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This website hosts my blog archive from 2008-2023 [structured guide].

Futurism & Transhumanism
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Readers interested in the “deep lore” of my blogging career, as well as the positions I currently espouse, can peruse my pseudo-book Intellectual Restructuring (Dec 2023).


My list of successful predictions includes COVID, multiple crypto tops and bottoms, and SBF going to jail.


My response to the persistent campaign of smears, libel, and harassment from a former Neo-Nazi troll called Oliver D. Smith at RationalWiki, as well as at lesser known wikis, blogs, and forum posts.


Last Updated: Mar 22, 2024

(1) Nooceleration is my main blog as of Jan 2024, and I am also active on X at @powerfultakes.

(2) Sophia DAO 🧬⏩: Opening up the human intelligence enhancement space to crypto investors and accelerating the Biosingularity. Progress: 5/100.

(3) The Biosingularity: Book extending Sophia DAO programmatic article The Biosingularity is Near to argue that human intelligence enhancement is preferable to dysgenics-driven Dark Age or the AI paperclips. Progress: 2/100.

(4) Frozen Embers: Sci-fi novel (trilogy) in a universe where the Katechon Hypothesis turns out to be all too true. Progress: 0/100.

About Me

Fuller biography at About Me. In summary:

Race: 🇷🇺 67%, Lak 25%, ~8% 🇮🇱/🇮🇹/Odessa
: 🇷🇺 1988 / 🇬🇧 1994 / 🇺🇸 2006 / 🇷🇺 2016 / 🌐 2022+
Edu: Political Economy @ 🐻UCB
Hobbies: ⛷️skiing / ☕️ city exploration / 🛸 sci-fi+fantasy

Inventor of Apollo’s Ascent, the Katechon Hypothesis, and The Age of Malthusian Industrialism.

Anatoly Karlin (it/it) is a transhumanist interested in human intelligence enhancement, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, and X risks. Digital nomad since 2022.

Contact: Email, X.
Social Media: @akx (Warpcast), @akarlin (Lens)
YouTube: Shock & Disbelief

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The best way to support my blogging is to just buy a subscription to my Substack and/or my Twitter. Otherwise, I also accept crypto at akarlin.eth (Ethereum) and akarlin.sol (Solana).