Preet Bharara, Sayonara

I know Preet Bharara for two things:

bout-time(1) Prosecuting Viktor Bout, who didn’t do nothing wrong. He was an equal opportunity arms’ trader who sold to everyone, even to the US in support of its Middle East misadventures. Then he made one “sale” to the wrong people, was arrested in the US puppet state Thailand, and extradited, where a US kangaroo court convicted him of a “crime” that happened outside US jurisdiction. Bharara was the main guy behind this political repression against Russian entrepeneurship.

(2) Cracked down on online poker in 2011, an illegitimate assault on Internet freedoms, which incidentally happened to be making me some money back then. This put my carefully cultivated NEET lyfe in temporary peril, which I consider to be a gross violation of my human rights.

So all things considered I am very happy that Trump has had that freedom hater fired.

He was no doubt plotting against him anyway.

Don’t want to overburden Trump at this point, but it would be nice if he could engineer a pardon for Bout. (There have been claims that Bout was a Russian intelligence services, but coming as they did from the usual Russophobe/neocon quarters, plus the lack of significant Russian efforts to negotiate his release as would happen with real spies, that is implausible. He was just an entrepreneur maligned by racist SJWs who think that Africans and Arabs shouldn’t to buy weaponry. From non-Western sources, anyway).

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  1. Bharara is an East Indian with blue eyes.

    Someone on Twitter suggested that now that he’s unemployed, he might challenge DeBlasio for mayor of NYC this November. The same speculation has been made about Hillary.

  2. What a strange post. Preet was the best swamp drainer in the country, and was personally asked by the current clown in power to stay on. Then we was fired.

    He was no doubt plotting against him anyway.

    Considering he is known for making the highest profile Democrats in New York sweat in inappropriate places, it’s obvious the reactionary author knows nothing of what’s he’s talking about.

    My oh my, how low Karlin has fallen. Such fallacious and feeble-minded thinking can only be caused by the right-wing echo-chamber.

  3. Actually a North-West Indian. His blue-green eye-color is certainly strange, but that part of the region has some people with green eyes, so I’m not surprised.

  4. (1) Prosecuting Viktor Bout, who didn’t do nothing wrong.

    Dindu nuffin.

    You gotta love AK.

  5. PiltdownMan says

    Bharara’s hazel/green eyes can be found in Indians from every part of the country, including Southern India.

    Bharara did a great job of convicting machine pols, both Dems and Republicans in New York State politics and he was in hot pursuit of Andrew Cuomo.

    Pity Trump didn’t keep him on.

  6. Johan Meyer says

    But Bout perpetrated an unforgivable sin. Yes, the weapons to the FARC story had more to do with narcotics consumption in DA offices in the US than Bout’s conduct—he knew the “undercover agents” prior to the “sting,| but if you go back a bit, we see that Bout interfered with a US act of foreign policy (genocide is such an ugly word). To wit, Bout brought French peacekeepers to western Rwanda, thus preventing US geno^H^H^H^H proxy Kagame from massa^H^H^H^H^Hkilling genocidaires. Dallaire did vigorously protest, but by then the damage had been done. Note that Der Spiegel lies—the Rwandan government held to the end to article II of the Arusha accords, going so far as to return a shipment of Eguptian ammunition that was ordered prior to the Ugandan/US/Canadian/British/Burundian invasion, while USA, Canada and Britain continued to arm the Ugandan Tutsi invaders of Rwanda.

    For serious people conspiracy theorists, there is Chris Black