Voronenkov’s Killer Overdosed on Svidomism

A week ago, I speculated that Voronenkov was most likely killed by a Ukrainian nationalist who overdosed on svidomism, and not by the Dark Lord of the Kremlin:

That said, there is a good chance he was killed by genuine Ukrainian nationalists. They hate Poroshenko, and they cannot be very happy about the red carpet treatment rolled out for someone who not only supported but helped enable Crimea’s incorporation into Russia.

According to the latest reports, his killer – who has just died in hospital – was an ATO veteran and a member of the National Guard. Now yes, its possible that Russian intelligence services outsourced the assassination. But Occam’s Razor suggests that it was just a case of excessive svidomism.

This was strongly suggested by the fact that the gunman, Pavel Parshov, was a former member of a Donbass batallion that had participated in the ATO. He had also been convicted in 2011 for economic crimes.

More recent news have all but confirmed it. A couple of days ago, the Ukrainian journalist Alyona Lunkova revealed that Parshov wasn’t acting on his own, but came with his friend Yaroslav Levenets, who was supposed to be the getaway driver.


As it turns out, Levenets also has a most colorful history.

A native of Dnepropetrovsk oblast who worked as an instructor in the Ukrainian martial art of “khopak,” Levenets was arrested in 2012 under charges of theft, fictitious entrepreneurshup, and tax avoidance. His comrades insisted this was a politically motivated prosecution on account of his actions against drug trafficking and membership in Trizub, a nationalist organization then run by Dmitry Yarosh.

After the “Revolution of Dignity,” he was recognized as a political prisoner and freed, albeit remaining under house arrest, and promptly went off to fight the Donbass rebellion as part of the “Carpatian Sich” unit of the Donbass batallion, the same unit where Vorononenkov’s killer Pavel Parshov was serving. His nom de guerre there, as listed on Right Sector’s website, was “Hunter.”

In 2015 he was once again put on the Wanted List due to his violating the conditions of his parole, and in 2016 was once again the subject of court proceedings, for which he was again put under house arrest. In both 2012 and 2015, he was vouched for by the ex-head of Donbass batallion (and Internet lolcow) Semen Semenchenko.

According to his wife, as reported by Right Sector spokesman Artem Skoropadsky, when she last talked with him half an hour prior to Voronenkov’s assassination, he said that he had gone to Kiev on business, to visit the Procuracy.

He is currently wanted to arrest, location unknown.

So there are now essentially two main versions of Voronenkov’s assassination:

(1) As suggested by the above: A pair of svidomy nationalists who both had major beef with the Ukrainian authorities decided to take out their rage on an unprincipled adventurist who voted to recognize Crimean independence, and who had nonetheless been embraced by the Maidanist elites even as true patriots like themselves were the subjects of endless prosecutions despite their “service” in the Donbass;

(2) As suggested by Poroshenko, Anton Gerashchenko, and John McCain, respectively: That this was an “act of state terror” by Russia, which carried the imprint of Russian security services, “just as has repeatedly happened in European capitals”; that Parshov was an agent recruited by Russia, who had entered the country via Belarus in 2015 to train at a school for saboteurs that “had been created in the era of Stalin’s NKVD”; that this was a “vile crime” in the “style of the KGB” to terrorize anyone against “the tyrant Vladimir Putin.”

One ever so wonders which of these is the likelier story.

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  1. LondonBob says

    I know which is true but I know which will be the most influential, they aren’t the same.

  2. Yaroslav Levenets is from Dnipropetrovsk. Pavel Parshov (the shooter) was born in Crimea. Azov battalion is led by people from Kharkiv. It looks like Ukrainian nationalist extremism, created by an Eastern Ukrainian theorist has come full circle and taken root among eastern Ukrainians.

  3. So Russian cosplayers are better than Ukrainians even at Ukrainian nationalism. So sad!

    No matter, they will still be of use in the Russian National State. When Malorossiya is reincorporated, I am thinking of sending these very passionate individuals all around Russia to topple Lenin statues. This will keep them occupied. The svidomy will duke it out with the Stalinists (they deserve each other). Two birds with one stone.

  4. Verymuchalive says

    An article on the Ukraine by AK without a mention of Ukronazis. At least you seem to be taking the advice of ( some of ) us readers and refraining from that counter-productive epithet.
    Otherwise, an interesting, important and controversial piece which will never see the light of day in an MSM publication. Keep up the good work !

    AK: You are far more obsessed with “Ukronazis” than I am (the only time I have ever used it, it seems, was in a direct quote from The Saker. But believe it or not, I ≠ The Saker. Take that up with him).

  5. I am thinking of sending these very passionate individuals all around Russia to topple Lenin statues.’

    You may want to send them first to Crimea, where the denizens there have created at least two new commemorative memorials to honor Stalin since 2015. It’s telling to see that so far, after centuries of strong effort, Russia hasn’t been able to fulfill your Ukrainophobic dreams of ‘reincorporating’ the Southeast territories of Ukraine into itself – looks like you’ll have to settle for half of Donbas and Luhansk. Viva, NovoRossiya! 🙂

  6. Verymuchalive says

    Mea Culpa

  7. A story about “Stalin school for saboteurs ” complete trash. But svidomist killers could be hired by the secret services of Russia (combine the elimination of the traitor with subtle trolling – a great idea). The killers in this case, certainly didn’t know who hires

  8. So Russian cosplayers are better than Ukrainians even at Ukrainian nationalism. So sad!

    I don’t think that this type of nationalism is “better.” But that’s the form that it seems to be taking in Ukraine’s East.

    When Malorossiya is reincorporated

    You are being facetious, but this is very unlikely, thanks to recent events. Dostoyevsky explained it – “Говорят — только то и крепко, подо что кровь потечет, — да, но не нужно забывать: крепко-то для тех, чью кровь пролили, а не для тех, кто пролил, — в этом-то и главный закон крови на земле.” Reconciliation of those parts of southeastern Ukraine that are bombed by Kiev to Kiev is very unlikely, as is reconciliation of the rest of Ukraine, whose soldiers are subjected to Russian-supplied ammo, to Russia.

  9. “Ex-soldier of the Ukrainian battalion “Donbass” Sergey Jerzewski (colleague Parshov) stated that Voronenkov murder is personal revenge, by Parshov. Parshov was not recruited by anyone.
    “I don’t think he was recruited by the (Russian secret services). Maybe someone put him up to it. He was not cunning, thoughtful. And he didn’t have Pro-Russian views”, he “hated Russia.”


  10. More confirmation.