Sectarian Tensions Flare in US After Orlando Pogrom


Eurasian News Agency ENA (8am Moscow/1am EST)

The Republicat regime has been shaken to its core in the wake of a brazen massacre of fifty members of the Orlando LGBT tribe at a gay club by an apparently lone gunman of the Wahhabi sect. Regime stalwart Marco Rubio, present at the scene, emerged shaken but unhurt, having dived head first into the foam when the shooting started.

The terrorist attack threatens a flareup of sectarian tensions even as President Obama, the public face of the regime, starts to tighten the screws to avoid a crisis of political legitimacy as dissident youth leaders and reform advocates start to question the reigning ideology of political correctness.

Leading members of the ruling Beltway clan, including both Obama and his presumed dynastic successor Hillary Clinton, have rushed to disavow any connections between the massacre and the Islami clan.

Meanwhile, the regime’s leading propagandists in the mainstream media have attempted to shift blame onto the dissident National Rifle Association (NRA) faction, many of whom are known as supporters of flamboyant oligarch turned democratic opposition leader Donald Trump. SJW commissars have been scouring the Internet clean of references to the Islamic connection on regime-friendly media platforms such as Reddit.

Political maverick Bernie Sanders too been quick to fall in with the party line. According to analysts at the Minsk Institute of Democratiology, this is further evidence for Professor Trollov’s theory that Sanders serves the role of controlled opposition in the Beltway’s corrupt system of “virtual politics.”

Popular anger has been mounting rapidly. In a remarkable escalation, Donald Trump has called for Obama to “immediately resign in disgrace” on account of his refusal to mention “radical Islamic terrorism.” Although Republicat spokesperson Greg Cuckierman condemned the “Dangerous Donald’s” remarks for inflaming sectarianism and ethnic hatred in America’s “vibrant multicultural society,” activists tell us Americans have become increasingly hesitant to swallow the party narrative.

This goes especially for the meme-empowered younger generations on social media platforms such as Twatter and Fuckface, who use a sophisticated system of signalling including Pepe the Frog, triple parentheses, and even more obscure memes invented by the hacker 4chan to organize at the grassroots level and poke holes in the official narrative.

“Globalism is a scam, man!” communicated @SchlomoGoldbergShekelstein1488 to ENA reporters via Telegram, “I mean, a haji kills a faggot, and who’s to blame? An evil white oppressor with a gun!”

Other, more milquetoast, activists pointed out that gun control had not prevented the Bataclan massacre in Paris and that in any case the shooter’s status as a security guard with the G4S security company would have provided him with easy access to guns. They also asked questions about why an Orlando mosque had been able to call for the pogroms of gay people two months before the shooting with apparent impunity.

afghanistan-not-hajnalMeanwhile, the user @JayMan471 and the HBD thinktank has been spamming us with the following map (see right). We have no idea what it means and our reporters are avidly scouring the globe for anyone who can give us a clue, or for that matter even gives a shit.

Of critical importance in the weeks head will be the reaction of the LGBT clan itself, which had hitherto been almost entirely on the side of the Republicrat establishment thanks to its position of privilege within the regime.

However, according to Beltwayology expert Maksim Putlerov, Director of the Chelyabinsk Institute for Scientific Racism, any assumptions that this state of affairs is here to stay indefinitely are invalidated by the experience of the European vassal states, where the violent intrusions of the Islami clan into traditional LGBT inner city tribal territory has resulted in 25% of Parisian homosexuals supporting the democratic opposition party Front National.

“Under Obama the US is one of the very worst countries for homosexuals in the world,” observed Putlerov. “Fifty of them have just been killed for political reasons. That’s far more than under any previous President, and for that matter far more than under Vladimir Putin. However, we expect the regime to continue focusing on gay rights in Russia as part of the West’s rhetorical strategy of whataboutism.”

“There are now only two ways out for the regime – voluntary reform and democratization, or repression, revolution, and the Thousand Year Trumpenreich.”

“Unfortunately, it appears that the regime has embarked on the path of repression,” concluded Putlerov.

This assessment is increasingly hard to deny. The Director of the Minsk-based Western Observatory for Human Rights (WOHR) has noted many disturbing signs of the Beltway regime tightening the screws in recent months.

Independent candidates such as Donald Trump and even the controlled opposition such as Bernie Sanders have been the targets of slander campaigns that were so well-coordinated that they could only have come from the very top. Whistleblowers that humiliated the ruling cliques have been driven into exile abroad. Loyalist thugs under the banner of Social Justice, better known outside the US as titushki, have prevented opposition activists such as (the gay) Milo Yiannopoulos from giving speeches at university campuses and assaulted his supporters without consequence. Father away from the cameras, SJW death squads funded by regime’s gray chancellor George Soros have been on the hunt for gay Hispanic Trump supporters.

Yet despite the best efforts of the hardliners to maintain and accentuate the climate of fear under which the regime operates, the system is increasingly shaky. Increasing numbers of the Republican wing of the Republicrats have “boarded the Trump Train,” despite the best efforts of the deep state to sabotage him. The Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. is reporting an unprecedented surge in visa applications. Rumors abound that Jeb Bush’s wife and children have been flown to safety in Cancun.

Moreover, the unrest has quietly been spreading to foreign shores, with recent polls in Britain showing that the majority now wants to leave the European Union. With the ruling regime now focusing on securing its loyalist heartlands, all the geopolitical experts ENA queried insist that the biggest international reverberations have yet to begin. “Must clear away the rubble before you can build,” as @BasedFelNRx told us via an encrypted communications line which we traced back to a location in Silicon Valley.

This is a bit too cryptic for us, but it does tie in with a question that more and more people are now asking: Will the Beltway regime survive the Current Year?

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Hey, that’s pretty good. Nice memes you got here fellow /pol/lack.

  2. Yevardian says

    Hey, Akarlin, any particular reason you put your twatter name in (((parentheses)))?

    I never cared for Sanders, you know he voted in favour of the bombing of Serbia. That and getting chimped-out around the beginning of his campaign.

    AK: They are based [[[parentheses]]].

  3. Davidski says

    Meanwhile, the user @JayMan471 and the HBD thinktank has been spamming us with the following map (see right). We have no idea what it means and our reporters are avidly scouring the globe for anyone who can give us a clue, or for that matter even gives a shit.

    Nice one.

  4. They also asked questions about why an Orlando mosque had been able to call for the pogroms of gay people two months before the shooting with apparent impunity.

    So, you (or they) ask why this “radical imam” can openly call for the killing of gays and be on video saying this and there are no consequences. Presumably you don’t know the answer to that, eh?

    It seems that you have no concept of a psy-op or of basic narrative techniques like foreshadowing or prefiguration. In any case, the reason you have these jihadist preachers openly preaching violence in the West with impunity is that these people are part of the psy-op, like whatever firebrand preacher in whatever mosque in London.

    You probably have also wondered why the Westboro Baptist Church (of “God hates fags” fame) gets all kinds of media exposure rather than just being ignored as a bunch of cranks. This would be a mystery to you too. But actually, again, there is a very simple explanation, LOL!

  5. vinteuil says

    Mr Revusky, I’d just like to join reiner Tor in expressing how deeply sorry I am that you left off commenting here after that nasty post by Steve Sailer last week about the Ali/Liston fight. We all miss you terribly and hope that you will return ASAP to shine the light of reason & truth & empirical evidence on these never-ending impostures of The Deep State.

  6. Anatoly Karlin says

    Take it up with the Eurasian News Agency, I’m only reprinting one of their columns after all.

  7. The Director of the Minsk-based Western Observatory for Human Rights (WOHR)

    That is a good one;-) Some people without soviet background may need explanation what VOHR (WOHR) was.

  8. Mightypeon says

    I think the reference to the “wo(h)rst in-laws ever” (damn that was a lame pun, but I couldnt resist) was unintentional, and mainly a reference to the London based “Syrian observatory for human rights” (the latter of course being neither Syrian, nor an observatory, nor human, nor right).

  9. Anonymous says

    You’re a fucking faggot, Burton.

  10. Lyttenburgh says

    Well, that’s it! Gib us Revolution – or gib us gesheft!

    The corrupt Regime of the Party of Crooks And Thieves can’t protect even its own most vociferous (and eye-gouging faaaabulous) electorate. Clearly, this marks it as an illegitimate one. Twitterast Revolution is beating in the hearts of shy and conscientious intelligentsia, gays and independent journalists and the mighty Ukro-patriots from Ontario province. It’s time blow off… the dust from the #онижедети and thank the US of A for everything it has ever done to the (soon to be) Free Work with a GayMaidan.

    Revolutionary party “4B” (Brighton Beach Bitching Brigade) which in its ranks numbers the best and the brightest professional revolutionaries, armchair generals, weapon system specialists and economists (judging by their comments in everywhere) is ready to head the raging libertariat and hipsteriat masses in their attempt to drive away the Tyrant from the illegally occupied White House.

    Anti-cafes are abuzz with angry twit(t)s, sad selfies and Regime-shaking posts on various net platforms. The level of handshakability is already Over 9000. Never before smoothies were drank with such political awareness, and never before meatballs were consumed with the profound understanding that We Are The Power Here. If the power of the mind of the hammock a-laying inhabitants of these pristine Islands of the Post-Modern Future could level the walls, than Regime’s Camarilla would have been broken long time ago.

    GayMaidanners must act as one! The downfall of the Regime is imminent. The helicopter behind the White House is ready to carry away the Tyrant to the Canada. Because he knows – his own electorate, should it bring with them tents, tacos and tea (from Kiev’s Maydan) will be an unstoppable force. GayMaidanners will symbolize the best and the brightest in the Republic, a living embodiment of the Things To Come (Whether You Want It Or Not). All dissenting voices and potential traitors would be lustrated en masse.

    Some politically immature kreakls and Fifth Columnist of Brighton’s Beach Brightest might argue, that the ignorant public just can’t understand the message of the very talented post-modern street-artist and his “happening” in Orlando. We must dauntlessly combat this kind of deviation from the general party line of the “4B”! People who say things like that have no idea about the modern art – super popular “Pussy Riot” and his-own-scrotum-nailing-to-the-pavement artist Pavlensky are the Art, Charlie Ёbdo is also the Art, the rest is only Art if it could be sold for a large sum of money (as dictated by the Invisible Hand of the Market).

    Obamyaku – na gilyaku! GamerGaters – on the knieves! Obama – la-la-la! James Buchanan prijde – poryadok navidye!

    ТакЪ ПобедимЪ!

  11. Anyone know what those green lines on that map mean ? For Spain and Southern Italy it could represent the Islamic conquest of those lands in the past, but then it does not explain why Ireland/Britain has a green line between them . Then there is that green line that is bisecting the Baltic states, Poland, etc, if that is supposed to represent the extent of the Ottoman empire in Europe then it is wrong, it never got that far.

  12. TheJester says

    Anatoly, is this for real? What are you drinking? It apparently loosens the tongue and fractures the mind in the way in which I hope to live my last days. I desperately want to the cultivate the habit! BTW: Google cannot find the ENA. Is this part of the Google/Republicat conspiracy?

  13. The Jews what done it! (((?)))

  14. German_reader says
  15. German_reader says

    Maybe nationalist parties in the west should make increased efforts to win votes from homosexuals. There are a lot of right-wing gays anyway, and it must be dawning on ever more of them that Islamic immigration is detrimental to their safety. Given that most Christians and social conservatives are useless or traitors in immigration matters, the right should maybe ditch any appeals to Christian sexual morality.

  16. Your idea has merit.

    I’ve noticed that many commenters from the far right want everyone to line up and bend over.

  17. German_reader says

    You’re not a homophobe, are you? 🙂

  18. Fags know that Muslims are more likely than non-Muslims to kill them, but that just adds a frisson to their sexual excitement. These are the inventors of bug-chasing, after all.

  19. Google cannot find the ENA.

    It doesn’t exist. Karlin is a clever boy, or thinks he is. He writes some idiotic nonsense and then invents some fictitious, idiotic news agency to attribute it to.

  20. Anonymous says
  21. Will the Beltway regime survive the Current Year?

    You had a sensible and serious article until the very last and then you went into fantasy land.

  22. vinteuil says

    What – not a dangerous faggot? You cut me to the very quick.

  23. vinteuil says

    Ummm…j(unio)r – you did notice this post’s category?

  24. Verymuchalive says

    Very droll, Anatoly. I particularly liked the parodies on the names of real, leftist and liberal front organisations. The Eurasian News Agency – fictitious – is obviously much more truthful in its reporting than the real will ever be. The latter, needless to say, is a Soros-funded front.

  25. anonymous says

    News release from ISNS- Inside Scoop News Service:

    -Initial autopsy report states brain of purported shooter Omar Mateen was discovered to have been microchipped. DNA analysis shows no relation to supposed father indicating gay club shooter may have been an imposter posing as the subject. Suspicions raised about Manchurian Candidate false flag attacks orchestrated by Trump operatives. Update: Coroner who provided original report found dead in apartment, an apparent suicide with three gunshots to the head while in the bathtub. Original autopsy report now withdrawn by replacement coroner.
    -Hillary Clinton rushes home from overseeing Ukrainian Gay Pride parade in Kiev upon hearing news of the slaying of fifty of her political cadres in Florida. Worshipful Ukrainians feted her by showing their love of all things homosexual, parading past her in quaint traditional peasant outfits dyed the bright rainbow colors of the new world order rainbow flag. Reportedly, while there she treated herself to a number of luxurious beauty baths at the Elizabeth Bathory Youth Rejuvenation Institute, an exclusive Hungarian themed spa catering to a select clientele.
    -President orders all flags to be lowered to half-mast while senator John McCain announces somberly : ‘Today, we are all gay’.

  26. Anonymous says

    You’re a degenerate.

  27. vinteuil says

    I love it when you talk dirty to me, sweetie-darling ;^)

  28. Fidelios Automata says

    Hmm, I think it’s called satire!

  29. Fidelios Automata says

    Ah, so that’s Hillary’s beauty secret.