Outliving Your Usefulness

BLM/Antifa is pretty useful to the elites for diverting buntive energies into woke signaling over nationalist populism and class war, but they do have to be reined in whenever they do start going off the reservation.

You can rant as much as you like about how Trump is a goddamn cheeto and Putler’s puppet, but turn your ire against Biden and you go the way of /r/ChapoTrapHouse.

UK BLM demands “Free Palestine”, couple of days later the BBC is told not to wear BLM badges on air and the British military is banned from taking the knee.

You can break off to create a separate statelet within the US – complete with walls, guns, checkpoints, and the world’s highest rate of police killings of Black people on Earth – but march to the Mayor of Seattle’s own house with your impudent demands, and your CHAZ/CHOP is going to get shut down within the day.

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  2. songbird says

    The Salem Witch Trials started to wind down, after the governor’s wife was accused.

  3. It’s the Jews.

  4. Europe Europa says

    I find it laughable how many British right wingers are portraying this as some sort of victory. The BBC and British establishment have only turned on BLM UK because they dared to speak out against Israel’s renewed West Bank land grab, that is the only reason.

    They couldn’t care less that Idris Elba tweeted calling for blacks to slit white peoples throats, they couldn’t care less that an Indian Cambridge “academic” tweeted “White lives don’t matter” in fact they made her a professor, or that blacks were destroying statues of historic British figures or beating British patriots to a bloody pulp on the streets of London.

    The establishment are just making it clear to BLM that they are only to attack whitey, and that Jews are totally off limits.

    This is no victory for whites, if anything it will only result in BLM launching a renewed and even more ferocious attack on whites.

  5. Not Only Wrathful says

    No, that is their excuse. The leader of the left party, and media darling, Keir Starmer rejected them just before the anti-Semitism accusations. He did so because their demands were awful for him politically. The media then found a suitable excuse that works within the progressive zeitgeist to reject them.

  6. prime noticer says

    the left in America is already on the way to dropping MLK, as he’s outlived his usefulness, as well as Obama, only one cycle after he left office.

    Obama is about as useful to the left now as Jackie Robinson is to black NFL players who demand to take over the entire league. he got them in the door, but he’s way, way, way too reasonable and moderate for their actual goals. just give us a chance? hell no. this is about taking everything from you. always was.

    the left moves rapidly once political goals are achieved and drops expended assets quickly.

  7. prime noticer says

    the real debate about BLM as an election year tool, and antifa as leftist shock troops, is whether the left can mostly deactivate them once Biden is President. BLM, yes, to some degree – they were largely deactivated during Trump’s one term and they come out in election years to increase african voter turnout. antifa – that’s less clear. most Democrat politicians and authority figures are on their side, and will continue to let them do whatever they want, as long as they don’t directly threaten me, the Mayor, or whatever.

    but since the Vice President will be an african woman, and since she’s very likely to be the next President after Biden, it’s way less clear that the general street violence level will decline just because Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams becomes President. it seems more likely that the BLM related violence level will continue and possibly escalate towards being like South Africa in character, since africans will be ascendant in America 2.0. random street africans will be allowed to harrass and attack tax paying citizens, rob and assault them at their homes, while the DePolicing campaign continues, making it so they can’t count on the Police to combat the crime.

  8. Almost Missouri says

    but march to the Mayor of Seattle’s own house with your impudent demands, and your CHAZ/CHOP is going to get shut down within the day.

    Maybe, but the mayor had to close it down before July 4th or armed bikers would have done it for her. Not only would that have been a humiliation, it would have been a bloodbath. She didn’t mind the blood so much when it was random black kids, but if the bikers had gone in, her voters might have gotten killed too.


  9. sous-vide says

    They would have sent the National Guard, and this time with live ammos, if bikers ever tried to do anything silly. The survivors would then be paraded accross the nation as the white supremacist vanguard before being brutally tortured and executed on youtube livestream, and all gathering of more than 2 white goyim will be declared illegal (including buisness, and your friendly neighbourhood association).

  10. This is unfortunate…. I was hoping they would slowly stay not menacing enough, until they amassed so much power, they couldn’t be taken down. Sort of like that game AI War, where you have to battle an AI that can evolve its strategies so you have to pretend you’re just a non-menacing little rebellion that can be managed, build in secret and make some attacks that look stupid, and bide your time.

    Even a few more months of this low-boiling anti-establishment stuff would have thoroughly demoralized a large number of middle/upper class Americans. They would have been less driven to care about their work, or about not dropping off chip architecture designs for Chinese intelligence for cash for example… if they couldn’t identify themselves with the new, crazy society.

  11. Amerimutt Golems says

    The saga has shown whose interests are paramount. Left, right, centrist and like are meaningless distinctions.

    This is exactly what AK is talking about in the title.

    We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships.
    We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to
    our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is

  12. Max Payne says

    I said this from day one. You just gotta marry the language of BLM with Palestine and watch it all disappear.

    As for Seattle… I was really hoping CHAZ would be incorporated as part of some war tourism industry. A piece of lawless urban sprawl for high paying tourists to raid; spread a little cash to your local security/PMC. Like those large game reserves in Africa for big game hunters. What a wasted opportunity. Raiding CHAZ would have been as American as visiting Disneyland or the Grand Canyon.