Polish Anti-Semitism

Pretty impressed at Israel’s latest efforts to alienate its allies.

Polish Perspective:

The cancelled summit in Israel has presented us a rare chance to introspect on the role of the V4. In my view, it should be only used for the ends of our countries. Why were we even going to Israel? Because Netanyahu has tried to infiltrate it for years in order to boost the standing of Israel, by using the V4 as his trojan horse. How does that help us? It doesn’t. Orban has a negative outlier role in pushing relations closer, but the rest of us are hardly without blame either, we went along with it.

The spat also co-incided during another summit, namely the Warsaw one. What was that about? Basically, PiS is bending over backwards to appease ZOG by hosting an anti-Iran confab. How did the US repay us? By demanding that we send soldiers to die for Israel in the middle-east as well as whining that we haven’t completed “restitution”, which is basically code for giving away tons of expensive real estate in prime locations in Warsaw to various jewish shakedown artists. If we refuse then this is clearly “anti-semitism”.

Now Dmitry suggests that electoral considerations may have played more of a role in the Israeli Foreign Minister claiming Poles are born anti-Semites.

But personally, I don’t know. Perhaps they just feel too genuinely and strongly about this to control their reactions.

Anyhow, it’s good that at least she’s not harping about Russian anti-Semitism for a change.

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  1. is bending over backwards to appease ZOG by hosting an anti-Iran confab

    Not to mention wanting to have ZOG base in their country.

  2. Bies Podkrakowski says

    As I prophesied around here a few days ago: the Holocaust is Polish now. Anybody want to rent some? You should consider, given that Holocaust became basic building block of today’s culture.

    As illustrated: https://martianmagazine.com/comic/back-to-the-reich/

    And seriously, is this Ioffe chick for real?

  3. The Jewish lobbies are quite over-playing their hand in Europe, tho there is the classic fact that, since the late 1800s going back to Zionist movement founder Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), some Jews have had the idea of actually encouraging anti-Jewish emotions … so more Jews, tired of being disliked, would move to Israel

    Poland is doing okay but Poles have a sense of fragility, given the still-strong memories of a quite rough 1990s along with the rest of the former communist bloc … this call for big new Polish payments out of the modest amounts Poles have finally been able to collect in the piggy bank, is going over badly

    Poles in Europe are grumbling, and are themselves quietly talking about how it may be time to lift the holocaust denial laws, and perhaps start allowing the up-till-now-forbidden technical investigation of whether there are really remains of millions of cremated bodies near the WW2 camps

    In Britain we now have a group of Jewish and ‘Friends of Israel’ Parliamentarians, breaking off to form a new UK 4th-5th political party, with a strong focus on Jewish interests, as they denounce Britain’s Labour for being ‘institutionally anti-semitic’ given how Jeremy Corbyn occasionally talks to Palestinians etc

    In France some of the leading Jews and Jewish organisations, are calling for savagely repressive crushing of the GIlets Jaunes Yellow Vest protestors … despite how these protests are continuing with massive sympathy and support from the French people … with Macron’s young group of followers in Parliament, about to declare ‘anti-zionism’ to be ‘criminally illegal race hate’ in France, the groundswell of anti-Jewish reaction is building

    That latter action is quite curious, because there are huge numbers of often very religious, classic non-zionist Jews in Europe … who keep a low profile, partly because of the classic Jewish religious rule that one doesn’t critique other Jews in public

    Are the non-Zionist Jewish diamond merchants of Antwerp, going to be arrested and imprisoned when travelling in France, after Macron gets the new ‘anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism’ law passed?

    It is a funny thing about Europeans versus Yank Americans … much less aggressive-blowhard, much gentler in many ways … but also, much more capable of acting collectively and quickly and harshly when there is finally a collective sense of being significantly under threat from a group viewed as less-than-insider … the recent Jewish initiatives are classic over-reach, not far from hitting the wall of limits and blowback in Europe

  4. It’s an election in Israel, so this is part of the electoral posing there.

    Although you can see Israel don’t view Poland as an important topic or country (this was the last topic in their news), and feel like can wait a couple of months until after the election before responding to Poland.

    In a couple of months, Israel will apologize (after the election, when they can then appear weaker). During the election, bullying Poland might increase a votes from the far-right in Israel, or at least it activates the relevant part of that voting demographic’s brain (to the small extent it is news there).

    It is interesting, even with Belarus a couple of years ago, Israel obviously cared more about repairing relations. With Poland, they will leave the response until after the election. Poland is somehow not viewed as an important (or intimidating, unlike Russia) country by the Middle East.

    Yisrael Katz is not a real foreign minister though. He’s clown transport minister of Israel – he is infamous in Israel, because he opened a train six months before it was ready, wants to build cable cars over Jerusalem, and gave a train station Trump’s name even while he it is unlikely he can build the station .

    He also gives the different excavation machines Israel buys from China, with the names of women he likes. So one of the machines is going to be called Nikkei Haley.

    Another machine they use to build the underground system in Tel Aviv, he has called Margaret Thatcher.


    Katz will pretend to be foreign minister for 1,5 months because there is currently court cases against Netanyahu (who is Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel, at the same time) saying Netanyahu has too many political positions at the same time.

  5. And seriously, is this Ioffe chick for real?

    Yes, comically, very for real.

    She is the most famous text journalist who manages the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory in America. For example, see her articles about Butina – who she probably was informing about to the FBI.

    Her fame is a result of her job as an Washington evil version of Karlin.

    She also is in early menopause without children, and this is obviously contributing to a poisonous cynical attitude.

    So a few cognoscenti read Karlin, while the CNN journalists read Ioffe. You can read Ioffe on Twitter, and see that she follows Karlin’s tweets, and probably reads his blog.

    I just reading to Ioffe’s Twitter just at this moment, and there is a retarded interview with this idiot I am listening to now.. and it actually sounds like she is copying Karlin’s recent articles at an less intelligent level.

    Here play at 21:25 minutes all similar stuff discussed in the last week, even leveraging foreign currency, restaurants and champagne

    Lol she should be just another internet troll, until you realize that this woman is the main manager of the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory.

  6. Business idea: Ioffe and Karlin get married, do their own sitcom together. Like “I Love Lucy” except it ends with both of them getting arrested by the security forces for “subversive activity.”

    IMO Ioffe has become the go-to person for all things Russia because she seems the most strongly anti-Putin American writer who is also fluent in Russian. David Remnick of The New Yorker is supposedly also fluent but his commentary tends to be a little more sober.

  7. Why don’t you consult Wikipedia?

    “Joffe was born in Moscow, to a Russian Jewish family. When she was 7, her family immigrated to the United States. They were refugees “fleeing anti-Semitism” in the Soviet Union. They settled in Columbia, Maryland. Ioffe graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, majoring in history with a focus on Soviet history and Russian literature. In 2005 her senior thesis project “A study of the Soviet connection to the Spanish speaking world” was awarded with Stone Davis Prize. She also received a cash grant of $6000.
    While at Princeton, Ioffe was vice-president of the Princeton Israel Public Affairs Committee…”

    Although Wikipedia is more discreet about her remote family, one would be excused if he sees a relation with:
    “Adolph Abramovich Joffe (Russian: Адо́льф Абра́мович Ио́ффе, alternative transliterations Adolf Ioffe or, rarely, Yoffe) (10 October 1883 in Simferopol – 16 November 1927 in Moscow) was a Communist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician and a Soviet diplomat of Karaite descent…
    He became a social democrat in 1900 while still in high school, formally joining the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903. In 1904 Joffe was sent to Baku, which he had to flee to avoid arrest. He was then sent to Moscow, but had to flee again, this time abroad. After the events of Bloody Sunday on January 9, 1905, Joffe returned to Russia and took an active part in the Russian Revolution of 1905. In early 1906 he was forced to emigrate and lived in Berlin until his expulsion from Germany in May 1906.
    In Russia, Joffe was close to the Menshevik faction within the Russian Social Democratic Party. However, after moving to Vienna in May 1906, he became close to Leon Trotsky’s position and helped Trotsky edit Pravda from 1908 to 1912 while studying medicine and with Alfred Adler, psychoanalysis. He also used his family’s fortune to support Pravda financially. During the course of his underground revolutionary activity Joffe adopted the party name “V. Krymsky,” the surname meaning “The Crimean.”..
    From November 30, 1917, until January 1918, Joffe was the head of the Soviet delegation that was sent to Brest-Litovsk to negotiate an end to the hostilities with Germany…
    Joffe remained a friend and loyal supporter of Leon Trotsky through the 1920s, joining him in the Left Opposition. By late 1927, he was gravely ill, in extreme pain and confined to his bed. After a refusal by the Stalinist leadership of the Communist Party to send him abroad for treatment and Trotsky’s expulsion from the Communist Party on November 12, 1927, he committed suicide on November 16″.
    or with:
    “Nadezhda Adolfovna Joffe (Russian: Надежда Адольфовна Иоффе) (1906 – March 18, 1999) was a Soviet Trotskyist and daughter of early Soviet leader Adolph Joffe.
    Joffe joined the Trotskyist Left Opposition within the Soviet Communist Party shortly after it was formed in 1923 and was first exiled from Moscow in 1929. She was re-arrested at the beginning of the Great Purge in 1936, and sent to Kolyma labor camps in Siberia, where her first husband, Trotskyist Pavel Kossakovsky, was killed in 1938. She was the last person to see Leon Trotsky’s first wife, Aleksandra Sokolovskaya, alive in Kolyma in 1938.
    After Stalin’s death in 1953, Joffe’s sentence was annulled and she returned to Moscow in 1956. She wrote a book of memoirs, Back in Time: My Life, My Fate, My Epoch in 1971-72, which was first published in Moscow after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992.
    Her family emigrated to the United States at the end of her life and she settled in Brooklyn, New York, where she worked on her father’s biography and his letters until her death in 1999, aged 92, collaborating with Iskra Research publishing house”.
    or with:
    “Josef Joffe was born into a Jewish family in Łódź, Poland and grew up in West Berlin, where he attended elementary school and gymnasium. He then came to the United States in 1961 as an exchange student, attending East Grand Rapids High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended Swarthmore College, graduating in 1965, obtained a postgraduate Certificate of Advanced European Studies from the College of Europe in 1966 and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He received a Ph.D in government from Harvard University in 1975.
    In 1976 Joffe started his career with Die Zeit as a political writer and grew into managing the Zeit Dossier department, an important and often lengthy part of this newspaper which elaborates a single topic on several pages….
    In 2005, Joffe founded, together with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Eliot Cohen and Francis Fukuyama, The American Interest, a magazine where both American and international authors think and argue about the United States and its role in the world”.
    or with…the list is very long.

  8. Anarcho-Supremacist says

    It’s a fucking retarded thing to do for short term gain with potentially ireperacal long term problems.

  9. She comes across as a hypocritically somewhat demented individual:


    Excerpt –

    American mass media is especially two faced when it comes to outing intolerance. A good deal was made over over Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s comments on the influence of AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee). The anti-Russian establishment hack journalist Julia Ioffe tweeted her belief that Omar’s comments are “anti-Semitic” (anti-Jewish). I’m not too familiar with what Omar has said about Jews over the course of time. I doubt that it[‘s more repugnant than what Ioffe has stated about Russians.

    There has been no letting up with Ioffe. In one recent mass media TV appearance, she said (in a joking tone) that a relaxation of Russian gun laws isn’t a good idea because Russians drink too much. In another prominent TV segment, Ioffe stated that when the Russians call someone corrupt, that person must be pretty bad.

    Some generalizations are hypocritically more acceptable than others. A good number of Western reared Russians see thru this gross hypocrisy. On the subject of Russia, these individuals regularly get limited coverage in Western mass media.

  10. Lol she should be just another internet troll, until you realize that this woman is the main manager of the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory.

    No she’s not.