergence 10. A direct speculation was that SARS-CoV or its derivative might leak from the laboratory.

  282. sudden death says

    Article from December 2017:

    Experiments in the lab suggest that three of the newly discovered SARS bat strains could have the potential to infect human cells much like their deadly predecessor did – courtesy of S protein sequences capable of infecting our ACE2 receptor.

    Original full text study by Chinese scientists came out in November 2017:

  283. relatively near

    Relative to what?

  284. The vast majority of cases in China are mild:

    It’s the rest causing the problems, but probably the mild ones spreading it.

  285. sudden death says

    Relative to the city size as Wuhan urban area (1,528 km2) is nearly twice bigger than New York city urban land area (783.84 km2) so 20 km distance can be described as “near” in such big city without much exaggeration, not even to mention that 280 meters distance from WHCDC laboratory, which can be described as nearly straight next door to that market.

    So it is more than possible that some lab worker after once again being peed/bloodied on by some bat with this SARS 2.0, happily quarantined himself for 14 days in October/November, felt nothing, then returned to work, went to the market after workday and the rest is modern disaster history devoloping right before our eyes now.

  286. sudden death says

    If I’m not mistaken, at this moment in time we still have no clue how much of those mild cases tend to develop into serious/critical with or without treatments, cause those 20% now were probably mild too just 2-3 weeks ago.

  287. I’d guess they are getting better, unlikely to die. This could infect 60% of the population, and kill maybe 2% of those infected – over 1% killed.

  288. sudden death says

    Highly likely we will see Iranian script in much more countries from now, mainly in Africa, S.America and the rest of 3rd word – no cases, no confirmations at all and then people will start to drop dead there almost immediately as the virus was spreading for some time already.

    btw, according to the most pessimistic script there should be already around 21 million infected people all over the world as of today:

  289. sudden death says

    If this is true, it will be a complete game changer:

    “It’s highly possible to get infected a second time,” one of the doctors, who declined to be identified, told the outlet.

    The physician said that medication used to treat the virus can have negative side effects on patients’ heart tissue, making them more susceptible to cardiac arrest.

    “A few people recovered from the first time by their own immune system, but the meds [sic] they use are damaging their heart tissue, and when they get it the second time, the antibody doesn’t help but makes it worse, and they die a sudden death from heart failure,” the doctor said.

    There was a serious academical science study on a similar looking phenomenon, called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of viral entry:

    ADE has been observed for coronaviruses. Several studies have shown that sera
    nduced by SARS-CoV spike enhance viral entry into Fc-receptor-expressing cells (42-
    103 44). Further, one study demonstrated that unlike receptor-dependent viral entry, sera
    dependent SARS-CoV entry does not go through the endosome pathway (44).
    Additionally, it has long been known that immunization of cats with feline coronavirus
    spike leads to worsened future infection due to the induction of infection-enhancing
    (45-47). However, detailed molecular mechanisms for ADE of coronavirus
    entry are still unknown.

    JVI Accepted Manuscript Posted Online 11 December 2019

    Of course it was not done with having any SARS 2.0 specimens yet, but at this point nothing would be much of surprise anymore and this might explain the severity of many cases in Wuhan as those actually could be secondary infections of previously mild (even not hospitalised) but recovered people there already.

  290. It could explain how the epidemic started already in October, but the first death only occurred on January 11. I wonder if it’s even possible to have such a virus from hell. How will we control it?

  291. sudden death says

    Welp, reinfection has become semi-official thing already:

    A previously recovered novel coronavirus patient in Chengdu, Sichuan province was re-hospitalized after testing positive for the virus on Wednesday, the city’s health administration told the Beijing Youth Daily on Friday. The patient had previously recovered from the disease 10 days earlier.

  292. sudden death says

    I wonder if it’s even possible to have such a virus from hell.

    Wailings of Xi about the “devil” suddenly started to make way more sense, lol 🙂

    But for real, I was probably the most pessimistic poster here about all this from the very start, but still absolutely did not expect such shit as reinfections&ADE, thought it might be super bad even as traditional virus, but now it’s time to revisit those apocalyptic dreams. It should not be the end of all humanity however, as there will be some people who are more resistant for whatever reason (e.g. RhO blood group people seemed to be less susceptible to catching original SARS), but really might become the crash of industrial civilization with subsequent variations of MadMax afterwards unless that remdavisir drug will begin to work for everybody as advertised at least for the first infection, questions aside about ability to produce and deliver it quickly in industrial quantities for everybody in need.

    Judging from personal standpoint when reading other news from today, the time has come for swapping simple protective facemasks&googles for this when going out:

  293. another anon says

    Things are habbening in Syria too, Russian planes are allegedly destroying Turkish tanks.

    We were promised WW3 so many times. Finally incoming or just another nothingburger?

  294. sudden death says

    Somehow nearly missed the news that initial stages of wuhanization are already seem to be happening even in Beijing:

    Meanwhile, Beijing saw a sudden spike in the cases after the central city hospital reported 36 novel coronavirus infections as of Thursday, a sharp increase from nine cases two weeks earlier, leading many to fear a potential explosion of infection numbers in the capital, the Global Times reported.

    Among the infected at Fuxing Hospital in Xicheng district were eight medical workers, nine cleaning staff and 19 patients along with their families, the report said.

  295. Well it looks like the hysteria was warranted as it seems this failed containment. Fortunately Corona Chan seems like extra strong flu.